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(592.11 KB 1082x773 seized.png)
8chamel.net RAIDED Anonymous Board volunteer 11/01/2019 (Fri) 04:03:00 ID:1c48cc No. 12845 [Reply]

Filter for 8channel has been removed
Autoban was added few weeks ago after 16chan was getting spammed by 8channel shill

8channel*net was a 8ch clone that allowed users to create and moderate their own boards and advertised it's self as crypto CP friendly

Old thread >>5792 touched on subject and has few screen shots from the site
Edited last time by anonleaf on 11/01/2019 (Fri) 17:18:16.
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it's a shame the line was crossed and shame it was seized
This is why you don't ever need to worry about pedophilia becoming normalized. It's way too useful for the political police to be able to bypass the second amendment. Soon enough the glownigger pedophiles will be here. Meanwhile, Mr. Pedostein gets to have a pedoisland all protected and covered up by the kiddie fiddlers at the FBI and DOJ.
#metoo was nothing more than damage control, a diversion to use the shrieking feminists so child abuse would not be mentioned.
>it's a shame the line was crossed and shame it was seized
Yeah, the site was progressing into 8chan-esque quality discussions and pph.
The loli pics flooding seemed fishy, glownigger tactics. All legal/clothed, but some close to the legal.illegal line.
>Seemed like a MSM nigger attempt to paint 8channers as pedos to normies.
You really think it's the Pedos doing this shit? For some reason I'm getting a feeling that this is a "Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin?" moment.

(52.50 KB 1280x720 silver legion.jpg)
Alternate US stories Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 19:32:10 ID:62802c No. 13072 [Reply]
After the 1965 Immigration Act was passed, America's power grid was destroyed by an unknown group of people.
In the midst of the chaos, the remnants of the third Reich seize power. After they consolidated power, and restored order to the US, Jews were extirpated. Jews were removed from positions of political power, they were removed from Hollywood, and they were removed from US finance. Those sectors remained privatized, but the positions of those organizations were filled by the White, gentile underlings of the Jews, with all assets and wealth transferred to them.
Jewish intellectuals were placed into internment camps and worked to death building American weapons and buildings. They were castrated and, when they grew too old to work, they were replaced by robots.
Marriages were arranged from IQ and matching phenotype. Males were not aloud to date and fuck women in high school, as their marriage partner was selected for them by the government, with input from both families.
Americans still had free speech and gun rights; they were just under constant surveillance, with a Chinese-style social credit system that targets sexual deviancy and other types of degeneracy.
America's constantly at war with Europe and the USSR, with Europe sending armies of niggers, led by female officers. Point defenses have rendered nuclear weapons useless.
Europe is only seventy percent White and the average White lives in a pod and eats insects. Whites in America breed way above replacement and live in houses with their families and extended families in one house.
Both Europe and the US are overpopulated, with America having two billion people, mostly White Western Europeans. Europe is 700 million Whites, with three hundred million blacks, Asians, and Arabs.

Is this scenario better than the clown world we have? Whites have very shit living conditions, but are not in danger of going extinct.
I would make this into a book, if publishing companies weren't completely kiked to shit.
I mean Pierce and Covington published bad goy fiction.
(96.02 KB 697x444 IMG_20191103_194911.jpg)
What the fuck is this graph? This might be the worst sauceless graph I have come across.

