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Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.

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Welcome to Politically Incorrect!

Welcome to /pol/ - 16chan's Politics Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of all topics pertaining to politics.

Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are some examples of off-topic and/or /b/-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)
>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

Please check the global rules and board rules before posting:

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Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic General /dprg/-/lprg/

In 2014, after the EU and US backed the failed regime of Petro Poroshenko the Donetsk People's Republic (Донецкая Народная Республика) and Luhansk People's Republic (Луга́нская Наро́дная Респу́блика) declared their independence. The right of a people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law. In late 2014, the Minsk agreements were signed but have continually been broken. After 8 years of war with the zog state of Ukraine, the illegal occupation of their lands, and attacks upon their civilian population, Ukraine began increased aggression in hopes of dragging both Russia and NATO into a war. Recently the OSCE observed increased shelling withing the region. On 21 February 2022, Russia officially recognised the DPR and the LPR as independent states, becoming the first UN member state to do so. Putin then address the nation saying he would immediately begin a targeted peace keeping operation in the region. Western media is banging the war drum, as they have for some time now, claiming Russia has intention of a "full scale invasion of Ukraine and a Greater War within the European continent.

R: 25 / I: 18 / P: 1

The Odinist Lady, Seana Fenner, of Odinia Died Today

Her website hasn't been updated in over a year at this point because she was in poor health for a long time. I supported her for a long time because she is the proper /pol/-tier religion for our people (folkish, tribal, pro-family, etc.). I tried not to be an annoying, blogposting faggot about it nor shill it too much, but I have mentioned her once in a while or specifically in religion threads for several years now on multiple /pol/ boards, particularly on HateChan in it's heyday (it was the most based site where you could be the most offensive, in case you are a newfag and don't know). --site's broken at the moment, but has been a thing --her personal site I guess come to think of it she had a few and was taking them into some different focuses, but like I say, her health had gone downhill, and I am the one who told her that she should try to get better because I hoped she would and could go back to things later. I am posting this thread on a few different /pol/s and I hope it is alright. She had made headlines multiple times without trying any stunts for attention because the Nose Tribe was super assmad that anyone except themselves was trying to exercise religious freedom at all (especially those whitoids--oy vey!). There are always various (((interested parties))) trying to push our people in every direction except good ones and except the direction of Nature. If you knew anything about her as a person, she deserved better. Odinia will live on and there will be more pro-whites running it than there were before to honor her memory. I remember the lies, the excuses from those who would not help, and the idiotic semitic shilling against her cause, and I am proud to have defended her from all of the mud that was slung. Because real people and truth-tellers in general are suppressed (and every faggot e-celeb has multiple threads a day everywhere, hmm...), I want to mention her one last time because she died today, or so I am told. I generally can manage to deal with death pretty well, but this one hit me hard. She was one of the best of our people. She literally used to go around and redpill QTs for our Race in the streets and other things of that nature. I'm just making this thread because /pol/ boards and internet shitlording is basically my home. I identify with shitlord anons and have been perusing, memeing, and/or posting for a very long time. I wouldn't be who I am today without any of you, including spammers and faggots who shit up threads. All of you who ever did any redpilling, shitposting, or any kind of activism redpilled anons like me long ago, and you are heroes.

R: 53 / I: 37 / P: 1

APRIL 19, 1993 NEVER FORGET the federal government - ordered by the CLINTONS and their puppets murdered 76 men, women, children, babies. No one was held accountable.

R: 140 / I: 73 / P: 1

Buffalo shooter had /pol/ memes written all over rifle

Just saw the full video. Why do people take these memes so seriously and commit counterproductive acts of violence like this? Links to full vid:

R: 53 / I: 11 / P: 1

The Great Reset

Do you think these Technocrats/Marxists will ever have their plan realized? Especially by 2030? It pains me to think that most people are so fucking stupid that they'd let these assholes, who have openly said they'd take our rights away, to come to power.

R: 16 / I: 7 / P: 1

Why They Let Terrorists In (And Why They Keep Them In)

After the latest terror attack, this time involving a knifeman at an Auckland supermarket, it was discovered that the terrorist, Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, was born overseas and had been given a refugee visa to stay in New Zealand. Efforts had been made to deport him, but the New Zealand Government insisted he stay. Why? This essay explains. It’s a grievous error to think that the kind of people who make up the Government are motivated to alleviate the suffering of the New Zealand people, or that the democratic selection process is some kind of meritocracy that promotes philosopher-kings. Such errors occur because that’s how people think things ought to be, and they naively conflate what ought to be with what is. This line of thinking causes great confusion when people consider why Western governments allow mass immigration of people from violent, low-IQ cultures. Considering that certain immigrant groups (Muslims and Africans in particular) commit an enormous amount of violence and sex crimes wherever they go, why do our rulers keep letting them in? The usual explanations involve economics, particularly references to the GDP growth imperative, or conspiracy theories about Jews. The reality is even more sinister – you could commit to a zero-growth economy, and get rid of all the Jews, and the Western ruling class would still hold the borders open to terrorists. Explaining why requires accurately understanding the motivations of the people who comprise the government. The main motivation of the people making up every government in the world is to stay in control. What gets politicians out of bed in the morning is the desire for control and power. They want to be in charge, usually because they are deeply afraid on a spiritual level, and that fear is assuaged by power, as most fears are. Having terrorists run amok helps the New Zealand Government maintain control in two major ways. The first way is that it spreads fear. When a person hears of a stabbing frenzy at a supermarket, the logical thought is that more terrorists might be out there, waiting to attack again. The resulting anxiety costs energy, because a heightened state of physiological arousal must be maintained. The Government wants you to waste your energy in this manner, because it keeps you down. In this sense, Islamic terrorism has simply replaced fear of the Soviet Union, which replaced fear of the Third Reich, which replaced fear of scientific and technological advancement, which replaced fear of the Devil. It’s now The Big Fear, which the powers that be can stoke whenever they like, simply by devoting television time to it. All that was needed was for Muslims to kill and rape enough people, and then the ruling class had another demon to threaten the plebs with. Our rulers have long observed, from the example set by Europe, that Muslim immigrants murder, rape and destroy everywhere they go. So those rulers deliberately opened our borders to those same immigrants, and moved them into working-class neighbourhoods, as a kind of biological weapon. The New Lynn Countdown stabbing is just one example of the inevitable friction created – something our ruling class is insulated from, having long ago retreated to their exclusive neighbourhoods, where violent immigrants are not allowed.

R: 222 / I: 130 / P: 1

All Hail the Queen of /pol/

Isabel Peralta, the new face of Spanish fascism >Her name is Isabel Medina Peralta, she is only 18 years old, she studies History and has become the new muse of the extreme right in Spain, a kind of fascist influencer. >Her speech last Saturday before more than 300 people at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid to pay tribute to the Blue Division, the Spaniards who fought under Adolf Hitler during World War II, has turned her, at least for a few hours, in a new sweetened face of Nazism. HEIL ISABEL

R: 129 / I: 295 / P: 1

Redpill General Thread

Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies. >Visit stat database >Telegram channels that frequently posts stats >Thread collection. Mostly race realism related (highly recommend checking out) >Debunking immigration studies >Lots of sources with examples of anti whiteness >infographs (will keep adding more as the time goes) Use incognito mod before looking at google docs >The Secret of the Cakes by Wehrkatzer (race realism, intelligence, hereditarianism) >Debate Notes Debunking Systemic Racism >4 Steps (100s of sources) Showing How Criminal Justice System’s Racial Bias Is Non-Existent or Negligible >BLM is Wrong in 5 STEPS – For Public >10 Studies Indicating No Police Racial Bias + Counterpoint Studies >The Stanford Open Policing Project 2019 – How They Likely Misled the Public (a Rebuttal) >blogs

R: 28 / I: 13 / P: 2

Lost hope for France

>President is a litteral Rotschild pawn married to a troon >The only credible nationalist candidate for this year's elections (appart from that retarded cunt Lepen) is a kike >Life is becoming impossible for those who haven’t taken the jab >Nationalist groups are being arbitrarily disbanded >Legally owned guns are being taken away without warrants >120 daily knife attacks >No more faith, be it christian or pagan >Economy in ruins >Manual labor is done in China and Africa >600 farmers kill themselves each year >Even among STEM studies the only hiring sector is IT >About half of government budget goes to pensions for boomers and gibs for niggers >Young french people can’t start families because of lack of money >Most youth is actually more concerned with drinking and partying than anything >Huge prevalence of porn consumption among teenagers, and even pre-teens now >No more faith, be it christian or pagan >Art is basically dead >Even high-end private catholic schools teach faggotry and « anti-racism » >The few awoken people are leaving towards eastern Europe What do anons ? I used to think the 2027 elections were our last hope, now I feel that this year is live or die.

R: 32 / I: 16 / P: 2

Genocide or Treason - your choice

If someone has a goal and is able to achieve it, they ought to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to accomplish it. If they don’t because they are emotionally unwilling, then they don’t deserve to accomplish that goal, and rather deserve whatever the consequences are for not accomplishing it. For example, if someone wanted to pick an apple from a tree and had a ladder there to use, they ought to climb the ladder and pick the apple. However, if they are unwilling to climb because they are lazy or afraid, they don’t deserve to get that apple. In actuality, they deserve to go without it. The course of evolution has ingrained a goal into the biological nature of the males of our species, that is; to protect their kin and the future of their progeny. So, they ought to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to accomplish this goal. If someone were unwilling to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to protect their kin and the future of their progeny, then they have rejected the masculine function and been fundamentally emasculated. They would also be, by necessity, a traitor to their kin. They would even deserve the resulting destruction of their kin and the future of their progeny. The cause for traitorous self-emasculation in this day and age is usually cowardice, moral weakness, or masochistic ideological brainwashing. Our kinship is with the Aryan race, because race is simultaneously our lineage and identity; genetic, phenotypic, and spiritual. The future of the Aryan race is the future of our progeny. In order to protect the Aryan race, we must completely eliminate all threats to it. The most dangerous threats are alien out-groups. Different humanoid groups invariably come into contact with each other and compete for limited resources in the pursuit of their own interests. If alien racial groups exist, they will inevitably come into contact with the Aryan race and compete with it. This would, and has, resulted in the murder and rape of Aryan people. In order to completely eliminate this threat, it is necessary to totally exterminate all racial aliens that exist. If one does not have this as a goal, then one has rejected the masculine function, likely out of moral weakness. They would be an emasculated traitor. A total, physical destruction is necessary. While mental, social, economic, and political measures can influence humanoid behavior, they cannot guarantee it. Despite stringent measures to secure the interests of the Aryan race against the alien races, a time would inevitably come when Aryan men, women, and children were brutalized and killed by them. Allowing this inevitability to remain in fact is to directly allow their brutalization and murder. It is to fail to protect the Aryan race by any means necessary to the best of one’s ability, and is therefore treasonous emasculation. To strive towards the total annihilation of all alien races is the only position on the Alien Question that isn’t blatantly treasonous. The facts of life and human behavior force us to choose between the existence of alien races and the lives of precious Aryan people. To protect our Aryan women and children, we must and will totally exterminate all alien life on this planet. How this is accomplished is merely a practical question. It may be done with the incremental invasion, colonization, and settlement of new territories, or with a sudden and devastating nuclear war to cripple any centers of non-white power, or with a combination of both. What matters is that the principle of a world inhabited solely by the Aryan race is the final goal, and that Aryan men work ceaselessly to accomplish this goal. In practice, this means the acquisition of power, power, and more power, and the application of this power in favor of the Aryan race and to the detriment of the subhuman, alien races. This is one element of the Hyperborean worldview.

R: 59 / I: 27 / P: 2

Is this what gook bot really is?

Someone posted this article in the zzzchan shelter thread on anoncafe. It's a short article by (((CREST))) analyzing pol boards and how they can be platformed and subverted. They concluded that deplatforming would not be effective enough unless it was a sustained effort. Likewise they stated that counter narratives were unlikely to work. I recommend reading the whole thing, but the most interesting part is the last few paragraphs. >Given the limitations of traditional tools, more out-of-the-box tactics should be considered. One such tactic would aim at gradually making these boards less interesting for their users. >One way to achieve this would be to regularly post content that looks genuine (using the right language, imagery, etc.) yet is meaningless – this would dilute the message of these boards and make their threads uninteresting, thereby reducing their attractiveness and sense of community. >Recent developments in artificial intelligence enabling researchers to automatically generate credible extremist sentences make such a tactic cheap and easy to implement. Is this not what "gook bot" is? It says a bunch jargon and random shit that kind of sounds like something one of us would say, but its statements are ultimately meaningless. Currently the technology is simple enough that we can recognize its posts, but in the future might it be advanced enough to cause actual disruption? p.s. The article does not appear to be on the crest website anymore. The page simply gives a 404 error. Thankfully someone archived it.

R: 74 / I: 48 / P: 2

how's your victory garden going king?

post pics of garden and share tips, or make excuses for why you can't feed yourself

R: 84 / I: 92 / P: 2

What books are in your opinion necessary to understand the current world? (i attached a few of my own favourites) >nb4 go to /library/ might do later, but this is not a file-sharing thread.

R: 75 / I: 39 / P: 2

What will our historically white nations be like when the white population reaches 10% or less?

R: 32 / I: 12 / P: 2

WTF you guys think of various "dissident" podcasts like Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, David Duke, TRS, David Knight, etc? Are they all "controlled op"? Are they legit but need to say Establishment Approved stuff to remain in biz? Personally, I like them all and think they all serve niches and tiers well enough. David Knight is Retired Community and even traditional church friendly. Nick is good gate way for younger people including co-eds. Alex Jones is great and he says lots of stuff about "mad scientists like the NAZIS!" but that seems to be just to stay Boomer friendly on 100s of small radio stations. Mostly he Frog Whistles about "jews" and "inter-dimensional SHAPE SHIFTING demon lizard people" and "satanists coming for your CHILDREN". Not directly mentioning them is the right move. He leads people to the opening of rabbit holes. TRS does seem "compromised" and way too many unanswered questioned about them they refuse to address, but they are still a useful audio show to redpill otherwise uninterested normies on Holohoax and other Jewish games. David Duke seems OK but repetitive and needs a producer or coach to get his delivery better. I tell open minded normies (including non-Whites) to tune into Alex or Nick and if they like that and most do to check out TDS. Again I'm not saying these shows aren't riddled with flaws or might be Controlled Op to various degrees but I do think they are useful in leading normies to go down rabbit holes on their own and we all know where that leads.

R: 23 / I: 10 / P: 2

A Personal View of Things (A short essay by Anon)

Individuality and the collective unconsciousness: two things humans have got better than any other species (probably). Maybe it’s because of our different ability to view our fellow human in a different way, than that of other animals, that we were able to become so advanced. Because other animals cannot perceive others of their species as well as we do. Sure they can tell the difference between their fellows, but they can’t tell enough of a difference, or share enough relation, to think deeply of their fellow creature, as humans do. Early humans probably didn’t have too much of this ability until it became something of use. After all, we would not be where we are without our ability of indifference, and to view indifference, because variability, and lots of it, usually leads to the best for a species, but the only way to make the best of something is to be aware of it. This is probably why human species that lack higher sentience, like the common negro, havent done much. All around the world where resources were scarce, humans were developing sentience and awareness of themselves and other humans in order to form groups of the best to dominate the resources and benefit the group. From this came the modern world, mostly through Europe, and modern ideas. Some places had plenty of resources so the need for struggle, and for their sentience to evolve was less. Mayans are one example I'm aware of and this also may explain the primitiveness of the mayans and why they were comfortable with sacrifice and why other primitive civilizations had a fondness for behaviour deemed primitive by higher races. Of course, due to the lack of struggle and evolution, these well off civilizations were often dominated by civilizations who evolved due to their lack of resources. I do not understand however, how africans (living in a place worse than many) never got to the point of their neighbors. This leads me to believe in their significance as a sort of runt of the litter, meant to die out, but nonetheless kept alive by their neighbors, who always had to be resourceful of the little they had in order to survive. Africans only still exist because of the idea that they could be a valuable resource, which they were made into. Sadly, due to reasons soon to be mentioned, they have been allowed to exist, even after outliving their use. The modern notion of human equality, a product of our evolved sentience, has been manipulated to allow africans to become a plague onto the rest of humanity, even though they have shown again and again, despite the outliers of their people who may show excellence, that their attempts at society only lead to failure. Even worse, some of their habits are being rubbed onto the rest of society leading to the degeneracy of the human race as a whole. Now, despite this, the idea of human equality is a product, and achievement, of the human race and our advanced sentience. The problem is the certain people who have exploited mankind’s evolution for their own selfish gains and to keep human development at a constant of their choosing. These people are like another runt of the litter, except they complement their natural inability by attempting to starve their more able fellow offspring. The ability of this group to dominate is not of their natural ability but of their lack of ability. They embody degenerate human behaviour that mankind evolved from when we developed higher level thought. They embody greed, hedonism, complacency, materialism, luxury, excess, gluttony, and convenience, to name a few. Mankind evolved from these petty ideas long ago, but this runt of the litter race keeps them prevalent throughout mankind. All species evolve through natural competition and the ability that comes from it. Not through all that this parasitic race embodies and wishes to make all of humanity embody. Even so, humanity has gone beyond the need for natural competition over petty material resources and can now only evolve in the metaphysical, or through thought and metaphysical means. We can only do this through unity and the discussion of ideas yet the parasites keep humanity from this. We should be discussing entering higher levels of existence and evolving to them, (think of the Wired in Lain or Instrumentality), yet the parasites keep us nullified and at each other’s throats by indoctrinating us to believe in the material goods of life. We still compete for material resources similar to how our devolved ancestors did long before us in order to evolve to the state we are at today. In other words, we are regressing and if our ancestors saw us today they would probably think of us in the same fashion as they thought of the primitive races they conquered long ago.

R: 34 / I: 13 / P: 2

The Solution

If we sent them all to Madagascar or Israel, they'd just come back. Why does it have to be like this?

R: 35 / I: 13 / P: 2

Why ((((They))) Never Talk about Franco

Simply put? Because he beat them. And in so doing proved that even when you are out numbered, out gunned and out funded by your enemies, with the whole of international jewry arrayed against you, you can still win. It is possible. It can be done. And that is one thing the left never wants the right to realize. Which is why they never say god damned word about him He made (((god))) bleed.

R: 183 / I: 89 / P: 3

Mr Bond

Mr Bond Arrested for Thought Crimes Post or Link Favorite webm/mp4/mp3 to pay respects Nazi rapper "Mr. Bond" arrested in Carinthia >The assassin von Halle heard from him when the attack was made; the musician is said to have also translated and published the Christchurch hate pamphlet. >The protection of the constitution and the police have investigated the right-wing extremist rapper "Mr. Bond" and arrested him in Carinthia. His anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic songs, which glorify National Socialism, are extremely popular in the right-wing extremist scene. The Halle assassin heard a number from "Mr. Bond" during his attack. The Carinthian from Paternion is also said to have translated and published the hate pamphlet of the Christchurch assassin. >Protection of the constitution had the man or his texts on the screen for several months. Now the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism (BVT) and the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism (LVT) Carinthia were able to research the rapper who had been spreading his neo-Nazi songs for years without being recognized. He was found in the municipality of Paternion in the Villach-Land district. >There, on January 20, BVT, LVT and the State Criminal Police Office carried out a house search together with the police, initiated by the Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office. Data carriers, weapons, a Reich war flag, Nazi devotional objects, song texts and a small mixer were discovered. "Mr. Bond" was arrested and transferred to the Klagenfurt prison. Other songs stolen as a template >The Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating him under the Prohibition Act (production and dissemination of Nazi ideas) and incitement. She accuses him of having published songs on the Internet and on CDs under his pseudonym since at least 2016. The Carinthian used music from other artists for his songs. Therefore, according to the Interior Ministry, he is also threatened with consequences for copyright infringement. >Music and concerts play a central role in the neo-Nazi scene today, including when it comes to recruiting young people. "Relevant music can ... often also serve as an introduction to the milieu. In addition, concerts are suitable for making a significant contribution to the financing of the scene," says the 2019 report on the protection of the constitution "combined in which the otherwise rather heterogeneous scene gathers. This, however, on an international level, in Austria such large concerts are consistently banned. >"Right-wing extremism has taken on many faces and forms - it is all the more important to actively promote the confrontation with the atrocities of National Socialism," said Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) on the occasion of the rapper's arrest. The fight against right-wing extremism - no matter what form it takes - is part of our historical responsibility. jewgle translated

R: 76 / I: 40 / P: 3

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection. All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors. Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound. You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight. Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male. This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

R: 106 / I: 30 / P: 3

Too many tech-cucked young White men

Why do we keep working to feed this system? Its young White men in all industries but its particularly those in STEM. Why do we stick around to fix Sandeep's mistakes? And to sit in a corner doing all the work while Becky and some gay guy take the credit? Muh coding, why are we so interested in such specialized stuff anyway, instead of being self-sufficient jacks-of-all-trades?

R: 41 / I: 17 / P: 3

Political implications or Reddit paying their moderators

We're playing the long game here, over the course of a few months. Be discreet Be subtle, don't go over board "as a trans pro vaccine lesbian" etc. Do not mention any pol type shit e.g. goyim,oy vey, kike etc. We need numbers and we need upvotes We need the sub to seem like it's sprawling with activity, and over the course of a couple months we will slowly start leaking the sentiment into other subs. We have our own dedicated sub right now:

R: 58 / I: 25 / P: 3

how Hitler could have won WW2.

1) be very wary about partnering with non-Whites, including Italians and Japs. When these types think you "have their back" they suddenly get very brave expecting you to join in a fight you'd tell them to avoid. They will also have their own petty agendas that don't fit the Big Picture. If you are pushed into "partners" make sure you clearly state what will and wont be happening if they go off half cocked. 2)Churchill and other Jewish Brits had said they wanted war with Germany to protect British trade hegemony. Ethnic Germans being slaughtered in Poland was clearly bait. Should've given up the land and even the beautiful city and absorb German's back into Germany and think in terms of branching out into South America where govts were welcoming nice White Europeans with open arms. 3) Once war started with UK (and France) do WTF it takes to take Gibraltar. That could entail "rogue Spanish ultra-Nationalists" and Franco playing incompetent or even pretending to step down. Then do WTF it takes to sink a few ship in Suez, maybe kommandos dressed as Arabs, thus turning the Med into Axis lake. 4)Don't insist on "direct word for word" translation of Mein Kampf. Direct German to English makes you sound deranged.

R: 97 / I: 18 / P: 3

Civil war 2.0

What would it take for a civil war to happen in America? Would it a simple thing like the democrats stealing the midterms or another blm riots or maybe another Covid lockdown in America? And what would be the political outcome of it happening?

