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Make /pol/ Great Again General Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 05:31:07 ID:048402 No. 17346 [Reply] [Last]
Full disclosure, I have been lurking imageboards since the mid-2000s but have only really followed them since 2014. I have watched /pol/ and /b/ in the days when they used to have some interesting content and the culture was decidedly more libertarian. The last five years has seen a major shift in our culture and I don't see it as likely that imageboards will be allowed to stay up after 2020. I think it is most important that anons come together again, to fight against the censorship on the internet, or in the worst case come together on finding an alternative to migrate to when the imageboards go dark. Therefore, I suggest a general thread for uplifting our culture in productive, morale-raising ways. Whitepills, positive stories of connecting with someone and changing their mind on something, moments of victory. I also suggest finding ways to uplift your fellow anons. There isn't a lot of trust on these boards, so we should be finding more effective ways to communicate which build trust. /sig/ focuses on bodybuilding but having a fit body doesn't matter if your mind is in the trash. Hence, we need to focus on raising morale for each other.
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>>19509 I have been planning to do collages/mashups on computer since it requires a lot less skill but still waiting to build a new PC.
>>17353 This is poorly worded. Instead of worrying about Le Black Pill, you were supposed to have infiltrated an enemy organization and gotten trained when you came of age to begin with. Had you developed yourself properly, you would have never even considered such nonsense as just giving up.
>>17346 So fucking around with your brain using magnets can temporarily disable tribalist instincts. Headline is a hyperbole. This tech would be useful only in population control. So if they ever try to mass-scale implement this, kill whoever is trying.
>>19505 >>19509 Hah, same. I'm a writer, so I'm trying to work third position stuff into some good scifi in just such a way that its palatable and sensible for everyone.
>>19332 I believe it is a spiritual war, I don't think that this will affect a whole lot ( positively )

Trump to sign executive order on anti-Semitism Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 16:43:15 ID:666531 No. 17788 [Reply] [Last]
4D chess, right guyz? >President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order Wednesday designed to cut off aid to colleges that tolerate anti-Semitism, but which critics call an effort to stifle free speech and criticism of Israel. >The executive order aims to extend the scope of the section in the Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin. It would now include anti-Semitism as well, said an administration statement on the new executive order. >"The President will be signing an executive order on anti-Semitism to enshrine the definition from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance of anti-Semitism into an executive order, and clarify that Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act applies to anti-Semitic acts," the statement said. >Critics said the order is really targeting criticism of Israel, particularly the "Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel movement" (BDS) that involves criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians. >"The Jewish state has never had a better friend in the White House than your president, Donald J. Trump," he said at a weekend conference in Florida sponsored by the Israeli-American Council. >The president is expected to discuss his new executive order at a pair of Hanukkah receptions to be held at the White House. https://archive.md/NVinK
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>>20232 >fake jews They wouldn't suddenly be okay if they were "real" jews.
>>17880 >Trump making antisemitism illegal in the USSRA <forever thankful Tarrant never criticized Jews/Zionists, otherwise Jews/Zionists would have tried to make antisemitism illegal!
>>17907 >trumpfag makes Gina bleed a bit >he's /ourguy/ <nevermind that a war with Gina is also on the table because in the end, Whites must perish. PA THE TIC
>>20232 They're not fake Jews because those Jews you call fake also share some of the facial and behavioral features typical of Jews. It's just diluted under a thin coating of absorbed whiteness and less obvious because of admixture. IOW, KYS
>>20238 > They're not fake Jews because those Jews you call fake also share some of the facial and behavioral features typical of Jews. It's just diluted under a thin coating of absorbed whiteness and less obvious because of admixture. IOW, KYS How would you kjnow if the original Jew race is no more? Because of miscegenation they carry no more connection to the Biblical Jews then humanity at large.

