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(130.06 KB 1408x805 mindmap.png)
Fact-Sheets and Open-Intel Sharing Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 10:45:07 ID:b54fad No. 11949 [Reply]
In my experience, one of the most clear forms of communicating fact-patterns is via the Green-Text gestalt. I've been recently thinking about how we could formalize this slightly so that it be shared and give a visual/filterable view of the high-level connections. A syntax I've come up with looks as follows and produces the attached mind-map. The intention is to make this mind-map filterable and other sources includable (e.g. via a @import('https://site.com/someone-elses-fact-pattern.fct).
I'm not yet convinced the syntax I have below is that functional, so I would like to open the floor for suggestions on how we might be able to do this better. An overview of the current syntax would be:
# - Indicates a comment
[Entity]: - Indicates entries following this all belong to that item
[Entity]: [Description] - Attaches a fact to the entity
[EntityA?]->[EntityB]: [Description] - Indicates that Entity A connects to Entity B via the Description given
I am considering how "tags" might be added into this - so that entities/links can be more easily filtered. But am hoping someone that's actually good at sorting info/researching might be able to come up with something that they think is both elegant and functional on a high level.

# Groups
The Finders:
: Based at 1307 4th Street, NW, Washington DC

# People

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Maltego (it's java, but does what you're trying to do)
(1.39 MB 1000x1000 arno breker hope.png)
definite bump... easy to use too, id imagine future anons may like what you are doing today... sadly though i lack experience with this type of stuff so i cant help out too much
I built a Clinton Foundation Contributors one. Two definite features that we need:
1. A way to import other people's sheets.
2. A way to setup aliases in case someone's name has different spelling.

# Clinton Foundation Contributors

# The following has been sourced from:
# https://web.archive.org/web/20120114043313/http://www.clintonfoundation.org/contributors/pages/page_1.html

# Greater than $25M
>[Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation] contributed greater than $25M to the [Clinton Foundation]
>[Frank Giustra] contributed greater than $25M to the [Clinton Foundation]
>[The Children's Investment Fund Foundation] contributed greater than $25M to the [Clinton Foundation]
>[UNITAID] contributed greater than $25M to the [Clinton Foundation]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(542.71 KB 2540x1238 epstein-facts.png)
Nice. I've started working on an Epstein one.
Agree with
... would be good to be able to import. Another thing I noticed with the Clinton Foundation stuff... I may want to filter sources when you add that in future. But I'm a lazy shit and don't want to write a source down next to each fact. It'd be cool if you could do something like:
@source [https://some-site.com/some-article] [https://archive.is/abc123]
>everything fact inbetween has source attached
Would recommend doing something similar for tags (or just making a "source" a tag).

>[Jeffrey Epstein]
>was convicted of sex trafficking.
>owns [Little St James Island]
>was friends with [Prince Andrew]
>was friends with [Bill Clinton]
>was friends with [Donald Trump]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Also: Simple thing, but add the version of the App to the title and make it so that the help button works.

(48.49 KB 198x232 kike.jpg)
What are jews? Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 07:37:18 ID:87b70d No. 11665 [Reply]
In your own words, go
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Put the dookie in the jews mouth

Now there are 3 good comments in the whole thread #ballaballababy
Hitler did nothing wrong.
>make it 4
Why Do We Oppose The Jew? By. Goebbels
(366.10 KB 960x675 GigaKike.png)
they are the very antithesis of what whites are. They are entirely psychotic, narcissistic, arrogant all the while holding the paradoxical feeling of self loathing. they exist purely because whites have allowed it through passive and antiquated natures. The jews may also be the spiritual duality of all man, whites are one side, the kikes are the other side. whites represent most good things like civilization, innovation, family, and used to represent traditions; jews represent degeneracy, stagnation, infidelity, and finally a lack of any moral code, principle, or value that is "good" or "kind" to others besides their on tribe that hates itself.

in essence Jews are what mankind could be if we ever lose ourselves entirely, i know we banter how they are not human and to some degree i do believe that but we could realistically stoop to their level in time if we are not careful.
(366.10 KB 960x675 GigaKike.png)
i didnt think anyone who could find this place could be so retarded as to hold completely opposing views and not see the glaring paradox of their logic but i stand corrected

you are either a full blown GIGAKIKE or an actual example of how far we as a species have fallen

>lots of dumb or paranoid posts only reaffirm my argument that whites are not as smart or strong as they believe themselves to be
>separates himself from whites with the wording in his post
>either a nigger or a kike
>niggers dont come here

