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A /fit/ board Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 06:51:05 No. 1112
4chan's /fit/ and Resdit's r/fitness are overwhelming populated by trolls and children, and 8kun is still transitioning and have not formed their own /fit/, so I ask that this site start one instead. Regardless of gender or race, it is our duty to physically take care care of ourselves, and this site should support such people trying to do so. I thank the site owner and administration in advance for their consideration.
>>1112 This.
(23.00 KB 469x700 .jfif)
(17.11 KB 423x267 CXc2LHWUMAA9jwz.jpg)
>>1125 Yeah, I posted my request for a fit board nearly 2 months ago. For a fucking site dedicated to the white supremacy, I find it shocking there's not a fit board here. I guess the Nazis aren't as supreme as they think. Fucking Christ, I'm going back to reddit and youtube. Fuck this. I need a /fit/ space. 8chan died and took the best with them.


no cookies?