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(666.51 KB 852x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 04:35:37 ID:722e99 No. 19534 [Reply] [Last]
Fuck black pills. They want you to be black pilled so that you don't do anything, not even talk. They want you silent. They want you sniveling, not making connections for fear that everybody is in HR looking to fire you or a Fed waiting to gulag you for your hate facts. Don't give them that privilege. Don't even give them the privilege of banning you on their faggot social media. Don't use Discord; use IRC or Matrix/Riot. Don't use Twitter; use Pleroma/Mastodon. Don't use centralized shit in general. They have control through centralization, through a psychology of authenticity. Deprive them of this. Illegitimi non carborundum.
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>>19575 Smallscale IRL organizing then. Large organizations that recruit will be infiltrated and coopted by alphabet spooks, so keep it local and just a few friends. Build bonds so if we luck out and shit goes sideways we can thrive. Whether we win or not is now entirely dependant on whether the ZOG can enact a absolute 1984 state with robocops and mind reading *before* SHTF because the US is so nonwhite and in debt that it collapses. If they can't pull it off in time, then we win. If they pull it off before the US collapses, we perish forever.
>>19758 Seems that all these chats allow people to let their guard down, then get infiltrated. Anonymous imageboards don't let you get sloppy like people do on discord/riot. We are anons, namefags are chased out.
>>19898 >>19928 >Build bonds so if we luck out and shit goes sideways we can thrive. This, I can easily say that I have recently, (since 16) gained one trusted friend (through outside comms) that is welcomed to make his way with his family to my family's bugout location in such a time. >Seems that all these chats allow people to let their guard down, then get infiltrated. You don't have to be retarded, nor allow others around you to be so. You can use Tor/no email some random 3y15fy9tf for a username. We have a riot as well, as I said you can have circles within circles, with earned trust at each level. Personally I have as much faith in the platform of riot (if not more) as any other form of ((electronic communication)) (including 16chan) that is never 100% Anonymous. You don't truly believe you can be totally Anon with VPN and/or Tor on the ((internet)) while paying your ((ISP)) bill, do you? Unless you have gone full "Snowed In" and are using custom hardware/software/os from a public wifi atm to shitpost, (even then you were likely hit with face recognization surveillance at some point) you have left a digital fingerprint behind. The level of schizo hoops to jump through just to shit post is not worth the loss of a chance to gain honest friendships imo.
>>19534 A bot would have done better.
>>19898 Thank you for writing this

(1.22 MB 1247x1589 ari behn.jpg)
Did kevin Spacey kill Ari behn? Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 00:44:18 No. 19290 [Reply] [Last]
>Ari Behn accuses Spacey of groping him >his ex-wife is introduced to a literal sexual healing shaman >his three daughters hang around this sexual shaman >kevin Spacey releases a video where he threatend to "kill with kindness" on december 24th (yesterday) >Ari Behn kills himself one day later https://youtu.be/WCuuKhjLB0Q
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>>19294 Makes me think if you were to pull Kevin Spacey's rabbit by the ears you'd find a hole leading deeper than first imagined.
>>19290 I don't give a shit about Kevin Spacey. Why do you?
>>19684 why would anybody want to unravel pedowood?
>>19791 What's left to unravel? It's the jews.

(7.33 MB 272x480 pol goes skiing.webm)
WEBM/MP4 Thread Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 15:00:08 ID:49a53b No. 5104 [Reply] [Last]
Post /pol/-related webm and mp4 videos here.
Thread is bump locked to the old limit of 150 replies, new limit is 300
Please start new thread
Edited last time by anonleaf on 11/12/2019 (Tue) 04:14:34.
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>>16933 Was there as well a few years ago, it made me sick. Too simple, no input of skills whatsoever. Al they had in their backmind was to occupy a space that would be allocated to them. The jew showing its will to conquer
>>6366 He is 89 years old.
(3.87 MB 896x504 Vladislav rektz newbs.webm)
>>19122 Dont have it but take this
(27.49 MB 854x480 With jews We Lose.mp4)
With jews We Lose Truth Gone Viral Tv https://www.bitchute.com/channel/white-genocide/
(21.90 MB 640x360 pumped kicks columbine.mp4)
>>19122 heres one that was already made

