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Speeches Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 13:00:57 ID:432317 No. 7922 [Reply]
Post speeches.
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Anyone have links to full Mosley speeches?
Oswald Mosley - Europeans

Good documentary
heres an archive page with original best quality uncut videos of alerta judiada stuff


Propaganda Anonymous 10/29/2019 (Tue) 00:48:08 ID:081ad1 No. 12169 [Reply]
>Be me
>At Target
>realize I can connect my phone to the TV's in target via blutooth
>Decide to blast hitler speeches
>Play Hitler - Never Despair which I uploaded and got deleted within 15 mins
>This inspiring video I can see was having a positive effect on those who watched
>get kicked out of store.

I will spread propaganda anyway possible. I will do this at every store I can. There is nothing illegal about this.

You can check out my bitchute channel if you want to, look up anon88. They can oppress me, they can kill me, but I will never surrender.

Heil Hitler!

Not gonna lie, the whole situation was quite hilarious especially how mad the fat spic employee got at me.
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(128.81 KB 1024x749 1572646579854.png)
Large if legitimate.
>things that never happened
Garbage childish shilled post if fake. Take up arms young man. Increase your attacks in verocity.
Focus on the system under us keeping up the scum and jews, rather than just the people we know to be enemies.
nice one Anon i've been on your channel a few times before

(264.90 KB 629x424 redflag.png)
N.J. seized this man’s gun because he glorified violence against Jews, cops say Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 22:51:35 No. 13837 [Reply]

>At first, Greco, 51, refused to answer the door. He only spoke with officers after his parents came home and allowed them in the modest home.
>As police questioned him about comments he made on a far-right social media platform, Greco was “extremely agitated and angry,” authorities said, but he did not talk about acting out on his disdain for Jewish people. However, they also noted that he said he “believes that Jews are raping our woman and children” and that “force or violence is necessary to realign society.
>On Sept. 6, police once again visited Greco’s home, descending without warning, to seize his gun and ammunition.
>Unknown to Greco, a Camden County Superior Court Judge Edward McBride had issued a temporary extreme risk protection order earlier that day based on an affidavit regarding Greco’s behavior. The order allowed police to execute a no-knock search warrant of his home and seize one semi-automatic rifle, ammunition and his firearms purchaser ID card.

>Five days after the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act went into effect, a petition was filed against Greco by an anonymous person within New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.
>The petitioner explained that through FBI contacts, they determined that Greco was “involved in online anti-Semitism.” Before the shooting that killed 11 inside a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018, Greco had communicated with the accused shooter, according to the petition. Greco denied this claim and “denounced” what the shooter did, he said in a statement.
>“I never at any time had any contact or communication whatsoever with the 2018 Pittsburgh Temple shooter, and I specifically stated that I thought what he had done was clearly wrong, disgraceful and horrible,” Greco said.
>After mass shootings this summer in El Paso and Ohio, “precautions” were taken by federal and local law enforcement agencies and they interviewed Greco about his posts on Gab.com, a popular online social forum for far-right groups, according to the petition, which was dedicated to anti-Semitism and white supremacy.
>From their interview with Greco, law enforcement said he was extremely intelligent, but noted he held anti-Semitic views.
>“His behavior was methodical and focused on facts, specifically from Nazi Germany,” the petition says about the interview. “Greco believes that force or violence is necessary to realign society.”
>“He believes that Jews are raping our woman and children,” the petition says.
>The day after the petition was filed, Judge McBride found “good cause” that Greco presented an immediate danger to himself or others. The order said even after being visited by law enforcement in August, Greco continued his “glorification of extreme violence against Jewish people” and has a “history of threats or acts of violence” towards himself and others.
>Judge McBride issued a temporary extreme risk protection order act and search warrant of Greco’s home, where authorities recovered a rifle the following day.
>“He was shocked. He was upset. He had no clue that they were going to be coming to his house,” said Rescinio, Greco’s attorney. “It wasn’t like he was holding a cache of weapons or he had automatic firearms. He had one legal rifle. That was it.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>It's all so Orwellian and tiresome. Just wait until the sky is littered with delivery drones that can detect your cell phone and provide video from multiple angles, 3d mapping a city in real time
Cancerous/weaponizeable 5G will do that too.
All that to download more HD/4K/8K propaganda.
Fuck this dystopian world, can't wait for it to come down. It is as you say tiresome.
>My hope is the glownigger abuse of Trump motivates him to reign in the surveillance state.
Impossible. He'd have to purge 99% of it.

