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(46.88 KB 474x474 yuletree.jpg)
(349.81 KB 800x1408 hermit.jpg)
Druid/pol/ #0002 Yuletide & Lurker Appreciation edition Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 16:36:02 ID:a478a8 No. 16593
LOYAL LADS I bid welcome in the manner to which we have become accustomed (and which is sacred to our Rite) into our most portentous secundus 16ch B.O.N.D thread! Wew lads, what a time we've had these last few months! Everything has been up in the air but it seems things are now coalescing and we are building new foundations. We have settled in well on 16ch and it is decided that this shall be the permanent location of our lodge from hereon. Bunkers shall also be maintained on nanochan & potentially neinchan should anything happen to our homebase - these are the places to converge. Also I am changing the usual Tarot method. Instead of cycling through the major arcana, I shall draw a random major arcana card for each thread instead. This thread's card is The Hermit (IX) The ninth card of the major arcana, the Hermit suggests a phase of introspection, drawing ones attention inwards and looking for answers within. It is indicative of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of position. The Hermit shall govern this thread along with His element (earth) and his ruling heavenly body (Mercury) A mercurial thread awaits.... On the lodgefront, progress as been made since the events of August. Most of the regulars have managed to find the new lodge & reconverge. We also have some new members who have joined us recently. We just need to keep an eye out for Suffolk & punished. ITT we should discuss a synchronized ritual to expel the "charge" we have accumulated into the ether with a shared goal (see last thread for details regarding this phenomena) & we are due a long overdue revision of the tenets too. Also I feel it prudent to add a word of appreciation for our lurkers. Since 8ch died, I'v come to appreciate just how many lurkers we had and I have had many positive messages regarding the B.O.N.D from them. Be it on cuckchan, nano, nein & here, many a lurker has made themselves known with messages of support. Lurkerlads - I salute you. Based Lurkerbros, know that we appreciate you. The boogaloo looms as things accelerate but our best strategy for now is to keep our heads down, plan and work within the confines of what we have. (Morgoth's "Vietcong strategy") We wait, plan & continue with our studies on the Path. As ever, the topical newslinks are presented for the readers persual & delectation >London bridge durkadurka had served time for prior "terror" offences http://archive.is/gO4a7 >3rd world invasion reaches near record levels http://archive.is/0Gpcx >Based Burgo the krautdruid in hot water again (use translate on this one) www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/rechtsextremer-druide-unter-verdacht-a-1275952.html >Archtraitor merkel rails against free speech http://archive.is/nCXrN Thats it for now lads. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, praise the Druids & suffer not the traitor or xenos. ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS NEW ORDER PARCHEDIG DERWYDDON YR HYNAFIAID! AVE DRUIDICUS
>>16965 >That’s a lot of terrain, but it’s most likely in the Tarim Basin, Chinese Kashmir, or Tibet. It was high in the mountains, nestled in a narrow valley. Though it is a valley of sorts, there is one peak that it is so close, that it could not be more than 2000 feet further up. The lake itself, was somewhat of an assumption, I'm not sure where the body of water was, except that from the boat, the city and peaks were visible. The water then was a filthy rusted brown color, most likely the locals had been shitting in the canal, which flowed to the lake, which likely had no outlet. Whether it really is Tibet or not, I can't truly be sure, but I agree with you on the general region. Another hint could be to find where giant, stone like salamander live within that region. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_giant_salamander Though this salamander is the closest I found in a cursory search, the salamander I found had very large and unevenly sized feet, with fleshy protrusions on its entire top at seemingly random that made it look like a rock or bunch of rocks. >The two aforementioned cities are places where my Self and syncronicity has taken me on vacation in this life already, so I know them to be relative to our past venture We would likely have passed through those places on our way, at the very least. > Fortunately, Winnie the Pooh’s intel agency doesn’t care what you do as long as your not subversive or dealing drugs. They’ll likely give us a babysitter tbh. The hardest part would be entering the tunnels with a babysitter on us. The odds are also high that this city would be something foreigners are banned from ever seeing or knowing exists. >>16969 Kek.
Are Tarot cards accurate in their predictions?
>>17027 In my experience yes, if you are honest about self-introspection, what is going on in your life in application to Tarot symbolism.
