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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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(11.66 KB 200x200 durga.jpg)
General Improvement and Feedback 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:15:07 No. 2
This thread is dedicated to improvement and feedback of 16chan, if you have any suggestions regarding these topics post them in this thread.
Can the max file size be increased? I was going to start a thread but the files I want to share are just under 20.00 MB.
Done, it's now 20.00MB
(520.98 KB 1727x536 rifle gun mauser.png)
We could add a weapons board.
Not nominating myself.
Duely noted, I'm trying to avoid having too many boards due to the small amounts of traffic.

If more people continue to request a /k/ board I'm open to removing a board that's dead and will likely remain dead like /tv/.
you pay 30 usd a mo.? daym nigga
For both the cost of the 16chan webserver and the analytics server, yes (this monthly cost also has a monthly split of the domain/SSL certificates/and webmail included).

To be honest, the monthly cost I pay right now for the webserver is most certainly overkill, but I'm sure with time it'll be useful and the site recieves and retains more traffic.
you're getting raped. RAPED!
you can a vps for 15 eur a year
Send some services for that price, I'd be interested in seeing them.
the cloud vps, it's good shit and they're lax on their policies compared to other providers i looked at
use this link if you buy it plox OwO
they also have centos which lynx recommends but i'd personally go with ubuntu 1604 and upate it to 1804
Just took a look into Virtono, the hosting packages seem really great, I think after I run out of credit on my current host I'll migrate over. I too am currently running on Ubuntu 18.10, however, I have noticed a few stability problems (be they small at worst), so I might consider moving over to CentOS. I have always been hesitant with moving to CentOS due to a complete lack of knowledge in using it, I have only really used Debian for the past few years, but hell it might be a good opportunity to learn something new and stabilize 16chan even more in the process.
don't use non lts
Tell me what kind of contents do you faggots remove/ban except for the obvious CP, links to live-(suicide/murder/animal cruelty/rape) and drug dealing posts?
If you ban anything else besides the contents mentioned above, then you do not support free speech.
Ofc I understand what kind of posts goes to which boards rules.
So tell me, do you really support free speech or is it only a buzzword you use to gain users like what cripplefag did?
No illegal content as laid out in the global rules.

#2 ...............serious threats of violence, and doxxing
What constitutes serious threats of violence?
Posting a manifesto and confessing the plan of violence?
>and doxxing
why is it against the rules?
even reddit allows doxxing
sorry, I quoted myself. lol
see >>48
Direct and serious threats of violence. Doxxing of information that is private, collecting public information and centralizing it is not illegal.
>Direct and serious threats of violence.
alright, agreed. (btw I agree with rest of the global rules)
>Doxxing of information that is private
gray area there
>collecting public information and centralizing it is not illegal
I cant support this. Collecting public information and centralizing it should be okay. This is exactly what Internet was made for so people can find things easily. This is what google does and how it became successful.
But anyway, at least your concept of chan association sounds good on paper.
I wish you all the best.
O yes, and no "epic" manifestos
also I sent you an email just to check :3
I think I saw it, I replied
Yeah. <3
Have no issue per say with rules, but seems some clarification may be required
I assume we are dealing with US laws, legal language, customs and conventions. But people sometime have broader views. Note I accept Rules are Subject to Change

>Direct and serious threats of violence.
"and" not "and/or"?

>example following is not actual <
"Im going the kill Netahoohoo"
Now while that meets a direct threat, I a leaf with no private jet or army have zero means or probability of "seriously" carrying out an assassination of this level. Not sure but I think I was informed that was protected speech by US law standards
Would that be Protect Speech on your platform.
Yes, No, or Depends on Context?(gray area, requires someone, make judgement call)
>example following is not actual <
"Seriously Gas the fucking Poo's"
While that may be construed as a "serious" threat, it seems to not meet the "direct" level. Protected Speech, under US law? and is it protected speech on this site?
Yes, No, Depends?

Not trying in any way to be argumentative or challenging, honestly mostly curious and invite discussion
Again mostly curious of Board owner's views but I invite others to give their 2 cents worth
Perhaps these questions require more thought and discussion for everyone.
In an age of Mass Surveillance and both government and corporate overreach into our lives, what exactly is "Private"?
1 My Social Security Number, is stolen and posted to "the dark web". Its now available to anyone, is it still private?
2 Some thot takes nudes, sells them but with a NDA attached. Then they are posted somewhere else and available to small group of people, are they still private?
3 What if she takes pic and never shows anyone, but Google scans her phone, and I(a google tech say)find them. I have the only known copies.
Are they still private?
Can i post em?
I give copy to my brother, now 2 people have copies.
Are they still private?
3 people?
5th person says in chat room "I have Honey's nudes, PM me for copy"
Now they are "public"? or only after 100 people PM and receive their copy?
Or not until they are online, on 50 different sites, and have been widely disseminated and been downloaded a million times?
Owner here, in my perspective, when it comes to everything you just described I would likely moderate it if I received reports regarding the sensitivity of the information. Public leaks don't really warrant moderation in my opinion.