(65.48 KB 615x401 1577968861922.jpg)
Ghislaine Maxwell's undisclosed location Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 14:29:11 ID:f2a1c6 No. 19921 [Reply] [Last]
It was recently announced (officially) that Epstein and Maxwell are Mossad assets and Maxwell is hiding out in Israel, but shortly before then it was reported in some British women's mags that Maxwell will be testifying by skype from an undisclosed location, and pic related was provided as proof of life. Can we find out where this photograph was taken? What it offers is: > outdoors > in Israel(?) > brick courtyard > brick terrace > apartment > restaurant > hotel > mansion > garden > contemporary modern furniture So not many leads, and even worse the entire nation of Israel forbids satellite imagery of the required resolution making aerial confirmation all but impossible. But if we find it we could force the issue of her illegal repatriation, and if it's in the US we can call bullshit on the proof of life and get more clues.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>20146 >But was it scanned from a developed print? Or scanned from the original camera negative itself? 1. If you can't tell you're a nigger. 2. If you need to ask, it is because you can't tell. 1+2=3. Ergo, you're a nigger. Go back nigger.
>>20149 >What does it matter if the pic is ancient? Because, investigation. >>20154 >You're a nigger if you don't know all the intricacies of digitally scanning images from their analog 35mm film and print originals Um.. okay.
>>19921 Is this why the media shilled about "absurd anti-semitism" in NY orthodox communities today shortly after detailing the issues between the US and Iran by showing how "insane" the Iranian state was? Israel will not be a state by the end of the year. This shit is sealing their fate.
>>20230 Wrong thread moron.
(2.52 KB 498x99 Säge.png)
>>20239 Is it too much to ask that this thread be locked so retards stop bumping it?

(75.83 KB 1022x310 White Egyptians.jpg)
Almost every non-White Civilization was built off the corpse of a White Civilization Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 06:23:14 ID:b5e58a No. 16747 [Reply] [Last]
Mespotamia, Egypt, Ancient India, and Persia were all products of White people. This fact makes me wonder if Europe's not where Whites had originally evolved, but fled to in desperation to avoid extinction. Semites never built their societies, they just built over the corpses of the White Civilizations that inhabited the Western half of the Orient before them. It was even possible Whites inhabited parts of ancient China before being driven West by migrating Siberian Tribes. It seems that according to some, Europeans inhabited most of the globe, before being driven back. I think the Kikes developed their hatred of the White race in Egyptian times, when the kikes were enslaved by White Egyptians before Moses used his "staff" to smite the White man from Egypt with the plagues. However, I believe the plagues were the subversion of society, and they didn't go free. They just manipulated gullible White Pharaohs to let them go and wreak havoc through subversion and demographic genocide. It would the White Race's decline has stretched back millenia.
29 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>19640 >Scythians In Sword & Sworcery, a small game app on mobile phone, you play as a Scythian, but they're portrayed as tanned people with very dark hair.
>>19690 The Greeks wrote extensively on the Scythian's the were described at length as 'A noble line, of Blonde haired blue eyed warriors' Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 2 - The Scythians and Their Kin https://www.bitchute.com/video/QQIzzSfr3Yvm/
Might as well link the whole series for you lads Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 1 - Setting the Stage https://www.bitchute.com/video/FBcNhNVybPS8/ Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 2 - The Scythians and Their Kin https://www.bitchute.com/video/QQIzzSfr3Yvm/ Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 3 - Hellenic Greece, Troy, and the real Game of Thrones https://www.bitchute.com/video/gHzDC0QvT3iR/ Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 4 - The Germanic Peoples: A Root and its Branches https://www.bitchute.com/video/QIzCwJxMQ2Rh/ Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 4.2 - The Germanic Peoples: The Goths, Justice and Order https://www.bitchute.com/video/gsR5RdmuZUtq/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>19703 Playlist on Invidios @720p mp4 https://www.invidio.us/playlist?list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo Playlist on joutube if you want 1080p60 (for a friend only) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo
>>17157 > They lived in what is know today as "The Eye of the Sahara" >back when the Sahara was lush and humid So about 12,000 to 10,000 BC >Egypt was only an Atlantis colony. If Egypt was a colony of Atlantis, how was it connected to the imperial capital? It's nearly 3,000 miles between the Richat structure and Egypt. Where are the cities between Egypt and Atlantis?

