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(30.33 KB 600x400 dicksucking.jpg)
4chan pol is overrun with $billions of propaganda! Anonymous 02/25/2020 (Tue) 23:24:26 ID:55338f No. 23642 [Reply] [Last]
You cant start any kind of conversation at all. So here I am. I am a doctor willing to talk about anything such as Corona virus, banking, private money printing out of thin air. Anything. I live in Holland and will patroll this thread 4x per day and reply to everyone. Go!
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>>23642 8kun pnd board is trash tier 4cuck total insanity + absolute garbage Neinch mindless fashies with no relation to facts in some cases good luck trying to argue captitalism there! 7 chan dont know if that place even exust anymore And space chan is also garbage >16chan pls save me guys i just want some quality discussion without leftist tier communism darvage
(579.14 KB 1949x2081 1584893625021.jpg)
>>25074 8kun is literally fedchan. 4chan is leftist garbage run by shit-eating cucks
>>23642 This place is following the current propaganda script very closely too (redneck bullshit, nazi stupidity, statism, this jewish frog...).
Holy crap I just got banned from 4chan for posting pedogate memes under "sexualized images of children", and they were grabbed from twitter even... They are censoring, something is up...
>>25459 4chan is banning everybody who steps away from the corona script. Since there's no indication of the post that gets you banned they can throw in any excuse. At least your ban reason was at least tangentially related so you could at least guess at what post they used as an excuse.

(60.81 KB 1920x1080 memethreadtitle.png)
(302.23 KB 1200x900 memethread-photo.jpg)
Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:41:15 No. 21367 [Reply] [Last]
MEMES & OC Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.
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>>21367 (anon) >>21368 (anon) >>21369 (anon) >>21370 (anon) >>21371 (anon) >>21372 (anon) >>21374 (anon) >>21375 (anon) >>21376 (anon) >>21377 (anon) >>21388 (anon) makes the first ever Corona Chan >>21489 (anon) >>21543 (anon) >>21760 (anon) >>21769 (anon) >>21943 (anon) >>21944 (anon)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(1.22 MB 1920x960 8chcontainmentshut1.png)
(514.12 KB 900x1200 corona-chan-visits-tokyo.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1712x932 coronachan-makes-1million.png)
>containment is (((shutdown))) >meme released into the wild >shit happens Speaking as a fellow jew I think we should have left their containment open, don't you? Mazel Tov!
>>25429 wtf you talking about? The post you linked doesn't exist There is a ton of 64ch.xyz spam (but assume that is bernd spammer or dolphin, false flagging)(like when he false flagged astrochan spam here on 16) Tor file was turned off because this >>25341 ("jews econmy" tor poster) retard posted 8 shitty one liner threads https://16chan.xyz/.global/logs/pol/2020-04-01.html
(301.46 KB 1200x1500 coronavirus-ccp-rice-pay-price.png)

(644.61 KB 509x596 glow.gif)
/sig/ - Self Improvement General Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 18:11:22 ID:70cec3 No. 5542 [Reply] [Last]
This is a thread for the discussion of personal betterment, both mental and physical, goal setting, and sharing of results.

Kick that caffeine addiction. Stop drinking soda. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking, stop vaping, stop doing drugs. Stop eating processed shit and fast food. Cook your meals at home with natural ingredients. Stop treating your body like it's a fucking dumpster. Work out, walk, run, lift, push yourself to your breaking point daily. You only have one body and one life. Do not desecrate your flesh and blood with jewish pollutants.

Do not isolate yourself. If you are unable to network with your comrades, you need to get a pet. Get a cat or a dog. Our ancestors domesticated these creatures thousands of years ago and they make excellent companions. They are fiercely loyal, and their presence will help you feel less alone.

Control your desires. Cut pornography out of your life and stop masturbating. Your main objective in life is serving your folk. Do not allow yourself to be tempted by thots. Tits are temporary. Honor is forever. Do not allow yourself to become corrupted by lust for material things. More men have destroyed themselves through greed and desires of the flesh than have fallen by bullet or blade.