>It checked Federal Election Commission records and reported that of the roughly $2 million given by feds in 14 agencies, “about $1.9 million, or 95 percent, went to” Clinton, the Democrat. It said that Department of Justice political donors gave 99 percent of their money to Clinton, while at the State Department, which she once headed, only 1 percent of the reported political contributions went to candidate Trump. It said that Trump got $8,756 from Justice employees, compared to $286,797 (at that date) for Clinton. Of the political contributions from Internal Revenue Service workers, 94 percent went to Clinton.
What a shame that the mega corps are weaponizing the youth with super dangerous 5g devices. Be sure to use your iodine as the 5g network becomes more prolific as well as the distribution of the devices that are 5g capable too. What baffles me is whatever college town or hs is all littered folks with brand new devices all used to shitpost on social media. Makes me feel like a good goy with a flip.

>15. has received a diagnosis of a mental health disorder
Oh that one. If you knew how much Jews crave the day they will legally be able to categorize antisemitism as a "mental health disorder". They and their shabbos already made that claim numerous times on TV.

Not sure if the data was tamperd or shoa'd but I recall seeing employment data regarding suicides, those who were psychcologists ended up with the highest rate. Really makes the the brain stem shiggy diggy.
(53.53 KB 570x312 psychdout.png)

Not a field that attracts the well-adjusted. The shrinks that aren't projecting probably have an axe to grind - like the fedgov drones, that profession leans hard left.
>Mega corps
Are you that surprised, honestly? The exploitation of the basest greed and the Jew pulling the strings behind.
I'm pretty sure that even the high tier kikes are pretty ready to sacrifice tons of their own community's sheeple for their own reign.
I think having read somewhere that between the lines of their eschatological chapters, it was said there would remain only something like 150,000 Jews. Didn't the US Jews reject offers from the 3rd Reich to receive euro Jews?

Even the army is forced into hard left with more inclusive shit, gendered toilets, religious-zones for Muslims, etc.

(67.46 KB 1600x1067 dims NPC.jpg)
I go fucking nuts! Look at this fucking thing. It's a fucking NPC! Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 06:09:21 ID:a8b2df No. 13910 [Reply]
We have to do with just tons of memes.
(((Facebook))) isn't entirely shying away from facial recognition, it seems. Code explorer Jane Manchun Wong has discovered a reference to a purported facial recognition system in (((Facebook's))) mobile app that would verify your identity. You'd have to take a "video selfie" where you look in different directions to give (((Facebook))) a more complete view of your face. It would bit like Apple's Face ID and similar systems, but there's no evidence it would require a depth sensor. (((Facebook))) vows that "no one else" will see the video and that it'll delete the clip after 30 days, although that's not quite as secure as systems like Face ID (which doesn't allow data to leave the device, and only captures "mathematical representations" of your face).
You need to be stupid to trust anything that photographs your face.
(398.56 KB 700x970 Goy.jpg)
I'll never understand the allure of facebook. Why anyone even uses that spyware shit.

National Socialism was a cultural and spiritual renaissance Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 12:11:48 ID:afe4b1 No. 3613 [Reply]

National Socialism still lives on in those who know the truth, and we can still have it back, for our nations, and for our race. Heil Hitler.
131 posts and 44 images omitted.
You're citing sources you could not even understand. Just as much as pointing out the well known Jewishness of Einstein and the fraud he was doesn't miraculously make your fantastic claims valid all of sudden.
Yeah, smoke less, think more.
Regardless of what theory you use, mainstream or not, mass and gravity are strongly related, the behavior of the latter easily predicted.
Are you done name-dropping and throwing random science?
>more of theory of relatively being destroyed
And? Care to actually link that back to your silly UFO, ice-base and hollow Earth spurious claims?
>light, gravity, vacuum of space
So we're back to the "vacuum of space" now? Where's the ether?
This does not invalidate gravity lensing, nor does have anything to do with our topic at hand, unless of course you actually rub two brain cells and start proving it.

And I forgot: the German letter is laughably bad.

>There's definitely *something* down there that the world governments (aka da joos) don't want us to see. It's heavily guarded.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

this board is full of shills
>You're citing sources you could not even understand.
And what proofs do you have? Nothing but nay saying and torfagging.
<What is asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.

