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Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 05:33:00 ID:15ae52 No. 11915 [Reply]
>post “antivax” data from the fucking CDC on 4chan
>3 minutes later get banned for a handbra pic you posted an hour ago
>catalogue has 7 nigger dicks in it

What’s the fucking point?
30 posts and 4 images omitted.
4chan is POZZED, enjoy having your data stolen. and all of your internet activity broadcasted directly to the FBI,ATF, OR CIA. Gookmoot is a slimy piece of shit, first he starts to put up malicious ads, then he makes them adblocker-proof. Fuck going there, being banned because you hurt a tranny mod's feelings.
(237.72 KB 950x700 4nigger.jpg)
you get banned for (((racism))) on jewpol now. not that this place is any better, chans in general are dead. just letting you know.
Why did you post the shit on failchan?
Post it here.
(243.95 KB 993x528 4jews-triggered.jpg)
their entire site must be purged. activating muh lazors durr loic teim
You really need to go back to 4cuck. Dumbshit

(366.59 KB 1012x891 zionism.jpg)
Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 17:46:19 ID:460728 No. 14379 [Reply]
/pol/ is an image board. itt we post images and whatever the hell text you want. must post an image though. i'll start.

>i think we should use the term jewish supremacists over jews or zionists
(195.42 KB 1024x640 IDF red pilled.jpg)
>Semitic supremacists or Shem supremacist
"jewish supremacist" will still sound antisemitic to normies
(120.38 KB 755x1024 Saint Tarrent.jpg)
Have this.
(471.15 KB 1600x949 if only.jpg)
On second thought, anything against them will be branded "antisemitic", so jewish extremist and jew supremacist is a great idea. (Semitic supremacist or Shem supremacist might work too)

It will likely need to be connected to an event or group to really catch on though. Perhaps connect it to some Israeli "settlers"
(83.83 KB 1440x823 Cows.jpg)
Cemex is shady shit. Remember cult of seven sisters about how skorea president was taking orders on how to run the country from a seancee? Why did they bulldoze and bury the new mexico compound? Etc etc.

(22.88 KB 253x380 i_bet_the_jews_did_this.jpg)
Re-branding Christmas Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 21:52:21 No. 13990 [Reply]
October/Halloween is now associated with IOTBW, i hereby suggest we now focus on re branding December/Christmas, as the season of anti-semitism. The gross goblin like face of the jewish merchant phenotype would make for a perfect holiday evil henchman who embodies everything that is the opposite of the meaning of christmas. There couldnt be a more strategically perfect holiday for this either since its one jews cant celebrate, its exclusionary to them. We can push for this and force the association on everyones mind, for a whole month every year. Maybe this could be a foothold to making anti semitism go mainstream.
15 posts and 5 images omitted.
(45.47 KB 317x293 1430954196103.png)
Why not re brand Christmas songs? most modern christmas songs are written by jews.
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer - (((Johnny Marks))))
The Christmas Song - (((Robert Wells))) and (((Mel Tormé)))
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - ((((Samuel Cohen))) and (((Julius Kerwin Stein)))
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams (gentile) but signed a contract and was rewritten by (((Bernard Weissman))) and ((((Sidney Edward Pollacsek)))
Christmas used to be part of 12 day to take time off and celebrate with family but it now is cut to one day because jewish consumerism
Right, his advice was 666% sound.
I'm thereby and forever loving my enemy, not resisting evil and giving all I have. Oh and I'll shun sex too, as Paul said.
Not suicidal at all. Not at all.
Srsly mods, this is getting reddited hard.
They were good Jews. Or we've just been cucks for more than a century?
(9.78 KB 180x207 hitler santa.jpg)
For years around my city the kikes and leftists have been pushing "Happy Holidays" as an (((inclusive))) alternative to "Merry Christmas" and it's fucking insufferable. We should use the HH in Happy Holidays to mean "Heil Hitler". Just imagine a bunch of frogs on Twitter saying Happy Holidays and a hundred Jews screeching autistically about it. It would be amazing.

