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(31.48 KB 800x924 download (1).jfif)
Remember when people were saying Alex Jones was a Kike Tool? Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 05:03:22 No. 23482 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.bitchute.com/video/N14hT1bOWcSb/ He's not spilling any beans here, these arguments have been circulating but he doesn't appear to be a Jew Tool here. I guess the news, for people browsing this site it that these ideas have gotten as far as Alex Jones, and Alex Jones now sees fit to repeat them.
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(402.19 KB 622x619 aj exposed.PNG)
(130.60 KB 621x515 aj2.PNG)
(427.65 KB 627x846 aj3.PNG)
(244.14 KB 626x838 aj 4.PNG)
(270.27 KB 623x779 aj 5.PNG)
>>23482 >Remember when people were saying Alex Jones was a Kike Tool? we still are zion fag
>>23482 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EDhBiBSoY4 He literally admits that he is Jewish.
Alex Jones had his buddy, ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Hollywood, and right hand man of Kissinger, Steve Pieczenik, on the show on the 20th of August. Pieczenik openly stated that he has never been a supporter of the constitution, and that if Trump goes down the 'strong man role' will go on to Kushner. And Jones didn't pull him up on it at all. Says it all.
>>34294 Tucker not considered an ally because he won't cry Jew like a bitch is fucking retarded.

(235.51 KB 300x500 enemy6.png)
(173.99 KB 300x500 enemy5.png)
(194.50 KB 300x500 enemy4.png)
(147.18 KB 300x500 enemy3.png)
(213.20 KB 300x500 enemy2.png)
Who is the enemy? Anonymous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 04:22:38 No. 34866 [Reply] [Last]
There is no reason the images I posted should not become mainstream. There's no racism, no antisemitism. Believe it or not, most people are against the ""elite"". Just keep on pinning the public against the Elite but don't point out they're Jewish... Yet. Who else are the enemies?
>>34866 I like this idea, it should be developed more.
(198.57 KB 300x500 enemy7.png)
(9.01 KB 300x500 enemyblank.png)
>>34892 Thanks, I made one more today. Gimme some names and I can make more. Here's a template too. In Photoshop or GIMP just get rid of the white with the magic eraser tool, make the template layer in front of the portrait, and there ya go.
>>34866 A few I would try to use are Zuckerberg, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Henry Kissinger, and anybody else who the average public would notice.

(116.39 KB 750x1250 1592727293995.gif)
Just how compromised is 4chan? Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 06:53:27 No. 34602 [Reply] [Last]
I've been on that honeypot shithole for 2 years now. I know the team there from admins down to their tranny jannies are obviously compromised by kikes and their pet leftists. I'm wondering how much of a percentage of the daily posters are bots and shills. When did that shithole of a board begin to go down the toilet?
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4chan is still worthwhile because of its massive footprint amongst imageboards. I think shills and glowniggers concentrate the majority of their efforts on this site now. I dont like how there are so many antifa posters on their /pol/, I have never posted there but still post on 8, the're a lot more succinct on the topics of the day. I never post on 4chan but go there looking for memes.
(272.60 KB 816x1056 4chanbad.png)
(77.89 KB 800x1000 doasitsays.png)
>>34602 >inb4 i get banned again jannies its ok the site owner said im good
>>34861 >but go there looking for memes. newfag See >>21367
>>34826 What keywords summon bots?

(5.71 KB 219x230 download.jpeg)
Need Help Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 07:53:21 No. 35067 [Reply] [Last]
I have stalled the fuck out on what my topic should be for my capstone research paper. I want to focus on a fairly conservative issue, that has to do with the law/judicial politics. I have been looking for ideas concerning the media, but almost every academic journals is cucked beyond belief. I would really appreciate any ideas for topics that you all could give me.
1 post omitted.
>>35067 >conservative issue conservatism is dead. you're a faggot, now fuck off to 4cucks with your gay blog. i hope you get an F, for faggot
>>35067 Replicate a Dictator Game study that shows that people share less when the person they're sharing with has less in common with them.
>>35067 An unbiased look ecomonic policies, laws passed, and their effect, of the NSDAP party in the 30's
>>35067 Argue that the SCOTUS is a vehicle for (((Elites))) to push the preferred social policies of their class. Look at the career of Anthony Kennedy and his role in promoting LGBT agenda over his 30+ years on the court. Basically the way you become an SC justice is by going to one of a handful of elite law schools, which probably requires an elite undergrad, clerk for a sitting Justice, then have a largely esoteric/academic law career (no down and dirty capitalism law firm type cases that might acquaint you with the real world) with just enough political connection to be considered by the "right" people. This would all be fine if they just ruled on technical legal matters, but their decisions push the social agenda and makeup of the country. 5 isolated ivy league lawyers with minimal real world experience dictate the religious and moral course of a nation of 330 millions that look, act, and think, nothing like the people these lawyers normally associate with.
>>35083 This. Something to take an attack on "diversity" by showing it's negative traits. I know there's already plenty of studies on that, but more is always welcome to keep it in the collective unconscious.

