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(806.17 KB 849x1200 1504201980179.jpg)
Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 22:03:31 No. 763
How to develop Android app using Dashchan-Extensions?

Can you give me a detailed tutorial?
So DashChan is a modular Android application, if you were to go onto the DashChan github: https://github.com/Mishiranu/Dashchan

You will see a tremendous amount of extensions for various imageboards, so whoever wants to have support added to their imageboard needs to either request or create their own extension. I currently maintain and create new extensions for members belonging to the ACA, their extensions can be found here: https://github.com/maksrago/Dashchan-Extensions-ACF

Adding DashChan support for your imageboard (depending on what engine you're running on is usually quite simple) -- for LynxChan based imageboards you could simple clone one of the repositories that I have made and change up the sources. If you are planning on making an imageboard not made with LynxChan find a imageboard that does have a DashChan extension and simply changes the sources and all should work (for the most part), if you have prior programming experience and have some time you can easily figure out how to get everything running (a word of warning however, Android Studio is horrible, and setting up gradles can be a headache).

All that being said, that is one of the huge benefits of belonging to the ACA, you get code support, and features added for your imageboard very easily.

I am also using LynxChan, also using your Dashchan-Extensions-ACF, always showing HTTP:404 NOT found.

The mistake made a headache.
Since the language we use is not English.

Joining you is afraid of language and cultural inconvenience.
Did you set your domain up correctly? Which imageboard do you run, perhaps I could assist you in setting it up

AndroidManifest.xml as follows:

#<data android:scheme="http" />Disable #
<data android:scheme="https" />
<data android:host="xxx.xyz" />
<data android:host="www.xxx.xyz" />

SixteenchanChanLocator.java as follows:

public SixteenchanChanLocator()

Because it is a test, the other has not been modified.
The domain name is https://xxx.xyz
And IP access is prohibited.
The changes you need to make to the domain are here: /src/com/sixsixthree/dashchan/chan/sixteenchan/
not only the AndroidManifest.xml
The domain name in the following files is modified:


In that case it should be okay, do you have HTTPS setup on your imageboard?
Also make sure that through the DashChan app you delete any extensions that you may have pushed, sometimes they cause errors if you have duplicates or old extensions installed.

How is your HTTPS set up?

Excuse me, is there a video tutorial?

thank you.


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