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(123.62 KB 1160x629 exxon.jpg)
Oil (((Supermajors))) Destroying American Shale Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 06:05:42 ID:90b6c5 No. 25251 [Reply] [Last]
“I’m not a U.S. company and I don’t make decisions based on what’s good for the U.S.” Keeping American shale alive and productive is absolutely necessary to unplugging our country from globalism. However, the kikes at places like Exxon and Shell seem to have caught on. >In a remarkable interview on March 26, CEO Scott Sheffield of shale firm Pioneer Natural Resources added great clarity to why shale companies are unlikely to get bailed out and why the American Petroleum Institute has been touting free markets and opposing bailouts. Exxon has a huge stake in the Permian shale play in Texas, and Sheffield appears to admit that Exxon holds all the cards right now when it comes to any type of shale bailouts. >Sheffield appeared on CNBC's Fast Money with analyst Brian Kelly, and the two discussed the current oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and how the shale companies and politicians like Sen. Kevin Cramer (who represents the shale oil state of North Dakota) have been clamoring for President Trump to try to get Saudi Arabia to stop the price war. >Sheffield explained why these efforts weren't going well. >“We’ve had opposition from Exxon who controls API and TXOGA,” Sheffield said. “They prefer all the independents to go bankrupt and pick up the scraps.” >However, in another rare moment of honesty from an oil company CEO years earlier, former ExxonMobil head Lee Raymond made clear why helping Americans wasn't a concern of his when he was running the international oil major. >According to Steve Coll’s book Private Empire, when Raymond was asked if Exxon would build more refineries in the U.S. to help America, he replied, “I’m not a U.S. company and I don’t make decisions based on what’s good for the U.S.” >Raymond is now on the board of JPMorgan Chase, the bank, which according to The Washington Post, is one of the biggest lenders to the fossil fuel industry. That's probably not good news for shale firms either. Raymond's successor was Rex Tillerson who left Exxon to head the Trump State Department for a period.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>25282 Having private companies control areas of oil is usefull in fufilling the demand privately for petrolum consumption. We just need to make sure their is a balance and none of it is shipped overseas and punish those responisible. Permantly seizing their means of production and leaving it up to the state to guess and try and handle and guess the demands of the civilian market would be inefficent and impossible. We just need to retain enough for public and military needs and sell the rest of for private use to fufill the domestic civilian demand and leave the Market to reward those who turn it into a viable product and fufill the demand while stepping in to regulate and shutdown offending industries.
>>25301 Your way hasn't been working. You're trying to have your cake and eat it too.
>>25301 It seems to be working great for Rosneft and Aramco. Their oil production directly aligns with their geopolitical stance.
>>25302 My way worked in Germany, your way has never worked every time it has been applied.
>>25251 Oil is cheap now to crash shale and offshore production, if people stopped being stupid and tried to migrate to other local or more abundant energy sources it works better than insisting on this terrible solution.

(189.25 KB 849x960 freemason.jpg)
Do we live in a Freemason controlled society? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:39:44 ID:77f031 No. 21089 [Reply] [Last]
I see the symbols and coding everywhere.
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Protip, everyone is the dumb goyim of satan.
>>24090 You have no idea how bad the finance situation is. If there are conspiracies that people are trying, they are in vain.
>>24959 Only so much though.
>>21115 >>21148 >>21801 >>22298 >>22393 >>22425 >>23098 >>25086 kabalah is nothig it's only meant to introduce the initiate to sithra ahra and qlippoths old rasputin trick; descend/peel through the shells so that you can ascend/gain access to the spheres/aethers research it
>>25119 Protip, only (((Abraham)))ists refer to Satan.

