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(57.97 KB 878x654 newfags.png)
Q/PTDDTOT 663 Board owner 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:24:27 ID:2cdaf5 No. 4985 [Reply] [Last]
Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.
Edited last time by 663 on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:29:39.
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So ded :( :( :(
(7.79 KB 220x184 tenor.gif)
voat.co is acting weird. Might be an update. Might be people attacking websites again. Keep an eye out frens.
4chan(ge) 8chan(ge) 16chan(ge) endchan(ge) [insert image board]chan(ge) Persuade CHANGE Influence
>>28324 Is there anywhere better?

(44.19 KB 760x576 drink.jpg)
Welcome to Politically Incorrect! 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:28:17 ID:9c0d16 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /pol/ - 16chan's Politics Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of all topics pertaining to politics.

Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are some examples of off-topic and/or /b/-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)
>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

Please check the global rules and board rules before posting:
Edited last time by 663 on 10/07/2019 (Mon) 20:36:06.
If you are unfamiliar with slide threads/content please read the following graphic. Sage and report slide content it will be moderated to the best of my and the moderator teams ability.
Edited last time by 663 on 10/07/2019 (Mon) 20:37:26.
(122.99 KB 634x460 pol.jpg)
(426.53 KB 1600x1064 windge.JPG)
(439.67 KB 1280x720 oven.jpg)
Complaints and Grievances Department Please have a seat and one of our representatives will call your number Your number is >>6000001

Israeli Historian Discovers ‘6 Million’ Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944 Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 17:22:01 No. 27675 [Reply] [Last]
BOSTON UNIVERSITY’S director of the Elie Wiesel archive, Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Holocaust Research historian Joel Rappel has discovered the origin of the infamous “6,000,000” number: a 1944 meeting of Zionist pioneering organizations in what is now known as the state of Israel. For years, supporters of the Holocaust narrative have held that the number first appeared at the Nuremberg trials using highly discredited testimony by Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss. The 6,000,000 figure was again repeated by Adolf Eichmann, who was kidnapped by the Mossad and forced to participate in an internationally televised 1962 show trial in Israel. According to documents in the Central Zionist Archive, the first mention of the 6 million claim was at a meeting of high ranking Zionist political figures in Palestine on January 19th, 1944 — more than a year before the war in Europe ended and a census could be taken, and a year before the Red Army entered Auschwitz. Rappel names Eliezer Unger, a Polish-Jew who helped lead the Hashomer Hadati religious Zionist youth organization, as the major figure in developing the count of Jews supposedly “killed by the Nazis.” Unger claimed to have escaped from his Polish ghetto through Eastern Europe. After arriving in Palestine, he stated his intention “to shock the entire world, all of humanity and our brothers the Children of Israel in particular.” Unger had no evidence for what he was saying, but he did not believe Rabbi Stephen Wise’s assertions in the international media in 1943 of 2 million Jews being killed was making enough of an impact. After Unger met with the Jewish groups and got them all on the same page, Haaretz published a small article a few days later that for the first time put the 6 million figure on the record, preceding German military leaders tortured into making confessions after the war. It doesn’t appear that Unger mentioned anything about homicidal gas chambers. The Haaretz article ends the revelation by quoting Eichmann’s chief prosecutor Gideon Hausner, who on the 6 million number stated: “In the consciousness of the nation the number 6 million has become sanctified. It’s not so simple to prove that. We did not use this number in any official document, but it became sanctified.” In other words, it’s a lie. After decades of killing, imprisoning, firebombing and bankrupting Holocaust revisionists, it seems that the Jewish community is now being forced to recalibrate their narrative and give more and more ground. That they are now beginning to concede that the “6 million” is nothing more than Zionist propaganda is a major blow to the myth.
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>>27676 https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-figure-of-6-million-holocaust-victims-first-cited-by-polish-survivor-not-eichmann-1.8781961 Haaretz - Israel News Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Nisan 27, 5780 Time in Israel: 4:18 PM https://archive.fo/1aM19 >Nazis Boasted About Six Million Holocaust Victims. But It Was a Jew Who First Cited That Figure
(108.54 KB 388x475 Niggersjews.jpg)
>>27683 >Nazis tried killing Six Million Jews, but it was actually Jews who first did that! Maybe they should teach us how to gas the kikes more efficiently because they are so smarter than us lowly goyim? :>)
>>28868 Learn to read nigger. It speaks to the claim of 6 million, not the act
>>27675 >(((director))) of the (((Elie Wiesel))) archive (((has discovered))) >kikes are now re-writing the history about how they wrote their fictional history tales. It's all so tiresome.