(139.15 KB 800x501 red_elephant.jpg)
The Elephant in the Room Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 02:38:21 ID:4c1a8d No. 17854 [Reply] [Last]
We're all aware of what the jews are doing. Shutting down the internet, flooding us with the turd world, ruining public education and universities, meming their jewish trash in all media... the list goes on and on and on some more, then continues for a few more pages because those damn jews just can't get enough. And while "we" (for lack of better phrasing) know the jews are deeply entrenched within global finance, tech corporations, politics and media, can we be certain they are running the globe in its entirety? Is it really a jewish world and we just live in it, or is there another layer to the truth? The jews have been jewing for a very long time. Before Christianity, before the fall of Rome. But many empires have existed in this span of history. Surely they were not all controlled by jews. Certainly there are limits to their power, or we would all be kissing jewish feet by now. Mind controlled indentured servants bred to cater to every jew's whim. Some may say we're already slaves, but the degree to which we serve is debatable. If there are indeed limits to their power, who else fills that vacuum? Are there other factions? How many sit at the table that decide where the world is headed? Is it the jews at the top and all are subservient, or are there equal or greater "powers that be?" Following this line of inquiry, I've begun to wonder if the growing antisemitism in the west is orchestrated. None of us want to be caught with our pants down, fighting the wrong enemy like those that fought the Germans in WWII. If the jewish question is solved, what comes after? A time of peace and prosperity, or are we still slaves to someone else? On JewTube, it is easy to find a large population of antisemites despite the censorship. Thousands of people are talking about the jews thanks to channels that still exist for (((some reason))). Why is that? Are we going to become the victims of history like Germany was? Is it all part of a plan? I've created this thread not to lead anons away from the focus on the jewish question, but to start a dialogue on where anons think thing are really headed. What is really going on here? Are we headed towards civil war within western countries? How else will we deal with the flood of immigrants? How will we deal with the jews? Will whites die the slow death, intermixed and out-bred into oblivion? Where will things be in five years? Twenty? Fifty years? Many open-ended questions that keep me up at night. How do we fix this gay earth?
82 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>19586 I put forth ideas, and then thoughtless people respond with petty desires to lash out with violence. >>19585 You don't understand what you're up against. >>19583 You are unaware of the scope, or ends being pursued. You operate in the dark, which is why your post is reactive and not thoughtful.
>>19593 >You don't understand what you're up against. Dear anon please enlighten us (with details).
>>19593 >You don't know what you're up against! >Cryptic bullshit in previous posts <You are like little babby Yes, please enlighten us.
>>19593 The idea you put forth is that we should form a multiracial Gamergate-like movement to oppose the media. What exactly do you think Gamergate accomplished?
>>19593 To be frank, I have some hope for AI. It can be a game-changer negating financial and political disadvantage, if only Whites get their hands on it. However, as >>19583 has said, this may amount to no more than further exacerbation of Jewish problem. If your point is that final tecnological solution to civil disobedience will be rolled out by technologists irrespectively of their ethnic makeup, this could well be true.

(725.57 KB 960x542 Asha Logos.PNG)
Our Subverted History Part 4.3 Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 01:09:45 ID:0dec75 No. 15301 [Reply] [Last]
1/4chan is full of faggots post blacked porn, let's see if any of you are worth posting with.

Asha Logos finally finished his history of the Goths, revealed a startling string of (((coincidences))) and historical (((cover us))).
17 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>18564 Well spoken and articulate plus very careful what he says and does not say imo. Its only matter of time though and he will be shut down regardless.
>>18567 Yeah, he has a video where he addresses it directly. He tries to keep everything as kosher as possible. Sometimes he plays a pic while certain dialogue or messaging is playing and it its an obvious nod. But yeah he says "the usual suspects" and things like that instead of... You know... Kikes. He absolutely will get shut down sometime, though, so we should download his shit in order to reupload when the time comes.
>>15424 >what is QRD? i would have typed QRD into a search engine but that's me
>>18568 Already has channel on Bitchite of course, https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ashalogos/ also does some decent non-paywall podcasts on his patreon with some extra content for supporters. Normally as soon as a creator moves to bitchite I go there to give them views, but in Ash's case I think bumping his numbers on joutube to red pill more normies is advisable too >>18569 see >>15425 Quick Run Down (QRD)
Asha Logos makes incredible content. One of the best creators. Youtube has shoah'd several of his videos, but bitchute has most(?) of them. His videos aren't inflammatory by any means, but full of truth and kindness. His video on his idea for a new social media type platform is brilliant. I really hope he succeeds in his goals. I would love to be a part of creating it myself, but I'm not sure it has taken on any tangible form yet. The 'Our Subverted History' Series is especially brilliant, and I look forward to more videos.