Very cool. I wish this was came to fruition. Have a bump!
(3.76 MB 870x350 Revenge.exe.gif)
if i am to be completely honest.... no its not better, you see in clown world we can take solace in the fact that if we do survive it, nothing and i mean NOTHING could possibly challenge us in the future besides ourselves. the kikes have pooled practically everything they have into this world of deviancy and as such if we survive it then it is not only a testament to our vitality but it will also sharpen ourselves against potential future threats, because remember, clown world is the literal endgame and if we can pull ourselves from the brink then we can say that nothing can kill us except ourselves but then in your world, whites are no longer "white" they are insects, not truly sentient individuals with the capacity for what makes us different than the chinks that have lost what would have made them even remotely "human". this is what people need to realize, breeding out of control is a death knell for any country, because then that country must act like a locust, eating and devouring all in its path to just keep it afloat, in essence, its bound to fall eventually like Rome all the while whites have been conditioned into being merely followers so when it does collapse, whites will have potential decades to centuries to achieve the end result of what clown world would do in decades... create and sharpen our experience so that way we may never repeat history. this is assuming we win in both scenarios, clown world would teach us lessons far faster but with higher risk however your world would drastically slow us down from achieving a sort of "enlightenment". as for what that enlightenment is or entails is really a guess but what is certain is that it will come if we win in either scenario

(303.91 KB 607x1014 h34g215z.jpg)
so they (((killed))) a jew playing a muslim Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 08:48:24 ID:e49e2d No. 13189 [Reply]
clownworld intensifies
5 posts omitted.
ISIL is Jewish Mosdad run?
Who'd of guessed.

ISIS is a joint CIA Mossad Saudi psyop used to sustain American support for Israel's Jewhad in the middle east.
That about perfectly sums it up. However a lot of muzzies all over the world secretly want to join similar movements and chimp out despite publicly, and correctly, condemning ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the like as being CIA proxies.
Jews are the kings of lies.
They can never tell the truth.


(11.90 KB 509x600 POSTER00.png)
Guerilla Propaganda Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 18:07:40 ID:a2a343 No. 12496 [Reply]
'It's okay to be white' is fine
But the next step is obvious - if it's okay to be white, then we should have equal protection under the law like the constitution gives us the right to.

This is the logical evolution.
We are literally second class citizens despite paying for everything for everyone.
Time to stir up some shit
19 posts and 4 images omitted.
Literally nobody is going to scan that though.
Poor James :(
Yeah, kinda missed the point, but nice to see you trying to join in
not subtle enough it's a meme only preaching to the choir
Yes they will

White percentage includes ... Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 11:58:13 ID:069a16 No. 13203 [Reply]
"White – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa."

6 posts omitted.
sandniggers, somalians, and spics oh my
interesting find
So white
Those groups belong to Caucasian but not White. White is really a term only to be applied to the USA, and Aussies since it meant mixed European descendant as in (British and German etc.). Europeans are their own ethnic groups from having separate cultures overall , so the French , Germans, Norwegians all separate ethnic groups.
idk it's getting bad in Europe too, of course there are cultural differences but all of us are being attacked for yes, essentially being "White/West European rooted."

(64.08 KB 900x599 glowingnigger.jpg)
Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 17:08:14 ID:ff78c3 No. 5792 [Reply]
The FBI makes honeypot websites with actual CP, they upload torrents to public websites to try to get people arrested, posession of CP can get you arrested up to 10 years in prison, isn't this so fucking weird that we praise the FBI and CIA that they prevent "terrorism" and "pedophiles", there are countless cases of accidental download of these materials, even visiting a link can get you put on a list, this just doesn't seem right, everyone here should know that after 9/11 the US just wanted to try to find an excuse for them to spy on us and collect information on us, this is not right, I don't know much about this subject myself and I would like more information on this. The FBI currently holds 7 TB of CP according to a document, they probably hold even more than this at the moment
40 posts and 11 images omitted.
if you watch CP you should fucking be killed. But the problem is that the CIA can easily upload it to your computer, then come in and frame you and charge and arrest you. Once again, the CIA can destroy your life in many, many ways and there's nothing you can do about it. Might as well just be a ghost and try to avoid getting the attention of the CIA then?
Is this true! Very bad. Needs review.


but on the other hand it is CP / child porn...

this is one of those things that messes with my mind completely as I'm not sure alone at times.

