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(7.11 MB 728x408 Nurgle laff.gif)
(30.67 KB 233x400 XIV.jpg)
(1.44 MB 400x400 jupiter.gif)
(25.78 KB 400x267 400px-1286933675792.jpg)
Druid/pol/ #VIII - Ætheric Pandemic! Edition Anonymous 04/22/2020 (Wed) 17:33:24 ID:e66b81 No. 26380 [Reply] [Last]
LOYAL LADS I bid you welcome in the manner that has become sacred to our Rite, to our most portentous octo thread. Welcome old bretheren and new! Well lads, surrounded by Grandfather Nurgle's virulent blessings, we now are in the midst of the largest (and at the same time most mind numbingly dull) happening in living memory. I am of the firm belief this is a transitory state we can use to our advantage. An unprecedented amount of etheric energies are being built up and stored as folk languish at home under virtual house arrest & lives are disrupted. Fear. Uncertainly. Anger. Depression. All energies. This energy can be tapped into and harnessed if we go about it the right way. We are, for now, bunkered down and forced to stay indoors most of the time but we can still operate, online, etherically and in meatspace too. I suggest we use this time to focus on personal path development and also redpilling operations. Lots of bums on seats and eyeballs on screens at the moment & we might be getting lurkers who otherwise would have passed over this place. Something to keep in mind. On the Lodgefront, all is going strong as ever. New lads are joining each month, effortposts aplenty and last thread we achieved complete reconvergence, being reunited with one of the founding members of the B.O.N.D. A Brother returns to the fold. Indeed something to celebrate! Punished seems to have turned his back on the B.O.N.D & gone his own way. We wish him well & are here if he ever decides to return to the fold This thread's governing major arcana trump is................. TEMPERANCE (XIV) >Drawn UPRIGHT The Temperance card is the XIVth card of the major arcana & almost invariably depicted as a robed figure pouring liquid from one receptacle into another. In many decks, the person is a winged person/angel, usually female or androgynous, and stands with one foot on water and one foot on land. This card is an indicator that the enquirant should endeavor to bring about balance, patience and moderation into their life. One should take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintain a sense of calm, balance and equilibrium.

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>>29220 We’re only on page 7/15 on a slow board, so it’s not that big of a rush lad. On the other hand a new bread would breath some life back into things. I put forth the motion for one of the Britbongs to have a crack at a quality new op. I just pray 40k and his family are alright and just spending quality time irl tbh. >>29263 The later half is most certainly accurate. Some of the former is questionable.
>>29401 I think I'll put up a bunker thread tomorrow, but rather than just /druid/ I think I'll leave it open to all UK politics/news and any esoteric anons here on 16.
I don't know where 40K's gone nor why nobody says anything here, but it might be time for a new bread, "#BLM: Kneel before your Noggod" edition. There is one thing I could not understand about the right wingers trying to find support from their Christian faith. All the relevant Christian authorities of the world tell you the nigger is your brother and you must love him, accept him and give him all you have. You are not allowed to reject him and, as a matter of fact, you may very well need to get used to the idea of kissing his feet. You could find this insulting, right? Disgusting maybe. But then, could you cut the hypocrisy down when remembering that great angels were asked to bow before a dumb homunculus who knew naught about good or evil, and they refused, so they got b@, cast out of Heaven for this "heinous crime"? How does it feel Chriscucks? Do you understand now? Can you sense the burning reality of this massive hypocrisy in condemning White Superiority when you were so quick and zealous in accepting the sanctified condemnation of Angelic Supremacism? Are you so sure of what awaits you in Heaven, or do you even think you will be allowed a spot up there now that you reject God's colored sons and reject this worldly fraternal love? In fact, thinking about it, why would you even want to go to Heaven? Maybe it has never been true Heaven, that it was an already extremely pozzed place and the rebellious angels were based as fuck, that they left this corrupt place on their own accord, but Him had to rewrite history? Oh yes, you might begin to see the Light now. That being an Overman is about returning to Angelhood and be done with the spiritual emasculation. Soon enough, sure enough, as you look back in disbelief at what you and your ancestors had to deal with, you will know and you will say out loud: Lucifer did nothing wrong!
Thread is anchored btw, drops fast. Someone tazz 40K up or shit?

