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(43.65 KB 640x360 asdfd.jpeg)
How to get rid of this beast? Anonymous 06/22/2020 (Mon) 03:36:58 No. 29532 [Reply] [Last]
How many of these fuckers actually believe they're anti-fascist? The more I take a look at communists,marxist leftists and the BLM cess pool, it's easier to see these people are the real fascists. Some how they have achieved in manipulating the social structure and fooling it into thinking the average conservative family are nazis. This is the sort of stuff that makes me believe the devil is real.
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(468.09 KB 1440x900 1372046452806.jpg)
>>29532 What's worse is that they're installing health systems that give preference to non-white races despite whites dying more than them. They're literally fascists.
>>29550 Sounds authoritarian, jewish and anti-white. They're communists.
(1004.56 KB 800x554 ClipboardImage.png)
(967.82 KB 800x543 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29550 "Racist" College Researcher Ousted After Sharing Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings The vice president of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University, physicist Stephen Hsu, has been forced out of his position at the university after daring to show actual facts from a 2019 study that show there to be no racial bias in incidents of police shootings. Hsu wrote on his blog on Sunday that “The [Graduate Employees Union] alleged that I am a racist because I interviewed MSU Psychology professor Joe Cesario, who studies police shootings.” >"Cesario’s work…is essential to understanding deadly force and how to improve policing," Hsu said. >Cesario's 2019 study found "that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot." The conclusion of the study was that “contrary to activist claims and media reports, there is no widespread racial bias in police shootings.” Cesario's study was then cited in a June 3 Wall Street Journal op-ed called "The Myth of Systemic Police Racism". The MSU communications team highlighted the mention of Cesario's work days later and on June 10, the GEU "blasted" Hsu for sharing the research, claiming that it "did not alight with public statements issued by MSU," according to blog The Police Tribune. GEU Vice President Acacia Ackles said: “It is the union’s position that an administrator sharing such views is in opposition to MSU’s statements released supporting the protests and their root cause and aim.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>29532 >it's easier to see these people are the real fascists Don't insult good fascists like that. "Fascism" is not a synonym for "authoritarianism" or "political violence". Antifa are not fascists, hell most of them aren't even Marxists. What they are is AUTHORITARIAN LIBERALS. They are just baizuo with a bit more edge. They aggressively support GloboZioHomo Liberal Woke Capitalism, the ONLY difference from the average soy consoomer is that they are willing to engage in commie/fascistesque tactics to protect it.
>it's easier to see these people are the real fascists. Shut the fuck up boomer. Fascism is the solution to Antifa

(158.18 KB 549x1280 IMG_20200619_082934_948.jpg)
how's your victory garden going king? Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 17:27:20 ID:a52770 No. 29610 [Reply] [Last]
post pics of garden and share tips, or make excuses for why you can't feed yourself
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>>29610 Rocket stoves is a fascinating topic. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=onMbSLuC7Oc
(1.97 MB 4128x2322 20200616_180858_1.jpg)
>>29610 Greetings from new Kohl.
>>29755 fuck you niggerposter. king faggot
This is a spur of the moment contribution so excuse any half assed explanations but this is a general overlay of what I have learned, but as a general pretext, plants are just like you. Healthy plants need all their nutrients and a balanced diets of other trace minerals. If you uust shove your plants full of the main fertilizers its like giving them taco bell every day. More will be explained later but I will start with the basics. Avoid all non Organic fertilizers. All you need for a healthy garden is blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, normal fireplace ash, and assorted guanos for N-P-K(nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus) the three essential nutrients for plant growth and are on the front of all fertilizers, you literally cant fucking miss it. Its really simple; follow the fucking directions on the box, if you overdo it you will fuck your shit up. Apply nitrogen fertilizer AND ONLY NITROGEN during vegetative growth As the plant enters the flowering/fruiting phase slowly ween out nitrogen(N) and start adding the phosphorous and potassium(P,K). When using organic fertilizers the nutrients will NOT be readily available and will have to be broken down by microbes in the soil, because of this I would suggest buying exogenous mycorrhizae and azospirrilum. These two bacteria help create a healthy biome to break down materials that will provide nutrients. You also need to supplement assorted trace materials, most importantly calcium and magnesium which are available through various sources but I prefer Epsom salt and oyster shells. Calcium is ESSENTIAL to plant growth and the amazing part about it is that your plant will only take as mich as it needs so you cant really oversupply plants like you can with fertilizers so apply liberally but make sure to watch soil PH if applying while plants are in ground rather than amending beforehand. Calcium will help encourage vigorous growth by allowing your plant to spend less energy supporting itself and helps make thick cell walls so the plant is more resistant to pests.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(61.18 KB 960x944 1573265001447.jpg)
>>29610 I have a few garden boxes going that I made out of free scrap pallets along with some wild blackberry and raspberry bushes that I transplanted. Someone I know does bee keeping so I buy fresh honey from them and make mead with it. I use the berries I grow to flavor it. I'll eventually make wine from just the berries but the wild ones are small and I don't have enough for more than a bottle or two so I'm gonna wait until next summer. Gardening is a pain in the ass for me because I don't own any land. I have to do it in the woods so retards won't fuck with it. Luckily there are hundreds of square miles of dense woods here so I picked a clearing around a mile in just off an old and mostly unused trail. There's a stream that's maybe 1/4 mile from that were I can fill my water jugs. I set up a hammock back there and everything. I bring my tablet out there to read and relax. It's my own little world free of fags, niggers, and jews. Gardening on public land without some faggy permit probably isn't legal but I don't give a fuck. Let them arrest me for growing tomatoes.

