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(46.71 KB 851x453 Screenshot_20191103_191403.png)
im663.com Blog Questions 663 Board owner 11/04/2019 (Mon) 00:15:31 No. 917
This thread is dedicated to any questions you might have about the content on im663.com.
For those interested in making their own imageboard using the LynxChan engine, I made a comprehensive writeup here: https://im663.com/
You should totally mention some basic security things like disabling password login, installing ufw to disable ports that shouldn't be exposed, and installing fail2ban. The world is a scary place, and simply typing in "lastb" on your production server shows it all. Since your guide is targeting people who are new to linux, you should totally add a link to Digital Ocean's tutorials!

>To create a restricted user and setting up ufw (18.04)

>To create a restricted user, setting up ufw, disabling PasswordAuthentication (16.04)

God bless digital ocean for their amazing documentation.
(55.91 KB 970x626 1570216073454.jpg)
Another thing you should add is in your nginx config, You can add rate limiting, which will prevent people from spamming your api. Lynxchan might have a method to deter this already, but I would add it just to be safe, it's a few lines that might save people from brute forcing your password and takes less than an hour to understand and setup correctly.

Read more about it here
The article was written very well. If you write another article about the android app, it would be even better. If you have a video tutorial, it's better!
>>917 I followed your ngnix installation, works fine, but all flags and posters ips are now in servers location (reverse proxy thing). Have you figured how to fix that?
>>1056 no it's okay fixed
>>919 His tutorials have been stupid since day 1 and they dont even work. He embedded momoto code in and old ver of his fe, he makes iphone posting not work on purpose and he is in general an idiot.
>>936 the "article" is absurdly stupid.
>>1107 >>1108 t. iPhag
>>917 Hello. I set up a chan and /login.html loads fine. Now I can't set up an admin account when entering >lynxchan -ca -l username -p password -gr 0 with my own username and password. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. If I do figure this out I'll post the solution. Cell opCell Error, missing element archiveIndicator Template archiveCell is not defined. Page catalogPage Error, missing element inputFiles Page boardPage Error, missing element inputFiles Page threadPage Error, missing element divArchive Error, missing element archiveBoardIdentifier Error, missing element archiveThreadIdentifier Error, missing element inputFiles Page globalSettingsPage Error, missing element fieldArchiveThreshold Error, missing element checkboxSendmail Error, missing element checkboxBoardStaffArchiving Template archivePage is not defined. Invalid login. Issues were found with the templates.


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