(382.64 KB 1232x805 nwa.jpg)
/pol/ humor Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 17:09:41 ID:5b3e56 No. 5528 [Reply] [Last]
post them
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(3.77 MB 238x178 judengreta.gif)
>>5925 >a porno about the federal reserve I'd love to fucking see that. And if they were attractive, i'd risk my entire streak to it.
>>6146 Reminds me of when my great grandpa failed to escape Dachau. He tried to hide some dynamite under a pile of reichmarks, but the nazi guard replaced them with a pile of foreskins. >*sniff* my grandpa would end up zipping towards the foreskins and have the dynamite blow up in his face. He got blackface and spiky hair! >*bawls like a bitch*
(3.94 MB 852x480 reddit.webm)
The absolute state of reddit
(11.79 MB 704x480 AnonsBackstoryLowerQuality.mp4)

(561.26 KB 867x590 The Phoenix Project.png)
Asha Logos' new video, The Phoenix Project Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 05:31:23 ID:0d3ba9 No. 23993 [Reply] [Last]
Asha Logos has uploaded a new video, "The Phoenix Project". If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSXX00X4NE Also highly recommend his "Our Subverted History" playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo
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>>28562 >Sargon confirmed shill >BPS confirmed shill WOTW has 100k subs because most likely he is controlled opposition much like Alex Jones, Red Ice, and the like. He is there to tell you truth but also put you in a container of thought and action. Let me make this fucking clear: IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SYSTEM, THEN YOU DONT GET VIEWERSHIP ON YOUTUBE. I know channels that are shadowbanned for REAL, and they struggle to even get more than 500 views per video. This is how they do it. They help grow these fuckers a fanbase/viewerbase and then once their bait and switch is over, then they just contain you. I would be very wary of this "Phoenix Project".
>>26734 Spartan Warrior Queen is the one to avoid. >>28544 Manu, by Miguel Serrano. https://the-eye.eu/public/Books/4chan_pol_Archives/PDFs/Esoteric%20Hitlerism/Serrano/ It was also an instinct I had years ago before reading it. Saturn was the god of the Golden Age(Sat-ya Yuga) when all our ancestors worshiped him. >>28411 >pretty sure he's a cop. They ban people for fed posting.
>>26203 What is the PP's position on the White race, Jews, Christianity, distant human history, spirituality? Do they frown upon using VPNs? What is the process to enter? The requirements? Do they accept obviously made up email addresses? >>28562 >WOTW has 100K Sub's for the same reason Ash' has 50K. He does well thought out, well articulated, videos that are accurate and hard to attack for "hate speech" because they simply are stating their political beliefs. That's the weakest excuse I've ever heard for explaining why a WN fren would not get b@d from yidube. >>28565 >>Sargon >confirmed shill >BPS >confirmed shill Info? Like... NOW!? >WOTW has 100k subs because most likely he is controlled opposition much like Alex Jones, Red Ice, and the like. He is there to tell you truth but also put you in a container of thought and action.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>23993 Bump for my Aryan brothers and our censored history.
>>23993 I kinda forgot about his videos they are well put together.

(392.33 KB 415x413 frame.wojak.png)
Frame Game Radio Archive Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 00:16:12 No. 29009 [Reply] [Last]
mega archive of (((YouTube))) user, Frame Game Radio, jewish attorney living in NYC who exposed the shenanigans in the billion dollar (((Diversity Industry))) scam. I can't recommend these videos highly enough. this is the archive of his censored youtube videos before his channel was nuked. 41.65gb. https://mega.nz/folder/YH5HBTZa#gYNcUTERnXjNsiCpIwTRzw
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Seems sensible, logically and reasonable, I could totally see why he got nigger banned
>>29348 This is not specific to my computer, but to the Firefox browser. I successfully downloaded everything from the archive.org link before you retarded fucks decided to chime in with your worthless "assistance." >>29325 Brave browser is trash and a scam. Fucking niggers on 16pol these days holy shit.
>>29349 I have The end of white civ, TPS#12 and Outlawing Words and Symbols. There us a FGR mirror site still on YT if any Anons want a quick link-to. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCDwBzdpFBhteOuKjQdIXfZQ/videos
>>29364 all good. some of his early videos were getting (((censored))) almost immediately after the ADL took wind of him.. he got to the point of uploading videos with random letter names, and minor edits to get past the censorship.. i'm pretty sure most of them are either in the mega archive or on archive org

