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(71.90 KB 1024x615 Nat.jpg)
Any anti capitalist nationalists here? Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 08:24:58 ID:944f13 No. 13025
Strasserist here, I wanted to know if you guys have some positive attidutes towards us and if we can have debate regarding economics.
>INB4 Ancaps yell "Lmfao you do not understand economics hahaha"
I actually do understand it, Capitalism is a moving contradiction, a fraud system at very best, yet despite EA being the peak of capitalism, and free market being general bullshit, people would for some reason defend it.
>>16923 >no balls to call out the niggers ahem, sorry to burst your bubble but NFL is like 90 percent nigger, NBA 95 percent.
>>16947 "yell insults at the niggers running on the field"
>>17037 understood, but the point was they even going there. you can yell at niggers for free on the streets instead making them rich while doing so
>>13025 I have read only a little about third positionists. How do I find out more about Strasserism? Any recommended texts?
>>17168 Sorry never been big fan of reading (working on correcting that) Strasserism (Concept & Ideology) https://www.bitchute.com/video/GGa2uthbfLif/
These were in Zündel's Bunker /pol/ approved library https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!VGIlxawJ Written by Douglas Reed **Douglas Lancelot Reed (11 March 1895 – 26 August 1976) was a British journalist, playwright, novelist and author of a number of books of political analysis. His book Insanity Fair (1938) was one of the most influential in publicising the state of Europe and the megalomania of Adolf Hitler before the Second World War. By the time of his death, Reed had been largely forgotten except for various remarks about Jews. Thus, when The Times ran his obituary, it condemned Reed as a "virulent anti-Semite,"[1] although Reed himself claimed that he drew a distinction between opposition to Zionism and antisemitism.[2] Reed believed in a long-term Zionist conspiracy to impose a world government on an enslaved humanity.[3] He was also staunchly anti-Communist, and once wrote that National Socialism was a "stooge or stalking horse " meant to further the aims of the "Communist Empire." .t Jewpedia**
>>17168 Pic is from JulayWorld’s /fascist/
>>15207 > us capitalists Leave.
>>13025 Strasserists attempt to subvert NS away from focusing on protecting the health of your people and air/soil/water/ecosystem. Everything Strasserists complain about in modern capitalism is already solved by NS, so either they are trying to not call themselves NS or they are trying to deemphasize the most important aspects of NS. There are a lot of positive things about the free market, such as a lot of free choice in what you want to pursue as a career. The most dangerous part of the free market is that it is very powerful, self-perpetuating, and only concerned with efficiency and profit at every step which it naturally optimizes without help. Thus it is indifferent to damage it causes to a people or land as long as it is optimally profitable, and it is also very hard to fight. The best strategy is to let it fall apart due to debt and a large non-white population.
Propaganda is really insidious. You might think that you can avoid politics by watching a news story about Hemingway, but reporters would insinuate that the books written by Hemingway are decaying today because of global warming, Hemingway would have supported illegal immigration, and Hemingway hated racism.
>>17732 doesn't apply to this thread's subject but could start a good thread on its own.
>>13025 Anti-capitalism should be the foundation for all third position/fascist beliefs.
Capitalism as much as communism cares nothing for the survival of white race, and as such is open to subversion by special interests. But planned economy is untenable. There is some middle ground, but market is absolutely fundamental. Check this out: http://crookedtimber.org/2012/05/30/in-soviet-union-optimization-problem-solves-you/ The guy is lefty and deeply blue pilled, but smart and his math is solid. Conclusion: > That planning is not a viable alternative to capitalism (as opposed to a tool within it) should disturb even capitalism’s most ardent partisans. It means that their system *faces no competition*, nor even any plausible threat of competition. Those partisans themselves should be able to say what will happen then: the masters of the system, will be tempted, and more than tempted, to claim more and more of what it produces as monopoly rents. This does not end happily. As white people interested in our survival, we should be able to collectively reject ideas proven to be wacky and detrimental, to focus on what actually might work. Socialism is mostly subverted by (((internationalists))), but it's not logically inseparable.