I would directly moderate content that I know for certain is illegal and threatens the integrity of the site and might lead to a alphabet investigation or something along those lines.

Hopefully that answers your question.
>illegal and threatens the integrity of the site and might lead to a alphabet investigation
I guess that also answers
I hope I'm being clear enough when I say this. I want to moderate as loosely as possible. I'm not interested in censoring anyone. I would not delete a post unless it's extremely clear that there could be a legitimate threat, if it's in a weird gray area I would choose to moderate.

My policy is based on concrete certainty. I do not tolerate anything relating to pornographic content of real people under the age of 18 and advertising of competing chans.

As it stands I only really have had to delete blatant advertising and spam, and it'll hopefully stay like that for the most part. If you have a question relating to a specific scenario I'll be happy to answer it to the best of my ability. Also if you want a private answer you can email me or send me a DM on gab.
thank you, you have made your self perfectly clear.
I believe our sorting options with fine under Catalog you just need to check off the update box.

I can however more features.
I mean to have the options to sort catalog by
Reply Count
Creation Date
Last Reply
Bump Order
Got it, I'll put that on the feature list, thanks for the feedback.
Cheers, like I said not high priority atm but nice feature for larger boards
Apologies for hijacking a thread just a humor thread and once I started I couldnt stop(saved ops webms for him)
>Anyways think I found a bug
When you zoom in to 100% or more, the replies dont seem to have "word wrap" and get cut off
Will investigate, thank you.
2 minor usability flaws I'd like to report:
When opening a thread, I always get scrolled halfway down
Also, when you click on an ID to reply, the message box pops up, but you should auto-focus to the message field so you can start typing right away. Better shitposting ergonomics are important
Noted, thank you, I will work on fixing said things. A big update is going to be released in the next week or so.
Out of curiosity are you posting on mobile?
No, desktop.
What browser? Chrome or Firefox?

I tried recreating the issue that you described about opening up a thread and it jumping to the middle but wasn't able to.
As for the auto-focus onto message field I can do that no problem.
On seamonkey. I just tried on firefox and couldn't replicate it either. So I don't know if that's some janky JS that my browser isn't handling well or what.
The JS interpreter on your version of Seamonkey could indeed be different/outdated to the one present in Firefox.
100 post limit per thread?
I believe it's 50, but it will be raised in a couple of days due to greater traffic.
Hey Boss,

Global Rule 2...doxxing
Is it against US Law?
News Media seem to do it all the

I understand stand why you may frown upon it, as it may quickly lead to other illegal acts, but stickly speaking, illegal? But if it restricted to doxxing and nothing else shouldnt it be allowed?

Found this with first search into matter https://www.internetlawyer-blog.com/doxing-violation-privacy-laws/,
Guy cites a newly created Cali Law that forbids disclosing online an actors age, that may in future be used to set precedent. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billCompareClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB1687

If no crime is committed revealing someones publicly available info, ie name address age email, don't see need for Rule myself.

Mind you I have no real dog in this fight, Im not looking to doxxing anyone or being doxxed, but in the interest of Freedom of Speech and most immportantly Freedom of Information perhaps this rule should be discussed further
Bump limit was 50, post limit 100
lol with traffic tonight could prob double both
I'll write an update to the global rules tomorrow that specifically outlines this.
Cool, other anons brought it up
Something weird just happened over in 1488 dental thread on /pol/
Not sure if was me playing with firefox privacy settings but my flag change from Leaf to US. Not using VPN
Then someone else responded and their ID was the same as my "test"
This is likely an issue with the backend, double posting happens every once in a while. I am going to mention it to the backend maintainer, thanks for bringing this us.
(96.93 KB 997x1049 kinda-gay-tbh.png)

https problem, certificate untrusted
recommend letsencrypt
(74.58 KB 600x600 2899359i.jpg)
shota board when?
What a fucking faggot
(33.30 KB 674x731 thank.png)
So much for this site being about "free speech"
Pedos not welcome. Once again, kys. Go to quarterchan. No one will miss you.
Why? are you scared?
16chan is a law abiding website. Such content is borderline and attracts the lowest form of trash humanity has to offer. You must be retarded or part of that demografic, in which case you are not welcome.
Last I checked it's still legal in most places including in the US, at least on the federal level
>attracts the lowest form of trash humanity has to offer
And /pol/ doesn't?
It's the whole reason doublechan got shut down. clearly free speech is code"let the nazis talk"
(43.19 KB 500x328 arachnophobic.png)
Care to share a legal source?

Also you do acknowledge that housing content like that would bring about actual pedos, you understand that? It's precautionary.
>dahurrr you allow NatSoc so you should allow actual depraved scum
NatSoc is an ideology and we actually have reasons why we support the National Socialists of Germany (and obviously we deny any lolocaust), what's your excuse? Evil shouldn't exist, ergo all pedophiles should be fed to piranhas.
Credit to another anon.