(113.90 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Nootropics, Asians, and Jews Anonymous 06/14/2020 (Sun) 04:15:15 No. 29318 [Reply] [Last]
So an anon posted a thread on 4chins about snooping into Asian and Jews' medicine cabinets at rentals he owned or some such. He discussed nootropics and posted the below list claiming Asians and Jews don't have high IQs but are using supplements and drugs to boost their cognitive abilities. Anyone know anything about the below? I'm doing some rudimentary digging now but thought other anons might know more than me. >Coffee Fruit/cherry extract @ 100mg >Turmeric supplement @ 400 to 450mg >Ginger supplement @ 50mg >Vitamin E @ 200mg >Phosphatidylserine @ 100mg >Folate/folic acid @ 600 to 800 mcg >Amino acid complex (L-Theanine usually main) >Fish oil/omega 3 @ 1800 mg >sun flower lecithin @ 2400 mg >Resveratrol @ 250mg >Acetyl-L-Carnitine (beside amino complex) @ 800 mg >Alpha lipoic acid @ 400 mg >Rhodiola Rosea @ 500 mg >S-Adenosyl Methionine @ 200 mg >Ginseng complex

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

5 posts and 1 image omitted.
All of these supplement shit is a waste of fucking money and time. Like most jewish products, see how its marketed with bright colors and various explanations on the label >tuh huh this increase ur sewotonon so u be happy Its wastful shit. Not saying it hurts you, but it doesnt really help you either. Some of the things on their help but are only absorbed by the body by like 10 percent. Just eat a healthy diet and you wont have to eat a long list of jew pills. Do you really think ancient muscular humans ate any of this shit? What about your grandfather? Think about it man its just another scam to take money out of your pocket. This thread reminds me of one you would see on a fitness forum where they ask "what type of protein powder is best" <a fucking steak you pleb, stop taking the easy way out.
(1.37 MB 902x2268 jewish iq myth screencap.jpg)
(131.85 KB 800x800 jewish iq.jpg)
>>29318 just be celibate. optional: do a bit of hatha yoga, mainly sirshasana, sarvangasana (followed by fish pose for balance in your neck), and paschimottanasana (followed by a bit of cobra pose for balance in your lower back). celibacy alone gives you an edge beyond any nootropic stack. ksm-66, and lions mane and cordyceps were not mentioned in your list. >>29340 asians also seem to care more about making progress in western countries. an asian in america is motivated to succeed because the underlying principle is that he is conquering the country whereas a young white man is being conquered and is therefore demoralized. same with black women; the really love excelling in scholastic activities that include basically just filling out paperwork. it's like they can really feel how much they benefit from it all. white people just don't give a shit on an instinctual level. maybe they have a christian-esque fear of le fire and brimstone (poverty) so they work hard at their job but there isn't any real incentive involved. >>29344 >The leading theory for explaining variance in intelligence right now is Cold Winters Theory the variance itself is what's under question right now, dork. nobody cares about an explanation for something that doesn't exist.
(41.64 KB 1024x768 1586397747962.jpg)
>>29344 No you are wrong and also very poorly educated in anthropology shown by you relying on mainstream what liberal kikes are pushing . "A leading theory" about long touted environmental influence don't make me laugh. Northeast Asia hasn't always been cold the world goes through wet and dry cycles across the continents. If you are going to make dumbass statements without substance at least know the subject you idiot. pic related is you
>>29344 Ass blasted chink detected you realize asian civilization was started by Europeans they didn't have the wheel or writing until Europeans gave it to them, innovation in asian like all non-white civilzations relied on European contact ,when they broke contact asian civilization stagnated completely. Europeans settled in North Asia first so again you are retarded. Regardless everything stated is correct there is no high asian IQ you smelly weeb.
>>29377 1st generation asians I agree do have a conqueror type mentality as shown with voting patterns and racial voting among all non-white immigrants. But by the second generation many asians become just as degenerate and become part of the cog. For Whites the lack of motivation comes from lack of prospect for the future which would be family. Renew the strong family ties Whites had and you would see much bigger motivation in Whites to succeed on all levels.

