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(181.50 KB 1125x928 goodbyetrump.jpg)
will 16chan be safe after Communism internet purge? Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 03:02:12 No. 39159 [Reply] [Last]
Will 16chan be safe from all the censorship that occurred today?
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(663.12 KB 640x640 212.png)
>>40419 >Zeronet saves every site you view to your hard drive Not totally true, you can control hosting properties, inc selecting 'blackholeing' posters, text strings, etc. you do not approve of (meaning you will not host that content) much like classic filtering, but it removes it from the capacity to even be distributed, and by default only if you sought it out. >this means if a board gets spammed with CP, it downloads it all to your hard drive Only if you had proactive whole site seeding enabled and are also a 77 IQ monkey pretending to be a 133. >DO NOT TRUST ZERONET OR IPFS 1/10 L2Tech before you just take meme advise lock, stock, and barrel. Furthermore even legally it's been demonstrated that just viewing thumbs ain't malum in se or mens rea so check your fearmongering m88.
>>40419 >Tor is good tor is created by zogbots so why are we pretending there are no backdoors?
>>42186 We aren't, there is good reason to be cautious. But it would be unwise not to use the best tools available to us.
>>42222 We are safer on TOR than on this network, so if you feel safe enough to post here, why be more cautious about TOR? the only reason you get extra paranoid about TOR is because you plan on saying or sharing things there that you aren't safe saying or sharing here (well, that's the intended use of the TOR network in the first place).
>be safe

(16.37 KB 474x288 Flag.jfif)
US States & Their Borders Anonymous 03/28/2021 (Sun) 21:20:46 No. 43314 [Reply] [Last]
Case for Redrawing States & State Lines >The borders of the US states are almost on par with the borders of Africa in terms of how bad they are. That is regarding geography, population, culture, politics, ethnicity, resources. The passing of time has only made these things worse. >I myself come from a region with a strong secessionist movement out on the west coast. The state of Jefferson which wants to free itself from having to suffer under the rule of Portland & Sacramento governments. Whom ignore our concerns and who impose upon us the worst stupidity we vehemently disagree with. >We are not the only ones in the country with such sentiments, Many rural and urban region in other states would wish to separate from their own state to form their own or join a adjacent one they more align with. >Ultimately I believe the country would be better off for it if a national convention where hold to redraw state lines. We all ready re draw electoral districts as it is for political reasons. Why not instead resolve the larger issue of people being stuck together in the same state who do not want to be together or ruled by each other.
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>>43377 >I don't forsee a white ethnostate that balkanizes being susceptible to infiltration the way the US at large has been If it doesn't have the capability to close its borders or is filled with conservatives who don't believe in countries outside of an economic framework [i.e. they're automatically a "good" immigrant if they salute my ZOG flag, support ZOG wars, and "contribute to the economy"] then it absolutely will be open to infiltration. It will be built on it, frankly. I think sometimes it is underestimated how truly deleterious American conservative thought actually is.
>>43378 So eager to disagree and virtue signal, I think you're reading past the fellow you replied to. He was saying >I don't foresee a white ethnostate that balkanizes This means that if such an ethnostate were to break off from the US and contain only whites, it would not suffer from infiltration by nonwhites by the very nature of its initial formation. If it were to be filled with a sizable portion of "American conservatives" it would not be an ethnostate to begin with as these people would bring their Asian wives, their "hardworking Mexican friends," and their "intelligent blacks" during the formation of said new state. The next logical conclusion is that it would suffer from infiltration from jews, which he also stated. >If it doesn't have the capability to close its borders Indeed this is critical. If a white ethnostate were to form overnight it would instantly be vilified in global media and treated as both a massive threat as well as a pariah like a white North Korea. One can dream, though. Too bad we don't have something awesome like pic related.
Get off the internet and onto an alternative network. Discuss options and coordinate a plan (not talking about meetups or anything else that compromises anonymity here!). Execute plan on arranged date. ??? Profit!
>>43320 Hold up. The government of long island and nyc are vastly different. Its a different culture, different area, different food, etc. LI will not take shit when it comes to crime, the zog bots will arrest you for fucking breathing wrong, when nyc is pretty much a royal nigger rumble. I for one, hate them both, but would prefer long island any day over nyc. Its pretty much in a bubble compared to the rest of the country. Rent is expensive, you woulkd be hard pressed to find a ghetto. Shootings, murders, robberies and natural disaters are pretty much unheard of and in now way do they happen in the frequency they do in nyc. I can go on and on, but being from LI, I can tell you that most long islanders, HATE Jew york city
>>43714 There are nigger ghettos all over Long Island.

