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If you guys have stocks/volatile assets you need to sell right now! Anonymous 02/27/2020 (Thu) 22:16:25 ID:87a5a3 No. 23809 [Reply] [Last]
Proof im not a LARP: 2 weeks ago: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/243337573/ 4 days ago: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/245122051 I have insider information! You must sell now and buy back when corona dies down and you see a slight uptick in the market. Everything posted In this communique is a work of art and fiction ( as usual: get rekt golems!).
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>>23888 Yes but there is a level of helping you can do to the occupying force. Working a job just to get by and paying the minimal taxes you possibly can is very different from working to support through your own time, effort and currency. One of the main power structures holding this anti-White goverment up today. That's like being an average Joe vs signing up for the RIC. Two very different levels of negative impact.
Well XYZ pol, I warned you a full month in advance to sell your stocks. Have you listened? Have you made money by shorting on a 5x leverage?
>>24924 The overwhelming majority of people in the country don't have a single dollar in the market. You're just talking to your fellow jews and assorted niggerized ZOGlings who have a vested interest in seeing this zombie nigger country keep going.
American ""Social-Conservatives"": You should only get back what you put in! If you didn't work for it, you don't deserve it commie! Also "Conservatives": The Stock Market is completly fine! We should pump even more shekels into it for free!
The very same Americans who say NSA wiretapping and CIA torture are necessary then turn around and scream TSA groping is a conspiracy theory.

(382.64 KB 1232x805 nwa.jpg)
/pol/ humor Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 17:09:41 ID:5b3e56 No. 5528 [Reply] [Last]
post them
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(678.88 KB 700x700 CREMA.png)
(39.98 KB 750x554 1570837520552.jpg)
>>24845 Typical tricks
>>24893 1. Never start a land war in Asia, and 2. Shooting the dog automatically makes the dog better being than you, you fucking alfabetboi subhuman violent chimp order following scum!

Attract the Youth to the cause Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 22:57:50 ID:ee7401 No. 24500 [Reply] [Last]
There's a college near from where i live. I think we should attract young people to our cause. I need your advice and arguments to persuade them and subtly convince them to join our cause. What to you think?
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>>24723 Suck my dick, fag.
>>24728 You first kike.
I'm assuming you are here to recruit kids to the white nationalism cause or some other flavor of neonazi. So you're trying to subtly persuade and influence them to join your cause. Frankly, if you can't just out-and-out say what your cause is, explain in detail why you support it, and lay it all on the line, then what you are trying to do is brainwashing. Which begs the question: why would you have to brainwash them instead of convince them using logic? If you're trying to redpill somebody, you do not brainwash them in order to do it; you use facts that can be proven. I assume that you want to find the truth and fight for the truth. Therefore if you don't know for certain what it is, you have probably jumped the gun and are now fighting for an ideology that you don't really understand.
>>24500 You attract the youth by showing them how they've been denied a normal life and a good future by the kikes who rule over them.
>>24549 Hi Chaim, how's the weather in Haifa these says?

(69.19 KB 535x660 158051534933.gif)
Southern Chile Criollos are going to be just like the SouthAfrican Boër Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 05:23:06 ID:1e3695 No. 22892 [Reply] [Last]
In the south of Chile and in the West of Argentina there exist various groups of Indian supremacist, that are strongly anti-white racist. In 2013 some indians burned alive an old couple of german descendant criollos (Criollo=White Person), called Werner Luchsinger & Vivianne Mackay. They died. The Indian Supremacist are constantly harassing Criollos and attacking them. In October 18 of 2019 the Chilean left start protests along the Country, they riot, they attack the police, they destroy private and public property, typical left destruction. Now in March they will riot again but they will be extremely violent now, they have war armament and they refound the Communist Terrorist Group FPMR (Frente (((patriotico))) Manuel Rodriguez). And i have no doubt that their Indian Supremacists Faction will start killing Criollos Again...
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>>22929 Actually the tree niggers that you found in the South in Chile(Araucania) are the Reches, Before them there were the Tehuelches.
>>24399 I was making refrence to treemen as a whole.
Indios in southern Chile are like 30k, max. You can and should take the land simply through migration.
>>24455 Those indios are savages. It's doesn't care if they're few, they will cause chaos anyway.
>>22929 No, they are not. They came from Asia. They are no more native to the Americas than Europeans are.

