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(181.50 KB 1125x928 goodbyetrump.jpg)
will 16chan be safe after Communism internet purge? Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 03:02:12 No. 39159 [Reply] [Last]
Will 16chan be safe from all the censorship that occurred today?
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>>39212 >q fags should be rounded up and shot Yes, but after the DOTR. With their shear numbers, they have been proven to be useful idiots in acceleration thus far.
>>39159 I hope it
>>39231 test
>>39165 Get off this board cunt.
(1.28 MB 1920x960 8chcontainmentshut2.png)
>>39159 >Will 16chan be safe from all the censorship that occurred today? >unironically caring weak You think a system whose strength lies in the AI coding of a soy-infused tranny & pajeet streetshitter can replace the creativity of an alpha white man? Thousands of years of history say "No." Expect a weak system that is suicidal. Think cross-eyed Panoticons, anti-semetic AI, self-conflicting 'logic', and such. In a society where living double-think lies is required fashion, those who follow Truth have x-ray vision.

(90.58 KB 510x340 gallery_medium.jpg)
Too many tech-cucked young White men Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 01:49:59 ID:d59161 No. 23651 [Reply] [Last]
Why do we keep working to feed this system? Its young White men in all industries but its particularly those in STEM. Why do we stick around to fix Sandeep's mistakes? And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Muh coding, why are we so interested in such specialized stuff anyway, instead of being self-sufficient jacks-of-all-trades?
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(787.34 KB 683x1024 1515519847974.jpg)
>>23651 we should use your knowledge and permissions to crash the system. do as much damage as you can. wreck the whole thing remember remember the fith of november. this year
(164.11 KB 1080x1349 tumblr_ogaty1d0e71rsezm9o1_1280.jpg)
>>23651 Because something something excuse me while I bang your girl.
>>36650 There are always alternatives for every product, usually cheaper and better for you anyway. I've been using this list for years to avoid proctor and gamble products. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Procter_%26_Gamble_brands
>>23651 I can give you first hand experience. In my backwards country obviously to "Become an IT guy" (programmer/designer) was the big thing...you were gonna get hired by a western company and make $ and mom would be proud! Its how chinese want their kids to become doctor. And its still an awesome job, compared to what i could have been doing. But most positions have started to really become too annoying. Im a designer now, i make banners that are already made, i dont even have to do the design. I dont have to think, stress and get people to like it. On my last job though it had become too annoyng to deal with. Senior designer cunt...weekly meetups, inspecting your work, trying to push you to work more every month, trying to find flaws to keep you down etc. The purpose of a job is to do something that doesnt stress or tire you too much, and more importantly not having to deal with cunts who make you angry. So working with customers and having to take shit and attitude would be the absolute hell for me. You can still be a jack of all trades. On the weekends i go play in the villa. I collect fallen branches, I chop them for firewood. I play gardener, i paint my stone slabs, etc. You can be anything you want nowadays. There are guides for everything. Learn to lockpick. Learn gardening. Learn preserving food, self defense, traps, welding, building, painting etc.
>>38468 and to answer your question: You dont have to keep feeding the system as soon as you get an ok car and a house (even a fucking shack). Really. I ordered some pads to raise my car so i can haul stuff, and i dont have any desire to buy a "newer german car" or a SUV. Its just not worth spending 10k for a "oh this is slightly nicer interior i guess" When you get a chill place and a car, the only thing you get to spend your money from now on is...tools..that give you even more freedom. Normies feed the system because they keep upgrading their phone, pc and car every 2 years.