The yellow menace and white identity subversion Anonymous 03/16/2021 (Tue) 17:30:20 No. 42392 [Reply] [Last]
Is any one else troubled by how subversive Asian culture is on white identity movements? Europeans greatness is uniquely European, our cultures share similar traits but are distinct in their expressions. From our folk lore to our sculptures, there is a distinct flavor you can see running through them. Something to aspire to and be inspired by, life works the scope of which we'll never see again despite being possible by European hands. Except none of the white identity movements give a shit (especially Americans). The majority of white identity posters any where are weeaboos, who know more about Evangelion than their own history. The ones who do know their history tend to be drug addicts wanting to explore their own delusions if not full on occultists obsessed with non-white philosophies. Promoting Indian or Asian religions and old cultural memes claiming they're Aryan and anything Aryan is A-OK in their book despite the non-European origins and different mental workings of those ethnic groups to our own. When I see memes or posters created by pro-white people it's always anime or bad filters over obvious stock photos selected without context or purpose. The vape wave style or whatever you want to call it, with gaudy neon colors and VHS filters saying "Remember what they took from you", despite VCRs being one of the many ways Jews subverted European culture, giving parents ways to brainwash and feed Jewish propaganda to their children round the clock in their own homes. The millenial generation grew out of home videos and moved into digital mediums, the internet made it very easy to acquire foreign media and consume it on mass. The anime generation first saw Dragon ball Z or Cowboy bebop and dived head first into the yellow menace. Easy to consume, brightly colored and appealing especially to autists anime wasted countless years of our people's lives, equally man hours in the centuries stolen straight from our men's most productive years. When confronted on this issue they will claim anime is fine, it's not Jewish and that makes it based and red pilled, despite the obvious homosexual, race mixing and women acting masculine through out the medium. As someone valuing the peak of European creativity and expression through art it's hard to see myself in the same movement as weebs. While I value European artiste and expression, I find all they value is Japanese media often with Kpop on the side if they're really deep into it. Their sexuality has been corrupted where they will repeat how disgusting western women are while lauding how submissive and traditional Asian women are (This isn't true, Asian women act submissive until they have their claws in then become mega bitches). Often white movements will promote these ideas, which are especially dangerous to young men who should be securing a wife and having children but turn to anime and video games instead. It's understandable that many damaged women exist and should be avoided but the MGTOW like mentality of weeaboos is dangerous to our people and to the happiness of men who get swallowed up by it. Their porn addictions (often to Asian women) and lack of self improvement leave them bottom of the barrel males because anime, video games and porn rule their lives. All of these things have their roots in Asia (Asian porn stars obviously) and have already proven to be disastrous for them too (Hikikomori). Excuse the rambling nature of this post but I want to discuss how we combat the Asian menace to our people. Not only are they corrupting our youth, they corrupt our identity movements too. I am tired of seeing asian style cartoon characters representing out best and brightest because our dumbest and most subverted think anime is acceptable in white spaces. It never is and should be scorned as hard as posting Jewish pornography is. Either we are Europeans with our own culture or we're global mutts that take bits from Asia, India, Africa and Europe to make one big homosexual pile of shit like all the mud people do. We cannot have it both ways and the later option is undeniably Jewish.
38 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>43602 Fuck off sagekike, you suck at being subversive.
Why not set the minimum wage at $1000 per hour and rents at $10 per month? Free money! Everyone knows that the USSR was such a huge success. What could go wrong?
>>42780 why is the nigger's hairline so far back? I mean my hairline looks like it was sponsered by McDonalds, but holy fuck that guy looks like a somalian. Shit got send back so hard I almost mistaken it for rosa parks.
>>42392 The true eternal struggle is that of the K-selected nobles against the r-selected masses. Asians are our allies against the Muslim/Nigger Horde.
>>43710 T. 50 cent army