R: 168 / I: 49 / P: 3

The yellow menace and white identity subversion

Is any one else troubled by how subversive Asian culture is on white identity movements? Europeans greatness is uniquely European, our cultures share similar traits but are distinct in their expressions. From our folk lore to our sculptures, there is a distinct flavor you can see running through them. Something to aspire to and be inspired by, life works the scope of which we'll never see again despite being possible by European hands. Except none of the white identity movements give a shit (especially Americans). The majority of white identity posters any where are weeaboos, who know more about Evangelion than their own history. The ones who do know their history tend to be drug addicts wanting to explore their own delusions if not full on occultists obsessed with non-white philosophies. Promoting Indian or Asian religions and old cultural memes claiming they're Aryan and anything Aryan is A-OK in their book despite the non-European origins and different mental workings of those ethnic groups to our own. When I see memes or posters created by pro-white people it's always anime or bad filters over obvious stock photos selected without context or purpose. The vape wave style or whatever you want to call it, with gaudy neon colors and VHS filters saying "Remember what they took from you", despite VCRs being one of the many ways Jews subverted European culture, giving parents ways to brainwash and feed Jewish propaganda to their children round the clock in their own homes. The millenial generation grew out of home videos and moved into digital mediums, the internet made it very easy to acquire foreign media and consume it on mass. The anime generation first saw Dragon ball Z or Cowboy bebop and dived head first into the yellow menace. Easy to consume, brightly colored and appealing especially to autists anime wasted countless years of our people's lives, equally man hours in the centuries stolen straight from our men's most productive years. When confronted on this issue they will claim anime is fine, it's not Jewish and that makes it based and red pilled, despite the obvious homosexual, race mixing and women acting masculine through out the medium. As someone valuing the peak of European creativity and expression through art it's hard to see myself in the same movement as weebs. While I value European artiste and expression, I find all they value is Japanese media often with Kpop on the side if they're really deep into it. Their sexuality has been corrupted where they will repeat how disgusting western women are while lauding how submissive and traditional Asian women are (This isn't true, Asian women act submissive until they have their claws in then become mega bitches). Often white movements will promote these ideas, which are especially dangerous to young men who should be securing a wife and having children but turn to anime and video games instead. It's understandable that many damaged women exist and should be avoided but the MGTOW like mentality of weeaboos is dangerous to our people and to the happiness of men who get swallowed up by it. Their porn addictions (often to Asian women) and lack of self improvement leave them bottom of the barrel males because anime, video games and porn rule their lives. All of these things have their roots in Asia (Asian porn stars obviously) and have already proven to be disastrous for them too (Hikikomori). Excuse the rambling nature of this post but I want to discuss how we combat the Asian menace to our people. Not only are they corrupting our youth, they corrupt our identity movements too. I am tired of seeing asian style cartoon characters representing out best and brightest because our dumbest and most subverted think anime is acceptable in white spaces. It never is and should be scorned as hard as posting Jewish pornography is. Either we are Europeans with our own culture or we're global mutts that take bits from Asia, India, Africa and Europe to make one big homosexual pile of shit like all the mud people do. We cannot have it both ways and the later option is undeniably Jewish.

R: 36 / I: 14 / P: 3

Prophecy of the future

I just realized something which has not to my knowledge been talked about in our circles. We are probably quickly approaching a period in American history where the elites are forced to turn on each other to survive. This will take the form of the inner-regime accusing various landed aristocrats such as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos (members of the outer/non-jewish elite) of being racists in order to confiscate their assets and fund the empire for another day. One of the principle causes of imperial decline is a loss of the productive capacity of its core population. Either through natural forces (such as aridification) or short sighted decisions from the elites (such as intentionally replacing productive White people with unproductive nigger-scabs). Since the costs of maintaining a police state exponentially increase*, the state is forced to seek alternative sources of income as the core population becomes too impoverished to support it. In Rome, this took the form of accusing various wealthy elites of engaging in un-Christian activities and then confiscating their wealth because unchecked land consolidation rendered most Romans too poor to contribute economically or militarily. The USSR went through a policy of targeting everyone with any accumulated wealth for confiscation for the heresy of being a capitalist and was able only to coast into state failure upon the proceeds. What I predict is going to happen is first the normalization of witch-trials for "racists" culminating in the confiscation of their homes and assets. Once this had become an accepted norm (if Whites stupidly refuse to revolt), then the regime will be able to begin targeting its own outer-members. If Whites prove too craven to fight back, this will be the last gasp of the regime. Its demise is inevitable. The elites will turn on each other and the intelligent ones will either fund some sort of civil war against the inner party or they will attempt to secede and insulate themselves from the consequences of their own actions in perpetuating jewish racism. If this happens, we must not fall victim to a typical right wing weakness of assuming that the elites who have exploited and humiliated us for decades are suddenly based!!! because they suddenly have had a change of heart. These cynical, evil bastards will only be using us to save their own measly skin. They are not leaders. They are parasites who willingly and eagerly supported jewish liberalism, knowing what they were doing but not caring about the terrible harm they caused. The split second that we can fund ourselves without them, we must purge these filthy traitors before they cut a deal with the regime and sell us out. Their crimes are obvious; Collaboration with the regime when it was safe to do so. That is a capital offense. Similarly, no critical information must be shared with these future rogue elites because they will see it only as a bargaining chip to get back in favour with the jews. * see Joseph Tainter's "Collapse of Complex Societies"

R: 98 / I: 31 / P: 3

Housing is becoming too expensive

I want to own a home so badly. Just a simple 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home on 2 acres, but everywhere I look online the prices keep on going up. I don't have $200k in the bank & spending all the saved money I had would leave me without a safety net. Fuck boomers & fuck jews for making homes unaffordable

R: 50 / I: 18 / P: 3

Fun and Games at the Polish border

Happening at the Polish border. Belarus imports muslim migrant from the Middle East and sends them towards the EU, because Lukaschenko is salty about EU attempts to depose of him. EU, leftist and cuckservative European governments want to deepthroat the migrants to "show it" Lukaschenko, but they fear to lose face and support from the public if another 2015 happens. Lucky or unlucky for them, the biggest border the EU has with Belarus is with Poland, where at the moment the most fun happens. Poland is currently ruled by a conservative pro-catholic, anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-migrant government that has also beef with the EU, because the EU wants to dictate how the Polish live in their own country and is offended that the polish people don't want faggots, abortions or migrants and are happy with their Christian identity. So Poland keeps it's border shut(including keeping European "helpers" away), Lukaschenko forces more rapefugees at the border and they try to break through it, meanwhile the EU and European cuck governments try to stab Poland in the back and make it look like they are the good guys.

R: 138 / I: 57 / P: 4

BitShit Cucks

Post your favorite channel and where they move to

R: 34 / I: 11 / P: 4

"Were Fucked." signed: A Liberal

Legit if anyone is blackpilled/wants a white pill you really fucking should give this article a read. Probably the only enjoyable thing i have ever read from Salon: > "There's been considerable chatter over the past few years about the crisis of democracy — sometimes more clinically described as a "democratic recession" or "democratic deficit." And for good reason: When Donald Trump stripped the flesh off the American body politic, he revealed a disease that has become endemic throughout the so-called Western world." "Faith in the power and goodness of democratic self-governance, previously as unchallenged and ubiquitous as belief in God during the Middle Ages, has decayed into the empty, hopeful rituals of the Anglican Church. " "Trump and Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán and Jair Bolsonaro and Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Rodrigo Duterte and all the other pseudo-democratic usurpers around the world didn't arise out of nothing. To suggest that they all simultaneously tapped into a current of know-nothing darkness and bigotry and moral weakness that has been there under the surface of society all along, like undiscovered crude oil, is not a remotely adequate historical or political explanation. " "To see so many marginal democracies tumble into the abyss — and a great many well-established ones tiptoe right to the edge — suggests that something else is going on, a deeper pattern we aren't ready or willing to look at. " >>>"That deeper pattern isn't just a crisis of democracy in the narrow sense, meaning a system or mechanism for selecting hypothetically representative leaders, because that itself is a symptom or symbol. It's about the failure of liberalism" "If liberalism remains the only paradigm available to resist the rise of Trump-style autocracy, as generally seems to be the case, then we're in deep trouble, and the dread so many of us feel about the inexorable erosion of democracy is fully justified. Does anyone today — literally anyone — possess the kind of universalist, upward-trending faith in liberal progress that drove the mythology of John F. Kennedy's brief presidency or the moral clarity of the civil rights movement? " "Only someone with a time machine could tell us whether it will be possible to redeem or renew the better aspects of the liberal tradition as a vibrant force against the rising tide of jingoism, tribalism and autocracy. What we can say right now is that every few years someone emerges on the world stage who is embraced by the media and political caste as the savior of liberalism — or, worse yet, as the "transformational figure" who will overcome political paralysis and division — and it never ends well. " "Obama came to office hoping to put an end to the era of red-blue political division and change the terms of American public discourse. Even his extensive post-presidential fanbase doesn't talk about that too much now, because it makes his entire project sound hilarious and doomed, like King Canute trying to hold back the tide. His utter and complete failure to do those things — like all other failures of all other liberal politicians — usually gets blamed on Republican intransigence, entrenched public prejudice or his own lack of Beltway backroom negotiating prowess." "Barack Obama was the most charismatic and eloquent political leader most of us will ever see. He won a landslide election (over a widely respected conservative war hero) as the last great defender of liberalism. His presidency failed because he was the last great defender of liberalism — maybe, in retrospect, something like the Mikhail Gorbachev of liberalism —not because Mitch McConnell was mean to him or because Revolutionary War cosplayers terrorized members of Obama's party into pretending they didn't even know him. Or rather, all those things amount to the same thing: Obama believed he could make us believe in the promise of liberalism again, but he couldn't because we don't, and because none of these golden-boy savior-hero types can ever do that. He tried and we tried, and it was a nicer exercise in nostalgia than the one that came afterward. So at least there's that." ... Holly fuckin shit bros. I can only get so errect..

R: 670 / I: 273 / P: 4

Druid/pol/ the B.O.N.D. bunker

Greetings one and all the last druid/pol/ thread has gone far beyond its bump limit and sinks towards its natural end. The cycle continues with our June 20th rite due this Saturday. All anons are welcome to discuss British news and politics in this thread alongside our usual esoteric discussions. Hope you're all well lads.

R: 106 / I: 48 / P: 4

Fourth Generation Warfare

>Originally started a thread for this topic in /library/ but I have determined it was the wrong place because I will be updating this thread with more than books. Please forgive me in advance for my poor and confusing wording as I attach information about this topic as I have spent most of my time for the last few years reading, absorbing and sifting through information and am out of practice in digesting and regurgitating it into a form more easily consumed by others (ie. I haven't talked or written a lot in this fashion for quite some time and need to get back into practice). I've heard this topic mentioned a couple times recently through my search for the truth and while the term "Fourth Generation Warfare" was interesting on its own, I became much more interested when I learned more about it in context with our movement. We are moving into an era of Whites being totally repressed, harassed and targeted in their homelands. Whites are now second class citizens in western nations. These are things we know, but this process is accelerating and worsening, making it apparent even to the densest normies. I have noticed the advertising on many websites no longer prioritizes niggers, but in fact doesn't feature Whites at all. I've seen several websites that reserve the "lesser ad placements" for asians and assorted native mutts. All summer in the United States we witnessed random attacks on innocent Whites, and these have continued into the winter. Furthermore, we are experiencing a weakening of the nation-state and the growth of global technocratic totalitarianism. This is occurring throughout the world, not just western nations. The global populace has lost faith in their government. Now, if we are not moving into a one world government and potentially the Christian end times tribulation, we are moving into an interesting period where power is seized by a wide range of different groups. Some may take the form of mega corporations, some may be religious factions, some may be ethnic factions. We are going to see a global fragmenting. This opens the path for me towards white consolidation and white insurgencies. I'm still unsure how to put my visions down into writing, but I intend to share some books, links, videos, and images in this thread to further contextualize what I think is happening and what we can to do move forward as a people.

R: 363 / I: 173 / P: 4

Chinese Subhuman Hate Thread I fucking hate Chinese. Their subversive policies have infiltrated all industries and businesses in all countries. They are morally bankrupt rats who have implemented their amoral and disgusting policies in all countries. They need to be physically removed. Their global strategy is forced consumerism of their poisoned products. Just don't buy stuff made in China people say, this is a ridiculous expectation for people to have. These products are forcefully transported to your Country, and your people are statistically forced to consume Chinese products. The only solution to this problem is the killing of Chinese in positions of power. These filthy rats do not fight with any form of honor, they have an inbuilt gene which makes it instinctive for them to attack you from behind. For them to use deception when fighting. It is instructed in Sun Tzu - The Art Of War, to fight with deception of the highest degree. These are their methods of war, and they have been using these against us for decades now.

R: 99 / I: 309 / P: 4


The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations. May we bring the wisdom we revere, may it grow, may it glow, and may we bask in the collective glory.

R: 124 / I: 50 / P: 4

Old Fag White Pills

>Tfw in your life time you lived to se normie republicans openly knowing about and criticizing (((Critical Theory))) >Tfw in your life time you lived to se the MAJORITY of Americans accept the existence of a pedophlie eliete >Tfw in your life time you lived to se the Great Replacement talked against on the most watched cable news show in America >Tfw in your life time you lived to se 70% of republicans realize elections are bullshit MILLIONS embrace direct action as a result. >Tfw in your life time you lived to se fucking normie soccer moms calling out anti-white indoctrination in schools >Tfw in your life time you lived to se the fucking DEMOCRATS put migrant children in detention centers and tell others "not to come" to the US >Tfw in your life time criticism of israel war crimes and Aipac influence made it into mainstream youth culture I know we have a long way to bros but... I honestly never thought we'd get this far. I love you bros. I think we might just fucking do it.

R: 127 / I: 40 / P: 4

Wotanism - SIG

#Lesson 1 The #Wotanism is one of the most practical spiritual systems on the planet. Sometimes referred to as the "Aryan Yoga" it provides many teachings and techniques for personal empowerment, enhanced connection with Spirit, and indeed the fuller embodiment of your full potential into this world. #Wotanism is the fastest path for Aryans to achieve enlightenment because it does not require withdrawal from society, but rather encourages full participation in life and provides tools for working within our modern environment. #Wotan says that we CAN be spiritual and in the world at the same time, in fact, our daily lives are the best training ground for personal growth, mastering the process of creation, and achieving enlightenment. Wotanism will : Appease your rational mind while awakening intuition and creativity. Quiet and reorganize your mind by eliminating mental clutter, helping you accomplish more and perceive more efficiently. Clear out the sub-conscious backlog that keeps you repeating unwanted patterns of the past. Lead you to greater whole-brain processing. Expand your consciousness and awareness. Reestablish & strengthen your contact with Ases. Awaken your gifts that you received from Wotan at birth. Give you tools of empowerment that can be used to make a positive change in this world. Help you become a more masterful creator in your life. Empower you to manifest more of your full potential. And much more. Heil Wotan #Lesson 2 #Yggdrasil - part I The #Wotanism is a practical spiritual system that can explain the origin of our universe as well as the most intimate part of each of us. As referred to in the last article, it is literally our instruction manual for life, which teaches us how to become a co-creator and awaken our inner power to change the world we live in. The Wotanism predates all religion and theology. According to ancient Wises of the North tradition, Wotan gave these teachings to the Aryans after his hanging under Yggdrasil , to ensure their return to the Garden of Odin. At the heart of the Wotanism teachings is the diagram referred to as #Yggdrasil. This glyph is actually a map, and those who how to interpret and apply it’s symbology have the keys to true ascension. As the sacred Tree is activated within your life, it literally awakens your consciousness to full Divinity. The symbology of this map is almost infinite. One of the remarkable things about this map is that is leads to the buried treasures within us, which when found, will enhance and fulfill our lives. Yggdrasil, and the runes, are dual in nature. They tell the story of how the universe was formed and how we arrived here, how the forces of creation manifest within us, as well as instructions for the return trip home : Thule. Yggdrasil is literally our treasure map because it provides the best way for Aryans to discover who we are and to assist us in progressing, evolving spiritually and fight back our ennemys.

R: 67 / I: 16 / P: 4

Women and morals (this is political)

be me, dropped out of society because the narrative of the collective is utterly fake and it has become unbearable, recently started a relationship with a woman, found out she is fully progressive not by choice because she doesn't understand politics so she was just conditioned that way probably by the MSM and the school system. I have a constant feeling that I cannot trust her because: thought about being an escort, got analed at a party once and blacked out so no recollection of what happened after, doesn't want kids and thinks marriage is oppressive for the women, etc. Yes I know, I thought I would dump her instantly too. Anyways I started a process of ideological subversion so she would come back to some form of dignity and it seems it's working, took 5g of shrooms with her as a start to get rid of her corrupt ego which led to her starting using my vocabulary, my speech patterns and the little mannerism of my speech so that's big progress but I find that strange. How is it possible that women, or the being you trust to take care of your children isn't even worthy of trust when it comes to basic shit like having a mental boundary with a random man you go out with, we haven't even fucked yet and she is already absorbing aspects of my identity is that even respectable I don't know, don't have enough experience in romantic relationships that go outside of just sex. Tl;dr: Got out into the world, started dating a woman that I cannot trust because of the norms she internalized, societal norms btw, Do any of you know why this is happening to our women? For men it isn't that hard to think why some are weak: lack of idealized father figure makes them irresponsable but what the fuck is wrong with our women anons??

R: 95 / I: 32 / P: 4

Hyperinflation of the USD

Any economicsags able to weigh in on the hyperinflation question?

R: 56 / I: 19 / P: 5

Dailystormer, Renegade Tribune and The Occident Observer

What are your thought on these three websites? There are similar in many ways and yet they are also different too. When concerning the Russian-Ukrainian war, The Daily Stormer is pro Russia, the Renegade Tribune is anti Russia and somewhat pro Ukraine but they do acknowledge that Jews run Ukraine and Russia, and I'm not sure what's the Occidental Observer view is. So I guess this thread is about discussing these websites and other similar to these.

R: 167 / I: 33 / P: 5

Total Extermination - the Final Solution

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: this is a hypothetical argument. The individual murder of even 50 subhumans is not the equivalent of the total extermination of all the billions on earth. As genocide is not actionable for a single individual, I cannot be said to be encouraging illegal activity. The only entity that could accomplish such a task as I am advocating would be a state apparatus, and since it is the state apparatus that defines what is legal or illegal based on its interests, this would be a legal action. The Extermination of Racial Aliens If someone has a goal and is able to achieve it, they ought to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to accomplish it. If they don’t because they are emotionally unwilling, then they don’t deserve to accomplish that goal, and rather deserve whatever the consequences are for not accomplishing it. For example, if someone wanted to pick an apple from a tree and had a ladder there to use, they ought to climb the ladder and pick the apple. However, if they are unwilling to climb because they are lazy or afraid, they don’t deserve to get that apple. In actuality, they deserve to go without it. The course of evolution has ingrained a goal into the biological nature of the males of our species, that is; to protect their kin and the future of their progeny. So, they ought to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to accomplish this goal. If someone were unwilling to do whatever is necessary to the best of their ability to protect their kin and the future of their progeny, then they have rejected the masculine function and been fundamentally emasculated. They would also be, by necessity, a traitor to their kin. They would even deserve the resulting destruction of their kin and the future of their progeny. The cause for traitorous self-emasculation in this day and age is usually cowardice, moral weakness, or masochistic ideological brainwashing. Our kinship is with the Aryan race, because race is simultaneously our lineage and identity; genetic, phenotypic, and spiritual. The future of the Aryan race is the future of our progeny. In order to protect the Aryan race, we must completely eliminate all threats to it. The most dangerous threats are alien out-groups. Different humanoid groups invariably come into contact with each other and compete for limited resources in the pursuit of their own interests. If alien racial groups exist, they will inevitably come into contact with the Aryan race and compete with it. This would, and has resulted in the murder and rape of Aryan people. In order to completely eliminate this threat, it is necessary to totally exterminate all racial aliens that exist. If one does not have this as a goal, then one has rejected the masculine function, likely out of moral weakness. They would be an emasculated traitor. A total, physical destruction is necessary. While mental, social, economic, and political measures can influence humanoid behavior, they cannot guarantee it. Despite stringent measures to secure the interests of the Aryan race against the alien races, a time would inevitably come when Aryan men, women, and children were brutalized and killed by them. Allowing this inevitability to remain in fact is to directly allow their brutalization and murder. It is to fail to protect the Aryan race by any means necessary to the best of one’s ability, and is therefore treasonous emasculation. To strive towards the total annihilation of all alien races is the only position on the Alien Question that isn’t blatantly treasonous. The facts of life and human behavior force us to choose between the existence of alien races and the lives of precious Aryan people. To protect our Aryan women and children, we must and will totally exterminate all alien life on this planet.

R: 77 / I: 21 / P: 5

Chinese Economic Warfare

Thought I would post this topic as it seems very overlooked by many on the right. There is a huge issue in the West (and even globally) going on with counterfeit goods produced by the immoral yellow jews in the East (PRC chinks). In fact, it's so bad now that trying to buy ANY product from a brand known for producing high quality consumer goods (whether it be phones, electronics, memory cards, auto parts, video games, even some food) results in having to to do time consuming research online and vetting to avoid getting ripped off with a fake. It's gotten to the point where the counterfeits are so close to the real thing that most normal, even moderately informed people, are tricked by the deception, and when the fake goes bad or performs badly (which they usually do) it reflects badly on the actual brand instead of the fakers themselves. This is the first most damaging aspect of this type of economic warfare, but the second and perhaps most insidious effect of this chink counterfeiting operation is the damage it does to not only individuals, but to the overall economics of a nation. The tactic itself is very subversive and communist in origin. Every time a counterfeit product is sold knowingly/unknowingly it siphons money away from the local economy and transfers that money to the Chinese economy. It doesn't sound like much on an individual scale, but just think of the millions of individuals, businesses having their money ripped off from the fakes en-masse by being duped into purchasing fakes and we are talking about BILLIONS of dollars being transferred in wealth to China, outside of the already captive manufacturing market they have. At the same time as the wealth transfer, people now are stuck with inferior products that may or may not cause catastrophic damage to existing, high quality equipment (especially cars) and the damage is far worse than simple money being stolen. It's a soft form of terrorism; they are diluting the markets of high quality goods with cheap, garbage imitation products, stealing money from people and businesses, driving up inflation, creating paranoia and doubt among the buying public, and taking away purchasing power from the individual as a result. The worst aspect of this is that companies like Amazon, or even Ebay do nothing to stop it, infact Amazon almost operates as a division of Alibaba with a different logo. Always pushing the garbage chink shit held up with fake positive reviews. They also censor constructive negative reviews to keep the truth under wraps. I'm convinced that Amazon is one of the biggest parts of the jewish operation to transfer the last remaining Western wealth to the Chinese. Not to mention the complete and total waste of environmental resources used to produce deliberately inferior goods intended to deceive and make a buck at any cost and they fit the yellow jew, the sick man in Asia, label perfectly.

R: 52 / I: 15 / P: 5

Infiltrating Antifa

If you are a proponent of National Socialism (as many here are I imagine) then you should be involved with antifa groups. Discord, jewtube presenters etc. NatSoc is essentially left wing (ie anti-establishment) the only reason we really hate antifa is because they are anti-white racists and anti-nationalist. These are kind of small issues in the big scheme of things and were only introduced as divide and conquer by the kikes/COINTELPRO. We all want to tear down the current neoliberal order and we should be trying to find common ground with them to stop infighting and maybe we can accomplish something. If nothing else we can stab the cocksuckers in the back after we defeat our common enemy; Jewry.Post ideas/ discord servers anons can infiltrate or w/e you want on this topic.