(46.07 KB 154x121 slantvirus.png)
SARS 2: Electric Eel Boogaloo Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 18:08:41 ID:d054e1 No. 20758 [Reply] [Last]
Since mid-December, a mystery illness has gripped the central Chinese city of Wuhan, in the same region where a deadly viral epidemic emerged nearly 20 years ago. So far, one person has died and dozens of others have been hospitalized with unexplained pneumonia-like symptoms, including high fever, lung lesions, and difficulty breathing. While initial reports were limited, government officials announced Thursday that a task force of Chinese researchers has identified the microbe causing the outbreak. The culprit, they say, is a virus never seen before in humans; a newly discovered member of the coronavirus family, other branches of which cause the common cold, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Of the 41 cases in Wuhan that have now been confirmed with molecular testing, most of them are in some way connected to a seafood market that is rumored to also sell snakes, amphibians, and other exotic animals. That’s relevant because SARS was eventually traced back to palm civets—a cartoonishly cute species of wild cat that is hunted for meat in some parts of China. Once they were removed from markets, transmission stopped, abruptly ending the epidemic. The most important thing now, says Osterholm, is identifying which animal species caused the spillover and determining whether it might threaten outbreaks in other areas. https://www.wired.com/story/chinas-swift-id-of-a-new-virus-is-a-win-for-public-health/
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Americans ether seem to think that: This virus is a serious problem that will kill off 70% of the population. This virus is a minor problem that will disappear in 2 weeks. This virus is not a serious problem, but the economic crash that will result from shutting down the country will be a catastrophe. Those who thought that the elites might be able to kick the debt can down the road for another 10 years now are starting to wonder if the globalists have begun liquidating the 99%. The dot-com bubble, 911, the 2008 crash, tyranny, wars, debt, and this virus can't just all be a coincidence. The ruling class have lost their minds. The 1% will continue to destroy the USA and will not stop until WWIII starts and everyone is dead or in a concentration camp. One of the worst parts of living in a police state is the loss of hope. Even if Americans revolted, the cameras, wiretapping infrastructure, and surveillance technology will still exist in the world and continually improve. Americans need to buy guns, gold, and food today. Buy a sailboat or move to the Amazon.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>25314 Based boomer bot post.
Would anyone be surprised if the elites say you can't leave your home unless you get a microchip implant and get their new virus vaccine?
(152.70 KB 700x800 1585422961626.jpg)
(84.95 KB 750x1068 1585422937055.png)
(49.46 KB 603x1024 1584545324109.jpg)

Redpilling During the 2020 Elections Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 02:28:53 ID:99b5ae No. 23505 [Reply] [Last]
Since the 2016 elections >Shillary and Zion Don were pushed as the choices for the presidency >(((Jared Kushner))) using the whole kek and D&C to divide /pol/ on 8chan >When Zion Don was president, didn't do jack of any promises nor was a wall ever being built right away >Since Zion Don's win, cancerous migapedes have spread to every corner of the internet Of course the obvious 2020 elections are here and the primaries are on. It's an election to keep Zion Don in power. These events pretty much showed how he is being kept in power: >Fake Democrat/Republican fighting with a staged impeachment trial which led nowhere >Zion Don has sent billions of dollars to Israel and killed an Iranian general >Zion Don pushing for a (((liberation))) of Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran >Zion Don's opponents on the Democrats are: a fake injun, a 70+ year old commie kike, and the former VP of Obongo who is a pedo This election will most likely go to Zion Don or Biden but here's the point of this thread. >To redpill as many people into believing the election doesn't matter and that no one's vote matters when lobbies like (((AIPAC))) and that many states allow (((free bus rides))) to various people to vote outside of their voting area (with many not even from this country) as what was shown in vids related >Revert all of the damage done by the 2016 election Making the normalfags aware of how elections are rigged and that voting won't save the country. With the only choice to be enraged and making enough dissent for many to organize like the yellow vests in France.
9 posts and 6 images omitted.
(7.55 MB 2560x4121 PRS.png)
This image sums it up pretty well
Get the ones who are already half based, the ones crying in online comments about the left/zionists/globalists/the elites/etc. You didn't mention race so I take it this is supposed to involve all gentiles which can work good since the English speaking internet in 2020 is filled with people whining that "TPTB are dividing the masses!" so get these multicultifaggots on the yellow vest path. They're dying for something like this to be promoted among their communities. If /pol/ won't guide them towards the truth, another controlled op like Alex Jones or Qanon will come along and do it instead.
>>23505 >>Since Zion Don's win, cancerous migapedes have spread to every corner of the internet How do we deal with these brainwashed useful idiots anyway? Nothing you ever say seems to get through to them and they just start sperging "reee biden supporter, tranny, CTR, reeeeee"
>>25267 Easy, point out the many actual flaws of Zion Don, such as: >Pointing out that he only talks about other races than whites >Agreed with Andrew "Wang Chung" Yang (a Democrat and obvious Chinese plant) with a UBI system from signing the CARES act >Trump claiming since day one of wanting a wall. Instead barely putting any effort by putting FENCING instead of a wall. Something the George W Bush administration was doing. >The fact he was strong on getting immigrants out until he ended up throwing green cards in the air. Basically going from taunting Jeb during the debates to becoming Jeb Bush in his presidency. >His stance for "America First" but actually instead gave more immigrants jobs and put billions of dollars in Israel >The fact that he let an innocent WW2 German guard die and pardoned a human trafficking kike >Avoided the draft of Vietnam by letting his dad Fred throw him in military school. Yet, many Vietnam veterans support him. >Wanting to wage war in Iran instead of doing a coup in Mexico to defeat the (((Cartels))) and corrupt government. So that many wetbacks can stay out >Claimed to be for gun rights but banned bump stocks and never pushed to remove red flag laws >Claimed to get out of Syria only to try and be the many politicians who ended up on the "Assad must go" list by continuing to invade Syria Here is one that will probably jog their brains >Both candidates (Biden and Trump) are pedophiles (Trump was involved with Epstein, never had Epstein arrested, and of course the fact that Trump has a bizarre affection for his daughter Ivanka) (Biden of course has been seen multiple times touching children in plain sight) Of course if all else fails, and do what >>24106 said and fully redpill the "half based" ones.
>>25296 >Don became president to escape all maners of prosecutors >Don didn't drop the full info on Kennedy and both commisions fiasco this is what biden might be trying to do if his senile enough protect both himself and his unreriable son's ass (hunter already had history and ukraine is known to be modern day teritory for cocaine cowboys) it's the above or the ellites want Don so bad back in the office that they're givig him the weakest challenge possible