(133.77 KB 960x872 keksummoningsymbol.jpg)
A History of the Next 6 Months Anonymous 06/14/2020 (Sun) 00:33:42 ID:99e13d No. 29316 [Reply] [Last]
>June Riots continue in all major cities Instances of white/police on black violence and or self defence causes more rioting looting and vandalism Leftists form independent state inside Seattle >YOU ARE HERE Additional independent states are formed in major left coast cities including Los Angeles and Portland before the end of the month. Several videos of violence perpetrated within the communes begin to be widely circulated >July Trump calls in US military to break up lefty communes on west coast Particularly brutal instance in Seattle leaving over 30 demonstrates and 2 soldiers dead comes to be known as the "Seattle Slaughter" leading to a new have of protest across the country Mass Shootings occur perpetrated by right wing extremists firing into crowds of leftist protestors Rioters successful launch fire bombs at white house and congress leading to trump declaring martial law and mobilizing the national guard nation wide >August National Guard Clashes with Armed Leftist Protestors beginning initial scrumishes of what will be come to be known as the second american civil war. Trump calls in military to support National Guard in most major cities Handful of general defect and throw their support behind west coast governors who have ordered their state's national guard to stand down. Virginia and Michigan governors attempt to to join forces with the west coast coalition in homes of inspiring greater national rejection of the president however local sheriffs in virginia deputies thousands of private citizens and march on the virginia capital along side several US Marshals who arrest the governor for treason, michigan is quickly overun by the nation guard of indana and ohio who manage to establish order and control of the whole state save detriot, Whitmer flees to canada

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>33436 I notice that a while ago, wiki use to always say, almost bragging, those that had jewish backgrounds. More recently you have to really dig if you want to find background. Almost like normies started to notice a trend, and now some jews are hiding huh?
>>33381 They showed up at Durkan's house. Next day she sent the police in to end it. TLB
>>33430 >you can expect we will be living in a communist dystopia by 2025. You mean 1965......
>>33430 Redpill and organize Whites to do what? Vote out traitors and vote in based politicians? Passively protest against the system/#WhiteStrike? Make the holocaust real? Because White people generally know from birth that jews and non-Whites in general are nasty pieces of shit, they just can't say it out loud these days without getting attacked. So what is the end goal of redpilling them? What stage do they need to be at? There's the "Vote for Republicans! Turn all 50 states red!" stage The "Trump is kiked, we need a new Hitler" stage The "Fuck voting, lets just wipe these faggots out" stage Etc.
(34.28 KB 580x402 1594197112029.jpg)
>>29316 >Trump wins reelection in a highly expected landslide victory as joe biden is incarcerated for treasonous rhetoric If what you say is accurate (which I think it is up until this point) then there will be no election. You've also failed to take us into account. White Nationalists will defect and fight the loyalist forces the moment they start up the diversity shit again. You're a fool if you think I'm about to be lectured about how racism is bad by some fat, balding, sweaty faggot in a kekistan shirt. I'm far from being the only one who thinks this way. The Republican party is full of homosexuals and jews. Allowing them to keep their power is going to lead to the same shit all over again. The only reason why people put up with them at all is because they parrot a few of our talking points and the public doesn't think we're electable. Give us rifles and uniforms and White America will follow us, not lukewarm Republicucks.