(91.61 KB 640x404 Burned at the stake.jpg)
(506.28 KB 640x853 Hitting the wall.jpg)
(103.98 KB 396x432 Merchent justice.jpg)
I'm going MGTOW after this experience. Frank Murphy 10/29/2019 (Tue) 22:44:56 No. 12370 [Reply]
I met her when I was in college, when I was a college senior. Anyway, I use to love fucking her. After a while, that changed and fast. No longer did I find her attractive. Whenever I'm out with her, I'm ashamed, for I am a fit, attractive muscular man with a fat women whom I can't look at. In fact, my eyes are wandering for greener pastures like a normal man, looking at all the attractive women at the mall. It's just in my nature; evolution has conditioned me to be like this, not society.

I go to great lengths to look attractive for her, and by gaining 110 lbs, she spat in my face. It costed me tens of thousands of dollars from my dad's trust-fund to buy myself the test and the post cycle medication so I don't suffer side-effects. Sure, I mostly eat junk food, but if you have really, really high testosterone, you could reach your physical peak much faster than a natty Olympic lifter, whose trained and dieted for a decade. Hell, I have the body of a Greek god. I mostly take men's multi-vitamins; I have ARFID and I can't help it. It's from being mildly autistic, I guess.

Before you lecture me about body shaming, or give me that whole 'on the inside' spiel.

', I'm normal. Physical attraction is fifty percent of romantic/sexual relationship. Otherwise, she's just a platonic friend. I'm simply fulfilling my sexual needs elsewhere. Any man with a sack on him would either leave or do what I do.

I tried getting her to lose weight earlier, before she hit the point where she would be marred with excess skin after weight loss, and she went on the treadmill for ten minutes and stopped. She was too fatigued after ten FUCKING minutes to continue when I told her to go for two hours.

Fuck this relationship. I'm not even gonna try to not get caught cheating next time. Before that, I'm just gonna give her, the 'we should just be friends' speech and see how she takes it. Most fit guys are like me in these situations. I'm completely normal.

Even "loyal" women are terrible anaimals. In-vitro is the only way to save the White Race.
45 posts and 6 images omitted.
And while you are in Thailand, find a gym and run a few cycles of T and Deca and come back a beast.
Another thing is, the epidemic of pornography and masturbation isn't really just about those things. Porn is a substitute for fornication and adultery and in that sense is less bad (rather than having kids out of wedlock and wearing down a girl's ability to pairbond or ruining a marriage). With how much fornication is accepted today, I'm not sure how many true incels there are - I imagine many incels psychologically are not trying to commit adultery or fornicate, a lot of them seem to be looking for "love". The path towards dating and marriage isn't easy and straightforward given so many factors from the pro-feminist choices women have made today to the state of the economy and all that, so I think it's become easy for a lot of people to get stuck in porn by avoiding adultery/fornication but not yet mastering abstinence and not having access to a reliable wife for such relations. I guess my thought was just that porn and masturbation are in reaction to certain conditions, they're not some kind of addiction or pursuit in themselves but a flight from worse conditions and the inability to secure better conditions, a kind of accessible position of compromise.
>I'm removing myself from the gene pool after this
Good riddance.
>I imagine many incels psychologically are not trying to commit adultery or fornicate, a lot of them seem to be looking for "love".
In my experience, incels don't want to put in the work, yet, think they deserve to lock down a 10. Fact of the matter is that if you are a 2 or a 3, maybe you should be looking for a female 2 or 3. That or you need to git gud and raise your own quality a bit. Instead of accepting this fact of life, they rail against "assholes" and how women don't want a "true gentleman."

Don't make incels into romantics. They are just lazy and often inept because of their laziness. If they put in some work and lowered their standards, they wouldn't be incels.

Frankly, I have met some chads who have basically no standards, and that's how they score. It also gives you practice around women. Think you are going to meet a woman and do everything right the first time? Ha. You are going to fuck up big time. So if you aren't getting out there, even working on the fugs, you won't be ready when the hot chick shows up.
Only niggers find fat women attractive. Whites prefer rail thin women that don't eat them out of house and home. Look at Roman and Greek statues of women.

Also, stretch marks on a woman is fucking disgusting. Especially if it's the result of being a fucking landwhale.

(142.59 KB 1903x792 Screenshot_20191104-205938_2.jpg)
Isaac's Pensees Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 02:09:49 ID:9656b5 No. 13454 [Reply]
This is a collection of my thoughts I've been cataloging for the last month or two. I figured at 10, I'd share them. Any ideas or comments on any of them are welcome. Sorry if the last one isn't very coherent. I've only just been giving it form and it's become a bit rambly.