(199.37 KB 306x324 1570571583084.webm)
Boomer Redpill Thread Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 09:28:28 ID:d65005 No. 13749 [Reply]
Personal stories of redpilling boomers and older generations. Going to try to with my dad. Hes a somewhat uptight excatholic but should be open to it.
13 posts and 1 image omitted.
Lol tbh i love my dad so i doubt id ever try to troll him THAT hard
but yeah that is the long term game plan
Basically all of them "except" the one jewish friend he knew from high school yep
So, let's just assume boomers did a bad job and impoverished future generations in more ways than one to their personal gain, for the sake of argument.

It's still valuable to forgive them and just move on. Seething in envy (even when justified), can just divide focus from the good things that do still exist and what opportunities there are. Maybe we could look at it as an extra challenge to overcome that can make us that much better if and when we prevail against difficulties.

Someone in another thread suggested becoming friends with older boomers who have resources, like lonely old cat ladies (implying that neets for instance could benefit from using their resources). Of course, if you have old boomer relatives and friends who have resources and you can make use of them, why not? I don't even mean in some kind of harmful way, but like young people living at home while they study or work or do chores or whatever, the boomers can enjoy the company and you can avoid rent payments or whatever. Or be able to have access to other such resources.

If boomers are arrogant generally, then maybe younger people can be truly humbler, so that's a good thing.

I guess I mean to say that for me anti-boomer threads are cathartic in being able to express anger at boomer offenses, but then also I don't want to let that rage consume me and prevent me from doing all that I can with what I've got in the circumstances I'm in.

Regardless of where we all are in life, I hope that we can work together to try to move forward as best we can, to forgive those who have made mistakes and yet to hold people accountable when they've done wrong.
<Reasonable posts aren't allowed!
Spot on though. I poke fun at boomers at work and they respect me for it (with nuance, I don't hammer them). Most of them have finally gotten the picture (white boomers) that younger generations have it harder due to globalism, automation and various other factors. These boomers recognize those that work hard and apply themselves, and have helped me get a leg up over some of my peers. Boomers didn't have the internet and thus were more susceptible to propaganda. Most aren't bad people, they were misled. They grew up in a time of great abundance and they squandered it. It's best not to blame them, just learn and move forward.

I don't feel like writing a story right now, maybe I will come back later with a couple good ones if I see something worth reading in this thread.

good stuff. but how can boomers help the cause if they arent redpilled? you need to redpill them slowly, so we can create more white only resources and institutions and ensure more real resources do not fall into the hands of the jews.

Nailed it.

true we dont know wed be white nationalists without the internet which white boomers invented by the way.
(29.01 KB 900x637 amin.jpeg)
Always redpill downhill. Boomers are very difficult to change. Don't work on what's on the out pile, work on the in pile. Have you ever heard how beer companies try to get you to buy their beer in age ranges 21 to 30? At 30 and above, they are customers for life, so it doesn't matter.

(47.94 KB 728x380 nordvpn.png)
VPN = data collection scam? VPN = data collection scam? 10/09/2019 (Wed) 22:05:01 ID:b7fc19 No. 8362 [Reply]
Why would you trust a large VPN like Nord or Express to not just sell your info? Their clients info most likely worth more than granny on facebook. Why wouldnt NSA start a VPN service and price it extremely competatively?
75 posts and 15 images omitted.
>That's not how it works
And this is different from me having a:
1) internet VM
2) ??? archive VM ????
I don't seriously get why run anything more then a generic internet VM.

Do you seriously need to separate the USB from the rest? Like for real? And you transfer data out of this how exactly?

Serious question what is the difference between a VM and a domain?

I run my computing simple. Old PC with tails and a USB stick to transfer to my other machines. Who is physically disconnected from the internet.

After I exit tails it simply forgets all that happened.
How exactly will this domain thing save anyone? If there is an bug in the domain system can a attacker not get the same access? To paranoid for nothing if you ask me.
>Wall of words puffing old technology.