(231.36 KB 718x1137 Screenshot_20200104-192208~2.png)
(251.21 KB 686x923 Screenshot_20200104-192233~2.png)
(165.77 KB 720x792 Screenshot_20200104-192006~2.png)
(228.57 KB 720x1054 Screenshot_20200104-192107~2.png)
(231.05 KB 720x1044 Screenshot_20200104-192142~2.png)
Connection between Iran and NYT Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 18:30:36 ID:7346bc No. 20099 [Reply] [Last]
I'm phoneposting so I do not want to make this tread to long. Some journalist pointed out a link between the NYT and Iran. Treadlink: https://mobile.twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1021491283167268864 Archive: http://archive.is/XhEQB Other link about NYT and exclusive holidays to Iran: https://foreignpolicy.com/2015/12/04/irans-fellow-travelers-at-the-new-york-times/ Archive: http://archive.is/XgHvj Also some screenshots
32 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>20133 Whether it's enough for them isn't the point. The point is that the Iranian government is NOT under the control of the zionist entity. It is under attack by the zionist entity. The point of this thread was to make the case that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a functional subsidiary of israel/US or "rogue elements" in the CIA. This entire line of argument has been devised by qniggers [read: zionist shills] to create a reverse psychology justification for attacking Iran and enacting regime change. White Nationalists, isolationists, dissidents, etc. don't want to attack Iran because they don't like israel. So, understanding that rehabilitating israel's image in these circles is impossible, the tactic shifts to trying to portray Iran as zionist-controlled and a puppet/client state of israel and the Angleton legacy clique at Langley -- therefore it's okay to regime change Iran. Because you'd be regime changing the "zionists".
>>20136 >The point of this thread was to make the case that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a functional subsidiary of israel/US No it was to point out a 'possible' connection between ((media)) and Iranian media >therefore it's okay to regime change Iran No it did not have that effect here, just the opposite. We all know this is another israeli war, they have wanted this war for years, even plebs have seen that. Dropping redpills about ((media)) will not change that fact.
>>20136 Please fuck off, I'm not supporting regime chance in Iran even if it is zoinist controlled. Nobuddy supports that on here
>>20136 Nothing will make me support a Zog war. Even if Iran nuked (or was false flagged) you burgers, I would not support this war
It's stupid. USA (and its allies) is zionist controlled and used to take down governments that don't have central bank beholden to IMF/Worldbank. They even took down Lybia because it was moving away from petrodollar.

(47.94 KB 728x380 nordvpn.png)
VPN = data collection scam? VPN = data collection scam? 10/09/2019 (Wed) 22:05:01 ID:b7fc19 No. 8362 [Reply] [Last]
Why would you trust a large VPN like Nord or Express to not just sell your info? Their clients info most likely worth more than granny on facebook. Why wouldnt NSA start a VPN service and price it extremely competatively?
112 posts and 17 images omitted.
(11.11 KB 279x225 BigBennyB0y.png)
>>fags in thread >I use VPN to Tor https://matt.traudt.xyz/posts/vpn-tor-not-mRikAa4h.html Keep in mind that End-to-End traffic correlation is still the weak point in low latency onion circuit. Are you to trust a few dozen commercial VPN servers over a couple thousand specifically maintained unindexed Tor Bridge Relays? I think not, as that would make traffic analysis more likely and more statistically powerful. Give the link a read. The only true way to attain some form of 'true' anonymity in this age is chained High Latency connections (i.e. snailmail pace), using chained remailers with randomized time delays. Or use that remailer function with I2Bote on I2P with the same effect but has the added benefit of more users providing cover traffic to the network. >bitcoin exchanges http://localmonerogt7be.onion/faq (LocalMonero, this escrow has an i2p address and clearnet site too) I would use XMR for local reputation-based exchanges when you have the chance. I don't recommend holding onto any volatile crypto for a longtime though, unless you want speculate on a cryptocoin. I'd convert soon into cash then whatever else. >>12230 >lots of exchanges are also simply scams >>11087 >how to buy crypto without telling god and country my name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decentralized_exchange DEX is a good way to distribute trust if you are skeptical of central exchanges handling your trades and private info. A good thing to know it exists. Some exchanges are more designed with your data privacy in mind, some saving only necessary transaction data locally on your machine.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

there is literally no reason to use a commercial vpn when there is so many other options
>>18517 >no reason With most free vpn, you are the product that's for sale. Not to say paid services don't ever sell data, I assume they do later in their life cycle
>>18518 Why not host a VPS at that point?
useful bread needza BOOMP

(264.90 KB 629x424 redflag.png)
N.J. seized this man’s gun because he glorified violence against Jews, cops say Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 22:51:35 No. 13837 [Reply] [Last]

