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The legitimacy of fascism and national socialism Anonymous 02/21/2020 (Fri) 20:12:10 ID:6a00b3 No. 23348 [Reply] [Last]
Since the ancient/medieval jewry thread is getting derailed into discussion about the Third Reich and many prominent fascist/national socialist philosophers, I've created this thread to discuss the genuineness of fascism/national socialism, and specifically the beliefs of Evola and a few others. >>23338 >was always anti-Jew We see this with a lot of shills. "Controlled opposition" is literally what it means, controlled opposition. It opposes jews, but that opposition is artificial, it's controlled. >his "alliance" with the Nation Of Islam was always under the pretex that they both accepted racial seperation as a nessasary part of life. The Nation of Islam didn't believe in segregation, they teach that whites are literal devils via their whole Yakub story. But that alone isn't relevant; it's the fact that he also aligned himself with a Christian Identist minister. You have one side that believes blacks are real humans and whites are devils, and one the other way around. He was serving conflicting interests, both coming from very spooky movements to begin with. >No his idealogy was not all over the place nor did he accept Jews as whites ever. I was referring to the founding fathers of the USA, because they did, and Rockwell's national socialism was still defending this tradition, as was even the German-American Bund decades before. >A part Jew who when this fact was found out was kicked from the party. Frank Collin wasn't kicked from the party by Rockwell. He was kicked out after Rockwell's death. >>23340 See second image. >>23344 I'm talking about "metaphysical egalitarianism". He believed that a jew could be a spiritual Aryan which is a gross example of this.
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>>23618 >white power >grammatically wonky KEK T4U
>>23264 That's the point of propaganda, to be flashy and push a message in the most condensed form. What do you expect us to put a whole paragraph on the side of the van explaining why race mixing is bad? That would be stupid and inneffective. >Violence When did I or Siege say "Kill random people" killing and harrasing your enemys is very different. Violence is the supreme authority from which all authority is derived. The Leftists currently have a monopoly on this violence and use it to keep conservitaves in line. By breaking up their monopoly we secure political power and lessen theirs; it's basic politics that every revoultionary movement is based on. You can only fight terror with terror; violence with even greater violence. You can play nice all you want, until your enemy hits you upside the head with that niceness and kills you. >Swords aren't an invention of our enemy Neither is the English Language. You have a stupid point "White Power" has no trace of the Negro message left in it. Nobody looks at that and thinks "Oh! It's clearly a black person or a wigger!" What?
>>23624 >>23635 >inb4 but muh leftist terror That's the thing; all attacks on the system are good. The system is our enemy and it's survival means our downfall. If a Black wants to rob a BRINKs truck, let him! Fuck the system it isn't ours to defend, that's the kike's creation! But as soon as they start stepping on us and our movement, trying to push os out of the streets we should fight back as I said in; >>23635
>>23629 >So do you claim that if he avoided using Nazi, he'd still be a shill? Yes, because it was just one of the things that made him a shill. >Hitler sent a positive sign in 1933. When did all these Germans quite their faith? <In 1939, 94.5 percent belonged to a Christian church, while 3.5 percent claimed to be Gottglaubig, and only 1.5 percent were without a faith >And is that going to make any difference to your argument since the German elections put Hitler in power through a process that was much more democratic than what the US Constitution intended for US citizens? Useless strawman. I wasn't saying that Rockwell was trying to get in using democratic means, I was saying that the constitution was based on classical liberalism. >use of the word untermensch by the Jews are their allies Strawman. I only ever referred to "untermensch" as in the original German definition. >We use the term redpill that is a direct reference from a SF multiracial Zion-loving movie made by two Polish guys turned trannies, all produced by a kike. That's why I don't use "redpill" often or at all. Again, another "strawman". Who's the "we" here, you and your jewish shill platoon? >I asked you for proof of the skinheads that supposedly hurt Rockwell's party so badly. Where is the evidence? Literally the image I attached. Are those people you want put in power? No, they look like filthy rednecks. >>23631 >Mathis-kun Another strawman accusing people of shilling for Mathis. >>23635

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>23664 Making the mother of all omeletes here, Jack - Can't fret over every egg!