The Great Reset Anonymous 03/19/2021 (Fri) 00:23:44 No. 42845 [Reply] [Last]
Do you think these Technocrats/Marxists will ever have their plan realized? Especially by 2030? It pains me to think that most people are so fucking stupid that they'd let these assholes, who have openly said they'd take our rights away, to come to power.
36 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>42974 Yes, full kike indeed *rubs hands vigorously*
>>42904 >men are scared/precluded to have children because wymyn want to live hedonistic lives for instagram likes FTFY
As I suspected China is the blueprint for what is happening in the West today, and will be acting as the "enforcer" for the UN Agenda 2021, and 2030. The first piece of the puzzle in the World Government. This is why Rockefeller said "the social experiment in China has been a huge success".
>>43646 Who cares fag
>>43701 >>43697 >>43694 You fucking spergs are done derailing this thread

(9.57 KB 250x250 1605862933601s.jpg)
Does Joe Biden have Kuru disease?? Anonymous 03/25/2021 (Thu) 21:19:32 No. 43197 [Reply] [Last]
-Difficulty walking checked. -Poor coordination checked. -Slurred speech checked. -Moodiness and behavioral changes checked -Dementia checked -Random, compulsive laughing(also for kamala) checked Was Trump trying to warn us?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ro0b4RJWTQ Are these people legit cannibals?? at the very least joe biden has a fucked up frontal lobe
18 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>43371 most of them live in slums, you guess there are a lot in tech and most of them are useless and more than a few have been loars/cons. there are a few that are really bright. almost all of them have that non-white retardation going on but I've met a few pajeets that are hard-core pro-white. ive been asked why are letting ourselves die out and such
>>43201 Can you not recognize a jew? The jews don't need leashes, they are not puppets or traitors, they are jews. Trump is a jew Obongo is half jew, but totally (((commie))) The Bushes are jews The Clintons are jews We are ruled by jews, not just in America, but all White countries Our "leaders" are JEWS, not puppets, not traitors, they are JEWS
>>43543 This is indeed the latest working theory. Good job, chinkbot.
Americans seem to think that the elites won't open up concentration camps or shut down the Internet because the 1% will lose money, but what if the ruling class wants you dead so that they can steal your money? The elites obviously wants the 99% dead. The ruling powers promote wars, debt, tyranny, abortion, immorality, regulations, trade wars, welfare, suicide, offshoring, illegal immigration, and want Americans to be herded into the cities so the elites can then cut off the food supply.
gookbot copypasta
>>43197 Who cares about this jewish piece of shit? Let the thread die like all jews should

How many lives has rap music ruined? Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 15:29:30 No. 39760 [Reply] [Last]
Has to be in the millions. The negro beast worships and creates a culture of death, violence, gangs, drugs, and rape. They create this culture in their communities and express themselves through their music. It is an expression of their soul, which is naturally lower than a mere beast. This is why the jew promotes the negro and negro music, to poison the souls of the White race, and ruin their lives. I know a White girl who is now in jail for attempted murder, always posting stories on her snap listening to rap, acting black, saying nigga, she was a drug dealer too. She never realized she was simply sewing the seeds of her own destruction, courtesy of the jew and the negro, constantly scheming together.
38 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>39760 is that my nigga spotemgotem?
>>40376 Eminem the jewish satanic faggot should be at the top of the list, but most if not all of the "White" rappers are definitely jews, This is something I've looked into it myself. Eminem the faggot jew was instrumental in monopolizing this whole "Battle Rap" scene for jews that has become quite big with 8 mile and now they make a fortune from controlling these major "Battle Rap Leagues", these jews love to drive around in stretch limo hummers and party in their penthouses. The leagues now have "Rap Battles" like Dizaster Vs Frak where a jew pretending to be a self hating "White" jew will propagandize young viewers for 20 minutes on "jewish persecultion" while attemting to generate as much anti white hate as possible and it ill get millions of views This "Dizaster" guy, supposedly an Arab, just lets this jew propagandize millions of young viewers. It's all like a staged performance designed to brainwash.
>>43548 I also want to say This "Arab" Dizaster promotes the lie that mongrel mixed raced jews are White by the way. I want this faggots name If anybody finds this trash entertaining they have been brainwashed. I want the black activists to receive this information and call out these coward faggots and arab faggots that side with jews and call them White, protecting the whole jewish conspiracy from being unmasked.
>>43549 His name is apparently Basir or something , possibly a crypto jew but idk, could be a foggot cuck arab, had another faggot jew friend called "Soul Khan" who is a typical ugly gnome looking jew from NY. Dizaster, you're a faggot.
(211.35 KB 680x200 KOTD-World-Domination-6ix.png)
>>43550 I'm attaching an advertisement from one of their satanic events "World Domination", just to show the arrogance of these evil jews, even the rappers in the advertisement are jews. The name Bachir Yagami looked odd at first but I decided to do some digging instead of waiting for someone who follows this shit. I can handle it from here lol.