>At first, Greco, 51, refused to answer the door. He only spoke with officers after his parents came home and allowed them in the modest home.
>As police questioned him about comments he made on a far-right social media platform, Greco was “extremely agitated and angry,” authorities said, but he did not talk about acting out on his disdain for Jewish people. However, they also noted that he said he “believes that Jews are raping our woman and children” and that “force or violence is necessary to realign society.
>On Sept. 6, police once again visited Greco’s home, descending without warning, to seize his gun and ammunition.
>Unknown to Greco, a Camden County Superior Court Judge Edward McBride had issued a temporary extreme risk protection order earlier that day based on an affidavit regarding Greco’s behavior. The order allowed police to execute a no-knock search warrant of his home and seize one semi-automatic rifle, ammunition and his firearms purchaser ID card.

>Five days after the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act went into effect, a petition was filed against Greco by an anonymous person within New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.
>The petitioner explained that through FBI contacts, they determined that Greco was “involved in online anti-Semitism.” Before the shooting that killed 11 inside a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018, Greco had communicated with the accused shooter, according to the petition. Greco denied this claim and “denounced” what the shooter did, he said in a statement.
>“I never at any time had any contact or communication whatsoever with the 2018 Pittsburgh Temple shooter, and I specifically stated that I thought what he had done was clearly wrong, disgraceful and horrible,” Greco said.
>After mass shootings this summer in El Paso and Ohio, “precautions” were taken by federal and local law enforcement agencies and they interviewed Greco about his posts on Gab.com, a popular online social forum for far-right groups, according to the petition, which was dedicated to anti-Semitism and white supremacy.
>From their interview with Greco, law enforcement said he was extremely intelligent, but noted he held anti-Semitic views.
>“His behavior was methodical and focused on facts, specifically from Nazi Germany,” the petition says about the interview. “Greco believes that force or violence is necessary to realign society.”
>“He believes that Jews are raping our woman and children,” the petition says.
>The day after the petition was filed, Judge McBride found “good cause” that Greco presented an immediate danger to himself or others. The order said even after being visited by law enforcement in August, Greco continued his “glorification of extreme violence against Jewish people” and has a “history of threats or acts of violence” towards himself and others.
>Judge McBride issued a temporary extreme risk protection order act and search warrant of Greco’s home, where authorities recovered a rifle the following day.
>“He was shocked. He was upset. He had no clue that they were going to be coming to his house,” said Rescinio, Greco’s attorney. “It wasn’t like he was holding a cache of weapons or he had automatic firearms. He had one legal rifle. That was it.”

A few takeaways;
<Don't clearpost
<Don't namefag
<Hide your powerlevel when speaking to cops, doctors, ect. (Even off-color humor/sacrasm will be intentionally misrepresented in their reports)
<Better yet, just don't talk to them at all.
<Efforts to remain in compliance with gun laws will be used against you (owner/carry permits, FFL transactions, online orders)
<Keep unregistered spares hidden away from your residence and vehicle
<They will use real or imagined associations as an angle of attack (like the warrant for ALL 8ch posters in Tarrant's thread, regardless of content/commentary posted. Or like this guy in the article using GAB like Bowers)
<FBIniggers initiated the ERPO in this article and the ERPO in WA against the atomwaffen guy. Despite lacking a Federal framework to implement ERPOs, they are feeding info to and petitioning Red Flag states to do their dirty work for them
36 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>16559 I'm surprised there aren't more people with the obvious takeaway that it really proves that violence is necessary.
>>13854 >Rights shall never be taken away >Rape his daughter So what's the average salary at the Clowns In America... 60k with 50% benefits?
>>13864 >1. has any history of threats or acts of violence directed toward self or others Yet sometimes these are totally deserved and a great way to get your beloved ones protected from nuisances without having to involve police forces. Also, this seems to cover self-defense. >8. recently purchased a firearm, ammunition or other deadly weapon Wow. >mental health disorder We know this is clown world so it's only a question of time before being a white heterosexual who protects his white family and culture and has guns will be a mental illness. Always pay attention to the most delirious claims and accusations made by leftists, they always are a window into the future when this unbelievable nonsense becomes your daily reality.
The absolute piece of reddit shit who posts here with his spacing.
New Jersey has had strict gun laws for over a century now. So this is nothing new. In fact we've had ERPO style regulations even before they become popular decades ago. If you live in the state, donate and support the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. t. New Jersey resident.

