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(46.88 KB 474x474 yuletree.jpg)
(349.81 KB 800x1408 hermit.jpg)
Druid/pol/ #0002 Yuletide & Lurker Appreciation edition Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 16:36:02 ID:a478a8 No. 16593
LOYAL LADS I bid welcome in the manner to which we have become accustomed (and which is sacred to our Rite) into our most portentous secundus 16ch B.O.N.D thread! Wew lads, what a time we've had these last few months! Everything has been up in the air but it seems things are now coalescing and we are building new foundations. We have settled in well on 16ch and it is decided that this shall be the permanent location of our lodge from hereon. Bunkers shall also be maintained on nanochan & potentially neinchan should anything happen to our homebase - these are the places to converge. Also I am changing the usual Tarot method. Instead of cycling through the major arcana, I shall draw a random major arcana card for each thread instead. This thread's card is The Hermit (IX) The ninth card of the major arcana, the Hermit suggests a phase of introspection, drawing ones attention inwards and looking for answers within. It is indicative of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of position. The Hermit shall govern this thread along with His element (earth) and his ruling heavenly body (Mercury) A mercurial thread awaits.... On the lodgefront, progress as been made since the events of August. Most of the regulars have managed to find the new lodge & reconverge. We also have some new members who have joined us recently. We just need to keep an eye out for Suffolk & punished. ITT we should discuss a synchronized ritual to expel the "charge" we have accumulated into the ether with a shared goal (see last thread for details regarding this phenomena) & we are due a long overdue revision of the tenets too. Also I feel it prudent to add a word of appreciation for our lurkers. Since 8ch died, I'v come to appreciate just how many lurkers we had and I have had many positive messages regarding the B.O.N.D from them. Be it on cuckchan, nano, nein & here, many a lurker has made themselves known with messages of support. Lurkerlads - I salute you. Based Lurkerbros, know that we appreciate you. The boogaloo looms as things accelerate but our best strategy for now is to keep our heads down, plan and work within the confines of what we have. (Morgoth's "Vietcong strategy") We wait, plan & continue with our studies on the Path. As ever, the topical newslinks are presented for the readers persual & delectation >London bridge durkadurka had served time for prior "terror" offences http://archive.is/gO4a7 >3rd world invasion reaches near record levels http://archive.is/0Gpcx >Based Burgo the krautdruid in hot water again (use translate on this one) www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/rechtsextremer-druide-unter-verdacht-a-1275952.html >Archtraitor merkel rails against free speech http://archive.is/nCXrN Thats it for now lads. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, praise the Druids & suffer not the traitor or xenos. ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS NEW ORDER PARCHEDIG DERWYDDON YR HYNAFIAID! AVE DRUIDICUS
>>18951 Tarim Mummies are from the region of the Orkhon Valley where the Goktürks came from. Now, the first Orkhon discovery was dated to 8ad, and the mummies are dated at 1800bc so it seems clear to me that the Indo-Europeans that left the mummies may have influenced this. Of course it could be just this: >Vilhelm Thomsen (1893) connected the script to the reports of Chinese account (Records of the Grand Historian, vol. 110) from a 2nd-century BCE Yan renegade and dignitary named Zhonghang Yue (Chinese: 中行说; pinyin: Zhōngháng Yuè).[citation needed] Yue "taught the Chanyu (rulers of the Xiongnu) to write official letters to the Chinese court on a wooden tablet (simplified Chinese: 牍; traditional Chinese: 牘; pinyin: dú) 31 cm long, and to use a seal and large-sized folder".[citation needed] The same sources[citation needed] tell that when the Xiongnu noted down something or transmitted a message, they made cuts on a piece of wood (gemu). They also mention a "Hu script". At the Noin-Ula burial site and other Hun burial sites in Mongolia and regions north of Lake Baikal, the artifacts displayed over twenty carved characters. Most of these characters are either identical with or very similar to the letters of the Turkic Orkhon script.[8] Turkic inscriptions dating from earlier than the Orkhon inscriptions used about 150 symbols, which may suggest that tamgas first imitated Chinese script and then gradually was refined into an alphabet But that's a whole lotta >[citation needed] going on
I heard some of you plan to go to Tibet, any anons from Europe who would be interested in organizing an expedition?
>>18966 (observed) I'd be game if I had the money and free time. Alas I have neither to spare.
>>18960 I can't [citation needed] hear you over the [citation needed]. ty for the precious info >gemu Well, just add a bit of vidya before that and shebang!
