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(109.30 KB 613x926 warningsignsoffascism.jpg)
HUNGARY GOES FULL FASH!!! Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 15:04:19 ID:25e85c No. 25377 [Reply] [Last]
Get in here! >https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/30/harrowing-warning-all-hungary-hands-far-right-leader-dictatorial-powers-amid "Human rights groups and activists issued dire warnings about the state of democracy in Hungary—and the rest of the world—after the nation's parliament on Monday approved a sweeping emergency law handing far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán dictatorial powers as the European country battles the coronavirus pandemic." "The new law indefinitely suspends elections and parliament, imposes up to five years in prison for anyone who intentionally spreads what the government classifies as misinformation, and gives Orbán the authority to suspend laws by decree as he works to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. " ///////////////////////////////////////////////// WE FUCKING DID IT LADS!!!!
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Singapore is well-run atleast and there's word its founder was inspired by the British Union or British brand of Fascism.
>>25512 "Far right" is the norm. Yes, we are far right, but there is nothing far about it, it's dead center the norm for every normal and sane culture. I hope the Orban is not a ziobot. Otherwise, the Orban just banned transpeople's rights. Orbanhammer, heil >>34207 >How would a fascist state do at preventing COVID from spreading compared to the current ones atleast? Remove the Jews (and gooks).
(10.91 KB 900x600 fascistamericaflag.png)
>>34207 Well for one they would have closed ALL fucking borders off the bat leading to an extreme reduction in cases (a few countries the world over actually managed to do this and greatly helped them) Additionally mass production of masks, medecine or whatever else would be streamlined as protectionism and industrialization are both fundimental tennates of contemporary fascist economics and the government would not be held to the same neo-liberal faggotry that we se today.
Hungarians and their white fascist/NatSoc allies will liberate Europe from Communist jew filth!
Hungarians and their white fascist/NatSoc allies will liberate Europe from Communist jew filth!

(808.30 KB 1467x1467 fallofbritian.jpg)
Ideas for rebuilding Western civilisation Anonymous 06/07/2020 (Sun) 20:20:30 ID:7ce427 No. 29092 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like the old order is dead. Intelligent people will need to get together and start thinking about what the new order ought to look like. My suggestions: 1. No Abrahamism 2. No Blank Slate theory 3. Full cognitive liberty - no War on Drugs 4. No emancipation of Jews or women That ought to help prevent the mistakes that led us to 2020 happening again.
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>>34224 Without cognitive liberty, we are slaves.
>Dismantle industrial agriculture >Balkanise North America >Tribalistic local government >Council based national governments >Ethnographic unity >Encourage self sustainability (make people work to feed themselves) That's what comes to mind for us in the Midwest, might not work elsewhere
>>34233 it seems so simple and so obvious, but likely will not happen and even if things move in the right direction, will not happen in the ways you describe.
Reform the anti-indenture and anti-feudal laws so that they do not restrict voluntary gated communities. Then we can have factory cities, with armed guards defending the homogeneous community choosing to live/work there from invading migrants and also to keep order. https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/34265.html
Not necessarily factory cities, but whatever else is on similar lines* to add.

(47.58 MB 1184x652 phillyzoo.webm)
We are going to be vindicated Anonymous 05/31/2020 (Sun) 23:07:34 ID:525a82 No. 28738 [Reply] [Last]
These riots are going to mark the end of Muh Diversity going on in Western Countries. THIS IS GOING TO REDPILL MILLIONS!!!! It is going to show our bothers and sisters the true nature of these feral ape NPC's. Yes, there are many Antifa traitors among them, but these monkeys keep the fuel burning. They are complicit in these acts. They are the tool that the NWO-ZOG uses to fuel these riots and deserve to be shipped back to Africa where they came from, so they may never have to experience White "oppression" again. We are going to be vindicated brothers. Perhaps Trump really is playing 4d, 5d chess....
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Is there a way we can agitate this Jew style and keep them going? The longer they're destroying cities the more normies get their jimmies rustled.
(100.95 KB 504x864 libertarian.jpg)
There is no middle anymore.
>>34237 braindead meme. had the potential to be funny if it was accurate, but it is not.
(1.22 MB 4096x2162 mathsracist.jpg)
Every single nigger should be purged from the human gene pool - every male, woman, and child. Not a shitpost. I'm sick of these fucking apes. We could have colonized the solar system by now without babysitting niggers.
>>28738 (((They))) export your jobs and import millions of replacement people, and Black people are the only ones with the guts to do something. You also sat idly by when they flooded the country with opioids.