>you done name-dropping and throwing random science
I name the aether drift exbperiment to illistrate how it's been empirically demonstrated how the flow of the aether directly effects the concept known as gravity, and how in places in which the aether is flowing in distinct and/or powerful ways it most certainly would result in effects that defie Newtonian or Einsteinian notions of gravity (or the now "common sense" understanding there of).

>So we're back to the "vacuum of space" now? Where's the ether?
So you're asking for even yet more spoon feeding now? You can't get any more pathetic and underhanded and you are clearly arguing in bad faith. But let me feed the troll no more and instead banish with light.

>>13266 (witnessed)
Praise Kek
May the shill's be smitten.
Damn, after all these months this shit is still going. I just don't understand this Hitler dick sucking bullshit. REAL men don't need "heroes".
>And what proofs do you have? Nothing but nay saying and torfagging.
Just reading the way you use them as part of this appeal to authority you try to build for you silly claims.
>ether-drifturr.... Miller!
You have not even begun linking any of this to your hollow earth theme.
>I spoke of ether but got back to vacuum because I'm a sucker
Know the concept of contradiction, retard?

(263.99 KB 1635x1047 map.png)
(2.02 MB 2482x961 new_hope_streetview.png)
(3.23 MB 1710x1050 pelzer_sc.png)
(704.68 KB 1933x960 pg166.png)
(1.58 MB 2383x908 child_development_center.png)
The Finders/New Hope - Pelzer SC Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 08:05:54 No. 12454 [Reply]
On Page 166 of the FBI Vault, it is mentioned that the van children were previously in Borea, Kentucky, working on a project known as "New Hope", a Retirement Settlement. This settlement was being developed by a Reverend (REDACTED). It would be interesting if someone could find out who this is.
Potentially unrelated, but it has been suggested that Pelzer, South Carolina, is also implicated in the Finders case. Interestingly, there is a New Hope Baptist Church here with a large Warehouse facility and, not necessarily surprisingly, a New Hope Daycare (actually a Child Development Center) next door.
Perhaps this is a lead worth investigating.
>Pelzer SC
Pelzer? Related Pizzagate file dump....
Cook book PNG contains a ZIP, and files within those, within those,....
Really weird shit from an old pizzagate dig a few years back.>>12454

(375.92 KB 1279x921 Capture1.PNG)
(377.02 KB 1281x922 Capture2.PNG)
Anonymous 11/01/2019 (Fri) 23:23:05 ID:f96d50 No. 12962 [Reply]
Hello anons.
What does a person do when faced with the choice of either buying into the system (401k, IRA's, buying Gold, purchasing equities or gov. bonds, etc.) or dropping out entirely (trailer/camper living, not spending money where possible, purchasing survival gear such as ammunition, food, tradeable supplies)?
I have this worry, for lack of a better word, from time to time about where I am best focusing my resources. I am a wageslave extraordinaire. I work my hours, I pay my debts, I pay my rent, I am the best goy right?
But planning for the future can not only be about stocking rounds of ammo, and buying water storage containers. Planning for the future involves building a proper foundation for a family and getting to the point where you can raise your children to become true warriors for our survival.
Where should a man focus his energy? Is there a middle ground between the two? I think that there is a proper middle ground but I've never been able to feel confident in which direction I am focused on.
The key factor I believe is when an individual believes the system in place will finally fail. A person spending 100% of their income on USD investments, paying off debts and what not, will have absolutely zero if the sytem collapses. A person spending 0% of their income on those things will be able to spend that money on proper supplies in the event of a collapse. That person gets to spend their pre-collapse life shirking debt collectors and lawyers.
That's where I am at you guys, I'd love to get some thoughts from people who understand what I am getting at. I also am dual posting this on another chan that I think is also worth reading the advice and discussion from.
Pic related, reading it is what spawned this thread.
13 posts and 1 image omitted.
>food stamps, but I don't need it and wouldn't take it unless I could use it to directly help like-minded farmers
You could use food stamp at farmers market, cutting the grocery chain middle man. Effectively giving back to the communty.
You should take whatever you can, even if it's just to throw away. Sabotaging the antiwhite jewish regime is obedience to God.
Why did you (you) me? Do you know what a farmers market is? It's a marketplace where the farmers sell directly to the consumer.
(295.18 KB 2048x1364 IMG_20191108_080312.jpg)
>But planning for the future can not only be about stocking rounds of ammo, and buying water storage containers
This. Once the shit hits the fan there will be no rich and poor just the armed and willing and the subordinate weak.