This is to be Right Handed Path but I'm not all too clear on the Big Target. It has to be something that leaves no ambiguity, not too open on interpretation (like, the Grail for example). With the winter solstice in completion, do we want the return of something solar... ish? Revealing artifacts from a distance time? More salt on our fries?
>>18973 I am but the servant of the servant
>>18966 (observed) That was me posting in /vril/ lad. The other one is >>18954. Is your parka blue per chance? >>18954 That third pic definitely has a lot of runic overlap, sowilos, gibors, and hagals. >>18956 >Yanklad & another couple of anons here know their stuff when it comes to futhark/ogham I don’t know much at all about ogham tbh and have barely scratched the surface on the runes. >>18959 Sorry Owllad, I forgot to check your id when I posted that. >>18944 (observed) Yes. >>18942 >think as if you were, err... "watering" the Antikythera device. I am become Aquarius. >>18925 >What materials do you recommend for deeper research of Runes and Ogham? As I said, I don’t have anything to offer on Ogham. Here is Secret of the Runes by Guido Von List. https://mega.nz/#!3WYU2aDJ!Sg3YBXf_WRYOJORV_dsMxr7RHg-vuslgXdkd5AcRb-I Here is an article by the current Grand Master of Esoteric Hitlerism. http://archive.md/aR5As This site has a pdf of ‘Manu, For the Man To Come’ which contains the rune mudras of Esoteric Hitlerism. https://the-eye.eu/public/Books/4chan_pol_Archives/PDFs/Esoteric%20Hitlerism/Serrano/ Personally, most of my divination practice of late has just been checking digits irl, the behavior of animals, and the occasional scrying of entrails.
>>18984 Thorsson/Flowers material 2
(510.63 KB 1277x1926 81b7mSZEyUL.jpg)
While I'm at it, here's a fuckin' awesome one of his I started earlier today, tangentially related https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=389D009F8618379020AE60A6E178FF5D
>>18984 >>18985 >>18986 Wew, good finds lad thanks for sharing.
Original Magic excerpt: FLOWERS NAMES THE JEW EDITION >One of the most striking aspects of Mazdan theology is that there is no strict distinction between spirit and matter. Some yazatas are purely abstract principles, while others are of the material universe. The only thing that matters is whether the principle is beneficial or detrimental to the well-being of the Seven Creations: Sky (Air), Water, Earth, Plants, Animals, Man, and Fire. The Creations themselves are also considered to be yazatas. In the case of Man it is the divine portion of the individual, the fravashi, that is worthy of worship once it has been developed (initiated). >In Zarathustran theology, Ahura Mazda is seen as the godhead, the creator, and is characterized as pure being. From this entity, Ahura Mazda, emanations emerge in a process of creativity. Each of the emanations is full of divine energy and is not necessarily any less divine than the previous emanation. Material beings, however, are relatively weaker than purely spiritual entities in the struggle to resist the daevic forces of ignorance, weakness, and sickness. >Among the so-called Abrahamic religions, there always seems to be a great division between magic and religion. They are conceived of as being in stark contrast to one another. Scholars of the history of religion have long since discarded this model. It appears to be something that was emphasized by the priests and mullahs of these religions to prevent individuals from engaging in operative theology. In fact, as we have discussed earlier, there is a difference between sorcery and magic. In a sense, original magic is merely the work of operative theology undertaken by individuals for the sake of their own personal development and to maximize their opportunities for well-being, success, and wisdom—in short, happiness.
>>18984 Thanks for these lad. Lads, an anon from /vril/ says he suicidal. Go and send him some love if you have time today. https://neinchan.com/Vril/res/117.html#q140
(74.79 KB 800x800 necropants.jpg)
(1.13 MB 400x242 appprove.gif)
>>18966 (observed) >>18944 (ascertained) Forgot to observe these numerals before so rectifying that now. Consider them... OBSERVED >>19006 Will do lad. Hope he is ok tbh. >>18984 >>18985 >>18986 Great shares lad thank you. Much appreciated, especially the volume 2 of the Thorsson/Flowers material. Great stuff. I want me a pair of Nábrók tbh
>>18942 >Antikythera Let us wash away that fetid fish. >>18944 (Observed) Agreed. >>18966 (Observed) >Tibet As fate should allow. We shall see. >>18982 >runic overlap Precisely what I had noted as well. >>18984 >>18985 >>18986 Good finds. I'll save them, but who knows when I'll get around to reading them. >>19006 It is done. I hope the lad gets better.