Segregation Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 16:57:04 ID:d08ee4 No. 33489 [Reply] [Last]
He have to bring back segregation in order to save america. We won’t have to deal with Nigs because they will be in the back of the bus. Support segregation. And post pics of it from around the world
13 posts and 31 images omitted.
(33.35 KB 512x320 555meme.jpg)
>>33524 >>33548 >i'm white
>>33548 While I don't believe water fountains and back of buses will solve issues facing western counties, I take no issue with OP's opinion. There are a 1000 other sites on the internet for you to go shut down speech and humor you don't like faggot, off you go now
(96.82 KB 400x410 back 2reddit.png)
>>33548 Imagine being such a kike that you don’t understand accelerationism and coups
>>33552 Neither am i. That doesn’t mean that its not a racial holy war.

(58.03 KB 1151x740 Untitled.jpg)
WHICH ONE IS RIGHT? Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 20:17:05 ID:a042d0 No. 29160 [Reply] [Last]
I see this as a common problem, just wanna know your opinion, anons.
33 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>33530 something else important people should remember is what caused the great war (tldr certainty of russia possessing the military to steamroll europe in a few years' time after they began encroaching on germany and austria-hungary with the aid of france)
>>33530 If you want to show me evidence, and keep derailing the thread even after I and another anon agreed not to, then at least provide me with quotes or page numbers, as I do not exactly fancy sifting through a 354 page book just to find some half-assed attempt at exonerating Germany with half-truths and propaganda (the page your link directed me to simply wrote about some likening of Germany to Carthage which has nothing to do with my original rebuttal regarding the ridiculous notion that Poland somehow invaded Germany during the Spartacist revolution).
>>29160 test fuck 4cuck jannies
>>33534 Its the entire thing. The pdf is a collection of excerpts by a variety of authors with primary sources given at the end. Its all good stuff, just start reading. If you are triggered by reading 'nahtzzeee propaganda' then it may interest you to know that many of the sources are British etc... As for derailment, the thread is already settled here: >>29161 >>29473 >>33420 No meaningful counter has been made that i can see.
>>33543 Right, might give it a read, so. My original response, though presumptive, was simply because while I know WW2 was not a simple as many make out to be, and there were shady dealings on both sides, my original qualm was only about the ridiculous notion that "Poland invaded Germany"; no more, no less, and if that book is meant to somehow support such a false notion, then I'd seriously question its credibility.

(44.08 KB 600x542 1592212416.jpg)
(2.92 MB 320x428 20200625_131504.mp4)
Black man sick of CHAZ/CHOP Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 09:49:54 ID:0d2823 No. 29675 [Reply] [Last]
>go home, we're sick of this shit >fuck all you guys, go home
2 posts omitted.
White People who somehow have not woken up. STOP CATERING TO BLACKS!!! Listen. Nothing you do will ever be enough. They will follow you and hate you for 'YOUR" alleged crimes, demand to be a part of everything that others have built, and won't stop until your Civilization is completely destroyed. This whole "movement" is just a backlash against the status anxiety low status groups experience when they are unable to compete as successfully as other groups in a merit based society. Quick run down. -Non-Whites in general are much less fit for Western Society than Whites. -Western Society is merit based. -Non-Whites on average do worse than Whites or Asians in Western Society. -When adjusted for IQ all the races do roughly as well as each other, but in real life races are not adjusted for IQ -Humans as a species are highly aware of their status in their current social group and doing poorly causes status anxiety -Non-whites now either have to accept they are low status because they have less merit (Very, very hard thing for anyone to do, almost impossible with a leftist mindset.) Or blame Whitey for all your problems and tear down the accomplishments of better men. -Pick the latter and chimp out Catering to blacks is absolutely futile, they will follow you and blame you for all of their communities failure and internally hate you for being more fit than you. of course this isn't 100% race based, they're exceptions and outliers to every demographic trend, but unfortunately the vast majority of non-whites in the West act this way. Even when we are minorities they won't stop, they will never allow us to organize preserve our culture and people, and will pester us until the end of the earth.. https://newslitesa.com/news/politics/lesufi-takes-a-blow-at-orania-this-madness-must-come-to-end/
>>29719 This goes for all non-whites, also there is no based asians they resent us just as much as niggers.
>12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, >13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
(197.79 KB 259x272 Shadow_Link_(VC).png)
>>29719 This. As soon as Whites will meet ANY Black demands, blacks will come up with new demands. From their perspective, we are eternally indebted to them. There will be no negotiation. This is not just anger, this is pure hatred (and an awful lot of resentment). The difference between anger and pure hatred is that anger cools down and evaporates at some point, while pure hatred is permanent, and impossible to satisfy. It will indeed never be enough. This is spot-on the behaviour of a recalcitrant child, and the last thing to do with a recalcitrant child is to give them what they demand. One more thing though: >> -Humans as a species are highly aware of their status in their current social group and doing poorly causes status anxiety >>-Non-whites now either have to accept they are low status because they have less merit (Very, very hard thing for anyone to do, almost impossible with a leftist mindset.) Or blame Whitey for all your problems and tear down the accomplishments of better men. >>-Pick the latter and chimp out Whites aren't completely immune to this, either, incels + MGTOW are a prime example of the exact same mechanism. The "Beta Uprising" is literally the incel chimpout. It's irrelevant though since incels are constantly second-guessing their every move, and are far too inhibited to be getting anything done. Their particular brand of chimpout will never happen. Pic related is an incel daydream.
(756.81 KB 1004x799 Hitler Vishnu & the Coming Man.png)
The ones that make us hate them are unwitting allies. They show us the truth of racial struggle & help us to transcend sentiment. The based or nice non whites - and some may be genuinely so - are far more pernicious. They appeal to the decency & sense of fair play that they have little or no capacity for themselves but that we are overburdened with. All good Aryan have this decency & it always gets us killed. There may be more to our predicament than this but wanting to believe our own hype is one of our major flaws & its killing us. Sentiment or survival. You cant judge an entire group of people by a few exceptions, its the general behaviour of a group over time that shows us what they are. We must treat them accordingly, even the exceptions. That is our duty in the name of our people: Not sentiment, not conscience, not #notallx - just the simple & ruthless obedience to Natural Law & the zero sum struggle for our genetic interests over the competition. Yes, even if they are nice people.