(75.83 KB 1022x310 White Egyptians.jpg)
Almost every non-White Civilization was built off the corpse of a White Civilization Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 06:23:14 ID:b5e58a No. 16747 [Reply] [Last]
Mespotamia, Egypt, Ancient India, and Persia were all products of White people. This fact makes me wonder if Europe's not where Whites had originally evolved, but fled to in desperation to avoid extinction. Semites never built their societies, they just built over the corpses of the White Civilizations that inhabited the Western half of the Orient before them. It was even possible Whites inhabited parts of ancient China before being driven West by migrating Siberian Tribes. It seems that according to some, Europeans inhabited most of the globe, before being driven back. I think the Kikes developed their hatred of the White race in Egyptian times, when the kikes were enslaved by White Egyptians before Moses used his "staff" to smite the White man from Egypt with the plagues. However, I believe the plagues were the subversion of society, and they didn't go free. They just manipulated gullible White Pharaohs to let them go and wreak havoc through subversion and demographic genocide. It would the White Race's decline has stretched back millenia.
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>>23333 (so here they went) Go figure. Their wine was not of the quality we have today, I think it was closer to vinegar so they poured lots of ingredients into it like spice, mashed fruits, and they would sometimes cut it with water, etc. Today we have yellow and rosy whines too. Your guess is just as good as mine.
>>23423 I know the Romans made their wine "acidity" on purpose as they would use it to cut water with to santize it and would add herbs for "medicine". But they did have actual "quality" wine comparable to modern standards. Even a wine from "Rhońe" that has the title of the first internationally pouplar wine from "France". (Ignoring that it was Gaul not France and under Roman Rule) It was just mostly reserved for higher brackets of income as it wasn't eaisly mass produced until later on with aging techniques as seen in Pompeii. But as for colour it was always red or white even a lighter red than we see today if it was cut for daily use. So the description is still odd since that description was repeated across historians. >>16757 Antolia was always part of Greece until modern times. Look where modern Troy is, a city always mentioned in Greek mythos and literture as a "Greek city" now in Eastern Turkey. Byzantium didn't just "occupy" Anotolia they named it (Anotolia means East/Sunrise in Greek) and colonized (aka made liveable) many parts of it.
>>23480 >Byzantium I mean Greece; although the Byzantines did colonize a bit themselves.
>>23480 >So the description is still odd since that description was repeated across historians. Diluted whine with (healthy) additives was the most usual form, so the real color could have been anything from strong dark red to rosy, or strong yellow to almost gray, plus all the varying shades due to the added herbs and spices. I'd wager on something like hazelnut or gray-green.
>>23531 "Sweet White wine" would make sense and when muddled with herbs I could see that being a bit greenish. Grey-Green makes the most sense and lines up as Green and Blue eyes were fairly common in the Roman Ruling Class. Thanks for the input goyim; It just makes me wonder more were modern Romans went. Not to diss current Italians but they don't really ressemble historical depictiona of their "Roman ancestors".

Trump to sign executive order on anti-Semitism Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 16:43:15 ID:666531 No. 17788 [Reply] [Last]
4D chess, right guyz? >President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order Wednesday designed to cut off aid to colleges that tolerate anti-Semitism, but which critics call an effort to stifle free speech and criticism of Israel. >The executive order aims to extend the scope of the section in the Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin. It would now include anti-Semitism as well, said an administration statement on the new executive order. >"The President will be signing an executive order on anti-Semitism to enshrine the definition from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance of anti-Semitism into an executive order, and clarify that Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act applies to anti-Semitic acts," the statement said. >Critics said the order is really targeting criticism of Israel, particularly the "Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel movement" (BDS) that involves criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians. >"The Jewish state has never had a better friend in the White House than your president, Donald J. Trump," he said at a weekend conference in Florida sponsored by the Israeli-American Council. >The president is expected to discuss his new executive order at a pair of Hanukkah receptions to be held at the White House. https://archive.md/NVinK
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(14.19 KB 480x360 KillYourselfFaggot.jpg)
>>17841 Nothing makes me cringe more than someone who posts anime. It's bad enough how degenerate the Japs are thanks to overcrowding the the (((media))). Gas the weebs now! Really Gas the weebs now!
