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(77.14 KB 800x548 hitler ironc ross.jpg)
(353.81 KB 1920x1080 hitler sitting color.jpg)
Hitler kept me going Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 19:50:13 ID:ce31f1 No. 17941 [Reply] [Last]
This past few weeks have been some of the hardest of my life. I remembered in Mein Kampf that Hitler was blinded by mustard gas but he said he shouldn't complain because so many had it worse. The only two times he wept were when his Mother died and when the Fatherland lost WWI. Anyway, Hitler is one of the most inspiring men to ever live. Everyday when I walk I imagine him looking down at me from the clouds. He lives on in each and every White man. Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler are my personal heroes. I will one day be rich and will have 10 Aryan children, I will teach them the treasure of their blood. I will one day be rich. I will never give up.
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>>18874 Very relatable. I have faith things will get better for you.
(328.23 KB 510x793 knights templar cool.png)
>>18879 Thanks anon, God bless you and hope you have a merry Christmas.
>>18224 You know, most of the Kali Yuga stuff comes from Hindu (poojet) writings based off of Vedic (Aryan) material. You'd find a great many things hidden simply counting verses, words, specific terms, etc.
>>17941 Hitler is overrated. Fuhrerprinzip is basically tripfagging, Mosley was better anyways
(18.14 KB 820x777 Swastika Hand Rebuild.png)
Yes friends, I too worship jewsus and am totally over 9000% Aryan.

(21.23 KB 480x360 adolf w.jpg)
How do you feel about marijuana usage in a Nationa Socialist or White Ethnoste? Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 00:24:36 ID:718f46 No. 16027 [Reply] [Last]
How do you feel about marijuana usage in a NationakSocialist or White Ethnoste?
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9f281e here, >>18865 Thanks for the advice, as that's essentially what I'm looking for. While I'm hoping this will physically help my mind, I'm more hopeful I will be able to give advice to myself. >>18870 I'll try to answer these without making a blog post. I've either addressed all these issues to a point, or they were never a problem. This brain fog/fatigue makes it hard to do/remember things and I definitely would call this a chronic illness. I probably have minor psychological problems, but I wouldn't suspect it to be this physically damaging if it wasn't for my current predicament. Also, low sugar. I drink lots of water/caffeine-free tea. Perhaps it is only because I feel better than average this particular hour, but you have me thinking I could do better on some basic things. I think I needed some common sense. I decided I'm going to postpone growing mushrooms until February, get over Christmas, then try my hardest on basic stuff for one more month. However, if psilocybin helps me and other people, I don't think these things should be illegal. Degenerates are a problem that need to be solved, but not at the cost of something potentially helpful in my life. I just want to be a better person.
>>18922 Indeed, they can help. I have tried the majority of psychedelics available. I do not deny their potential to heal. I'm sure you also know about the research on their neuroregenerative effects. My point was that I personally found much more benefit from taking care of myself than "3 trips fixed my life." I'm glad you're in overall good health, and it's not wrong to seek alternatives outside of the ZOG machine. Best wishes.
If you made millions from being an actor, reporter, or politician, would you feel successful because you worked hard or would you feel like a sell-out for being a Deep State puppet?
(87.97 KB 795x436 Nazi Herbspiracy.png)
This is from a shitty book by the finally dead Jim Marrs - not to be confused with Texe Marrs, who sadly passed away recently - but it's still relevant. The NSDAP's approach in favor of herbal medicine was correct, but the actual medicinal value cannabis is highly exaggerated by its proponents.
>>16027 It should be treated similarly to alcohol, tobacco, etc, available since it isn't *that* harmful and is also hard to control but socially stigmatized. Age restricted and consumption discouraged. Education about the negative effects with statistics and whatnot (for autists) and emotion targeting propaganda in advertisements and integrated into television shows (for normalfags). Selling illegal drugs like heroin nets harsh punishments along with investigations into those higher up the supply and command chain. Heroin and other things would likely not be a big problem in an ethnostate however because the people would not be filled with despair. >>16235 I don't think you could ban alcohol since it's so easy to make but you can make it socially stigmatized and a lot of people will abstain.