(1.35 MB 1280x720 dementia-joe-strikes-again.mp4)
Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:15:35 No. 25105 [Reply] [Last]
now listen here fat, we didn't hardly used to rub nickels together in college back when i was the university of pennsylvania we'd go out on the weekends, well let me tell you when I was with barack we'd go out, you know the obama thing and I was the top-notch senator candidate in the whole dispensary I mean you know they changed the flavors till they ran out of sugar pie so, well, like that you know so as I told barack we're going to do the thing you know go out and make our play and it's gonna be just like the one thing for real you know i've always been an american and you know the, the thing is, you know, well, I'm joe biden and i'm the obama guy.
is he doing this to protect hunter? i mean even his supporters see how he's (not)functioning

(15.77 KB 800x533 CHINA.png)
China Hate Thread Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 21:36:43 No. 25198 [Reply] [Last]
16 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>25298 You are very, very confused and I assume a jew. You are trying to steer people towards brand-only national socialism. Just the label and the logo, not the genuine article.
(909.06 KB 1242x1553 1585273291987.jpg)
>>25198 Werd
>>25198 >CHINA >being this much of a nigger Don't be a brainlet nigger. It's (((communism))).
>>25199 >Senator Josh "my father is a banker" (((Hawley))) wants Cold War with Chinks Don't be a nigger like OP.
>>25300 I want to mantain idealogical purity, you want to turn it into something it isn't the fuck are you talking about? The currency was paid out to public workers in exhange for their labour and to buisnesses in exchange for resources. Wealth redistrubtion would be taking from producers and giving it to non-producers. National Socialism works on Social Equity and has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism where you put in to get back what is good for your indivual class, everything is measured by it's good for the nation as a whole and the society is structured in a way that non-producers can not remain solvent. This cleanses us of social parasites, semitic or not. That's why one of the main points of the program was banning all work not tied to labour. If you do not work, you do not eat and the state is there to make sure you always have the opportunity to work and that the collective resources are put to work in a way that is benifical for the race as a whole. Not just the polteriat or the bourgeoisie, destroying "class struggle" and instead pushing for class unity.

(31.48 KB 800x924 download (1).jfif)
Remember when people were saying Alex Jones was a Kike Tool? Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 05:03:22 No. 23482 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.bitchute.com/video/N14hT1bOWcSb/ He's not spilling any beans here, these arguments have been circulating but he doesn't appear to be a Jew Tool here. I guess the news, for people browsing this site it that these ideas have gotten as far as Alex Jones, and Alex Jones now sees fit to repeat them.
21 posts and 4 images omitted.
(44.59 KB 599x471 1438807153473.jpg)
>>23501 >>23487 >>23485 How fucking new are you faggots? He was married to his first jew-wife (not his second, the jew prostitute) by the late Texe Marrs, who the ADL attacked as one of the biggest "anti-Semites" in America. When Alex used to try to maintain some credibility (maybe 12 years ago), he would have Marrs and other jew-namers on, to mix some truth with his lies. He 100% knows the score, but chooses to shill for jewry. He also a sodomite. How could anyone possibly try to defend him post- David Duke debate?
>>23482 He gets paid by the s33 eye 3h, you dumb faggot. He has kikes on his donor list. You need to lurk the fuck moar and get away from wordism. Life is not about "appearances."
I get the point you’re trying to make OP. Part of me wants to think he’s covering his ass so he doesn’t give anyone the ammunition to total media/financial oblideration. From what I understand the sandy hook comments and others fucked his life up a good bit between the banks and the media covering his statements. If he’s smart he’d put on his good boy shoes until that stuff settles down. Isn’t that why his show has toned down compared to earlier years? Can’t see him calling out jews for blanket issues. I remember once he said something along the lines of ‘people think im against jews and israel and im not. I love israel. Closest allies.... etc’. That and the fact he throws around the title of Hitler to head democrats and compares their bills to being like something Nazis do. He has insight into happenings and happenings to be but it is doubtful you’ll ever hear him calling out jews for anything.
>>23904 RIP Bill Cooper
(2.89 MB 320x240 alex jones on the jews.webm)
Didn't he once say arabs ran hollywood? He's a gate keeper.

