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(4.47 MB 550x449 original.gif)
Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 08:45:47 No. 852
>no board for posting muh kpops

make a music or asian culture board
(18.91 KB 448x269 weeab.jpg)
(16.26 KB 336x421 weeaba.jpg)
(14.20 KB 345x336 weeabb.jpg)
(20.18 KB 345x336 weeaboo6.jpg)
(1.23 KB 320x240 wo.GIF)
Bump for a mu board. Fuck kpop
>>852 nobody wants your shitty insect gay bop music fuck off
(32.89 KB 400x400 1583634928377.jpg)
>>852 kys disguisting insect burner
If you chinks would actually focus on improving your immune systems rather than glorifying shitty over stylized, over acted TV dramas/music the world wouldnt have so much problems, now would we? Also obvious slide post fuck your thread
No fuck weebs


no cookies?