Harden yourselves, brothers. Make yourselves utterly incorruptible. Make yourselves whole again. Break your chains of addiction, and refuse to be a slave to endless consumerism. Fear nothing but the failure to meet your objectives.
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>>23534 Interacting with pornography at all can be harmfull; that's like putting a cigarette in your mouth but not wanting to smoke. Your body will anticipate the release as you've trained it to, making it harder for yourself to put it down. It's even worse as pornography has effects of it's own, rewiring your brain for degeneracy. You must fan your flame if you want to succede in life, every great man has had a firey will to back their dream and ideals. Whether it's a wildfire that alights the world or a furnance that puts the next foot infront of the other, every man needs a strong will. Good luck, this world is hard on those with the will to truly live above this place but if you do not have a will to live and thrive in this world of struggle you are already dead your body just hasn't caught up. Stay alive, fan your flame and fight. You have the fuel in your hand.
I'm posting random shit because I want this site to live. I broke my fucking back so I can't be good at sports ever again. It's been two years now and everytime I start lifting, I get hurt and have to pause for a few weeks. Anyway. I would like some advices to get good at economics and understand the consequences of the current crisis on the long run. I know they are printing money, I know it means inflation but I don't know why and I don't if I'll be able to buy food in a few months. It's been too quick, my parents are retarded so I couldn't prep properly. Thanks in advance lads. Much support
>>25386 Economics in one lesson by Henry Hazlitt is a good starting point, I've read the book almost wholly though never finished because I already knew the things he was trying to get across. He was a journalist however so keep your Jewdar on. Most things in economics boil down simply to supply and demand. Think about it, if any random degenerate was able to produce their own drugs, would they hold their street value? No. Same thing mostly applies to modern money. Since it's not backed by any physical asset, the value of money is simply perceived and as you mentioned more can be, and is, made on a daily basis. The more money around, the lesser the value. Also with electronic banking most of the money in existence is a mere number in a database. As with regards to Corona-chan nobody knows what they have in plan for us, so it's a good idea to start clearing your garden and preparing vegetable patches so you can survive even if currency collapses or gets to Zimbabwe tier inflation.
>>25386 >>25432 >Economics In One Lesson - Henry Hazlitt This, along with other economic textbooks I'm handing to you and others who wishes to learn more about economics.

(873.84 KB 2623x4000 Emperor Hadrian.jpg)
Why do Jews hate Hadrian more than Hitler? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:47:37 ID:4b3808 No. 24933 [Reply] [Last]
Not only that, they seem despise the Romans in general more than any other White Civilization.
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>>25387 Oh, I love your post. Homosexuality is a degenerate culture destroying lifestyle that should never be tolerated. These days faggots love to preach MORALITY to those against their IMMORAL acts and lifestyle and no one sees how absurd it is! If we stamped out pedophilia and homosexuality that would go a long way to ending the Jews. One could even say they are jewish genetic disease, esp. the pedophilia.
>>25423 Jews often use homosexuals as they share the same need to hide and lie and also know the sodomites are useful in destroying the moral values of a people Jews want to subdue.
>>25387 >such people don't exist anymore Lurk 2 years more in Europe. >Bugge's quotation He was not a religious man, only a man of academics. The whole of the Eddas is not limited to Snorri's works. Also Sturluson placed concessions that are not arbitrary either, and they can be largely ignored for the latter material that is much more relevant and true to the poetic elements. The content is considerably multi-layered. Bugge wouldn't know that. Leave him to his scholarly analysis. Besides, if it had been written from a true Christian perspective, it would certainly show. Not "all of what we know of Norse mythology has been greatly perverted." As for the Roman and Greek influences, which are not found in great quantities and, again, mostly an effect of Snorri's work, these myths for a large part are themselves echoes of distant Thulean sources which the Norse mythology belongs to. This is not to say the works are perfect, but Bugge's conclusion is way overhead. >"he kissed Bagoas tenderly" It doesn't even say if he kissed him on the cheek or on the mouth. >i'm looking for a primary source. i always see people trying to gay-wash aryan history, especially greeks and romans, Pretty sure the fags even openly declared, in the 80s I think, that they planned on putting a faggot spin on distant history. They pushed hard for this on Lesbos too. >it should also be considered that sickly urbanites have an aversion to male vitality and they don't know how to cope with its existence. The Jew is the epitome of a "sickly urbanite". >greeks also had something like 5 different words for various types of love whereas modern english only has one English is a trash tongue. We only use it for practical purpose. The numbering of letters and their totality is about all there is left to talk about in a positive way, and we may have to thank Mr. Bacon who did what he could back then. >>25412 >All of religion is made up stories;