Mass migration, Great Replacement, and Censorship Megathread Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 14:40:58 ID:f28e24 No. 24340 [Reply] [Last]
POST GREAT REPLACEMENT / MASS MIGRATION / WHITE GENOCIDE / CENSORSHIP REDPILLS ITT Kind of surprised there isn't a thread yet. If you haven't noticed there is a huge push to censor discussion on the ongoing migrant crisis, great replacement or the negative impact of mass migration being pursued by all major social media sites including cuck-chan (via forumslides and other distractions). On 4chan this takes the form of arbitrary bans, subtle "X not white" posts, muslim shilling, "Its over" posts, and other insidious strategies to essentially get people to stop talking about it. Off 4chan it includes deplatforming by social media, blacklisting by website domain providers like Cloudflare and GoDaddy, the arbitrary deletion of youtube and dailymotion channels documenting large video evidence of the negative effects of mass migration, censorship, word censor bots, Reddit bot armies, major search engines (Google, Youtube) manipulating search results and algorithmic trends, ISPs blocking webpages without your knowledge, newspapers intentionally leaving out migrant connections in news articles or straight up just not publishing stories at all, normie brainwashing through television advertising radio and music to paint any people who voice public resistance to replacement migration and islamisation and, and even criminal sentences in countries like the UK and Germany. If you can think in algebraic terms it's obvious that the number one thing the (((elite))) does NOT want people talking about is mass migration and demographic replacement, in the same way you can note and measure the existence of Dark matter from the lack off matter needed to explain celestial forces, you can also tell mass migration and Great replacement is Numero Uno on what the Elites want silenced by the abnormal lack of discussion proportionate to the huge effects it's having in Western societies worldwide. The single simple solution to this censorship is to circumvent it and to keep talking about it. Luckily we aren't (yet) in a USSR like system where there is functionally no way to get the message out to the masses completely, but we just need to get even more autistic and devilish to jump the Soylent Curtain. The one thing to remember is KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT even if you think everyone already "knows that" about something really elementary regarding Great Replacement islamisation etc, KEEP POSTING THEM, because new people are ALWAYS there waiting to be redpilled on this shit, people are ALWAYS on the edge feeling fed up with lefty politics, etc. KEEP TALKING. Pic related, a 2012 video of Danish students sent to live in muslim/negro ghettoes as a "social experiment" and them saying they feared for their life has been completely scrubbed from Youtube. Great-Replacement.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>29356 this is like monkeys dressing silk, they always will be monkeys
(289.91 KB 1200x800 Watchtower.jpg)
>>29363 may Him guide us
(703.30 KB 1600x2000 the attack on the west .jpg)
(729.44 KB 827x768 3628748dsha.png)
(371.39 KB 815x625 1589393926-0a.png)
(347.18 KB 850x633 1589393926-0b.png)
(135.22 KB 830x500 1589444168-0.png)
(288.00 KB 628x417 1589444168-1.png)
(113.76 KB 758x878 1589561847-2.jpg)
(534.65 KB 1300x1400 1591802692-0.jpg)
(466.27 KB 1366x576 cap 2020-06-15 17-01-39b.png)