(39.35 KB 800x550 FL265.jpg)
The Helicoptarians Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 06:38:12 ID:a510ac No. 26818 [Reply] [Last]
Sauce: https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/home/ Browsing late night I've come across this group. Seems like a secluded group of people who own land and have different laws in the US similar to Mormons. Now the important question is are they legit? Tbh seems like a pyramid scheme. I honestly doubt they'd be able to do something like this in this day and age. Especially with the crazy radical leftists running wild. Would be nice if it was legit though. A land where white men are in charge and run the show. Thoughts anons?
19 posts and 6 images omitted.
Sounds like a cult doesn't it?
>New Murdoch Murdoch Episode is out! >https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/murdoch/wizards-bros/ >Plz share.
>>28032 Given that communists are historically notorious for their lack of respect for property rights and self ownership and have been responsible for the greatest mass murders in recent human history we can deduce that they do not apply rights such as self ownership to others or themselves.Furthermore this means that communists can not be considered a mortal agent if one does not have an ability to make moral judgement.Since these moral relativists reject the notion of mortality altogether we know they are incapable of acting in moral fashion in order for rights to exist between two or more beings there must exist some level of reciprocation of rights.Such is the minimum requirements for one exist some level or reciprocation of rights.Such is the minimum requirement for one to be considered a moral being.Communists are incapable of reciprocating rights as they do not believe such things exist.We can thus conclude that communists;being incapable of showing characteristic's of humanity are therefore for all intents and purposes not human and such should be treated as dangerous primates.
>>35088 The video player of that shit site sucks.
>>29056 this is where I read them as. seems well intended, but wtf, they have 'land sales' for like 200 usd a piece but dont say where these may be. if anything, they just need some guidance on helping build the goal. someone mentioned also a lack of "God" and I agree that they will fall if they have nothing to stand with. Whether it be "God" or whatever , even something arbitrary as their cornerstone.

==OogaBoogaLoo General== Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 05:52:21 ID:5dd021 No. 28469 [Reply] [Last]
What we know. George Floyd apparently passes a counterfeit bill, gets arrested, resists a bit, then resists a bit more when they try to put him in cruiser. Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng subdue him on the ground, while Tou Thao does his best to stop onlookers from recording. George struggles for about 3 min, panting he can't breath. Onlookers point out to Thao that suspect has become unresponsive and ask him to check for a pulse. Thao does nothing. Derek Chauvin seems to let some of his weight off George's neck but makes no move to assist for the remaining 3 minutes until paramedics arrive and together they pick George's dead body up and load him into ambulance. Unlike Aubrey, this killing does not seem justified. While George was resisting somewhat the 3 officers were never not in control of the situation, and after George lost consciousness, they should have tried providing medical assistance. Cue Riots in Minneapolis, Memphis and LA. Expect to go US wide on Saturday
293 posts and 223 images omitted.
>>33664 Oh shit that got me so hard in the feels maaaaaaaaan. Shit.
>>35054 That's hilarious. Imagine being one of these retards and thinking you're overthrowing the American government
(36.77 KB 592x468 1576312338741.jpg)
(54.87 KB 539x960 1585528356223.jpg)
(168.15 KB 1080x891 1599017403773.jpg)
(597.86 KB 750x500 1599553829612.png)

(86.68 KB 578x836 canyoubearthebidenwave.jpg)
Jewish Pedo General Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 18:08:30 No. 35074 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussion and information sharring on Jewish Pedophile rings throughout the United States, The Broader Western World and Israel. /////// There isn't much left that Normies se as trully degenerate; but child rape (for now) is still one of them. To that end the exposer of Jewish child rapists is our single best tool in redpilling the masses on the satanic kike pedo fucks who rule over them. //// Redpill for New Fags >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unPXNF1kND8 Redpill for Old Fags >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlrCMhqxiDs Thread Theme >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Atqmg4Es3A
>>35074 Bump