R: 33 / I: 13 / P: 5

Egypt Kept No Slaves

Why don't White Nationalist/sympathizers bring this up more often? The Jews have been milking this hoax for 2000 years. We know how all the Egyptian Pharaoh's who allegedly stormed into the parted Red Sea died. None of them died by drowning or blunt force trauma, as one would expect had they died when the Red Sea supposedly collapsed around them. Egyptians never recorded a slave rebellion of such size. They kept excellent records. There would be some mention of such a thing occurring. Why would Charlemagne do picrel? Likely, (just a guess) the kikes were spewing the same guilty lies back then as they are today about the hollow hoax. The big advantage is that, I believe, normies will be more receptive to it, than hollow hoax deboonking. Once they see that the kikes were lying about how they wuz slabes en sheeits they will be more receptive to the idea the holocaust was another kike lie. I think the main reason it hasn't been brought up much, is Christianity. Christians want to enshrine their holy book as unquestionable fact. When it's just as absurd to think Moses raised his septer and the Red Sea parted, as to think that some Jewess pooped diamonds.

R: 30 / I: 9 / P: 5

Binary thinking is strangling solutions

I was listening to a podcast where several people were discussing possible solutions to White-genocide including accelerating collapse and trying to build parallel institutions. Unfortunately, there is a kind of bizarre autism that pops up everywhere including here that needs to be deconstructed. Many people post as though they believe that you must either be 100% an accelerationist who opposes all political interaction and opposes all attempts to build up White organizations OR you must be 100% in favour of building parallel institutions and wholly oppose attempting to destabilize ZOG in any way. This makes no sense. The entire point of accelerating a collapse is to allow us to create an alternative to the regime. And in order to build a parallel institution that will not get immediately shut down, one must destabilize the regime. These are not mutually exclusive goals, they are complementary goals. This weird binary thinking affects everyone in our movement and in all movements. Shitlibs are infamous for binary thinking and it is a kind of subhuman brain malfunction. If you find yourself incapable of contemplating two different solutions to a problem, then you really ought to calm down and meditate on it because this is constricting your thought abilities and turning you into an NPC. If you cannot contemplate a complex topic, then you will become predictable. If you are predictable, then the regime can use you to achieve their own ends. Binary thinking rears its head all over the place. >You don't worship Trump? YOU MUST BE A DEMOCRAT!!! >You support Hezbollah? YOU MUST WANT 10 BILLION MUSLIMS IN EUROPE!!! >You don't think China is run by jews? YOU MUST WANT TO BE CONTROLLED BY CHINA!!! >You don't like corporations enforcing vaccine IDs? YOU MUST BE A COMMUNIST!!! It's idiotic. If you are a binary thinker, stop and think. You're being used.

R: 53 / I: 40 / P: 5

I did find this site a little early in my quest for truth, but I am here and refuse to leave now. 1/4th chan's /pol/ banned me for posting a thread about dysgenics. I'm just getting really sick of things. I can't say anything IRL without being fucked. My family is pretty redpilled (thank god), but I don't think they're fully there yet, or ever will be. I firmly believe that humans were never meant to live this way. Globalization is a tragedy. The blending of ethnicities and cultures depletes society of any sense of unity and solidarity. Every mammal has grown in groups of its own kind (appearance, behavior, CULTURE) since the start of the mammalian clade. Of course, this includes human history too. Even in the ancient times, there was no multiculturalism. There was cultural diffusion, but that is nothing like we see today. Cultural diffusion can not be compared to the multiculturalist Western world we see today. Cultural diffusion preserves all cultures involved, multiculturalism destroys cultures completely. I, like our friend Ted, blame industrialization. Globalization would not have happened if it was not for industrialization. It is ridiculous this world today. I recently made some pictures as propaganda, il'l post them, hope you enjoy them or save and spread them.

R: 68 / I: 22 / P: 5

Jewish Liberalism is similar to an MLM

MLMs are a kind of business scam that usually focuses on Christian women where the "product" being sold is the idea of selling the product. Put simply, an MLM scam involves an "upper" who makes a commission every time their "lowers" sell a product. So instead of trying to sell the product, the upper will try to get other people to join her "business." The lowers will buy the products from the company and attempt to sell them. This creates an incredible amount of wealth for the corporation which distributes these products not to customers, but to its many lowers will go into debt buying products to sell but being unable to sell the vast quantities of product. These poor saps generally go into debt buying products that they cannot sell. And the most insidious thing about an MLM is that MLMs exploit community networks of trust, in particular family networks and church networks. I do recommend studying MLMs if you are unfamiliar with their parasitic business structure, as it is truly astounding. However, the funny thing is that liberalism functions in a very similar manner to MLMs. A liberal will enter a high trust society such as an innocent, homogeneously White town. Now White people, when left to our own devices, tend to be rather conservative and trusting. We create a high trust society. But then a liberal comes to town. Alone, he is relatively harmless. But once he gets some fellow liberals into the mix, they immediately focus on forcing the political system of the town to be more liberal. Because the liberal views the conservative Whites as a hostile enemy, even though this hatred is not reciprocated by the natives. He has learned this hate from consuming endless jewish shit from hollywood and media that tells him that rural White types are dangerous, Deliverance type people who like lynching niggers and homos for fun. Sadly, the conservative, peasant-type townies generally are uninterested in politics and even those who are fail to treat the liberal interlopers as the dangerous enemies they are. So liberals will quickly gain disproportionate control over the local government. They then begin implementing policies which destroy the high trust society by niggers and by encouraging child molesting homosexuals to teach in schools. So long as the conservative types maintain their high trust nature and their disinterest in politics, the liberals can destroy everything completely unopposed. What is the solution? Well, it'd be great if all the conservatives would become National Socialists tomorrow. But barring this, it is important to make shitlibs extremely unwelcome in any community which they have not yet infected. The key to security is identifying an early infection and making their lives inconvenient enough to compel them to self isolate or even leave. Remember, they are actually more afraid of rural people than they are of them. This is the problem because nothing is more dangerous than an early liberal. A jew is even worse than a liberal since a jew is consciously ethnocentric and always seeking to advance his fellow jews in politics, while liberals act out of fear and trained instinct. However, jews rarely leave their urban dens because cities are and always have been the centers of political power. I am not saying that all outsider Whites should be treated harshly. Certainly, it is a good thing if a fellow nationalist gets fed up with jewish tyranny and leaves a ruined area for Whiter pastures. However, any newcomers should be considered with suspicion until they prove themselves acceptable to the local community. And anyone who flies a BLM flag or a faggot flag is declaring themselves a hostile enemy hellbent on destroying the high trust society that existed before him.

R: 154 / I: 51 / P: 5

Internet censorship & alternative sites

In the last few years we have lost free speech on all the main platforms (youtube, twitter ect). 8chan died, the .win network is down right now and possibly a honey pot, 4chan is spammed by shills. What other freespeech platforms exist if they come for this place?

R: 795 / I: 451 / P: 5

Corona Virus General

/CVG/ No Gooks Edition Coronahoax Lockdowns & Vax Discussion, News, and Memes >As of February 2021, eleven vaccines are authorized by at least one national regulatory authority for public use: two RNA vaccines (the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine), four conventional inactivated vaccines (BBIBP-CorV, Covaxin, CoronaVac, and CoviVac), four viral vector vaccines (Sputnik V, the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine, Convidicea, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), and one peptide vaccine (EpiVacCorona). Coof Tracker >COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Need CDC Vax Card for work? See >>45767 (pic) for printing instruction (80lb Carstock (no gloss) double sided) See >>51482 (pdf's) for template and "vaccine lot numbers" for your state (or neighboring state) Previous Thread(s) >>20758 >>25345 >>36899 >>37186

R: 336 / I: 245 / P: 6

/pol/ News General

R: 187 / I: 79 / P: 6

GATE - Politics of the Cold War discussion thread

It's quite apparent that the political implications of the GATE program are enormous. Government run schools doing government sanctioned testing and sorting for a cold-war era program is obviously political. But the really powerful implication of GATE threads being shilled against and discouraged, their participants banned, is the fact that governments seek to control the minds of their citizens. Guvernare “to control” Mentis “mind” The word Government actually means mind control. It is etymologically originated from the ancient Latin language. It Splits into two words:1) (guvernare) meaning “to control” and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning “mind”. SO GOVERNMENT MEANS “TO CONTROL THE MIND” Whether or not people participate in GATE threads to feel special is irrelevant. The real discussion is what was the government's purpose for singling out intelligently gifted individuals? And more importantly - - Why is the judeomasonic government absolutely terrified of intelligently gifted people rallying together to form their own mutually benevolent personal development organizations to rival judeomasonry?

R: 98 / I: 20 / P: 6

Laptop from hell

What would be the political implications be if the Story of Hunter's Laptop turns out to be true. Will there be a impeachment or a resignation of Biden or not. Do Americans even care about it or they only care about the covid bullshit.

R: 131 / I: 92 / P: 6

Are Jews in Israel destroying pagan finds?

First, lets see one of the many high level precious metal ornaments found of the "nomadic" Scythian culture. Note it has stuff that clearly indicates a certain "religion" and culture that existed in the region. Its not like maybe something of another distant culture that was traded and traveled to the area. Normally, advanced and detailed ornamental metal work is not what you think of with "nomads" but whateves. Now lets "read between the lines" for the latest find in Israel that they claim proves their Bible stories of ancient Israel. The fort is said to be Hellenistic which makes sense because Alex the Great had conquered the region, and some of the wood shows signs of a fire. But that is where facts stop. Researchers from the IAA stated: “Based on the finds and coins, the building’s destruction can be attributed to the Idumea led by the Hasmonean leader John Hyrcanus around 112 BC”. Really??? Why no pics of these coins etc? This all matches pattern of these reports from Israel today. They dig something up then conclude its proof of ancient Israel but nothing is found that might indicate actual Jewish connections. My question is: Are these Jews in fact finding lots artifacts with clearly other actual cultures distinctive markings and DESTROYING THEM and never mentioning them??? Because EVERY dig in Israel has lots of generally indications of human habitation over wide time span and EVERY other nation on earth from Norway to Honduras will do digs and find lots of shit with very distinctive cultural markings and designs, but for some reason, time after time, ALL the digs in Israel are, shall we say "unadorned" and just simple generic ruins. Foundation stones without dates or inscriptions etc. Jews will make up stuff like "decorations were prohibited for Jews" to explain why simple pottery is claimed to be Jewish, while fact is its an exact match for an actual culture's pottery, just without decoration. Thing about clay pots...due to the "plastic" nature of clay you will not find any two cultures making same type of pot either in diff locations or even same culture at diff times, and even if outwardly looking the same as copies the internal and construction (and of course type of earth used) will be dead give aways. I'm sure Rick of Pawn Stars would know a guy who would know. When was the last time the Israelis found an artifact with ANY culture's distinctive indicator markings prior to Roman era (and I haven't even heard of any of those after 1950)? Because situated between several great empires known to produce vast amounts of distinctive artifacts the Jews should be constantly stumbling across random shit. Clay pot of orange jam falls off a camel and breaks on its way from Egypt to Syria in 600BC, etc. My theory is nothing Jewish ever existed prior to a few decades before them being found by the Romans, and at that time they had no real culture, just a mostly criminal band of outsiders taking on whatever aspects the real local cultures were at that time. Although the story of Hykos bringing degenerate culture to Egypt about 1500BC as a group of "administrators" that seem to come out of nowhere is a good match for both Jews and certain aspects of Exodus. Maybe the Israelis are finding lots of legit Jewish stuff but its all so counter to their current myths, while CONFIRMING lots of current anti-Semitic stereo-types it must be hidden or destroyed.

R: 25 / I: 5 / P: 6

US gov 4th PSYOP and S2 underground YT channel

Recently 4th psyop group released an ad "Ghost in the machine" which can be construed as a recruitment video: I also have been following S2 underground channel found here . S2 provides info updates on the usa situation, preparedness, and some advice on how to survive modern warfare. Only today I released that they both share same imagery and almost identical slogans. 1) they have almost identical image of a ghost displayed in their ad (4th psyop) and as their channel logo (S2 underground) 2) "you will find us in the shadows" (4th psyop) and "fight in the shadows" (S2 slogan) 3) both seem to be dealing with information delivery Any thoughts?

R: 136 / I: 76 / P: 6

No Rhodesia thread? Let's fix that. :)

I hope at least one fun thread is ok here. I'll start off. Here is the flag of the Republic of Rhodesia and two pic of the SAS and Selous Scouts respectively in order. Because there is so much room and 16chan is gearing up to be better than 8chan, let's look into these groups with a little detail. ____ SAS: The SAS were the Rhodesians answer to the RLI's commando operations. Whereas the RLI was the go-to force for military operations within the bush in the country's frontier, it was also helpful just past the country's borders. The SAS on the other hand, was to be deployed several kilometres past Rhodesia's border deep into enemy territory. Countries such as Zambia, Mozambique and in some isolated cases, Botswana. It should be noted that Botswana claimed that insurgents, mainly if not entirely, from ZIPRA were only able to operate in the country due to incompetence on the government's fault, however, a platoon of British SAS (at the request of Joshua Nkomo) were caught operating radio relays and other radio nodes within the country (It was also rumoured at the time that Angola was planning, along with Zambia and Mozambique, a full-scale invasion of Rhodesia, but this never came to fruition as Ian Smith threw in the towel). Nonetheless, The SAS' primary function was not the traditional guerilla-style of shoot and scoot, rather, targets were selected carefully and overwhelming firepower was employed as well as strategic economic targets such as the oil refinery in Beira. The SAS was also tasked with using their specially-made vehicles, such as "Hotlips" and the "Crocodile" heavily armed APCs, to inflict massive damage on armoured enemy convoys which acted as a stop gap. The SAS troopie was armed and equipped with the typical FAL, but unlike the RLI's 4-man stick with 3 FALs to 1 Mag, the SAS stick was typically armed with 2 FAL and 2 RPDs, but sometimes the stick bold enough to equip 1 FAL and 3 RPD gunners. Oftentimes, the SAS found themselves short on FAL ammo, so a stick, or several, would operate with 2 AKMs and 2 RPDs. A further variation existed with sticks incorporating RPG rocketers should a column of heavy vehicles require it as well as their use of landmines for such harassment operations. ____ Selous Scouts: A secretive group formed in 1973 originally from hyperactive and ambitious members of the BSAP's Special Branch, The Selous Scouts also recruited from the RLI and SAS much to both of the latter's chagrin; though being recruited from either branch to the Scouts was not a guarantee that one had what it took to become a Scout. Nonetheless, the Selous Scouts' primary objective was smaller scale, and primarily focused on military intelligence gathering notably from ZANLA insurgents (ZIPRA was more conventional and was a tougher nut to crack due to being better trained than ZANLA). Nonetheless, the Selous Scouts' excellent gathering of intel was the reason that the fireforce operations were so successful, also in part due to the mentality of the Scouts acting and thinking like the insurgents themselves. Besides this passive information gathering, the Scouts also proved their worth in kidnapping individual insurgent leaders, as well as sniffing them out when they were in-country. Despite all of this, the Scouts also proved themselves to be excellent tactical operators such as in the case of Operation Eland, aka the Nyadzonya raid, whereby 84 Scouts occupying 4 armoured cars and 7 trucks, killed over 1,000 insurgents and are estimated to have injured more than double that amount. ___ Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to share anything related.

R: 16 / I: 12 / P: 6

What's happening today has happened many times before

White genocide is not something new. The jews have done this to many different White civilizations over thousands of years. Ancient Egypt is a very good example. Ancient Egypt was a White civilization. The jews have fooled people to think that they were slaves in Egypt. No, they were the slave drivers, just as they always are. They brought the dark races into Ancient Egypt. The Jews developed their tribal cohesiveness while parasitically sponging off the healthy Egyptian civilization while the latter was at its prime. They learned many, if not practically all, of their religious ideas from Egyptians. The idea of soul, spirits, gods, monotheism, etc., all came from the Egyptians. When this parasitical tribe of Judah finally became so obnoxious and detrimental that the Egyptians could no longer tolerate them, they were finally driven out around the 12th century B.C. The Jews soon rose to high positions in the land of the Pharaohs and simultaneously the Empire began to disintegrate as this race of vampires began to show their true colors. They soon indulged in their favorite historical commerce — the trading of slaves derived from the black Nubians to the south. With slave-trading, mongrelization of the fine Egyptian gene pool was soon underway. Gangs of bandits sprang up and began to harass and plunder the ancient trade routes. They became bolder in the outposts of the Empire. With their well developed system of communication (as always) the Jews knew exactly when to strike and which towns were most poorly guarded. As time went on the population became darker, more mongrelized, and more alien. Its leadership became more disoriented and sluggish, and the nation began to disintegrate. An ancient papyrus in Leiden, Germany, translated by Alan H. Gardner, states: >Egypt was in distress; the social system became disorganized; violence filled the land. Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their possessions. It is no mere local disturbance that is here described, but a great and overwhelming national disaster. The Pharaoh was strangely inactive." Does this sound similar to what is happening in America today? It does. But let us proceed to a stage America has not yet come to, but soon must, if the White Race is to survive. By 2100 B.C. a demoralized and divided Egypt was easy prey to the Hyksos invaders. As the Jews were to do later for the Moslem invaders of Spain, the Jews paved the way for the Hyksos. After 511 years, the Egyptians had had enough and finally got their act together. They ran out the Hyksos and the Jews along with them. Contrary to the Jews' claim that the Pharaoh wouldn't let them out, the Egyptians couldn't get rid of them fast enough and ran them the hell out of their domain. Just as the Jews have inverted and perverted the story of the fictitious "holocaust" so even then did they concoct their treacherous history and claim they were held in bondage and we have been stuck with that story ever since. There is nothing new under the sun. It's the same story over and over again. I want to also note that I posted this on Frenschan /pol/, and they moved it to their /tardpol/ section. Same thing as 4chan jannies when any thread gets too real, they move it to /bant/ or /b/. Frenschan glows.

R: 38 / I: 42 / P: 6

New theory on Ukraine They want to purge all non-jews from the country and create Israel 2.0 Since both Putin and Zelensky are under jewish oligarch control I think they're working together to create a 2nd Israel. Kolomoisky and other oligarchs stole Ukraines wealth by giving themselves loans from their own banks. Seems like more native civilians are dying more than nationalist troops. By arming civilians and placing artillery in residential areas it seems like the targeting is of civilians as a way to purge them. Remember that jews have been evacuated and will return once the killing is done.

R: 24 / I: 12 / P: 6

Article about Christchurch Attack mentions and anlalyzes 16chan <16chan is smaller, more obscure and more tolerant of extreme content than either 4chan or 8kun. In an analysis on 16chan’s /pol/ board, 78% of posts relating to the attacker were supportive, including many references to him as a Saint. 18% suggested the attack was a false flag, with only one post being opposed. However, it should be noted that 16chan’s moderators appear to be actively deleting opposing posts for being “demoralisation shills”, and it seems possible that the true levels of opposing sentiment on the board may be at least a little higher than they appear. <A thread about the Christchurch attacker which was started in September 2020 continues to be sporadically active. One user in the thread suggests that future ‘Saints’ should ‘visit’ gun control advocates. <16chan analysis revealed the extent of time and effort dedicated by some individuals into creating new content relating to the Christchurch attack. One Bitchute channel recently created a ‘documentary’ about the Christchurch attacker’s life and the attack, which they and others have shared on 16chan. On 12 March they posted on several imageboards including 16chan, 9chan, and endchan with a download link and a link to a promo video hosted on Bitchute. The video details the Christchurch attacker’s life and background and the lead-up to the attack. It shows footage from the shooting video, followed by a diatribe from the narrator set to dramatic music, which seems intended to inspire action. The video ends with a montage of young women and girls voicing support for the Christchurch attacker. <Other recent activity on 16chan includes the production of a scale replica of the Al Noor Mosque in the world building game Minecraft, which was posted on the site alongside a link to a promo video on Bitchute. ‘In Minecraft’ is often used as a phrase added to threats to – supposedly – make them more difficult for law enforcement to act on. But in this case the poster appeared to mean this literally. As of 15 March the Minecraft download had been removed from Planet Minecraft’s site (presumably deleted by moderators). However, the Bitchute promo video was still available, which shows a Minecraft player moving through the replica mosque, shooting characters which appear to be intended to represent Muslim worshippers. Kek. I like how we are the smaller but the more extreme website analysed. We got some good anons on this board, that's for sure. 16chan is something special. It's comfy.

R: 409 / I: 373 / P: 6

/nsg/ ϟϟ Natsoc General ϟϟ

ϟϟ Welcome to /nsg/+/sig/: Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ ϟϟ Thread for discussion of Traditionalism Anti-Communism Race Realism the Aryan Ideal National Pride Racial Identity Movements Improve yourself - Comrades, community, and folk! > 卐 - SMASH (((MARXISM))) > 卐 - PURGE DEGENERACY > 卐 - DISMANTLE ZOG ᛉ - ARE YOU NEW TO /NSG/? START HERE ht tps:// > What is National Socialism? National Socialism is the belief of man as part of the natural world; it is the idea that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of nature. An integral part of National Socialism is Racial Idealism, an idea based in the unbounding love of one's own people. This love is expressed by placing the interests of the racial community to which you belong ahead of your own individual desires, understanding that this selflessness will be paid back in full by your fellow man. National Socialism believes in putting the nation before yourself. Despite this, there is considerable difference between the socialism of Hitler and that of Marxist doctrine. Hitler's nationalism has the patriotic motive of placing the good of one’s country before personal ambition while retaining one's individuality and happiness, whereas Marxism squeezes the people dry in favor of a machine-like nation built only for profit. In short, National Socialism believes that all men are NOT created equal. Just as every individual has his strengths and weaknesses, so too does each race have qualities which are unique to that group. National Socialism believes in the improvement of your people through individual means; its goal is that each new generation of children will be better off than the one before it. ᛉ - GROUPS/PROJECTS OF INTEREST ht tps://

R: 42 / I: 16 / P: 7


There are many lessons which we can glean from the recent successes in Afghanistan. But the most Whitepilling and important one is this; Patience pays off. The Taliban fought for 20 years, literally a generation. And they fought against the most evil, powerful empire that has ever afflicted the earth. They endured such overwhelming firepower that we cannot even imagine... yet. They endured treason from their own people as the weak willed collaborated with the liberal-zionist puppet regime. And yet in the face of everything, they did not give up or lose hope. They fought back and endured loss and death and defeat after defeat. And eventually, the invaders grew tired and developed their own internal problems and left. It did not have to be this way either. The zionists offered them many chances to lay down their arms and surrender. Then they offered them many chances to give up and be paid or even "share" power with the puppet government. It would have been very easy for them to do so and the fight was so hard and long. (((Wouldn't it be easier on you if you just compromised?))) Yet they resisted the temptation to surrender and continued the pure and righteous path. And now they are seizing city after city as America retreats with its tail between its legs. They will take the country whole and without compromising with evil. Their struggle is not yet over and they will encounter many more tricks and obstacles set in their path by America. Yet, at least within the near future, they will have their country back and they can begin to cleanse some of the filth that has been forced upon them by the Americans. Things look pretty bleak for us now. Everywhere we look, the forces of jewish liberalism appear entrenched and solid. We are sadly too weak to overthrow the regime at this time. At this time. Yet time is not necessarily on their side. The forces of entropy are always pulling the jewish regime apart. What was unthinkable now may be a political reality in the future. Today, jews sneer and gloat over our prostrate race, monologuing how painful our inevitable demise will be. Yet so long as we continue to live, we can still win. That is the creed of the insurgent. And when that time comes, let us make sure not to gloat over our defeated enemy but to cleanse them from the face of the entire earth. Patience. Never give up. Never compromise with the jews.