(69.94 KB 304x253 druid_face.gif)
(3.91 MB 2000x1172 druidpol.png)
(23.84 KB 255x212 druidgaze.png)
Don't forget to expel the "8charge" in a ritualistic manner tomorrow/today lads It's a personalized mass ritual so how you go about it is your own affair. There is not strict template, but if there are any final questions or suggestions, now is the time to voice them. No LHP shenanigans Agreed consensus for desire manifestation is awakening of our folk and a worthy leader who embodies their archetypes & atavisms. Asking for a personal boon for ones self and immediate family is also an acceptable aside but this is why it is imperative that the Rite must stay 100& RHP. Like I say, think we are good to go but ay last queries or additions to the discussion, now is the time. Also happy Yule lads 1:23am UK time :^)
>>19075 Here’s a slightly stale Jive Stream on magic and divination newly available to non-patrons. It’s most excellent and portentously posted in relation to our Rite. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5ihlzx1Tt50
>>19077 (observed) Magickal portentous numerals confirm. Well met lad.
>>19075 Thanks! I am very excited to get working on this tomorrow. I only discovered Druidpol since you all came to 16, and have been reading through the threads in preparation. I wish I had met you lads much sooner along my path. Even lurking makes things feel less solitary.
(723.22 KB 1600x1242 druid.in_.the_.woods_.jpg)
(8.39 KB 306x306 F.jpg)
8CHARGE EXPELLED IN TO THE IMMATERIUM! My rite is complete. I set my 8ch charge loose at 6am this morning in an small outdoor ceremony at a secluded clearing located in the woods near my house. I used my hazel wand to trace an infinity pattern (and an opening pentagram) at each cardinal point. I muttered my incantaions and visualised the energy leaving my body and rushing down into the Curret, intermingling with its energies. I then closed the rite by drawing the closing pentagram - again at each cardinal point thank fuck for pocket compasses eh lads :^) but this time, widdershins. I sat in the grove for 5 min and meditated on the rite & it's outcome (along with the personal request for a small boon regarding my immediate familty). I made a small talisman from twigs, leaves and vines, fashioned it into a rudimentary lemniscate (∞) and hung it from a the branches of a venerable oak that resides in the clearing. Was gonna take pics but Ieft my phone at home. Didn't want it going off when I was visualizing, breaking my concentration Got a funny look from an early morning dog walker probably thought "who is this weirdo in brown robes and a puffer jacket and what's he up to in the woods at 6:30am?".... kek then I went home for a cup of decaff and a smoke. Family were all still asleep when I got back (approx 6:45am) and I had an hour or two to myself. Thought about attempting an AP but decided against it as the energy spent on the ritual today would almost certainly mean certain failure in that endeavor & I didn't want to risk messing up the ∞Rite in any form. Tl;dr Done Good luck with your ∞charge expulsions lads Iet us know how you got on when complete if the inclination takes you. >>19086 Glad to have you here brother. I'm very happy you get something out of the threads. >only discovered druid/pol/ since we came to 16ch Better late than never :^) Happy to have you with us lad. Welcome to the lodge and I hope we can be of assistance in helping you to find your Path.
(20.64 KB 236x354 4.jpg)
Wew lads, bump limit maxed out FAST on this thread. I best make another..... Get to expelling that ∞charge if you can. The more who manage it, the better success we will have
>>19095 Nice work lad, good to hear you ancient gents are managing to take root among the eucalypt, hopefully what 16 lacks in rainfall it will make up with fresh air and sunshine
>>19105 Thankyou lad. Appreciate it. Seems the roots have taken to the soil of 16ch well, aye. >hopefully what 16 lacks in rainfall it will make up with fresh air and sunshine Indeed. Well said lad. I find it is quality over quantity here. I'm just making a new thread as we speak. Hopefully you will join us in there. Beautiful tree pics btw.
>>19110 FRESH THREAD LADS >>19110 >>19110
>>16842 The descriptions in your story ring many bells for me. I may be the third man you mentioned. Certain descriptors you mentioned have affected me profoundly when seeing or experiencing similar things in my past in this life. Since I was young, I've had a natural understanding of occult science. I'm intuitively aware of many things including perhaps my past lives but I've always wanted to know more. There's always been a very deep, somber seriousness about me even though I can be friendly and joyful at times. I've included my email if you're interested in having that. I'm fairly new here and wouldn't want to lose contact with anyone if it can be prevented. Much said but I feel I haven't nearly said anything. Thank you for posting your story. Am ende steht der sieg.


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