"the current shill tactics used against the board;
>slide threads
Aim: Flood the board and drown out actually important topics that might move slower due to the complexity ect.
Method: Pointless fluff threads designed to draw large amounts of attention due to the ambiguity and controversiality of the questions. Most often one line questions based on hot button topics. Common examples are "is x white", "Traps arent gay", "greta", "What do you think about x race", "amerimutts". The list goes on forever. 

>Standard consensus crack/AstroTurf
Aim: To project to the casual viewers that pol holds specific opinions that it doesnt actually hold. There are many uses to this.
Method: Bombard hot topic threads with many posts that create an implied consensus. You can spot these shills by their lack of knowledge of board culture and very weak/confusing infographics that tend to lack serious sources.

>Strawman AstroTurf
Aim: A consensus crack, mainly aimed at people that might be new/casual browsers.
Method: This is where they create a thread rather innocuously then post on different ips to create a narrative often counter to the original post. This creates a false consensus on certain topics. A good example is they make a Saint T thread then immediately bombard it with sloppy job mossad.
(I thought I should specifically call this strawman tactic out as its so rampant)

>Hard shill(maybe there is a better name)
Aim: To push a topic into pol's conscience often aiming to get a predictable contrarian response
Method: Simply make a large quantity of threads relating to the same topic, can be used in conjunction with both astroturf and sliding. Specific example I am thinking of is Greta threads. They are very unnaturally spammed. (In my eyes the reason is to legitimize the backlash against her so they can play the victim card)
(Attention this is a repost)
Cred to aussie poster"
>Collapse Thread
Not sure if anyone else has asked for it or if it has been addressed but could you please add the collapse thread button or something else that allows us to hide threads when browsing boards?
Yes, as it stands this feature is available in index mode, it will be added to the catalog mode.
Can you make the site more non-javascript friendly?
TL;DR /pol/ 100 Thread Count Limit

Realize the /pol/ 50 Thread count limit may be due to making Moderation not a nightmare, but we seem to really tight in pol. I tend to have to browse catalog from the bottom upward for fear of a thread sliding off board while reading. One night had thread drop as I was writing a reply lol. Way too easy for one Anon, whether intentional or not, to post 5 or so threads and bump a few of higher quality, "higher" being subjective as it is.

In a day when simply being a white male, is sometimes considered as "politically incorrect", a pol board is always going to see a lot of slightly to vastly different topics, seems too many threads lately have been bumped after a short period with a few replies but not necessarily due to being low value nor interest

While composing this, noticed you are presently pruning (including a couple of your own posts), so I'll withdraw the request, and let you manage as ya see fit. Thanks again BO
100% agree, I'm going to compromise and make the limit 80 for the time being from 50. This should help alleviate the issue.
Aw, pshh. You spoil us. Giving in to our every whim. Cheers mate
i can't start thread on pol is there a problem ?
Should be fixed now
I'm getting error 500 that theres no file even though there is one when creating a thread on /pol/ i dont understand fix pls
i still get error 500 please fix this i don't want the board to die already
day 2 of problem, send help
Going to need some more details, what OS are you running/browser, did you clear cache/cookies?

I can't seem to recreate this issue, I can always make threads and upload media, tried several devices and Tor as well and haven't had this issue.
Windows 10 chrome and
yes i tried clearing cache and cookies

i tried everything
(61.96 KB 484x461 chrome-on-windows.jpg)
I shitpost all day long from tor on gnu/linux and haven't had any problems.
>learn2compute my dude
Give Tor a shot if you don't mind.
Any update Anon? we all had similar issue for couple days, was fixed then broken, but it was fixed again last night, should be fine now

>just checked and your right its broke again
Fixed (for now) Anon
(31.85 KB 932x181 lmao-a-u.png)
I just made a thread in /pol/ right now. IMO something that keeps windows and/or chrometards from starting threads is a feature, not a bug.
I would just like all posts that have porn to be banned and the posters to be banned as well, let's keep the board clean.
We really need a reason on the log page. For example it says

>Type: Posting deletion
>Board: pol
>Time: 11/05/2019 (Tue) 03:10:02
>User burgersyum deleted the following threads: 13399 and the following posts: 13401, 13411, 13418, 13420, 13425, 13427, 13428, 13436, 13447 from board /pol/.

And I just happen to know which thread 13399 was cus I saw it, but why delete? It may have not been the most high effort OP, but lower effort OPs where allowed to stay, or at least moved to /b/. There was some quality effort posts there and a discussion forming. I have my own feelings on why it was deleted (suppression of topics deemed too magical or /fringe/) but without a board for such or at least fair treatment to move to /b/ when literal shit was given that benefit of the doubt it smells of suppression of free speech.
What was thread about? There has been a ton of crap threads the last 2 days
Also look at the entry just above that one the thread was reported
Karma, caste, genetic relation within, and how a self aware society would structure itself within said paradigm. There where several effort posts and it was becomming a fine discuession.
Typo for 'alliance.' You spelled it 'Alliace.'
Could you make the red text brighter? The dark background obscures it. Thanks.
Geoflags on /pol/ when? Would be great, no memeflags though.