(36.27 KB 700x531 5acdafb4114b5_Y0N8Eok__700.jpg)
Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:25:08 ID:5d302e No. 25088 [Reply] [Last]
<[Northwest Front] had been organizing on Facebook and attempting to use the platform to recruit potentially sympathetic minds into the neo-Nazi group. <Typically, Fishman explained, most content that violates Facebook’s terms of service is reviewed and taken down as quickly as the company can manage it; the takedowns are accompanied by messages to violators about how they’d breached platform rules. In the case of the recent move against Northwest Front, though, the company instead opted to monitor accounts of individuals associated with the Northwest Front, in the hopes of finding a larger chunk of the network and taking it all down at once, with no explanations given. <“This is different than our normal operations. The reason for doing things like this is to make it more difficult to rebuild a network,” Fishman said. “If you take out one piece or consistently takedown pieces, then they still can try to rebuild.” https://archive.fo/qG8dh
2 posts and 2 images omitted.
God fucking damn it. Why can't we do anything right?
So 1. Authorities have been monitoring the NWF, something we have all been suspecting for a while. 2. The "worst racists" according to the article are the White people who simply want to live alone in peace. As a White man you cannot go anywhere. You can't live with your own people, you must live in a multicultural society. Anyway they are trying to stop White flight, but they can't. My advice is to work to create White-only communities but never to broadcast it any kind of writing or speech.
>>25088 While I think these kind of crackdowns are inevitable, it's important that people just keep fighting and making new groups.
(122.64 KB 400x400 1578328950447.png)
>>25088 <you can say things in red on quadruple chan Oh desire!
(34.69 KB 474x466 th.jpg)
>>25096 Any time you do, it's targeted by technocrats or government agencies. >>25116 Just call it quadchan

(35.32 KB 479x395 Greta and Malala.jpg)
Greta is the first spear of the ecofascist Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 10:56:10 ID:6dc898 No. 23690 [Reply] [Last]
I dont like this new development: Our girl Greta Thunberg is using her rising star to boost a spent golem for the leftists. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-26/greta-thunberg-meets-malala-yousafzai-for-first-time/12001766
16 posts and 10 images omitted.
(156.13 KB 279x274 theresamay.png)
>>24263 where the fuck did you even find this???
(1.16 MB 1024x978 cute greta.png)
Greta would be based if she rejected being a globalist pawn and read someone like Linkola. She's young, I hope she wakes up to the fact that she's being controlled
>>25158 >read someone like Linkola. Maybe we should mass mail her some of his work?
Americans scream tyranny is wonderful, but Americans are unable to explain why Cubans try to escape even though Cuba has gun control and free medical care.
>>25163 I was thinking about it honestly.

(63.73 KB 800x581 Yamna-admixture.png)
(254.43 KB 1180x987 WHATTHEFUCK.png)
Angloids are the problem Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 07:52:58 ID:01e323 No. 24521 [Reply] [Last]
It's not just Jews who are the problem. Angloids are the biggest threat to Northern Europeans on earth - and Jews love them for it. Angloids are: >hardwired cuckolds >Low empathy and Low trust >Naturally deceptive >More individual-oriented tribalist than nation-oriented tribalist just like Jews >Aggressively contrarian and Machiavellian >Origins of central banks fiat currency and "Anglophobia" In a study of steppe DNA (highest in peoples the Greeks described as the 'most Just and proud' of all men like Goths and Scythians) Anglos on average have the lowest in all of Northern Europe. When I say "Angloid" I do not mean the peoples of the British isles but specifically the Anglos. Trying to resist ethnic replacement without realising the large psychological difference between Other Northern Europeans and the Anglo will be fatal.
1 post omitted.
(283.75 KB 501x800 1410700514928.png)
>>24521 spotted the jew
I used to think this and I found out recently that Biden is a kike. I think really it's a classic case of kikes blaming others, and until they are dealt with, I am not willing to blame others. tl;dr, fuck you.
>>24612 Biden is a Jew?
OP is a jew
(230.77 KB 851x721 Shills-DropARedpill.png)
(2.79 MB 1280x720 china bioterrorists.webm)
(49.49 KB 1000x800 )))(((.png)
(215.65 KB 1192x477 1539591120507.png)
(3.42 MB 3884x7735 JQ Ultimate Red Pill.jpeg)


no cookies?