>>15207 depends on what /pol/ you're talking about 4chan pol can't even define capitalism
>>19464 I still wade knee deep there, there is some promise still, granted newly awakened brothers, but if we can pull something off here, what a wonderful place for them to lurk more.The mods here are up to the task I think of keeping things somewhat tidy.
(156.07 KB 395x302 SW.png)
(166.61 KB 1280x720 serveimage2.jpeg)
>>19440 >Anti-capitalism should be the foundation for all third position/fascist beliefs. Agree, while anti-capitalism is important ... capitalism is only one symptom of a greater problem, exploitation can exist in every system and spotting it and shutting it down is important. Something Marx would hate because he insisted that his ideas are perfect and can never be subverted. At this point shilling capitalism is like shilling square wheals its simply dumb. >>19452 >Capitalism as much as communism cares nothing for the survival of white race Agree. >But planned economy is untenable. Nonsensical, there is no distinction between a planned economy or anything. Everything is planned the corporations today have boards who plan how many products to produce, shops are not some magical infinite product generation places. No idea what you even mean under "planned economy" all products where always planned only this is hidden from you the pleb (see industry secrets and know how). Do you think agriculture is a "planned economy" ? You know you plan how many seeds to plant and expect yealds in the harvest based on some formula who takes factors like bad weather and pests damaging the product into account. So is this planned? What is the alternative not plant seeds and be grateful what nature/the free market gives you and you can find in the wild? <All praise the magical invisible hand god for giving us bird eggs to find in this nest You realize how stupid you sound? >The guy is lefty and deeply blue pilled And you did not realize that the pro-capitalist and “deeply blue pilled guys” are part of the same thing? Did you not realize that libertarianism is nothing more then the final combination of leftist degeneracy and republican corporate cock sucking? >http://crookedtimber.org/2012/05/30/in-soviet-union-optimization-problem-solves-you/ > Contains mathematical symbols (uglified and rendered slightly inexact by HTML) but no actual math Pure insanity and brain cancer, read it to have a good laugh. I can explain to you how to plan a economy only its so trivial and the same thing that is going on today you can equally well ask <b-b-b-b how can socialist drive with wheels under socialism if they have no capitalists? Because this is the kind of crazy you are asking of me. Or the best analog would be <How can a nation have a army if they have no king? You don’t need to have a king to have an army. The president or other governmental structures can be commander in chief. Only be warned most likely you have lots of bad assumptions based on pro capitalist propaganda with nonsensical words.
>>16923 I know I'm late to the thread, but your typical sports fan in these parts is not a pub hooligan, let alone an athlete. Your typical "Superbowl is a holiday" sports fan is usually fat, lazy, and dim witted, no better in terms of morality than a trust fund baby or welfare queen. They only work when forced to or when it explicitly and immediately benefits them directly. Otherwise, they can't be bothered to perform even the simplest of tasks. Furthermore, they'll support whatever ideology is in power, as long as it guarantees them a steady supply of junk food and escapist entertainment.
>>20321 That and there is a another factor for the US. It use to be. If your were from Boston your team was the Sox. You knew the all the players, hell maybe you went to the same school as the star player, or had his lil brother in your class. Maybe his dad was on the team way back when. Their was a history there and more. Now a player might grow up in NY, play for LA and live in Seattle, Paris in the off season. Worse than that, he is a free agent and for sale. Another 1 million on his contract and next year he is playing for the rival team. Then some cunt buys the rest of the team and moves it to Dallas and changes the name to Shithawks. There is nothing to fight for or get passionate and exited about
>>19759 >No idea what you even mean under "planned economy" fucking hell dude
>>16057 Without a chassis, it looks a lot like the Keaton Batmobile
>>13025 Moving contradiction? I do love how the anti-capitalist arguments boil down to "it's not FAIR!". I am reminded of the face of kids when they get their first paycheck and see the taxes taken out. The use of force to ensure fairness always leads to the opposite. Always.