Also, how about locking the thread if OP has only 1 post for over X span of time?
Create a theology board and an automobile board
>epstein grins as how fucks "underage" girls while white knights defend roasties that hate nationalism or tradthot larper snitch bitch type of attention whores
DELETED ALL THE OTHER BOARDS? EVEN /REDPILL/??? Come on admin you could have at least moved the threads, there was a lot of good content there.
>>2 lynxchan -r An error occured during the full cache deletion. Error: connect ENOENT /tmp/unix.socket at PipeConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1129:14) { errno: 'ENOENT', code: 'ENOENT', syscall: 'connect', address: '/tmp/unix.socket' }
>>2 the /culture/ board is a copout. re-requesting a /mu/ board to share politically incorrect/banned mp3s
>>978 You need a whole board? Why not make mp3 thread on /pol?
>>297 imagine using duckduckgo. >>http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion
BO can you implement an "expand all images" link at the top of threads? There are a few threads I would like to download all the images from in one swoop, but it is tedious to click to expand every single one. Thank you!
>>1030 I know that's a feature with tiny board I'm not sure if it's available with our version of lynxchan Do you happen to know of any boards that have that feature before I pester BOss?
>>1033 After doing a search, one chan I found with this feature is: https://poni.fun/meta/ I have no idea if that site uses lynxchan. Strangely I remember it being a feature on 4chan/wallpapersgeneral but it is no longer there.
>>1035 As I suspected, tinyboard. Lynxchan is totally different software and also a WIP (last update included the sort feature for catalog among others) I will check in StephenX(creator) to see if it is planned feature or not(assume if possible he would put on to-do list) Goes with out saying might take quite some time to be implemented
>>1035 Aye both 4 and 8 used tiny board, as do many, lynxchan was newly created (open sourced on git) https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan
>>1037 Ah, makes sense. Thank you for digging into it. As it stands, I don't want to add a browser extension to save all the images. I tried expanding everything by hand and using view page info>media>select all>save as with lackluster results. There is probably another way.
663san, is there a way to jump from one catalogue to another like on 4chan? --- it's a tad annoying to have to click the catalogue link each and every time
>>1043 Agreed, I don't think it is easy setting option in Lynxchan atm, but perhaps we could change the links that appear at top of page If your on https://16chan.xyz/meta/catalog.html then top bar should be all catalog links and https://16chan.xyz/meta/ would have the regular index links
...or just make catalog the default, works for me too index fag btfo
>>1047 >>1045 >>1043 Suggestions submitted
Good to know that 663's most trusty mod is an openly jewish shill. https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/18182.html#q18376 I'll let everyone know your site is not to be trusted, Jeff. Or is it Max?
>>1062 Jesus Christ you are truly retarded
(76.45 KB 1266x785 1568444156966.jpg)
Any plans to add (you)? Or is it only me that don't see them?
>>1065 They broke with update 2.3. and need to be rewritten. There will to be an option in your settings, tab 'other'. Probably not till after holidays though
(78.97 KB 694x825 1576148818732.png)
>>1068 OK thx.
>>1068 I tried with that but I broke everything :o https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx/commit/75a4ebca1ff2afaec891bc943e5690b775a2030d https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx/commit/e0c06a639b93db34e6dd5046d90f2f1748e13403 (You) worked with the full front end on 2.3 but I couldn't put the codes on 16chan front end correctly.
(322.92 KB 719x710 38422847.png)
Can we have a /sci/ or a /x/ board?
>>1076 Use culture for now, as it will suit a wide variety of topics. (philosophy, religion, pseudoscience, art, literature, and music and film) A lot of anons requested boards, but then they sat largely unused. If it starts to get too crowded, will reconsider adding few more boards
Put 12 threads per page instead of 10 for better catalog style browsing on the app
/pol/ board started off strong but now is filled with offtopic /nupol/ stuff. please delete all posts from my IP range. goodbye.
"Do you want to allow an outdated version of Adobe Flash to run on this website? An outdated version can affect performance and security."
(7.29 KB 307x80 hobbies.png)
>mfw spelling errors
(1.44 MB 1603x820 pete-butt-4-prez.png)
What's "flood detection"? Is it IP/browser behavior based or is it based on the content of the post? It doesn't seem to let me post my ALL CAPS PETE BUTT MEME THREAD in /pol/.
>>1157 there's 30sec time limit between posts I think
>>2 Could the library board be expanded into an info board that's for not only books and infographics but also basically every source of useful information that can be scrounged up online, like tutorials and whatnot?
I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this but when I click on a post link within a thread while on mobile, a copy of the post hovers above the screen while I'm also auto scrolled to the post in question. This seems a bit redundant. Is there any way to disable the post previews?