(37.87 KB 355x355 61jkVgtJWQL._SY355_.jpg)
Fascist/Nationalist metal 10/19/2019 (Sat) 23:31:17 ID:3c71c6 No. 10603 [Reply]
I don't care if this thread gets buried within hours, I just want to know if there are any fascist or nationalist metal bands out there worth listening to. I know that nationalism is fairly commonplace in martial music, and I know of, and listen to bands such as Waffenruhe, Wappenbund, TRIARII etc. but metal is one of those genres where it's hard to find good nationalist bands, I'm guessing mostly because at the very core, metal was always about rebelling, living in the moment, challenging the social norms etc. but I'm looking for some music with the power, drums, guitars, and a nationalist theme.

I know there are many bands which do not exercise nationalist imagery, themes or sympathies, but are very Ubermensch in their aesthetic and sound, such as Manowar, who I listen to very often. However, while their sound is heavy, and many of their songs scream masculinity, power, pride etc. they too are still very degenerate and way too hedonistic; all you have to do is look up 'Fight Until We Die 2002 Live' (not gonna link as it's essentially porn, all live from their shows, and I don't wanna ruin the anti-porn nature of this board), or listen to 'Pleasure Slave' to see their true nature.

So are there any proper nationalist metal bands, or at the very least non-degenerates bands along the lines of Manowar, or is it all wigger natsocs and cringe-tier white nationalists? Cause from what I've seen, nationalist bands come nowhere near.
30 posts and 5 images omitted.
Adrian von Ziegler - For the King

Adrian von Ziegler - Prophecy

Árstíðir - Heyr himna smiður (Icelandic Hymn)

16 Horsepower - Wayfaring Stranger

Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars
(2.19 MB 700x394 Moonman - Sometimes it's.webm)
(3.56 MB 320x240 8chan theme song.webm)
(9.58 MB 640x360 bane shadilay.webm)
Celtic Women - The Voice

Faun - Walpurgisnacht

Heather Alexander - Tomorrow I Leave For Battle & March Of Cambreadth & Courage Knows No Bounds

Juno Reactor vs Don Davis - Navras

Týr - Evening Star

(7.71 MB 640x360 The_End_of_8chan.webm)
How do we kill 8shithole for good? Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 23:56:33 ID:93282b No. 8040 [Reply]
So It's become obvious now that freemason jim and cripplekike are fighting over the image and ownership of 8shit and its future.

The problem is both cripplekike (who sold out gamergate) and jim (who sold out pol) are against the interests of anons and pollacks worldwide and activly seek to ruin us and turn over our identifying information to the feds.

How do we ensure that 8cuckold stays down and doesn't come back? Right now Ron (jims gook son) is trying to bring it back with even more spyware that will monitor every post and send shit directly to the fucking NSA.

We can use a variety of socal and technical attacks to ensure their credibility is destroyed and we can also use memes to destroy their image. Also simply posting pizza on 8shit is not going to work since it will bring feds on us or help them justify their spying on their users. So we need to find methods that discredit their capability to function as well as prevent them from getting new users.

Have any ideas?
35 posts and 12 images omitted.
>4/pol/ this last month or so
Can you elaborate most of us don't go there.
What was supposed to happen there?
Kys abdul
(72.37 KB 1403x444 dude.png)
>How do we kill 8shithole for good?
I guess this was one way........

>implying any chan owner has its users first
>implying 663 nigger is only in t for the sheckles
my sides
>663 nigger is only in t for the sheckles
<100hrs of work / Zero shekels
Worse Jew ever.

(6.90 MB 640x360 amy_robach_abc_news.webm)
Project Veritas Video Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 02:44:26 ID:56d0b7 No. 13709 [Reply]
Leaked ABC Hot Microphone (and camera)
Amy Robach talking to her Producer
webm made for your convenience because I'm probably the only motherfucker here that can do it
>Why did (((ABC))) kill the coverage and has not shown the Epstein interview
Pretty obvious, (((they))) run the media, and wanted to bury the story and put the focus on other stories.
Many politicians like the Clintons, Trump, and many celebrities and of course (((them))) will all be questioned right away. (((They))) know that the Epstein story is the Pandora's Box to exposing more corruption and even (((who))) runs the country.
This is going to be good
(675.92 KB 1382x2048 ABC.jpg)


no cookies?