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(24.92 KB 499x405 ESEHy8JUYAAfkjx.jpeg)
Chijo 03/04/2020 (Wed) 02:03:23 No. 1277
Hello friendly greetings from yumechan.monster I come asking for advice on how to stop bernard spammer he is driving me to suicide and I'm told you guys stopped him somehow
o shit, chijo's alive KC has the best antispam i've seen yet, no idea why people are so opposed to proof of work
>>1282 yep, would love to know what KC has done
>>1279 >>1281 >>1284 Thank you all so much for the advice looking over things now >>1282 >>1283 When is the last time you guys posted on kc? Cause for me it makes me go to another tab do a google captcha and something before I can even post that's my guess in how they did it
>>1282 >no idea why >>1286 >google captcha
>>1286 don't use it personally because i thought it was pedoshit


no cookies?