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We're Being Scrubbed Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:53:59 ID:142151 No. 16625
This has been predicted all the way back in 2016, but it bears repeating because we probably have less than a year before these types of websites are allowed to exist. I bring your attention to: https://www.poynter.org/ifcn/anti-misinformation-actions/ Specifically, note the way that this is being marketed. After the 2016 election, people were being persuaded that misinformation cost the Democrats the election, as well as foreign interference. This was to create consent for information control. Social media has cracked down hard on independent reporting and spreading of information. This year, imageboards have been targeted directly because of their ability to spread information which is threatening to the powers. During the last election, The_Donald was set up as a beach head on Reddit, a way to influence the site. It is now quarantined. It is likely that these websites will be down within a year, because webhosts will actively suppress them. At the very most, we have about five years left. We should be looking at new ways of spreading information that ISN'T obscure technology like Tor. The problem with Tor is that it keeps information away from the broader public. I think phone-apps like Wickr or Signal and neighborhood mesh-networks will be the future. Learn from Antifa and how they coordinate, copy them and use it for ourselves.
>>16634 In Burgerland it doesn't matter whether its the Republicucks OR the Demonrats in power, both parties are completely ZOG-managed. The only hope for Third-Position Nationalists is to wait for calamity to befall the country, and then fight to be the solution. The lemmings wont follow until life gets worse. We need some sort of party organization to be ready when it happens
>>17778 OK Boomer. >>18937 Tor and "muh sekrit club" is a dead-end which ultimately means having no effect on society. >>18950 I see no argument being made. I guess your brain must be atrophied by groupthink. >>18994 In other words you lack the ability to think your way out of the growing hell we are facing. Bad news for you: there won't be a calamity followed by revolution. There will only be a slow descent into an oppressive hell where the nation you live in looks something like venezuela. The only solution is to counter what is happening now, not to wait for a magical resolution.
>>16625 >obscure technology like Tor. >The problem with Tor is that it keeps information away from the broader public. Tor isn't obscure, don't spread misinformation about technology that you don't understand. And unless you're referring specifically to onion sites, there is nothing in the way of "information" on the darkweb that can't be found on the clearweb. Onions are pretty much all drug markets and cp anyways. Tor's purpose is to let one browse the internet anonymously. Even 16ch has an onion portal for torfags to use.
>>17671 >Already commented on this multiple times. If elections didn't matter then Trump wouldn't have been elected and we would have Hillary in office. If you can't grasp that basic logic, that Hillary was intended to win last election and lost because we voted her out, then you're hopeless Trump, Hillary, Obama, Bush - they are all the same breed of the Khazarian mafia. They are all puppets of Israel and of the Crown banking cartel. If you think you are better off with Trump then with any of these other scumbags, you are deceived. Trump is a puppet of the Illuminati = the Rothschilds, the Black Nobility families, the Vatican, the Jesuits. He is a tool. His promises are fake and a smokescreen. You have been duped by a liar.
>>17637 >therefore not meant to be president. Yes, the jews who have turned manipulation into a science couldn't possibly think ahead of that. What I've seen since the elections is the revolutionary potential of the anti-ZOG movement completely destroyed and coopted by a movement that's content "triggering the libs XD" while nothing of substance has changed. Do you think fox news is free of kike influence? There are plenty of kike owned outlets that sing his praises. Democracy is meant to pit on half of the country against the other while the string pullers evade mention. The vast majority of Trump supports will call you an anti-Semite is you question Israel. Trump literally has jews in his immediate family and constantly praises Israel. Its been 3 years and nothing significant has changed, actually he's been even harder on Iran than Obama was and has given Israel the moral backing behind settlements and Jerusalem. Exactly and now Trump has proven his loyalty to Israel first and not America by initiating war with Iran. Trump is a scumbag, a liar, a pervert. He is up to his neck in Epstein crimes. He is not MAGA, he is MIGA. He is a liar and a deceiver. He is blocking us from minting our new currency free of the banking cartel. He is an agent of the banking cartel, a total scumbag. He serves the Khazarian mafia of fake Jews.
>>16625 The internet is a centralised platform, there is no way to engage with the public as you say without engaging with the internet. P2P is not an option frankly.
