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(177.71 KB 443x429 captain pepe.png)
NEET General #4 - Steady As She Sails Boys. NEET 02/15/2020 (Sat) 19:38:35 No. 2951 [Reply] [Last]
Heave to hearty Neetos and Dont rock the boat says I. Avast ye! Haul away with that catch of wanks now. Haul swiftly now, put your backs into it and we'll all be elbows deep in sluts when we reach slagport on the morrow.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmT9jNashAg Really hard feels, every time.
>>3636 Her accent works really well with this.
>>3635 > No one enjoys your presence > One Wow guess it really is just one person after all. Nuro Vindicated. Nofun BTFO for all eternity !
>>3639 Why don't you use a name so nofun can filter it and the rest just leave it?

(57.97 KB 878x654 newfags.png)
Q/PTDDTOT 663 Board owner 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:24:27 ID:2cdaf5 No. 4985 [Reply] [Last]
Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.
Edited last time by 663 on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:29:39.
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(38.43 KB 355x171 thingken.jpg)
Lets Hear It For Our Guy
Mike Will Get It Done
https://youtu.be/Leh-QlpD0Yk Bernie Sanders Punk'd By Russians Posing As Greta Thunberg
(28.74 KB 1000x667 mikehawg.jpg)
wtf i am now a #mikehawg

(886.09 KB 960x700 ClipboardImage.png)
(31.60 KB 300x528 I.jpg)
(1.89 MB 640x360 Mercury.gif)
Druid/pol/ #0006 - Etheric Boogaloo Edition Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 23:58:44 ID:f5ae9c No. 22725 [Reply] [Last]
LOYAL LADS I bid you welcome in the manner we have become accustomed to our most portentous sextus thread! Our 16chan tenure is now well underway & the B.O.N.D, having comfortably ensconced itself here, into our own little groove is enjoying the privilege of being one of the most visited generals on 16/pol/. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank our based Mods & BOss for the favours and privileges they allow us (pinnin threads, BTFOing shills etc) Thanks lads. I would like to apologise for my somewhat remiss attendance in threads as of late. My new job is taking up a lot more of my free time so I currently dont have as much time to dedicate to keeping tabs on the threads as much as I used to. Hope you lads forgive me that - fella has to earn a crust when he has a family. I assure you all I remain 100% committed to the B.O.N.D, it's growth & it's Tenets. Also I want to thank all you lads here. The B.O.N.D would not exist without you. Us eclectic, disparate group of occult savvy nationalists have managed to come together, create something entirely new and each of us, with our own individual talents & areas of expertise have managed to create a machine that is greater than the sum of its parts. You should all be very proud. We have, already accomplished much this year and now have two fresh Rites under our belt - The First Rite of the Twelve 20/20 & Imbolc: The First Celebration of the Four. An accomplishment indeed and we now prepare for the next stage of our year long rite and ''The Second Rite of the Twelve 20/20" which falls upon us in 9 days. We must use this time to hash out our plans for this next rite. As I said, be proud lads - we have accomplished much. The B.O.N.D bonds us together as one cohesive unit Onto the Tarot. As is the New Way, I have drawn a single random card from the Major Arcana of the Rider-Waite deck and our sixth thread's representative draw is...........drumroll