(561.26 KB 867x590 The Phoenix Project.png)
Asha Logos' new video, The Phoenix Project Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 05:31:23 ID:0d3ba9 No. 23993 [Reply] [Last]
Asha Logos has uploaded a new video, "The Phoenix Project". If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSXX00X4NE Also highly recommend his "Our Subverted History" playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo
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>>38191 Yah I have my own riot server, I figured it out by going to the jewtube video. There weren't any of the links under the bitchute one so I wasnt sure what I was looking at. Ty
(270.05 KB 450x360 texan2.png)
>This is an (overly) ambitious video. I attempt to explain the broad strokes of a philosophy and worldview, paint contrasts between an 'is' and 'could be', and most importantly, encourage unconventional broad-picture thinking of the type we so need right this moment. I'd ask you to try to part with labels (republican, conservative, socialist, capitalist..) as you listen, and consider that most of these are antiquated, constraining, narrow and unhelpful.. and that ideal solutions might be found elsewhere. >I've purposefully gone to some 'extremes', mentioning (without elaboration!) things like centrally planned economies or meritocratic councils of judges to help eliminate vices and guide the cultural development path, in an attempt to break away from current thought-forms and conceptions and encourage unconventional thinking on the broadest level. >Things are moving very quickly now, with so many variables at play.. and though I do have a good feeling about the general 'inertia', I can't be certain what might occur in D.C. on the 6th, or 20th. For these reasons and others, I think speaking to specific solutions or paths forward is less valuable than finding core conceptions we might agree upon and rally around - and begin creating 'idea pathways' accordingly. The envisioning of new frameworks and fleshing out of such concepts takes time.. and the clock is ticking. >To summarize the key points, I believe we need.. 1. ..true 'nations' - which aren't like hotels, airports, or shopping malls, but rather a *home* to a *family*: 'Philia' is key. 2. ..to simplify, and to learn to need and want *less*, with a renewed focus on what truly matters. 3. ..to studiously develop any new structure (political, economic, spiritual, philosophical) from the ground up with an eye towards staving off even the most creative attempts at subversion, parasitism, corruption foremost in mind. 4. ..to cultivate something of a new human type, an 'Overman' that bends the knee only to God - immune to petty temptations and distractions, fostering a relationship with the divine in their place - everywhere seeking to manifest greater strength, health, and beauty 5. ..to be willing to fight not merely to better our own lot, but that of others.. with a recognition that a failure here essentially guarantees the international domination of an enemy ideology/culture - which would then proceed to place us foremost in the crosshairs, with unlimited money and manpower at their disposal - making it both the right thing to do, and an absolute *necessity*. >We may be nearing a point at which those that refuse to accept the worldview pushed by the media and their handlers will be 'locked out', accordingly.. economically, socially/culturally, politically. The 'virus' may be this trigger. The ideal preparation for this would be to reach a place where nothing is *needed* from this corrupt system and its willing collaborators, and to be in a position to help like-minds in similar positions around the world.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>24014 This. So tired of people believing trump is still anti-establishment. How retarded can you be, he has freaking Jewish grand children, all his children are married to Jews. His freaking senate was choke full of Jews, he has the tree of life award, ect, ect. It’s all so tiresome. Hopefully the Trump niggers disappear now that Biden is in

(485.22 KB 1280x706 1598464645286.webm)
Kyle Rittenhouse Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 19:46:19 No. 34513 [Reply] [Last]
Still don't have full story, but the (((victims))) are shown attacking Kyle, and he is seen retreating before opening fire. MSM is already portraying him as some kind of neo natzee who was walking around shooting "peaceful protesters"
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(457.60 KB 130x212 Dancing Israeli.gif)
>>34513 Oy Vey Do the shekel shuffle Goyim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVa0NwaQpiM
(128.73 KB 1242x734 1610201433746 - Copy.jpg)
(69.01 KB 480x887 ErPbOmFXAAEwxhf.jpg)
(34.56 KB 828x460 ErPbNFVW4AA3FIb.jpg)
Free as Fuck
>>39208 >Rittenhouse -- who just turned 18 -- hit up a bar in Mt. Pleasant, WI earlier this week with his parents and enjoyed a beer ... according to our sources. As you can see ... he was sporting a shirt with the phrase, "Free as F***." >If you're wondering how he was allowed to drink alcohol, you're not alone ... but it's actually allowed per Wisconsin law if a person under 21 is with a parent, guardian or spouse of legal drinking age

(158.18 KB 549x1280 IMG_20200619_082934_948.jpg)
how's your victory garden going king? Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 17:27:20 ID:a52770 No. 29610 [Reply] [Last]
post pics of garden and share tips, or make excuses for why you can't feed yourself
36 posts and 30 images omitted.