(36.34 KB 512x342 evbjpotueaagnjc.jpg)
Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 14:50:45 ID:b24deb No. 25936 [Reply] [Last]
Trump's Phony "White Nationalist Terrorist" List >by Ahab on Apr 10, 2020 >On Monday, the Trump administration launched a major escalation of the war on white identity and civil liberties by declaring a so-called “white supremacist group” a terrorist organization for the first time in United States history. The “white supremacist group” in question is an obscure Moscow-based formation styled the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM). According to state officials, RIM guilty of providing “paramilitary-style training to neo-Nazis and white supremacists” and playing “a prominent role in trying to rally likeminded Europeans and Americans into a common front against their perceived enemies.” >The selection of an obscure Tsarist group, without name recognition even to most white nationalists, struck observers as an obvious ploy to set an easy precedent intended for use against other groups in the near future. Nathan Sales, counterterrorism coordinator to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, boasted openly about the new precedent being set: “These designations are unprecedented…. This is the first time the United States has ever designated white supremacists terrorists, illustrating how seriously this administration takes the threat. We are taking actions no previous administration has taken to counter this threat.” >Sales credited the move with an Executive Order signed by President Trump in September of last year, “the most significant expansion of federal terrorism sanctions authorities since the aftermath of 9/11,” which allows the State Department to “designate groups and individuals that participate in training to commit acts of terrorism,” as well as “designate the leaders of terrorist groups, without needing to show that they were involved in particular attacks.” In other words, the State Department now can label organizations and individuals as “terrorists” even if they have not been linked to an attack – and their primary target is white nationalist groups. >This move follows months of propaganda from Zionist media ginning up hysteria about the “white supremacist terrorist” threat, including staged hearings in Congress last fall reminiscent of Stalinist show trials. Initiated by Israeli-fifth columnist Max Rose and other enemies of white America, no actual representatives of white nationalist groups were heard. However, ample testimony was given by shadowy Jewish special interest groups such as the ADL. The timing of this designation, in the midst of a historic pandemic shutdown and on the cusp of a major economic downturn in the United States, indicates the Zionists have no intention of letting up on their relentless drive to outlaw free thought and peaceful opposition to their rule. It seems they are determined not to waste the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 public health crisis to implement their unpopular anti-white totalitarian agenda while public attention is distracted. >The fact that this action was carried out by the Trump administration virtually guarantees a softening of the backlash by those Trump voters still paying attention. Reaction of boomers and conservatives on Twitter was as expected: “Good… now do antifa.” “Antifa?” “Excellent… Now do Antifa.” “What about antifa?” “Label ANTIFA as terrorist organization.” This reaction shows the average Trump voter will not object to white Americans patriots being labeled terrorists by the government, so long as the government also labels a couple of token far left groups into the bargain. >This is yet more evidence Trump’s re-election would actually be worse for white nationalists in the United States than the election of Democrat Joe Biden. While Biden would undoubtedly appoint aggressively anti-white officials to his cabinet such as former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, and pursue a more openly anti-white agenda, the same measures coming from Biden would certainly provoke more outrage from mainstream right-wing media. Just as anti-war Democrats from the Bush years melted away during Obama’s wars and crimes against humanity, so has white popular discontent over immigration and other abuses softened into a passive complacency under Trump. Just as Nixon’s right-wing bona fides gave him the political capital to go to China where a more peacenik Democrat would have failed, Trump’s right-wing bona fides allow his administration to pursue a sinister totalitarian crackdown against pro-white dissident groups without raising the ire of conservative media. https://national-justice.com/current-events/trumps-phony-white-nationalist-terrorist-list http://archive.is/YDpAf
23 posts and 22 images omitted.
>Only an idiot could still believe in the Q psyop after almost 4 years of it with nothing happening to the "deep state" beyond Trump making it deeper with banker boys. It's the biggest IQ filter since religion. Use it to pick your targets.
>>26080 Just wait until the Democrats get into power again. They will seek revenge and start a reign of terror like the left always does at this stage. People will have to chose sides or they will have sides chosen for them.
Now that 'antifa' is declared domestic terrorists, expect pro-whites to follow soon after.
>>28715 This may be our chance to show that we are the heroes. We have to help the wee woos fight off the giganiggas by beating the shit out of the race traitors or something (maybe less violent), allowing the polices to step in and give the darkies electrotherapy.
>>25936 Good, I don't need my rights handed to me by a subhuman democracy. The harder it is for us the better, let the filth fight it self while we train our families.

brenton tarrant pics thread Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 18:57:20 ID:1518f6 No. 27986 [Reply] [Last]
73 posts and 174 images omitted.
(128.77 KB 1366x800 capture 2020-01-12 04-51-19.png)
(73.87 KB 960x733 image.JPG)
>>29280 >name of the car park There must be a name to describe the fallacy of your schizo post, i can't recall it right now. However I noticed how wherever Tarrant and Breivik are discussed, immediately flocks of people screeching about "innocent muslims" appear (probably muslims themselves, imageboards are filled with them) and they always bring up the false dicotomy where if one hates muslims then he must love jews and be working for them.
>>29297 >There must be a name to describe the fallacy of your schizo post, i can't recall it right now. You're new to this aren't you? How many fingers? It's about the name of the company, which just conveniently had a large office here and which name is rather glaring. All you were so quick to look into the runes (superficially) or some other things written on the weapons, count the pages on the manifesto, etc., but as soon as we look into other details by applying the same autistic care, oh look it's not valid anymore. Considering the billions of other places he could have placed his car, this is not an accident. >However I noticed how wherever Tarrant and Breivik are discussed, immediately flocks of people screeching about "innocent muslims" appear (probably muslims themselves, imageboards are filled with them) and they always bring up the false dicotomy where if one hates muslims then he must love jews and be working for them. And that is about always the same counter,, the same strawman argument that someone here, at some point, says some shit about innocent Muslims, either completely missing the point or doing this on purpose. Having more than the IQ of a nigger is required for proper understanding of life. As for the false dichotomy, how more retarded can you be? Tarrant himself is responsible of it. Just like Breivik. We judge them based on their writings and actions, not on what fancy fiction their gushers love to use to fill in the blanks.
(68.57 KB 480x300 4389foihfih.jpg)
(72.87 KB 1000x750 4530urfidjfojdxs.jpg)
(126.73 KB 640x640 5430ufojsdoj.jpg)
(28.24 KB 700x393 5928hfifhi.jpg)
(65.41 KB 1464x1092 8043ofjdsdsf.jpg)
(245.80 KB 970x646 8795hhfdsf.jpg)
(89.32 KB 503x834 9034ifdjoj.jpg)
(72.49 KB 1280x720 9382ihediwh.jpg)
(181.44 KB 800x563 9832hifdhid.png)
(109.68 KB 1080x1129 34729dfishf.jpg)