R: 241 / I: 188 / P: 7

The coming civil war

So how many of you think we're going to have a civil war soon? What do you think is going to be the final straw that kicks things off?

R: 402 / I: 398 / P: 7

Kyle Rittenhouse

Still don't have full story, but the (((victims))) are shown attacking Kyle, and he is seen retreating before opening fire. MSM is already portraying him as some kind of neo natzee who was walking around shooting "peaceful protesters"

R: 30 / I: 8 / P: 7

Psychological Warfare Redpills

Hello. Enjoy these redpills about psychological warfare. Redpill 1- Ways shills want to induce schizophrenia in individuals: 1.1- By exposing them to sensory overload. Sensory overload appears to cause schizophrenia and that is why Mary Jane and LSD appear to cause characteristics that are resembling with the characteristics of schizophrenia. For that sake, shills may use videos, images, audio, and employ exaggerated features such as many colors, shades, scenes passing quickly on the content they use. Examples of that kind of content (READ ALERT): ALERT: Watch these videos at your own risk. In case you have schizophrenia or a tendency to develop such as condition, it may not be recommendable for you to watch these videos. I suppose a schizophrenic may literally have an epilepsy attack by watching these videos. 1.2- Loose associations: Shills want people to draw loose associations between seemingly unrelated topics. They may do that by sharing disconnected/remotely connected information (like in one single image) expecting people will attempt to draw an association between them that is closer than the way this information is actually related. For that to happen, shills may expect that people will either not perceive the disconnection between the information, or that they will perceive the disconnection but they may think that the apparent disconnection is given by the supposed degree of sophistication, complexity, and or obscurity of the information, so that people may not become suspicious about the information and be willing to draw "forceful" connections between them. Attempting to induce cognitive dissonance in someone is a part of that technique because cognitive dissonance happens when one holds contradictory information in the mind and making someone to relate disconnected information is a way of making someone to have cognitive dissonance because disconnected information has a high coefficient of dissonancy between each other. One thing shills may do is to flood someone with dissonant information so to compel people to draw a meaning out of them. For example, there is a tactic called the Alice in the Wonderland Tactic ( that consists of interrogators speaking nonsense to someone being interrogated. In a situation like that, the interrogated is basically left with the option of having a mental breakdown or making his mind to act as if the information being presented to her/him makes sense by drawing a meaning out of them, which could make the interrogated to have a breakdown, or by figuring out that the only source of reality that he/she should rely on are the interrogators. Such a tactic was used during the gayvid-19 fraudemic. The government has constantly exposed people to dissonant information, such as "you are allowed to not wear a mask", "you are obligated to wear a mask", "you are free to chose whether to take or not a 'vaccine'", "you are obliged to take a 'vaccine'", "stay home", "don't stay home", "you can stay outside", "you are obliged to stay inside", "go to the parks", "do not go to the parks", "go to the beach", "do not go to the beach", "'vaccines' work", "'vaccines' do not work", "two 'vaccine' doses are enough", "two 'vaccine' doses aren't enough", "the curve will flatten in 2 weeks", "the curve will not flatten in two weeks", "the curve will flatten in one month", "the curve will not flatten in one month", "the fraudemic is over", "the fraudemic is not over", "'vacines' do not change your DNA", "'vaccines' change your DNA", "wear a mask", "do not wear a mask", etc, so that people's mind may attempt to trace a rationality between these dissonant information by assuming that the government is trustworthy and therefore what is says is true and rational, because it is basically one of the last resorts the mind of an ordinary person has in order to pursue a rationality within all the range of these dissonant information presented to them.

R: 242 / I: 154 / P: 7

Operation Preinstall Minecraft

As you can see everything is progressively getting worse and the schizo slippery slope turned out not schizo at all. We are literally at the FEMA camps stage. Furthermore, glowniggers are starting to censor social media according to their geopolitical interests which further indicates that we're probably about to see the third world war unfold. ASPI, a NATO spawn, just teamed up with twitter to crack down on anything that opposes NATO's talking points. This paints a very blackpilling scenario - they are digging down and are reinforcing their position, while every single dissident movement is crushed or outright censored. In Australia people are already getting thrown into concentration camps. That's exactly one step away from throwing every problematic dissident into one regardless of vax status, and in the rest of the world too. Biden just announced that it is in the geopolitical interest of America to eliminate covid everywhere because it threatens America just by existing overseas. It's obvious what's being done here. And we are faced with a choice: we either keep getting fucked in the ass, especially under the actual war that is unavoidable at this point, or we do something about it. From the things that we can potentially do, 99% simply do not work because of glowniggers and their unlimited power. At this point the concept of a movement or a party that gathers together and opposes the absolute state of Weimaria does not exist. It will be smashed at just 100 members. So what the fuck can we even do? What else can we even try? Let me introduce you to the decentralized self-replicating cell structure. Typically, whenever you form a preemptive resistance to a threat that is expected to happen in the future, you do two universal things that are done by every such movement: first you form a structure of the resistance so that it's not just separate individuals, and then you dig in. You can see it throughout all of history - in the peasant rebellions, in the French revolution, in the American revolution, in the Soviet revolution, in the creation of the SA, in the Chinese revolution, in the Vietnam War, in the Taliban - it's a universal characteristic of a resistance. You need a structure of some form, individuals carrying guns around aimlessly does not work and has never worked. So let us address this vital issue of the resistance movements right now: there are ZERO structures in place. We don't have anything and any attempt at creating a structure gets glowniggered right away. And how the fuck do we deal with this? Well there is, in fact, a way. One that is completely resistant to glowniggers yet still forms an underlying structure of resistance. That sounds impossible, but it's not. It's what the US army did with the French resistance, and then did again with the preemptive anti-communist resistance that they called Operation Gladio. It was so successful that even literally-communist glowniggers could not penetrate it. It's the creation of a system of decentralized tiny cells, all united by the obvious common cause but also separated well enough that no form of glownigger penetration can affect them. If you catch one cell, it is impossible to catch another by interrogating them because they simply do not know of any other cells other than themselves. They all know what to do, they are looking for the same signals, they know what to support and what to oppose because it's all common sense, and at the same time they have little to no communication with each other. It's a structure that is both united and decentralized at the same time.

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 7

NATO , EU and America feel like drug dealers for countries like Ukraine

Our people were offered support in the 1960s and where abandoned Same goes for others who now suffer the same fate I Feel Ukraine is being used as a Geo-Political Talking point for America to send weapons to Ukraine for something it could have easily avoided for pushing for nuclear armament in the 90s knowing this was going to happen America , just like the Russians needs nations with imposed dependency on them for economic and military support it won't allow new countries to be formed unless there political buffers for there general manifested interest in having a state that will serve it's whims I could give two shits if Ukraine wins this war tbh , I want my peoples freedom and we where sold out so long ago it dosen't matter... it's just a game tbh

R: 459 / I: 574 / P: 7

MEMES & OC Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.

R: 83 / I: 24 / P: 7

Difference between National Socialism and Communism or general socialism

I've found that most people have no conception of why it's called national SOCIALISM, when Nazis despised communism and the ideas of socialists like Bernie Sanders. Let me clarify the difference with Hitler's brand of socialism. MSM internet searching will tell you the party was never socialist but that it was just politically expedient to use the word socialist in the beginning and then they never dropped it because it would be too confusing. WRONG. The truth is that National Socialism can be interpreted as Nationality Socialism, or Racial Socialism, or Tribal Socialism. Being socialism among your own kin rather than international socialism or standard communism. Taking this idea to it's logical endpoint, your most specific nationality is the nation of your own family. Socialism is natural to a family, and to a lesser extent to your race or tribe, but it's unnatural to a mixed group of peoples. This is why I am a National Socialist, fundamentally different than a communist or a general socialist.

R: 36 / I: 20 / P: 7

No-Knock-Proofing Your Home

Remember: It is illegal in the US to booby trap your own property. Most of the home decor musings I list are analog. Tech is neat, but only as long as the electricity is on, and only as long as no one turns your tech against you. I watch a lot of home invasion/SWAT footage when I can find it. I've noticed that the professional intruders have some common practices that certain home decor styles may thwart or make more difficult. These are my observations Here's helmet cam footage of a raid. The homeowner has no time to react, as the invaders broke the window with a rifle butt and threw in a flash bang grenade before identifying themselves as police. Even if they had identified themselves first, the homeowner would have had maybe 2 seconds to react. "but I Back Thuh Blue. Thin Blue Line!" Common Sense Lock your doors. Lock your windows. Lock your back garden gate. Have a working fire extinguisher and understand how to use it. Properly manage and care for any flammable materials on your property. The fire department has all sorts of resources for farm and propane safety. Acquaint yourself with this information. Know the layout of your own home. Know the layout of your own home in the dark, too. Know where your stuff is within your home. Keep valuables and controversial items out of view of windows. Some Indian guy got evicted for this Destroy packaging of anything desirable you've recently bought before you take the trash out to the curb: tear up tech box and put into a garbage bag rather than setting it out whole, which is announcing you just bought something shiny and stealable. Shatterproof window film must be installed professionally, or it becomes safety-film which allows a thief to safely break into the window while the film keeps the glass together so he doesn't get cut. Early Alert Exterior Features Geese. Geese fear no man. It's tougher to shoot a whole flock of geese silently then it is to dispatch a dog or two. Geese make noise upon seeing anyone; they'll continue to make tons of noise if someone tries to kill them. Geese prevented the Gauls from successfully sacking part of Rome. Gravel. It's crunchy. Everyone knows the sound of footsteps crunching gravel. It's also a landscaping feature with little upkeep required. If you're autistic and you comb the gravel, you can see if anyone was walking through it recently. Motion sensors and tech, as long as your lights stay on. Exterior Features that Increase Breach Difficulty Strong Doors and Windows, frames included. Apparently, in Russia everyone has an excellent kick-proof front door to deter thieves. The frames also need to be strong, for a kick-proof door is worth nothing if it's affixed poorly. Urns or statues next to the door. Not ones tall enough to hide behind, just mid-height, extremely heavy concrete things that cannot be shifted. Professional home intruders love to hug the walls next to a door for safety. Remove their option to do so. Small front entrance stoops are better because fewer men can stand there at once. Bonus points for narrow stairs leading up, for any wall/planting/feature that reduces the ability to swing a battering ram Windows are entrypoints for both men and objects. In addition to making windows stronger, you can also make windows less accessible. Wide garden beds filled with Rugosa roses are impenetrable due to the huge thorns on the plant. The garden beds should be wider than a man's arm plus the rifle he is holding in an attempt to break the window. Don't stick a gun in your own window; just measure it out. The roses catch and snag on clothes and skin and will deter vagabonds from trying to get in the home through the window. Your doors should have good locks. Interior Features Curtains affixed at both the top and bottom of the window might catch objects thrown in the window, preventing the object from getting further into your home. It would be wise to have fire-resistant curtains. Flash-bangs leave scorch marks on carpet when thrown. Long, narrow entryways or small mudrooms, or "Fed Funnels", are an extra obstacle which requires home invaders to neatly file into a row before entering the rest of the home. It's like a gatehouse for a contemporary home. If you are a hoarding slob, you can make your own funnels out of hoard piles. Hoards are fire hazard. An elevation change or stoop or platform within your home may trip up an intruder but you will know its location by heart. Door bar affixed to the studs. South Africans have a reinforced bedroom door as strong as an entry door as a last line of defense in case wild animals manage to break into their home. A shelf with an open back (a houseplant shelf, basically) can block a window from stealth entry of a man, but it will still let objects through. It is a decent half-measure. Do you have any thoughts on interior and exterior home decor f

R: 43 / I: 51 / P: 7

Happy Birthday, Hitler!

I miss him so much, anons. May he return soon to set the world right, and may we work tirelessly towards what he worked for

R: 25 / I: 19 / P: 8

Post your best and most inspiring hitler speeches

Inspire your brothers

R: 49 / I: 58 / P: 8

NPCs, Wojack, Pepe and Evolutionary (Para)-Psychology

Welcome, welcome anon to another write up. In case you missed some of your memetic history or the deeper reflections born by the happens of the time I invite you to gaze upon my well worked words and may the wisdom of the wise and the knowledge of the ages be born the reflected sophia of your inner being. NPCs, Wojack, Pepe and Evolutionary (Para)-Psychology AKA Hylics, Psychics, & Pneumatic, the 3 stages of soul as classically identified by Plato. We have all known for years, decades even for some oldfags, that the majority of people just don't really think critically, have common sense, or even a seeming comprehension of their own memory/history. Resulting in all kinds of names, sheeple, lemmings, drones, background characters, or in recent memetic times now, NPCs; non-player characters. Memetically emerging into the greater awareness as NPC in 2017 due to a news article released though anon had been speculating on this exact concept for at least a year before not counting other preexisting conceptual-memetic lines of energy. The crux of what the sciene said is 3/4, literally 75% of people have no inner monologue. Without this there can be no refinement of the logo-ic/logic aspect or intellect in a poweruser sense and thus one is subject to waves of mental/emotional energy, of which memes are high coherent ways of delivery and self-reinforcement, though I digress. Without a capacity to even process input stimuli 75% of people just re-act, or you may say, execute memetic programs as they have not the awareness nor desire to override. A nother problem with this is the NPCs can even matrix agents (i.e., Mr. Smith) and otherwise normal people but highly subject to energy tides and equally unconscious can act 'out of character' and even have memory blackouts in which minor possessions happen if they are not virtuous enough. The Greeks knew this state of being as a hylic, one subject to matter and thus tormented to toil in it. These seemingly empty people or cardboard cutouts, NPCs almost all but devoid of their own individually unique freewill expression and desires, often semiconsciously (or unconsciously) part of some collective(s) as they do not have enough solar will to stand against the elements, chaos, and world alone. and so they are subsummed by cult(ures) around them even if it does not serve them. Bandwaggoning along, socialiting away because the ego says that being a pariah is not good for survival chances. But it goes deeper than just that... and we're getting there. Moreover even the 25% that had (some) awareness of monologue had not it all the time nor complete mastery when they did have it, ergo the 'thinking class' or maybe we should say 'memeing class' of folk are a quite small percent which is the tail wagging the dog, though again, we anons have seen this for years, the juicy creative chaos of /b/, and latter, /pol/ cascading down though the reddit>tumblr>funnyjunk>ebaums>facebook-esque path. So we made memes, and to became such a big incident that you couldn't even say or search for "NPC" on google, youtube, facebook, et al. for a while in the fall/early winter of 2017. The reason for such a massive censorship was because it was a supereffective meme, it actually resulted in jarring quite many into more self realization and thus they got nudged into the lans of feels and thinking about thoughts, or you may way they became feelsguy after breaking through the NPC, and as they refine eventually one could become a psychic, (Greek Psyche is the goddess personification of the soul or the body of mental-emotional-desire energy) and start to work with the waves of subtle force which actually shapes the world. Though even the best psychics are little more than great sailors/surfers of energy which one may call Wojak in the more mature and resolved form. However to actually drive the energy of psyche, to deliver motive force, one needed the breath of spirit, known to the Greeks as a pneumatic. This really represents the transformation or rebirth of the individual, both into absolute individuality, and then into a completely refined (reshaped) being, quite perhaps likely very unlike the previous one (like a blue pill compared to a red pill, or even green or iron pill). So the frog, as a literal metaphor of nature for imitation or mastery of walking on two world, comes to us. Pepe as the awakened avatar of Kek, though some varieties of the semi-initiated semi-profane foul bachelor frog may be seen as the many forms/faces of chaos bridging again from the lower orders, through periods of chaos, to higher ones. <1/3>

R: 82 / I: 173 / P: 8

music for my people

R: 41 / I: 13 / P: 8

A Quote From HP Lovecraft.

WARNING before reading. If you are the sort of illiterate low IQ Nigger who is utterly and completely unable to read and comprehend a thread more then three sentences long. Fuck off. This is shit is not for you. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Now in the fond sincere hope that the subhumans have left us i would like to expound (to any interested) on some thoughts i've had on the quote i posted which are specifically and inherently of a political nature. In it Lovecraft makes reference to a social phenomenon noticed by in much less poetic terms by Nietzsche in his work "The Mad Man" several decades prior. The phenomenon is in broad terms what some would call "The Death of God" or, perhaps more literally the discovery of the origins of man as a biological organism shaped through the whims of nature without great interference from a creator at any given point. It was Lovecraft's assertion (as well as Nietzsche interestingly) that the ensuing conclusions of such knowledge would either force man into an emotional reasertions of such superstitions as he had been originally disposed to (IE Fascism, Fundamentalism, Theocracy) or the complete and utter abandonment of all values including self preservation towards an end of ultimate insanity and destruction (IE Communism, Anarchism, Nihilism). It is between these two conclusions that the vast majority of the 20th was fought. And while they may SEEM to be the only conclusions given the data i believe there is a third option. IE the Understand of Man as biological organism and the objective and inherent purpose that entails. This has been realized (albeit imperfectly) in the form of National Socialism which, while only briefly attempted in Germany, can and should create an objective morality around which human beings can orient their lives. All things from sex, to murder to breathing can be understood to be objectively good or bad in so far as they either help or hinder the procreation of ones genes as their objectively and undeniably evolutionary creatures in the material world with the objective and express purpose to pass on as much of their genetic material as possible. This is thus the next step in the philosophical journey of western man and that which will give us objective meaning and an objectively true morality to organize our societies on the basis of.

R: 102 / I: 60 / P: 8

Asha Logos' new video, The Phoenix Project

Asha Logos has uploaded a new video, "The Phoenix Project". If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link: Also highly recommend his "Our Subverted History" playlist!

R: 181 / I: 60 / P: 8

Do we live in a Freemason controlled society?

I see the symbols and coding everywhere.

R: 113 / I: 104 / P: 8

Covid vaccine murder documentation

Small collection of people murdered from social media (most of these get deleted instantly now and facespook/jewtube/twatter will not allow discussion of these medical murders) Also contribute vaccine murder/injuries, remember to share some of these to uncuck normalcucks, these pics are plenty of powerful.

R: 17 / I: 12 / P: 8

The Plastic Problem

It's a gigantic one. I'm sort of surprised there isn't any thread here about it already. Disclaimer: I'm not good at starting threads. Feel free to post basic information. Here's a recent Joe Rogan video about it: It's reaching the mainstream. Plastic is in our air, water, food, and blood. Jews aren't only responsible for sodomites and wickedness through brainwashing, but also through plastics. The average person consumes the equivalent of a credit card in weight of plastic each week. The average 25 year old man today has the testosterone his 65 year old granddad had. Test levels are declining by 1% each year. Kikes will literally end up holding the rights to being a man via injecting syringes in the future. The standards for men to be able to get TRT treatment will only continue to decline. 750 Is normal, goyim. 650 Is the new normal, goyim. 550 Is the new normal, goyim. 450 Is the new normal, goyim. 350 Is the new normal, goyim. Fuck being dependent on the pharma kike, but soon humanity won't have an option.

R: 341 / I: 222 / P: 8


Brenton Tarrant laughs in the face of survivor >"I did not see any..regret..any shame, in the eyes of this terrorist. And he does not regret anything"

R: 133 / I: 33 / P: 8

When civilization collapses, new ones form

we replaced gladiators and feeding people to the lions >with kickball we replaced capable male forces >with trannys and queers we replaced our rulers >with foreigners we replaced our beautiful architecture >with commie blocks we turned out beautiful lands >into german ghettos we went from having no immigration >to being flooded with people who share no values or culture with ourselves we replaced our fully functioning, internal societal apparatus >with a racket run by barbarians who are raiding it everything is broken

R: 96 / I: 83 / P: 9

The real reason why best gore and liveleak got shutdown

In the year two thousand niggers and shadowskins in this world are lurking around using cell phones and color cameras made by White people to kill White people with, and brag through their actions about how they're still the most primitive subhuman cannibals that eat human flesh and rape little kids to death to "cure themselves of AIDS" according to magic voodoo, randomly behead White tourists, knife fight in the streets where everyone acts like it's a normal occurrence. Yet some invalids still proclaim these people as "equal" not because it's true at all but because it's (((politically correct))) of course. And that's exactly why one of the reasons bestgore and fucking liveleak got shut down recently. Since shit like this only happens in the TURD WORLD where shadowskins live, and showing reality is "racist", which is doublespeak for anything that goes against the narrative. Not that I was a big fan of bestgore besides all the videos I found to actually show people around me how the third world is actually like, liveleak was cool too before it got censorpozzed nearing the end. On both sides there wasn't any place for these whiny pathethic sheltered little squirmy ratty jew-left npc faggots lying to themselves about the world we live in thats for sure, and that's why they had to shoah it, because it was pure physical, unfiltered truth.

R: 211 / I: 84 / P: 9

/sig/ - Self Improvement General #002

This is a thread for the discussion of personal betterment, both mental and physical, goal setting, and sharing of results. >Kick that caffeine addiction. Stop drinking soda. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking, stop vaping, stop doing drugs. Stop eating processed shit and fast food. Cook your meals at home with natural ingredients. Stop treating your body like it's a fucking dumpster. Work out, walk, run, lift, push yourself to your breaking point daily. You only have one body and one life. Do not desecrate your flesh and blood with jewish pollutants. >Do not isolate yourself. If you are unable to network with your comrades, you need to get a pet. Get a cat or a dog. Our ancestors domesticated these creatures thousands of years ago and they make excellent companions. They are fiercely loyal, and their presence will help you feel less alone. >Control your desires. Cut pornography out of your life and stop masturbating. Your main objective in life is serving your folk. Do not allow yourself to be tempted by thots. Tits are temporary. Honor is forever. Do not allow yourself to become corrupted by lust for material things. More men have destroyed themselves through greed and desires of the flesh than have fallen by bullet or blade. >Harden yourselves, brothers. Make yourselves utterly incorruptible. Make yourselves whole again. Break your chains of addiction, and refuse to be a slave to endless consumerism. Fear nothing but the failure to meet your objectives. Previous Tread >>5542

R: 245 / I: 70 / P: 9

8chan /pol/

there were hundreds of regular users on 8chan's /pol/. All altchan right wing boards are utterly dead. Did all those retards really go back to 4chan? No way they just up and left the internet.