(469.08 KB 2000x2000 communistvictorymeme.jpg)
Why ((((They))) Never Talk about Franco Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 21:48:31 ID:b1b22d No. 27647 [Reply] [Last]
Simply put? Because he beat them. And in so doing proved that even when you are out numbered, out gunned and out funded by your enemies, with the whole of international jewry arrayed against you, you can still win. It is possible. It can be done. And that is one thing the left never wants the right to realize. Which is why they never say god damned word about him He made (((god))) bleed.
4 posts omitted.
>>27647 >And in so doing proved that even when you are out numbered, out gunned and out funded by your enemies, with the whole of international jewry arrayed against you, you can still win. It is possible. Franco was an outstanding guy who harbored many former third Reich and related personnel including Leon Degrelle and Otto Skorzeny, but the reason he won was that he was in a position of power, not some rebel, and retained control of the military, media, church, etc. and most outlets of information. Essentially it was the opposite of most modern nations where the marxists are in full control of these institutions. It goes to show it can be done, but not through some romanticized revolution, but by taking control of the state and its resources.
>>27711 >>27760 After WWII Spain was designated the main HQ for Operation Gladio actors in Europe. NATO was deeply embedded in its government to this end. It was a key spot to resisting the Cold War communist onslaught.
>>27760 This.
He was a converso jew who betrayed 50% of Spain's population and prohibited National Socialist meetigs in Spain. He was part of the problem, and every proper National Socialist should despise him for the traitorous cuck he is, as he also stole (and perverted) what he called "his" ideas from people who he later killed.
Imagine praising Franco when the real masterminds was Emilio Mola , the one who planned the military uprising. Franco just killed all the smart ones in plane crashes. Sanjurjo and Mola died by plane crashed, the only one who took advantage of this fact was Franco, who was clearly the less prepared one.

