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11/25/19 Just launched Formerly Chuck's, an imageboard dedicated to television and film! Come check it out and quality post.
11/23/19 Donations can now be made via PayPal, thank you for all of your support!
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(6.43 KB 320x320 8ball.png)
16chan Owner AMA Thread 663 Board owner 09/24/2019 (Tue) 17:33:33 No. 409
In order to consolidate many of the threads that have been made asking me questions, I figured it would be a better idea to have a dedicated thread for it. So go ahead AMA.
(174.81 KB 1200x1200 skrewdriver.jpg)
plz create /mu/ board so we can share politically incorrect .mp3 files
Why don't you monetize from ads? right on top of the banner, just some sort of ad. and it could be targeted based off of who usually is the kind of people to visit them and what the board is, NOT targeting seperate people. like /pol/ and /fit/ users could be marketed excersise products, /g/ could be marketed techy stuff, like linux distros or high performance computers, etc. etc. There's no reason not to. i would be happy to sustain your neet lifestyle just by glancing at whatevers in the ad box and visiting this website adding onto a measure of unique users traffic and content for you to report to advertisers so they'll know people are seeing the ads and they'll give you money.
<(((plus, whenever tor users refresh their identity, that counts as a unique user same with after tails users power off.)))
lindows or linux mint. my ideal computer situation would be a pre-2004 laptop with lindows on it for my windows things and linux mint+whonix for things that would bust my security in tails, like youtube, 8kun or 4chan,
and a usb with tails on it for everything else, and then have an old ibm with a cd running an encrpted tails file on it connected to an onionpi server with the stuff on the onionpi encrypted as well for buying guns and pot (no worries, i'm not a nigger, i would get a license but still buy it anonymously just so the left can't take it away. and i don't condone hippie or nigger culture at all, in fact as a natsoc i hate hippies and nigls. I just realized how niggardly guns and pot sounds.), and then another onionpi for tails lindows and mint. if you want ubuntu get mint instead. mint is just like ubuntu but better.
since a cd costs a few cents, and onionpi 100 dollars approx each, a pre 04 laptop probably cheap and same with the ibm, i could afford this, but i use someone elses computer right now, so no sense in buying a used one right now, but the owner would be pissed if i installed a new os on there.
i'm in favor of this as well, you have my support.
Are you pro white?
Is it true you're romantically involved with an asian?
First of all, aïkudos to bigMod.
4² is very functional.
I'm just going to report one little problem.
Or two.
First of all, the autorefresh.
When posting, I don't see any (1) or more appearing at the top, on the tab. Now this would be okay if the page didn't autoscroll to the bottom. Oh, wait, it doesn't. But then, there's no autorefresh of the latest post I made either.
Any plans for this?

Also, what about posting pictures directly from interweb/url? Safer for tories.

And AND and if video can be embedded, can it be made reality that we actually have a thumbnail of it instead of just a link?
(hooktube doesn't work anymore though, yidtube blocks most of the content)
Ah, I faggot to say that these problems or refresheningizeration happen in /pol/, the naughty northern board.
are the threads from a and tv just gone now?
>>941 >Are you pro white? Sure, I don't participate in identify movements, but I have no problem with them. I am very apolitical in my life, however, I do identify as a conservative. >Is it true you're romantically involved with an asian? My girlfriend is half Asian. >>958 >When posting, I don't see any (1) or more appearing at the top, on the tab. Now this would be okay if the page didn't autoscroll to the bottom. Oh, wait, it doesn't. But then, there's no autorefresh of the latest post I made either. I put this on the list of features to add. >Also, what about posting pictures directly from interweb/url? Safer for tories. You are able to copy and paste images into the upload cell currently, a lot of people don't know this. I may add more support with links, I think people would like that. >>962 >are the threads from a and tv just gone now? Sadly yes, I am going to be launching a dedicated /tv/ imageboard in the coming weeks (very soon) dedicated to only /tv/.
>>987 https://gitgud.io/LynxChan https://gitgud.io/663/16lynx https://github.com/matomo-org/ >Where is this malicious code? Everything is open sourced, meaning you can go through the code line by line and come back and report your findings, kid.
>>993 he said "FE" you don't need a repo to read it even tho you can name it anything you want 16lynx is misleading lynx is the be not the fe
>> 409 So yes I was pretty sad that you removed that board but I was wondering to see if you can bring it back soon. it was the only board i was active and being happy to talk and get advice on what manga's I should read or anime's I should watch by the help of Anons. Many anons were helping each other out to learn what they should read. I still respect your choices since its your choice. Any plans to bring it back soon ?
Can you post about https://github.com/Mishiranu/Dashchan-Extensions APP article? ?
>>1009 WTF I come back and many of the boards get nuked? How do you expect this site to grow if there's no interest-specific boards for people to discuss interest specific thoughts and ideas? This is some bullshit. I liked anime and redpill. If anything we arguably should have the ability to create boards of our own too. Way to kill an already mostly dead chan.
>>1011 prolikewoah dot com slash animu
>>1009 Seconding this. An anime board would be comfy and I'd like somewhere to talk about animes and get advice.
(186.80 KB 426x433 1575235308030.png)
>>1022 There is nice anime board here, fren: https://onee.ch/a/
ar u a boomer, moomer, or zoomer?
>>1024 I could tell you, but I'm not sure you would comprehend the answer. It is asked and answered in fourth and fifth post
>>1023 Oh thank you! I didn't know of this place.


no cookies?