>>19973 >Tor isn't obscure When talking to your typical internet user, most hear "dark web" and think websites like 4chan qualify. The handful of people who know what the actual dark web is think it's about drugs, sex trafficking and murder. Some hard data: https://metrics.torproject.org/bandwidth.html Tor uses about 400GBits/s on average. https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Media/Internet/International-Internet-bandwidth/Mbps As of 2004, the United States uses DOUBLE that amount, which can only have exploded since then as it is 16 years ago. Which solidifies my point that Tor is obscure and the best way for a website to be forgotten. >>20219 >He is a tool. His promises are fake and a smokescreen. You have been duped by a liar. I don't care about his integrity. I am talking about the fact that he was elected when it was clear that he was not intended to be. In other words, your argument is about why you don't like him, not why he won and so it isn't a rebuttal to my original argument that democracy worked. >>20221 You sound like a black panther fuming over whitey. You have a massive inferiority complex. Frankly, you sound like a neonazi version of a boomer when you spout off about MIGA. These are the basic facts: -Hillary was the media and establishment's darling to win the election. -She was given a greater than 90% chance of winning. -She lost, with swing states turning in historic ways towards Trump. -The counties supporting Trump greatly outnumbered the ones supporting Hillary. An observation: Israel and the Jews are used as a divide and conquer method of undermining Trump's support. The establishment knows that your demographic supported Trump, and that your demographic is obsessed with Jews, and so it's only natural that it's used against you to strip him of your support. It's a large-scale example of how Alabama voted in democrats due to sex scandals of a republican. At the end of the day, we both know that the democrats are working furiously to strip us of our rights. The Republicans are at present the only real opposition to this, and you keep undermining it. Your goose is going to be cooked when the next democrat makes it into office, and it won't matter what you think about Jews, it's simply a fact. >>20227 It is actually quite decentralized and can be whatever you want it to be. That gets into the technical, however. You should look at anonymous and decentralized messaging software as examples.
>>20267 >I am talking about the fact that he was elected when it was clear that he was not intended to be. That isn't clear at all. His previous use as a stalking horse for jewish interests against Pat Buchanan's nationalist platform in the late 90s/early 2000s and decades of experience in television media and fronting for mafia interests all point to a man who was explicitly chosen for the role at a very specific time.
>>20272 This.You will know them by their fruit.
>>20272 all the obnoxious celebrities who whined about trump were really marketing him. it was very obvious reverse-psychology. i don’t believe anyone who sincerely wants federal reformation will ever be allowed to come close to a real position of power
>>20272 Were you not following the election in its present time? The media finally took its mask off and unified against him, Democrats waged a very powerful propaganda war, and all the previously "neutral" parties aligned against him, even his own party fought against him. So I imagine your rebuttal being, "But that's what THEY wanted you to think" which is then discounted by the fact that the leviathans out there who pull strings, the Rothschilds and their cronies, all opposed him deeply. Then we have the post-election result which has been a continual effort to invalidate the election results and oust him from office. The next rebuttal then is, "But it's all a farse" or "But the REAL powers want him" which at this point sounds like magical thinking to me, because at this point you have an omnipotent enemy who is featureless and nameless and always a step ahead of you. Which, frankly, is how niggers think of whitey. >>20280 >>20282 See my argument above.
>>20353 >Were you not following the election in its present time? The media finally took its mask off and united against him. It's very rudimentary and crude reverse psychology as pointed out here >>20282 . The media attacks Trump, so Trump must be good. Public confidence and trust in the media is at all time lows and has been for years. Do you think the highly organized network of people who own and manage the media and have access to internet meta data don't understand this? Or they just overlooked it? Trump's implemented policies from day one are the only evidence anyone needs. But we also have his whole track record before he ever ran, too. This board is deader than a door nail, you really don't need to shill here. Own your golden goy's agenda.
>>20267 It doesn't even matter if it was "intended" for him to win or not. What matters in the end are results. "The wall" is a half-built cheap metal fence with bars you can pass stuff trough, immigration reform is non-existent, now the pupeteers decided to turn Trump into Bush 2.0. with the middle east. You don't 't win "because" of your opponents moves. The game is won before it even begins. You win regardless of your opponents moves. And they won. Even assuming Trump was somewhat sincere in his promises, he was brought. Doesn't matter who wins, so long as they can be brought. I don't see any way for the current path to change save a civil war.
>>16625 Adding the following to establish a timeline: https://www.vox.com/2017/9/21/16344978/facebook-google-twitter-reddit-russia-2016-election-house-senate-investigation https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/exclusive-reddit-ceo-talks-about-fending-russian-election-interference-n921151 https://www.cyberscoop.com/foreign-interference-2020-election-odni-framework/ https://www.cyberscoop.com/dnc-silicon-valley-facebook-twitter-youtube-disinformation/ https://qz.com/1764746/how-to-avoid-an-election-2020-misinformation-nightmare/ Facebook executives contemplating their power: https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/7/21055348/facebook-trump-election-2020-leaked-memo-bosworth In short, the election upset the establishment powers in Washington and silicon valley. They have been working hard to build public support for massive censorship and information control. We all knew that this was coming. >>20355 You clearly cannot recognize the difference between emergent systems (spontaneous organization of groups) and top-down meddling. Your rebuttal sounds like how a person who is mystified by all the various factions out there would attempt to explain the election results: a big, omnipotent adversary that is always ahead of you. You shouldn't be attempting to strategize anything, until you better understand how factions