Coming from the SSD shill, I don't want to run a computer like its 2002 with 500GB of space OK.

Just admit to yourself that you did buy into the SSD hype.

>Disc Intensive operations, i.e. cache.
Try a RAM disc and say this to me. Go on try a RAM disc. Lets see if you ever go back to a SSD after that.

Hey look all the popular celebs are telling you about it (like they told you about SSDs):

Ignore the muh games bitching. Most games have hard limits and will not increase their load speeds after some point.
Also ignore SSD shilling retards you are supposed to buy lots of RAM to run this. Shilling SSDs even when they lose in speed.

Solution for no one no space and no speed that's an SSD.
Hey, I'm the SSD shill, that's just a random supporter. But yeah, I don't have a huge desktop, portability matters for me.
Why don't you fags just proton?
Because I got tricked and bought 3 years of a Jew VPN. Thought I did my research, but I think there's a network of VPN shills that hide the fact that cybergh0st was bought by a london/israeli holding company.

(357.80 KB 576x566 capitalist kike.png)
Anti-Capitalism Thread Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 03:13:12 No. 7444 [Reply]
Let me start the Thread off by saying that I am by no means a communist, socialist, or leftist. I believe that communism and capitalism are two sides of the same jewish coin. I have no problem with private property and businesses as long as they do not harm the race. Now that that disclaimer is over let me get to the actual content of the thread.

I have seen especially on the older chans a fixation on anti-communism, this is certainly warranted, however I believe capitalism deserves a great deal more hate than it gets.

Capitalism (especially jewish capitalism) has brought about a variety of undesirable changes to the western world over a period of several centuries including femenism, communism, an influx of nonwhite immigrants, lack of a family wage, and of course environmental damages.

Femenism was brought about by capitalism as a convenient way to halve wages and double the workforce, by pushing women in the workplace profits go up and as I'm sure some jewish and shabbos capitalists planned stopped mothers from being in the home and raising children and created a divide between the parents and children.

Communism in it's most successful form the USSR was ironically largely a capitalist endeavor with the initial communist revolts in Russia being funded by New York jews.

The influx of nonwhite Immigrants into White nations is partially a reaction to femenism driving down birthrates, partially because jews hate whites, and partially to keep the labor pool larger and to drive down wages, after all John isn't going to demand higher wages when he's still hired and Pablo will work for half of his current pay.

Wages are largely kept down as a result of immigration, when immigration is up, pay goes down, and vice versa. When you put a bunch of immigrants into a country they can't organize, at least not as well as a homogeneous group could, especially not if they speak different languages and their standards for living and pay are radically different. Oh and in the specific case of spics in the US not paying taxes but still benefiting from public services and being handled with kid gloves in court.

Environmental concerns have been almost entirely subverted, environmental orgs have either been bought off or are run by capitalists such as a "donation" by (((David Gelbaum))) of at least $200,000,000 to the Sierra Club in exchange for not advocating against immigration. I'm sure you all have seen many other examples of such things.

TL:DR Communism bad and jewish but Capitalism also bad and jewish.
64 posts and 11 images omitted.
Capitalism is Universalized Talmudism

Please point me to where Moses Mordecai Levi "Karl" Marx named the Capitalist Jews, named the Jewish bankers, in Das Kapital.
>This process was ironically already started during the industrial revolution to some extent.
I think everyone understands that capitalism started in the industrial revolution.
>Yes Gulags
Nothing wrong with that, no apologies. You are begging to be enslaved so you get enslaved, eat a dick slave.

> immediately resorts to threats of murder and severe subjugation
Go back to your youtube channel sargon!
And remember to drink your soy and disavow all violence.
>The Nazis were much more technologically advanced than the capitalist nations.
Debatable. They were very good at cutting through red tape and had some impressive designs but of course not everything was a slam dunk and "technology", even in the context of war, is an incredibly broad umbrella and even the "correct" answers are contentious.

I mean jesus, just look at JUST prominent small arms in the European theater and leave out crew-serviced weapons and anything .50 or above.

