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WEBM / MP4 VIDEO DROP BOX Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 07:49:10 No. 38012 [Reply] [Last]
Post 'em.
Edited last time by Anonymous on 03/27/2021 (Sat) 09:18:44.
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(41.81 MB 1280x720 IsItPaganByGoebbels.mp4)
(23.88 MB 1280x720 Hitlercompilation.mp4)
(29.07 MB 1280x720 Hitlerstoodupforyourrights.mp4)

(1.72 MB 540x304 happ.gif)
OPERATION: RATTLE THE FROG Anonymous 10/29/2020 (Thu) 12:45:41 No. 36308 [Reply] [Last]
Very easy: go on social media and make #guerrecivile (civil war), #réemigration and #armée trend in response to any tweet about the latest attacks. It's all about putting the possibilities in people's mind.
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>>36308 I still use social media to expose the evil kikes in the most provocative ways possible. Fuck them. Just create a million throwayay acounts and use hash tags to spread facts on slavery, fords book, rile up the niggers. It's gereat.
>>36485 It's only the newfags that fall for these shillkikes. There must be hundreds of millions of real jew haters out there, bro. Their days are numberer either way, they are just buying/wasting time
>>36353 You should be banned for incitement since any sane man would want to remove some slopes just from reading that fag shit.
>>41073 You should be banned for going through the catalog and bumping all the old threads. I know exactly what you are up to you fucking shill faggot cunt. Now all that remains is to see if the board owner cucks out and bans me, like he did before, or if he shows courage and bans you.
>>36308 It would also rally Latinos who already fight with niggers constantly, giving us some help with the niggers, the Jews and cucks. A war at this point is a bad idea, we lack. Gain white unity before hand then think of war so we would actually have a military. Yet again if we had white unity enough to rally and army we wouldn't need a war. We would just rally all the nonwhites and send them tf back or send them to camps for real this time. >>36311 Genius >>36392 Oh did I just see a little roman Salut there? oui-oui I like.