Mass migration, Great Replacement, and Censorship Megathread Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 14:40:58 ID:f28e24 No. 24340 [Reply] [Last]
POST GREAT REPLACEMENT / MASS MIGRATION / WHITE GENOCIDE / CENSORSHIP REDPILLS ITT Kind of surprised there isn't a thread yet. If you haven't noticed there is a huge push to censor discussion on the ongoing migrant crisis, great replacement or the negative impact of mass migration being pursued by all major social media sites including cuck-chan (via forumslides and other distractions). On 4chan this takes the form of arbitrary bans, subtle "X not white" posts, muslim shilling, "Its over" posts, and other insidious strategies to essentially get people to stop talking about it. Off 4chan it includes deplatforming by social media, blacklisting by website domain providers like Cloudflare and GoDaddy, the arbitrary deletion of youtube and dailymotion channels documenting large video evidence of the negative effects of mass migration, censorship, word censor bots, Reddit bot armies, major search engines (Google, Youtube) manipulating search results and algorithmic trends, ISPs blocking webpages without your knowledge, newspapers intentionally leaving out migrant connections in news articles or straight up just not publishing stories at all, normie brainwashing through television advertising radio and music to paint any people who voice public resistance to replacement migration and islamisation and, and even criminal sentences in countries like the UK and Germany. If you can think in algebraic terms it's obvious that the number one thing the (((elite))) does NOT want people talking about is mass migration and demographic replacement, in the same way you can note and measure the existence of Dark matter from the lack off matter needed to explain celestial forces, you can also tell mass migration and Great replacement is Numero Uno on what the Elites want silenced by the abnormal lack of discussion proportionate to the huge effects it's having in Western societies worldwide. The single simple solution to this censorship is to circumvent it and to keep talking about it. Luckily we aren't (yet) in a USSR like system where there is functionally no way to get the message out to the masses completely, but we just need to get even more autistic and devilish to jump the Soylent Curtain. The one thing to remember is KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT even if you think everyone already "knows that" about something really elementary regarding Great Replacement islamisation etc, KEEP POSTING THEM, because new people are ALWAYS there waiting to be redpilled on this shit, people are ALWAYS on the edge feeling fed up with lefty politics, etc. KEEP TALKING. Pic related, a 2012 video of Danish students sent to live in muslim/negro ghettoes as a "social experiment" and them saying they feared for their life has been completely scrubbed from Youtube. Great-Replacement.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(120.37 KB 1200x802 psdipeowi.jpg)
(90.66 KB 1200x768 sae9iuwq9.jpg)
(173.35 KB 846x1200 sdoiapofpo.jpg)
(78.91 KB 1200x829 sdopifspoif.jpg)
(194.20 KB 1025x1200 sdpidpaiew.jpg)
(186.32 KB 1200x1796 the-death-of-the-west.jpg)
(153.06 KB 1200x1815 while-europe-slept.jpg)
(186.78 KB 1029x1200 zaasda.jpg)
(137.61 KB 1200x1008 zdsoapdoapdo.jpg)
(863.31 KB 1491x838 38279ushdihs.png)
(180.91 KB 700x902 cartoons 01.jpg)
(56.75 KB 550x700 cartoons 02.jpg)
(91.13 KB 640x759 cartoons 03.jpg)
(91.20 KB 640x759 cartoons 04.jpg)
(63.89 KB 550x675 cartoons 05.jpg)
(78.05 KB 520x668 cartoons 06.jpg)
(56.47 KB 520x668 cartoons 07.jpg)
(367.03 KB 800x876 cartoons 08.jpg)
(167.38 KB 700x926 cartoons 09.jpg)
(66.36 KB 890x628 cartoons 10.jpg)
(61.99 KB 604x494 barbs.jpg)
(7.45 KB 225x225 barbaraspectre.jpg)
Met Open Poorten/With Open Gates classic from infinity /pol/ - download while you can https://vimeo.com/330337714