==OogaBoogaLoo General== Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 05:52:21 ID:5dd021 No. 28469 [Reply] [Last]
What we know. George Floyd apparently passes a counterfeit bill, gets arrested, resists a bit, then resists a bit more when they try to put him in cruiser. Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng subdue him on the ground, while Tou Thao does his best to stop onlookers from recording. George struggles for about 3 min, panting he can't breath. Onlookers point out to Thao that suspect has become unresponsive and ask him to check for a pulse. Thao does nothing. Derek Chauvin seems to let some of his weight off George's neck but makes no move to assist for the remaining 3 minutes until paramedics arrive and together they pick George's dead body up and load him into ambulance. Unlike Aubrey, this killing does not seem justified. While George was resisting somewhat the 3 officers were never not in control of the situation, and after George lost consciousness, they should have tried providing medical assistance. Cue Riots in Minneapolis, Memphis and LA. Expect to go US wide on Saturday
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>>28869 Did* not comply
very jewish sounding masked antifa sprays blm graffiti while nogs call her out https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Vxj4OQQ2V0p/
(298.66 KB 653x1100 ayys incoming.png)
fake ayy invasion confirmed before elections
>>28878 The Death Star again? Last time I heard this was during Obongo. With many proposing that the government should construct a real death star. http://archive.is/URqOz Just more proof nothing has changed.
>>28877 That's pretty much a classic case of "Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?"

(6.34 KB 261x193 download (1).jpg)
White People are "Living Souls" and Non White's are NPC's Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 10:53:53 ID:3d3674 No. 26534 [Reply] [Last]
There are what's called "Living Souls". These are souls which are "dreaming" this experience for spiritual growth. This world is an outward projection of our consciousness. It is a Game, a Grand Game, and the point of this game is to experience consciousness on a 3D level. The endgame is the merging of the Spiritual and the Physical. What has been talked about over and over again "Resurrection", "Ascension", "Rapture" etc etc. We live in a simulated duality realm. Night and Day. Dark and Light. 101010101. It is binary consciousness personified. Living Souls can only incarnate in White People. They cannot incarnate in any other bodies. As due to the nature of this game, most Living Souls are asleep and unaware to the true nature of what is going on. The rest of this Matrix are full of NPC's. Non White's are NPC's. They do not have souls. They do not have the same consciousness as Living Souls. They are also called "Organic Portals", and "Hylics". They are a projection of consciousness. A Reflection of unwanted traits. This whole world is technically a projection of unwanted traits, with the exception of White civilization that is unmanipulated. When this reality ends the NPC's will end with it. They only exist here on this physical realm. Living Souls continue on. We have opponents playing against us in this Game. They seek to keep us in the Matrix, keep us asleep, and keep us unaware and passive to their manipulations. A LIVING SOUL CAN ONLY INCARNATE IN A WHITE PERSON'S BODY. After years of research I believe this to be the truth. I dont know where to post this, but I guess I'll just post it here.
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>>26803 Anything is possible.
>>26534 To some extent I agree with you. Had alot of time to sit back and think during these times, and the more you analyze the world, the crazier it looks, and the whole setup of planet earth looks stranger and stranger. I agree that on an instinctual level non Whites feel like some kind of NPC. I can't put my finger on it. Funny how many shills were attracted to this thread...
(25.14 KB 512x512 6524-r6qhn6.jpg)
>>27583 Do animals seem like NPCs? >>26811 I guarantee you the Chinese and Jews are using nothing but the results from the best Universities and High schools (if they test adolescents). >>26753 All of Mathematics is based on two transitive relations: Equivalence relations and Order relations. Read The Conceptual Roots of Mathematics. It's in the first 5 pages. He's a veteran of the field and part of the conversation on the "foundations crisis of mathematics" that started in the 30's or so. There are two paradigms here. Set Theory (structure, not some ontological bullshit set of all sets pseudo-philosophical grade school bullshit) and Mereology (relation of the part to whole whole to part). The Mereology-Equivalence (the macro is in the microcosm type shit perhaps) and Set-Order dichotomy is obvious, but you can have a Mereology-Order and Set-Equivalence dichotomy as well, either way Order and Equivalence are the primary concepts here.
>>26534 I have also come to this obvious conclusion. The bifurcation is so stark now, there is no communicating with them on even the most reasoned of logical arguments regarding the simplest of subjects. It's almost frightening. Good thing I have full access, and can consult my Spirit, and our Creator when times get tough. *phew* /comfy