>>1243 Yes, you use a PC.
>>1244 I would if I had one.
hey i've been posting without js for the past couple weeks. works great, thanks.
there's tripfaggotry beginning to sprout in /b/
>>1251 snitch
i can reply to posts just fine with the block bypass cookie flow but I can't seem to make new threads. tor browser on maximum security settings
so if anyone is reading this please post this image in /b/ with an OP that says "wish i was collecting oats lol"
(74.52 KB 1024x1024 prolapse.png)
For the past month, every time I type 16chan.xyz into my browser address bar I arrive at a front page with a bunch of awful ebaum's world memes. The overboard is similar. I understand how faggots work so I have never responded to fag posts and was attempting to wait him out but it's getting to the point where fag makes up more and more of the total posts on the site so something needs to be done. the faggotry was contained to /b/ at first but seems to be spreading to other boards too. it's likely to unironically going to kill the site if it's allowed to fester. >1 day of intense faggotry such is life on the chans >60+ continuous days of fark-tier faggotry start drifting away towards other sites (I use tor w/ no js and no cookies so it's not so easy for me to just set a filter to block) brainstorming some pragmatic possible fixes/improvements: >block /b/ from appearing on the welcome page >block /b/ from appearing on the overboard >creation of /trash/ and move all trashposts there
I tried to post somewhere in /b/, but resulted in a ban message. Is this ban for a new ip or a new cookie?
>>1313 Try again
>>1316 This time is okay.
I'm getting a "tor users are not allowed to post files" just now when I try to reply on /pol/ . Did something happen?
>>1336 Tor spammer, will be fixed tomorrow
still can't post images...
>>1341 Fixed, sorry for inconvenience
(39.11 KB 600x307 pc_gaming.jpeg)
I'm having a bit of trouble starting a new thread on /v/ using tor. is everything turned on at the moment? I was able to make a thread in /g/ a few days ago using tor but now I'm getting stuck in the block bypass workflow again. it tells me I have a valid block bypass but then still doesn't let me post. even when I put in the code from the no-cookie workflow it sends me to the "you need a block bypass" screen. Anyways if someone is reading this please make a general PC gaming thread in /v/. I can always reply to threads, it's just starting new ones that seems to be hit-or-miss.
ok I got it to work. I think there is some sort of tight tolerance on posting, needs to be recent enough that the block bypass is still valid but also needs to not trigger flood detection. whatever it does work sometimes.
(18.10 KB 305x190 reeeees-internally.png)
it's me again. posting new threads through tor on maximum security settings is extremely annoying btw. trying to make one on /g/ now. It does occasionally work if I get the exact number of steps correct but it takes me about 15 minutes worth of retries before I finally get the number of steps correct. if this is not by design I would recommend that you, the B.O. attempt to start a few threads yourself by posting in this manner to maybe debug exactly what's happening.
Due to the popularity of the Druid/pol/ Loyal Lads of the B.O.N.D. threads I think it is time to move them to their own board where they can discuss their ideas more free from interference from others and in greater depth by having their own threads with their own moderation.
/fit/ pls
>>1385 We had /fit/ at launch, but was one of the ones to be pruned before the holidays, due to inactivity. Make a thread or two on >>>/culture/ for now, (maybe post links in >>>/pol/5542) Will reconsider if seems there is more demand
Scrolling through threads on iOS is slow. As soon as you lift your finger it stops moving in any direction, you can't just slide it down and wait for it to land where you want.
>>1402 Using a phone to browse to interwebs really sucks More News at 11
>>1403 Sometimes I'm at work and want to shitpost.
tripcodes not working and name camp sometimes disappears.
(2.19 MB 498x498 Die.gif)
>>1412 The only think worse than a namefag is a fucking tripfag
>>2 >mute webms >don't autoplay gifs pls
(1.94 MB 450x259 seriously.gif)
>>1414 >mute webms What on earth for? Mute it yourself, or go back to 4cuck for muted files >don't autoplay gifs <---
>>1414 >>1415 Anon put it better than I could.
Site was down for about 8 hours today, both clearnet address and onion made me nervous. was this the cloudcuck shit or something else?
>>1459 9ch, nein, end, julay, and nano are all offline too 16ch tor is still down either glownigger installing malware.exe or chinky war hotting up is my take. I expect all chans will be taken out by the time the elections come round in nov >why? bunkers started disappearing in 2018 before they took out 8ch in 2019 and put (((federated))) chans in place. Now many of those are having (((problems))).
>>1460 It's not glowniggers, it's regular butthurt niggers hitting people off with a booter. All of these sites are being hosted on 20-40 dollar a month VPS's that can't handle the bandwidth of the DDoS. Someone in really interested in shutting down a bunch of < 10 PPH on average sites.
>>1461 if that's true they're being very selective lots of alternate chans still up only ones with a /pol/ are down