>>17788 He erroneously believes there is a great distinction between Nationalist and Zionist Israel and Marxist globohomo Soros. He thinks that by forbidding free speech and the BDS movement he's taking the center lane and sticking it to Soros. He knows Soros funded the white helmets terror organization, which Israel supports with air power, small arms, and medical care. ISIS, the White Helmets, and Al-Qaeda all mix together. Israel and Soros are two sides of the same coin, every maneuver they make benefits Jews and hurts Christians. Trump is a puppet of the Jews.
>>18019 >my country is not a real country because it has no citizen ID cards > so let ((special people)) in power say who will be president Its like a matryoshka of bad arguments at this point.
>>18048 >Why nobody talks about the fucking kikes who actually push all the buttons? Because its retarded you retard. >kikes who actually push all the buttons And you know this how? Are you all knowing? Oh wait some anon showed you a meme picture so you believed it and use it as ultimate proof. Grow up you idiot.
>>18048 Because Jews are making every effort to distract you.

(48.49 KB 198x232 kike.jpg)
What are jews? Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 07:37:18 ID:87b70d No. 11665 [Reply] [Last]
In your own words, go
306 posts and 76 images omitted.
(106.00 KB 500x531 1578126972728.png)
they are more alien than human.
>>11665 They are Khazar mutts
The jew is the opposite of the honorable and virtuous man. He is the anti-man. Also, I don't speak of jews as a race, I believe some jews can actually be pro-aryan and reject their own religion (I know examples of that). And they are non-jews who are complete jew cuck lovers, like the fundamentalist christians. Note: Hitler's Germany had jews that were national-socialist and hated their own kind.

(110.36 KB 990x730 ZomboMeme 27012020175558.jpg)
Leon Gary Plauché Anonymous 01/28/2020 (Tue) 00:17:05 ID:94ce71 No. 21851 [Reply] [Last]
From Wikipedia Leon Gary Plauché (November 10, 1945 – October 20, 2014)[1] was an American man known for the 1984 vigilante killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son, Jody Plauché. The killing occurred on Friday, March 16, 1984, and was captured on camera by a news television crew. Although Plauche shot and killed Doucet, he was given a seven-year suspended sentence with five years' probation and 300 hours of community service for the shooting and received no prison sentence. The case received wide publicity because some people questioned whether Plauche should have been charged with murder or let off. Plauche stated that he was in the right, and that those in a similar position would have done the same thing.[2] We need more people serving justice, hot from the end of a snub nose boomer gat in 2020 Raw video here. http://www.jodyplauche.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Baton-Rouge-Airport-Shooting-Graphic-quwZhWgAFVs-3.mp4?_=1
11 posts omitted.
>>21982 >oy vey it's hopeless >you can never do anything goyim I despise blackpill niggers.
>>22275 Everyone should.
>>21851 His son jode did an interview with a twitter guy recently who was vaguely rw I think
>>21859 >out of control black crime rate >one or two mass shootings blown up by the media >cops shooting violent offenders who were a threat to theirs or someone elses's life Media picks two and three all the time while ignoring one. It's hilarious how biased they are. Less cops or less armed cops would mean more crime not less, and if you stopped making every mass shooter famous we wouldn't have this problem. Repeal the freedom of the press not the right to bear arms. >>21951 You can't keep moving forever. Eventually those niggers will be "desegregated" to a neighborhood near you!
If he did that today, sadly he would be doing 10 years in prison minimum.