(3.90 MB 640x730 Boys are back.webm)
Reverse Judaism and Racism 2 Anonymous 03/26/2021 (Fri) 13:34:17 No. 43224 [Reply] [Last]
These are real positions, allow me to define them for you and then you can reply with your opinions on them: Reverse Judaism: basically, take judaism, and swap the places of the jews with the Aryan Gentiles. Aryans (instead of "jews") are obligated to inherit the Earth, all other races must be subjugated to the Aryan (instead of "jewish") will, except for jews (instead of "Aryans"), who are to be exterminated completely. The qlippoth of the kabbalah is inverted, the Aryan Man aligns himself to the will of Nature (as indicated by evolution), or God (as indicated by nature), and he does so by loving his Race, and hating all that threatens it (which are the jews and the freedom of most other races). Racism 2 ("next level racism" or "becoming the monster (((they))) say we are"): The idea can be approximated as "the hollywood nazi is actually the best thing to be", it's looking at "wignat" racism and asking "hey, what's wrong with that?" It's not an exact definition, as a lot of the degenerate chaff is discarded from the core of the idea, like doing drugs, or being a skinhead, or anything else like that. But the general attitude of "why should we not despise other races to the core of our being and seek their destruction for increasing our living space? they seek it out against us, and they will never be dissuaded from this goal, so why should we share a planet with a people bent on our destruction? it's like living with a rabid dog, plus, there is a lot to be gained from their absence besides the security of our people" Exceptions could be made, of course, for a lot off asians (not talking about the chinks here) are not interested in being a threat to us, so we could leave them well alone, but for the rest, the question of "what's in it for us (Whites) to keep you around (on the planet)?" needs to be asked. If there is nothing in it for us to tolerate the existence of other races, then it is better to remove them, acquire what they possess, and neutralize any threat they may pose down the line.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Chinese Economic Warfare Anonymous 03/21/2021 (Sun) 14:57:01 No. 42992 [Reply] [Last]
Thought I would post this topic as it seems very overlooked by many on the right. There is a huge issue in the West (and even globally) going on with counterfeit goods produced by the immoral yellow jews in the East (PRC chinks). In fact, it's so bad now that trying to buy ANY product from a brand known for producing high quality consumer goods (whether it be phones, electronics, memory cards, auto parts, video games, even some food) results in having to to do time consuming research online and vetting to avoid getting ripped off with a fake. It's gotten to the point where the counterfeits are so close to the real thing that most normal, even moderately informed people, are tricked by the deception, and when the fake goes bad or performs badly (which they usually do) it reflects badly on the actual brand instead of the fakers themselves. This is the first most damaging aspect of this type of economic warfare, but the second and perhaps most insidious effect of this chink counterfeiting operation is the damage it does to not only individuals, but to the overall economics of a nation. The tactic itself is very subversive and communist in origin. Every time a counterfeit product is sold knowingly/unknowingly it siphons money away from the local economy and transfers that money to the Chinese economy. It doesn't sound like much on an individual scale, but just think of the millions of individuals, businesses having their money ripped off from the fakes en-masse by being duped into purchasing fakes and we are talking about BILLIONS of dollars being transferred in wealth to China, outside of the already captive manufacturing market they have. At the same time as the wealth transfer, people now are stuck with inferior products that may or may not cause catastrophic damage to existing, high quality equipment (especially cars) and the damage is far worse than simple money being stolen. It's a soft form of terrorism; they are diluting the markets of high quality goods with cheap, garbage imitation products, stealing money from people and businesses, driving up inflation, creating paranoia and doubt among the buying public, and taking away purchasing power from the individual as a result. The worst aspect of this is that companies like Amazon, or even Ebay do nothing to stop it, infact Amazon almost operates as a division of Alibaba with a different logo. Always pushing the garbage chink shit held up with fake positive reviews. They also censor constructive negative reviews to keep the truth under wraps. I'm convinced that Amazon is one of the biggest parts of the jewish operation to transfer the last remaining Western wealth to the Chinese. Not to mention the complete and total waste of environmental resources used to produce deliberately inferior goods intended to deceive and make a buck at any cost and they fit the yellow jew, the sick man in Asia, label perfectly.
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>>43160 >>UK join USA via UKIP Brexit was a plan to join USA, and not to be independent? In a certain globalist sense, that holds (if we view the FBI/CIA/Dem-Neocon/Media/University axis as 'them', and the globalist parts of the UK acting and believing themselves as one unit -> thus not so much splitting off of the Hanseatic cities (a different communist group of old times) so much as cutting them off for political expediency). However, I don't seek the UK completing any integration into the USA. The UK is horrifically dependent on Hamburg and the Hanseatic cities' exports to it. And the migrant floods, a shortest-of-short-sighted-idiocy-gambit there ever was (to attack from below), plus the financialized 'elite' bag holders of foreign interest vis-a-vis Saudi/India/Pakki/China/etc (to float from the lower of the upper positions of capital), are not going to play out with the USA. The USA simply does not have the account structures and ports and time and energy to fulfill any meaningful 'other-side' of the equation. Effectively, even with (or in spite of, or both) the 2020/C19/etc, the UK cannot integrate with the USA. I guess I genuinely thought the UK was trying to go part independent. Maybe it never was. Nevertheless, a USA-UK integration would require a WWII era full commit of merch routes, which would need such a massive realignment of USA economic systems, that I don't see that as feasible. Under any century, let alone this one. None of this makes any sense. The UK already sucks the US's dick and has been since WW2. They follow them into every jew backed war in the middle east.
>>43078 >manufactured in italy... by towns of imported chink laborers, as proven by the two components of the C19 spread pattern: deaths by high-spore-count rapid transmission from Wuhan to trans-chink-italy "made in italy" slave cities (in-depth networks)(primary death spread) + wide 'in-breath' thin networks of trade and goods scalpers running around borders with milk / 'fine'/trade-name chocolates / PPE masks etc / smokes (primary irrelevant spread, no deaths, spore counts too low). The former pattern (spread by in-depth trade network, via decades-invested "made in italy" "made in swissland" etc) was glowingly illuminated less than a year ago. Are we all so forgetful? Made in Italy = Louis Vuitton = Lies for financialized spam (aka Spic-Nog-Cycle with Chink amplification on goods). There is no made in Italian blood lines for most mercantile goods. Sorry.
>>43162 I may have been responding to a now deleted post. That post may have been asserting that Brexit was a "Join the USA" endeavor. I was attempting to beg clairification, and assert my own disbelief that, regardless of the depths of AngloKike controlled UK, a UK-USA alignment is less attainable than actually attainable.
>>43166 Ok bot. You so smart.
I 100 percent agree. Shit, even if you don't buy a striaght up fake, plenty of authentic products contain parts from China, or Taiwan, one of those commy shit holes. I also agree that this shit breaks, within months if not weeks. You want to buy a 1000 dollar smart phone? Better get a fucking warranty, i would bet the same amount that it doesn't last 1-2 years. If even that. It truly creates consumer doubt and i specifically avoid buying from China, as much as i can. Another way you can combat this is return scams, or refund services. This allows you to fight back against the e commerce companies whoring the American consumer to China. Amazon, target, home depot, Walmart all have great refund policies, you can exploit this and get refunds on your item up to 85 percent, using various refund services. They contact support for you and have items refunded to you and then you pay the refer. Alternatively, you can exploit various DNA, double dip and also send old items back to get new ones. The way i see it, is if you are going to sell me shit, YOU'RE going to pay for it, bezos. It's not like it's hurting your bottom line, kike. I know we make fun of it a lot/call reddit gay. But plenty details of the methods mentioned here are found on that site. You can also buy hacked streaming/porn accounts and sell them back to various npcs. As well as food accounts taco bell/wendies/instacart with the ccs attached. Plebbit is more or less an intermediary, that allows you to find the discord, or shoppy that helps you find the service you want. This is all legit as well, ive refed everything from a 65 inch screen TV to a brand new pc, many free lunches from food accounts, and sold countless streaming services back to friends and others. Don't fucking give these companies another dime. They deserve to lose a few million a year due to fraud, especially after whore themselves out to those diseased chinks