(60.81 KB 1920x1080 memethreadtitle.png)
(302.23 KB 1200x900 memethread-photo.jpg)
Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:41:15 No. 21367 [Reply] [Last]
MEMES & OC Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.
347 posts and 470 images omitted.
>>43529 lol "rekt'em"
>>43531 >continues to be a faggot we know what you're doing here and it won't be allowed. kindly FUCK OFF.
>>43533 FUCK YOU
>>43535 >factual and important information on perforated rectums >spamming <why do i keep getting banned?
>>43535 See you later, "the american aids boy"

(90.58 KB 510x340 gallery_medium.jpg)
Too many tech-cucked young White men Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 01:49:59 ID:d59161 No. 23651 [Reply] [Last]
Why do we keep working to feed this system? Its young White men in all industries but its particularly those in STEM. Why do we stick around to fix Sandeep's mistakes? And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Muh coding, why are we so interested in such specialized stuff anyway, instead of being self-sufficient jacks-of-all-trades?
67 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>43434 >after that it is much harder to change habits or re-learned things you already learned or knew about the world. That's just an old people excuse. They just don't want to. Lazy old bums. Like grown married men who don't want to learn cooking and shove frozen pizza in the oven instead when their wives aren't cooking.
>>23658 Yeah, I bet most of the white IT-people on this board had the thoughts of "I like computers", and "I want to make things and society a better place". Instead, they >get in IT >realize that everything they like is turning to shit >instead of making everything bit better they realize are helping to make everything worse, not because they want to, but because they must if they are to get paid >and they realize are enabling kikes to turn everything to shit. >>24372 No. The logic is sound. Ofcourse, you can, and should maximise your tax-parasitism by abusing the fuck out any and all tax funded educational opportunities. Economical punishments will continue until representation improves.
>>43434 that definitely isn't true for long-lived white genes. The human body observed in r1b/r1a populations males have seen growing well into their 36 years of age. An overarching excuse is just the medical world being lazy. It definitely isn't the case for white people. My question about the hormones is more underlying, can any of these men who have basically been poisoned since birth be saved or are they completely unable to be touched? Has anyone ever done it, even as an experiment, even in public data for fun? I remember awhile back there was those four men who tested they had testosterone levels around 80 year olds, but they laughed it off.
>>43295 It's a shitty place with expensive housing and 2-hour commutes.
>>24383 ngl I've wondered if the algorithms promote indian tutorials and demote white guys the middle aged white guy coder tuts are the best, but so fucking buried