(133.26 KB 500x596 Druid.png)
(680.09 KB 2207x3806 Justice.jpg)
(5.18 MB 480x360 venus.gif)
Druid/pol/ #0005 - Imbolc - The First Celebration of the Four edition Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 21:31:09 ID:b2f1bf No. 21694 [Reply] [Last]
LOYAL LADS I bid you welcome in the manner we have become accustomed to our most portentous QUINTUS thread of our newfound 16chan tenure. What a time to be a B.O.N.D Druid lads! The First Rite of the Twelve - the opening ritual is complete and our grand and ambitious, year-spanning Working is now underway. KUDOS LADS Be proud of yourselves, you deserve it. Having got off to a good start, we now prepare for the upcoming Imbolc rites (02/02 - The First Celebration fo the Four) and festivities and also the Second Rite of the Twelve (20/02). Truly this is THE year of portentous numerals. The magickal significance of this year CANNOT be understated. It is monumental and we must capitalise on this unique window of time as best we can. Anyway, proud of all you lads - divination points to the First Rite of the Twelve being a resounding success & I have complete faith that the upcoming Imbolc 02/02 & The Second Rite of the Twelve shall both live up to the lofty opening we have achieved. In this thread, we need to discuss how we shall approach the upcoming Rites for 02/02 & for 20/02 - both incredibly portentous dates, perhaps two of the most important ones this year. Ideas, suggestions, links and other material that pertain to the content of our upcoming Rites should be the bread & butter of this thread. I look forward to hearing you lads thoughts on the topics at hand. Now onto the Tarot. As is the New Way, a single card is drawn from the Major arcana (Rider-Waite deck) and this threads governing arcana is...... JUSTICE (VII) Drawn upright. Justice is a card of the Major Arcana & is numbered either VIII or XI depending on the deck (in the case of the Rider-Waite deck which we are using here, it is XI)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>22695 >Also that Email is fucking golden! GOLDEN. Nice one lad! Really bought a smile to my face. Glad to hear it lad, you didn’t appoint me the ambassador for my good looks after all. No reply from the Party yet, but I imagine they get heaps of emails this close to the election. >cuckchan thread It’s come and gone archived. I’ll try it again during real Slovak hours. I also posted one on Jewlay.globe to spread awareness. >>22660 Interesting dream lad, I’ve started rereadin Serpent Of Paradise to look for more clues. This corona virus outbreak might make getting to forbidden parts of Tibet easier. >>22649 >thanks for the advice. Of course lad, it’s why we’re here. >I don't know about this chakra stuff tho As in you want to know more, or you are skeptical of it? Skepticism of it is natural, I rarely feel them individually tbh. When meditating, try focusing on feeling your metabolic processes, breathing, then pulse, individual muscle twitches. From there you may start to notice the flow of something more subtle than blood, the vril, prana, or chi/ki. Or you may feel the electromagnetic pulse of your heart. One like a wave going out, ricocheted off your skin then flowing back to the heart. Another separate wave coming from your heart or mind going out into the aether.
>>22717 Indeed lad. Really perked my day up reading that. Snipped it too jej. Please do post the reply if you get one. New bread almost baked. Will be up in next hour or so btw.
>>22568 Yes. Something which can be our ultimate weapon. >>22610 >It is burned into your psyche lad. I think my mind keeps trying to figure out how to pronounce it lol >Like I say this is a year long Rite. You mentioned several years for the effects to potentially manifest. I don't think we have that much > Ultimately I would like to see a physical incarnation of B.O.N.D lodges across the nations I recently noticed some SJW degenerates try to push druidism as their own thing, don't forget that (((someone))) is always watching and planning subversion ahead. But we must be ambitious. I have some ideas on how such groups would utilize both IRL and chan activity for maximum efficiency and personal protection. It's something that I've been developing for a while, and rest assured, you won't find this approach in any glownigger's textbook. It's magic. >You will have to spell it for me. Nope, you got it correctly. You would need to create the appropriate interface between your personal work and the collective effort. The more efficient these interfaces are, the better the group will work in spite of the differences, as long as the core principles are unanimously agreed on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcWKZTI9OC4 >>22635 Good job, well composed, but be careful when mentioning these matters to the normies, you might achieve the opposite effect. You don't want to be that "what about the memes" guy from some American rally a while ago. A party that's aiming for a second place in a majority Catholic country might not be able to afford associating with us directly/publicly due to our rather anti-Christian beliefs.
>>22717 Skeptical of everything till proven otherwise. I don't think my heart produces electromagnetic waves though. Your atoms emit a small bit of electromagnetic radiation when they absorb energy. Since the absorbed energy "shuffles" some electrons out of their place a bit and that "wave" is produced when they move back into poistion. I'm on the fence as in I don't think it exists, to answer your question.