(115.36 KB 1281x641 flag of rhodesia.png)
(664.65 KB 497x524 SelousScoutRestsHisFeet.png)
No Rhodesia thread? Let's fix that. :) Anonymous 12/28/2020 (Mon) 02:06:11 No. 38197 [Reply] [Last]
I hope at least one fun thread is ok here. I'll start off. Here is the flag of the Republic of Rhodesia and two pic of the SAS and Selous Scouts respectively in order. Because there is so much room and 16chan is gearing up to be better than 8chan, let's look into these groups with a little detail. ____ SAS: The SAS were the Rhodesians answer to the RLI's commando operations. Whereas the RLI was the go-to force for military operations within the bush in the country's frontier, it was also helpful just past the country's borders. The SAS on the other hand, was to be deployed several kilometres past Rhodesia's border deep into enemy territory. Countries such as Zambia, Mozambique and in some isolated cases, Botswana. It should be noted that Botswana claimed that insurgents, mainly if not entirely, from ZIPRA were only able to operate in the country due to incompetence on the government's fault, however, a platoon of British SAS (at the request of Joshua Nkomo) were caught operating radio relays and other radio nodes within the country (It was also rumoured at the time that Angola was planning, along with Zambia and Mozambique, a full-scale invasion of Rhodesia, but this never came to fruition as Ian Smith threw in the towel). Nonetheless, The SAS' primary function was not the traditional guerilla-style of shoot and scoot, rather, targets were selected carefully and overwhelming firepower was employed as well as strategic economic targets such as the oil refinery in Beira. The SAS was also tasked with using their specially-made vehicles, such as "Hotlips" and the "Crocodile" heavily armed APCs, to inflict massive damage on armoured enemy convoys which acted as a stop gap. The SAS troopie was armed and equipped with the typical FAL, but unlike the RLI's 4-man stick with 3 FALs to 1 Mag, the SAS stick was typically armed with 2 FAL and 2 RPDs, but sometimes the stick bold enough to equip 1 FAL and 3 RPD gunners. Oftentimes, the SAS found themselves short on FAL ammo, so a stick, or several, would operate with 2 AKMs and 2 RPDs. A further variation existed with sticks incorporating RPG rocketers should a column of heavy vehicles require it as well as their use of landmines for such harassment operations. ____ Selous Scouts: A secretive group formed in 1973 originally from hyperactive and ambitious members of the BSAP's Special Branch, The Selous Scouts also recruited from the RLI and SAS much to both of the latter's chagrin; though being recruited from either branch to the Scouts was not a guarantee that one had what it took to become a Scout. Nonetheless, the Selous Scouts' primary objective was smaller scale, and primarily focused on military intelligence gathering notably from ZANLA insurgents (ZIPRA was more conventional and was a tougher nut to crack due to being better trained than ZANLA). Nonetheless, the Selous Scouts' excellent gathering of intel was the reason that the fireforce operations were so successful, also in part due to the mentality of the Scouts acting and thinking like the insurgents themselves. Besides this passive information gathering, the Scouts also proved their worth in kidnapping individual insurgent leaders, as well as sniffing them out when they were in-country. Despite all of this, the Scouts also proved themselves to be excellent tactical operators such as in the case of Operation Eland, aka the Nyadzonya raid, whereby 84 Scouts occupying 4 armoured cars and 7 trucks, killed over 1,000 insurgents and are estimated to have injured more than double that amount. ___ Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to share anything related.
99 posts and 44 images omitted.
(1.12 MB 652x743 ominous pic.png)
>>40192 >Rhodesia and South Africa must never return (and the whites should continue to be subjugated) <Yeah no, I think at least, The Afrikaners should find out how to carve out a Nation for themselves within SA.
http://www.therabbith0le.com/enc/HowIanSmithBetrayedRhodesia_excerpt.mp4 Ian Smith was a piece of shit who sold out to communist niggers, just like De Klerk in SA. Here's a Rhodesian and an American who fought in Rhodesia talking about it. Now stop being reactionaries and worshipping traitors like Smith and Verwoerd.
>>38692 ... catholics are christians tho except they absorbed alot of pagan stuff ur still a christ cuck tho mate
(1.84 MB 200x234 terry.gif)
Don't fucking care. This is old garbage. They lost, and so now that the world knows what happens to losers make sure that doesn't happen again because it's about to if everyone who's white don't start pulling up their bootstraps. If you still have aversion to killing because you're a pussy or believe in some christcuck god you're just going to be a liability, just like the boers who were more focused on praying and bullshitting than straight up murdering their literal urukai subhuman nigger opponents who had no cowardly aversions at all like them in the war and kept throwing live grenades into their churches.
nice 4chan post, go back there