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>23043 Blessings to you too friend. I miss our 8chan community too but we are slowly building our userbase back up and reconverging. >I know its mostly Brit/pol fellas but are esoteric Yanks allowed? T think we actually have more US frens and other international lads than Brits now kek. You are most welcome to join us lad - the more the merrier I say. Welcome lad. Nice to have you. I'v always been interested in astrology and I-ching so perhaps you can bring your area of interest to the Lodge.
>>22870 >Intuition I have some time to get to this today. I had hoped that I could work myself into a better synchronization with a higher self before writing this, but have not yet succeeded, and do not wish to make this delayed until whenever the next time I succeed may come. I may however, rewrite this should the time come. The employ of intuition is something that I personally find to be incredibly important, and rather indispensable. I recall a post last thread on subconscious not being properly described, that it should not be thought of as something which exists below the conscious mind at all, but if anything, sub as in subterranean. Intuition, as I see it, as a connection between the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind, as I will hereon use to refer to the subconscious. Of course the unconscious is not at all unconscious, but rather lacks an ego, so it seems to me. Perhaps the unconscious is our fuller mind, which left itself outside us, in persona, because it doesn't fit. For those who have felt the call of the blood, Nostalgia, there seems to be a wellspring from which that light comes... For intuition, I quiet my mind and heart, and listen within for a still, soft whisper which comes from this point. A point, which seems to be nowhere at all... To commune with your unconscious, rather, to realize what you are thinking there, here, consciously, you must learn the discipline to silence your conscious mind, and your heart. Quiet, still your emotions, your conscious thought, and listen "behind" or more accurately, on the "other side" of your conscious. This form of thought is difficult because it does not come to the conscious mind easily, nor does it come in words. Pure concepts, forms, shapeless, boundless, made less pure and constrained by coming here. I do not mean to say to fade your conscious mind, to remove it or to remove your emotion, to receive from the unconscious, it is necessary for them to be, as it is through very quiet emotions and swift outlines of thoughts it, you, speak. The quieting and stilling of your mind and heart is so that the loud sound of them do not drown out the unconscious. I hope this is enough, and is helpful. I hope that I have not shared too much, either. For practicing this, I suggest pacing. I find this gives the material self something to do and focus on, allowing the conscious mind to retreat into one's inner world more easily, and with fewer intrusions from the anxious material self. I live somewhere with a lot of noisy distractions, so I listen to music which is easy to ignore but drowns out the noises, any in a similar position may desire to try the same. Of course, these are mere suggestions. Sieg Heil!
>>23043 >Chicago NatSoc checking in. Former Barrington here lad. I hope you have a bulletproof vest. >>23043 >New moon coming Feb 23 and that's a great time to start a new project or for a ritual. We have a monthly ritual here every twentieth lad. Someone will repost the details soon. >IChing Nice lad, that’s my preferred method of divination. >I think it's more than coincidence that I found you lads at this time. We don’t really believe in coincidences here tbh. Welcome lad. >>23049 Excellent poetry as always lad. I also suggest chopping wood and cleaning funs as ways to occupy the conscious mind.
>>23019 I'm not judging, I had a half-Turkish gf once, she looked quite white (for southern European standards at least). I can tolerate quarter mutts and certain non-whites to a certain extent, as long as they show some character/quality and as long as I'm not seeing more than one in a hundred around me. Or more in the case of some Asians. Niggers and shitskins are marked for exterminatus though (with few very rare exceptions). If there is one thing that I like about Anglos, is that unlike Germans, or many other colonial powers, they had absolutely no issues with utterly genociding some native populations. >>23024 Thanks. Any chance for you to scan pages which were underlined as missing in a copy which I posted in previous thread? >>23041 >i’ve probably forgotten more pussy than you’ll ever put your brand on. I’ve eaten almost every dead animal I could get my hands on and blacked out on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. It was overrated. Don't you think it's a bit hypocritical to look down on people who did not have such experiences? You got bored with hedonism, that means someone else shouldn't experience it in the first place. It's easy to preach when you already had your share. >Started lurking 4/8Chan in 2016 Am I the only person who started lurking chans in 2008/9?
>>23052 >Don't you think it's a bit hypocritical to look down on people who did not have such experiences? You got bored with hedonism, that means someone else shouldn't experience it in the first place. It's easy to preach when you already had your share. Why do you fall for his tricks? The picture he provides doesn't even mention hedonism or faggotry. It presents things which are perfectly fine and good and asks of you to dump them in the closest fire because he's got much better shit to sell you on "the other side" (I swear). The whole text is a load of nonsensical logic and insane advice which would have laughing out loud anyone actually sufficiently knowledgeable about Wotan, the Edda and good things related.