R: 25 / I: 8 / P: 9

4fag working with ddosecrets

4fag jannies are 404ing all threads and global + range banning all anons talking about the convoy donor leak. The trannies of ddosecrets were given files containing all convoy donors information by glowniggers to leak online. They are justifying these bans by saying anons are raiding, doxxing and evading bans, for simply mentioning ddosecrets or linking to is co-founders twitter 4fags is most likely working with ddosecrets to log and track users posts, ips, and addresses. They are absolutely nuking anyone mentioning ddosecrets or emma best from 4fags to keep ddo secrets under hush and stop people from targeting the ddosecrets members (backed by harvard)

R: 50 / I: 21 / P: 9

What's the furthest radical extreme you could go?

Just note, I'm using (((their)) words: Antisemitism and Islamophobia = Reverse judaism and Reverse jihad. Reverse Judaism is the ideology that results from taking the ideology of the loxist jews and exchanging the places of the jews with that of of the goyim. The resulting ideology is one in which the gentiles are the ones to subdue the world and subjugate all else that lives upon the Earth, including the other races of men, including the "chosen" race. As opposed to one in which the kikes rule over all other living things, including the Aryans. Reverse jihad is where the infidels seek to turn all the world into a house of war, scouring the religion of peace from the face of the Earth. Both ideologies take the ideology of either the jews or muslims and reverses it so that it's the gentile infidel who is doing the whole world conquest thing, basically doing unto these groups what they had done unto the gentiles and infidels. Racism and Sexism = Ethno-Globalism and Radical Misogynism. The problem of competing races and the lesser sex can be solved to the maximal extent in the following ways. For as long as other races exist, there will inevitably arise racial conflict, each time this occurs, it will threaten the White race to an increasing extent, eventually it will get to the point where recovery will no longer be a likelihood. For as long as other races existebcevis tolerated, the White race will be endangered by them, all it will take is the eventuality of its lesser members to lose their vigilance as comfort makes them soft. To solve this, the solution is simple, a total extinction of all other races of humanity and the conversion of the entire planet into an ethnically homogeneous Earth where the human species is all is one race, the White race. Achieving this can be done in many ways, from violence, where all other races are simply hunted down and killed off, perhaps directly or perhaps via ensuring their members do not produce more generations, or perhaps by sex, where breeding programs are instituted to continually breed them with Whites over successive generations until there is barely any trace of non-white ancestry in the genetic profiles of their descendants, alternatively, an approach where both methods are used, such as by giving them an ultimatum, or another approach is adopted entirely. Radical Misogynism is the response to the fact that the toleration of the existence of the female sex is just as much a threat to the Male sex, which is superior, as the Non-White races are to the White race, which is superior. But also with the understanding that unlike the Non-Whites, females cannot just be killed off, so the solution is instead to do as much as could be done with minimize the threat they pose, meaning everything short of their extermination. Thst means stripping them of their status as people and even as sentient or living things, giving them the status of unloving non-sentient objects, and placing them outside the law, such that they are no longer protected by it, nor accountable to it. This makes most females into the slaves of males, most likely the first males to have possession of them will be the first ones to claim ownership of them, and this will most likely be their father's, who would eventually transfer the ownership of their daughters to the males who would be their husbands in exchange for a payment of dowry, as arranged by the fathers of both parties during a meeting and negotiation. Since the female has no inherent protection under the law, she must rely on the protection the law gives her second hand courtesy of the property rights of the male who owns her, since she is his property, and since the female has no inherent accountability to the law, the male who owns her must assume legal responsibility for her actions on her behalf, again, since she is his property.

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 9

General Strategy Thread

This is a thread for sharing tips on how we, as individuals, can obstruct or harass the System. Given that there is no organized resistance to ZOG, it behooves us to help create an environment where one can form. ITT, we offer low risk ways in which anyone can participate in direct action against the System that is strangling our people. This is not a thread for grand schemes with high risk. This is for people who want to have some physical effect upon the world, but are not prepared to conduct armed insurgency yet. To some, these actions seem petty and insignificant. But if many people engaged in even petty resistance, the regime could not sustain itself and would die from 1000 pin pricks.

R: 382 / I: 458 / P: 9

/pol/ humor

post them

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 9

Facebook, Google, and YouTube are Jewish companies

Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerberg "He and his three sisters (Arielle, businesswoman Randi, and writer Donna) were raised in a Reform Jewish household" Wikipedia Google Founders: Larry Page & Sergey Brin 1. "His mother is Jewish;[21] his maternal grandfather later immigrated to Israel" Wikipedia 2. "Brin was born on August 21, 1973, in Moscow in the Soviet Union,[4] to Russian Jewish parents" Wikipedia YouTube CEO: Susan Wojcicki "Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968, to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Jewish descent" Wikipedia Where can I get a concise and systematic rundown of the extent of Jewish control over the world? JewishContributions (dot) com is good but not systematic.

R: 99 / I: 25 / P: 9

How many lives has rap music ruined?

Has to be in the millions. The negro beast worships and creates a culture of death, violence, gangs, drugs, and rape. They create this culture in their communities and express themselves through their music. It is an expression of their soul, which is naturally lower than a mere beast. This is why the jew promotes the negro and negro music, to poison the souls of the White race, and ruin their lives. I know a White girl who is now in jail for attempted murder, always posting stories on her snap listening to rap, acting black, saying nigga, she was a drug dealer too. She never realized she was simply sewing the seeds of her own destruction, courtesy of the jew and the negro, constantly scheming together.

R: 243 / I: 131 / P: 9

On the Question of Donald Trump

One of the things that drove me in my youth to become so heavily interested in those ideas which are considered by our broader liberal culture to be "far right" was a fundamentally critical mind preoccupied with a pass time of analysis of narratives. In my adolescence this took the form of questioning the Narrative of human equality, as well of that of the holocaust and eventually those deeper philosophical questions regarding the liberal view of man and his pro-ported nature there in. But as of late, I have found myself most engrossed in the questioning of the Narrative that >"Donald Trump is a Kike Puppet." This theory doubtlessly has it's evidence. Trump's bombing of Syria, his promotion of homosexuality on the world stage, and his generally pro-israeli policy (particularly in the area of Palestine) all point to this being the case. Yet there are undeniably some actions which i cannot with intellectual integrity categorize as "kiked" which lead me to believe that, whatever the truth may be, it is more complex then merely >Orange man jewed. In particular actions such as his refusal to oust assad (which was supported even by politicans as "dovish" as (((bernie sanders)))) his refusal to go to war with Iran (who i would argue any other president of the last 40 years would have engaged given such opportunity) his moves against the rise of chinese power (who has been set up to be the post US kosher superpower to protect israel and who's rise would stand to make israel the most wealthy nation on the face of the planet; google new silk road initiative) his executive order made at the begining of coronavirus regarding immigration (which has cut immigration to its lowest point since the 1965 immigration act which Biden is openly running on immidiately repealing) his moves against the teaching of critical race theory and cultural marxism both in government and in education (a move I personally NEVER thought any politician in my lifetime would even for a moment consider) and perhaps most profoundly his criticism, interventionism and arguable psudo-nationalization of the Federal Reserve (which historically presidents understand to be well above their station) give me pause when considering Trump to be purely and souly a controlled actor. To be clear I DO NOT Think that Trump is a "secret National Socialist" Nor do I think he is playing "4DChess" But i am none the less unsure as to how several of the actions throughout his presidency are that inline with jewish interests in general and the idea that his actions are inherently in line with Jewish interest by virtue of them being his actions seems to me to speak to a sort of intellectual laziness unbecoming of those of us who on the legitimate right. None of us can know fully the machinations of the cabal which dominates virtually ever level of our media, political and financial institutions in the west. But it in so far as i can tell, Trump inherently CANNOT be a truly controlled actor as his actions have at least in part run counter to (((their))) goals. And being as this is the case i must thus conclude that he considerably better then all given alternatives at the moment as the exinstence of a non-controlled actor at such a high level of power moves the needle in /our/ direction and towards /our/ politics in a manner which is not just the "lesser of two evils" but is infact gaining ground for /our/ world view in a way not seen in litteral decades of US presidents. If you would like to disagree with me or offer counter arguments to me I would be more then happy to adress those arguments. But i would ask that you not sully your own character by engaging in statements which are not purely logical and factual as it is only through this realm of thought and this realm of thought alone then men who care for the wellbeing of their people have any hope of acting for the betterment of their race to any extent.

R: 29 / I: 7 / P: 10

Go-Getter Thread

Thread for discussing actions which we as individuals can take to help fight back against the jewish oligarchy, liberalism, and degeneracy. First of all, I would like to suggest that 2021 is the new 2009. We have a senile, unpopular, and White version of Obama as the figurehead of ZOG. But there are some other very important differences; Namely that his administration is going to be the most anti-White shit-fest we have ever experienced. Biden has promised his backers to be so outrageously anti-White that it has the jews salivating. His every appointment is either a jew or a member of one of the prevailed classes of non-Whites and mental defects, or a corrupt plutocrat backscratcher. BLM is going to be emboldened by this and I expect more rioting since they now have learned that rioting means power and prestige. What did the race-rioting and anti-White hatred of the 2010s lead to? That's right; the resurgence of White nationalist organization and agitation. Now is to time to get a Gab account and minister to the outraged and disappointed conservatives. They've been sold out by the GOP, by "Q," even by Trump. They know that something is wrong but do not know what it is. We must tell them. Does anyone here remember BUGS? Bob Whitaker? The Mantra? WhiteRabbitRadio? These ideas and venues of attack against the system were extremely effective even on heavily censored Twitter and kiketube. But now that censorship has reached levels that even Stalin would have envied. But this is not a bad thing because the jews, in their typical overreaction have just banned people who were really not a threat to the system. Now they're on Gab and this is a good thing. The concentration of people who have been burned by the system is much higher. This is not the time for dispassionate observation. Now the iron is hot and we must strike. Let this thread be a civil discussion on ideas for shaping the iron. Let's be proactive and fight this monstrous regime.

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 10

How to survive in modern world?

Seems like all White country will be fool of shietskins. How prepare myself for this?What i need to know for surviving? And how change this? Be open opposition?Go inside power structures?Like army,cia,mi6 etc

R: 47 / I: 7 / P: 10

American Third Position Political Platform

Health, Culture, and Welfare Create Youth Programs designed to encourage personal responsibility, civic vigilance, public virtue – Gun education classes will be made available to teenagers for the purpose of proper use and safety. – Rejuvenate the boy-scouts and girl-scouts by making them a state-owned/ nationalized entity, intended to encourage civic responsibility and survival skills in nature. Launch a Care-based Campaign based on a “Humanity First” approach – Forgive student debt incurred from post-secondary education. – Implement a national education program designed to encourage a fair, meritocratic approach that includes paid college for all of the citizenry. – Subsidize and encourage students who take up trades to place a greater emphasis on blue-collar work. – Create a two-tier healthcare, full-coverage system, where universal health care would be offered while the option for private healthcare providers remains. – Guarantee the protection of Social Security for the elderly. Enact a self-detriment tax/added tax on vice-industry products – Ensure revenue from taxes on vice-related goods and services will be dedicated to the education system and rehabilitation centers. – Encourage healthy lifestyles. – Create more virtuous conditions for the citizenry. Eco-Futurism Offer programs that subsidize the development of homesteads and encourage a more rural, subsistence based, agrarian lifestyle – Offer state-funded classes on agricultural and ecological education including but not limited to hydroponics, polyculture, city farming, botany, etc. – Develop state-localized farming co-operatives to provide a more subsistence-oriented approach to large-scale agriculture. – Offer tax incentives for those who wish to participate in the agricultural sector. Develop alternative methods of transportation with a heavy emphasis on improved and reliable public transport – Greater access to mass/long range transit to those of lower socioeconomic means with the goal of free transport. Trains (Bullet, Maglev, Vactrains), Trolleys, Electric/Natural gas buses. – Increased access to bikeways and pedestrian pathways (Improved infrastructure catered to human powered transport). Develop alternative energy solutions – Increased use of renewables, including but not limited to solar, wind and geothermal. – Increased R&D into new and current forms of nuclear energy, including Fusion and Thorium based reactors. Safeguard the conservation of our natural resources and spearhead innovative practices towards a greener world – An emphasis on green spaces that focus on the symbiosis between the man-made and natural world. – Encourage environmentally-conscious practices in urban living, design, and architecture (ecological landscaping, carbon neutral buildings, greenways, pollinator pathways, invasive plant management). – Restoration of forests reclamation of areas of urban decay. – Increased protection/conservation of our National Parks, Forests, and other Natural/Historic sites. Restore the pioneer spirit by blazing a new frontier – Establish a program that advances the role of NASA and the Space Force to achieve the Manifest Destiny of the United States by seeking to refine and develop resources in outer-space. – Establish a program that advances the role of the Coast Guard and Navy to achieve the Manifest Destiny of the United States by exploring the ocean and mapping out the seafloor.

R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 10

WTF goes on at "Leadership Training"???

Mostly wondering about top tier Soros minion type events for "future leaders". I'm assuming it can't be all that secret. What do Merkel, Truduea, Boris, Obama, etc get told? Is it just a bunch of vague stuff about "close international cooperation" is gonna make everything rosy? What about military officer "leadership training"? Any juicy psychological tricks taught? Is it all pretty much same shit diff brands? Is it diff from "entry level" to Soros level? Is it basically not "training" but more of a Scouting Camp where talent scouts evaluate attendees THEN maybe send to the REAL "Leadership School" in secret???

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 10

A core tenet of Judaism is killing Jewish and non-Jewish "blasphemers"

Judaism is a religion based on the teachings of the Hebrew Bible (consisting of the Torah - "Teaching", Nevi'im - "Prophets", and Ketuvim - "Writings"). Rabbinic Judaism also incorporates the teachings of the Talmud (consisting of a second "Oral Torah" that was not recorded in the original Torah and rabbinical interpretations of the "Oral Torah" and the Hebrew Bible). Jewish interpretations of the Hebrew Bible (and often the Talmud) culminated in the Halakha - "the way to go" in accordance with Jewish teachings. Importantly, the Jewish faith demands killing "blasphemers" - both Jewish and non-Jewish alike. In the Hebrew Bible, Leviticus 24:10 mentions a Jew stoned to death by other Jews for blaspheming the name of the Jewish God and Deuteronomy 13 demands killing prophets/dreamers/friends/spouses/children that "incite rebellion" against the Jewish God and even mass-murdering and burning entire towns of "blasphemers" as a burnt offering to the Jewish God. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you believe in Odin? Do you believe in Buddha? Do you believe religion is superstitious nonsense? Whatever you believe in, Jews believe that "blasphemers" against the Jewish God should be killed, and that everyone else should be afraid of being killed by Jews (Deuteronomy 13:11). In short, Jews murdering "blasphemers" - Jews and non-Jews alike - is part of the practice of the Jewish faith. Here is an incomplete list of murders inflicted by Jews practicing the Jewish faith. Incomplete list of Jewish-inflicted murders: Jewish mass-murder in the Hebrew Bible: over 2,821,360 Jews & non-Jews killed 116 A.D., Jewish mass-murder in Cyrene: approximately 220,000 non-Jews killed 116 A.D., Jewish mass-murder in Cyprus: approximately 240,000 non-Jews killed 1861-1865 A.D., American Civil War caused by Jewish African slave trade: over 616,000 non-Jews killed 1896-today A.D., Jewish psychiatry: over 500,000 non-Jews killed per year 1913 A.D., Jewish Leo Frank raped & murdered a child: 1 non-Jew killed 1917-today A.D., Jewish Marxist communism: over 100,000,000 non-Jews killed 1931-today A.D., Jewish sex-reassignment surgery: over 4,000 non-Jews sterilized 1948-today A.D., Jewish occupation of Palestine: over 31,000 non-Jews killed 1996-today A.D., Jewish Sackler family opioid crisis: over 240,000 non-Jews killed 2001-2021 A.D., American War in Afghanistan caused by Jewish "neocons": over 176,000 non-Jews killed 2003-2011 A.D., American War in Iraq caused by Jewish "neocons": over 800,000 non-Jews killed Incomplete Jewish-inflicted murder total: over 105,148,361 Jewish-inflicted murders thus far over 500,000 Jewish-inflicted murders per year (Jewish psychiatric drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer) Note: Despite the fact that Christianity and Islam are religions that mutually accept the Jewish Torah as religious scripture, categorizing Christian-inflicted murders and Muslim-inflicted murders as Jewish-inflicted murders would significantly increase the Jewish-inflicted murder total. Given Jewish religious teachings regarding murdering "blasphemers" and the quantity of Jewish-inflicted murders thus far, please ask yourself this question: When will a Jew attempt to murder me?

R: 98 / I: 62 / P: 10

Patriot Front: Why & How (some unofficial thoughts)

Shouldn’t we just move out to the countryside? As our tyrannical state gains more and more power, it will not tolerate pockets of resistance. Shameless system grunts will travel to your homestead to enforce every new atrocity and abominable order. Racial aliens will be shipped to small towns to mongrelize and terrorize their inhabitants. Can’t I just homeschool my children? Our tyrants understand very well that the future lies with the youth. As they consolidate their power, they will federally mandate that all children must receive “education” at public schools – which really means Marxist indoctrination and forced integration with violent and slavering racial aliens. Eventually, your children will be turned against you, as is already happening to so many of us. They will be brainwashed into hating their own race and wanting to mix with other races. Can your word alone really prevent them from succumbing to this unrelenting poison, especially as they become rebellious? So, why Patriot Front? Patriot Front denies every subversive attempt to convince us that we are powerless. It is the germinating center of a new state for the American nation. To win, we need white men of good character organized into a strong, hierarchical, disciplined, and efficient Front. We need to assert ourselves in the public space with relentless promotional material, thus impressing our views and status onto the psyche of the feminine and submissive masses. Through the unceasing activity of this tireless minority, with its endless logistical and strategical trials, demonstrations, and assertion of its worthiness to occupy the public space, we will attain real political power, the kind of power the federal government has lost in favor of brute force and coercion. Join our growing numbers and contribute to the turning of the tide! What about federal agents? If you have been at all active online, the federal government already knows you are a white nationalist –no amount of operational security can prevent that. However, in order to arrest and imprison you, they need to get you to conspire to commit a serious crime, buy illegal guns or drugs, or make terrorist threats of violence. If someone asks you to do this, just say no and cut contact. It’s that simple. Patriot Front forbids its members to engage in crime, talk about committing crimes, or even mention firearms or guns. Members who break these rules are expelled and blacklisted. The worst a federal agent can do in our organization is surveillance. If you’re not willing to risk that, then you are shirking your duty to your people. Is Patriot Front a Civic Nationalist Group? No, Patriot Front is explicitly ethnonationalist, and only accepts ethnonationalists as members. Don’t believe me? Try sending an application with “Civic Nationalist” listed as your political ideology, you won’t even get a response. If you read our manifesto, it is obvious that we are the organic blood and soil movement for the American nation (which is only composed of people of European descent). What about community building? Forming physical communities is great, and that is something we are working towards. But don’t put the carriage before the horse –only though the shared trials of activism and demonstration will you find the smart and dedicated people that you can truly depend on. Always remember that we cannot hide from this final and cataclysmic struggle. We must confront it and we must win. It is now, more so than ever: Victory or Death! How do I get started? Go to and read the manifesto. Then, send in a membership application. You get out what you put in, so dedicate yourself to eternal struggle!

R: 9 / I: 4 / P: 10

Former Atomwaffen Division Leader Kaleb Cole just sentenced to 7 years in Prison for making Artwork

> > Kaleb Cole was given 7 years for making artwork for posters that the FBI used in crimes to threaten journalists and prominent Jews with (who worked with the FBI by their own admission) and during the sentencing the Judge openly states that he's giving him the harsh sentence because Kaleb refuses to renounce Hitler and doesn't like Jews. The Judge went into a deranged rant about how much he loves Jews and thinks that they're the best people ever and anyone who threatens their rule deserves harsh time. On top of that the ADL testified at Kaleb Cole's sentencing citing that Kaleb is a nazi and nazis did the holocaust and therefore he's responsible for the ADL spokeswoman reliving the Holocaust her grandparents suffered and therefore should get the harsh sentence. This goes on by the way as more testimonies are read and it gets more absurd as the sentencing simply is "Jews don't like Kaleb Cole and therefore he deserves harsh time for being a nazi!".

R: 17 / I: 5 / P: 10

turns out Hitler did start WW2 after all.

Public School and The Jews do a very poor job of selling "Hitler started WW2 as a mad man", but IMO he really did. It all comes down the "Polish Corridor" issue which would've cut off Poland only already meager ocean access. Poles were allowed to be a nation for a few hundred years but were definitely a "people" and had been an empire and had their own language, etc. So its pretty easy to see how getting bullied into giving up their only real access to rest of the world by a new militaristic Germany would result in attacks on Germans in Poland who would be considered Sleeper Cells of some German plan to return Poland to its recent condition as foreign occupied land. The post WW1 plan that created all the pre-WW2 borders was supposedly based on language and was mostly legit except for a couple areas Germany was allowed to reclaim, and then some. Not Poland's problem that Germans had settled in regions of Poland not connected by land to Germany proper, but post WW1 maps made that part of Poland officially German land which seems pretty generous. Seems it would've been trivial for Germans to make it easier to travel to the disconnected part with a few fast ferries since the corridor is only about 20miles wide, and/or make deal to build RR tracks for "sealed trains" to run across Polish land, with lots of fat contracts for locals to create its own lobby in Poland. Japan is all disconnected by open water and you don't hear them complaining. Poland is Catholic as was most of Germany VS the newly anti-Christian Jewish run USSR, so it boggles my mind why Hitler didn't just cozy up to the Poles as an alliance against the USSR. Germany had recovered from Depression and had money and top quality products and was the getway for Poland for rest of Western Europe and The Free World and USSR was still starvation, shortages and political murders and insanity, and 1/2 the population was decidedly non-White various Mongols and Muslims. People say "but England and France didn't seem to mind when Stalin invaded his 1/2 of Poland 2 weeks later" and its true that England and France were more interested in opposing German rise to power than any Polish well being....however.... once Germany had done a surprise blitz into Poland you could say it was prefectly reasonable to for USSR to do a defensive invasion of Poland for several reasons. Even if Nazis stopped at their 1/2 of Poland the remaining 1/2 might want to continue war with Germany and that would require Germany to invade the remaining half, leaving Germany just closer to USSR. UK and France were openly Geo-politcally opposed to Germany in stuff like Spanish Civil War so I'm not buying that UK and France having secret treaty to declare war on Germany if Poland was invaded was really a secret to Germany. In the final analysis Hitler didn't start WW2 because he was a 'mad man' but because he was 'surrounded by mirrors' and unable to see anybody but himself and lacked any empathy to see how the Poles would feel about getting their only ocean access cut off for German convenience. AFAIK there was no organic pressing need to link the two parts of Germany by land and they had been happily semi-separate for a long time sort of like diff regions of USA. Sure its true that legacy Jewish run gov'ts in (mostly) UK and France had it in for Germany but Germany was out of the Depression and Hitler failed to use Soft Power to bring their people around to his ways of thinking, especially his opposition to Jewish Communism. Would UK, USA, USSR and France gone to war with Germany anyways, maybe with False Flag? Maybe and even likely, but pushing Poland on Corridor then invading when Germans in Poland are mistreated was a Pearl Harbor moment. It would've been trivial to create an air, sea and (maybe)rail Trans German Express link and it would've just been another national project showcase. Then you would've had people in UK/France UK/N Ireland and Denmark/Norway saying "why don't we got something like that?" and Hitler could've said "because you haven't solved your Jewish Problem" and everyone would know it was the truth. Only thing better than a big new flashy transport system is a big new flashy transport system on a fairly short range route because much higher volume of passengers can take joy rides.

