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(14.59 KB 396x419 directional evolution.PNG)
Why was my proposal to make a eugenics board deleted? Anonymous 04/25/2021 (Sun) 00:32:21 No. 2484
Improving the human species on a genetic level is literally the only way we will ever colonize space so this issue is of profound importance. We literally have a board about fascism which is currently but wrongly considered by the mainstream to be the greatest evil. This is the last place on the internet to discuss taboo social topics without being canceled because 8chan is saturated with Q boomers and feds.
By the way eugenics is not explicitly about killing people. That is a lie they teach you in school purely out of ignorance.
>>2484 Because I started to reply then realized you asked 3 fucking times in three fucking threads, and I couldn't be assed to humor that much autism. You could have asked ONCE, instead of sperging the out. You already have threads on both /pol/ and /fascist/, I doubt we need an entire board dedicated to one niche topic.
(239.71 KB 1276x820 asperger vs neurotypical.jpg)
>>2488 >implying autistic people aren't superior
>>2488 >niche topic. It may be niche now however it needs to go mainstream or else the west is doomed. IQ, which is 80% genetic determined the technological potential, wellbeing and global power of a civilization so it's important to push eugenics as a necessary preserver of everything we cherish.
>>2490 Not saying the topic is irrelevant, just not sure it warrants 50-100 different threads and an entire board. Let's see where the two active threads lead first