(192.79 KB 940x198 no-web02.png)
How legit is this? Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 06:15:48 ID:9b5fb9 No. 18642 [Reply] [Last]
> theneworder.org I've known about this site for a few years. In turn, I've also seen it taken down once upon visiting. I'm just wondering if this is legit or not, since I am not American. If so, how reliable is it? It certainly *seems* safe.
12 posts omitted.
>>18873 Link? Don't see any page on metapedia for 'theneworder' or 'the new order'
>>18838 >They invented a religion. They did nothing of the sort newfriend. You would do well to browse the library here.
>>19527 What do you call this?
>>18883 Admin has been going through metapedia and cutting down articles to very basic overviews Here's the old version https://en.metapedia.org/m/index.php?title=American_Nazi_Party&oldid=440169 >The successor of Rockwell was Matt Koehl who changed the party into an esoteric organisation under the name of New Order in 1983; the ANP still exists in this form. >In November 1982 Koehl announced a change the direction of the NSWPP and changed the name of the organisation to New Order a quasi-religious group that revered Adolf Hitler. New Order regards itself as a spiritual, rather than political movement also influenced by the writings of George Lincoln Rockwell, Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi.
(344.88 KB 1278x904 churchofthecreator.jpg)
>>19607 >the color of our uniform's the color of our skin >our race is our religion this is nothing new. again - you would do well to browse the library here. hint - pic related

(50.39 KB 1323x184 1376503514150.png)
(59.27 KB 590x324 1384382188407.png)
(168.44 KB 1156x257 1459377391623.jpg)
(66.05 KB 1606x190 1397508368263.png)
Screen Cap thread Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 22:00:31 ID:e928d8 No. 14700 [Reply] [Last]
Where is our own literary archive of the hivemind? Screen cap thread, starting with a few classics then dumping Beaver and misc.
66 posts and 282 images omitted.
>>15916 Iirc there's a deleted scene at the end showing Derek reshaving himself.
(392.47 KB 1544x1926 1560790922993.png)
(440.09 KB 1024x943 1560792764386.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1005x942 1560794421928.png)
(301.81 KB 1001x2581 1560794829667.png)
(348.56 KB 1545x1527 1560799729813.png)
Got lots of shills this week, don't see any fedpost screenshots so have a low quality bump OP
(246.82 KB 1513x711 :pol:memeconsciousness.png)
(554.54 KB 1315x890 :pol:redteam_planner.png)
(409.36 KB 1120x697 arnobrekerartdestroyed.png)
(211.07 KB 1280x950 rotterham.png)
(402.46 KB 1279x2015 adrenochrome.jpg)
(230.56 KB 1303x905 boomer.png)
(243.72 KB 1238x1673 harvey.jpg)
(1.12 MB 2484x1492 gypsies and dalits.png)