>>22725 >>22725 >>22725 FRESH BREAD >>22725 >>22725 >>22725 Thanks mods you can let this thread slide now. We appreciate you pinning us. >>22721 >You mentioned several years for the effects to potentially manifest. I don't think we have that much I agree we are short on time but would argue we do have perhaps a decade or two to turn things around and effect change. This is about planting an etheric seed in the minds of the masses. You can already see an awakening and paradigm shift happening. We (dissident right or whatever the fuck we are called these days) are a distinct countercultural force and have been for a while but we are now starting to penetrate into the public discourse. This is a heartening delopment. Patience lad and have faith in our people. We are not done yet. I dont mean to cound complacent but neither can you force-rush these things. Their is a proper method. I'v been at esoterica for nigh on 2 decades so I learned trying to rush things tends to end in tears a long time ago. Gung-ho combined with complex workings intedted to have far reaching consequences, are not a good idea. You plant a seed in the earth, you give it just enough water to grow. If you douse it and sodden the ground it will die. I have learned to err on the side of caution when it comes to these things (my disdain for LHP workings is a manifestation of this)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(1.25 MB 2772x1806 global-liberal-hegemony.jpg)
4th political theory Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 14:56:19 ID:ab9593 No. 20797 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we discuss about Alexander Dugin and his philosophy of Eurasianism. By the way, here are some following notes to take care of if we were to have some civilized debate: >It is forbidden to say that his philosophy is "Jewish" as the argument itself posseses no actual strenght and it relies heavily upon feelings and how every "unknown" ideology is automatically "Jewish".Use the actual flaws within the ideology itself to point out why the ideology itself is not good, rather than calling it Jewish. >And of course, it should be noted to in order further maximize the positive outcome of said discussion, we should also be aware of logical fallacies such as "Strawman arguments" and "Ad Hominem". Common mistakes are fine, but repeatedly using those said fallacies are counter productive. Now with that shit out of the way, let us dive into some basic introduction of said philosophy and philosopher itself, Alexander Dugin: >Eurasianism (Russian: евразийство, yevraziystvo) is a political movement in Russia, formerly within the primarily Russian émigré community, that posits that Russian civilisation does not belong in the "European" or "Asian" categories but instead to the geopolitical concept of Eurasia. >The ideology of the movement was partially incorporated into a new movement of the same name after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, influenced the political theorist Aleksandr Dugin to publish in 1997 a magnum opus by the name of Foundations of Geopolitics. He later founded the Eurasia Party on the Russian political scene. So this ideology advocates for an economic and cultural union between "Eurasianist" countries, all of them who do not belong in area of "Western Europe" that is Atlantic World Order, which I find it pretty neat. Essentially, what Dugin asserts is that the civilization of the sea is in constant conflict with civilization of a land, both of them being allegory for West and East.
99 posts and 42 images omitted.
>>21525 >"A conspiracy against Russia undoubtedly exists. The only problem is that all Russians are participating in it." /russia
I cannot understand the position of Russia toward the Globalist world. Putin follow the Eurasianism? Dugin speaks is an anti-jewish? So, basically the Eurasianism is a globalist ideology to take the western world and spread the communism, but communism itself are jewish, so anti-semitism of Dugin is false? Putin is a jew, communism and marxism are jewish.
>>22675 Any Eurasianists can give me a clearly answer. Dugin itself is anti-jewish toward the Western Capitalist World, but he clearly don't speak about the Judaism in the Communist Russia. So, the anti-semitism of Dugin is clearly false, because he wants the globalization of the communist Russia toward the Atlantic Ocean.
>>22676 But, now that i don't understand, it is a fight toward the "Eastern jews" and "Western Jews"? Or it is controlled opposition? What is the mission of Putin, since he is a jew?
>>22677 Basically, Putin just want to restore the Russian hegemony, using the conservatism and the orthodox church as a mask to to influence the Russian people, mixing the KGB and Eurasianism, and the Eurasianism are used as a globalist pretest and influential in some parts the Putin vision, but not entire.


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