>>38376 Why do you think i'm trolling? It works.
>>38366 Lots of clay and hard rocks with fairly long grass growing on it, you're probably better off turning over your soil in our case but if you just dump tons of organic matter on top of cardboard it will rot and inhibit weeds and you can grow directly in it.
>>38382 You must be growing over a large area or are very lazy (meaning you're a nigger). Why not go with raised beds? Growing on top of cardboard is not the path of the Aryan. Niggerfaggot.
>>38397 I have an area that would be akin to 5 raised beds next to one another. That cardboard takes like 1 month to break down and by the time it does plants can grow roots through it. Think of a forest anon, each autumn leaves fall, branches fall in wind onto the forest floor and decay feeding everything else. Nature has no problems with this method
>>29769 This is good.

(262.77 KB 1057x1065 if only BLM.ireland edition.jpg)
Government UK LTD dissolving Anonymous 01/04/2021 (Mon) 18:56:24 No. 38810 [Reply] [Last]
came across this information earlier. the person named on the paperwork appears to be from coutts banking family, the bank which the queen uses. maybe check if something similar is happening in your own nation. video 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygfcJJX_VR0 video 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woP84rENnoo
19 posts and 3 images omitted.
This shit seems like "sovereign citizens" from the US and "Reichsbürger" from Germany. It's all a US-psyop to make people believe bullshit, so they are no longer a threat to the Jew governments. Listen up Brits, the crown doesn't and can't do shit and isn't responsible for anything happening in your country! >>38811 >the same half a dozen conspiracy theories? It's always the same few because kikes aren't good writers.
(53.26 KB 350x478 350px-Peter_fitzek_2017.jpg)
This is Peter Fitzek. He wants to be the next king of Germany by taking over with his Kingdom Germany Inc. To me he looks like a Jew.
>>38963 >This shit seems like "sovereign citizens" from the US and "Reichsbürger" from Germany. It's all a US-psyop to make people believe bullshit, so they are no longer a threat to the Jew governments. >>38963 >This shit seems like "sovereign citizens" from the US and "Reichsbürger" from Germany. It's all a US-psyop to make people believe bullshit, so they are no longer a threat to the Jew governments. see >>38954 >>38955 >>38963
>>38965 thats definitely a genestealer. nothing godly about him. thats a kike without a doubt

(554.90 KB 1774x3362 ACAB-Coms.jpg)
(410.63 KB 1774x2304 BLM2020-Coms.jpg)
What's the frequency Kenneth? Anonymous 01/06/2021 (Wed) 02:01:52 No. 38869 [Reply] [Last]
So with antifa and blm going to stir up shit in DC tomorrow, how do you think they will coordinate? Say if some antifa and blm from the washington state area were to go to DC, would they use the same coms they did during the riots? No guarantee they would, but if they did, it would be crazy for someone that will be in DC to clone their coms and record everything to release to the public.
1 post omitted.
>>38883 >It's over. It's just starting dipshit. You think what happened is just some 'topkek'? Congress just proved how easy it is to actually take them out in their precious halls. Seeing Confederate flags in the Senate? Go back to half-chan, seethe moar and cope harder.
>>38898 The power in the US isn't actually in Congress. It's in Silicon Valley.
>>38899 Banksters are the real power, because nothing can be done without their fake money. But that said, it's probably much easier to break into a big tech building than the White House.
>>38899 >Silicon Valley That's a weird way to spell Israel.