(8.99 KB 204x247 happyjewyear.jpg)
Kikes equate criticism of Israel with Anti-Semitism all over the world, and their Shabbos Goy jump to support Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:17:50 ID:f27752 No. 18682 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/austrian-parliament-declare-bds-movement-anti-semitic > All of the major parties represented in the Austrian Parliament have agreed to support a resolution condemning the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as anti-Semitic. > On December 11, legislators from all five major parties — including the left-leaning Greens and the right-leaning Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) — formally agreed to co-sponsor the resolution, which is being spearheaded by Sebastian Kurz, a former (and most likely the next) chancellor of Austria who also leads the center-right Austrian People's Party (Österreichische Volkspartei, ÖVP). Germany cucked back in May > On May 17, 2019, the German Parliament passed a resolution condemning the BDS movement as anti-Semitic and pledging to cut off funding to any organizations that actively support BDS. And AfD jumped on the bandwagon > The conservative anti-establishment party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), said that the resolution did not go far enough and called for a total ban of BDS activities in Germany. In Burgerland, Zion Don's Executive Order effectively asks schools to police free speech on their campuses. If a uni allows a BDS rally, it can lost its federal funding. All this recent hubbub leads me to think: 1) the chosenites in israel feel threatened by the BDS movement. 2) with strong support across a broad spectrum of political parties around the world, what we already knew is now confirmed... There is no political solution
34 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>19180 Political action threads need to target specific people. Certain anons want to do stuff involving social media, some want to get political irl, others are already highly religious. If you want to start a religious movement that doesn't get shilled, go into the already settled Christian/Pagan threads and work with them, don't make a new thread that goes to the top of the board and promotes the masses to chime in.
>>19182 "Religious" threads belong in /culture/. I was not advocating for this, only stating what I've seen.
>>19178 >my thinking is if I can show them who is behind everything that's going on then they can figure out what side Trump is on for themselves by the things he's been doing as I did. Obviously not from the thread you kept linking to.
>>19174 >that pic >capitalizing greentext >trying to redtext on cuckchan Dear fucking Gods, who would believe such garbage? No never mind that it reads like schizo word salad, as per the usual.
>>19183 Perhaps one could do this on any of the many related threads on 4 /pol/; they have the blessings of their mods and janitors. With 200/300+ replies per thread... Just sayin'

Kosher Tax Thread Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 04:03:01 ID:a4cfb8 No. 17987 [Reply] [Last]
Are you still paying the kosher tax, anon? Daily reminder that everytime you go out shopping for food and even other items you are most likely being extorted by Jews through their kosher food racket. Look for the little “U” inside of a circle or similar symbols (pic), and you’ll know that you’ll jewed out of your money if you purchase it. To get this kosher symbol manufacturers have to pay Jewish certification agencies big loads of cash to get the food Jew-approved. The fee is of course added to the cost of the final product. In the end the gentiles suffer without even knowing it! If a manufacturer doesn’t consent to this scheme they’ll be hit with barrages of bad press, Jewish-owned distributors and supermarkets will cease business with them and refuse to stock their products and overall they’ll be hurt by NOT paying rabbis to bless the products. Eventually the best of goyim give in in their chase for potentially bigger markets https://oukosher.org
>>17987 double edged sword Aldi's grocery store chain is famous for low priced nonkosher products vs do you want to eat something that a jew won't eat?
>>17987 Related, excellent video featuring undercover exposure of the jewish anti-BDS movement. Check it out if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSomHletMFg

(37.50 KB 256x228 IMG_20191106_141242.jpg)
/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General /fsg/ 11/06/2019 (Wed) 22:34:06 ID:9d11a6 No. 13674 [Reply] [Last]
/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Thread for discussion of Italian Fascism and other forms of Third Position Politics, Traditionalism, Corporatism, etc. Also for sharing Fascist literature and information.





Be respectful and please try to keep conversations relatively "intellectual".

Fascists and other influential people who lay the foundations of the philosphy of Fascism:

Oswald Mosely
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Stepan Bandera
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Ramiro Ledesma Ramos
Ettore Ovazza
Gaetano Mosca
Anton Drexler
Friedrich Nietzsche
Charles Maurras
Enrico Corradini
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Johann Plenge
Alceste De Ambris
Gabriele d'Annunzio
Juan Perón
Giovanni Gentile
Julius Evola
Plínio Salgado
Julius Caesar
Gottfried Feder

Types of Fascism/Third Positonism:

Italian Fascism
British Union of Fascists
Clerical Fascism
Brazilian Integralism
Estado Novo

Ba'athism, Nasserism, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the 4th Political Theory are also allowed to be discussed.