Difference between National Socialism and Communism or general socialism Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 13:43:45 ID:6f7be6 No. 28897 [Reply] [Last]
I've found that most people have no conception of why it's called national SOCIALISM, when Nazis despised communism and the ideas of socialists like Bernie Sanders. Let me clarify the difference with Hitler's brand of socialism. MSM internet searching will tell you the party was never socialist but that it was just politically expedient to use the word socialist in the beginning and then they never dropped it because it would be too confusing. WRONG. The truth is that National Socialism can be interpreted as Nationality Socialism, or Racial Socialism, or Tribal Socialism. Being socialism among your own kin rather than international socialism or standard communism. Taking this idea to it's logical endpoint, your most specific nationality is the nation of your own family. Socialism is natural to a family, and to a lesser extent to your race or tribe, but it's unnatural to a mixed group of peoples. This is why I am a National Socialist, fundamentally different than a communist or a general socialist.
20 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>28897 Communism: no private or 'personal' property allowed. Socialism: You can own it, but you must abide by this set of rules and regs regarding its use.
>>28897 I believe you dont really understand what either natsoc or communism means. I dont pretend to be an all-knowing god ffs but it fucking hurts to see so many ignorant people talking about these things without really knowing anything. >Communism The total control of society by the state. Every aspect of your life is controlled. What you can or cant do, what you actually do, what you speak, and even what you think (I live in a former commie country and just yesterday a family member admitted to falling for commie propaganda). Constant surveillance by the state, surveying even the surveyors. Endless bureaucratic hellhole with nothing being achieved without corruption. The common man enslaved by filthy rich jews driving around in their luxury cars. That is communism. Total control. Total slavery. >Natsoc The state acting in the interest of the nation, the common man, actually doing what socialism claims to do. Yeah, there is welfare, but its not a welfare state like we see nowadays where people are unable to escape poverty. People are rewarded for helping the nation (having kids, working on public projects, etc) not being a neet. Big jewish owned banks are nationalized and the government does take a more hands on approach, taking direct action to change society, ridding it of degeneracy and communist/liberal propaganda. >>29078 The soviet union wasnt some fucking utopia or some shit. It was a rag tag band of rich deranged psychopaths wishing absolute control over the common people. I would know of all, and my parents saw the ussr. The reason Hitler hated communism was simply because such a system was simply immoral and threatened to invade Europe and install itself as the new world order. Nobody talks about the revolution of 1919, a communist revolution in Germany just after the war orchestrated by jews to finalize their plan of obtaining control over the entirety of europe. Look it up on fucking jewpedia of all places. That is what redpilled hitler. That is what redpilled many germans. No matter, because afterwards they still managed to install weimar which is basically modern liberalism in the 1920s. Nobody falls for the communism meme anymore. Youd have to either be really gullible or ignorant to believe the words of the snakes that preach it.
>>29078 >massive corporate funding The NSDAP was literally being kept afloat by selling copies of Mein Kampf at some points. The backing of a few relatively small industrialists and minor ideological support from Ford is nothing compared to the massive funding Bolshevism received from (((American))) and (((Swedish))) bankers and the material support the USSR received from the West.
Frankly if it involve having to go to huge mass rallies with gigantic portraits everywhere of the supreme leader then it ain't no good to be there, regardless if they're talking about communism, socialism, divine right of kings or whatever other flavor of intolerable tyrannical nonsense you can think of.
They're both totalitarian, calling for National Socialism under ZOG is really just advocating for communism. Also, communists always call themselves socialists until their goal of global communism is achieved. USSR was communist, but they call it socialist. CCP is communist, but they call it socialist. It's all the same thing over and over again.

(254.83 KB 2048x2650 L6kiS5R5.jpeg)
Operation Muhadead Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 03:57:44 ID:039aee No. 29626 [Reply] [Last]
Can we redirect the idiots to a more appropriate target? Considering the hatred they have for whites due to slavery, how about we get them to go after Islam? Just meme them with middle eastern slave facts.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>33941 >(((Whites))) only bought people that were slaves already FTFY
(443.99 KB 500x672 the-more-ya-know-61079765.png)
>>29626 I don't think we can, and even if we did, the media/BLM/government would find this thread and the whole thing would backfire. >Considering the hatred they have for whites due to slavery, how about we get them to go after Islam? Just meme them with middle eastern slave facts. They hate whites because of constant media indoctrination, they would probably see picture attached as "islamophobic" and the media would pump out claims that it was "the far-right trying to subvert a movement" they've already made the agent provocateur claims. If you do this then your going right into the hands of the media. It would be much better just to redpill them and make them leave BLM. TL;DR this probably won't work, there is literally much better things you could do.
>>29626 Why not get them to hate methodists, jehovas witnesses, shi'ites, orthodox jews, french people, episcopalians or presbytarians for this? They could hate them more, so it would work better.
>>29626 Why go back in history? there are slave markets in Africa RIGHT NOW and where's BLM or ANTIFA or any of these other communist groups? They don't care because their target is communizing America, not Africa.

Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 07:27:38 No. 27361 [Reply] [Last]
music for my people
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(2.99 MB 4.mp3)
(3.69 MB diehorstwessel.mp3)
(3.21 MB eswareinhedle.mp3)
(5.12 MB funkerlied.mp3)
(2.15 MB imhotel.mp3)
(3.37 MB lallemande.mp3)
(1.50 MB lilien.mp3)
(3.52 MB lilimarlene.mp3)
(4.04 MB lorelore.mp3)
(3.70 MB nationalhymne.mp3)
(2.25 MB panzerlied.mp3)
(4.00 MB preubengloria.mp3)
(3.69 MB radeztchy.mp3)
(3.50 MB shutzestafeel.mp3)
(34.58 KB radiotune.mp3)
(3.06 MB shwarzbraun.mp3)
(4.14 MB singende.mp3)
(3.97 MB volkslied.mp3)