ToC: PART I: Lessons from History >Chapter One King Alfred the Great: The Intellectual & Military Achievements of England’s First Political Soldier >Chapter Two Robert Owen: Welsh Radical & Co-operative Power >Chapter Three The Fischer Controversy: Examining the Foundations of the First World War >Chapter Four What Was So Distinctive About the Russian Bolshevik Party? >Chapter Five For or Against? Attitudes Towards Capitalism in German & Italian Fascism >Chapter Six Revolution vs. Reaction: Social Nationalism & the Strasser Brothers >Chapter Seven Blood & Soil: Revolutionary Nationalism as the Vanguard of Ecological Sanity >Chapter Eight Oswald Mosley: The Rise & Fall of English Fascism Between 1918-1945 >Chapter Nine Was ‘Fascism’ Outside Germany & Italy Anything More Than an Imitation? >Chapter Ten The Guild of St. Joseph & St. Dominic PART II: Contemporary Political Theory >Chapter Eleven Transcending the Beyond: From Third Position to National-Anarchism >Chapter Twelve Manifesto of the European Liberation Front, 1999 >Chapter Thirteen The Way of the Fanatic: Ayatollah Khomeini & the Leadership of the Ulema >Chapter Fourteen Revolt Against the Feminists: The Traditional Woman According To Julius Evola >Chapter fifteen Militant Imperium: A Chapter-by-chapter Summary of Julius Evola’s Men Among The Ruins PART III: Activism >Chapter Sixteen From Sacrifice Comes Victory >Chapter Seventeen The Inevitability of Depopulation >Chapter Eighteen Meritocracy: The Rule of the Elite >Chapter Nineteen The Case for National-Anarchist Entryism >Chapter Twenty Organising for the Collapse PART IV: Myth >Chapter Twenty-One The Symbolic & Practical Significance of the Centre >Chapter Twenty-Two Beachy Head & the Negation of the Solar PART V: Interviews >Chapter Twenty-Three Interview: L’Ecole Europa (Rumania), Conducted by Dan Ghetu (2001) >Chapter Twenty-Four Interview: Kinovar Magazine (Russia), Conducted by Miron Fyodorov (2004) >Chapter Twenty-Five Interview: Narodni Myslenka (Czech Republic), Conducted by Milan Spinka (2005) >Chapter Twenty-Six Interview: Beast of Prey (Poland), Conducted by Thomasz Lewicki (2005) >Chapter Twenty-Seven Interview: Autonom (Norway), Conducted by Tord Morsund (2006) PART VI: Fiction & Poetry >Chapter Twenty-Eight The Warrior’s Reward >Chapter Twenty-Nine An Ode to Apathy >Chapter Thirty Diary of Desolation >Chapter Thirty-One The Boot on the Other Foot     >Chapter Thirty-Two The End of an Age http://libgen.lc/item/index.php?md5=DB8818C344DCB817E5D4A9B98C4F76FD
Yes and anti-marxist. It's called being a National Socialist. Communism abuses the higher class for material wealth. Capitalism abuses the lower class for material wealth. National Socialist economics rejects both views instead opting for class cooperation and the intrests of a nation as a whole not just your class.
(71.95 KB 1000x600 thejewsbehindleftism.jpg)
(160.01 KB 600x600 nationalsocialistpartyofpol.png)
>>13025 >Any anti capitalist nationalists here? Depends on what you mean by "Anti- Capitalist" my dude. I am against ((((Capitalism)))) just as i am aggainst ((((Communism))))) My opposition to the teachings of kikes like David Richardo and Milton Freidmen does not cause me to embrace the teachings of other kikes such as Karl Marx or Leon Trotsky. I am a National Socialist which means i believe in doing what is in the best interest of the volk (or my ethnic people) in any given situation. If you can demonstrate a certain economic policy will have a major benefit on my people (and wont destroy them in some other way culturally or demographically) i'll be more then happy to embrace it However if you'r just arguing for economic Centralization for Centralizations sake i am going to need evidences that it will be either of a net benefit or neutral to my race before i support it.
Yes, I am National Socialist. Strasserism is just rebranded Marxism. I am against capitalism but that does not mean I am pro-Marxist.


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