>>38881 >>38883 Looks like that the demoralization brigade is once again johnny-on-the-spot for posts regarding these kinds of events. No surprises there, unemployed niggers haven't got much else to do. >>38901 My friend, I too once thought this way. I've since come to the conclusion that Israel is just a toy. A hobby, if you will. Even in Israel right-wing movements are suppressed. I mean, you should never trust a kike and just don't even talk to the ones who can't go 15 minutes without mentioning they're jews, but I beg you to try and take a deeper understanding of the power structures at play here. The powerful kikes and their anglo-american slaves would personally gas every jew not in powerful enough to gas them back if it gave them the complete wealth of the world they desire. Anyways, the events at hand: Very interesting. No doubt this is all off-script. Everything from Trump's side has seemingly been since he pulled the plug on the Iran war. Everything was in place, and when he killed it he cost a lot of people a lot of money. That can't be allowed to happen again. I suspect that is the root of all of this turmoil. The useless talk has always been there, but mercenaries burning cities? The blantantly rigged election removing any shred of any integrity this system has to all but the completely brainwashed? The main business of America is WAR, don't ever forget that. I think this is neither over nor just beginning, but there is a great power struggle going on in this country. A lot of white Americans have been made desperate by the economic warfare of the last year. People with nothing left to lose. Not sure whats going to happen next, but stay tuned folks.

(86.68 KB 578x836 canyoubearthebidenwave.jpg)
Jewish Pedo General Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 18:08:30 No. 35074 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussion and information sharring on Jewish Pedophile rings throughout the United States, The Broader Western World and Israel. /////// There isn't much left that Normies se as trully degenerate; but child rape (for now) is still one of them. To that end the exposer of Jewish child rapists is our single best tool in redpilling the masses on the satanic kike pedo fucks who rule over them. //// Redpill for New Fags >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unPXNF1kND8 Redpill for Old Fags >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlrCMhqxiDs Thread Theme >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Atqmg4Es3A
11 posts and 8 images omitted.
(252.81 KB 671x671 au0lvu7tkmr51.png)
>>35075 >>35827 >>35829 best bet is trying to bait them chris hansen style, let them rot in jail, or hell.
>>35822 I always knew Sargon of Akkad was a pedo
>>35909 It's funnier if the lolbertarian text actually says something like they would say. "Um akshually, this isn't pedophilia because pedophilia is sexually attraction to girls under 11. Hebephilia is being attracted to girls 11 to 15. omg how don't you know this? Also, the age of consent is an illiberal (I am speaking of classical liberalism, didn't you know? Get on my level, ignoramus lol) concept. Children should be free economic agents and if they consent..." Something like that.
(3.99 MB 1740x4917 black-metal.png)

(22.52 KB 600x600 naziwojakwithelmet.jpg)
(469.17 KB 540x735 nazitrump.png)
On the Question of Donald Trump Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 22:34:10 No. 35399 [Reply] [Last]
One of the things that drove me in my youth to become so heavily interested in those ideas which are considered by our broader liberal culture to be "far right" was a fundamentally critical mind preoccupied with a pass time of analysis of narratives. In my adolescence this took the form of questioning the Narrative of human equality, as well of that of the holocaust and eventually those deeper philosophical questions regarding the liberal view of man and his pro-ported nature there in. But as of late, I have found myself most engrossed in the questioning of the Narrative that >"Donald Trump is a Kike Puppet." This theory doubtlessly has it's evidence. Trump's bombing of Syria, his promotion of homosexuality on the world stage, and his generally pro-israeli policy (particularly in the area of Palestine) all point to this being the case. Yet there are undeniably some actions which i cannot with