(666.51 KB 852x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 04:35:37 ID:722e99 No. 19534 [Reply] [Last]
Fuck black pills. They want you to be black pilled so that you don't do anything, not even talk. They want you silent. They want you sniveling, not making connections for fear that everybody is in HR looking to fire you or a Fed waiting to gulag you for your hate facts. Don't give them that privilege. Don't even give them the privilege of banning you on their faggot social media. Don't use Discord; use IRC or Matrix/Riot. Don't use Twitter; use Pleroma/Mastodon. Don't use centralized shit in general. They have control through centralization, through a psychology of authenticity. Deprive them of this. Illegitimi non carborundum.
10 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>19575 Smallscale IRL organizing then. Large organizations that recruit will be infiltrated and coopted by alphabet spooks, so keep it local and just a few friends. Build bonds so if we luck out and shit goes sideways we can thrive. Whether we win or not is now entirely dependant on whether the ZOG can enact a absolute 1984 state with robocops and mind reading *before* SHTF because the US is so nonwhite and in debt that it collapses. If they can't pull it off in time, then we win. If they pull it off before the US collapses, we perish forever.
>>19758 Seems that all these chats allow people to let their guard down, then get infiltrated. Anonymous imageboards don't let you get sloppy like people do on discord/riot. We are anons, namefags are chased out.
>>19898 >>19928 >Build bonds so if we luck out and shit goes sideways we can thrive. This, I can easily say that I have recently, (since 16) gained one trusted friend (through outside comms) that is welcomed to make his way with his family to my family's bugout location in such a time. >Seems that all these chats allow people to let their guard down, then get infiltrated. You don't have to be retarded, nor allow others around you to be so. You can use Tor/no email some random 3y15fy9tf for a username. We have a riot as well, as I said you can have circles within circles, with earned trust at each level. Personally I have as much faith in the platform of riot (if not more) as any other form of ((electronic communication)) (including 16chan) that is never 100% Anonymous. You don't truly believe you can be totally Anon with VPN and/or Tor on the ((internet)) while paying your ((ISP)) bill, do you? Unless you have gone full "Snowed In" and are using custom hardware/software/os from a public wifi atm to shitpost, (even then you were likely hit with face recognization surveillance at some point) you have left a digital fingerprint behind. The level of schizo hoops to jump through just to shit post is not worth the loss of a chance to gain honest friendships imo.
>>19534 A bot would have done better.
>>19898 Thank you for writing this

(1.22 MB 1247x1589 ari behn.jpg)
Did kevin Spacey kill Ari behn? Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 00:44:18 No. 19290 [Reply] [Last]
>Ari Behn accuses Spacey of groping him >his ex-wife is introduced to a literal sexual healing shaman >his three daughters hang around this sexual shaman >kevin Spacey releases a video where he threatend to "kill with kindness" on december 24th (yesterday) >Ari Behn kills himself one day later https://youtu.be/WCuuKhjLB0Q
3 posts omitted.
>>19294 Makes me think if you were to pull Kevin Spacey's rabbit by the ears you'd find a hole leading deeper than first imagined.
>>19290 I don't give a shit about Kevin Spacey. Why do you?
>>19684 why would anybody want to unravel pedowood?
>>19791 What's left to unravel? It's the jews.

(7.33 MB 272x480 pol goes skiing.webm)
WEBM/MP4 Thread Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 15:00:08 ID:49a53b No. 5104 [Reply] [Last]
Post /pol/-related webm and mp4 videos here.
Thread is bump locked to the old limit of 150 replies, new limit is 300
Please start new thread
Edited last time by anonleaf on 11/12/2019 (Tue) 04:14:34.
257 posts and 223 images omitted.
>>16933 Was there as well a few years ago, it made me sick. Too simple, no input of skills whatsoever. Al they had in their backmind was to occupy a space that would be allocated to them. The jew showing its will to conquer
>>6366 He is 89 years old.
(3.87 MB 896x504 Vladislav rektz newbs.webm)
>>19122 Dont have it but take this
(27.49 MB 854x480 With jews We Lose.mp4)
With jews We Lose Truth Gone Viral Tv https://www.bitchute.com/channel/white-genocide/
(21.90 MB 640x360 pumped kicks columbine.mp4)
>>19122 heres one that was already made


no cookies?