(65.41 KB 267x189 muskredpill.png)
Redpilling Musk on the JQ Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 22:57:15 No. 40233 [Reply] [Last]
He is already redpilled on many subjects, Covid, media, birth rates of smart people (whites). He already triggers jews on an almost daily basis. If he were 25 years younger, he would have been shitposting with us and would already be a protector of the white race and a ZOG destroyer. I believe there is still a chance. A first and basic idea is to spam him with key redpills' entry points and let his curiosity do the rest: Holocaust etc... >twitter is his favorite media >spamming Tesla service with emails A second idea is to simply use memetics and keep producing memes of him dispensing redpills and fighting the ZOG. There are already many good memes about it, I will post what I have in this thread. >Elon telling to google wooden doors >Elon wondering about the overrepresentation of jews everywhere >Elon as Duke Nukem killing merchants Basically memeing him as the prophet of the white race who will take us to the stars while finishing the job Hitler was too much of a good nature to do. Focusing on the jews rather than other redpills; genetic differences between humans is good too.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

33 posts and 38 images omitted.
(24.98 KB 428x247 1610393731947.png)
(37.46 KB 600x600 1585095168703.jpg)
(89.82 KB 540x540 1516422333994.jpg)
(89.35 KB 1080x1066 IMG_20210226_074407.jpg)
>>40233 He's South African, he's already more redpilled than any of us ever will be by simple virtue of being raised around niggers.
You fucking retards... His Canadian grandfather was a jew. He lead the tecnocractic party of Canada. All this losers, conman's bullshit is a continuation of that work. He's NOT, /ourguy
>>40277 Come on youtube ain't that bad if you minus off the pozz. >inb4 you're a faggot for laughing at YouTube content (funny gaming moments) What, people can't laugh now?
(44.62 MB 720x404 h142103958.mp4)
>>43228 >On Thursday, a video dropped on YouTube that laid out Elon Musk's statements about Full Self Driving over the last 5 years, compared to what the company has actually been able to achieve and deliver. The 12 minute video laid out a blatantly obvious case for Full Self Driving to be, as one FinTwit user described it, "one of the biggest bait and switch scams in history". >Noted Tesla short seller Montana Skeptic called the video "a truly superb 12-minute YouTube presentation on [Tesla's] full self-driving promises," noting that "almost every word spoken or written is by [Elon Musk], his carefully selected beta testers, or his legal counsel." >In fact, the video made such an impact, some users joked that they were surprised it hadn't been pulled from YouTube yet. And then, of course, by the end of the night Thursday, the video had been pulled from YouTube. >After being re-uploaded to Vimeo, it appeared the video was once again taken down. Finally, it was put on Veoh, where it now resides. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/banned-youtube-devastating-video-details-teslas-full-self-driving-claims-versus-reality