(307.93 KB 700x467 1568102751768.png)
Viable political solutions to common problems Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:35:05 ID:e1f064 No. 18621 [Reply] [Last]
>South Koreans stand in the streets quietly with candles for months >Eventually change government >French wear hi-viz and start griefing the server for months >Eventually have national treasure destroyed Why was one protest permitted and the other not? >Is there any method of political protest that can overcome the ZOG? Any movement with a leadership can and will be infiltrated and subverted by those who seek the status quo. >How can the general population of npc's be brought into the protest? Any attempt to spread the message to the broader population is impossible. Where there ever any truly successful political protests? How did they succeed? What can we learn from both successful and failed attempts? Screencaps, greentext and general discussion welcome
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>>18640 >Taxes Instead of taxes, why not focus on disrupting daily life that is related to money? We can take a look into the HK protests that has been happening, and that has resulted in 1/5 demands being satisfied. What I mean about disrupting daily life, is the the daily life of comforts, freedoms, or convenience people use. People will not become angry and use action, as long as they have comforts, freedoms, and basic needs satisfied (material goods, cheap entertainment as, right to vote, freedom of speech, and public transportation examples), and of course most people are like lemmings. HK protests blew up since the people were slowly be dissatisfied (rising lose of economic and job opportunities due to overpopulation and slow Maoist suppression of personal freedom) and it only seemed to blew up as of now because of implementation of the Extradition Bill. Protesters disrupted businesses, shops, and public transportation. Due to this, and the length of time the protests has been happening the demand for withdrawing the extradition bill has been given. Another is also of course the French protests. After macaroni placed a petrol tax, which affected motorists (people going to there jobs) and truck drivers (which carried goods and resources across the country of France, especially grocery stores), it infuriated the people and led to the protests. In short, people will not do anything unless there economics, comforts, family life, and freedoms are being taken from them immediately. Taxes are one thing, but it will not be enough to get the lemmings against ZOG. I believe our current and future planning should focus on these 4 things.
>>18621 The one thing that scares our rulers right now is UNITY. All this bullshit about a white ethnostate, hailing Hitler, and acting like scary internet Nazis ignores the basic fact that our rulers WANT you to be scary because it serves their need for a villain to blame their oppressive laws and surveillance upon. That's why the media is working hard to convince the country that the real threat to national security is YOU. If on the other hand, you took the spirit of nationalism, liberty, and self-determination and made it have a broad appeal by convincing other races, religions and demographics to accept the merit of it... you would get a broad coalition, a unified threat against our rulers and the ability to create change.
>>19190 Yeah but the races are still going to want to split up. Especially the non-whites.
>>19224 Yes. (((Their))) hughes nightmare is a world of nations caring for their own people first, therefore brothers in minds, and having sports comptitons. National Socialism...
>>19224 That's like saying, "If I hike up that mountain I could trip on a stone and fall, so I will never go up that mountain and pray that it comes to me." >>19226 They don't care about national socialism. They defeated it half a century ago.