(590.64 KB 1127x768 Taylor.png)
Jared Taylor Suggests that Violence Works Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 20:24:31 ID:9cb8e8 No. 29302 [Reply] [Last]
At the end of his most recent video, Jared Taylor remarks directly that the main lesson to be learned from the race-rioting of the past few days is that violence works. >@11:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZu2es4sudg >The main lesson from all of this; Violence works. Rioting works. If you burn enough buildings, you get what you want. At this time, White people are too disorganized, too jaded, too mentally handicapped by conservativism to put into practise the lessons learned from black rioting, from conflicts around the world. However, each and every man who recognizes this truth, and understands it, begins a turning point in his life and understanding of real world politics. I for one praise this bold video and recommend that you share it with awake or reasonably awake people.
21 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>33690 >Those who advocate for the interests of Whites could also try using the machine's mechanisms against themselves I don't think the guy at Walmart that sets things to the price of $14.88 is red pilling many people.....
(15.57 KB 257x388 Plot_against_usa.jpg)
The thing is most people are just grazing cattle that want to satisfy immediate animal needs; eat, drink, keep warm and dry, fuck, have kids, etc. They really don't even want to think about stuff that will interfere with those basic needs. I find that even the wannabe politicos that make assertions (ie write manifestos etc) never mention the logistics of a civilization or a society unless it's someone like Ted Kazinsky who wants to destroy the infrastructure and precipitate a mass die off or something. Getting information from movies in particular is absolutely cretinous. The American Revolution for example wasn't some great mass uprising of Americans. It involved no more than 5% of the population, 3% for independence, 2% loyalist. Most of it wasn't even decided by battles but was just little petty acts of local terrorism to drive out the loyalists. Everybody else, that 95% was busy toiling trying to make enough food to survive another year, and keep decent clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. Without a political class prepared to undertake a defense of whatever it is that N. America represents then I don't see anything happening soon. This has been true ever since Lindbergh and his father were cheated/cast aside by the American people. That was pretty much our last hope that I can think of and the jews haven't tired of beating on Lindbergh to this day. That shows you how much they hated and feared him. I've torched whatever friends I ever had just trying to tell them about 911 truth, let alone the insidious role of the jews in society. The only place with people that think like me are here and even in /pol/, there's this strange sense of unreality about where we're at or how to even begin to realistically go about turning things around. I don't see running into a mosque or a synagogue to shoot some old woman as even remotely approaching a meaningful political act. It's retarded. Things will have to get a lot worse. Most people don't even care that there's spontaneous communist roadblocks with niggers sticking shotguns in drivers' faces. Fight back against that and you're the evil one that must be destroyed at all costs. Most guys I know just want to play a $130 round of golf and have a tasty sammich with a cold tall boy of beer. That's as far as their thought processes go.
>>33628 That is retarded. Tim McVeigh was 100% justified. The zionist regime are mass murderers.
(354.22 KB 1366x1500 1595417265341.jpg)
>>29302 You mean Jared "Jews are white" Taylor? Fuck him. Whites/Patriots committing violence only plays into the communist plan. They want whites to retaliate.