R: 30 / I: 109 / P: 10

aesthetics megathread

No profound thoughts expressed here; this is simply a thread dedicated to anything and everything anon finds aesthetic. Clothes, looks, architecture, art - Aesthetics ((has stopped)) being important in most cultural trends. <Let this be an oasis where one may rest his eyes.

R: 74 / I: 77 / P: 10

The face of #BlackTerorrism

R: 43 / I: 44 / P: 11

Book thread - recommended reading and discussion

Happy new year. Throughout 2020 i spent most the lockdowns reading. I leant alot of stuff. Anyone have any recommendations for me to purchase? heres what i got so far

R: 84 / I: 11 / P: 11

Ideas for rebuilding Western civilisation

Looks like the old order is dead. Intelligent people will need to get together and start thinking about what the new order ought to look like. My suggestions: 1. No Abrahamism 2. No Blank Slate theory 3. Full cognitive liberty - no War on Drugs 4. No emancipation of Jews or women That ought to help prevent the mistakes that led us to 2020 happening again.

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 11

Abortion bans and vaccine mandates, jewish 3d chess?

An abortion rights case in Mississippi is making its way to the Supreme Court. The jewish media, from NBC to NPR is repeating over and over that this case may overturn 50 years of abortion rights precedent and "end abortion." The truth is that it would return to the states the right to ban or allow abortion based on how they see fit. Coincidentally, the regime happens to be in the process of working out how exactly to forcefully vaccinate millions of skeptical White Americans. If the Supreme Court does affirm that states have the right to ban abortions (right to life takes precedent over individual rights), then it will eventually be used as precedent to justify forced vaccination. Meanwhile, the loss of this insignificant right will have the added bonus of pacifying cuckservatives by giving them a meaningless victory to chest thump over and also making them think that the path to victory is through the (((courts))). It will also have the bonus of sending shitlibs into a frothing rage which they will easily redirect against skeptics of big pharma and the regime who refuse the vaccine. This could all be a giant coincidence, but it seems strange to me that the regime would uphold abortion as sacrosanct for 50 years and then suddenly, just as the regime needs a reason to forcefully vaccinate White people, they're shilling the end of "my body, my choice."

R: 25 / I: 17 / P: 11

Practical methods to awaken racial pride /awareness in Whites?

[1/2] Obviously, we have to tread carefully but what I've done is both online and off, talk about how horrible slavery is. Then show them maps of modern slavery. Talk about how horrible rape is. Then show them maps of where rape is happing. About this time they may want to just give up on the topic. It's too much for them. "Why do you obsess about this I don't want to think about race at all!" (Yeah, neither did I. Ten years ago.) Then show them polls of Black people identifying, far more than White people, with race than everyone else. LOL "their origins"! What a euphemism! This has taken years in some cases. But if you are correct. If you're open to correction when and where you're not. If you truly want what's best for all involved, and your audience knows this, then the truth...seeps through. It's important not to rush these things. Like, at all! So... ...don't "hide your power level", then get a small indication when someone laughs at a racial jokes or quip and whip the curtain aside and reveal, like, a stockpile of Nazi memorabilia. lol. I made a mistake, when exuberantly happy, where one brave soul on Facebook was telling her group of friends (on a thread about "what's something you believe that most don't?") ..."I think Morrissey was right." My dumb ass posts a video of "National Front Disco (live)" with the quip, "Because, because we must." So, wrong messaging and made her look even more like what many of her social circle thought she was: a fascist. In 2016, Martin Sellner made a series of YouTube videos that have now been erased which were called, "Uncuck of the USA" or "The Uncucking of the USA". Something like that. On Part 3 of that series he talked about not falling into "The Nazi Gulag." They think everyone who wants to defend White people from attack, or, yknow, who are actual racists, are automatically "Nazis." Hollywood has spent 50+ years getting people to dislike Nazis. Now, there's one ...very bold...line of thinking that if you can reclaim that area then people will question everything else they've been told. A far more expedient method would be to avoid the term, which may suffer from social over-saturation, "Nazi warning fatigue", altogether and advocate for WHITE ADVOCACY. Anyways, it's what I truly believe so it's easy for me. Whether the White race is better, worse, at what, when, can it be changed, etc, the United States, where I live, is a demographically multiracial nation. 50+ million Black Americans will never, and should never, be deported or killed or otherwise "done away with." All I want, & it's a big enough task, is for people to stop shaming White people. Stop blaming us for everything. In this regard, I benefit from Nazis, fascists, outwardly, violently racist people as they make my propositions seem more reasonable. "Good cop / Bad cop." But anyways... When they're ready, I ask them why racial minorities need so many advertisers & shows where they are brilliant heroes or central to the plot & etc? Usually the answer is: >"Because they need help showing what they're capable of." I then show them: >Racial differences in narcissistic tendencies >Black individuals have been found to report the highest levels of self-esteem of any racial group in the United States. The purpose of the present research was to examine whether Black individuals also report higher levels of narcissism than White individuals. If Blacks are such victims, why are they so cocky & arrogant? [...]

R: 19 / I: 28 / P: 11

Have you noticed that they don't like when you let them know that you recognize what they are?

I have on multiple occasions had candid conversations with these cunts and have discussed a lot of different matters, but as soon as I say something like "your eyes look very jewish" they immediately get extremely aggressive and have a tendency to drop thinly veiled death threats. "They who know must die" and the like... I tend to laugh it off with "oy vey, the goyim know" but that only seems to aggravate these fucking cunts even further. Am I on a hit list now? Should I go on a pre-emptive assault somewhere?

R: 66 / I: 27 / P: 11

Operation QR

How does it work? >we take a poster like pics related >replace the QR code with one that links to a /pol/-tier video (or other piece of media) >the video can be anything: Moonman, information about the JQ, memes mocking George Floyd, footage of the Christchurch Prank (only if it's legal of course), etc. >we post the images IRL or on social media >sit back and watch the chimp-out There are many websites with which you can convert URL's to QR codes. A quick search brings up this one for example: Any of the images posted can be used. The KFC one is highly recommended. Anons can also make their own posters if they want. Another suggestion is to place fake coupons with QR codes in Jewish neighborhoods. That way we can be certain that they will be scanned. Anons can be as edgy as they want. They can choose themselves what they put behind the QR code, which encourages participation. This thread also serves as a way come up with ideas for posters and for material to put behind the QR code.

R: 13 / I: 3 / P: 11

Fucked up shit the Jews have done

R: 10 / I: 6 / P: 11

>What is Eugenics? Eugenics is an adjective that describes the manifestation of beneficial traits in a population increasing in frequency. Eugenics is the result of selection, not a program in itself. Eugenics is NOT about killing people who are genetically "inferior" however those who have heritable physical and/or mental diseases and/or incapacities may be sterilized if they are at risk of breeding. There are two types of eugenics, positive eugenics and negative eugenics. Positive eugenics is when those with positive traits breed more and negative eugenics is when those with negative traits don't breed. These two forms of eugenics can be accomplished by any means. >Why do we need Eugenics? After the dawn of the industrial revolution Darwinian pressures that selected for intelligence, conscientiousness and moral character were eliminated thus, simply rewarding those who bred the most. Most of society's problems could be prevented with an explicit eugenics program that increased the number of naturally good willed, hard working an intelligent people and decrease the number of impulsive dumb criminals. A civilization is defined by it's people, not by it's government or borders or anything else. So if we are to improve civilization to where we will be able to colonize space we must bring back selection. >But I thought eugenics was a pseudoscience! The lines between science and pseudoscience are non-existent because science in itself is a method of deriving truth from the world and not a truth in itself. It is true that mental characteristics are completely heritable and there are countless and genome wide association studies to prove it. The reason why eugenics has a bad rap is simply because of public ignorance of the importance of heredity in society. Spreading public awareness of the reality of eugenics is essential to preventing the collapse of civilization.

R: 25 / I: 8 / P: 11

environmental factors for black crime

can someone link me statistics on socio-economics of blacks and how it isn't contributing factor for their insane crime rate and retarded iq's? its self evident that blacks are not oppressed for anyone who consumes any media for more than 5 seconds but obviously i want to have the stats

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 11

Was 2020 and "The Steal" a Color Revolution run on USA?

Sure it wasn't exactly like others but of course USA is not Libya or Ukraine, but many similar elements. Ginned up but legit fairly wide spread public dissatisfaction and wide spread destabilization activists under shadowy central control in months leading up. I see Ukraine issue of that regime refusing to join EU as sort similar to BLM and general anti-Trump sentiment in USA prior to 2020 election. Since EU still has much nicer stuff than Russia, its easy to see why your average Ukrainian would want membership in that club. In USA, BLM and anti-Trump had virtue signaling and something to do during Lockdown. Both Ukraine 2014 and USA 2020 saw legislatures refuse to act any members that were expected to act decided they'd be better off going along with the crowd. The actual Big Steal on night and early morning of election that seemed to be engineered so that no one particular person did a complete illegal act. One person drives the van, another unloads the suitcases, another places them under the counting tables, another opens them to find more ballots and gives them to another to actually count and enter them. All that means to undo the count would be nearly impossible. Then you only need a few key leaders in the key GOP State Legislatures to cockblock any action to disallow the unlawful rule changes that enabled Mail In vote harvesting etc. Any GOP State legislature leadership is going to be very much part of The System, since those positions are mostly on seniority and being a proven "team player" and will do what they are told when time comes. Neither 2020 nor 2014 could be seen as popular revolutions since both included the entire national assemblies voting for change of head of state and I don't know about Ukraine but in USA its a long standing assumption that Congress is corrupt and entrenched, and in neither nation were any legislators removed or changed.

R: 83 / I: 47 / P: 12

The Morality of Welfare Leaching

"Why would anyone give away wealth to lazy cunts who contribute fuck all in return?" It's a question we all ask ourselves when we're taking our first redpills. We all know very well that the government taxes the hard working and gives it to the lazy. In the eyes of the right, to take welfare is to make yourself akin to subhumans - scum living off the backs of others. I make no argument against this, as it is 100% correct to believe that taking wealth from your folk and contributing little or nothing in return is subhuman behavior. So therefore that must mean for you to become a welfare recipient and exploit the system means to become a subhuman, or does it? Anon, please consider the following: >Does the government work for us, or does it work for them? >Is our tax money our contribution to society, or our stolen wealth they extorted from us? >If your foe gives you an opportunity, do you take it? To reiterate, if this was our government that worked towards our interests then you would be correct to look down upon welfare recipients. But this is not your government, it is THEIR government. Recognize you are an OUTSIDER and ENEMY to their system. Thus to steal from the government and give to your folk is reflective of the tale of Robinhood and his merry men. It is to wage a silent rebellion against this decaying mommy-state. As a bonus, it requires no fucking effort on your part. So why not be like Robinhood and his merry men? Why not steal from the system and work for your folk instead?

R: 94 / I: 17 / P: 12

The White Problem

I've been racially-aware for over a decade now. Understanding the Jewish Problem was the key to everything, with the White Problem a close second. What White Problem, you ask? The one where Jews abuse, rape, enslave, and murder Whites for 3,000 years and the overwhelming majority of Whites are still too stupid to understand that Jews are an implacable racial enemy. I no longer believe in trying to save every last White person I see, or even trying to save as many Whites as possible. We have to accept the bitter truth that most Whites are fucking retards, with gullible and child-like brains that kikes easily control through their religions and propaganda. Liberals, commies, race-mixers, drug users, Jew-lovers, fatties, cuckservatives, do we really want to save these idiots? Because that's probably 90% of the White race right there. No, we shouldn't want to save these people. We should want separation from them. Whites who aren't race-conscious by now, generally speaking, aren't going to be. If we try to save them, they'll hate us and fight us. Just like the Anglos and Russians in WW2, they'll fight for their own enslavement at the hands of the jews. We cannot help these people. If we try, we'll destroy ourselves. We need to ESCAPE these people and found an entirely new society, one is that immune to the kike from the get-go due to the strength of its founding stock. At this point I don't really see any other way forward.

R: 47 / I: 8 / P: 12

Are we here?

In 2017, we had openly pro-White marches drawing hundreds of participants, in the open, in broad daylight. Say what you will about Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch, or the proven infiltrator Mathew Heimbach, in 2017 pic related made sense. But it has been 4 years since then and our real-political strength has grown weaker. Paradoxically, the regime has placed itself in such a weak position that if we had been organized today, we would be in a fantastic position to begin affecting the real politics of America. Not running random people for irrelevant positions, but garnering public support for direct action against the regime. Yet obviously, we are much weaker today than in 2017. Why? The regime has thoroughly embarrassed and discredited itself, appearing exceptionally oppressive and incompetent. Meanwhile, it has dropped almost all pretense of being a nation of laws and has morphed into a media and drug corporation controlled po1ice state. It has been humiliated abroad by being defeated by the Taliban, while domestically there is both strong factionalism and dysfunctional government. While the Biden regime is obsessed with enforcing ever more unpopular and draconian mandates, the willingness of local authorities to enforce the increasingly deraigned mandates is questionable. While the regime is transforming America into a po1ice state, they have simultaneously hamstrung their own enforcing terror apparatus by purging everyone who will not take the death-vaccine. They have no reasonable way to replace the unvaccinated zogbots. And given the evidence for an ineffective or harmful vaccine, the remaining zogbots may suffer from health problems or even death. Meanwhile, the economy is imploding around us. The regime is weaker than it has ever been, yet no one is fighting back? Why is this? I am not entirely certain, but my theory is simply that people are experiencing shellshock from the sheer czutspah of the regime. Meanwhile, the living standards have not yet collapsed to the point where the worthless lemmings experience true privation. Only inconvenience. Ironically, by turning America from a liberal democracy into a totalitarian po1ice state with hyper inflation and shortages of basic goods, the jews will be doing us a favour by removing the main impediment to galvanizing the lemmings against them. By hamstringing their own enforcing terror organizations through purges, the ability for the FBI to disrupt and destroy dissident organizations will likely be greatly hindered. Still though, it is depressing to see that so many people will mindlessly go along with whatever humiliating new rule the regime comes up with. Dr. Pierce was right about everything.

R: 112 / I: 35 / P: 12

Are cops maintaining the regime?

Every day I contemplate what is maintaining the jewish regime in America. By any metric of the past, the USA should be a warzone right now. Yet barring some relatively minor incidents, the USA is as peaceful as you would expect a dystopian but stable empire. Why? What is maintaining the regime's stability? Historically, two things maintain a regime; Popular perception of its legitimacy (public support) or fear (state monopoly on violence). Obviously, both are necessary but ideally, your evil empire is maintained by public support more than fear because fear is a weak motivator. A regime which has no perception of legitimacy is a weak one, yet it may be maintained by an overwhelming security apparatus. If a regime lacks both legitimacy and a monopoly on violence, then it is nothing more than a club of men who will be replaced by whomever is strong enough or popular enough to overpower them. Now, idk about you, but I do not trust any polls from the regime. So I must base my analysis on my own experiences with people. I admit that this is not scientific, but given that the regime is not going to be polling people on whether they'd support an insurgency anyway, it's what I have to work with. Based on the information I glean from my interactions with random people, there is almost no active support for the regime. Not among cuckservatives nor even among shitlibs. Thus, I must conclude that if the general population isn't too dissimilar to the people I know, there is low support for the regime. This actually is backed up by system polls which show extremely low support for both Biden and the US congress, even among shitlibs. So why does is America not a warzone? It seems to me that the problem is cops, feds, etc who are maintaining the regime by creating an aura of fear + general apathy among all elements of the multi-racial US population. So long as cops and feds are "doing muh job," Whites are too cowardly to oppose the regime. Or are they? The Irish managed to summon up the courage to resist British imperialism despite the full force of the British army set against them. This kind of thing has happened repeatedly across time. So maybe there is more to the story than merely the presence of cops. If we examine what facilitated the Irish insurgency against London, it's clear that widespread popular support for the revolt was present. But even the best of our speakers have so far failed to come up with a way to garner widespread support for White Revolution in America. In any case, if you know any cops, I suggest you find out what is motivating them to continue enforcing jewish laws. If police would just fuck off and stop enforcing jewish laws, then maybe White people would have enough breathing room to recover our courage. As a kinetube shitlib, StormCloudsGathering, once said; "Talk to a soldier" I wish we had more threads up analyzing what is propping up the regime, how revolutions have evolved in the past, and what we as individuals can legally do to destabilize the regime

R: 14 / I: 20 / P: 12

It's Okay To Be White - IOTBW

PROOF OF CONCEPT: A harmless message like this has already caused a massive media shitstorm before: [Embed] [Embed] IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Ignore anyone advocating criminal activity, vandalism, etc. These are shills trying to ruin our operation. It is pointless most importantly bad PR to do anything illegal. The point is to have the MAXIMUM CONTRAST between how evil the media portrays these posters, and how clearly benign they are to normies. DO NOT ALTER THE POSTER: Uniformity is key, it will have the biggest impact. We also don't want to give the media any way to negatively spin this: putting URLs, discords, QR codes, etc will only give the media an excuse to label them "sinister recruitment tools for nazis". IGNORE SHILLS SUGGESTING TO ALTER THE POSTER, and if you see a poster outside with any links on it, RIP IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

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Why White nationalists should loath empires (or, Why the Roman Empire collapsed)

Stripped down to its essential aspects, an empire is a state where a core population exerts control over non-core subject populations/territories. By very definition, an empire is a non-homogeneous, multi-ethnic state. A state of many nations. A homogeneous state cannot be an empire, it is a nation-state. The primary problem with an empire is that the non-core population not like their subjugation to the imperial heartland and will always seek independence from it. This means that they will not fight for the empire very hard or contribute anything more than what they are forced to pay. In order to suppress revolts and maintain the flow of taxes/loot, the core population will be mobilized by the jews to plunder and suppress the subject peoples. They will also be mobilized to defend the frontiers against truly foreign states seeking to expand their empires. For a while, plundering conquered peoples will be very profitable, especially to the jews of the core population. However, eventually there is only so much that you can loot a subject population until it becomes too impoverished to make your occupation profitable. The smart thing to do at that time is to abandon it, stripping its last wealth away and taking it back to the home province. But this never happens because of human nature. The jews will never stand for the "shame" of abandoning a worthless territory to move onto greener pastures. So the result is always taxing the core population more and more to pay for and to defend increasingly worthless hinterlands. This is a heavy price for the core population to bear. First of all, while you are soldiering, you are far from home and thus not contributing to your people's genepool or the economic vitality of your core homeland. Thus, every hundred thousand men you send out to defend the far flung provinces of your empire is another hundred thousand men who will not become fathers or who will not be around to raise their children. This happened on a micro-scale in Rhodesia where the White men were called up to defend Rhodesia constantly and thus were depriving wives of their husbands (decreasing population growth) and children of their fathers. The stress of constant war drove many White families to just emigrate, leading to a population collapse in just a few years of war. Seriously, look into just how often White men were called up to defend Rhodesia and think about what this did to the economy and society. Even if this were only a small effect, it compounds over decades and generations to produce a collapse of the core population and the withering of the economic prosperity of the core territory. The Empire suffocates both the subjects and the core population. While the core population suffers from constant war, the non-core subjects will have one small advantage; They will not need to defend the empire, so they can focus on expanding their own populations. Sure, they will be ruthlessly exploited by the imperial armies, but they can at least grow over generations while the core imperial population declines. An example of this on the micro-scale is the American black population remaining at "home" breeding and moving into the cities while the White population went abroad to get slaughtered in WW2. The cynical, rootless elite of a late stage empire will eventually seek to expand the core population (they view us as resources) by extending citizenship to the conquered peoples. However, rootless jews fail to understand that tribalism/nationalism cannot simply be dictated from the top. Subject peoples will never embrace Romaness the way the Romans will. And at the first opportunity to defect, they will do so. Meanwhile, by diluting the core population with expanded citizenship, you cause two catastrophic reactions. 1. You remove the feeling of unity which allowed the core population to endure the hardship and sacrifice necessary to conquer and maintain the empire. If everyone is a Roman, then being a Roman is a worthless identity. One of the reasons why the Romans were so open to foreign religions was because they had lost the sense of rootedness and purpose after generations of fighting the original forever wars for no understandable purpose other than a paycheck. The Romans had lost their reason to exist because there was no reason to want to be a Roman. 2. You invite foreign interests into the power structure. Instead of uniting Britons, Africans, Syrians, and Thracians in common cause with the Roman people, you bring in their own internal squabbles into the power structure and end up causing more fractures within the empire. The Britons and Thracians have aspirations and needs which have nothing to do with Italy. Their jews will always seek to syphon wealth away from Italy and channel them to their territories and peoples. If they have any power, they will use their power to sap the wealth of the empire for their benefit.

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>What is Operation Pridefall? It's quite simple. every June, hundreds of massive corporations band together to smother social media with posts in favor of "Pride Month", a code word for the degeneracy that is LGBT activism. Many of these accounts are rather small and get very little engagement, yet they continue to post without backlash. Beginning on JUNE 1ST, The goal of Operation Pridefall is get on discord, twitch, etc. and drop a shitton of disturbing redpills on homosexuality on the comments/channels of the lesser known pages. The bigger pages are ok targets, but posts tend to get unnoticed in the sea of other comments. Commenting on smaller pages (~100 likes or so) means anyone who views it will see the posts, and companies will reconsider their posts afterwards >How do I do this? 1. Get a shitty free vpn: There are a million addons on google chrome/firefox that give out a free vpn, pick one. 2. Get an email: 3. Sign up for twitch using steps 1 and 2 to verify. 4. Go on any game category and look under a LGBT tag, sort it from the lowest viewers to the highest, so you can get more attention 4. Post away! (Please note that you might get shadow banned on twitch, often this causes only you to see what you commented, the way to fix this is to re-register using a vpn which will work 99.9% of the time, if it doesnt work try cleaning your cache and cookies too.) There many different companies to target each year, we will use these threads to coordinate and post salt afterwards. See below for a folder of all my memes saved so far + the ghostbin >Have we ever done this Exactly 1 Year ago the Operation Thread was made (5/10/2020). However The Operation failed miserably we can do much better this year. >Any specific guides? Keep it normie palatable/friendly. This means no Nazi/Hitler shit, the goal is to make them question whether what they are supporting is really the right thing. Just like IOTBW, THERE IS NO PHASE 2!!! >HURR YOU TRIED THIS LAST YEAR AND IT FAILED Shut the fuck up you double nigger it got the faggots and trannies scared shitless so we are doing it >Resources >Meme Dump >Statistics Good luck anons, and good hunting.