(49.09 KB 971x546 Dmx4MA0UYAER5Ea.jpg)
Non-Whites are the real NPC's Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 20:02:58 ID:cd2ce4 No. 22702 [Reply] [Last]
They are different. ALL non-whites with the save exception of a few anomalies. Maybe 1%. 2%. But the vast majority of them are like this. I don't know how to describe it. It is a difference not only in looks, but in behavior, and something else. It's like they are lacking something. I don't know exactly what it is, but I can best describe it as a state of being. All Non-whites. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians. Even Japanese in some respects. White people are on a different level, mentally and spiritually. That's as best as I can describe it. This level allows us access to additional faculties that other nonwhites cannot access. I don't think this is just IQ and smarts. It's something else. No, don't go telling me its IQ. There is something more to this. Something spiritual. Non Whites are the real NPC's. I feel an unease around them. I feel that something is off. You do too. And its for all nonwhites. Something is just off with them, something is off center, something is just NOT RIGHT. I don't know how to describe it. But it turns them into NPC-like characters in this clown world that we live in. Only Whites display certain characteristics like independent thought. I think this independent, critical thought is being suppressed by TPTB. But we have it. This critical thought manifests itself in what they describe as "Conservative", "Libertarian" or whatever else they want to label our ideals as. The ideals that are in these realms of thought are primarily "White People" ideals. I fully subscribe to the idea that all civilization has been built by Whites. NO ONE, EXCEPT WHITES have built civilization. And the funny thing is that nonwhites want to be around us. They follow Whites. Wherever we go, they want to go, too. I dont want to be around nonwhites. The only nonwhites I feel safe around are ones that have significant White admixture (some Latin, basically). All others I cannot stand, and want to get away from as soon as possible.
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>>22991 > All of the names especially on New Testament are White people names. Lol. John, Peter, Matthew... Lol. The Hebrew name "מַתִּתְיָהוּ" (Matityahu) was transliterated into Greek to "Ματταθίας" (Mattathias).[2] It was subsequently shortened to Greek "Ματθαῖος" (Matthaios); this was Latinised as Matthaeus, which became Matthew in English Low quality bait >The Jews are actually the Edomites the sons of Cain with cursed blood of the fallen angels. Or was it the other way around :>) >>22995 >Abraham was not a kike A guy who not only fucked, but also pimped out his sister to various rulers so that he can extort shekels from them and bring their nations to ruin was definitively not a kike. Such a righteous character could have only been a white man. >>22997 This, at last I truly see. I'm going to the synagogue to convert tomorrow. I've been denied my Jewish heritage long enough. >>23021

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>22702 wow what a data set you have anon,I am Indian, do you seriously think we want to have a third world? Hitler in his early speeches talked some stuff about how India has different caste for different people, we had a social order which was mostly based on anthropology I guess I am a non white, heck near to Jiddu Krishnamurti phenotype, he is a Tamil Brahmin I am Telegu, I know you wouldn't care but in your perspective its like a Polish and Slovak guy with difference in some gene components, I consider myself privileged because I had internet computer while this was a socialist shithole and I ended up in chan, I had questions back then I am a autist in /pol/ sense,I know exactly what is going on with the world all the NatSoc literatures, everything posted here in 16ch. https://indiachan.com/pol/res/39718.html I know for the fact that the Jewish banking system landed our country to the state we are in along with Muslim and British invasion, we are in this ride together anon there are high IQ anons here who don't want to go anywhere and wants to fix this shithole, I can understand your tribal hate, but damn.
>>23040 If you weeded out your most bottom castes and racial muck you might be better off. The problem with India is that it was never meant to be together and was only forged together because of the Raj. Even the Mughals didn't reach so far. And you have been splintering slowly, but there is clearly one superior Indian race that must assert its self if you are to be homogenus and a powerfull. India would be a stragetic ally in some regards as they are abbuting the sandy underbelly of China. But going through Tibet and the Himilas would be suicide for any army. We might have similar enemies but we can't pretend we have similar goals. And I won't pretend like your race is at all anything but inferior to mine; that would be a lie and a spit on the face of my own. Once the dust has settled we must stand apart.
>>23014 All I'm saying is that the bible itself says some pretty similar things about "jews" as do many of us. I find it interesting that the bible is very concentrated on genetics and lineage, and goes to great lengths to describe them. The events also fit much better historically than I had realized until recently (I'm not religious). When the bible refers to jews, it's specifically referring to the kingdom of Judah, who consist of maybe 3 of the 11 tribes of Israel. It describes them almost exactly as the degenerate subversive merchant we see today. It says they were jealous that they were not the children of the covenant, which leads them to attempt to conceal and rewrite history to make it look like they are. We're god's chosen, don't ya know. Why is it that jews reformed their "holy land" and named it Israel? Shouldn't they have named it Judah, or Canaan? I don't necessarily believe all of that, but I don't disregard it either. As someone who wasn't very familiar with the bible, I found it to be much more interesting from a jq and natsoc perspective than I ever would have imagined.
>>23017 Jesus too lol. kys faggot