(115.29 KB 720x718 photo_2020-03-09_17-42-32.jpg)
Wotanism - SIG Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 15:48:12 No. 35008 [Reply] [Last]
#Lesson 1 The #Wotanism is one of the most practical spiritual systems on the planet. Sometimes referred to as the "Aryan Yoga" it provides many teachings and techniques for personal empowerment, enhanced connection with Spirit, and indeed the fuller embodiment of your full potential into this world. #Wotanism is the fastest path for Aryans to achieve enlightenment because it does not require withdrawal from society, but rather encourages full participation in life and provides tools for working within our modern environment. #Wotan says that we CAN be spiritual and in the world at the same time, in fact, our daily lives are the best training ground for personal growth, mastering the process of creation, and achieving enlightenment. Wotanism will : Appease your rational mind while awakening intuition and creativity. Quiet and reorganize your mind by eliminating mental clutter, helping you accomplish more and perceive more efficiently. Clear out the sub-conscious backlog that keeps you repeating unwanted patterns of the past. Lead you to greater whole-brain processing. Expand your consciousness and awareness. Reestablish & strengthen your contact with Ases. Awaken your gifts that you received from Wotan at birth. Give you tools of empowerment that can be used to make a positive change in this world. Help you become a more masterful creator in your life. Empower you to manifest more of your full potential. And much more.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