intellectual integrity categorize as "kiked" which lead me to believe that, whatever the truth may be, it is more complex then merely >Orange man jewed. In particular actions such as his refusal to oust assad (which was supported even by politicans as "dovish" as (((bernie sanders)))) his refusal to go to war with Iran (who i would argue any other president of the last 40 years would have engaged given such opportunity) his moves against the rise of chinese power (who has been set up to be the post US kosher superpower to protect israel and who's rise would stand to make israel the most wealthy nation on the face of the planet; google new silk road initiative) his executive order made at the begining of coronavirus regarding immigration (which has cut immigration to its lowest point since the 1965 immigration act which Biden is openly running on immidiately repealing) his moves against the teaching of critical race theory and cultural marxism both in government and in education (a move I personally NEVER thought any politician in my lifetime would even for a moment consider) and perhaps most profoundly his criticism, interventionism and arguable psudo-nationalization of the Federal Reserve (which historically presidents understand to be well above their station) give me pause when considering Trump to be purely and souly a controlled actor. To be clear I DO NOT Think that Trump is a "secret National Socialist" Nor do I think he is playing "4DChess" But i am none the less unsure as to how several of the actions throughout his presidency are that inline with jewish interests in general and the idea that his actions are inherently in line with Jewish interest by virtue of them being his actions seems to me to speak to a sort of intellectual laziness unbecoming of those of us who on the legitimate right. None of us can know fully the machinations of the cabal which dominates virtually ever level of our media, political and financial institutions in the west. But it in so far as i can tell, Trump inherently CANNOT be a truly controlled actor as his actions have at least in part run counter to (((their))) goals. And being as this is the case i must thus conclude that he considerably better then all given alternatives at the moment as the exinstence of a non-controlled actor at such a high level of power moves the needle in /our/ direction and towards /our/ politics in a manner which is not just the "lesser of two evils" but is infact gaining ground for /our/ world view in a way not seen in litteral decades of US presidents. If you would like to disagree with me or offer counter arguments to me I would be more then happy to adress those arguments. But i would ask that you not sully your own character by engaging in statements which are not purely logical and factual as it is only through this realm of thought and this realm of thought alone then men who care for the wellbeing of their people have any hope of acting for the betterment of their race to any extent.
45 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>35399 https://www.bitchute.com/video/FrcwIlEmYSam This here is more than enough to throw Trump in the trash can and never look back. He's a completely immoral scumbag. Whatever silver lining you might be seeing was just him trying to maintain his image in order to be reelected. I have no doubt he would have gone deep throat on that Chabad dick on his second term.
(1.05 MB 333x250 1376545232172.gif)
>>38780 >Zion Don pardons many kikes including Jared Kushner's father >Congress passes bill under the table that makes anyone streaming copyrighted material charged with a felony This is why migapedes are a lost cause. It's also more proof that the kikes are planning to shut the internet down. It's not even February yet and already the kikes are laying down the groundwork to censor the internet and suppress the truth.
>>38730 There is no long-term jewish bet with China. That's where present tension is coming from. Jews have realized they are never going to be able to buy their way in and it is simply never going to happen for them there. They don't have another host.
>>38787 Interesting take. Can you elaborate on how you reached this conclusion? It is not readily apparent to me so I am interested in hearing your reasoning.
>>38792 US policy is jewish policy. US is hostile to China. Jews are hostile to China.