(60.81 KB 1920x1080 memethreadtitle.png)
(302.23 KB 1200x900 memethread-photo.jpg)
Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:41:15 No. 21367 [Reply] [Last]
MEMES & OC Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.
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(1.40 MB 1600x1600 coronavirus-wear-a-mask.png)
>faggots refusing to make unwarranted spying useless by taking back their privacy
(88.78 KB 500x566 kfhgjfg.jpg)
(497.49 KB 1584x672 atitagain.png)
>>28417 here ya go buddy

Redpilling During the 2020 Elections Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 02:28:53 ID:99b5ae No. 23505 [Reply] [Last]
Since the 2016 elections >Shillary and Zion Don were pushed as the choices for the presidency >(((Jared Kushner))) using the whole kek and D&C to divide /pol/ on 8chan >When Zion Don was president, didn't do jack of any promises nor was a wall ever being built right away >Since Zion Don's win, cancerous migapedes have spread to every corner of the internet Of course the obvious 2020 elections are here and the primaries are on. It's an election to keep Zion Don in power. These events pretty much showed how he is being kept in power: >Fake Democrat/Republican fighting with a staged impeachment trial which led nowhere >Zion Don has sent billions of dollars to Israel and killed an Iranian general >Zion Don pushing for a (((liberation))) of Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran >Zion Don's opponents on the Democrats are: a fake injun, a 70+ year old commie kike, and the former VP of Obongo who is a pedo This election will most likely go to Zion Don or Biden but here's the point of this thread. >To redpill as many people into believing the election doesn't matter and that no one's vote matters when lobbies like (((AIPAC))) and that many states allow (((free bus rides))) to various people to vote outside of their voting area (with many not even from this country) as what was shown in vids related >Revert all of the damage done by the 2016 election Making the normalfags aware of how elections are rigged and that voting won't save the country. With the only choice to be enraged and making enough dissent for many to organize like the yellow vests in France.
11 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>23505 >>Since Zion Don's win, cancerous migapedes have spread to every corner of the internet How do we deal with these brainwashed useful idiots anyway? Nothing you ever say seems to get through to them and they just start sperging "reee biden supporter, tranny, CTR, reeeeee"
>>25267 Easy, point out the many actual flaws of Zion Don, such as: >Pointing out that he only talks about other races than whites >Agreed with Andrew "Wang Chung" Yang (a Democrat and obvious Chinese plant) with a UBI system from signing the CARES act >Trump claiming since day one of wanting a wall. Instead barely putting any effort by putting FENCING instead of a wall. Something the George W Bush administration was doing. >The fact he was strong on getting immigrants out until he ended up throwing green cards in the air. Basically going from taunting Jeb during the debates to becoming Jeb Bush in his presidency. >His stance for "America First" but actually instead gave more immigrants jobs and put billions of dollars in Israel >The fact that he let an innocent WW2 German guard die and pardoned a human trafficking kike >Avoided the draft of Vietnam by letting his dad Fred throw him in military school. Yet, many Vietnam veterans support him. >Wanting to wage war in Iran instead of doing a coup in Mexico to defeat the (((Cartels))) and corrupt government. So that many wetbacks can stay out >Claimed to be for gun rights but banned bump stocks and never pushed to remove red flag laws >Claimed to get out of Syria only to try and be the many politicians who ended up on the "Assad must go" list by continuing to invade Syria Here is one that will probably jog their brains >Both candidates (Biden and Trump) are pedophiles (Trump was involved with Epstein, never had Epstein arrested, and of course the fact that Trump has a bizarre affection for his daughter Ivanka) (Biden of course has been seen multiple times touching children in plain sight) Of course if all else fails, and do what >>24106 said and fully redpill the "half based" ones.
>>25296 >Don became president to escape all maners of prosecutors >Don didn't drop the full info on Kennedy and both commisions fiasco this is what biden might be trying to do if his senile enough protect both himself and his unreriable son's ass (hunter already had history and ukraine is known to be modern day teritory for cocaine cowboys) it's the above or the ellites want Don so bad back in the office that they're givig him the weakest challenge possible
(90.05 KB 500x625 1heq9v.jpg)
(7.55 MB 2560x4121 PRS.png)
>>25267 Teach them about Jewish false dichotomies and Esau gambit.