(115.29 KB 720x718 photo_2020-03-09_17-42-32.jpg)
Wotanism - SIG Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 15:48:12 No. 35008 [Reply] [Last]
#Lesson 1 The #Wotanism is one of the most practical spiritual systems on the planet. Sometimes referred to as the "Aryan Yoga" it provides many teachings and techniques for personal empowerment, enhanced connection with Spirit, and indeed the fuller embodiment of your full potential into this world. #Wotanism is the fastest path for Aryans to achieve enlightenment because it does not require withdrawal from society, but rather encourages full participation in life and provides tools for working within our modern environment. #Wotan says that we CAN be spiritual and in the world at the same time, in fact, our daily lives are the best training ground for personal growth, mastering the process of creation, and achieving enlightenment. Wotanism will : Appease your rational mind while awakening intuition and creativity. Quiet and reorganize your mind by eliminating mental clutter, helping you accomplish more and perceive more efficiently. Clear out the sub-conscious backlog that keeps you repeating unwanted patterns of the past. Lead you to greater whole-brain processing. Expand your consciousness and awareness. Reestablish & strengthen your contact with Ases. Awaken your gifts that you received from Wotan at birth. Give you tools of empowerment that can be used to make a positive change in this world. Help you become a more masterful creator in your life. Empower you to manifest more of your full potential. And much more.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

92 posts and 23 images omitted.
(147.22 KB 888x499 téléchargement (75).jpg)
>>36340 This interpretation cannot be correct since it flies against all multi-millenia old traditions regarding the supremacy of the Self over the Ego under proper training and guidance. The Wotan-Loki link is of a different nature.
>>36361 let's say, then develop
(169.42 KB 719x909 photo_2020-05-24_09-15-19.jpg)
"Nothing rests; everything stirs; everything vibrates" "A Myth is a story "true in all three worlds", as they say: it develops the imagination and magical thinking of children, by connecting them to the right archetype and immersing them in the collective soul of their people - it edifies men, forms their ethics and philosophy - and it allows the elders to transmit the spiritual heritage of the people - On the social level, it gives the people their religion, the warriors their ideals and the priests the secrets of Magic hidden under the allegories. Axiom: everything in the universe proceeds from a vibratory ENERGY which creates a FORM expressing, in the form of a symbol, the deep nature of THAT from which it (the energy) proceeds: this form finally crystallizes into a PHYSICAL BODY. Now, all vibratory energy can only proceed from a LIVING BEING - the mysterious living being, the "CE" from which every phenomenon proceeds, is what we call "a god". We postulate, by virtue of the law of analogy, that the god of the sun (for example), being the god whose deep nature is expressed by the sun, is also the god of EVERYTHING analogous to the sun: spiritual light, purity, beauty, harmony, joy, abundance, etc. - therefore, by coming into contact with him, we will be able to benefit from the spiritual and material benefits that are proper to him - We therefore NAME this god (by a magic formula expressing his deep nature - the Divine Name : BALDR in the case of the god of the sun) and, via the archetypes (symbols in analogical resonance with his being, image showing, no longer a "crystallization of his deep nature", like the solar star, but a representation of his PERSON: the one from which the initial vibratory energy proceeds), we strive to establish harmonious and fruitful contacts with him. Once these relationships have been established, the gods themselves teach us the secrets of nature - the wise men record the secrets entrusted to them by the gods, - in the form of narratives that teach the layman the natural law and the ethics that flow from it, while awakening the imagination, wonder and magical thinking of children, - so that we can TRANSMIT these teachings - these narratives are what we call MYTHS. YESTERDAY between the gods is self-evident - the little deity rector of the flower grove in the nearby park, though quite venerable in her own domain, is obviously subordinate to Frigg, deity rector of the sky, i.e. of destiny, or to Wotan, deity rector of primordial energy, i.e. of Magic. The gods are thus, in short, "entities living on a higher plane than ours "* - Magic (reminder: "religion" is only the envelope of Magic: religion is to Magic what numbers are to numbers) is the art of coming into contact with them, "Mysticism" (ie spiritual discipline) the art of "raising our being to their level". Of course, it is a long way. The chief of our gods is the great Wotan. He is not a kind god. Whether men live or die, he doesn't care. He is cruel and loveless, but at birth he breathes "fury" into the soul of every man: the "fury" that confers the ability to fight and kill - the "fury" that confers the ability to unite with a woman, to enjoy and to procreate - the "fury" that confers their creative fever on artists, poets, writers, musicians - and the "fury" that makes people apprehend the suprasensible reality and burn to rise on the degrees of the Magical Initiation. .. What else could men ask of the gods?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