(873.84 KB 2623x4000 Emperor Hadrian.jpg)
Why do Jews hate Hadrian more than Hitler? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:47:37 ID:4b3808 No. 24933 [Reply] [Last]
Not only that, they seem despise the Romans in general more than any other White Civilization.
40 posts and 12 images omitted.
because the Romans destroyed the Temple Also Roman law represents a competing vision for mankind compared to Rabbinic law.
>>25168 the crusades, plus many of the early popes were openly anti jewish. shilling against Christianity is seriously jewish behavior, and people who do it are usually being paid.
>>24933 Because unlike Hitler, Hadrian actually did kill jews, they know this but will never admit it.
>>24933 Because he genocided Judea. Rome burned Judea to the ground repeatedly, because the Jews were troublesome subjects to rule.
>>26325 >Greece died culturally It died because the blood of the high quality Whites literally got drowned in the blood of those who were subjugated. Further racial mixing added more nails to this coffin. >>27756 >the crusades Are you going to claim they were done to fight against the Jews now? >plus many of the early popes were openly anti jewish And many were not. Besides, Christian antisemitism is a fraud, it's only to have Jews convert to Christianity. It's nothing more than a disagreement between Jews. These Christians were anti-Jewish on sectarian principles, notably accusing Jews of having killed their precious Jewish rabbi and leader. This whole charade is so laughable that you can find in the Bible signs that the creed as practiced in the Levant was only meant for Jews are first (see Peter vs Saul). And none of that crap would have stuck to the wall without this same incel, (((Saul of Tarsus))), shilling hard for this nonsense. Hadrian made one mistake: he let some Jews survive.

(189.25 KB 849x960 freemason.jpg)
Do we live in a Freemason controlled society? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:39:44 ID:77f031 No. 21089 [Reply] [Last]
I see the symbols and coding everywhere.
106 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>26564 >T. Freemason
>>22298 Most of them don't care about mysticism and are just mundies of the worst kind, joining the shabbos branch of the Jewish mafia in order to get some short term benefits while abandoning all that's worthy. I mean, these spiritual niggers don't even recognize zero as a real number kek. G has a deep esoteric meaning though, a dual meaning actually. It stands for Good, but also stands for Goyim. When one ascends to the degree of the Grand Master, it is revealed to him that the essence of Freemasonry is being a good goy. It also has parts about having your wife bred by a black bull and pimping your daughter to your Jewish boss, but those are just symbolic acts that backwards, unenlightened bigots interpret literally without understanding their deeper meaning. >DUDE, GEOMETRY LMAO >>22419 Freemasons who get redpilled on the JQ exhibit the equal amounts of COPE as Christian identitarians do, it's pretty hilarious. They should be made fun of as well.
>>29104 They're egalitarians and submissive, but thinking they're part of a special group they go all lordy on the plebe. At the top, doubtlessly some of them are totally convinced of the need to help the kikes, even top tier kikes, to bring world peace on Earth, no matter the holocost, whatever they expect to get in return.
>>21772 Either there are vortexes at the chakra points or there are not. Enough of this allegory bullshit. Either it's true or not. If you want to talk about reality go ahead, that is not the question though. The "It's all metaphorical" bullshit is absolute fucking poison. Anyone that believes otherwise can get the fuck out.
>>21772 >in the end, the mystery schools of any kind teach widely the same stuff. The Chakra system is just like the Kaballah for example With the small detail that chakra/kundalini related teachings are much older than what the kikes cooked up for their own splash of esoterism. In fact these punks can't invent anything. The name Israel? Stolen. The six-branched star? Stolen. The land they live on today? Stolen and we pay for that. Even good ideas they manage to ruin them once run through their atrocious Semitic-mental meat grinder. What a pathetic race.


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