(16.19 KB 350x596 1583917603219.png)
IQs of the Nazi leadership Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 19:14:13 ID:877c15 No. 24494 [Reply] [Last]
Can the nurenberg tests of the nazi leadership be trusted? And was Hitler really 200 IQ?
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>>24494 Considering how long Stalin played him like a flute that 200 is unlikely.
>>24494 <Nazi Do you have fear of (((them)))???
>>24745 Stalin got lucky; he honestly did not expect the Germans to declare war even if he was cautious about it.
>>24734 >It was real in my mind Vid related, this is the Rothschild ending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJMbIO7Wbis
>>24745 Kid me. Stalin didn't know more than the Germans did about their respective enemy. He didn't have to fight multiple considerable enemies nor to coordinate a massive war on several European fronts. Also, Lend Lease. He got massive help from the USA and the UK. Thanks to Stalin, now the Jew oppress us and are almost capable of seeing the day when Whites will be gone forever.

(886.09 KB 960x700 ClipboardImage.png)
(31.60 KB 300x528 I.jpg)
(1.89 MB 640x360 Mercury.gif)
Druid/pol/ #0006 - Etheric Boogaloo Edition Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 23:58:44 ID:f5ae9c No. 22725 [Reply] [Last]
LOYAL LADS I bid you welcome in the manner we have become accustomed to our most portentous sextus thread! Our 16chan tenure is now well underway & the B.O.N.D, having comfortably ensconced itself here, into our own little groove is enjoying the privilege of being one of the most visited generals on 16/pol/. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank our based Mods & BOss for the favours and privileges they allow us (pinnin threads, BTFOing shills etc) Thanks lads. I would like to apologise for my somewhat remiss attendance in threads as of late. My new job is taking up a lot more of my free time so I currently dont have as much time to dedicate to keeping tabs on the threads as much as I used to. Hope you lads forgive me that - fella has to earn a crust when he has a family. I assure you all I remain 100% committed to the B.O.N.D, it's growth & it's Tenets. Also I want to thank all you lads here. The B.O.N.D would not exist without you. Us eclectic, disparate group of occult savvy nationalists have managed to come together, create something entirely new and each of us, with our own individual talents & areas of expertise have managed to create a machine that is greater than the sum of its parts. You should all be very proud. We have, already accomplished much this year and now have two fresh Rites under our belt - The First Rite of the Twelve 20/20 & Imbolc: The First Celebration of the Four. An accomplishment indeed and we now prepare for the next stage of our year long rite and ''The Second Rite of the Twelve 20/20" which falls upon us in 9 days. We must use this time to hash out our plans for this next rite. As I said, be proud lads - we have accomplished much. The B.O.N.D bonds us together as one cohesive unit Onto the Tarot. As is the New Way, I have drawn a single random card from the Major Arcana of the Rider-Waite deck and our sixth thread's representative draw is...........drumroll

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(5.68 MB 359x202 hill have eyes dance.gif)
https://youtu.be/Sw0_cMwljro Just baking new bread now lads. Will be up shortly
(22.73 KB 300x300 300px-Nurgle_hug.JPG)
>>24817 >>24817 >>24817 FRESH BREAD BAKED LADS >>24817 >>24817 >>24817

(47.94 KB 728x380 nordvpn.png)
VPN = data collection scam? VPN = data collection scam? 10/09/2019 (Wed) 22:05:01 ID:b7fc19 No. 8362 [Reply] [Last]
Why would you trust a large VPN like Nord or Express to not just sell your info? Their clients info most likely worth more than granny on facebook. Why wouldnt NSA start a VPN service and price it extremely competatively?
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useful bread needza BOOMP
page 9 Bump
F. 'ZX'-,, VGZ
>>11605 >I always look at products/services this way: if it's being shilled in the strangest of places by dozens upon dozens of people or through dozens upon dozens of outlets, it's likely either a shit product/service or Jew-influenced to hell and back. That and if the deal/price is too good to be true, it probably is. so much this
(24.25 KB 255x218 Kikebusters.jpeg)
(70.42 KB 360x361 Say No To Kike Bait.png)
>no one mentions that Nord is obvious as fuck purely because it was allowed to be openly shilled on jewgle I may not be a tech wizard, but it's obvious to me that nothing on jewgle is going to be good for you.