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(383.41 KB 2436x712 greek noses.jpg)
>>25412 >All of religion is made up stories the vedic sources, in addition to having stories, get into the technicalities of things and makes the fundamentals of religious practice and understanding very clear. >Christanity must be slowly done away with i believe it will go away on its own due to its own weakness. a strong christian is practically an oxymoron. the most devout and radical christians will be the ones who won't actually fight against us, while the christians that have a strong fighting spirit will most likely not be very devout christians and therefore will easily come to our side (whatever 'our side' means). i'm sure there's exceptional individuals but for the most part i'm not worried about christianity as a whole. it seems to be burnt out enough and it has no means of recovering. one reason i came up with as to why greeks and romans could not have been tolerant of homosexuality is that it's impossible to have a healthy (let alone strong) society while having significant homosexuality. "greeks and romans had healthy societies, therefore it is impossible that they had extensive homosexuality", is basically all that needs to be said. it would be similar to trying to have a society where the father always rapes his daughter, or if monogamy was illegal or something silly like that. you wouldn't imagine that such a people could thrive for any length of time. historians typically don't think about it this way. it is a fact that there was a notion of genuine morality in these ancient cultures, so how could there have also been homosexuality? how can a nation have good solid foundations yet also have prevalence of a thing that destroys the foundation of a nation? it's another oxymoron. most people don't even realize how truly degenerate homosexuality really is. of course in theory it can be viewed as not much different than heterosexual relationships (like if your only experience with them is from the show 'modern family'), but in practice it's very disgusting. much worse than most people can imagine. homosexuality among a people does much, much more than just entail pairs of men having intimate relationships with eachother. it seeps into the core of everything and corrupts it. homosexuality is like 'multiculturalism' in that it can only exist temporarily, because eventually one side will have to give in and be destroyed by the other. in the speech i have attached himmler states that homosexuals are killed ("by my orders they will be sent to a concentration camp, and they will be shot in the concentration camp while trying to escape"). the germans policy against jews wasn't even that harsh ffs. >>25445 i've never seen a person with a classic greek profile like pic related and blonde hair. i added red lines to make it more clear (sometimes people don't know what i'm referring to when i talk about the nose/forehead relationship)
>>25387 >but that's probably a good thing since it gives plenty of room to add our own fresh 'paganism' to it. One thing that would have to be done is introducing principles, beliefs, myths, stories, etc that guard against Abrahamic subversion -political, physiological, social, financial, etc.

(32.82 KB 600x350 dims.jpeg)
Book Thread Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 01:23:29 ID:41e129 No. 14430 [Reply] [Last]
Hello /pol/. I've been busy since the shut down. I hope this thread stays up. I will share Zundel's Bunker. I am reading AK Chesterton's "The New Unhappy Lords."

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>>25306 But Germans are MY enemies. I am slavic and Germans wanted to exterminate my race out of the face of the Earth. I will never forgive them. I want to do the same thing to them now.
(50.24 KB 480x514 3rd_reich_boy.jpg)
Thank you all for the fantastic info dump. Hail victory!
>>25310 >still believing in Soviet war propaganda >lmao
>>25327 >experiences of family members is Soviet war propaganda dont be this nigger
>>25310 Bump for this thread. And my family barely escaped the Ukraine before Stalin and his Jew komissars murdered 10 million Ukies ('slavs'). I think u need a bigger perspective bro. Germany was a bulwark against Bolshevism but the real evil were the Communists. >>25310

