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(118.29 KB 730x1094 1554177797692.jpg)
Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 09:25:54 No. 286
give us /s/
(481.13 KB 1280x1672 1566369067502.jpg)
gimme dat /s/
>wanting /s/ when 4/s/ is complete and total shit
>wanting /s/ when you have absolutely no guarantee that 16/s/ would be any bettet
>wanting /s/ when the general pool of this site that would in theory frequent /s/ is also the same people who would never allow /s/
think things through for just a moment, pal
(1.35 MB 2322x4128 osidjfodsjf.jpg)
Brave words for someone within dick sucking range...
(70.59 KB 736x1105 oasidjfoasdijfoasdifj.jpg)
We need /s/
If more people request it I'm not opposed to adding it. I'm planning on doing a community livestream when we hit another milestone, maybe at like 25k posts or something like that?
(199.95 KB 1326x885 we-need-s.png)
there are millions of other websites you can post "sexy beautiful women"
<trying to turn this place into tumblr
<trying to turn this place into 4chan
<trying to turn this place into pedochan
<trying to turn this place into coomerchan
fuck off
There are a million places on the net to get your porn, and enough larping pedos that think they are being edgy edgelords here already.
My vote, is no, but should probably be left open for more debate
(74.75 KB 666x1000 1568956289776.jpg)
Oh man I'm gonnna cooooooooom

(94.45 KB 1280x720 1568947541930.jpg)
Porn is good for you.
Nothing in EXCESS is good for you
(179.44 KB 853x1280 1569055194603.jpg)
If you're fapping to pron for more than 5 min per day you're being a cuck.
(85.64 KB 860x860 1568949524231.jpg)
fap for me anon fap harder and faster
(558.55 KB 1481x2000 1568947874403.jpg)
cooming to pron represents ultimate intellectual success

This is why the /s/ board simply must exist
(57.72 KB 1280x720 2000x2000.1.jpg)
herpa derpa this thread is the safe for work /s/ until /s/ exists
(77.75 KB 1280x853 1558446088199.jpg)
(285.50 KB 1277x1920 1570148277951.jpg)
(124.15 KB 800x1152 1569848856562.jpg)
(1.91 MB 2448x3264 IMG_20191204_174545236.jpg)
Degenerate not many of us would fucking want that shit. Go to cuckchan.
Yes. Cause looking at pictures naked chicks isn't the same as watching porn. I browse /s/ even when successfully doing no fap.
>>749 no. there are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of teh pr0nz sites.
(7.75 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>286 >give us /s/
No. At least I vote no. Then your tranny loving anime fags spill over into this board. and we dont want any of that
>>1400 No worries anon. This thread is months old. Faggots have been told unequivocally to fuck off somewhere else


no cookies?