bump so thread does not die

(237.60 KB 1567x1391 Deutsche Harmonia Mundi_back.jpg)
(163.87 KB 1567x1385 Deutsche Harmonia Mundi_front.jpg)
(1.66 MB 842x924 dhm.png)
Reminder Anonymous 03/24/2021 (Wed) 03:01:28 No. 43146 [Reply] [Last]
Reminder that you will never be fully white until you have listened to this, that is all.
Good reminder to all the shitskins who lurk here.
>>43146 > Buxtehude you have no idea my fucking sides when I saw that

(1.35 MB 800x804 1600252511699.png)
2020 election Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 15:12:06 No. 35348 [Reply] [Last]
If Biden wins the election, will that mean that America will fall into the hands of the Communists/ Muslims under the leadership of the deep state aka Obama?or is this a retarded conspiracy theory spread by the boomers?
145 posts and 83 images omitted.
>>43103 That was a post from "gookbot" you are replying to
>>43103 See >>42913 for gookbot explanation
>>43129 okay chinkbot, will there be a civil war or a genocide? is it a war on white people or a war on "the poor masses?" will it be limited to the united states or will it span most western countries? maybe you should fuck off.
>>43129 Based
>>43143>>36521 >voting I don't think you belong here republicuck

(485.22 KB 1280x706 1598464645286.webm)
Kyle Rittenhouse Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 19:46:19 No. 34513 [Reply] [Last]
Still don't have full story, but the (((victims))) are shown attacking Kyle, and he is seen retreating before opening fire. MSM is already portraying him as some kind of neo natzee who was walking around shooting "peaceful protesters"
65 posts and 94 images omitted.
(174.55 KB 1280x720 Streets-of-Rage-2.0.0.jpg)
Kyle Rittenhouse single handedly defeated the entire antifa-burnlootmurder terrorist mafia.
(363.86 KB 764x432 ClipboardImage.png)
The prosecutor in Kenosha, Wisconsin is seeking an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse–claiming that he violated his bond conditions by failing to update his address. On August 25, 2020, amid the Kenosha unrest, Rittenhouse is alleged to have shot and killed two rioters. Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with multiple counts of homicide and unlawful possession of a firearm. His attorneys say he acted in self-defense The court document filed by the District Attorney Wednesday, reads in part: “It is important to note that the $2 million came from a dubious Internet fundraising campaign, and the defendant and his family did not post any money toward that bond. As a result, the defendant is free from custody with minimal incentive to comply with his bond conditions. He posted no money so he has no financial stake in the bond. He is already facing the most serious possible criminal charges and life in prison, so in comparison, potential future criminal penalties are insignificant. Indeed, the defendant has already demonstrated his carefree attitude by going to a bar immediately after his arraignment on January 5, 2021 and drinking 3 beers in the company of known “Proud Boys” while flashing white supremacist signs and wearing a ‘Free as (expletive)’ shirt.” “Rarely does our community see accused murderers roaming about freely. As a result, the defendant’s bond requires him to update the Court in writing within 48 hours of any change of address or telephone number.”
https://twitter.com/barnes_law/status/1359957684670263296?s=20 KENOSHA, Wis. — A Kenosha County judge has denied two motions from prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse and raise his bail. Rittenhouse, now 18, appeared virtually before a judge Thursday afternoon. Prosecutors said he violated the terms of his bail by not registering his current address with the court. "We've got a bond violation here," District Attorney Thomas Binger said. "There's no dispute about that. The defense has acknowledged that. They've acknowledged that they've failed to update the court within 48 hours, he moved a couple of months ago." He asked the judge to issue an arrest warrant and increase Rittenhouse's bail by $200,000. The judge denied those motions. "Most people out on bond, we don't know where they are," Judge Bruce Schroeder said. "To issue a warrant now for a defendant who has appeared at every hearing, that would be breaking the law, and I'm not going to do it." He did require Rittenhouse to register his current address with the court, but it will be kept under seal. Binger asked the judge to allow his office access to Rittenhouse's address. "It has nothing to do with you," Schroeder told Binger.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(1.57 MB 1920x1040 kylebasedhouse.png)
>>40904 Thanks for the detail Anon. I pray God protect this righteous man.


no cookies?