(786.79 KB 1418x1128 1568937213720.jpg)
mass shooting 'accelerationism' works and is vital to our survival. Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 10:18:49 ID:555f6e No. 19090 [Reply] [Last]
The left is INSANE. The political whores in the democrat party can't be controlled well enough by their masters. They will fuck up and cause violence against average gun owners if we put enough pressure on them, which will at least lead to riots and scattered armed conflicts, which will in turn put pressure on the economy (normies/lemmings can't function under pressure, the left will instantly shit itself and overall productivity will plummet), and likely cause it to crash (it's already extremely weak, the fed is desperately plugging the leaks by printing billions of dollars). Then we have our civil war, then we have our chance to throw off the chains of the jew, regroup, unite europeans worldwide, form an ethno-empire like Third Reich Germany, and finally exterminate those jewish demons for all time. Everything we need is lying on the table. This is our last chance. TAKE IT.
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>>23025 "Fake shootings" : ^ ) *Honk*
>>22861 Wow! Look at all those white people! Amazing! Is there one out there for serial killers? The (((media))) says it is only white people too! As if you or I would believe that load of shit for a second....
>>19130 You're an actual fag dude, kill yourself.
All I hope for is that some woke nord will eventually go on a rampage to slaughter 50+ jews while livestreaming, preferrably in a germanic country. The day that happens, the crooked nosed parasites will hopefully flee the pure aryan soil.
>>22860 You provide no "link", nor "source", no valid proof that all this "FAKE". All behaviors and oddities in the videos have already been properly explained by smart people. None of the pictures >>22861 support your claim either, all of these shootings are, for all intents and purposes, pretty much real. Also 2019 pic, no Tarrant. WTF >>22874 Jewish tactics 101, pretending arguing against retarded claims as to provide validation to lies and stupid claims that would legitimize Tarrant. Sloppy job.