1.The true right is concerned with living in accordance with and submitting to nature. The true left is concerned with conquering and overcoming nature.
2.The purpose of every campaign to take a historical icon or historical event and make it a negative that the offending class(White Christian Males in most cases) is not to make our understanding of history more honest. It is to portray history from the eyes of nonwhite groups in an attempt to make those groups feel animus towards whites, and make the whites guilty and nonresistant to any attack they may sustain.
3.What they speak of in the 1619 project is not the history of America, or the original Americans, but of an entirely different group that was oppressed in America. This is not American history, but marxist history.
4.The left wing seems to be veering into a form of satanic paganism with child sacrifice and worship of the earth. Also, they all self identify as witches.
5.The purpose of any action will eventually become more pure as people get closer to the ideal. Contraception>Gay Marriage>Transgender>Pedophile
6.Given that Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are all different sides of the same idea, it is possible that when Beauty is subjectivised in a culture, that the other three will shortly follow. Much more than this, It seems that beauty is the easiest to subjectivise of the three of them given it's ethereal, hard to categorize nature.
7.Don’t kill yourself. Whatever you’re feeling now, hell is a lot worse.
8.In a multicultural society liberalism will be inevitable because it is a parasite that latches onto the interests of minority groups. It is an ideology that allows minority groups to seize power even if they don’t believe it in the slightest.
9.The left wing is a coalition of groups with only superficial similarities and shared goals. Due to this, the more power they attain, the more they will start infighting. Their only shared goal is deposing the majority in power, and as soon as that happens they will go their separate ways and the coalition will colapse.
10.The thing identified as “White” by the dissident right is more complicated than it first seems. At first blush, they will seem to only care about the appearance of being white. Then when asked if jews are white they say no. This is where a synthesis of alt right and E. Michael Jones views on “Whiteness” seems appropriate. There are three divisions of white people that exist. They are Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. The alt right seems to reject this intellectual division of whites, in favor of a pure visual categorization of race. They also reject jews as being white though so there must be more to it. So it's time for a diagram of what may be considered “White”.
(pic related)
The only reason we don’t see jews as white is because they are capable of keeping a distinct culture and ethnicity. The same would be true of Germans if they refused to assimilate to other host countries.
This is where EMJ goes wrong though. He believes that because people with white skin can assimilate to white countries, non-whites can also assimilate. Clearly this is not true, and doesn’t happen in reality.
To sum up:You are only white if you have white skin, and don’t belong to a strongly cohesive ethnic in group. The only such in group I know of is jews, so basically no jews are white unless they accept Christ.
6 posts omitted.
Hello new friend! What the anon is trying to tell you is that a jew is a jew is a jew. No matter the religion they're a jew. This is fundamental if you intend to understand Jewery. But have a bump and welcome to 16.
Now a bump
Okay so is this a Positive Christianity thread?
Idk I dont think so? I'm not and I guess OP didnt say perhaps I missed it.
I am a christian. This was just a collection of thoughts

(16.72 KB 768x285 Coexist.jpg)
Poster Campaign for Christmas Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 05:55:27 ID:a35bf5 No. 11508 [Reply]
Was wondering about putting this up on Christmas as a flyer

- it brings back all the symbols.
- pushes the message of "its ok to be white" further but still has no hate
- islam was on the original one
- It bunches Christianity with other symbols which accelerates + makes Christians realize they are in some deep shit

- It has all the symbols. No plausible deniability
- might be illegal in some areas to even post this
- IDK why Sigma is on there
12 posts and 8 images omitted.
friendly reminder Christians tried to ban Christmas in America.
(67.53 KB 496x509 NPCDFRG7r2.png)
(24.76 KB 505x468 NPC Ватник.png)
(211.71 KB 920x900 npc_protester.jpg)
(687.48 KB 1937x1305 Война NPC.jpg)
(38.88 KB 589x621 15420285719952.png)
NPCs would probably mistake it for the standard coexist if subliminally small.

has potential

>unironically believing Christmas has anything to do with Christ.
>Doesn't know pagan yuletide was rebranded Christmas by (((church elements))) to bring in pagan traditions to weaken the church.
that's my point you autist
also based sandnigger religion

