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(57.71 KB 657x527 apu.jpeg)
Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 09:32:21 No. 360
Will we ever get the ability to make our own boards?
I held off on replying to this anon. I am really torn on doing this, however, I have as of late been thinking about enabling this feature (it is built into the engine and could easily be rolled out).

Philosophically I didn't like some of the decisions that 8chan used (I used it primarily between 2015-2016) and haven't used it since really. Board creation I felt split a great deal of communities, if someone doesn't like /pol/ they make their own, rinse and repeat, and suddenly you have 4-5 different /pol/ boards. This happened for many different communities on 8chan.

I like the idea of board creation, however, I don't want it to split communities that should just exist on one board. I think I will do some sort of community event in the near future and we can discuss if the majority of people want it enabled, the benefits/the downsides.
containment boards always end up being the best boards eventually
(11.19 KB 240x93 1566272295123.jpg)
>10 seconds after board creation enabled
Dyslexic post number for 663 BOss / Uber Get

Please don't allow this. Few boards, keep it simple.
I suggest user board requests, similar to xchan's idea.

Essentially, the idea is that a board suggestion requires the following:

-User votes, a certain amount of (yous) as a positive vote from the community
-The requester's plan to promote and shill the board, how they plan to create a community

This takes a lot of the shilling efforts off of your hands, since you're already in charge of the website and can't spread your attention too thin. Someone else can do the promotional work and idea work for their board, and the users will already agree/have voted by the time you make the requested board so you can be sure it fits with the culture of the site.
If we could make our own boards instead of user requests, it would give the freedom infchan gave us.
Infinity chan had a lot of dead boards for a reason.
It shut down for a reason.

The best system is a compromise of 4chan and 8chan systems.
Im all for freedom, not anarchy
Just request a board and if others are into it will be made. Im not opposed to anons requesting boards and having power to mod own board though, if some anon is well versed in subject and very interested it might make sense for them to run it, with BOss and/or global mods to set ground rules
Don't do it. We don't need pedo and leftypol boards popping up.
Not going to happen
>Imblying that the dead boards where why 8chan is kill
I just want /bmw/ or /32/ and /fringe/
(205.90 KB 719x1024 1565393916910.jpg)
For the record xchan is (pretty much) kill, everything but the shitposting & meta boards got deleted. /x/ or /fringe/ would be great.


no cookies?