(18.16 KB 342x720 Screenshot_20190910-003035.jpg)
(33.80 KB 359x633 images (4)-2.jpeg)
(61.85 KB 452x668 images (7)-1.jpeg)
(23.81 KB 719x844 IMG_20200207_010428.jpg)
(40.03 KB 394x630 Screenshot_20190614-010810.jpg)
Help Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 05:18:47 No. 5010 [Reply] [Last]
I'm in love with Violet Parr. She's just so pretty. I want to hold her until the end of time and tell her everything is going to be okay. I want to be there for her during her highs and lows. I want let her to know how amazing she is. I just want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I can't even spend one second with her and it hurts so much. I don't what to do.
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>>5020 I never said anything about wanting to molest or being attracted to real children. Stop putting words in my mouth.
>>5031 If you're using them for sexual gratification... yes, they can be illegal in certain countries, like Australia for example. Further, openly claiming that you're sexually aroused by children (that includes your bullshit "romantic" synonym), is all the excuse US law enforcement needs to get a search warrant and investigate the holy shit out of you... and, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say... your computer is probably all jacked up with pedo shit. That's how they put Mad Thad in prison, because the fuckwit was doing exactly what you're doing... so they got a warrant, took his computer, found child porn and put the stupid fuck in jail. And you're right, stupid, you didn't say it... but you directly inferred it. And, again, that's all the evidence that's needed to for police to start an investigation. You're sick in the head, man... seriously, go to a fuckin hospital and tell them what you told us. Tell them you're having sexual fantasies about cartoon children. They can get you the psychiatric treatment you need. The alternative is you're eventually going to fuck up real bad (even worse than you already have) and... you're gonna be in fuckin jail. It's always easy to tell which pedos are eventually going to be in jail because they're all exactly like you... reaaaaal fuckin stupid. I mean, we're talking ABNORMAL RETARDATION... that's the level you're operating at, Stumbles.
>>5027 No, I can't, but I can prove you've chosen eternal unfulfillment. As long as you keeping idealizing what can never be, you will always have longing. You've permanently accepted rejection. If you don't want to change, nothing ever will. A lifetime of masturbation awaits you; a tragic fate.
>>5041 I don't masturbate so I can retain my semen to blast fireballs from my hands. It's an ancient Vedic pratice you wouldn't understand.
>>5044 I know of pyromancy.

(84.52 KB 953x953 Deus_Ex_Box.jpeg)
Deus Ex is the best game ever made Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 00:18:58 No. 74 [Reply] [Last]
That is all
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>>344 It really is, it got so many predictions right, even the soy food. My theory is the "gray death" plague is actually about race mixing. Notice that gray is actually black and white mixed.
>>381 I've heard that the game is developed by leftists so I guess to anyone analyzing the game politically, take it with a pinch of salt?
>>76 >wants to downgrade from KB/M to a gamepad
(91.93 KB 474x821 wuhanNCOV.jpeg)
The game was made by a literal Jew, and if you played it there are various references to the holohoax, the 6 gorillion figure, and the head of both anti-UN globalist groups are niggers. Also "ebil" germanic type cast for one of the UN soldiers. All in all the game is probably the closest we ever got to telling most of the "truth" about the world as it is; but again, just as in our world, misdirecting people away from the real parasites and scapegoating other groups/ fake entities/ illuminati or "white people".

Huge list of imageboards Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 22:23:02 No. 3522 [Reply] [Last]
List of online, working imageboards\chans (December 2, 2019) Note: this list obviously does not include every single IB out there, but a lot of them are included Note 2: Here's another handy maintained overview of imageboards\chans: https://github.com/ccd0/imageboards.json Clearnet imageboards Lynxchan based: https://bunkerchan.xyz/ https://spacechan.xyz/ https://endchan.net/ https://kohlchan.net/int/ https://waifuist.pro/ https://bbw-chan.nl/ https://balkanchan.ga/ https://indiachan.com/ https://onee.ch/ https://freech.net/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(1.14 MB 931x856 12743737358383594.PNG)
Some more .onion imageboards would be nice. Although this is still a very decent list. Good job OP.
You forgot the furfag IB https://www.u18chan.com/
More than a few of these are offline and could be removed, as well. Whoever went through the agony of compiling this list is a credit to all anons.
>>3522 Thank you Kanye, very cool!
Most of these are so dead I wonder why they are still hosted. I'm seeing posts from 2005, while the depressing nostalgia is welcome they are clearly dead ass shit.

(197.52 KB 1600x1200 starman.png)
Banner Submission 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:18:43 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
Upload custom banner submissions in this thread. They can be global or board specific, so please specify.
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(937.86 KB 350x200 biggu bossu sarute.gif)
>>1182 Thanks BOss. You are a legend lad
(10.30 KB 300x100 jurrawarra banner.jpg)
(59.33 KB 300x100 banner ausneets3.png)
(72.27 KB 300x100 banner ausneets2.png)
(44.15 KB 300x100 banner ausneets1.png)
Ausneets matey
(60.24 KB 300x100 banner ausneets4.png)
(10.31 KB 300x100 kanga banner.jpg)
Kanga Cricket bat. Aussie kids love it, Nepali youths hate it.