>>1460 >9ch, nein, end, julay, and nano are all offline too >16ch tor is still down None of this is correct 9chan .tw up nein onion up end both .net and .org up both julay and spqr up nano is up 16tor 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion is up
(34.23 KB 1243x328 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1463 >None of this is correct >9chan .tw up clearnet came up after i posted tor still down http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion >nein onion up still down for me http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion >end both .net and .org up thanks but all 3 backup onion urls changed from what I had also clearnet used to be .xyz http://s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion/ >both julay and spqr up still down for me http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ >nano is up still down for me http://nanochanpwz3xnue76gteysv6wjm5sim3bbcm2lc65x625at774k77qd.onion >16tor 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion is up came up after i posted
(461.97 KB 1300x784 ClipboardImage.png)
(141.72 KB 1603x761 ClipboardImage.png)
(83.05 KB 1498x776 ClipboardImage.png)
(314.32 KB 1625x809 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1465 >nein onion up >still down for me >http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion not sure one your issue was working when posted reply and still working now, pic >clearnet came up after i posted >tor still down >http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion onion up for me, pic >both julay and spqr up >still down for me >http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ works pic >end both .net and .org up >thanks but all 3 backup onion urls changed from what I had >also clearnet used to be .xyz >http://s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion/ works, pic >nano is up >still down for me >http://nanochanpwz3xnue76gteysv6wjm5sim3bbcm2lc65x625at774k77qd.onion address changed http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/
>>1466 thank you anon i now know its a connection problem not a site problem as i'm still cut off
Why are TOR users blocked from posting on /pol/? Is it temporary or not?
>>1537 >temporary Ya, should be back later today
Site was down for me earlier today. What happened? Down for anyone else?
>>1566 Not just you, was doing some maintenance on the server.
This image-board glows even harder than 8ch, if mods don't police glowposters the place looks like a honeypot and like me, everyone clears out.
>>1577 Newfags come and newfags go. We will still be here. TBO don't really give a shit. Go back to cuckchan. Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 16chan administration.
What is the link to the 16chan discord server?
>>1590 16chan doesnt have an official discord room as far as i know, but it does have a matrix room which is like a slightly less pozzed discord model. there are multiple clients you can get to use matrix. https://matrix.to/#/+16chan:privacytools.io Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 16chan administration.
(3.00 MB 1024x768 1qp06c9q.bmp)
>>2 I think this may be the most activity the board has had in a year. I took a long hiatus due to some things that happened in the late winter/early spring of 2020. I was wrongfully banned and had some really good posts deleted on accident. It seems we have also picked up a few newfags recently, although at least one of them is an infiltrator and one is a (old?) troll. Here's to a good year!
When using Javascript double posts occur sometimes when submitting the post using Javascript. Both in Chromium and Firefox.
dolce vita human
Kikes are sliding /pol/, it's up to you to stop them Board Owner.
(23.51 KB 420x420 thuc.jpg)
posting without javascript doesn't work anymore I click "reply" and there's some bullshit link with a # like they want to run some fagoscript on my computer i had to enable javascript to post this, please fix tor maximum security settings
>>1615 Noted
>>1615 test
>>1615 Apologies about the delay, I have added the noscript/no javascript support. If you run into further issues just post in this thread, I think it should be working fine with both no javascript/strict noscript filters. https://16chan.xyz/meta/res/1599.html#1621
>>1622 torposting fixed thx
(7.66 MB 1280x720 Reeeeeeee.webm)
It was never broke, nigger All you had to do was use max security setting and disable the addon
how about a password field for posts?
displaying post dates is a good idea too
>>2426 >>2427 Dates are there, unless you are a phonefag, in which case you can just save me the trouble and rope yourself. Settings at the top of page. Can change time from GMT to local and/or add relative time Can also Filter and/or add CSS Password is in the quick reply box as well as in the non JS reply box at the top of page for torfags. If password is left blank it should create a random pass and store a cookie in browser if cookies are enabled
> >>2430 >test Confirmed blank pass still works
You are going to have to start limiting meta discussions on /pol/ and that includes my own cancerous shit where I stupidly let myself be goaded into responded to some shills.
I only see a v2 onion link on the front page. You should really use a v3 address as v2 ones are insecure and are being deprecated. https://blog.torproject.org/v2-deprecation-timeline I would also provide an i2p link since Tor has some problems.