"[Fascism] was an explosion against intolerable conditions, against remediable wrongs which the old world failed to remedy. It was a movement to secure national renaissance by people who felt themselves threatened with decline into decadence and death and were determined to live, and live greatly." ~Oswald Mosely
27 posts and 2 images omitted.
21. The State is to care for the elevating national health by protecting the mother and child, by outlawing child labour, by the encouragement of physical fitness, by means of the legal establishment of a gymnastic and sports obligation, by the utmost support of all organizations concerned with the physical instruction of the young. 22. We demand the abolition of the mercenary troops and formation of a national army. 23. We demand legal opposition to known lies and their promulgation through the press. In order to enable the provision of a German press, we demand, that: a. All writers and employees of the newspapers appearing in the German language be members of the race. b. Non-German newspapers be required to have the express permission of the State to be published. They may not be printed in the German language. c. Non-Germans are forbidden by law any financial interest in German publications, or any influence on them, and as punishment for violations the closing of such a publication as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-German concerned. Publications which are counter to the general good are to be forbidden. We demand legal prosecution of artistic and literary forms which exert a destructive influence on our national life, and the closure of organizations opposing the above demands. 24. We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish materialistic spirit within and around us and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: common utility precedes individual utility. 25. For the execution of all of this, we demand the formation of a strong central power in the Reich. Unlimited authority of the central parliament over the whole Reich and its organizations in general. The forming of state and profession chambers for the execution of the laws made by the Reich within the various states of the confederation. The leaders of the Party promise, if necessary by sacrificing their own lives, to support by the execution of the points set forth above without consideration. >Every single point of the 25 is Fascistic

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14945 >>16603 >>16620 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armageddon_2419_A.D. >Nowlan’s novella tells about the United States in the 25th century, conquered by Hans in 2109 AD and only now beginning to rebel. Sometime after World War I, nearly all the European powers joined forces against the United States. Although the US won the war, both sides were devastated by the conflict. Taking advantage of the chaos that followed, the "Russian Soviets" (Soviet Union) joined forces with the "Mongolians" to take over Europe. The US collapsed economically and stagnated while the "Mongolians" turned against the Russians and defeated them as part of their campaign of world conquest. Minutes the dates and slightly obsolete political identifiers, this sounds almost prophetic.
>>19448 >>19470 >>19478 >The term hardly has any cognitive reference at all. By and large, the term “fascism” has only pejorative uses. It is employed to disparage and defame. None of that should puzzle laypersons. It is a heritage of usage made commonplace during the Second World War. In the course of that war, the term “fascist” was employed to refer indiscriminately to both Mussolini’s Fascism and Hitler’s National Socialism—irrespective of the fact that serious National Socialist theoreticians rarely, if ever, referred to their belief system, their movement, or their regime as “fascist.” Similarly, Fascist intellectuals never identified their ideology or their political system as “National Socialist.” The notion of a generic fascism that encompassed Italian Fascism, German National Socialism, Spanish Falangism, Portugese National Syndicalism, the Hungarian Arrow Cross, and the Romanian Legion of the Archangel Michael, among an indeterminate number of others, was largely an artifact of the war. Rarely, if ever,was a serious comparative study undertaken that might provide the grounds for identification. As a result, membership of all or any of those political movements in the class of “fascisms” has been a matter of contention ever since.17 In our own time, any individual or group of individuals that might in some sense, or some measure, be identified as “extremely irrational,”18 “antidemocratic,” “racist,” or “nationalist,” is identified as “neofascist,” “parafascist,” “quasi-fascist,” or “cryptofascist.” “Fascism” has devolved into a conceptual term whose grasp far exceeds its reach—almost entirely devoid of any ability to offer empirical distinctions that might serve any cognitive purpose. Entirely devoid of meaning, the term is used arbitrarily, generally with little empirical reference to any historical, social, or political reality. Gregor, A. James. Mussolini's Intellectuals (pp. 4-5). Princeton University Press. Maybe if you actually read books on fascism you'd know the truth instead of get all your knowledge of fascism from anonymous anime imageboards.
(328.62 KB 727x426 franco on hitler.jpg)
>>13674 Bump
>>19495 He never said that afaik, try looking for that quote online it seems like that quote was made up just to put on a imagemacro for websites like this


no cookies?