(69.19 KB 535x660 158051534933.gif)
Southern Chile Criollos are going to be just like the SouthAfrican Boër Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 05:23:06 ID:1e3695 No. 22892 [Reply] [Last]
In the south of Chile and in the West of Argentina there exist various groups of Indian supremacist, that are strongly anti-white racist. In 2013 some indians burned alive an old couple of german descendant criollos (Criollo=White Person), called Werner Luchsinger & Vivianne Mackay. They died. The Indian Supremacist are constantly harassing Criollos and attacking them. In October 18 of 2019 the Chilean left start protests along the Country, they riot, they attack the police, they destroy private and public property, typical left destruction. Now in March they will riot again but they will be extremely violent now, they have war armament and they refound the Communist Terrorist Group FPMR (Frente (((patriotico))) Manuel Rodriguez). And i have no doubt that their Indian Supremacists Faction will start killing Criollos Again...
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>>22929 kys pos
>>22935 Silence you piece of salami.
He might of replied, just under a different IP so ID. Dead thread is dead though.

(46.07 KB 154x121 slantvirus.png)
SARS 2: Electric Eel Boogaloo Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 18:08:41 ID:d054e1 No. 20758 [Reply] [Last]
Since mid-December, a mystery illness has gripped the central Chinese city of Wuhan, in the same region where a deadly viral epidemic emerged nearly 20 years ago. So far, one person has died and dozens of others have been hospitalized with unexplained pneumonia-like symptoms, including high fever, lung lesions, and difficulty breathing. While initial reports were limited, government officials announced Thursday that a task force of Chinese researchers has identified the microbe causing the outbreak. The culprit, they say, is a virus never seen before in humans; a newly discovered member of the coronavirus family, other branches of which cause the common cold, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Of the 41 cases in Wuhan that have now been confirmed with molecular testing, most of them are in some way connected to a seafood market that is rumored to also sell snakes, amphibians, and other exotic animals. That’s relevant because SARS was eventually traced back to palm civets—a cartoonishly cute species of wild cat that is hunted for meat in some parts of China. Once they were removed from markets, transmission stopped, abruptly ending the epidemic. The most important thing now, says Osterholm, is identifying which animal species caused the spillover and determining whether it might threaten outbreaks in other areas. https://www.wired.com/story/chinas-swift-id-of-a-new-virus-is-a-win-for-public-health/
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(8.42 MB 424x240 corona virus senate thing.mp4)
The corona virus (cov-19) is now in the dominant paradigm, as such it is beginning to dominate the insubstantial gestalt of the zeitgeist. As a psychic sensitive I am having nightmares about it. It also pervades my wakeful mindfulness with subconscious anxiety. Please stop it, all of you.
>UPDATE: Corona-Chan Does Texas: 1 case of Coronavirus confirmed in San Antonio, Texas. Under quarantine at Lackland AFB >The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced the first confirmed case in Texas of a patient contracting the new strain of coronavirus that has led to a worldwide epidemic. >The individual who tested positive for the new coronavirus, recently named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization, is isolated and receiving medical care at a local hospital in San Antonio, Mayor (((Ron Nirenberg))) said at a Thursday press conference. The individual was part of a group that was flown to a San Antonio Air Force base Feb. 7 on a State Department-chartered flight from the Hubei province in China. Of the 91 people on the flight, only one showed symptoms, Nirenberg said. >The other 90 members in the group are considered "at high risk of having been exposed to this virus," the CDC said. They are subject to a 14-day quarantine on the military base and will be released Feb. 20, said Capt. Jennifer McQuiston, the deputy director of the center’s Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology. Archive: http://archive.is/e1NgZ
(633.44 KB 320x556 corona webm.webm)
I wonder what the metrics are of whites, poos, jawas etc vs asians are, in terms of infectivity. I imagine its not just genetic, with cultural factors like living in close proximity and chinks being chinks adding to the data noise.
(1.51 MB 1440x2880 Screenshot_20200215-185254.png)
This is my corona-chan
>>23001 Whites in close proximity of chinks still at risk. White lady infected on that cruise ship did interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAafDOqfN3M