(40.26 KB 480x462 philosophy vs religion.jpg)
PHILOSOPHY VS RELIGION Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 21:50:31 ID:539d99 No. 21123 [Reply] [Last]
Anons, why are you religious? Why do you believe in god or gods that are separated from this world? Philosophy is the only true way and here is why: It is funny to believe that someone had just created all this and to also believe that that someone is perfect. Someone that is perfect does not need to create anything, he himself should be enough on his own. The need to create comes from incompleteness. Only everything together is complete. By that logic God=Universe. God's laws are Nature's laws. We can either choose to live by them and we will have a worthy life or we can damage ourselves by abandoning them. I'm just putting this here because I'm sick of fights between Christians and Pagans. Correct me if I'm wrong.
19 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>22351 I'll certainly ignore it. I've explored Esoteric Hitlerism and find it incredibly derivative (because it is). Furthermore, you'll never unite people under it because it has no emotional potence and does not convey the majesty of more popular religions. EH is very synthetic and contrived; it reeks of sterility. Basically, a fad for the hipsters of NS. You are part of the disunity problem, not the solution, as are all with the "my way or the high way" stance on personal matters. If you're serious about advancing our agenda and not just NS, then come here >>19639
>>22351 >Esoteric Hitlerism Yes, let's make a gay religion around one of the biggest anti-white psyops of the 20th century, if not all time.
>>21123 I find it interesting that spiritually speaking, "the far Right and the far Left" are both converging towards something akin to Gnosticism. I wonder if this has to do with both abandoning their Christian roots.
>>21123 >1. Claim: Having a need for anything implies imperfection, because it implies that one is not sufficient in oneself. >2. Claim: God needed to create us. > Conclusion: Therefore God is imperfect God did not have a need to create, but a desire, because love desires itself and its own expression. God desired to create beings whom he could love, and him making that free choice to create us results in the love being free on his part. However, for the love to be truly freely reciprocal, there must be the decision to reject it for both parts, hence man was given the choice to reject it, and he did (Genesis ch. 3). The temporary pain and suffering of this life, no matter how great, is infinitesimal and hence of no consequence compared to the unending comfort and deep satisfaction that reciprocal love grants. Furthermore, all injustice will be paid back, either on the sinner himself, or on Christ who bore the punishment for everyone who chooses to reciprocate Gods love and receive (John 3:16). In fact, God could not have created a world where no sin could exist, because that would imply the lack of a free choice on our part. Given Gods omnipotence, justice and love, the world as it exists is exactly how we would expect it to be. There is enough evidence for the ones who wish to believe and love God to do so, but not enough to force those who do not wish to. Hence, belief in God is a matter of reciprocating his love, and not one of rational forceful arguments in either way.
>>21123 Both are just meaningless verbal masturbation, repeating assumptions and inventions of people who never knew what they are talking about.

(163.72 KB 607x360 1575225039673.png)
Let's brainstorm the best Government Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 21:22:49 ID:7bdda8 No. 20816 [Reply] [Last]
Let's say you've been put in charge of a country and make all decisions. What would be the best way to run this country to raise the quality of life for the most people while keeping sociopaths out of positions of power.
7 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>21188 >(((not providing arguments)))
>>21189 The experiment of Liberalism has been ongoing since 1500, the only thing that's improved in that time is quantity of production at cost of quality, while destroying the worker and moral/ethical character of the people (q.o.l.). Technics have improved, but that's not actually *from* Liberalism/Industrialization. See Cathedral, Forge And Waterwheel by Gies (enclosed) Liberalism D&Cs everything and everyone with multiculti globohomo antihuman atomization (and other "buzzwords" that really mean things when you look them up). It destroys the organic social organization of Family, Clan, Community and Nation. Organic means something as well. Organs don't work by themselves, only in concert with every other organ to form a body. Every body forms a family, every family a clan, every clan a nation, and that extends into the ecology itself. Liberalism is Divide & Conquer: The Ideology.
A national-corporatist nation that strives for agrarianism and high output of intellect while also not wishing to reverse the development of technology, instead taking advantage of it to further the decent livability of the planet
Mandatory IQ tests if you want to work in any government office, quarterly lie tests. Remind the people of hows it us vs the world and globalism is nothing but a sham. Limit calorie consumption somehow so no one gets overweight Encourage working out, maybe set up government events where if you prove you arent fat you get a nice medal and maybe 100 sheckles to encourage everyone. Mandatory military enlistment you can leave after 2 years. Guns for everyone Any felon must work in a factory. Anyone with low IQ cant work where smart people should work. IQ Of about 90 if you want to drive. Companies will comply to the will of the people and government aka cant hike up prices. Lower over consumption, if you want a new iphone apple has to recycle your old one. Proper landfill disposal. Throuium Reactors galore. For USA, form the north american alliance. Canada focuses on research, US focuses on a mix of agriculture and industry, Mexico is pure agriculture. Id list more but im too lazy and autistic to think rn Oh and media companies are forced to not spread lies with risk of it being shut down and all funds seized. Also if you make money by selling to Americans all profits must and will stay in America.
>>20816 It goes against your cringe jewish psyop going on here, but I always shilled for a direct democracy, where idiots and sociopaths are filtered out and the government tries to maintain itself as a minarchy.