(64.10 KB 550x829 80.jpg)
Removing Useless Invidivuals of Society Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:59:36 ID:0d3589 No. 18876 [Reply] [Last]
During WW2 and post WW2, Sweden under the social democratic rule adopted some of the ideas in Nazi Germany. A forced sterilization programme lasted for 40 years. It was known that tens of thousands of people who were Gypsies, Sami, Jewish, disabled, prostitutes, sexually overactive, asocial, lesbian/gay and transgender were forcely sterilized and locked up for decades as a result of being unable to fulfill the criterias of contributing and be a part of the "perfect society". From what was back then considered the perfect society it consisted of hard working, functioning and perfect looking individuals in society who had good physical and mental attributes. People were divided into three categories: A, B and C. 'A' being the "perfect people" and 'C' being the useless people. Just by looking at society today why have we granted all human rights for C-tier people so that can coexist between functioning members of society? They serve no purpose, they are spreading deadly diseases and they have been indoctrinating the youth to the point where the youngsters of today chooses their own gender. Homosexuality was acually considered a psychological problem by law in some western countries before but now they don't. Many of these C-tier people lives of f huge benefits and millions of tax dollars are being wasted on their festivities and organizations to spread their plague further. Why don't we open secret state run institutions that lock these people up against their will? Why can't we just accept the fact that they are totally useless? All they do is whining about their "human rights". I rarely share similar views with hardline religious countries like Saudi Arabia but I agree that homosexuals should be jailed or punished to death. Homosexual is a sin in all three books and it is a major psychological retardeness. We have let society to normalize what's abnormal. They don't contribute anything to society, in fact these people prey on our young children and steal money from ordinary citizens.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(512.37 KB 560x761 Francis Galton.png)
>>18877 >A forced sterilization programme lasted for 40 years source'd > People were divided into three categories: A, B and C. >source Haven't anything along that lines yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if the was the case in the decade before the war. The definition of eugenics coined by Francis Galton in 1883. The concept predates the term; Plato suggested applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BC.
>>18908 Now look what you have. A country completely docile and ripe to be taken over without a fight. They should have sterilized the homos, and kept the criminals/asocial. Some aggression is required to maintain a country. I don't partake of prostitution, but I can respect doing what you need to do to get by.
If anything, it seems the application of implicit and explicit eugenic practices is a grave mistake, let's examine the results across the World by race: Europeans: Selected against aggression, competiveness ("criminality") and physical health (incessant war and law enforcement removing high testosterone) Result: A docile, conformist and physically unhealthy population with self-destructive tendencies. Asians: Similar practices, but with less extremity. Result: Asians have fared better, but are showing symptoms similar to the West in a lesser degree. Effeminate in nature, an oppressive status quo and a globalizing society with an obsessive proclivity towards productivity and capital. The Middle East and North African type: Selected for obedience to religion, especially Islam. Result: Whilst able to maintain high birthrates despite continual conflict, everything else has suffered. Creativity, intellectual curiosity, tolerance and individuality has effectively died. Where civilization and creativity used to flourish now there is a society that is relatively brick-walled and stagnant. Africa: Least eugenically oriented, only now starting to be shaped by modernity. Result: Interesting, Africans seem to have more personality variation than any other group and display a wider spectrum of temperaments. Sexually liberal, they are in no way at risk of declining youth and are in constant expansion. Seem to possess the most consistent and natural sense of racial identity and awareness. African culture continues to evolve and remain central to its populace.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>18877 I agree, this is probably a shit teir slide thread, but ill bite... >>18876 > The US needs a government based enough to open secret institutions that lock these type of peole behind bars forever. You are obviously new here. If you advocate giving this type of power to the ZOG usa, you really don't understand kike subversion. Lurk moar, dumbass. Only not saging bc other anons managed to rescue your nigger-tier thread with actual sauce.
>>18876 For the case some Anon here don't speak german, nothing of what OP's claiming stands in that order in pic he related. Happy Hanukkah, OP!

Bitchute deleting National Socialist channels? Anonymous 11/28/2019 (Thu) 14:40:23 ID:2b3386 No. 16426 [Reply] [Last]
Me and a friends channel with hundreds of subs got deleted, is Bitchute purging National Socialist channels? That is what I heard. We broke no rules.
18 posts and 9 images omitted.
(48.64 KB 112x112 crying cat pepe.gif)
>>16847 >vidme wow, this brings back memories. I really liked their channel. Too bad they could not survive. >>16426 I don't think Bitchute per se is doing the banning. It's the dystopian UK / EU laws that force them to ban certain channels from showing up. All you burgers should remember this. They've mentioned in the past that they think of moving off UK and going to a more 'pro free speech' nation, meaning probably USA. Instead of abandoning Bitchute, you should ask them about this in their forum. Ask them if they do indeed plan to move out of UK to USA and when, etc. Bitchute is probably the only legitimate competitor of YT. Abandoning it due to some UK-based legal shenanigans is a stupid move that only strengthens YT. Besides, let's be serious; Bitchute is littered with Nazi videos / channels. If they REALLY did not want you there, none of those channels / videos would exist.
>>19141 >>meaning probably USA. Lets hope not, they will scrub it ALL
(587.34 KB 1000x773 if only you knew.jpg)
>>19156 >he thinks USA is less free than Eurofaggotry dystopia
>>19186 depends on the ((subject matter)).