(50.65 KB 414x450 getinhere.jpg)
Operation "I just Googled 'UN replacement migration'" Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 19:07:13 ID:512a8d No. 13260 [Reply]
Leave this comment everywhere.
>I just Googled "UN replacement migration"
Pique their curiosity. Let them find it for themselves. They do the search, click the link, verify that it's really the UN's own website. It has more impact that way.
>I just Googled "UN replacement migration"
>I just Googled "UN replacement migration"
>I just Googled "UN replacement migration"
Comments sections. Social Media. Youtube. Newspapers. MSM.
No arguments, no autistic shit, no "conspiracy theories", that way they can't shut it down. And if they try it just draws more attention to it.
If you absolutely must engage somebody or follow up, just use this :
>I just Googled UN resolution 96 article 2
14 posts and 1 image omitted.
Incelfucius say: Incelfucius meme in glownigger thread get thread shoahed.

cap this before it goes
Chiggity checked ominous quads
(1.06 MB 960x672 Incelfucius-say-throat.png)
(741.86 KB 1227x1024 Incelfucius-say-eye.png)
>I couldn't find article 2
Bing is superior to Dreidel in every way. It does not show degeneracy.
short answer, Effort

Slapping an unrelated titty pic on your schizo "Isreal Nothing every Happens" post to get anons attention is liable to get removed
>reeeee OP did the same
If not for the Glowing "get in here", It likely would have been removed as well

Trying to expose a dystopian future. Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 20:38:37 ID:c7f3b9 No. 13276 [Reply]
Maybe some of you already know and/or already do know, but I want to expose a dystopian future. I think this is a great psychological nuke.

PsyHacker realm I think this is a great psychological nuke to blow the lid off this and/or expose it far and wide for the most part.

I was talking about a dystopian joke future and it got snagged for "Pedo crap." in the ban label which worked out perfectly to me personally since they agreed with me heavily since I came in with the counter point basically to make the point in the end and/or arguing it down from the counter point to the point alone. Them agreeing with me made me happy on this one alone, but image attached is to expose all of this crap / filth / degeneracy spreading more and more each and every day.

Again expose (((them))) and/or expose this wretched / degenerate / filth / pure crap / pure filth world one day at a time and/or one step at a time and/or the best I can.
13 posts and 1 image omitted.

I don't think people want to even look at this wretched stuff alone. I've heard of this over the years. They want to stop it, but not look at it all since it rots the mind so well...

I've been around 4chan for the last 15 years or so alone and/or etc and I've also been to other sites and such and to this day now that I'm entering my 30s that stuff still rots my mind and/or wrecks it for the most part where I can't stand to even look at it.

They really need to hide this stuff in the shadows and/or prevent white kids / white children from finding it and I like Russia's view of 18+ alone at that point.

If they are to do that keep it in the shadows and/or don't let white kids / white children see it and hide it in the shadows and at 18/18+ they can run off and do the transgender stuff / draq queen stuff and/or that (((devil kikel jew))) shit, but hide it in the shadows and/or don't let any white kid / white child see it for that matter...

at least.

probably one of the only places I could see allowing A.I to take over to block / ban it and/or get rid of completely alone at that point.

Rot your mind...

I never really liked this marilyn manson song and he wasn't my favorite artist.

"so when we are bad - well scar your mind" - stuff scars peoples mind or whatever.

It's his main lyrics since they are wretched... this song alone. it's got a catchy beat or whatever, but the lyrics are wretched alone.
I already wll know.
Name: 'Miss' Mae Hem
Location: Love Festival 2015

No Nut November Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 02:06:40 ID:2a84e6 No. 13452 [Reply]
November is upon us. Today, masturbation is not only normal, it is celebrated! Just look at this article from Vice:
Let This Be the Last No Nut November
The No Nut November movement, a challenge of orgasm denial, has been co-opted by misogynists, and the far-right.

In this thread we will post information on semen retention and motivate eachother to make it through the whole month.
7 posts omitted.
Nigger it’s only one month of abstinence. No one is forcing you to participate either.
have another bump, good sir
Lmao at all this anti semen retention shilling. Really not sending their best huh? Kikes own the porn industry and want you jerking it, so make your own opinion. Also nice caps OP.
>Kikes own the porn industry and want you jerking it
That makes it more even impressive that something like this was allowed to come into the mainstream.
Well, from what I gather (granted, I haven't done much actual research on this) No Nut November is meant to raise awareness around prostate cancer, and trying to hush-hush an awareness-raising event is generally a bad PR move, regardless of who you are. In addition, above all it's a meme, and I doubt many people actually attempt it, and if they do they fail within the first few days. Thus, it's not worth shunning, the kikes have more important things to be diverting resources to.