(189.25 KB 849x960 freemason.jpg)
Do we live in a Freemason controlled society? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:39:44 ID:77f031 No. 21089 [Reply] [Last]
I see the symbols and coding everywhere.
107 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>22298 Most of them don't care about mysticism and are just mundies of the worst kind, joining the shabbos branch of the Jewish mafia in order to get some short term benefits while abandoning all that's worthy. I mean, these spiritual niggers don't even recognize zero as a real number kek. G has a deep esoteric meaning though, a dual meaning actually. It stands for Good, but also stands for Goyim. When one ascends to the degree of the Grand Master, it is revealed to him that the essence of Freemasonry is being a good goy. It also has parts about having your wife bred by a black bull and pimping your daughter to your Jewish boss, but those are just symbolic acts that backwards, unenlightened bigots interpret literally without understanding their deeper meaning. >DUDE, GEOMETRY LMAO >>22419 Freemasons who get redpilled on the JQ exhibit the equal amounts of COPE as Christian identitarians do, it's pretty hilarious. They should be made fun of as well.
>>29104 They're egalitarians and submissive, but thinking they're part of a special group they go all lordy on the plebe. At the top, doubtlessly some of them are totally convinced of the need to help the kikes, even top tier kikes, to bring world peace on Earth, no matter the holocost, whatever they expect to get in return.
>>21772 Either there are vortexes at the chakra points or there are not. Enough of this allegory bullshit. Either it's true or not. If you want to talk about reality go ahead, that is not the question though. The "It's all metaphorical" bullshit is absolute fucking poison. Anyone that believes otherwise can get the fuck out.
>>21772 >in the end, the mystery schools of any kind teach widely the same stuff. The Chakra system is just like the Kaballah for example With the small detail that chakra/kundalini related teachings are much older than what the kikes cooked up for their own splash of esoterism. In fact these punks can't invent anything. The name Israel? Stolen. The six-branched star? Stolen. The land they live on today? Stolen and we pay for that. Even good ideas they manage to ruin them once run through their atrocious Semitic-mental meat grinder. What a pathetic race.
>>22054 Chess (and most traditional board games) were meant to help test the mind when it comes to warfare. It is indo-european. The nobles of India, Persia, etc, played it and it eventually spread into Europe. With India being one of the oldest and most well preserved states of the indo-european caste system it's quite clear that it was not made by others and imposed upon them. Video games are the same. They only flourished once Japan was making them. One of the biggest attacks in recent years has been on gamers since they have been in large part rejecting the narratives being pushed. That's what GamerGate was all about. Freemasonry as I know it originated in England as a positive force. It was a club of masons who built buildings. One of the most pure forms of art is that which you live in and is "your world" physically. There is a reason Hitler wanted to be an architect.

(873.84 KB 2623x4000 Emperor Hadrian.jpg)
Why do Jews hate Hadrian more than Hitler? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:47:37 ID:4b3808 No. 24933 [Reply] [Last]
Not only that, they seem despise the Romans in general more than any other White Civilization.
43 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>24933 Because he genocided Judea. Rome burned Judea to the ground repeatedly, because the Jews were troublesome subjects to rule.
>>26325 >Greece died culturally It died because the blood of the high quality Whites literally got drowned in the blood of those who were subjugated. Further racial mixing added more nails to this coffin. >>27756 >the crusades Are you going to claim they were done to fight against the Jews now? >plus many of the early popes were openly anti jewish And many were not. Besides, Christian antisemitism is a fraud, it's only to have Jews convert to Christianity. It's nothing more than a disagreement between Jews. These Christians were anti-Jewish on sectarian principles, notably accusing Jews of having killed their precious Jewish rabbi and leader. This whole charade is so laughable that you can find in the Bible signs that the creed as practiced in the Levant was only meant for Jews are first (see Peter vs Saul). And none of that crap would have stuck to the wall without this same incel, (((Saul of Tarsus))), shilling hard for this nonsense. Hadrian made one mistake: he let some Jews survive.
>>24942 You can't squeeze reparations out of a long dead empire. Germans are still right there working dutifully and paying the jews lots of money. So we're still going to be hearing about Hitler for the rest of my life anyway.
Kikes love Hitler. Look at all the power and shekels his legacy has given them. Eternal victims beyond criticism for even hideous war crimes against children. Also, before Shlomo went to camp, world kikery headquartered in Switzerland at the time, was given the offer to pay for all jews to be sent to Madagascar. They said, nah, kill our people, we're holding onto our shekels. Well documented, no 'conspiracy' whatsoever. It's why they call it a, 'Holocaust' now. It was a sacrificial offering. I don't think any regular jews even know who, Hadrian was. Maybe just once or twice they heard the name mentioned at temple? They care about designer goods. Their job title. A bigger or second home. Just consumed by consumption. Filthy, greedy, little rats.
>>29295 He was very meticulous but some always get away.


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