>Full-power rifles
Garand is the best throughout the war, followed by the Enfield No IV, the K98K following and the M91/30 bringing up the rear; the British attempts at upgrading to a semi-automatic rifle are middling, the SVT-40 was okay but poorly deployed and rapidly depreciated and the Gew. 41 and 43 are basically shit but the Germans take a different tack so it's not quite apples to apples.

>Intermediate-caliber rifles
The US holds the early lead with the M1 carbine before being bettered by the Stg. 44 a few years later and then the SKS comes along and takes the crown at the end of the war. The VG 1 is too shoddy to bring up and an honorable mention goes to the M2 carbine, which was lighter and more accurate than the SKS and came with 30-round magazines but lost out on lethality and saw almost no service in Europe anyway.

>Submachine guns
The MP38 and MP40 were dramatically better basically everything else and had their opponents scrambling to catch up. The Americans achieved a comparable result by replacing the clunky Thompson with the M3 grease gun and the Brits had their workmanlike STENs but the PPSh. 41 was probably the best submachine gun of the war to see any real service and its siblings were almost as well regarded. The honorable mention in this category goes to the Swedish K, which missed the party but was such an outstanding weapon that US special forces used it for the next thirty years.

>Service pistols
The Americans entered and exited the war with a good sidearm, the Russians entered and exited the war with a serviceable sidearm (cribbed directly from Browning designs) intended to replace a 45 year-old revolver which ended up sticking around until the new millennium in government service anyway, the British entered and left it with their Webley and the Germans entered it with the P-08 (which is beautiful but absolute ass as a weapon of war) and the much more reasonable P-38. However, the best sidearm of the war was EASILY the Browning Hi-Power. Accurate, balanced, durable and with a capacity of 13+1, nothing of the period really compares. It was used by the Wehrmacht, but in relatively limited numbers and is by no stretch of the imagination an innovation of the reich.

(966.96 KB 2400x1800 Coal_Pick.jpg)
Coal and Energy Thread Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 14:44:25 ID:bbcb24 No. 11074 [Reply]
Right now we don't have much of an energy bases for an emerging ethnostate in the US. How could we allocate coal for our movement? What other energy sources are feasable? Maybe bio energy could be involved? Please don't give me the solar meme.
67 posts and 58 images omitted.
It doesn't matter what the Jews allow or not. We are already in the war. My main idea was coal because of it's flexibility, especially for those that survive when (possibly accelerated) shtf. I don't expect a smooth transition so don't get me wrong, but we cannot allow the enemy to define our limitations as much as you want to allow them.
(77.57 KB 711x533 IMG_1360-1200x900.jpg)
>I raise you again, I purpose that technological development is what is fucking us. Are you satisfied with this life? Our ancestors not long ago liked their life pretty well, at least they weren't the blackpilled pussies we have today.
And here it is the final degeneration and display of insanity. Have fun fighting like your ancestors with stick and stones VS drones or orbital bombardment. How will your bows work against a bombing run with planes? Or ICBMs? Nerf gas? Radiological attack (dirty nuclear bomb) ?

Here is why military technological advancement is a must. You don't have it then the ones with it will conquer you. Any comments?

>energy semantics
I'm going to simplify this in the spirit of >>13909 (who is not me)
> The 'eco' solutions are impractical
This is the problem here they are impractical or a waist of time.
>>bio mass
>Sounds great

I try to keep it simple for you and everyone else.
There are 2 stages of civilization and they are 100% dependent on energy.
1) Medieval/Napoleonic if you are on this energy you will not get out of the middle ages/napoleonic times no electricity no cars and no industrial infrastructure.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

And the final part

>>blah blah environmentalism
You are getting quite angry.
Yes it is environmentalist propaganda do this for me (you don't need to post it):
Write down the year you where born in.
Now see the year that the environmentalist movement started.
Are you born after the official start of the environmentalist movement?
Then the chance exist that you where indoctrinated wit environmentalist propaganda.