(59.34 KB 500x332 1613058422807.jpg)
When civilization collapses, new ones form Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 12:41:57 No. 41035 [Reply] [Last]
we replaced gladiators and feeding people to the lions >with kickball we replaced capable male forces >with trannys and queers we replaced our rulers >with foreigners we replaced our beautiful architecture >with commie blocks we turned out beautiful lands >into german ghettos we went from having no immigration >to being flooded with people who share no values or culture with ourselves we replaced our fully functioning, internal societal apparatus >with a racket run by barbarians who are raiding it everything is broken
95 posts and 28 images omitted.
>>43308 >Whites will be fine, its not a numbers game, never has been. We are not fine and we will not be fine. It absolutely IS a numbers game. >>43309 >No I dont, because I view these people as irrelevant. And you're wrong and I am disagreeing with you over it. >Once you secure power they are not a threat They are a permanent and irredeemable threat. All I'm hearing from you is you want window dressing and oceans of niggers and zionists all around you, patting you on the back as you take your turn at the managerial helm. The entire occupation edifice and the racial enemies who staff needs to be eradicated.
>>43310 >It is a numbers game No its not. Its quality more than quantity. The English took over the world with wooden boats and 15 million people, and your worried when there are 700 million whites globally, and at least 200 million "good" ones? Please, if 20 million whites "woke up" that would be more than enough to radically change the world from its present course. Half a million whites could administer africa if they so desired- numbers are not your issue, its quality and concentration. Good whites are dispersed. Aggregate them..by idk, building good institutions as I allude to here>>42826 , and your problem is literally solved. But people like you go "oh no da Jews they are such a threat, they're everywhere, look they're importing browns what are whites ever going to do? There is only one solution, kill 'em all!!!" Which appeals to your ape brain- i know because it used to appeal to MY ape brain! Are you going to do the killing? How many people do you need? I mean they are already killing themselves through dysgenics anyway. Once they are irrelevant the threat is removed. some will have to go, most can stay, most people believe what power believes. They are obviously NOT a permanent thread because most of history does not have OUR problems. So this irredeemable, unperishable, threat that must be eradicated popped into existence in 1400? 1100? 1748? I think not. Its a unique set of circumstances (global finance + post great war populations + academia) that make these people a threat. Its like a fire triangle, remove one of these and they stop being a threat. Since (outside of the PURGE you are quite adament on) removal of post war populations is a scarce option, remove either global finance or academia (I would choose academia) and (at least relative) sanity would return quite quickly. No one seems to have better ideas that actually work. And when people like you try anything they just advance the systems agender more than if you just built a billion zion terminators and imported a few thousand more nigs. Because you are concerned with aesthetic rather than strategy. I don't fit your "action now" aesthitic so >All I'm hearing from you is you want window dressing and oceans of niggers and zionists all around you, patting you on the back as you take your turn at the managerial helm. You LARP, like Trump larped, like the BNP larped, like Brexit was a larp, like nazis larp, like the big larp at Charlottesville... Because god forbid you had to THINK before you ACT.
>>43315 >Its quality more than quantity. The English took over the world with wooden boats and 15 million people, and your worried when there are 700 million whites globally, and at least 200 million "good" ones? You mean at a time when firearms, cannons, and steam engines were almost exclusively limited to rival European powers and the Ottomans? People like you have to be pushing this narrative for years and it has always been bullshit and always will be bullshit. The only thing you're concerned about is keeping all of the multicultural residual elements entirely in place, so you spin these fantastical tales of Cromwellian free trade parasites magically manipulating a world full of newly minted nuclear powers.
>>43315 >You LARP, like Trump larped, like the BNP larped, like Brexit was a larp, like nazis larp, like the big larp at Charlottesville Trump was not a LARP. He was an explicitly jewish capture-steam valve operation. The BNP was the real deal, which is why the jewish establishment funded and promoted UKIP to the forefront [especially with their reverse psychology campaign presenting them as "extreme radicals"]. Brexit is a geopolitical maneuver to pull the UK out of the EU and into a revivified Anglosphere, one with a dominant negro-jew cultural superstructure overlaid atop it in preparation for forever war with the EU/Russia.
>>43318 You don't know your history. I'm not pushing a narrative, I'm stating a fact. No great thing was ever built on numbers, this is democratic thinking, the scourge of the western world. The "warrior spirit" narrative is more absured. I'm talking about using 1/3 of the white population and rehabilitating the other 2/3 rds using high efficiency political mechanism. You push some crap about people with ar15s wearing bear-skins taking on the establishment with nuclear submarines. >>43319 You just construct vague narratives. Trump was not a jewish capture steam-valve operation, he was just a con man. BNP was not the real deal, as proven by their present irrelevance. Brexit is not about "preparation for the forever war", it was a shock vote that changed very little, because what was actually going to happen through parliament anyway? But no, this can all be cured when the (imaginary) warrior spirit rises and cleanses the world right? Thats what you are gunning on? May as well wait for the return of xenu my friend.

(18.77 MB 1280x720 No Regrets.mp4)
NO REGRETS Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 20:14:30 No. 34816 [Reply] [Last]
Brenton Tarrant laughs in the face of survivor >"I did not see any..regret..any shame, in the eyes of this terrorist. And he does not regret anything" https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12499397/christchurch-mosque-brenton-tarrant-laughs-british-survivor/ https://archive.fo/bTGUJ
234 posts and 117 images omitted.
(2.52 MB 1136x640 senile old retard.webm)
>>42973 same
>>34819 PRAISE HIM
(781.34 KB 2256x1697 ebba.jpg)
>>34819 PRAISE HIM also >>43085


no cookies?