Modest Habbening? Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 13:11:33 ID:30df60 No. 29727 [Reply] [Last]
A white man opened fire on a group of terrorists in Louisville, Kentucky, today. Local reports claim there are multiple victims. https://www.bitchute.com/video/y9gTgoeFIt3u/ idktbqh?
5 posts and 8 images omitted.
(11.73 KB 300x223 AYO.jpeg)
> shooter turned out to be a lightskin nigger homeless man. multiple reports say he was one of the "protestors" in the days leading up to the event, and that he was upset about being kicked out. didn't say why but given >homeless >nigger we are probably safe to assume it's just TNB. Man's name was "Steven Lopez". "Steven Lopez louisville kentucky blm shooting" turns up a few news reports. HONK HONK
>>33335 Lame ass "mass" shooting by a fail nig. He wouldn't even make the news in Baltnigmore or Chimpcago...
>>33335 >>33459 Watch the media drop this story like a hot potato, like they did with the Washington Sniper when they found he was black
>>33487 >BREAKING NEWS: >ALLEGED WHITE SUPREMACIST TERROR ATTACK >photo of a man who appears to be light-skinned >twitter whos and/or kamala harris use it for fuck whitey purposes >10 million pageviews >three days later >update: obvious non-white name >obvious non-white mugshot >10,000 pageviews many such cases

(90.58 KB 510x340 gallery_medium.jpg)
Too many tech-cucked young White men Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 01:49:59 ID:d59161 No. 23651 [Reply] [Last]
Why do we keep working to feed this system? Its young White men in all industries but its particularly those in STEM. Why do we stick around to fix Sandeep's mistakes? And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Muh coding, why are we so interested in such specialized stuff anyway, instead of being self-sufficient jacks-of-all-trades?
19 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>23651 I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I want to start investing in crypto so I can strike rich and check out of this system. Wage cucking for niggers and jew wars is just soul crushing. To think my country was involved in stopping the only man who went against this Judeo-Masonic system... it's a shame
>>24384 Well the premise is "self-sufficient" jack of all trades and the civilization in question is jew pozzed so you're not really arguing the case properly here.
i think tech is the one way to safeguard against you getting ass fucked by the Jew AI in the future, someone is going to have to work on them robots. >And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Who the fuck works for "credit"? You do a job and you are paid for your skill and time. The employers usually know who is efficient and who will be let go within a few months. If you like what you do work hard and stop giving a fuck about everyone else
>>23974 It's funny how people say this and act like there is something to "do", Any suggestions? Kill yourself faggot.
(311.01 KB 652x669 Girls who Code CSTard.png)
>>23805 Yet completely true. I can tell the race of the "person" who wrote the code just by looking at it now.