(219.51 KB 3000x3000 acot.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 06:17:10 No. 4007 [Reply] [Last]
>be me, about a week ago >spend the night at a friends house, but we used to be a thing. we both have gfs and both seem happy in our relationships >we cuddle alot and i never thought much of it, we've become close friends >we're cuddling in his bed and he asks if he could have me for the night >i freeze, not knowing what to say >he starts kissing my neck and eventually kisses me >i kiss back not wanting to lose him as a friend, too afraid of how he would react >he grabs lube and start to jerk me off >im mostly silent except for some moaning, but really i want things to be over, i didnt want to be a cheater >i ask if i can suck him off, maybe if he finishes it will be over quicker >he says yes but cant get hard so we stop >i lay there fucking mortified and digusted with myself, feeling almost numb >we go to sleep what the fuck do i do anons. i hate cheaters. i wanna stay friends with him. im so fucking lost. please give me legitimate advice.
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These ones however are NOT Photoshops! D:
Today I present... Your Best Friend Robot & The Chamber Of Spectacular Death

Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 01:01:54 No. 2964 [Reply] [Last]
what the FUCK happened to /a/
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>>4773 have you watched evangelion's re-releases? sub, dub and netflix dub?
Oh, right, I forgot I was reviewing animu. Okay, where were we... how about... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/plunderer/ Um... a very young Jiraiya knock-off hooks up with a nondescript clueless innocence moe trope and there's like... numbers 'n shit... uh... it's like watching a really boring version of that sci-fi movie... whatever it's called... oh yeah, "In Time" (fuck me that was a dumbass name for a movie). It probably gets worse from there... like, a LOT worse. I stopped after episode two. Next up is... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/somali-to-mori-no-kamisama/ Eh... um... it's like "dark feels"... like you watch it thinking it's gonna be a feel good series and then... suddenly depression sets in. Not sure if it gets better or not. Okay, moving right along...

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>5025 have you watched the original dub and the sub of evangelion, then?
>>4409 The only thing gold about Gantz is the opening Rip Slyme is pretty good.
(5.53 MB 480x360 Anime - Shinji's Rant.mp4)
>>5026 And the outtakes too! I never much liked it on the whole, the whole series was just... very half assed. And then they kept trying to "fix it" with like movies and reworks and shit and... every time they tried doing that... it wound up as half assed as the original. Seriously, did they ever even finish the 4th remake movie? What was it... 4.44 or some retardation. Good concept, I mean, the underlying plot and story was fuckin amazeballs! But the characters, mainly Shinji, just ruin it for me. They should make a follow up series where Shinji is like in an interment camp and he just gets his ass beaten every gawd damn day while he's continually forced to do back breaking labor until he learns to man the fuck up and stop being such a bitch made little cunt. >>5028 Yeah the opening was really good. The series as a whole was just... tiresome. The pacing kind of reminded me of Dragonball Z at times. That and nothing is really resolved at all, it's one of those "mystery box" kind of stories... but not the sort where the author/creator ever actually had a genuine intent/reveal... cause otherwise they would have gone all Sixth Sense and delivered some righteous mindfucks. When the mystery box is never opened, all you leave is longing regret for what the story could have been; what the author was too lazy or too lacking in creativity to finish.