Now recall all the environmentalist adverts you encountered in your life. Who told you nuclear is bad? Who told you solar, wind or other meme technology is the best? if you can not recall the messaging in all of media that tells everyone this then you are simply unaware when you where indoctrinated by environmentalist propaganda.

You know what the difference here is with me? I actually did do one thing (something I learned after my perpetual motion machine/overunity experiments) you can not take your arrogant assumptions and think they will work in reality. Did you try to challenge your assumptions? Did you actually try to look into sources who are opposed to the environmentalist propaganda (yes biomass was in the environmentalist shilled technology catalog) ? Did you even look at the objections to it? Did you do some research and checked if your assumptions hold up?
You did not.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

If this tech could be perfected it would change the world.


>rads are rads are rads
>alpha, beta, gamma? the hell are those?

>that photo must be from when people were too stupid to know what radiation is
>photo was taken in the last decade

>rest of the post reads like a 12 year old who read another 12 year old's book report on Madam Curie and now thinks he's the world expert on radioactive shit

Holy fuck you're dumb as hell.

(153.64 KB 1279x693 Jewgle.jpg)
Google employees question surveillance tool that detects large worker meetings Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 15:15:31 ID:cecc51 No. 11364 [Reply]

> Google employees on Wednesday accused the tech giant of building a digital surveillance tool they say could be used to interfere with attempts to organize protests or other labor-related gatherings.

> At least four employees raised concerns about a plug-in for an internal version of the Google Chrome web browser that would detect any attempt to schedule a calendar event with more than 10 rooms or 100 invitees and automatically report it to management, Bloomberg reported. The employees argue that the tool is meant to crack down on labor organization efforts.

> “These claims about the operation and purpose of this extension are categorically false,” Google said in a statement to FOX Business. “This is a pop-up reminder that asks people to be mindful before auto-adding a meeting to the calendars of large numbers of employees.”

> Google said the tool was developed to cut down on a recent increase in internal spam, including event invitations and emails that were sent to large groups of employees. The tool underwent a review for privacy, security and legal concerns ahead of launch and is not intended to block use of calendar invites, the company added.

> Allegations regarding the surveillance tool were detailed in a memo written by a Google employee who argued it was “an attempt of leadership to immediately learn about any workers organization attempts.” The tool is said to not be removable once installed on computers.

> Employees first learned about the tool in September and have reacted with a mixture of mockery and criticism, according to the report.

> Google workers have raised concerns about company leadership’s handling of various issues in recent months. Thousands of employees in company offices around the world staged walkouts in November 2018 to protest Google’s response to claims of sexual misconduct by multiple executives. At the time, Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed support for the demonstrators.

> Google has also faced criticism over its apparent work to build a censored search engine for China. Company executives confirmed earlier this year that the project had been abandoned.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

3 posts omitted.
the absolute state
I don't trust Chromium either and only run it in a docker container with --network none - just so I can use its dev tools locally on my machine
Worker gatherings are bad. I hope other companies pick up this practice and tools from Google.
(37.83 KB 474x379 0.jpg)
(32.16 KB 474x266 2.jpg)
Important info.

>Google Chrome web browser that would detect any attempt to schedule a calendar event with more than 10 rooms or 100 invitees
LOL being this retarded to actually use the calendar in your phone, how retarded can one be?

Use paper fagot.

> Allegations regarding the surveillance tool were detailed in a memo written by a Google employee who argued it was “an attempt of leadership to immediately learn about any workers organization attempts.” The tool is said to not be removable once installed on computers.

And this is how the new totalitarianism will look like. These fagots get what they deserve.

Remember it only gets worse from here
<these are some unauthorized thoughts citizen
<We are only sending all your thoughts to our servers for convenience stop being paranoid!

This is these guys right now.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.


(164.89 KB 1264x712 bond1.png)
(259.49 KB 1024x768 dl.jpg)
(684.65 KB 1268x2012 Tenets.png)
Druid/pol/ RECONVERGENCE beacon& FAQ edition Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 10:28:57 ID:a93dbd No. 3771 [Reply]

I bid you welcome, in the manner to which we have become accustomed to our most portentous new 16chan thread!