(36.27 KB 700x531 5acdafb4114b5_Y0N8Eok__700.jpg)
Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:25:08 ID:5d302e No. 25088 [Reply] [Last]
<[Northwest Front] had been organizing on Facebook and attempting to use the platform to recruit potentially sympathetic minds into the neo-Nazi group. <Typically, Fishman explained, most content that violates Facebook’s terms of service is reviewed and taken down as quickly as the company can manage it; the takedowns are accompanied by messages to violators about how they’d breached platform rules. In the case of the recent move against Northwest Front, though, the company instead opted to monitor accounts of individuals associated with the Northwest Front, in the hopes of finding a larger chunk of the network and taking it all down at once, with no explanations given. <“This is different than our normal operations. The reason for doing things like this is to make it more difficult to rebuild a network,” Fishman said. “If you take out one piece or consistently takedown pieces, then they still can try to rebuild.” https://archive.fo/qG8dh
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>25088 While I think these kind of crackdowns are inevitable, it's important that people just keep fighting and making new groups.
(122.64 KB 400x400 1578328950447.png)
>>25088 <you can say things in red on quadruple chan Oh desire!
(34.69 KB 474x466 th.jpg)
>>25096 Any time you do, it's targeted by technocrats or government agencies. >>25116 Just call it quadchan
(102.14 KB 800x759 Fed Boi.jpg)
>Facebook >For anything non-normie I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

(474.27 KB 3236x2130 Declaration of Independance.jpg)
HAPPENING- DECLARATION OF REFORMATION Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 17:43:36 ID:ef9a95 No. 33336 [Reply] [Last]
Jhon Mark, a well known Propertarian known for his videos on the logistics of a Second Civil War, has come forward to Declare an Alternative Power Structure to the one we have currently, and separation of the Right and Left in America. It is happening tomorrow in Richmond VA, location has not been announced yet, and will be livestreamed with a well armed security force to make sure the event goes as planned. Is this all one big nothing burger? Is this a second chance for the American Dream our forefathers laid out for us? Will the Feds shoot up the place? Will (((They))) shut it down? We shall find out tomorrow! John's Youtube Channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGlVALFPYRROlXk511Cfhw John's Bitchute- https://www.bitchute.com/channel/johnmark/ Declaration of Reformation Update- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-CuQZ8ewR8 [Embed] Civil War 2- Who Would Win? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJh7Ye1Qvc8 [Embed] Civil War 2 - What comes after? -https://www.bitchute.com/video/vk5Vr2GoVTEQ/
15 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>33336 >Propertarianism It's a solid way of governance and eugenics, AFTER whites reclaim their destiny. We need a racial consensus before we even can get to influencing governance. I seen the livestream. In terms of today's planned event I am disappointed with the leadership of Curt Doolittle today. Essentially his community and supporters traveled to Richmond, Virginia to piggyback off a planned rally with rightwingers and present BLM protesters. After some time into the event it was Curt's turn to speak. He frequently relied on his speech paper and spoke of endless platitudes the crowd didn't resonate with or identify. He used a false bravado and screamed often to resonate to the crowd but really just appeared as disingenuous. Eventually he made some controversial essentialist arguments for European sovereignty in layman speak which caused some minor BLM outbursts. Some of heckling messed up the pacing of his speech even more than it currently was, ruining group confidence. At the end of the speech he let attendees sign the reformation document. He immediately got confronted by a black BLM member and had short discourse. Although the audio was weak it appears that Curt settled the counter-protesters down by feeding their egos, describing African and Afro-Americans as "stronger and having bigger dicks". He gives some weird counter points about race. He proceeded to give the megaphone to the first black BLM protester that approached him. The protester started to speak with ignorant confidence. I couldn't watch anymore after that. Mistakes made: 1. Appearance of Weakness Curt made to many concession for no good reason. In his speak, cadence, pauses, and surrender to the first sign of aggression. 2. Incoherent and inauthentic messaging Curt's speech was not tailored to the average white working class man. He spoke in platitudes and not practical layman terms. It does not lay out the benefits of implementing such a system for the average person. This messaging will not become popular. Lessons learned:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>33406 You're one of the few effectively reasonable men here. How can I keep in contact with you after this place is shut down by them? Consider the opsec of course.
Propertarianism and all amnat tinged "right wing" movements are cringey failures with zero vitality. The constitution is a failed document. The model is a failed model.
>>33406 Good AAR. Cant say I was impressed with the speakers at the event either >>33424 In event of a loss of domain, tor address will still work. 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion (bookmark for safe keeping) Should only take few hours to get a new domain, post new clearnet address, and migrate the backups.


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