(52.40 KB 640x579 twisted.jpg)
>>17027 Basically this - >>17034 tbh. I couldn't have put it better myself.
(48.89 KB 323x323 Truefaithsmall.jpg)
>>17005 Tonight 20:00 be ready.
>>17019 >Chinese giant salamander. Pic related. >designated shitting lake Lake Srinagar in Kashmir certainly fits the description. I think looking for the architecture will help narrow thins down more.
It begins. Freeplay Thursday returns and it has been too fucking long lads. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mfI1S0PKJR8
>>17067 >pic lol. >Lake Srinagar The visible mountain tops seems close, but the water doesn't. The city was on the same side of the lake as a mountain range, as it was nestled in a very small valley, perhaps a wide canyon, between a group of peaks, as I remember it anyway. The ancient buildings were mostly crumbling ruins, but the locals had begun building on top of it with wood. Assuming the city kept growing, there may be next to no ruins visible. In truth, the city likely does not show on any map, I would frankly be surprised, as the locals did not seem to number many, it was more of a small village built in the shell of a large ruin. I may be remembering incorrectly though. I took a look at Srinagar, but I couldn't find any images of the buildings that seemed like what I had seen. Apparently, there's a lake called Tulian (Thulean) lake, but (((wikipedia))) won't give the exact coords, only coords "on the way to" the lake. I took a look at those coords from satellite images, but I didn't see any lakes nearby that could be it. I found a lake bed that seems to be closer to the sort of terrain I would think of. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if a canal as narrow as 5-20 yds would be visible on satellite images. The lake bed is at 75.55E 33.489N. I think though that I will hold off on posting anymore about this itt unless I find some sort of good lead, as I don't want to derail the thread any further. I miss the grove. It was so nice to be able to have a thread there dedicated to this sort of stuff. I don't really have anymore time to be looking tonight, so I'll have to look some more tomorrow and this weekend. Also had a couple of interesting things happen the last couple of days. I was thinking about us three comrades, when my thoughts turned to the 13 warriors. I looked at the clock without thinking to see it was 3:13. And this morning, early I awoke halfway to realize my arm was over another person. Surprised, I awoke all the way, only for my arm and blankets to fall. MFW Or I could have just been 90% asleep and hallucinating. >>17119 Here's my offering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MFJ7ie_yGU
>>17124 >>17119 Sorry I’m late lads, FPT starts at noon here and I can’t participate at work. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9lIHKyYmWGU
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgELZIb8uRk sorry i'm late lads, was up the river shoveling coal out of barges all day. here's my contribution, although it is currently 2015 here
>>17056 Totally did not get that reference >>17131 Aye I'm on this side of the pond too Eleanór na Rún | Linda Nic Leóid|Niamh Farrell | click cc for Irish or English lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9v4DCFdcM
...One more better late then never A Short Journey Through Time - The Western Aesthetic https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ph83GHO0YFYh/
>>17126 It's OK, though I'm concerned 40K and the other UK anons haven't been seen for a while
Jews ! Jews ! All because of them ! If not them, the world is ideal !
>>17147 Hello JIDF
>>17145 Anons should put up beacons in other boards, subtle so only /our/ brethren would know. That is how many of us found this place.
>>17145 40k here reporting in. Sorry missed FTP. My internet went down wednesday night. Then was busy all day thursday & spend the night painting a comission so didnt have chance to contribute. Back now. Appreciate the concern lad, thankyou. It is nice to know one is missed.
>>17161 Welcome back. >>17155 They still do from time to time. In the past week there was couple new Anon's in QTDDTOT, plus there's the new ecofash Fla. Anon. Many of the old Ads are still out there, and occasionally they are seen by new people. The internet is forever (in most cases) Keep in mind, every bread crumb left, leads to more of >17147 this shit too. There was 1 other like that this week, but they were a little more subtle and prob' just a lefty.
>>17161 Glad you're alright lad
>>17163 >>17164 Thanks lads. Don't worry im not going anywhere. These threads mean a lot to me.
>>17155 Like, lemme see... King J.A.M.E.S. Bible? :^)
>>17201 That gave me an idea. Edited pdf's and such with info added Goto cuckchan, find/create BT thread, take copy of the great replacement, but use editor to add website link. Only /our/ guy is likely to d/l pdf and see the info rinse and repeat with other material


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