>>2443 Obviously it will be updated before summer. > i2p link Implying i2p has no drawbacks or vulnerabilities of its own
(67.31 KB 500x631 4s9ip5.jpg)
There is something wrong with posting on mobile (iOS) on the /fascist/ board. The pop-up window for post entry seems to have layering problems, where the text box is covered by the other posts on the page. Can't screenshot the issue at the moment, but wanted to make it known. Really enjoying the new anons. Post quality over there is better than I expected. If only I had more time to contribute.
>>2449 >There is something wrong with posting on mobile (iOS) Stopped reading there.
>>2449 Unable to recreate your issue on iOS.
(76.34 KB 1200x1020 1586583376986.jpg)
>>2450 While I agree with the sentiment, I have been coming to this website since it was a couple months old and yes I occasionally do write a short post while on break at work. I also (more frequently) access the site from Windows and Linux machines. This is the nature of the world we live in now, cope.
>>2453 It's all good mate, just giving you a hard time. Is it only on /fascist/ that you have issue or all boards? If just /fascist/ might be an issue with the custom CSS If only on /fascist/, perhaps try running it in desktop mode and/or try changing the theme from [tomorrow] to one of the [yotsuba] themes
>>2455 yes, only /fascist/. good suggestions, will report back
>>2456 Cool. The custom CSS was just copy pasted and it is overwriting the default [tomorrow] It's likely clashing with 663's front end, and needs some tweeking. BOss said he would take a look at it after the weekend. Using yotsuba (eww) should solve issue for now.
>>1111 I don't think this is determined by the site actually, it's a functionality built into Dashchan, speaking of there will be an update restoring 16chan functionality to Dashchan soon. >>1157 >>1158 this. >>1165 You can feel free to post such threads on /culture/ and /library/. Would recommend making a general thread. Edit: There is already multiple infographic threads on /library/ >>1250 I appreciate you posting. Anons such as yourself helped let me know that noscript functionality was partially broken, very much appreciated. >>1336 >>1343 >>1345 General reply here. Sometimes we get massive amounts of spam through Tor since our posting policy with Tor is extremely relaxed, this results in occasional restriction for a few hours or a day, we always re-enable it though. I apologize about the inconvenience, I fully understand and realize the necessity for Tor accessibility, and this will always be my stance on it. >>1402 >iOS Memes aside, this should be somewhat alleviated with the upcoming frontend update. >>2457 16chan front-end update is coming (hopefully) this Friday, will also include an update to LynxChan 2.5.x, which should fix most of the CSS issues.
Edited last time by 663 on 03/29/2021 (Mon) 23:51:17.
>>2459 When can we create a eugenics board? It will create a discussion board for those who are fans of people like Richard Lynn, Edward Dutton and Emil Kierkegaard. This growing subculture will revive the west's intellectualism and concurrently it's global position, Human evolution must go forwards not backwards.
>>2 Conspiracy/ paranormal board when?
>>2495 Seconding this.
>>2495 >>2496 Nein, fuck off back to 4chan
Posting from tor with js off currently works. Just checking in to say thanks. thumbs up
>>2495 >>2496 There is a dead zzzchan.xyz/x/ and a dead /x/ on 8kike.moe, pretty sure we don't need another dead /x/
v2 onion addresses is getting deprecated in October. Please update.
>>2505 Working on updating front end. Should be done in next couple weeks. Will have v3 address soon as well
>>2 Can we get /sqt/ on /g/?
(597.81 KB 960x681 lain35.gif)
a lot of other small imageboards let you expand a thread from index view (staying on index view and expanding a thread without being redirected to a separate thread page) and i don't think this site has anything akin to that. is it stressful on hardware? different imageboards with this feature have different response times, but i would imagine they would just remove the feature were it such a major source of bandwidth/server stress.
(1.76 MB 1600x900 touhou_stupid27.png)
>>2545 make it and flag low-effort threads, we will see where it goes from there.
>>2558 Dont recall seeing it on a lynxchan or tinyboard site. Maybe its just a jschan thing
>>2560 I think it is working on cc, tv and wiz. Not sure about the other two but wiz is partially running lynx.
(25.18 KB 480x270 umaru_badres1.jpg)
>>2564 also, the file/embed/oekaki form of wizchan could be beneficial (not saying by much). i think oekaki would be only good on maybe b/r9k and a non-existent art board. i don't know how hard any of this shit is to implement so it's ok if you don't want to.
i tested flac on fascist, r9k and b just now. it doesn't work on any of those boards. i am assuming it doesn't work anywhere in the site despite it working in the past and being listed on https://16chan.xyz/.static/pages/about.html that it works. flac are big files, but i don't see why they shouldn't work if they are below the 50mb limit (unless that has changed too, but the error i get is about file type and not size).
test mp3
>>2618 test3
>>2619 test4
%glow% (((kike))) [code]niggers[/code]
>>2 Are the images working properly? I see a lot of broken ones now.