(382.64 KB 1232x805 nwa.jpg)
/pol/ humor Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 17:09:41 ID:5b3e56 No. 5528 [Reply] [Last]
post them
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>>24893 1. Never start a land war in Asia, and 2. Shooting the dog automatically makes the dog better being than you, you fucking alfabetboi subhuman violent chimp order following scum!
(3.77 MB 238x178 judengreta.gif)
>>5925 >a porno about the federal reserve I'd love to fucking see that. And if they were attractive, i'd risk my entire streak to it.
>>6146 Reminds me of when my great grandpa failed to escape Dachau. He tried to hide some dynamite under a pile of reichmarks, but the nazi guard replaced them with a pile of foreskins. >*sniff* my grandpa would end up zipping towards the foreskins and have the dynamite blow up in his face. He got blackface and spiky hair! >*bawls like a bitch*

Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 07:27:38 No. 27361 [Reply] [Last]
music for my people
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White Pride - Your Loss Is Our Gain 1983 absolute legend
(2.58 MB 07. Broad Way.mp3)
(49.87 KB 382x360 front.jpg)
I got lots of NSBM (ask for specific/rare stuff I might have it) and some German NSRap (I'm sorry) if someone is interested.
(2.58 MB 07. Broad Way.mp3)
(49.87 KB 382x360 front.jpg)
RB fucking rule.
>>27361 something that isn't rock? I was expecting some battaglioni or at the very least reichwave.
(505.37 KB 2048x2048 f9emt7z9nv931.jpg)

(62.13 KB 670x960 MarianKotlebainUniform1 (1).jpg)
National Socialists in Slovakia Anonymous 01/31/2020 (Fri) 00:54:57 ID:4846ce No. 22116 [Reply] [Last]
And yes i do Mean Literal Fucking National Socialist Party in Slovakia A party led by a man who has Unironically called out the "Zionist Occupied Government" and wants to pull his nation out of Nato >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marian_Kotleba Elections are in 1 month >https://euobserver.com/political/147222 Can /pol/ meme this man to victory in that time?
32 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>22608 Serbia has 5 billion tones of oil and 4 billion not yet uncovered. The US consumes 10 million tons of oil a month. We don't have the oil reserves quite to sustain that, but we also don't have a navy. We can build a decently sized modern army with the oil we currently have. All we need to do is nationalize all of it, split off enough for the military and put it into reserves and auction the rest off to SERBIAN oil distrubtion companies and the like. While countiuing to find new ways of renewable energy so more can be alloted away from private civilian use and towards the military. Then introduce a law on the books like Mexico where only Serbain companies can own Serbian oil fields. >kikes Are you going to say the same lie that I am "pro-Soros" again and again despite me saying the opposite. Why do you Americans think Russia is pro-white? Just because Hillary said it? I am not pro-Russia or America. >landlocked The Montengerian people overwhelimingly see themselves as Serbs (Since they are), it's only the goverment that says other wise. If some massive Uniounist movement can be started or we can do what Russia did to the Ukraine we can most likely reunite the Mountain Republic. As for the rest? We don't have a choice, Bosnia and Croatia have stolen our land and people. If their countinued surivival is to be ensured we must build stable oil reserves and we must build an army to go to war with Bosnia and reunite our Serbian brothers. Bosnia must die. Russia didn't ensure shit execpt for not reconizing Kosovo. We still got bombed by NATO and we still had our country fractured by foregin intrests. Russia talks but they will never back that talk up with force. We are already alone and the world is already against us. We just need to stand alone and be self sufficent. So one day Serbian workers and soliders can march together to a brighter future. And if that future has to be brought about from the barrel of a gun or the threat of a nuke. So be it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(766.78 KB 670x954 1582570762144.png)
(165.58 KB 640x840 blood and soil.jpg)
Finally, history's repeating itself in a good way.
History repeats itself until it gets the results it wants.
(74.13 KB 750x750 imageedit_1622_7911292530.jpg)


no cookies?