(253.29 KB 810x1080 1439439791315-1.jpg)
Finders General Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 01:51:12 No. 12035 [Reply]
FBI recently disclosed a document on a group of satanic pedophiles called the Finders. Can someone upload the document unto a site like catbox.moe, or uploadfiles.io? I do not want to give the glow in the dark niggers my IP.

The tl;dr for those too lazy, but interested in cooperating somehow:

The FBI just disclosed a document that reveals that the Comet Ping Pong Pizza tunnels are in fact 100% real, and that a satanic pedophilic sex cult had access to the schematics for these documents. The CIA, DoJ, center of Commerce and several other government institutions got involved, this happened during the Satanic Panics of the 1960s and 1980s.

4cucks /pol/ is already in on this and has some info pooled into archives, however them being the retarded cucks they are, they've amassed this info onto jewgle, crossposting this info from the 4plebs archive so those of you who are ballsy enough can either dump the info here or onto less cancerous aids infested platforms for filehosting.

Why NOW? Organized Pedophilia & Criminal Exploitation of Children

Finders Keepers (Wikispooks)


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

14 posts and 18 images omitted.
>Qnigger boomers have nothing to do with this
You say that now, but they're going to attach themselves to this to the point where they will entirely discredit the Finders by associating it with their retarded LARP.

nice if this is real... whatever people find for the most part to as well.

nice seeing maybe "better government" for once on this one alone if it all pans out to be true for that matter.

I'm not sure yet, but best of luck on this stuff for now at least.


If you can - might want to find a place to upload them in one spot if legally allowed and it works out just fine that way with a website. >>12235 multiple PDFs though is right to me personally
My current FactSheet for The Finders:


# Events
>[Van Arrest] happened on [1987-01-03]
>[Van Arrest], [Miami Police Department] recovered [6 Children], aged 3-6
>[Miami Police Department] confirmed sexual abuse of two of the [6 Children]
[FBI Vault, pg. 136]
>[Van Arrest] occurred in [Tallahassee]
>[Van Arrest] involved 2 men from [The Finders]
>[Douglas Ammerman] was one of the men in the [Van Arrest]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.


(901.32 KB 1862x1058 false flag dates.png)
(54.59 KB 992x558 netanyahu.jpg)
(22.79 KB 474x474 blackbag.jpg)
Power will be cut and antisemites will be abducted/infected with disease Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 22:24:38 No. 9784 [Reply]

"David Goldberg", whose voice sounds suspiciously like Benjamin Netanyahu, claims that Israel has come to the conclusion that they cannot "shut down" anti semitic discussion on the internet and so have reversed course and are putting out their own anti-semitic content on youtube with the purpose of tracking, tagging and identifying (TTID) anti-semites. This is referred to as "Project Pogo".

They are categorizing anti-semites into high and low value targets. The high value targets will be abducted during planned mass power outages and killed. The low value targets will be infected with flu-like diseases. Others will be selectively targeted for criminal prosecution. This is referred to as "Project Zyphyr".

As of yesterday, the Friends of David Goldberg youtube channel is claiming that 50 patriots (men, women and children) living off the grid were killed by blackops teams during the power outage in California, as they attempted to flee the fires.

We need to spread this information everywhere. I was banned immediately for posting this on 4chan. A good place to spread this right now is in the November 3rd/Seattle threads that are showing up all over 4chan. "David Goldberg" had a safe full of sticky notes, which included dates for potential false flags, and November 3rd, 2019 is the first date listed. See here:


"Goldberg" also predicted a few other things that came true. For example, he claimed "Trump will invade Iran with 120,000" troops and then only days later the NYT published an article claiming that if the US invades Iran, it will do so with 120,000 troops.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

17 posts and 2 images omitted.
Not sure of the point of this thread but came across this link on another chan..
David Goldberg is David Elias Goldberg, a fellow at the Jewish Center of Antisemitic Study.
Article links to the same YouTube channel.
Shit, it's like Kahl, Waco and Ruby Ridge all rolled into one.
Provide evidence plz. List of the 50 offgriders "killed".
They only cut it in places where Whites are hit hard. They will not cut WallStreet.
It also gives a whole new angle on this little Tarrant operation that took place in that small country of New Zealand, part of the Five Eyes.
I've listened to a lot of Netanyahu's speeches and interviews before and this isn't him, I can definitely hear the resemblance but the words are a little to clearly pronounced and the 'gruffness' sounds more affected

antisemitism isn't even real for the most part... 1 John 2:22 alone for that matter.


no cookies?