32 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>35043 It is also just a Jungian elaboration - thanks to the gods, this god does not exist! - It was created by sordid men, for sordid men, according to their sordid needs, who then claimed that it was the opposite, and that Jehovah had “created them in his image” - which, when we knows the Jews, is not exactly flattering. Unable to decently represent him physically, they proscribed "idolatry", not without however preserving this god of more or less patriarchal traditional attributes, just as the supermarkets put on a false beard at the time of celebrations repugnant to make Santa Claus - the god of the Jews, it is very exactly the character interpreted by Gérard Jugnot (french actor)in Father Christmas is a garbage: an abject human with a false beard. The beard does not make the god, Dad Jehovah generally orders his faithful to conduct themselves as abject beings, which allows Jews give free rein to their essential nature as chicken thieves and psychopaths (cf Talmud). The collective power of all the sick spirits who venerate this god of Garbage gives him his substance, and demonstrates the effectiveness of magic: by the synchronous energy of millions of ten-watt yen, their god becomes reality. So the rabbis are right: Jehovah watches over the Jews - at least as much as his own impairments allow. This god is despicable, but so are his creators. That’s why we have to excuse Jehovah. After all, he's just a Jew, so a cripple. All of world history comes down, in the final analysis, to a death struggle between racialist natural religions and revealed universalist religions. If, as everywhere it is proclaimed, the quintessence of the revealed religion is Judaism, and if as Jung affirms, the quintessence of the European natural religion is Wotanism, I without hesitation put my faith in Wotan. I have respect for myself. I must therefore have respect for the personification of the divine that I select. But I can respect neither a badger nor a neueueu: the god of the Jews being one and the other, I do not want it at home. Not only do I reject it, but I despise it. It is all that is shabby, skimpy and sordid.
>>35045 To put it simply : any religion is a degraded, an adaptation, a specific reformulation of Magic - any priest is a degraded, an adaptation, a specific reformulation of the shaman - any religious rule is a degraded, an adaptation, a specific reformulation of the Law of Thelema. Once this basic principle has been integrated, one can embark on comparative religions without fear that it is only a work of learning, a stack of knowledge, a sterile intellectual process. So I studied thoroughly the way each religion formulates magic dogma. I wanted to be particularly unstoppable when it comes to Judaism. I deplore the ignorance of most "Judeo-skeptics". Still pass that they make fun of themselves when they are Christians, since to say stupidities and untruths is the characteristic of their religion - but I suffer when real white resistants commit a baking. So I burned the torah, the talmud, the zohar and the teaching of the main Jewish spiritual masters - but I can do as well with the Brazilian kwimbanda, the cashmere tantrism or the Sufism, if you want :) - and when I say: Wotan, the dark lord, is above all the gods, I know what I say - The Word is what allows Harmony - that is to say, the manifested Divine - to descend into the phenomenal world (binary, visible, etc.). Wotan teaches us that "Poetic Art" - the mastery of the verb, "the Word Found" - is the means for every man and woman to achieve - following the example of Bragi Bodasson who became Ase at the end of his earthly life - his humanity at the highest level, each according to his specificity. This is why Loki must - if he wants to free his son Fenrir and assure his daughter Hel an abundant clientele - to confiscate and destroy the Word, then to abolish the very principle of specificity: the more the world collapses, the more is erased the complementarity of the sexes which is the sine qua non condition for the perpetuation of life at all levels. This process is what drives man’s current propensity for suicide - spiritual, cultural and physical. It is Ragnarok.
(49.01 KB 750x743 photo_2020-03-07_02-17-26.jpg)
>>35046 The Edda reports that Týr d'Ásgard - ideal warrior - personified bushidō - had to pledge his right hand in Fenrir's mouth, so that the monster would agree to let Gleipnir go around his neck. Fenrir was tied, but Týr lost his dexter ... Translation: War is a counter-evolutionary phenomenon, which only eliminates the best - Heroism consists in being mutilated (Týr), deprived of what is most precious (his right), to support a integral lie (“Gleipnir is harmless”), in the name of “superior reasons” (The Struggle against Tyranny)… Each war destroys something of a national heritage and brings about a revolution among the vanquished which destroys an elite. Thus a society is gradually disappearing, that is to say, the art of living together in the midst of the treasures of the past. Now, the rune Tīwaz ᛏ says: "There is only war. Everything that lives is forever at war. The greatest civilizations, the most prodigious empires, die systematically as soon as they forget the war. " From this paradox (war is diametrically opposed to the order of things, since it eliminates the best, but it is also the measure of the order of things itself), our Ancestors deduced the idea of ​​Einherjar : these horrible, these absurd sufferings can only be caused, from beyond, by a terribly influential being, who uses it to recover, for his exclusive benefit, the best of men - no another rational hypothesis: Wotanism is conspiratorial even in its explanation of the Universe.
(72.96 KB 634x524 téléchargement (18).jpg)
>>35047 Garm is the monstrous dog currently chained to the entrance of the Helheim, in the Gnipahellir cave, where he guards the world of the dead. It is covered with blood, prevents the dead from leaving the Hel and the living from entering it. He will be killed by Tyr in Ragnarok, but Tyr will perish soon after being wounded by Garm. The link with Fenrir is indicated by their common breed (wolf and dog), by their enmity towards Tyr, as well as by the fact that they are both chained in a cave. But Garm has a job to do, instead of Fenrir only biting his brakes right now. Fenrir and Garm are of the same race, while being of different species: they therefore correspond to two different aspects of the same thing - in this case Tyranny. Fenrir is the literal aspect: illegitimate power, that is to say the Thirst for Power FOR Power, theleme or no theleme - It is the appetite that designs Big Brother, and that makes him the absolute enemy of great Wotan - Fenrir is the egregore that all our Joseph Fouché, but also our "wannabes leaders" feed - and the more these are anti-gifted, - the more their appetites for power come from personal complexes, - the more they communicate force to Fenrir. As the dog is the domestic wolf, Garm corresponds to tyranny in its current sense: Oppression - it is the excrement of the Way of the Warrior (this is shown by the fact that it is "covered with blood", defilement specific to warriors and which leads to a major ritual impurity): the maton, the quartermaster of Guantanamo, the American "war pig" spilling its white phosphorus, its depleted uranium, its napalm on the civilian populations, - Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, - Gaza - all that is degeneration of the Martial Way is the food that gives Garm the strength that will ultimately allow him to break his chain. Remember: "Ragnarok is absolutely inevitable, but can be pushed back indefinitely": this is the basis of our holy religion.
>>35048 It only takes a tiny permutation for Garm, the name of Hel's dog, to become Gram, the name of the sword forged by Völund with which Sigurd killed Fáfnir. Garm, the Policeman (whether he is in the mode "poor who frightens the poor" or "mercenary who kills whites in the Bataclan"), is an aborted warrior, or degraded to the point of excrement, as evidenced by his hatred of Týr d'Ásgard. But nothing exists that can't be repaired - and nothing that can't be destroyed - in the blink of an eye... The Crossroads is perpetual: we have seen the horrors of war change from knights to chop-shop guards and from shabby hock-cutters to heroes of the Resistance. The "zero to hero" is a matter of a moment: there is only one typo from Garm to Gram - but Gram itself ends up broken by the great Wotan, our master, forced to have Sigmund - his own son - killed by Hunding - a mediocre old man. The mixture of Scalde and Berseker that is our human ideal, put to death by a liberal kombini-reading boomer, because the war eliminates the best. Now, there is only war: the choice between Garm (consenting to low works in exchange for a bowl at a fixed time, and the servile comfort of not having to think anymore) and Gram (opting for heroism, that is to say, for sacrifice), this choice, I say, arises to us every second: in our Siðr (the sword represents Ziu ᛪ/ the dog represents the individual disconnected from the Divine) - in our conjugal, family, or community life - and even in our shopping (which, in liberal economy, are the only worthy vote). This is where Býleist comes to the aid of his nephew Fenrir: nothing is more testing for our inertia than this constant dilemma - and the Tyrant's sledgehammer argument is that he solves it: "secularism", i.e., "secularism". State atheism (no spiritual struggles) - destruction of the family (no responsibilities) - universalism (whether we call it Catholic Church, Communist International, or New World Order), i.e. refugees welcome (no concern for preserving the existence of our people, nor the future of our children) - in the hope, in the end, of imposing the economy of plan, which dispenses the buyer from the embarrassment of choice... Fenrir wants you "him in less good", i.e. dogs, i.e. Garm: Zero Heroes, in return for which your salary will be force reliefs in every way: chicken bones, pigeon bones, not to mention many caresses [The reading of the fable The Wolf and the Dog is indispensable to the understanding of the Garm/Gram mystery!!]. To give up Gram - the sword that kills Fáfnir - is to desert. And the Siðvenja says that the deserter is buried alive: < The coward thinks he will live forever if he keeps away from battles, but old age will deprive him of the Peace that a spear would have given him. > (Há, 16) and will catch Azheimer because who would not want to forget what he did not do?