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Pol approved Nippon Media

ITT: Discuss acceptable japanese media, or media that promotes pol ideology. Remember all media can provoke thought, even anime, and can be used to push our ideals on the mass. Anime viewers are a media consuming group and, just like we do with the mass through memetic warfare, can be pushed to see the light. Recommendations: Jinroh the wolf brigade: Japan has fallen under the occupation of National Socialist Germany and is slowly recovering, until the appearance of liberal rebels known as the Sect. The liberal rebels are most likely under (((american))) influence as they use american guns and guerilla tactics to uprise against the new state of Japan. The liberal rebels would go as far as to employ young women to act as bomb carriers all in order to disrupt the peace. Eventually the public police also turn traitorous and attempt to overthrow the state first by getting rid of the state special police known as Kerberos. Little do they know a secret group of the special police known as the Jinroh (man wolves) has kept a close eye on them and quickly puts the traitors down returning the state of national socialist Japan to peace. In Jinroh the people of japan desire peace accept the occupation. The National Socialists are not the villains of this movie, but rather the peacebringers looking out for their people's interest through the actions of the state police and a few brave men (the jinroh) Ergo Proxy: Long after the destruction of the world humanity coexists with autoreivs in dome like societies to protect themselves from the outer world. Our main character Re-L chooses to look beyond what she is told and find the truth those in power choose to keep from the model citizen. She learns about proxies, essentially gods who created the new world, and meets a proxy who has lost his memories of his past. Ignorance is bliss; Re-L pursues the truth even though it brings her nothing, but misery, and the truth she, and the proxy, finds is that existence is suffering, yet they both choose to live in suffering and continue to hunt for the truth. Paranoia Agent: A series of town members are abused by a young boy with a baseball in a series of hit and runs. [Spoiler]Eventually we find out that the serial attacker was nothing but a subconscious lie brought on by the guilt and irresponsibility of the cast to accept the hardships of life and instead escape through lies and feigned ignorance [/spoiler] I would like to go into more detail on others such as Patlabor The Movie 2, Ghost in the Shell, and more, but I'm not even sure if this thread will stay up or get archived for being irrelevant.

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GDL hit the news

this is hilarious. nosetribe seething. last week they dropped flags over major roads lel

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Conservative rejection of Revolutionary Language keeps them eternal losers

Conservatives always lose. Why do they always lose? Simply put, it is because they are losers. The reason they are losers is because they systematically reject all paths to political victory. They reject identity cohesion/politics because they believe that that is crass. They reject working within government systems (subversion) because they are proud and think it beneath them to be anything other than a "business owner." even though most are just wage slaves They reject political activism because they think it's too much work aka cowardice "Oh, I can't go to a protest because of muh job!" They reject appeals to victimhood because they are too self absorbed in their own fake elitism to face the reality that the state actively discriminates against us. And they reject violence because they're such good little law abiding citizens who would never break a (((law.))) What is left? Voting. And when they lose; whining on the internet when they don't get their way. As if anyone cares. There is no political solution. Why the hell would jews (or "muh deep-state") allow us to overthrow them peacefully? They have committed every known crime from corrupting the nation to outright genocide. No one would ever surrender power peacefully to people with no power, and to believe that anyone would is moronic. All power must be taken through force or the threat of force. So why then do conservatives, and even many so called third positionists reject this? Conservatives and many newly "redpilled" right wingers are focused on defeating "leftism" rather than removing the specific jewish oligarchs who have no ideology and are as marxist as they are libertarians. And through propaganda of right wing media, they have been led to associate almost all Revolutionary terminology with communism or leftism. If you say, "I am a revolutionary," the instinct among many "redpilled" right wingers is to immediately recoil and scream; "That's leftism! You are a communist!" But this makes no sense on any level. If America experiences a revolution, who will be overthrown? The ones in power. And who are they? They are jews and gentile collaborators. People whom the "redpilled rightists" claim are marxists. So how the hell is overthrowing marxism a marxist position? You say, "say, how did Lenin overthrow the Russian Democracy? Let's learn from this." and half the time, you will only hear autistic screeching that learning from successful revolutions is somehow a leftist position. Literally every single thing in the world gets broken down into either a left wing idea or a right wing idea, and all "left wing" ideas must be immediately ignored and rejected no matter the paralyzing cost it has inflicted upon the movement(s) for decades. It's infuriating. You say "White people are oppressed and should rise up," and half these nincompoops will immediately chide you for daring to use "leftist terminology." Leftist terminology? How else would you describe a race of people who are openly discriminated against by the government and corporations, under a president who has openly expressed his desire to see "White stock" reduced to a powerless minority in our own nation? How else would you describe the only race subject to hate propaganda and who are at the literal bottom of the social hierarchy for hiring and state funding, without which you will fall into poverty and misery. And then you will have the privilege of the same conservatives trying to remove even your little public welfare because only blacks deserve free money. Conservatives and the barely awake "redpilled" rightist wing systematically reject every revolutionary mode of thinking, and it is deeply harmful for "right wing thought." The only way to get anything in life is to take it from those who hate you for existing. This is what we call "politics" today. And for the oppressed, the only way to play politics is through revolution. Embracing these words is not leftism, how the fuck is "revolution" even a leftist concept? It is an action. It is like saying that breathing is a left wing concept. The oppressed, when barred any means of political redress by a hostile oligarchy, must embrace revolution to take what is ours away from those who have stolen it from us. If the el1tes are "marxists," then wouldn't revolution against them be a right wing proposal? Being an "oppressor" is not a synonym for being right wing. It is the act of tyranny against the people by the regime. We are literally oppressed in ways that would cause pampered niggers to break down and cry with self loathing and despair. I am not accusing anyone here of doing this, mind you. But I see it a lot on fagChan and in other right wing circles. What is the solution? Calling it out would be a start. Really, nothing will ever change until a significant portion of our race embraces revolutionary positions and approves of violence against the regime.

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Post 'em.

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Greta is the first spear of the ecofascist

I dont like this new development: Our girl Greta Thunberg is using her rising star to boost a spent golem for the leftists.

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They deserve it.

All corrupt white genocide traitor politicians deserve Breivik. All HIAS Jews deserve Bowers, All Muzzie invaders deserve Christchurch and all other animals that support them and much more, they deserve it all. All people's fighters including saints did absolutely nothing wrong and will be remembered forever. The Jewish and foreign warlike black parasites do not belong in any white Anglo or European country just like we do not belong in theirs. This is undeniable. Jews with their media actually try their best to make you cry about our race removing these third world crazy brown skin muslim invader savages? Well, they have done 142 attacks in 17 countries and killed 844 people and injured 635 Only the last 30 Days Ask yourself how can it be that you don't hear anything about it? They are violent people with a different way of life, incompatible to ours. This is undeniable. Statists, Useful idiot leftoid subhumans and traitor politicians gave them everything but they still commit terrorism all the time in our countries, these retards gave these brown animals everything in return they spit in our face and go target white women and children, happy families, to kill. This is unforgivable. They deserve death. They must be killed before they kill us and destroy our way of life. Muslim violence inevitable, they always start it. Politicians and jews caused it all, we never voted for it. It's the right thing to remove them. They must be killed before they kill us and destroy our civilized way of life. It's the right thing to remove them. They all deserve it. IF you disagree with removing Muslims from nations they do not belong along with most importantly their subversive dangerous, genocidal, elements such as Jews and their politicians who are literally all insane and corrupt and who have openly made it their sole mission as in life to kill, genocide, as many White people with peaceful societies as possible, for absolutely no reason but hate it is not us but it is you who are are a coward, it is you who is an enemy, and it is you who deserves THEIR way of life where all this horror of murder, acid attacks, terrorism is normalcy, not ours, and you DESERVE to suffer. It is us who are brave, it is us who are heroes against all odds for defending our people against this scum against, against this dystopia, against the enemies who are complicit in offensively terrorizing our entire people, this is genocide, murder by birthrates constantly trying to legitimize these crimes by brainwashing children and putting out Jewish TV propaganda every day. The enemies that do this deserve to die, it is us or them. This is undeniable. Death to ZOG.

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Technology, Primitivism, Ted Kaczynski

A response to someone mentioning Ted. TL;DR: Ted is full of shit and retarded, people memeing him are organized. Read his book, spot the self contradictions. Long post: >>35331 > Industrial Society and it's Future, Kaczynski Did you even read this peace of garbage? Of all the possible objections to technology Kaczynski manages to be the most self contradictory and retarded. Read the opening of it and spot these self contradictions: 1) < modern living makes us depressed and we need to return to primitivism (I'm not remembering or using his special snowflake words) to be happy. Hold one a second I'm not depressed and all the problems are political. kind of ass pulled 2) SELF CONTRADICTION TIME ! < You see you can be vary happy if you [find a goal in your life] (my words not his) however ... A) You self contradicted to 1 B) GG I'm out no need to read further I'm happy and have clear goals. Try naming your book something more appropriately like "people without goals are unhappy and see no meaning in their lives" see you fagot. < .... However you see these goals are """fake/unnatural''' goals (my words not his) (he names them something like surrogate activities or something like this) So more of the same its really question begging why we are to abandon these "unnatural goals" other then Ted implying that we are to do this. This is also self contradictory since failed math teacher is to stupid to do any proper argument like <Only 1% can accept to have unnatural goals Or anything resembling this argument. I recommend everyone reads it and understands what Ted is saying, as far as I did read into this garbage he simply self contradicts and assumes that these unnatural goals are not something people are supposed to have. I need to finish his writings however this looks like another retarded meme ideology for idiots to run around, since most anon are to lazy or incompetent to read 100% of this book or even more then 1 page of text and internet personalities will tell them what this magic book actually says (see Protestantism). As far as I got (and I keep interrupting to think about what he is saying to think about it and realize the contradictions not blindly reading text like some machine and have no idea what it all actually means) it looks exactly what you expect from some idiot hobo living in a cabin. Also I recommend everyone get into Text To Speech and simply make their own audio book version of this book. No surprise the primitivists got really angry when I pointed out this technology. This way you can listen to what he is saying if reading is to hard for you. >I know it's been heavily memed Watch out for the primitivists trying to shill their Ted crap they are getting organized a guy like Luke Smith Who are strongly into tech and shill Ted a lot. 1/2

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surveillance, intimidation, and assassinations by the state. Alphabet boys

We all know the 'meme' of being put on a watch list for viewing or saying things online. The US feds and many other governments have had sophisticated intelligence organizations before the advent of the NSA and USA PATRIOT ACT. Many are familiar with the program of COINTELPRO which still goes on to this day, that being infiltration of subversive or revolutionary groups such as the way the Earth Liberation Front was taken down. In the mid-late 20th century during the American civil rights movement, it is widely believed that Fred Hampton was assassinated by the police for genuine organizing. Many people also think the federal government also assisted or organized the assassination of Malcolm X. It is a dangerous world for freedom of information, journalism, writing about ideology (by the way I am not a marxist nor a leftist of any kind) and it is particularly dangerous for organizing. Does anyone have any modern examples of suspected state assassinations of organizers or writers? There hasn't been a major subversive group that actually physically organized since the ELF, and of course BLM is doing the work of the system for it and has been coopted since its birth so I'm not talking about that. As far as genuine movements who are actually against the fundamentals of the system, I have in mind Kaczysnkites (although this movement is still in the early stages of organization) I can think of Bill Cooper and the fellow who made videos about the police outside of his house for weeks who was then 'suicided' in his house and had his house burned. Anyone else have any examples? (I do not want to debate any of the ideologies mentioned here, I'd just like to discuss state surveillance, harassment, and assassinations)

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National Justice Party Any thoughts on the whole National Justice Party founding, just saw this posted.

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why is the white population decreasing?

I don't really understand why. for example a lot of European countries have a decreasing white population and the usual argument is migration and race mixing but statistically speaking white people rarely ever mix with non-whites, another argument is promotion of homosexuality but homosexuals usually have kids before they come out and also make up a very small portion of the population. is it economics making it really expensive for whites to have kids? if that's the case why do really poor working class whites not have as many kids as the shit skins that get let into the country? I'm perfectly aware that the white population is indeed being replaced with non-whites, I just don't understand why as most of the arguments people on /pol/ make don't make any sense.

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Skinner's politics thread

Do you think that Skinner's political system shown in Walden two and ethics discussed in beyond freedom and dignity. From the sound of his ideas it could easily be incorporated into into fascist and authoritarian ideas. Here's some back ground so you understand what I am talking about. Burrhus Frederic Skinner was an American behavioral psychologist. He believed heavily in the power of behavioral engineering to fix many of society's issues. He believed that freedom and free will should to be put aside or were in themselves, illusions. Skinner wanted to save humanity from killing it self. This was probably due to the fact that a kike decided to make a nuclear bomb right around the time he started researching behavior. Sorry for duplicate I posted the wrong pic

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my original big brain Economic theory on Tariffs.

TLDR: tariffs will only 1/2 be paid by Consumer (but not really because it just reduces Consumer's other tax burden, so it really just shifting tax on same guy) with the OTHER half TRULY coming out of the ass of some foreign profiteer and his Rent Seeking its a Win-Win-Win! :) Tariffs are GOOD because they are TAXES. All this talk about Trade Wars and "passing on cost to consumers" and "distort the free market" etc misses the real issue. Why SO much drama over this one particular minor type of tax, when we already have a massive stealth-tax when (((The Fed))) prints money to support multi-trillion dollar 'deficits'. There are no 'deficits', only tax increases. Anyways, back to "Tariffs, The Good Taxes"(tm). It is sorta true that when one group gets a tax cut everyone else gets a tax increase. So....when one group gets a tax increase everyone else gets a TAX DECREASE. :) The entire anti-Tariff argument can be easily reduced to "taxes are bad because they cost people money", which isn't a valid point. Economic profs drill their students with the diagrams proving Tariffs ONLY make things worse for everyone. But as soon as you ask "then were SHOULD taxes cum from, professor?" it all falls apart into some Communist or Libertarian fantasy. As long as we remain IRL where lots of taxes are needed for at least SOME shit (police, fire, roads, military), Tariffs start looking like best possible option. According to my own personally created economic theory, Tariffs, if "done right" will result in equal amounts of': a) higher cost to domestic consumer b) lower profits to foreign producer, thus.......the Foreign Producer ends up paying a WHOOPING 50% of your tax (your govt gibs). Tariffs (ie favoring domestic production) has numerous IRL benefits (((Economists))) (globalists) pretend don't exist: 1)As taxes go, they are low cost to collect. IRS regs are in the 40,000 pages and increasing, and all of that costs huge money on both sides. Also leads to "crimes", enforcement, collections, seizure, etc. Its an ongoing Guerilla War/Counter Insurgency of People VS Govt. Property Tax? Ditto. Sales Tax at cash registrar, or even Amazon? Are U fucking kidding? Govt is running % to grab pennies? WTF? In contrast, if the product being Tariff-ed don't lend to smuggling (crude oil, new cars, etc), collecting the tax is trivial and guaranteed to be paid in advance. Mr Honda don't want 500,000 units of 2021 aging at dock due to Tariffs unpaid. 2)Trade “Wars” (encouraging local alternatives) can prevent REAL wars. And if not actual hot-war, then reduce shortages, price gouging, etc resulting from overseas shenanigans we can’t control and shouldn’t be involved in trying to control. There should be a domestic supply of all needed products at at least a subsistence level so if foreign supply ends local production can quickly be ramped up VS start from scratch by people who don’t know WTF they are doing. 3)Toxic/Defective products are deterred if all parties are under same national legal system. 4)In direct contradiction to what my well-meaning extremist Austrian School prof says (once you grant that SOME tax funds are required) Tariffs aren’t just OK for us, but its perfectly OK if everyone else puts Tariffs on our stuff to raise their needed Tax Funds. It all evens out, with the result that imports cost more, but everyone’s OTHER taxes are reduced, so costs are really the same, but everyone has more locally produced products, much less Red Tape dead loss from every small biz dealing with complex tax laws, and less FOREIGN ENTANGEMENTS. With Tariffs, you eliminate things like GM lobbying for more US tax payer funded military in South Korea because they have a partnership that makes those little Chevy Spark cars. 5) And don’t get me started on all this “our vital interests in the the Middle East” BS. OK, you got me started. Our only interest in the ME is oil, which dictates our only goal in the ME should be extreme “regime change” in the only nation that interferes with our oil producing trade partners, Israel. 6)All in all, domestic production is much more cosy than foreign imports. A health society needs a complete variety of "employment situations" just to keep marginal types off the streets and out of trouble. Rosa Parks' job was "sewing bedsheets", good honest work that paid a living wage. Today that is all done by overseas slave labor and your typical Negress is a welfare drug addict. Your bedsheets cost 1/3 less but 2/3 of the city is a no-go zone.

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Who is supplying guns to africa?

While watching this video about the Niger ambush I wondered who the fuck gaves these mentally retarded niggers firearms in the first place? My first conclusion was that it was the jews. The social core of jewish ideology is the inverstion of the natural hierarchy. By giving niggers guns, that would allow them to rise up against their superiors thus giving them a degree of independence. Niggers are animals who aren't capable of thinking for themselves due to their mental retardation so why on earth do we have teams of green berets there to train them? I actually heard that back in the 1950s there were communist jews who supplied niggers with rifles.

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 14

(((Happening))) in France

The police is moving back and not responding to provocations from the public in Paris. They are demonstrating because Pdt. Macron said a law would be made forcing doctors to take the vaccine and access to shopping malls, restaurants, museums, libraries, trains, planes and hospitals (possibly for visits only) would require a sanitary pass (a recent test or a vaccination certificate) Live stream:

R: 267 / I: 53 / P: 14


SEVEN ASIANS KILLED IN THREE LOCATIONS BY WHITE MAN WITH A FASHY HAIRCUT Has a new saint arrived? Let's wait and see. Suspect still at large. >At least three people were killed and two were wounded after a shooting Tuesday at a massage parlor in an Atlanta suburb, and four people were killed at two other spas in Atlanta, authorities said. >Atlanta police say they are in the beginning of the investigation and have not outlined a motive.

R: 28 / I: 7 / P: 14

The Helicoptarians

Sauce: Browsing late night I've come across this group. Seems like a secluded group of people who own land and have different laws in the US similar to Mormons. Now the important question is are they legit? Tbh seems like a pyramid scheme. I honestly doubt they'd be able to do something like this in this day and age. Especially with the crazy radical leftists running wild. Would be nice if it was legit though. A land where white men are in charge and run the show. Thoughts anons?

R: 105 / I: 41 / P: 14

OY VEY! China tells the truth and kikes seethe

>Israel Accuses China of ‘Blatant anti-Semitism’ After State TV Says ‘Wealthy Jews’ Control U.S. Foreign Policy what happens if more and more countries just start outright telling the truth regarding kikes and israel?

R: 73 / I: 18 / P: 14

The Egoist Question

As most of you will be aware, there exists in ideology known as "Egoism". TLDR >"Egoism", developed by Max Stirner and later butchered by (((Ayn Rand))) it is a weltanschauung that holds the self, The Unique, The Ego above all things. >Presented in ‘The Ego & Its Own’ or ‘The Unique & Its Property’ - It decries all that which inhibits the individual and all abstractions that bind the Ego from exercising it’s will, be it law, government, humanity, morality etc. Egoism now has two main groups who adhere to it. 1) Sociopaths, who follow the ideas laid down in ‘The Ego and Its Own’ because they see themselves as the be all and end all. These people usually advocate all kinds of heinous things from CP to murder on the basis that it is “pleasing to their ego”. This first group is very difficult to debate as they tend to make few if any positive claims and tend to be logically consistent. At least in this regard they are more respectable than a lot of other ideologues. 2) The 2nd group are the man children who inhabit places such as r/fullegoism/ who have taken to the philosophy merely because it offers an easy means to reject things they dislike (be it God or the Gobbernment & the boys in blue) while providing a position that is very difficult assail in debate. Now like most things that are halfway interesting it has been taken by pseudo-intellectual fedorafags on Reddit and has been completely butchered to an even worse degree than what (((Rand))) attempted. For an ideology whose adherents lord themselves as ultimate individualists (to the point they make Lolbertarians look like statists) it has now come into the clutches of brainlets who have attempted to blend the ideology with communism. However, this 2nd group has one big weakness. They are pants on head retarded. Like most fedorafags they are far-left, with all contradictory retardation that comes along with it. Muh Identity politics Muh Equality Muh socialist/gommunist economics And they will still attempt to hold to their lefty “morality” while appealing to Egoism. The benefit of them trying to horseshoe their morals into this worldview is it creates a very obvious contradiction. Lefty Egoist claim to be against various bad/mean/oppressive/evil things like racism, sexism etc. (though as egoists they don’t really have moral grounds with which to oppose it). The best a lefty egoist might have is that wanting to protect your race alive is spooked because race & nation is a spook (though lefty-egoists lack the balls to even use the term spooked and now use the term “phantasm”). However, if someone was to propose genocide against black on the basis their appearance is unpleasant and displeasing to their ego, a lefty egoist would have no basis for claim what that person was proposing is wrong or even spooked. So, a proposal. An idea. On how to point out the retardation of Lefty Egoist as well as how to effectively trigger them. Point out that the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger was Egoism IN PRAXIS. A unit that, UNDER AN EGOIST WORLDIVEW, did nothing wrong. Dirlewanger and his men used the SS as a means to rape, pillage and kill across eastern Europe and fulfil the desires of their Ego. They also had little responsibility in terms of reporting (only reporting directly to Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler). The Dirlewanger Brigade also largely made their own rules in terms of battlefield conduct how “loot” would be distributed, & finally they shot their vice commander simply because they didn’t like taking orders from him. Truly anarchy in the form of an SS-Sturmbrigade. Connecting Egoism to the Dirlewanger Brigade will make any leftwing egoist freak out and ketch madly. Though they will be unable to actually substantiate any claims that Dirlewanger was evil without blatantly exposing their belief in object morality at which point you call them out as "spooked" cause them to kvetch even further.

R: 13 / I: 5 / P: 14

Most can't be deradicalized. Most can't abandon the truth.

That is true as what we believe is in accordance with reality. You will realize that as you observe and examine reality. You will return to the far-right for that reason. Those who are deradicalized either actively ignore the truth or were just thugs who subscribed to no ideology but hate. Skinheads and neo-Nazis fit that description. You can abandon hate but you can't abandon the truth. Our countries are being stolen from us. We are being replaced by foreigners in our ancestral lands. Our jobs are given to foreigners and the jobs that can be outsourced are. We are held to a different standard than the rest of humanity. Diversity quotas and hate crime laws don't apply to our race. Not in our countries and theirs. They are not taught to believe it's wrong to have a racial in-group preference like we are. They are not taught to believe it's wrong to be privileged and supreme in their countries like we are. They are not taught to hate their own history and ancestors like we are. They are not expected to pay reparations for their imperialist ancestors like we are. Not that they need reparations as they are welfare recipients disproportionately. They are not despised by us despite committing crime disproportionately in our countries. We are taught not to generalise them. Imagine the outrage if we commited crime disproportionately in their countries. They would definitely generalise us as criminals. Those are valid reasons to believe that our race is in a crisis. Those are valid reasons to be radicalised. We are in a demographic and moral decline. Any ideology that is anti-Egalitarian and ethnocentric is far-right, at least by today's standards therefore deradicalization isn't apolitical. Anyone who claims otherwise is either a liar or ignorant. Remember that the vast majority of white people just a century ago were far-right by today's standards therefore they believe that the moral framework of almost all our ancestors before the boomer generation was backwards.