If it's accidental it should be thrown out completely, but who knows at times?! accidental could be "accidental" even though it's entrapment alone to me personally as well. This is the only thing and/or only one that screws with my mind so much due to U.S. Law / U.S. Federal Law and/or etc and it's impossible in life sometimes and this is just one of those times that it's impossible.

Don't give them an inch on anything else though if they try that... such as someone with some weed / pot for that matter.
(59.77 KB 125x542 bare-minimum.png)

Something like this should be the bare minimum if it is to stay...

the image I attached that is...
(198.52 KB 211x472 not-sure.png)

something like this is very close to the line to as well... what is legally allowed and what is not for the most part.

not sure though. this one is very close.

(10.57 KB 132x200 zweites buch.jpg)
Just finished reading Hitler's Second Book (Zweites Buch) Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 10:06:24 ID:a32a32 No. 6763 [Reply]
Interestingly enough, he had great things to say about Americans. That the Whites in America were of racially high value, mostly Germanic, and that is why America had so much potential and was doing well. He said he didn't like when Germans immigrated because the best blood was leaving. He also said the immigrants had courage to go to a foreign land and risking failure to make things happen there. A lot of other good stuff about Americans, makes me realize it's bullshit when people say he hated Americans.

One quote that stands out in my mind too, "Land belongs to those strong enough to conquer and keep it"

Also, he brings up Lebensraum again. Now, I'm not saying Russia never planned to invade Germany and Western Europe, but Hitler definitely had his mind on taking Russia. Was he going to kick them out and deport them, or were they to be exterminated? Makes me wonder about the holocaust too.. Now I still don't see much proof for the holocaust, but if he was willing to go through with his Lebensraum plan, and possibly kill all the Russians in the process (not saying he would kill them, maybe just deport), it does give me thoughts on the holocaust, since Jews were considered his most deadly enemy in Hitler's mind. Hitler would do anything to protect the German race, and I could see in his mind that the holocaust was possible, though I see no proof for gas chambers at this point in time.

Highly recommended book, lots of other good stuff in it.
71 posts and 23 images omitted.
>So I like all the Nazis here to explain what makes Hitler so great in the first place.
Ask Germans. Apparently they following him as if he'd been a demigod.

>Star Wars
off topic blah
>after reading Mein Kampf
I informed myself and now know that that one isn't completely written by him either.
That guy worked for the vatican.
So much info on the web yet so few brains which can process it.
Here you at least know Otto Dietrich wrote his speech because writing and supervising writers was his job, so he knew what he was doing.
Hitler also said
>America is a jew controlled shithole without future
Yeah I know which is why I don't get the paraphernalia with his party and such except for the edge factor since it was the big lie/boogieman. Just doesn't resonate well and is honestly cringe and embarrassing.
>> when people say he hated Americans
> Who ever said that?

(452.16 KB 1586x1059 1572654791435.png)
Palestinians demonstrate denouncing Balfour Declaration Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 01:43:41 ID:3b16b3 No. 12977 [Reply]
> Created on Friday, 01 November 2019 11:16 | Published Date

> Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are preparing to take part in the 81st Friday of the Marches of Return and Breaking the Siege under the title of "Down with the Balfour Declaration".

> Palestinian mass media quoted the National Agency of the Marches of Return and Breaking the Siege as inviting the Palestinians to participate in the demonstrations that will be staged to affirm that the Balfour Declaration is baseless and to show the Palestinians' commitment to their land and the right of return.

> The Agency stressed that the marches will continue until achieving their objectives, namely ending the tight Israeli siege being imposed on the Strip, guaranteeing the Palestinian people's right to return to their indigenous homeland and foiling the so-called "Deal of the Century".

> Tomorrow coincides with the 102ndanniversary of the notorious Balfour Declaration which paved the way for the creation of the Zionist entity on the Palestinian lands.

> About 313 Palestinians were killed and more than 30000 wounded by Israeli forces of occupation since the beginning of the Marches of Return in March 2018.