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 19:06:36 No. 16078 [Reply] [Last]
8CHAN IS BACK Posting is online, boards are getting restored. https://8kun.top/ http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/ Deadline for board restoration requests is December 2. https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/
57 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>16085 There were absolutely 0 trumpfags on old 8pol and it didn't even take moderation for that to be the case. That was why it was enjoyable. Wtf website were you on?
>>16510 I feel like a lot of anons are pretending they shitposted there regularly. 8chan /pol/ was the real deal - it wasn't a bunch of Nate Higgers threads or pornography. It was a weird convergence of all the strange and creative people 4chan /pol/ had kicked out. And strangely enough once in it's zenith they banded together to throw away the cynicism of anonymity and join together as an online anonymous racial militia intelligence division. Basically a freelance CIA operation on behalf of the volk - and also it was a cesspit of madmen for all of the above reasons but my god was it glorious.
<<18087 Did you even 8/pol bro? It was because of 8/pol that Trump got elected. From 2015-2017 it was Trump central and the nucleus of Anti-Clinton sentiment and memes. <<18088 That was rare, but beautiful when it happened. Like getting that pedo arrested who was raping his girfriend's daughter. I especially enjoyed the archaeology, genetic and philosophy threads.
(438.55 KB 734x1018 DruidFC.png)
Druid/pol/ OP here. Much as I miss old the 8chan days, druid/pol/ B.O.N.D threads will be staying here on 16chan from now on. 16ch was there when we needed it and our BOss is based AF so we have decided to stay here. This place has been good to us and deserves our imput tbh. I feel a certain amount of loyalty to 16ch, having settled in nicely. The main B.O.N.D lodge threads will subsequently be located here on 16chan. I might put a beacon thread up on 8kunt to see if any of the old lads who haven't reconverged yet are lurking about there but i'm not migrating again any time soon. Gonna stay right here.
>>16078 >check it out >no /pol/ >no /tech/ >no /fringe/ >no /r9k/

(12.26 KB 450x317 eye in triangle.png)
The Weimar republic was the jew's NWO beta test Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 20:45:08 No. 18533 [Reply] [Last]
Weimar republic degeneracy thread >first trannies and sex change operations >frankfurt school was founded there >first pro-fag film (featuring (((magnus hirschfeld)))) The Voluptuous Panic in PDF form (Required reading for all /pol/acks). https://legiochristi.com/static/lit/Voluptuous_Panic.pdf The wild boys https://dergreif-online.de/artist-blog/the-wild-boys/ https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/184153149 Weimar Republic 1919 -1933 REMASTERED https://www.bitchute.com/video/jtxWz4M5j5xi/ Previous thread (contains a lot of important info): http://archive.is/zErAS

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>18533 Nice post Anon, Saw this on 4cuck. Pointless for me to compliment you over there. It would get lost in the sea of piss.
>>18560 >If not I can dump those there after work. Please do. >>18557 I think I know of someone who might be interested in the weimar republic. Robert Sepehr. Take a loot at his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMqG0kLgrRv9tODTDG12oZA His other channels are linked there. I've even seen him reference pizzagate stuff in his videos. Messiah of 1666 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKykA6Ux8Z8 Cultural Marxism and the Decline of the West - ROBERT SEPEHR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ccBnwxyDA Send this info to him and request that he make a video on it.
>>18533 >first trannies Definitely not. I bet they already did that shit in decadent not-down-to-earth France at least 200 years earlier! Fuck French people and their "equality"! >>18578 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCDQzGTBA3E Sadly they took down the Kraftwerk version.
(141.43 KB 1000x1000 whitebackground (43) (1).jpg)
>>18557 Stop focusing so much on SJW retards for starters.

