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(7.85 KB 175x250 1569518222791s.jpg)
Operation: 16chan is the new 8chan Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 02:36:11 No. 517
>BO had explicitly expressed opposition to this idea the first week 16chan was created. Have not heard him comment more recently. I can't quite remember exact reasoning, I think it was, paraphrasing, something like "Not wanting to draw the negative attention" that 8chan had after Christchurch and other shootings at that time.

So this will be invitation for him to express ideas, for the record, as well as open discussion for other anons

I personally am rather indifferent to 8chan. I spent a little more time lurking 4 than 8 I guess. I am still quite (newfag), and I was still in "lurk moar" quarantine until recently. (Some might claim I broke quarantine early, and perhaps they are right, but I think witnessing those happenings is a just cause for breaking Rule 33) As such, I probably don't have the same sentimental attachment that many others here may have to 8chan.

I do of course believe that it was an injustice to many to take away a mostly harmless place of fellowship
>BO had explicitly expressed opposition to this idea the first week 16chan was created.
Sorry I don't know if I understand
I kinda remember anons discussing whether or not to aggressively market 16 as "the new 8" and kinda thought you had expressed desire to not associate 16 with 8.

With wheels going out and making these comments and a dedicated thread on 4cuck about it, thought topic might come up again
I'm fine in associating with 8, just minus all the negative press they received. I don't condone "epic" manifestos and don't want users posting about violence or illegal activity. 8chan got really unlucky with how the press painted them, I genuinely feel bad for them.
Ah ok, thats cool I was under wrong impression then, I know most here have a fondness for 8 myself included.

Maybe it was just a reluctance about bad press, and getting 16 flooded with 8 shills that gave me that wrong impression
Proceeding with Operation "16 is the new 8"
(14.33 KB 400x225 credit-adl.jpg)
Yes let them know. Bwahahaha


no cookies?