R: 37 / I: 32 / P: 14

racialist propaganda memes

share yours

R: 39 / I: 17 / P: 14

Third world country chimpout

Coming soon to a country near you. >Inb4 what tf do I care about what happens in a third world spic country? Pay attention, anon, this is a textbook communist takeover. Learn from our mistakes and never let evil take root in your homeland. I'll try to break it down for you in a comprehensive manner. TL;DR - Colombia is getting the full Portland treatment. I show you the path so you can avoid it when your turn comes.

R: 21 / I: 5 / P: 14

How banning works in social media

This is a rare glimpse behind the scene of a major social network: The author is a highly paid machine learning professional, likely with superior IQ and good education. He uses his sharp mind for evil, working for (((Page))) and (((Brin))) to train automatic classifiers that detect and ban our free speech. His thoughts are thoughts of a self-deluding superior IQ white race-traitor who has to use multiple mindtricks to make himself thinking he is on the righteous side. Read it, this is a learning opportunity. He clearly has a hard time, working against our linguistic ingenuity. Some excerpts: >So now, as you rewrite the guidelines, you’re providing a lot of links to urban dictionary and knowyourmeme. You’re explaining what 4chan is. You’re explaining what 8chan is. Your guidelines are becoming less and less general and more and more extremely online. You realize that they’ll all be obsolete in 6 months. 4chan finds new ways to be racist way faster than your legal department can approve new documents, likely faster than you can write them or the raters can read them. Rival communities are now weaponizing your “Report Abuse” button, so you can’t even get any indirect signal from what your users think in aggregate without becoming somebody’s tool. >On the next round you realize that they haven’t quite figured out what antisemitism looks like, and you need to explain the difference between “Jews have infiltrated the government” and “Russians have infiltrated the Trump campaign,” that one is a justification for mass murder, and the other is something that kinda, maybe, happened. So you update the guidelines. Legal and policy are all increasingly concerned that if any of the contractors leak the guidelines that you’re going to be hauled before congress. PR is worried about angry presidential tweets. You try again. >But there’s still a lot of stuff they’re getting wrong, so you try to explain the difference between “flashing an OK sign upside down at a gun range” vs “flashing an OK sign right-side up on a ski slope,” that one might be a white supremacist showing a “white power” sign, maybe, and the other is a guy enjoying his hobby. Most of your raters have never been to a gun range or to a ski slope, and may have never seen the OK sign. Now PR is sure that if any of this leaks not only will you get hauled before congress, but the general public will think you’re a bunch of loons. >This process can go on literally forever, and the ratings may never materially improve. The world of racism is full of euphemism specifically designed to fool onlookers, to allow people to be racist in public without detection, to be joking and not joking at the same time for plausible deniability. Racists have already inoculated their movement against exactly the type of social/technical system you are trying to design. My conclusions: 1. We have to make job for these traitors as hard as possible. Good way of doing this is designing our memes and slang to be very similar to normie speech patterns, the more cognition it requires to understand, the better. 2. We should cycle our slang patterns approximately as fast as they run their training pipeline, i.e. 3-6 months. 3. We can create SJW-like accounts (use sms-reg or other services via crypto to get anon phone numbers, and use a VPN to avoid getting caught) and provoke outrage at slightest failures these media platforms do in their moderation policy. Your thoughts ?

R: 24 / I: 12 / P: 14

Jewish liberalism is colonialism

One of the timeless tools of a colonial power is allying with a weak actor against a strong one, defeating and destroying the former stabilizing force or hegemon in the region, and then ruling over the weak and disorganized remains. You can find examples of this throughout history. From British colonial Africa to the attempt by the Persians to use destroy Greece using Sparta (which contrary to popular myth, was usually a Persian ally). This is what the jews have done with us. Jews sought to colonize Western society and identified White men as the foundation upon which that society is built. Everything they have done can be understood in the context of a colonial elite utilizing weaker groups against the foundational group so they can rule over and exploit our society. Feminism empowers women over men because women are much easier to control than men. You can go out into the wilderness if you like, but if your woman is not wholly trustworthy, she can castrate your son and deplete you of your wealth and labor at a whim. The state will always side with her because feminism is warfare against Whites. The same is true of faggots and freaks. The law favors them against White and normal people because the jews are employing a colonial practice against us. It is certainly not to benefit women or even faggots that these tactics are utilized. When the Romans used weaker German tribes to undermine the stronger ones, this did not benefit either party. It was not intended to help the weaker tribes but to weaken the Germans as a whole, rendering them vulnerable to conquest or exploitation. The West has been transformed into an economic colony of our own elites. Neo-colonialism isn't just big corporations exploiting Africa. Neo-colonialism is utilizing feminism to destroy the fabric of society everywhere, it's importing immigrants to create ethnic conflict and undermine the working man's ability to feed his family, and it's turning the first world itself into the colony.

R: 22 / I: 80 / P: 15

Jews and Slavery

ITT we post evidence of the Jewish role in the international slave trade, both historical and current, as well as Jewish religious/cultural attitudes toward slavery.

R: 38 / I: 8 / P: 15

Racial Bio Weapon on Alex Jones Show

I have taken an interest in watching The Alex Jones show since last December leading up to the election. The reason for this being that many of Alex Jones' "prophecies" have come true within the last year, so I figured it would be interesting to listen a bit more on what he has to say. Indeed, Alex's audience has grown significantly in recent years, although he still constantly shills his wares as if he's going out of business every week. Part of my interest in watching the show is my hobby attempt at analyzing exactly what Alex's angle/game is. Is it a limited hangout? Is it controlled opposition? Alex himself has stated that the elites seem to have this pattern of "revealing the method" before they go through with their plans. Many speculate on the reasoning behind this peculiar pattern with theories ranging from some sort of karmic law to predictive programming. The true reason remains unclear. It is interesting Alex talks about this often, because he himself participates in "revealing the elites' plan beforehand." Now, the show is of course mostly infotainment and the vast majority of the show is too low-brow for me to stomach which works fine for me because I'm usually only half-listening at work. I can barely stand some of the guests, the callers are 95% retards, and Owen Shroyer is basically filler. Despite this, Alex occasionally drops nuggets here and there that make my ears perk up. The other day, Alex was talking about the "race agenda" which he often confronts from his centrist position (non-racist, interspersed with milquetoast race-realism). The interesting part was when he said the elites are flooding western countries with migrants to ultimately stoke a race war which will result in whites releasing a bio-weapon. Now that's interesting. Whites (or jews/globalists/elites) releasing a bio-weapon targeting browns. On the Alex Jones show. If I recall correctly, he then said the bio-weapon will "malfunction" and kill more than just brown people, greatly reducing the world population. Perhaps it's nothing, perhaps Alex was merely speculating. Perhaps there is more to it, and it will make more sense in a year or five. Anyway, just an interesting idea to toss around. As things stand, I don't think we have any whites in positions where they are working on such a weapon. But perhaps Mr. Global/jews are. >inb4 retards watch alex jones

R: 46 / I: 200 / P: 15

I just found these quotes. I'm curious to hear what the community has to say.

R: 30 / I: 6 / P: 15

What does a post-revolution National Socialist government look like?

After Dr. Pierce, I mean Mr. Turner, selflessly sacrifices himself to prevent the Samson Option, the White Revolutionaries win the war, take it to Europe, liberate Europe, then defeat China and have total global supremacy. What happens next? The Turner Diaries are a good read but unlike what the kikes say, it is not an instruction manual. Not even in the slightest. The entire book is a vessel for the primary message, which is a single question; What would you sacrifice to protect your race? The answer; Anything. But the Order is little more than a plot device and is never fleshed out. How does the Order operate? We do not know. One of the problems with National Socialist/Fascist philosophy is that there is little precise thought on what comes after the revolution. Fascism is more of a mentality or a morality than a political ideology in this way. But what should exist in the USA (for instance) after we win? Say that Hitler 2.0 doesn't descend down from heaven perfectly formed to lead us for 1,000 years. How would things be run? There is a lot of justified ractionaryism against democracy. So many people believe that we should have a totalitarian dictatorship. Who should this man be? The strongest? Ignoring the fact that the strongest man doesn't always mean the wisest ruler, what happens when he dies? Chaos, most likely. His son might be an idiot or a playboy, as has happened countless times throughout history. How do we select another leader? Strongmanism is not a stable form of government. You know, Dr. Pierce was a great man. He was the greatest American ever to live, and I mean that. If he were alive today, I'd shill for him being the supreme leader. But he proves why strongmanism and dictatorship is not an effective form of government. When he died, there was no successor and his organization largely fell into decline. No one had been groomed to succeed him just as no one was prepared to succeed Hitler or Franco. If you base your entire national ideology around a single man, you guarantee that it only lasts a generation. Many light-readers of Plato say that we should have an aristocracy of the best. And that is about as meaningful as communist utopianism. How are the best determined? Who does the determining? Do we send them to "the best" school to learn how to be "the best?" Who are the teachers? How did they become the best at being the best? Some are monarchists who wish to autistically re-create society as it was during their favourite strategy game; Europa Universalis. With them as king, of course. But this is nothing but role play: the ideology. That world is dead and died for a reason. You cannot metastasize a monarchy back from the grave anymore than you can recreate the Roman religion. Others say that we should have an oligarchy of generals. Yet our own general corps proves that being a general does not make you a decent person. All of our commanders are zionist traitors. Some Christians say "let Jesus rule" which is just a weasel way of saying; "let priests rule you the way they interpret the Bible." And we see what traitors priests are. This about wraps up the possible non-democracies. Harold Covington suggested that the Northwest Republic be a democratic republic were voting was designed to favour "responsible" people. Doctors, soldiers, teachers, and other intellectuals have special voting cards that give them 3 votes while sally soccer mom and joe sixpack only have 1. This is a more advanced and fair system than the common "only landowners get to vote" which carries the implication that we ought to respect the property "rights" of treasonous anti-Whites who have consistently sold out our people for generations. Of the supremely evil collaborators who work with jews to steal from us and then used their foully obtained wealth to buy up millions of acres of White land. I like this idea, but any empathetic people out there can immediately spot the problem. This system will inevitably wind up with a vastly larger underclass of no-votes and 1-votes people ganging up on the 3-voters. It sets up society to end up with a marxism 2.0 to appeal to the no-votes people. A political version of class warfare. And the "only landed people vote" is even worse. That absolutely guarantees a political underclass of landless angry people unless you radically redistribute land. But if you do that, then it's just regular democracy again. Also, none of these solutions resolve the problem of party politics ruining the country. Parties will inevitably form when there is an voting system for representatives to a congress. That about sums up the democratic republic positions.

R: 18 / I: 11 / P: 15

Jewish Pedo General

Thread for discussion and information sharring on Jewish Pedophile rings throughout the United States, The Broader Western World and Israel. /////// There isn't much left that Normies se as trully degenerate; but child rape (for now) is still one of them. To that end the exposer of Jewish child rapists is our single best tool in redpilling the masses on the satanic kike pedo fucks who rule over them. //// Redpill for New Fags > Redpill for Old Fags > Thread Theme >

R: 5 / I: 5 / P: 15


The pendulum has swung STOP HIDING. BE UNAPOLOGITIC.I have spoke with many whites (US) and a few non-whites. They understand what is coming National Socialsm is for everyone. Activate the DNA, the ancestry, the right. We have arrived... it is here. We are so fed up and the pendulum is in our favor. Be open, be free... be FREE. You are the new SA. To keep the thread goingl... what are you doing to help our race?

R: 31 / I: 4 / P: 15

a white person from somewhere in western europe decides to walk into this muslim cube and blow himself and the cube in the name of the western civilization. what would the consequences be?

R: 22 / I: 8 / P: 15

Commies Getting rounded up by Right-Wing Death Squads

>>> Your thoughts /pol/? Is this the beginning of Trump going hard right or is it just cover to arrest "far right" dissidents?? Either way I must say It is good to se the commies in such utter and complete pants shitting terror over it.

R: 204 / I: 213 / P: 15

Just how compromised is 4chan?

I've been on that honeypot shithole for 2 years now. I know the team there from admins down to their tranny jannies are obviously compromised by kikes and their pet leftists. I'm wondering how much of a percentage of the daily posters are bots and shills. When did that shithole of a board begin to go down the toilet?

R: 61 / I: 5 / P: 15

Rethinking Our Methodology

I am sure a good portion of anons here might be aware of this already, but for lurkers and others I figure it might be worth going over in a bit of detail. As many of you already know kikes are in-fact a parasitic race, an anti-race if you will, that have infected the European genepool through miscegenation over centuries. They actively pose and camouflage themselves as a European specimen when convenient for survival, whilst simultaneously throwing us under the bus politically, socially, and culturally. And when others attack them for their “Whiteness” the pull out the “jew” card to deflect blame and escape criticism. They are not only a biological parasite in the way they infect a host tribe and destroy it from within, but also a social parasite in the way they behave and act on almost every level, that inserts itself into movements, institutions, culture etc to fracture, re-route, divide, and destroy. This being said I think it is IMPERITIVE for our survival and our ability to form alliances with other groups that anons understand that this has not only affected our own race, but also the other races. As such it is IMPERITIVE that we not only learn to identify jew features among our own race, but also among the other races too. Developing a keen “jewdar” so to speak. Certain jew traits are very easy to spot once you understand what to look for; the obvious being the hook-nose, but the teacup or big ears, thin oddly colored lips, narrow face shape, and even freakishly big, puffy eyes can be identifying factors aswell. I’ve only recently started to be able to identify jewy characteristics in certain Indian and East Asian faces. And it is clear as day what a normal Chinaman looks like versus a kike blood infected one when you can decipher it. Henry Ford spoke of a similar thing in his book The International Jew, where he exclaimed Jews pretending to be German as German Businessmen. And as Americans as American Businessmen and how these parasitic imposters are able to fool the general public into forming opinions and assertions on said countries and groups based on the actions of jewy shekel stealers pretending to be the nationality of XYZ country. Likewise I would wager the same is the case regarding our impeding racial conflict. Jews pretending to be Black, Asian, Latin, Indian etc and coercing the natives of the groups to fight each other, or band together to target Whites. I believe this is the key to being able to break down the tensions and be able to work with other groups to accomplish the same goal by pointing out the the actions the jew is taking not only harms Europeans, but also Blacks, Asians, etc. and that a jew-free world would result in a better place for all groups. This is how the jew is molding these other groups (including us) into working for him as his pawns. Pointing out that even if Whites are wiped out that Asians will be next to be enriched with Blacks, or that the destruction of the Black family was the work of jews. I believe the only way we can succeed is to break through this and work with groups who are jew-aware and intelligent enough to understand that this is a global war that affects the cohesiveness of all groups and ultimately cannot be won without cooperation. A Global Liberation Front; if you will.

R: 349 / I: 272 / P: 16

==OogaBoogaLoo General==

What we know. George Floyd apparently passes a counterfeit bill, gets arrested, resists a bit, then resists a bit more when they try to put him in cruiser. Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng subdue him on the ground, while Tou Thao does his best to stop onlookers from recording. George struggles for about 3 min, panting he can't breath. Onlookers point out to Thao that suspect has become unresponsive and ask him to check for a pulse. Thao does nothing. Derek Chauvin seems to let some of his weight off George's neck but makes no move to assist for the remaining 3 minutes until paramedics arrive and together they pick George's dead body up and load him into ambulance. Unlike Aubrey, this killing does not seem justified. While George was resisting somewhat the 3 officers were never not in control of the situation, and after George lost consciousness, they should have tried providing medical assistance. Cue Riots in Minneapolis, Memphis and LA. Expect to go US wide on Saturday

R: 59 / I: 16 / P: 16

Three laws of Revolution

Revolution is Inevitable 1. Technological advancements and increasingly complex economic structures favour the Revolutionary insurgent. The vast majority of humans are lemmings. They adopt the belief systems and morality of the strong horse and their social peers. If the strong horse happens to be a degenerate and soulless democracy, then they will embrace it and accept that the morality that it imposes must be the supreme good. After all, if liberalism and anti-racism were not the supreme good, why would liberals and anti-racists be in power? This is obviously an incredibly naive and stupid conclusion. Yet it is the way that most people think. The good guys win every war, history is moving towards progress, etcetera. Only a small minority of men are capable of out of the box thinking. Only a minority of our race can question the sacred cows of society. All Revolutions originate from these men, not the great masses of unthinking peasants. This means that historically, whoever was in power generally had a pretty good clamp upon the peasants. War in the past was a contest of armies. And a small minority of thinkers could not hope to defeat an army unless they also possessed the resources to get one. Furthermore, historically it took an army to bring a state to its knees. The economy of Medieval Europe was agricultural based. To destroy the economy (aka ability to wage war) of an enemy, you would need to physically burn hundreds of thousands of acres of wheat or cut down hundreds of thousands of olive trees. And contrary to what you see in Hollywood, this is actually extremely difficult to do. Yet the increase in technology has not made men more equal but drastically increased the influence of Men who act. One man with a sword might kill a dozen men if they were unarmed or he was extremely skilled. But today, a single man with access to certain chemicals could kill hundreds or even thousands of others and live to strike again and again. Combine this change with a change in economic complexity and focus. No longer is the econmy tied to agriculture but industry and financial speculation. And this has focused the entire economy in just a few places. A single man with a grievance can potentially cause billions of dollars in economic damages. What about 10 men? What about 50? It may well be that it would only take about 50 men of reasonable intelligence to completely humble the most powerful empire on earth with nothing but weapons created from things you can buy at walmart and an agricultural store. Technological advances have favoured the Revolutionary insurgent. 2. Mature Regimes make Revolution inevitable. Many imagine the jews to be an omnipotent, unified enemy who do not suffer from factionalism or any other mortal problems which have afflicted ruling elites throughout history. Many imagine that ZOG is really a council of jews who meet every Tuesday in a big room where they all agree on what to do and their willing, eager underlings jump to impose their agenda upon the world. Such a System would be impossible to resist. However, this is not the way governments actually function. Instead, any mature regime inevitably develops parasitic elements which benefit from the power structure and thus, gain power themselves and use their influence within the System to obstruct reform. This is what doomed many monarchies of Europe. Often, the monarch understood very well that reform was necesarry and sought to reform the tax system or the social order. This is what Louis XVI of France attempted to do. Yet he was thwarted by the powerful cliques and factions of noblemen who benefitted from the status quo. It is the nobles who guaranteed the French Revolution by obstructing necesarry reforms. Today, the zionist government is riddled with redundent, parasitical bureaucracies who exist in large part simply to lobby the government for more resources. This is why change within a democracy is even less possible than within a dictatorship. Look at the US power structure and tell me that this is efficient. The older a regime, the more of these cancerous bureaucracies and factions will develop to drag it down and obstruct reform. Revolutions do not like Moderates 3. A Revolution, once begun, will inevitably move in a radical direction. When King Charles I was ousted from power in London at the beginning of the English Civil War, even the most radical of Parliamentarians did not envision replacing the monarchy with a theocratic republic. Yet the longer a civil conflict goes on, the more radical the combatants will become. This is both a result of violence radicalizing individuals but also a result of seperation from the other side. If shitlibs and cuckservatives would side with the zionist regime, then their poisonous influence no longer affects the dissidents and they will inevitably move in more pure directions.

R: 38 / I: 8 / P: 16

US States & Their Borders

Case for Redrawing States & State Lines >The borders of the US states are almost on par with the borders of Africa in terms of how bad they are. That is regarding geography, population, culture, politics, ethnicity, resources. The passing of time has only made these things worse. >I myself come from a region with a strong secessionist movement out on the west coast. The state of Jefferson which wants to free itself from having to suffer under the rule of Portland & Sacramento governments. Whom ignore our concerns and who impose upon us the worst stupidity we vehemently disagree with. >We are not the only ones in the country with such sentiments, Many rural and urban region in other states would wish to separate from their own state to form their own or join a adjacent one they more align with. >Ultimately I believe the country would be better off for it if a national convention where hold to redraw state lines. We all ready re draw electoral districts as it is for political reasons. Why not instead resolve the larger issue of people being stuck together in the same state who do not want to be together or ruled by each other.

R: 23 / I: 5 / P: 16

Florida sheriff vows to deputize scores of gun owners if police can’t handle violent mobs of Left-wing anarchists Jul 8, 2020 >As summer begins and widening portions of the country remain under siege by mobs of Left-wing agitators and anarchists bent to destroying monuments, defacing public property, and defying police, a Florida sheriff has come up with an interesting solution that is sure to spread. In a video released last week, Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels said he’s prepared to “make special deputies out of every lawful gun owner” if it comes to that — sort of like bringing back the Old West concept of ‘the posse.’ As reported by WTSP: >In the three-minute video, the northwest Florida sheriff calls out “the mainstream media” and protesters as godless dissidents. He tells people to not “fall victim to this conversation that law enforcement is bad, that law enforcement is the enemy of the citizens that we’re sworn to protect and serve.” Daniels then talks about law enforcement taking an oath “to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the government…And we end that with, ‘So help me God.’” >“But God is absent from the media’s message or Black Lives Matter or any other group that’s making themselves a spectacle disrupting what we know to be our quality of life in this country,” he said, according to the station.In the video, Daniels says that he and his fellow officers — in Clay County and beyond — all “swore an oath” to protect all citizens, not just certain ones. >But he was clear as could be in sending a message to Antifa types and other Leftist agitators and anarchists: Stay out of his county, which is a suburb near Jacksonville. “If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff, and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county and I’ll deputize them for this one purpose to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility,” Daniels — who is up for reelection and is facing six challengers — said.

R: 54 / I: 10 / P: 16

/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

/Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Thread for discussion of Italian Fascism and other forms of Third Position Politics, Traditionalism, Corporatism, etc. Also for sharing Fascist literature and information.,_1919

Be respectful and please try to keep conversations relatively "intellectual".

Fascists and other influential people who lay the foundations of the philosphy of Fascism:

Oswald Mosely
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Stepan Bandera
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
Ramiro Ledesma Ramos
Ettore Ovazza
Gaetano Mosca
Anton Drexler
Friedrich Nietzsche
Charles Maurras
Enrico Corradini
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Johann Plenge
Alceste De Ambris
Gabriele d'Annunzio
Juan Perón
Giovanni Gentile
Julius Evola
Plínio Salgado
Julius Caesar
Gottfried Feder

Types of Fascism/Third Positonism:

Italian Fascism
British Union of Fascists
Clerical Fascism
Brazilian Integralism
Estado Novo

Ba'athism, Nasserism, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the 4th Political Theory are also allowed to be discussed.

"[Fascism] was an explosion against intolerable conditions, against remediable wrongs which the old world failed to remedy. It was a movement to secure national renaissance by people who felt themselves threatened with decline into decadence and death and were determined to live, and live greatly." ~Oswald Mosely
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