Our guy Tarrant Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 00:02:22 ID:8544ab No. 17717 [Reply] [Last]
34 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>19032 You need to prove all of them are fake
It's very simple. Endchan /pol/ has a saner approach to this. Does not need to be a conspiracy although it could be one (you never know how far they go with this). Nevertheless, a retarded strategy is already enough to explain most points. What did we gain out of this? Nothing. Mass shooters have not helped in the slightest, quite the contrary. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fbi-terrorism-idUSKCN1ST2P1 But you should consider the occult aspect of this. (((They))) love that shit, they're addicted to it. Most often, it's in the dates themselves.
>>17750 They were like "who is this clown with all these weapons and this fancy gear" then they see him close to the mosque, starts shooting, and these two people run away. I suppose that if BT had started shooting earlier, more people would have fled the mosque? The idea really seemed to kill praying people, to spill blood on their "sacred grounds". Under other conditions, we might have called this a ritual.
The Papanui footage remains too weird. What the heck was that? Was it meant to add confusion on purpose? Plus the guy in camo, it's again adding more confusion. Then if it weren't enough, there's the anti-terrorist drill going on at the exact same moment. The shoes, that's a regular Masonic fetish that's been observed on many events. Not sure if it applies to the woman who got shot at though, she could have been carrying her shoes when she barely made it through the smaller gate with that other person (woman)? BT shot at them, she possibly took a bullet. >>17777 Could have done better with those quads m8. :( (also gray on gray text, what moron decided of that?) >>17888 (seen too, someding is habbening) >If it wasn't organic why did they fight so hard to keep people from seeing the video? Putting on a show maybe? Also, hoax or not, no matter what they'd be required to show a resistance against its spread. From another perspective, this is snuff material that will only get juicer the more it is forbidden. Perhaps they're that sadistic twisted bastards with a knit for violence and true gore on sandniggers? Doubled with a real stressful test to see how far they could push this on people in a small country before moving on to a greater target?
>>19032 Your point?

(22.43 KB 800x600 How Warmongers think it is.png)
(26.81 KB 800x600 How it actually is.png)
The Problem of War Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 15:57:26 No. 15202 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is a response to an idea that is popular in certain right wing circles; that war is good for society because it kills off the dysgenic elements of society while sparing the noble, the brave, and the strong. In other words, war empowers the "elite" individuals of a population over the plebs, the slaves, and the subjects. I am speaking not in terms of political elite per-se but of the biologically elite; The brave, the intelligent, and the noble men of a nation. The kind of men who deserve to sire more sons and daughters vs the genetic trash who do not.

War actually does the opposite. War kills off the best and brightest, the flower of a nation's youth while sparing the craven and the dysgenic. To simplify this vast subject, I am going to highlight one famous war of our history as an example of why this is true.
During the Peloponnesian Wars, the best and bravest men of Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and Plataea went off to die in a needless war while the slaves, the weak, and the cowards stayed home and grew stronger in political power. At the Battle of Delium, almost a 5th of the Athenian invaders were slaughtered in a horrific massacre. Most of these were the land owning farmers who made Athens great. Meanwhile the mindless mob of urbanites who voted to send these brave men to fight for them, watched plays in Athens far from the conflict. At Plataea, a small force of about 300 men and 160 women held out against an army of 30,000 Spartans and Thebians. For two years, the defenders heroically threw back the Spartan-Theban assaults. They employed all manner of guile and ingenuity. Once, the Spartans threw up a rampart to storm the city and after weeks of fighting, managed to drive the brave defenders back from the walls only to find that during the fighting, the defenders had erected an entire new wall around this one section that the Spartans had captured!
Yet after 2 years, the food stores ran out and the defenders had no other option but surrender.

