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(368.42 KB 561x909 1567313344572.jpg)
creation of boards Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 16:14:18 No. 321
Is it possible to create our own boards, as was the case on infinichan?
No, but Your welcome to request one, if others show interest BOss has shown he will accommodate

Both /a/ and /k/ were requested and seconded
Thanks Anon
No, and hopefully we will never be able to. It's such a dumb idea.
how is that a dumb idea? that was one of the best features of infinitechan.
>too many dead boards!
so what, why not just give people the freedom to create them anyway? meguca has a good policy where they delete boards that have been totally inactive for too long, so something like that could be implemented.
Could be intresting but overwhelming with time tho


no cookies?