On dealing with the "innocent" jew myth Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 03:40:23 ID:dad729 No. 19631 [Reply] [Last]
There are too many people who will accept jewish involvement in world affairs but still insist that most jews are innocent and "not in on it". The shapeshifter meme is important in disproving this, and everyone should save every image of a shapeshifter they can get, but its still not enough of a redpill for some of the more softer hearted potential recruits. I suggest go after jews on a more grassroots level, identifying extant jewish communities and active synagogues and directly ask them to make a statement on the negative impact of jews in government and influential positions. If they ignore or refuse to acknowledge the jewish question it becomes very obvious that there are no "innocent" jews.
78 posts and 60 images omitted.
(2.16 MB 1000x1512 20200226_231646.png)
>>19631 The Urantia Book disavows the Jews TLDR Israel had repudiated the Son of the God who made a covenant with Abraham, and the plan to make the children of Abraham the light-bearers of truth to the world had been shattered >[Paper :Section. Paragraph] >[182:3.9] His father Joseph's people had rejected him and thereby sealed their doom as a people with a special mission on earth. >[176:1.2] The Master realized that the rejection of the spiritual concept of the Messiah, the determination to cling persistently and blindly to the material mission of the expected deliverer, would presently bring the Jews in direct conflict with the powerful Roman armies, and that such a contest could only result in the final and complete overthrow of the Jewish nation. When his people rejected his spiritual bestowal and refused to receive the light of heaven as it so mercifully shone upon them, they thereby sealed their doom as an independent people with a special spiritual mission on earth. >[155:3.3] The apostles learned that the Jews were spiritually stagnant and dying because they had crystallized truth into a creed

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>19637 With conviction and getting control of the narrative. The Jewish lobby in USA controls that nation. We need to study how exactly that happen. Once we fully understand the causes, it is possible to use them to change the effects.
>>21804 Genetic differences inform culture. The Jewish "religion" has been mostly the same before it went from a desert religion to the Judaism it is now and is a clear reflection of their genetic mannerisms. It's genetic but also religious infact if you are not of "Abraham's blood" (ethnically Jewish) you can't even become a Jew.
Why do you make this complicated? Jews hide their game, get welcomed as friends or good business partners, they lend money (or in fewer case, other resources) on which they add interest. They buy kings, princes, commanders and politicians. They cry as they strike you. They move to another place if they sense danger. They hoard real resources to safe places outside of the cities, kingdom or state they're sucking the blood out of. They are natural born liars, parasites and thieves. They practice sordid rituals using the blood of sacrificed gentile children. They are absolutely shameless, ruthless and ungrateful people, never forgiving the slightest offense that might have happened thousands of years ago. They don't hesitate to organize massacres of gentiles whenever their frenzy urges them to do so and whenever they can.
>>24484 Their religion is their strength, nor their weakness.

(31.50 KB 354x500 image.png)
Do you have any relatives that fought in ww2 /pol/? Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 23:03:45 ID:7d777e No. 16016 [Reply] [Last]
My grandfather fought for italy and continued to fight for mussolini when italy was divided.
43 posts and 6 images omitted.
(71.26 KB 640x468 497.jpg)
(123.62 KB 500x642 who we are.jpg)
>>16087 The main thing is that you're a colossal fucking faggot for not having supported Europe and the Aryan Race in your post. Secondly, unlike you, I will freely admit that I had lots of relatives on both sides, seeing as how I have so much German ancestry. Thirdly, to BTFO your ass even harder, I'm also part Polish and NatSoc because I'm not a selfish fucking faggot selling other Whites out. Fourth, I have made every attempt to redpill everyone in my extended family and clan. Sieg heil, 1488, gas the kikes, race war now.
My grandfather was a chauffeur who drove a colonel around Illinois, lol.
>>23368 Nah, but I don't remeber Russia bombing countries for wanting to protect their people and Al-Assad is economically and politically opposed to Putin yet he still supports him. >>24467 What the fuck are you talking about?
>>16562 He served in a Soviet tank crew and survived? Damn. I think something like 2/4 died a month.


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