The Spartans and Thebans were fuming with anger that so few brave men and women had humiliated them for so long. So the Spartans gathered up the defeated men and slaughtered them all, taking the surviving women as captives. These courageous heroes held out against enormous odds for two years and as reward for their bravery, they were slaughtered. Oh yes, I should mention that the grandfathers of these very men had fought together with the Spartans to drive a million Persians back into Asia. Yet in one fell swoop, the Spartans who won not through bravery but through massive numbers and starvation, forever extinguished the genetic legacy of the Great Men who they had once called their noble allies!

Oh and did Sparta come out of this war intact? Nope! So many Spartans died in this war that their so called "friends" the Thebans who barely fought in the war (Sparta suffered most the costs in both blood and gold for the Thebans who benefitted from Spartan deaths without expending much themselves) betrayed Sparta and defeated the now weakened city. So many Spartan men died during this one war that not only could they no longer field large armies, but women ended up gaining almost all the property in Laconia and dragged the Spartan state down into th emuck. And how did Greece fare from this bloody war? It literally never recovered. So much was lost in this three decades of fratricidal hemorrhaging that Greek cities never regained their former glory and spend the next two thousand years being traded around as other empires' subjects.

Do you really think that France wasting the lives of nearly two MILLION of the flower of France's young men benefitted the French nation in the long term? What do you think that killing off the best and bravest of France did to their genetic legacy?
And what about Germany? In two fratricidal wars, the flower of German manhood was blown apart in trenches and forests far from home, the riches of German art and industry exhausted or firebombed into dust to fund an ever expanding war of annihilation. And what did Britain, almost as exhausted from the war gain from being the victor? Having just wasted away their best and brightest, their empire crumbled around them within decades.
America and Russia could be said to have gained from the war. But did they really? 20 million of the best and bravest of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus died, their genetic presence in our gene pool forever extinguished out of existence. And to this day, the areas most afflicted by the war are still recovering from its effect, almost a century later. America gained from the war because they spend the first two years profiting from it and then spent the fewest per-capita in lives defeating the Axis. And even then, America STILL didn’t recover from the loss of so many good men as evidenced by the dysgenic nature of American society today.
20 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>16557 During intense war, the schemers, who have largely unappealing ideals, avoid it and bide their time until they can win. Contrary to American points of view, Churchill considered his policy to defend Britain, including from immigration, which he stood firmly against. So much so that he campaigned on it and won in his second election, immediately got the UK thermonuclear weapons and kept the border closed until his death in 1965. It is absolutely correct - Labour, and many Communists, used the war to avoid scrutiny. Several were funneling money to the USSR from within the Civil Service, many more campaigned on anti-Imperialism knowing that Britain couldn't sustain it - and rather than reinforce the diaspora, sold off these territories for power. Look at the Rhodies - abandoned in their time of need by these policies, which effectively said "We will sell the land under your feet to hostile elements" - Rhodies said no, and declared independence and were immediately blockaded, despite immense public backing.
>>16557 Also there is absolutely NO backing for this. During the war, the most intelligent were thrilled to take part. Look no further than Tolkien, a man beyond his times and probably the most impressive of all authors for his life. LOTR was literally written by a man whose skin was falling off in an infirmary - his extremely sophisticated stories were written alongside the Somme.