(3.22 MB 404x680 Antifa.webm)
Antifa felony Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 12:43:39 No. 34936 [Reply] [Last]
Faggot hits drunk guy in face with skateboard for saying "nigger".
5 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>34936 Notice how that little hook-nosed kike is preying upon a skinny, hypo-gonadal, dyel, white male. If that were me, 6'6, 315 lbs of mostly muscle, then that little kike would be eating the street curb. I would crush his fucking neanderkike skull under my heel, and that's that. This faggot deserved it. The kike gave him a pretty big window to punch him in the fucking jaw. but he didn't. He, in his feminized, estrogen-filled brain, thought it would be a good idea to let the kike smash his teeth in with a fucking skate board to look like a victim for good optics. Knock the fuck's teeth out at the very least, you fucking pussy. Don't just wait to have your face caved in. All I see in this video are a Jewish soyboy and a European soy boy. If the European was a man, it would end with that Jewish faggot on the floor, picking up his teeth. No men were present in the making of this video. Might makes right.
>>35005 This. If the "man" getting smacked in the face with a skate board had a fucking sack, that little Indian faggot would be on the floor with a broken jaw. He deserved it for not fighting back. Might certainly does make right.
>>34999 >whites >not even making the W uppercase I'm not "white" you kike, I'm European. you've been found out kike lol
>>34936 Why do we have a whole thread dedicated to this gay video? Keep the kike demoralization on quarterchan. please. This is so far below the acceptable level of quality, I'm surprised it hasn't been reported. Post the webbum in the riot thread and move on. Both of the individuals in this clip are unimportant dipshits... again, creating a thread for this leads me to believe we have more kikes on this board than some would like to believe.
>>35051 honestly "white," upper or lower, is a shit term at this point. it's like a floodgate was opened and that it's almost synonymous with caucasoid (in americuntland). Euro-whatever is the superior term, although that's still pretty broad, too.

(288.34 KB 480x546 Q6FS54xYP5UJTtrs.mp4)
Anonymous 08/23/2020 (Sun) 01:18:49 No. 34436 [Reply] [Last]
Tranny hate thread. Give me your memes and gifs.
11 posts and 24 images omitted.
(1.55 MB 1280x720 dr phil tranndy and dad.webm)
>>34475 Legit feel sorry for this halfling.
>>34483 sure, but I have so many questions. How does someone with half a body function "down there" if one can even say that about him and what did the boyfriend mean by "wonderful sex life"?
>>34483 lol she kinda looks like pewdiepie's gf
(569.00 KB 896x615 Trajic.png)
(383.88 KB 960x508 1594858979630.png)
(57.53 KB 686x931 1590370745973.jpg)


no cookies?