(561.26 KB 867x590 The Phoenix Project.png)
Asha Logos' new video, The Phoenix Project Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 05:31:23 ID:0d3ba9 No. 23993 [Reply] [Last]
Asha Logos has uploaded a new video, "The Phoenix Project". If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSXX00X4NE Also highly recommend his "Our Subverted History" playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo
19 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>24179 >runs timing attack.exe >>24179 >vaporwave >nigger is nigger and still doesn't get it it's not vaporwave. you were baited. >>24179 >provide the sauce on vaporwave being, ahem, 'forced glownigger shit', as you so eloquently put it >glownigger can't into read You know full well I didn't say "vaporware is forced glownigger shit" you dishonest glownigger, but you lie to your conscience everyday for cash so whatever.
>>24184 >vapor is forced glownigger shit Ah shit, my bad - guess I'm illiterate. (just awoke when posted) >nigger is nigger Yeah, sorry for not being a hopeless internet virgin and knowing all the different types of electronic subgenre that crawl out of the wood work these days, although I should've known better tbh :/ >glownigger Well am actually financially poor fag, but whatever floats your boat. >made $8,000 last year >youtube 'forced glownigger shit' Well, he has a website you can go to instead of Youtube. Here's the link: https://www.ashalogos.com/home You can watch all his videos there. So, are we gonna discuss Asha Logos or call everyone a glownigger?
>>24190 Vaporwave isn't forced glow nigger shit. Ignore the autist you're talking to. Some guys just wanted some music that was "white" while also being new, so they used vapor or synthwave. It's an alright genre even if there is some trash mixed in.
>>24195 it uses Saturnian (jewish) themes and aesthetics, of couse it's forced psyop shit.
>>25405 >Saturnian (jewish) >(jewish) A long long time ago, Kronos was the good kind of this planet's population of )))metahumans(((.

(362.42 KB 904x735 pathetic baleen.jpg)
Braindrain is one of the most harmful modern age political memes out there Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 01:28:48 ID:7bf640 No. 22594 [Reply] [Last]
This rant is just me analyzing from a heuristic point of view from a completely tabula rossa perspective, meaning I'm disregarding factors such as racial biology, work culture disparity, and just looking at the bare facts and morality of this political ideological contagion. And yes, as the subject quite bluntly puts it, I've arrived at the conclusion that any way you slice it, the way it's currently implemented it's harmful and immoral. First phase is to tackle on the spearheads of the "braindrain" myth, Nigerians and Pooh in the Loohs are totally gifted geniuses and TOTALLY our most highly educated immigrants. Nigerians actually underpeform and their overeducation is literally a byproduct of affirmative action, as well as incompetence from their homeland in terms of quantity over quality. The following 2 articles and study show how Nigerian immigrant students are underperforming in the job market and how universities are basically turning into diploma mills to keep the sham going and not have to shutdown their institutions. http://archive.is/wip/YEQMG https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2158244014529780 Not only are Nigerian immigrants underperforming and over represented in their own countries, but it's also the case in the US. http://archive.is/emwtL Nigerian 200IQ immigrant meme, is quite literally a fucking meme, these people are literally being spoonfed success they do not deserve. Pooh in the Looh software engineers are not only becoming grossly over represented in the technical job markets due to how cheap they are to contract, but additionally have to be trained to scratch since most of them are underqualified for the positions. https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/indian-immigrants-united-states http://archive.is/F2lMR http://archive.is/XLUcu The relationship between US workers and India within the TechSector is in fact about to seriously sour as more and more IT related jobs are being exported off shore to india, and more Indians have to be retrained by Americans. http://archive.is/v3MBY