>>19000 Not quite. The survivors of the war dictate the future of the nation - hence Labour, notorious Communist sympathisers, winning in 1945 while the Conservative government was busy trying to avoid foreign occupation and maintaining an Empire. While this was ongoing, Labour specifically campaigned on the idea that the war was the fault of the Empire, and that we should focus on the "working classes" - targeting groups which were, at the time, not enlisted because of their essential work. The coal miners of the Midlands and the North-East, completely unaware of the extent of the war or its effects, only saw a "Big expensive Empire" that could be better spent on ensuring their health and wellbeing. They were lied to - Labour specifically bullshitted so endlessly and without challenge from the "very very busy" parties, managed to convince a huge amount of the British public that the Empire was the reason why they couldn't get a bigger house. After their lies were exposed by 1950, Churchill came back and immediately rebuilt the military and kept Britain on its feet until his death - even more impressive considering he resigned in 1955 - for ten whole years, while he was still alive, his policies were so popular that practically every politician would have to follow them - because one word from the big bowling ball man would mean the end of their career. He died in 1965, and immediately, politicians purged the ranks and kicked out the most popular Churchill-esque figures, like Powell, some for good reason (fear of nuclear war) but mostly for personal gain. Then, in 1965, literally as soon as Churchill had died, they opened the border.
>>15202 Wars fought among the Caucus towns, cities, and states, were efficient. All men had to fight, those that did not were cast to the bog, the victors kept what they won, and no safety was permitted. A total war model of the willing. But fights that involve any other any, other than Caucus, have always gone differently. These are always dysgenic, unless the war is fought in reverse order. This is because the Caucuses and able go off to fight, while the shitskins take all the properties, estates, and females, both good and bad, left unattended. Shitskins use the righteous piety of the too meek and inept to fight as disguised 'justice' and 'deserving' to do the same, regardless of war (war just exacerbates it). Thus the worst, and the most corrupt, are not only majority excluded from the fight, they are chosen and rewarded extensively. The archikes enrich themselves, and the shitskins multiply, both with certain damnable definitions of 'fertility'. To avoid this, the Caucuses must fight the shitskins directly, killing the meekest and most abominable directly. Which again, is not what is done in primary practice. In practice, the fight, and the wastelands of destruction afterwards, did the awarding to the victor, killed the meek and shitskin, and all agreed to uphold the reset score. Against shitskins, this must be reversed. This model is only followed rarely, as the time and distance and winter were the primary methods to avoid allocating Caucus might to killing every one else's lossful losses for them (they should kill their own losers, why do I have to go kill their losers for them for free? - only if there is now no other option, sure, and I'm going to take my profit since they cannot pay). This secondary model of war, kill them all (kill all shitskins firstly), is only executed rarely, usually indirectly, or only on small scale. /aside: Shitskin is a functional definition: Those that throw their shit, demand your shit, and use their skins as an excuse to do so. They reject ownership of actions, scores, and time. They exploit all reserved spaces to fester in the places set aside for the meek, and hate said spaces. Thus feminists hate women, kikes hate jews, niggers hate blacks, etc. Each of these reserved spaces, set aside when there was wealth left over, refuse to self police the shitskins out, and thus all safe places must be burned, regardless. The point being made, is the War is just a tool. Those that wield it determine the useful utility. The tool is irrelevant, next to the user. The shitskins fight to-lie-to-steal-to-eat, and the Caucuses fight to restructure inheritance and award away from lossful losses. The Caucus war model requires memory to keep the new score aftewards, which the shitskins don't have, and always seek to delete and rewrite, to keep lying to keep stealing to keep eating. The expense of killing shitskins is often too great, as it falls onto disparate accounting and resources to fulfill, so retreat to the high grounds and winter are arrived at instead. The model of war chosen over the last century saw some of the greatest advancement of the archkikes and shitskins ever witnessed - because it was not total war.
>>19011 >The point being made, is the War is just a tool. This is true. More specifically, war is a tool like Cyanide is a tool. At this time, war is necessary. We need to eventually use the tool of war to liberate our race from the jew. But after that, war is no longer necessary (at least for intra-racial conflicts) Dealing with outsiders is another question, but within our race war can only hurt us.