(633.45 KB 505x640 image0-2.png)
>>2705 Yes
>>2705 Some just aren't appearing atm, BO is sorting that out today
(36.50 KB 1003x1024 proxy-image.png)
>>2707 test
Test post, that corresponds with merge commit for LynxChan to fix Odysee embeds. This link has a trailing :b7, the embed will pull video info but not allow it to be played within the embedded frame https://odysee.com/@Dr.Ludwig:6/erika:b7
(12.00 KB 377x227 1432660501459.gif)
I would like to lodge an official complaint about the turkroach infestation. We've been enduring the 4cuck shitposter(s) for a while now and at this juncture, I would motion for a 1 week reprieve if it pleases the court.
http://xzbcrwxk3j5xa7jq77azkdx3ydhepgta5xl2nosaxw75n5emqvg3voyd.onion What is the theme used on this website? What is a plug-in? Where can we find it?
>>2740 Not sure if the theme is named, you can get it if you just inspect element the global.css file. The plug-in or the site itself seems to be a fork of Kohlchan, you can find Kohlchan's source code for their front-end here https://gitgud.io/Tjark/KohlNumbra they have their own set of LynxChan addons call KC-Addon, it's not something that is particularly easy to configure.
>>2741 Thank you for the reply !
what happened? 16chan went down for a few hours
>>2743 update for the machine it is hosted on
16chan.xyz gbuihswdiwyfuwhdiwfbujdaodhwifwjdaqidhwufwudjqvbcnxsiwdui
Just don't be faggots like 4chan jannies.
hello board owner i found some one posting kara boga bbc shill propaganda in >>>/fascist/ can you please remove them thank you so much xx
Imageboards should support WEBP, its a stable codec and very competitive with JPEG. Its ready now, unlike AVIF. After some months of doodling around with it, its a phenomenal format, filesizes can be cut in half with <1% quality loss, at that rate, no further transcode needed, forever.
I think the fascist board is broken, I tried to access it earlier and it returned a 404 error
>>2796 Didn't notice Probably just temp internet outage at server location
>>2797 Ok nevermind, turns out I typed in >16chan.xyz/fishnets/ instead of >16chan.xyz/fascist/ There is nothing wrong with the board, I'm just retarded
Can we get /library/ with a 100 mb limit? I have a 56 mb webm and I need halp.
>>2785 >with <1% quality loss how did you compute that
>>2803 zippyshare
>>2803 catbox
>>2 (low priority) a lot of chans keep you in catalog view when you switch boards from one board's catalog to another. So from /g/catalog clicking /bmw/ links sends me straight to /bmw/catalog/
>>2 Add a /po/ (paper and origami board) for April fools. My house is falling apart and I need to find out how to make supports out of paper fast!
(57.76 KB 640x480 the king of poop.jpg)
>>2905 test mp3
test image. was having trouble with dollchan v21.7.6.0 wouldnt let me post images
It's been difficult to post lately, for what I think is the past week or so. Definitely the last couple days. Tor, maximum security (so cookies but no JS). Posting text-only seems to work through the onion site. If you can see this message then that's what I'm using. I get 'connection reset' errors if I try to post images with my posts though on onionsite. On the clearweb site (through tor) cloudflare gives me some sort of error about unable to reach origin server if I remember correctly. Please test
>>2923 I replicated issue here, connection reset with img file from tor, safest setting, no js
>>2923 both .onion and clearnet work fine with safest setting and 'no script' JS set to trusted
>>2923 test image, no javascript enabled (through about:config) and tor>>2923
>>2923 >>2926 >>2930 >>2948 Confirmed, work around currently is to use javascript enabled, working on getting this sorted out now. I'll continue to update this thread as fixes come along.
Edited last time by 663 on 03/29/2022 (Tue) 20:06:58.
(44.37 KB 512x512 birdtray_read.png)
(32.01 KB 200x193 werks.png)
(39.19 KB 700x684 The_GNU_logo.png)
>>2955 test
test again
>>2949 I reached out to StephenLynx on this issue on the lynxchan IRC room, he is now working on a patch to fix this issue. I'll post another update once a patch has been released and 16chan's backend updated.
>>2973 test
(39.19 KB 700x684 The_GNU_logo.png)
(44.37 KB 512x512 birdtray_read.png)
test imageupload without javascript
>>2972 Stephen just pushed the fix, file uploads without JavaScript are now working properly. Thank you to all the anons for reporting the issue.
this post https://16chan.xyz/b/res/24782.html#q24968 gave me the r9k robot warning but it is on /b/ and appeared to post anyway. maybe it is a moved thread or something?
(21.20 KB 250x172 1363920914821s.jpg)
I think there should be dedicated outdoors and fitness board. Topics like lifting, no fap, self improvement, hiking, camping, gardening etc are discussed across several different boards and having a dedicated board for these kind of topics would be very beneficial to the site.
>>2999 See >>1386, now i don't know.
>>3001 Plastic is bad for you gook anon.
/fascist/ doesn't seem to show no id for people posting from the tor link anymore, is that on purpose?
>>3019 >is that on purpose? Yes, that feature was added in lynxchan 2.8 update.
The site is slow as shit on tor for some reason, and it's definitely not tor being slow.
Hi, i think that i saw you visited my web site so i came to “return the favor”.I'm trying to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!