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(54.30 KB 920x740 1572118355095.jpg)
Can we have the /x/ board here? Anonymous 10/29/2019 (Tue) 12:03:52 No. 894
Every image board website needs a board where schizos can congregate and discuss spoopy things.
If it keeps them off /pol/ you have my vote OP
.t /pol/ Janny
Bump for BO visibility, I too want a /x/ board
(162.95 KB 800x400 698805.jpg)
(28.04 KB 480x480 1431541198669.jpg)
Bumpan for /x/, you can have the spirituality/religion stuff there too if you want, it's more directly relevant IMHO.
>>894 >>1020 Use culture for now, as it will suit a wide variety of topics. (philosophy, religion, pseudoscience, art, literature, and music and film) A lot of anons requested boards, but then they sat largely unused. If it starts to get too crowded, will reconsider adding few more boards
>>894 Test post.
>>894 >>1104 testing reply
>>1104 you
>>1106 you test
Bamping for something esoteric, /fringe/, /x/, /32/, /bmw/, or something.
Bump for x


no cookies?