(219.46 KB 450x252 videodrop.png)
Random Vidya Drop!!! Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 08:31:50 No. 772 [Reply] [Last]
Drop Video's Here.
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(3.47 MB 288x480 1522245775042.webm)
>>4965 Imagine having the kind of mindset as the guy who clapped and cheered at the end.
(13.52 MB 1280x720 cefiro.mp4)
(6.31 MB 426x240 Epic Bike Trail.mp4)
>>5030 It looks pretty cool, but that's a good way to get yourself killed. It's better to just buy a real sports car and then you can take those curves without needing to destroy the car in the process. One time when I was younger and I was driving the back roads in my Trans AM GT at like break neck speeds there was this fuckin dumbass with a top heavy truck who nearly got himself killed trying to keep up with me. Couldn't keep it in the lane, drifting all over, nearly TIPPED OVER several times and ultimately just looked like a fuckin idiot trying to keep pace with a sports car. If you want to drive crazy you need a car with a wide ass frame and wide ass tires. Trying to take corners like that with skinny ass little ghetto k-mart tires is reaaaal fuckin stupid. About as stupid as it gets really.

(155.20 KB 583x396 fresh pork ribs.jpg)
Something funny is going on with pork. Anonymous 02/04/2020 (Tue) 05:00:32 ID:cb0f64 No. 22346 [Reply] [Last]
Pork has been getting worse and worse tasting over the years. Anyone else notice how vile pork these days tastes? Especially pork ribs. I used to love baby back ribs as a kid, but they taste vile now and have to be heavily coated with sauce to mask the foul taste of the flesh. I haven't eaten pork ribs for years now. Bacon too is unpleasant now with a lingering foul taste, though I remember liking its saltiness growing up. Ham too has this slightly foul flavor to it, though its sweetness masks it a bit. Other meats don't have this new bad taste generally, although there is some very bad chicken out there, and beef to a lesser extent, but it's more avoidable than bad pork. I clearly remember pork and other pig products not tasting this foul way in the early 2000s. Are jews poisoning pigs exceptionally hard now? But then again, a lot of nonobservant celebrity jews eat pig products, especially bacon. The bacon ice cream trend was even started by jewish chefs. Jim Cramer even ate spam on live television straight from a can (and I've always been revolted by spam even growing up). Maybe it's for show, or maybe they have their own special pork that non-jews can't get or is more expensive. What I do find odd is how one can go to the grocery store and find organic, grass feed raised chicken and beef, but one cannot find organic pork despite its popularity. Go to your local store and search for yourself, you'll see what I mean. I'm coming from an American perspective, but even a poster from Brazil on another site noticed how pork has gotten worse tasting in his country too. Has there been an observable decline in quality in Europe?
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>>22457 Keeping pigs in cages and not feeding them grass buy instead (((soy proteins))) makes their meat taste horrible as you will naturally only get stringy fatty cuts. But it also makes their meat not health and removes alot of proteins and vitamins they would naturally get from the grass. Not to mentionthis opens the door up to things like Swine Flu and leaves the animal sickly and it's immune system weakned. This is why all quality meat is free range and grass fed. Not knowing this basic knolwedge or ignoring it for higher profit margins despite national health risks is non-Aryan at it's core.
>>22479 Yeah, at least you're actually making an agreeable point with a practical basis, instead of a maternalistic, sentimental one (I would rather the piggies be happy, though). And the only standards I hold to are the ones I set for myself. If that isn't "Aryan" enough for you, that's just too damn bad.
>>22480 Well we have to all hold ourself to certain "universal" standards as is good for the national health as a whole. Like; avoiding and not praticing degeneracy, not being greedy, remaining disciplined and healthy so others don't have to do it for you. Morality systems can have a pratical backing and are needed for a health society, and it shows as those races whom formed societies based on a common morality thrived vs ones who didn't and died *cough Africa*. These problems are also genetic like the MOAA gene which influences anti-social behaviour (and is more common in non-whites then whites) and is therefore detrimental to a society. But it's a combination; Without a good society what worth are your genes and without a good society the upbreeding of those genes becomes impossible.
>>22346 It's not pork anymore. It's people.
Lots of shilling in this thread, sage negato

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