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Board request creation - Argentina Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 15:35:17 No. 701
Hi, I am from Argentina and I used to post in the /argentina/ board in 8chan.
I would like to request this board here, it would be a good home for all the people that was posting there.
jajaja che ahora somos dos 2 argentinos
Noted, if more people request this I'm not opposed to adding it, or making an /int/ board.
(15.90 KB 213x159 11j96z7.jpg)
Great thanks.
Another Argie-Bargie reporting in.

Aguante el Diego, Perón y el tío Adolfo
(160.23 KB 1052x688 1427502165454.jpg)
>>714 request for /int/ applied
(188.33 KB 260x364 e2a.png)
>>714 DO IT
Vamo loco sanlui se la banca piolawacho
Apoyo la moción con toda violencia


no cookies?