> K.Q

Source: http://syriatimes.sy/index.php/don-t-miss/44629-palestinians-demonstrate-denouncing-balfour-declaration
Archive: http://archive.md/0gpdB
(192.31 KB 880x1160 volxxxviino2.jpg)
this is what happens when you live under a military occupation that's even worse that nazi occupied france. the palestinians have been disarmed and all that will happen is that a few of them will be shot to death for yelling too loud while the world looks on and does absolutely nothing.

i did try to reply to your thread on 4 but it was archived by the time i hit "Post"
Please some one have Hamas "Capture th Flag" Prank video, or at least the gif clip?
(2.31 MB 222x400 IDF Murdering Palestinian.webm)

Israel is most vulnerable to their genocide of the Palestinian people because their behavior is indefensible.

1. Expose normies to the genocide of the Palestinians.

2. Expose the (((media))) blackout and lack of curiosity of Isreal's genocide of the Palestinians

3. Promoting the BDS movement is the key to breaking the political strangle hold AIPAC has over US politics.
(32.77 KB 490x275 jewbarcode.jpg)
(146.53 KB 1024x760 israelbarcodes.jpg)
(528.62 KB 1500x1000 israel products.jpg)

torChan Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 19:17:29 No. 13070 [Reply]
TorChan is awesome, has a great culture, it just needs a little more activity is all. Feel free to come on down, gotta use TOR browser tho first. And don't bring this retard nazi faggotry there, if you wanna be a stormfag, then stay the fuck away from TorChan

Shill Somewhere Else Please
But you can take the pedos with you
Edited last time by anonleaf on 11/03/2019 (Sun) 12:33:20.
10 posts and 2 images omitted.
>it just needs a little more activity is all

the problem with many projects...
LOL no fag, this stays up and everyday you have to prune Nazis from your board, next time you want to shill research your audience
of course!
joke aside, it's written in the opening prompt
the layout could need a bit of love
nice to embed like in the 90s but
try to push the catalog format, erf
feels a bit raw really, needs buff

(957.96 KB 1890x1063 1565576978285.png)
(2.34 KB 88x125 1565570245205s.jpg)
I don't see how society doesn't keep getting worse Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 06:03:25 ID:eb93ff No. 9833 [Reply]
So is there anything that realistically anything that is going to stop society/world from just becoming more and more shitty? We can argue about pulling out of Syria, reddit etc etc but any legit 'right wing' movement is very far out of the picture.

I read the paper and literally half of the political stories include some vague hate about the 'rise of neo nazis etc and all this pro-black propaganda, anti-white rhetoric. Nothing new to most here, but really where does it end? Eventually econ collapse? Nuclear war? I dont see this ending well for us anons. We are on the cutting edge of awareness and thought and the average person is utterly lost in propaganda.
41 posts and 12 images omitted.
Maybe crime is at an all time high because everything is illegal.
>actively working against our interests
about half of Whites are doing just that, with varying degrees of culpability.
You can somewhat mitigate that by living in majority White areas, but you'll still encounter quite a few whom have been (((bamboozled))).

As a matter of persec, I don't speak too freely with the Whites in my AO, so it's difficult to size them up until they either say something boomer-tier or redpilled.

>mfw they shitcanned the one local radio guy who wouldn't suck israel's dick.
Some of the ways the elites might cull the population is by promoting abortion, birth control, sterilization, homosexuality, drug use, opening concentration camps, funneling the 99% into the cities and then cutting off the food supply, killing family farms with trade wars and debt, ending Obamacare, and starting WWIII.
> I don't see how society doesn't keep getting worse
friendly reminder that Britain is a petri dish to see how much shit people will take. everything that happened to Britain 10 years ago is happening to the USA now; what's happening in Britain now will be par for the course in the USA 10 years from now. Burgers, look forward to TV licenses and binning that knife after you're disarmed
Correct, but now I feel like a hipster because I can't enjoy anything mainstream. It's all kike trash meant for goyim consumption.


no cookies?