(115.36 KB 1281x641 flag of rhodesia.png)
(664.65 KB 497x524 SelousScoutRestsHisFeet.png)
No Rhodesia thread? Let's fix that. :) Anonymous 12/28/2020 (Mon) 02:06:11 No. 38197 [Reply] [Last]
I hope at least one fun thread is ok here. I'll start off. Here is the flag of the Republic of Rhodesia and two pic of the SAS and Selous Scouts respectively in order. Because there is so much room and 16chan is gearing up to be better than 8chan, let's look into these groups with a little detail. ____ SAS: The SAS were the Rhodesians answer to the RLI's commando operations. Whereas the RLI was the go-to force for military operations within the bush in the country's frontier, it was also helpful just past the country's borders. The SAS on the other hand, was to be deployed several kilometres past Rhodesia's border deep into enemy territory. Countries such as Zambia, Mozambique and in some isolated cases, Botswana. It should be noted that Botswana claimed that insurgents, mainly if not entirely, from ZIPRA were only able to operate in the country due to incompetence on the government's fault, however, a platoon of British SAS (at the request of Joshua Nkomo) were caught operating radio relays and other radio nodes within the country (It was also rumoured at the time that Angola was planning, along with Zambia and Mozambique, a full-scale invasion of Rhodesia, but this never came to fruition as Ian Smith threw in the towel). Nonetheless, The SAS' primary function was not the traditional guerilla-style of shoot and scoot, rather, targets were selected carefully and overwhelming firepower was employed as well as strategic economic targets such as the oil refinery in Beira. The SAS was also tasked with using their specially-made vehicles, such as "Hotlips" and the "Crocodile" heavily armed APCs, to inflict massive damage on armoured enemy convoys which acted as a stop gap. The SAS troopie was armed and equipped with the typical FAL, but unlike the RLI's 4-man stick with 3 FALs to 1 Mag, the SAS stick was typically armed with 2 FAL and 2 RPDs, but sometimes the stick bold enough to equip 1 FAL and 3 RPD gunners. Oftentimes, the SAS found themselves short on FAL ammo, so a stick, or several, would operate with 2 AKMs and 2 RPDs. A further variation existed with sticks incorporating RPG rocketers should a column of heavy vehicles require it as well as their use of landmines for such harassment operations. ____ Selous Scouts: A secretive group formed in 1973 originally from hyperactive and ambitious members of the BSAP's Special Branch, The Selous Scouts also recruited from the RLI and SAS much to both of the latter's chagrin; though being recruited from either branch to the Scouts was not a guarantee that one had what it took to become a Scout. Nonetheless, the Selous Scouts' primary objective was smaller scale, and primarily focused on military intelligence gathering notably from ZANLA insurgents (ZIPRA was more conventional and was a tougher nut to crack due to being better trained than ZANLA). Nonetheless, the Selous Scouts' excellent gathering of intel was the reason that the fireforce operations were so successful, also in part due to the mentality of the Scouts acting and thinking like the insurgents themselves. Besides this passive information gathering, the Scouts also proved their worth in kidnapping individual insurgent leaders, as well as sniffing them out when they were in-country. Despite all of this, the Scouts also proved themselves to be excellent tactical operators such as in the case of Operation Eland, aka the Nyadzonya raid, whereby 84 Scouts occupying 4 armoured cars and 7 trucks, killed over 1,000 insurgents and are estimated to have injured more than double that amount. ___ Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to share anything related.
92 posts and 42 images omitted.
>>38771 Can enable IDs if preferred. They do make convo's easier to follow but with most anons using vpns, found they had less value.
>>38772 It's not the VPNs I'm concerned about, it's about spotting a troublemaker and being better able to ID him. That was how anon's were able to finger that one jackass from FBI who was fedposting about committing illegal acts of terrorism and violence in California. The board owner and the posters need to be wary about all of the risks and how best to mitigate them, otherwise this place might end up like 8chan. BTW, does a VPN change the user's ID with every post? If not, I am not sure how they are not valued. Are you also the board owner?
>>38774 The id's are tied to ip, so if some ip hops daily they will change t. janny
>>38773 ids wont help discussion. in fact, it will cause harm because the more naive users will assume a false sense of trust with an id system which will enable easier trolling for faggots who think theyre special for hopping ips with a vpn or vps. posters are, by far, best identified through post content more than anything else. that is to say, argue with ideas and not personas. midwit posters can be identified through writing patterns and retards through ids, but trolling with even a slight amount of effort isnt so obvious.
>>38776 I think the proof is in the pudding. Post quality on /pol/ has improved since the removal of IDs. I agree with your reasoning as well.


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