(190.76 KB 524x757 The glowbuster.jpg)
Operation kosher sandwich Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 17:18:54 ID:fd385e No. 18458 [Reply] [Last]
I'd like to warn any genuine anons (both seasoned and new) of this development. If we analyze the narratives being pushed on most chans, we can notice that it either gravitates towards Christianity, or tryhard atheism and/or "paganism" calling for pointless violence. Both are pushed by glowniggers in a combined effort to eliminate right-wing sentiment by either completely pacifying and "denazifying" anons, or, pushing individuals over the top so they end up in prison and are no longer a threat. This is memetic warfare first and foremost, and it's what they DON'T want you to engage in. Any threads and posts that actually endanger the system will be slid or shilled hard by the aforementioned. The majority of the scripted posts and spam promoting "Saint Tarrant" or Christian astroturfing indicate that most posters are not organic. Speaking of memetic/information warfare, the first stage included demoralizing people by the whole Trump affair. This painfully obvious subversion is supposed to discourage people from even attempting it in the future. I'll give a short elaboration of the two entrapment schemes: Team A - The self-professed Christians (including the compromised board owners and moderators) who are pushing a typical Christian Identity propaganda (Or a variation of thereof, depending on how knowledgeable the average poster is). Without going into the subversive, anti-White nature of the religion itself, in this context it is being used to gradually deradicalize/pacify and "denazify" people, who would hopefully get absorbed into your typical "republican" mindset and stop being a threat for ZOG. You may recognize them by short to medium length posts, often trying some kind of pseudo-intellectual approach while continuously moving the goal-posts, using circular logic and dodging the arguments, attepting to discredit their opposition by direct or indirect ad-hominems. They don't need to engage any further because their target audience is not receptive to anything more complex. We can call these "the establishment". Team B - The "accelerationists". They will usually agree that Christianity is a kike poison, but instead of promoting a viable alternative that actually accelerates or hurts the system, they will try a combination of a blackpill and a sense of alarmism that something radical and violent has to be done now or never. They will usually write longer, more elaborate posts because their target audience is more intelligent on average. Their tactics include shaming of everyone who disagrees as not being "hard" enough and glorification of ineffective or counter-productive individuals and tactics. We can call these "the revolutionaries". It's important to note that both of these groups will fully "support" Hitler and NS ideology, or whatever seems to be the general board consensus. They will also pretend that their well-poisoning is an established board culture and that anyone criticizing it is a kike and an outsider. To accomplish this, they will rely on heavy moderation or shill-swarms (where it is more lax), in order to create an illusion of "democratic majority" These teams will pretend to be in stark opposition to each other, calling each other kikes and shills in order to get the sympathy of their respective target audience and create an illusion of legitimacy. Making the less insightful anons trapped in a kosher sandwich. Keywords: Polarization, false dichotomy, gradual supplication, denazification, burnout This thread was made in honor of Saint Reinhard Heydrich, the glowbuster.
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>>18463 Well, I hope they are, but it doesn't feel like it. It feels like traffic is down, maybe it's the holidays. Maybe there are more shills and bots. >>18467 Kek, who asked me to leave? And maybe I had three posts in the past two days. Before that the captcha was broken. But really there's not enough traffic for anyone to be here "all day." All these (you)s, so many sheckles >>18489 I like to say that even though we disagree, when DOTR comes, you are all on my side. And I mean it niggers. >>18510 >productive threads I miss those. I joined in a thread on nein, even busted out some simple shoops only to see the thread die. Pic related.
>>18989 Sorry anon, I assumed you were someone you clearly are not.
>>18991 Kek, no worries. That post was kind of trolling, I did want to hear some responses to it, because it sure felt like there were only 5 anons on lately. Maybe people went back to 8/pnd, but 8 just isn't like it was. It's all hitler posting now, not that hitler posting is bad, but it can't be everything...
>>18461 some Anons are just lazy and lurking, friend...
>>19001 >>18989 I have been lurking instead of posting this weekend. And yes it is the holidays, a good time to take a break from pol and spend time with family.


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