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

11 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>24273 >womenz heh. You can't have an argument with the emotionally driven individuals, either females or emasculated soïboïs. Since they will go for any movement if they have a social approbation that comes with it, you can`t pull them from the herd without putting them into emotional distress.
>> 24280 >without putting them into emotional distress. That's exactly what you need to do, you just have to put them in the right kind of emotional state. Exploit empathy.
>>24283 >exploit empathy It will never work since they thrive on sympathy, not empathy. While in emotional distress, they are unable to separate themselves from the problem. It's always a question of: >will they like me? <will I fell liked? It's pure social dependency. You simply cannot argue with someone that is seeking a hug instead of rationality.
>>22594 Most third world countries will never have any use for their intellectual talent. And yes, despite your redneck rant a lot of highly skilled people are obtained this way (mostly from Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe, ...).
>>24218 It should be restricted to very few individuals, given most H-1Bs are given to people with easy to find skills and mediocre performance just to drive local wages down.

The Jews just sell out more Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 23:24:30 ID:874b0f No. 24242 [Reply] [Last]
I had never seen "They Live" and enjoyed it very much. The parallels were apparent, and I assumed the alien beings which represented the jews were exactly that, representations of the jews. However there was one scene which has scared the fuck out of me and has made me think it was not a representation, but factual. They are aliens, it just so happens that the people who sell out are more likely to be kikes. >shut up kike, we know its always the jew, this is disinfo. Well fuckers, pontificate on this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oOGPgStErQ6J/ The scene starts at 1:20:30 >space kike transforms into a ball of light >whizzes away in different directions through space. If I had not seen these balls of light before, it would not worry me. But I have seen those balls of light. https://youtu.be/yBkpYN0Qgic?t=196

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

2 posts omitted.
>>24242 I don't think kike technology is so advanced yet. Had it been we probably wouldn't even be having this discussion. But it is likely that EM hypnotism could become a thing in the future. Damn. These deadlines keep getting shorter and shorter, don't they?
>>24242 Jews are the very opposite of that light, they are entirely matter-bound creatures that have no consciousness of their own and that were created as a biological weapon. There is much more to EM spectrum (since the entire reality is a superimposition of signals at varying frequencies, amplitudes etc.) and it will be used to completely control people, but Jews have been doing "hypnotism at a distance" even since before WW2 (Even Goebbels mentioned it), and today it's combined with genetic, chemical and other forms of manipulation. Not only >>24332 >we probably wouldn't even be having this discussion We would. Some people are particularly resistant to that kind of manipulation. Unless they completely fry our brains so we can no longer holonomically reconstruct our integrity.
>>24242 On the topic of gravity, and science in general I'd suggest watching Webster Tarpley's video about he Venetian Nobility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEfX-Pmrr94 It's an hour long so the tl;dw breakdown is science has been in the dark ages for centuries, new discoveries were being claimed by those who didn't discover them, and we're all considered soulless beasts of burden.
>>24242 on a similar note i read a collection of Vampire: The Masquerade short stories a long time ago. the one thing that stuck out was how the vampire informed the guy that (((they))) had infiltrated everything and control everything
>>24242 >I know, but there was another mention and that was how humans are lulled into submission and passivity because of a frequency which kills our consciousness. Perhaps that is not just a parallel either. Yes, there is various TV, Music, and other propaganda too, but that may not be all. There could be EM waves controlling us, like they had that study of how brains under magnetism are more open to immigrants etc. I can confirm this technology exists, is real and is being used 24/7 at least since 30 years ago, but research point out this being used since at least the 60's.


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