Wew lads, what a couple of months! Having lost the grove in what amounted to a digital nuclear strike, we now find the B.O.N.D scattered to the winds. The 9th Tenet stated that if such an event were to occur, it is the our duty to seek out his fellow bretheren and relight the hearthfires of the lodge.
As of late we have been bunkered up & have settled into the nanochan /pol/ & it is serving us well for a base of operations but, with the advent of XVIchan, it seems we have a perfect opportunity to get our presence back up on clearnet & hopefully shine out as a beacon for the lost brothers.
I think 4 or 5 of us managed to converge in the nanothread & we have gained a few converts too but we are still missing a few of the founders & regular posters (punished, yanklad, suffolk & others)
B.O.N.D druids please report in to this thread. The B.O.N.D is not dead - we live yet & the ember still glows. The hearthfire can be rekindled.

As this is druid/pol/'s first time posting on 16ch, I'll include a FAQ. Newslinks & the tarot will be posted later on in the thread. OK...

>What is druid/pol/?
Formed from a splinter group of /brit/pol posters, we were a long running general on 8chan /pol/. Druid/pol/ existed as a space to discuss the esoteric & how the metaphysical & the metapolitical often intersect. Think /pol/ crossed with a schizo free /x/ or /fringe/ with no of the drama.
Druid/pol/ exists as a space to discuss these topics & also foster fraternal bonds amongst anons while studying & analysing the mysteries.

>What is B.O.N.D?
B.O.N.D stands for "Brythonnic Order of Nativist Druids" (the suffix of ''Neo Druids'' is also sometimes applied depending on circumstance.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

191 posts and 123 images omitted.
>cloudbusting video
That's some high autism right there.
Clouds do that naturally all the time. You can this happen to clouds he's not "targeting", they dissipate, change or grow.
>right fucked in terms of grounding
Eat more root vegetables and mushrooms lad. Also, walking outside barefoot or with leather soled footwear such as moccasins will do wonders.

>That tunnel ceremony was very weird.
IMO they were just larping spoopy shit to harvest fear from people. Aside from raping taxpayers, who can say what they do tbh.


>coping or craving
Doing fine lad, I don’t miss it.

>Clouds do that naturally all the time.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I'll watch that video another day, I've not the time right now. I appreciate the link though, also noticed the run time of 25:55. That number is just absolutely everywhere. Maybe I'm being too autistic with this.

>How are you keeping anyway?
I could be better, but I'm far from terrible. There are plenty far worse off, but still, I have my struggles. I still catch myself beating myself over inconsequential things, and as you say I tend toward the Abyss a lot. I bounce between these two states, caught on the pendulum, in/near the Abyss, then jovial. It's simply how it goes, I reached great heights, but failed to raise above the pendulum, so it swung the other way, to great depths. I'm slowly beginning to regain some of my power level, and the advice alone has been sobering, so I should be able to right this.

>in and out of the Abyss a lot
Unfortunately. I get to be out of it and on my way to recovery, then something comes up that hits me like a dump truck full of despair. I know I have no reason to despair, but that doesn't help much when the Abyss calls my name, so to speak.

I devised a decent technique for getting out now, though. Those things that I've attached to me, guilt, despair, whatever it is, are a cause, but not the root. However, I can get out by focusing on letting them "fall" away from me, to let them detach, then breath them out, to get them out of me. I know it sounds odd, but well, it's not the most batshit thing I've said. It's interesting, because there is an actual physical reaction to it, when I breath out, and do it all right, my whole body will shudder involuntarily, coupled with a strong sense of relief. I only share this because maybe someone else will find it useful. It seems to work for me, but is just a temporary solution.

I probably should, or find something similar. A preventative measure rather than a reactive one for once I've entered the Abyss. I also need to not allow myself to go so far without being fully here too.

I've had a fair bit sent my way, and I don't think you were the only one. I appreciate it greatly. What I have received has helped quite a lot, but I'm still not quite grounded right. I felt strong feelings of soothe, happiness and healing. I'm grounded enough to discern reality but I did see an image on my monitor while it was powered off, so I know I've still a ways to go. But then again, it is a black mirror, so maybe I would have seen it anyway. Unlikely though, as I only ever saw steam and contorted faces in it, no matter how long I stared or how well I focused.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(73.81 KB 620x387 poppy_3491899b.jpg)
Solemn Remembrance Day lads

Never again lad.

Voilence and the Right Wing 11/03/2019 (Sun) 21:21:57 ID:716ad3 No. 13291 [Reply]
There are more calls for action and violence today than there have been in quite some time. One thing is certain, we have a serious violence deficit. This is not a call to action, this is all based upon observation. There are a few Ideologies as to how, when, where and against whom violence must be done. The focus of this is to describe the state of violence rather than the application of it.

Many of the problems we presently face are a result of the hyper-pacification being pushed on the west since the "cultural revolution" of the 60s. It really didn't kick off until the financial crisis when occupy wall street was co-opted by feminists and then the LGBTBBQWTF, but ever since that point, when a real movement of disaffected people was made impotent by the screaming of hysterical women, communists and the mentally ill (arguable all of these fit under the last category), there's been no real violence. It is because men no longer are able to take the lead and "man up" in social groups due to "diverse" groups requiring hypersensitivity, and the laws in place to enforce such sensitivity.

Another cause of our inability to use violence is its complete monopolization by the state. If one looks at the same “progressive” trends which have been enabling the advance of feminism, homosexuality and transsexuality, they will see another aspect which has been largely codified into law. Violence against women, violence against children, violence against minorities, which all can be paraphrased as “violence by men.” These laws have taken all power from men. I am not saying men should be beating their family daily, but I am saying there is a difference between discipline and abuse. The legal system vehemently disagrees with this point. A man may no longer spank his child. A woman may now use the state against her husband using the provisions of these violence against X laws. Now all a woman must do is say a man is violent and he is kicked out of his house, only able to return with police supervision. She may then proceed to take a portion of his salary for herself, a portion of his salary for his children (whom he may no longer see due to his being “violent”) and all of this in addition to half of his accrued assets. This entire process is to use violence against men to teach them that they are not allowed to have power, authority or autonomy. It is to turn man into a more compliant and docile animal so he can be a good pet for the state.

In the United states there is a bit of a different impact. Due to gun ownership, there is a violence threshold of sorts. Violence is totally unacceptable until it is time to kill (see attached graph for clarification). The prepper and “office worker operator” (the guy in middle management with an AR, Crye precision tactical pants with matching plate carrier who is just waiting for the civil war to break out) are a symptom of this. People know somethings wrong, people know they are forbidden from doing anything about it. But damn are they ready if someone starts to do something about it. It is, sadly, consumerism. Rather than being engaged in society and mobilizing politically, people have decided to rebel by purchasing rebellion supplies. There is nothing happening because we’re too busy buying stuff so we know we are ready for the happening. People are pursuing violence by being passive, hoping for a war that will never come, because people are too busy making sure they are ready for that war.
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>Implying anything boomer is bad
>Implying economic warfare doesn’t hit Jews where it hurts most
>Implying BDS wasn’t extremely effective
>Not an argument
Another free bump for a good thread
Speaking of bumps, here's a test. There have been less than 5 posts in the last couple hours. The board is incredibly slow, with over half of the front page taken up with low quality (slide) threads. I'll wager with this reply the board comes to life and this gets slid off the front page within an hour and a half. Organizing and forming groups should be our primary aim. Our enemy's primary MO is to conquer us through division. Find buddies to go shoot with. Take your girlfriends hiking. Make fliers.

yes, christians work together with zog to destroy the west

>Whether someone is for or against Christianity is irrelevant to our aims (a white nation) at this point in time
no, it's not, read william pierce

its too late for all that


no cookies?