and movements can emerge and give the appearance of coordination. Right now you're just spreading disinformation which is designed to demoralize people into inaction. >This board is deader than a door nail, you really don't need to shill here. Own your golden goy's agenda. Another example of what I said: you can only see things as omnipotent powers and lack the ability to understand emergent systems. You're out of your element here and are just demoralizing people. >>20358 >It doesn't even matter if it was "intended" for him to win or not. Of course it does, because that bit tells us just how screwed we are. >What matters in the end are results. "The wall" is a half-built cheap metal fence with bars you can pass stuff trough, immigration reform is non-existent, now the pupeteers decided to turn Trump into Bush 2.0. with the middle east. No one believed that Trump would be able to do everything in a single term, two terms, or more unless he was a dictator. We are so far off the tracks right now that it could take 30 years to bring us back to a functioning society with healthy cultural norms and values. Trump was always a beachhead, our version of Normandy. He was the tool we needed to use to finally turn our online movement into something viable long-term in American and ultimately western politics and government. That is to say, he WAS our Normandy, but what happened after we won that election? Stormfags, Hitler-worshippers, and Jew-obsessed 1488s turned on the movement and attacked it from within, constantly alienating it from its members who were trying to get mainstream appeal and clout. Rather than building a popular movement which unites most Americans against our enemies from within and ultimately could form a formidable political presence, you have Nazi purists who think the best use of time is hating niggers, and screeching about Jews, homosexuals and porn. Because THAT is what really matters, some nebulous idea of ideological purity which makes the rest of us radioactive. So now, we have a second chance to turn things around if Trump wins a second term. Unifying the right on the internet and in the real world. Forming a popular movement which rebukes and identifies the problems plaguing us. Holding silicon valley, the DNC, and a whole host of family dynasties accountable. Or you could focus on why you hate niggers and the jews owning all the jew gold in the world, and why homosexuals having buttsex and selling you porn are the REAL problems... Fucking stormfags and nazis are the most useless people in our society. Almost as useless as communist scum. >I don't see any way for the current path to change save a civil war. Keep larping as a nazi, and taking the ideology brought to us by /new/ as gospel truth, and you will be left with only that option.
>>17325 >>17327 >>17328 >name calling, ad-hom >using "boomer" catchword to divide us You don't belong here
>>20739 All those words just to say "go civic nationalism, fuck everything else."
>>16625 >misinformation cost the Democrats the election, as well as foreign interference Misinformation literally saved the party from extinction. If anything, we may have started the path of Dems to returning to a former glory not seen since the civil war, well if the current members are smart anyway.
>>20739 I don't see an omnipotent enemy, dipshit. It's a very straightforward coalition put together by capital: jews, hindus, evangelicals, homosexuals aligned against muslims, white nationalists, and less so east asians -- whether the latter three even realize they are being targeted collectively or even like each other is not particularly relevant. There is no "emergent system". It's just capital doing what it has to do in the face of falling profit, domestic unrest, and the clear superiority of socialist economics and national industrial policy. Trump is just a self-serving conman and nothing about him and his team's behavior and tactics during the 2016 election were a surprise or missed by the more aware. His policies are his policies. You don't have a word to say about them because you can't refute it. Tax cuts for stock buyback. Tariffs to increase revenue for government coffers while destroying independent White land-owning farmers. Higher levels of illegal immigrants than the previous administration, which is in line with the actions of the two Republican administrations before him [the likely fatal swarm of Mexicans under Bush 43, and the 1990 Immigration Act under Bush 41]. A heavy focus on flooding the country with even more Hindus, because they share the extremely desirable combination of being anti-Muslim, anti-China, and anti-White -- a wet dream for American capital. It's all very, very clear if you understand what you're looking at. Jewish shills posting from israel and/or USAF bases in Florida or Nevada like you try to make it sound all very complicated. But we understand your angle and your motivations.
>>20739 >MIGA 2020 Stop finding excuses for this pawn. If he had dropped the hammer on the alphabet agencies, all Americans would have actually supported him. Defend US economy, stop and reverse immigration, cut ties to Israel by, at least, being far more neutral, denounce openly the Jewish overpower, etc. Nothing good will happen because democracy is a rigged system controlled by those who have money.
>>19188 So how do we counter what is happening now then?
>>20759 Then why are the importing Muslims into the west so fucking much, if it’s against the coalitions interest?
>>20787 They aren't, not in America anyway. Not in anything approaching the numbers of any other group. Specifically because they aren't politically reliable on the israel issue. In Europe the situation is different, because the various Muslim populations are serving different purposes and Europe is still a target of genetic annihilation for the United States/Anglosphere. In Germany, the Turkish population is an auxiliary occupation force assisting US troops. Same for Italy with their Muslims. In France, Netherlands, England, the inflow is the natural demand of capital for superfluous labor and the result of reinvestment of capital expended on petroleum. Same way the English went to war to force Indian opium onto the Chinese when the one-way tea trade was draining England of silver.
>>16632 Truth...funny that the fedfags can't hadle this. There is no political solution. The only way to stop an invasion is to start killing people and not stop.
> r/the_donald >beachhead For whom? >>17354 The Media overreacts to thing for a reason. It's like Wrestling ICE COLD STEVE AUSTIN isn't actually about to beat his manager to death in a hospital or kill his opponent but they want you to believe that. It's the same premise, there are pictures of Trump and Hillary from way back hand in hand. Because honestly they have more in common than apart and when you look at the Jews behind both of them the similaraity becomes apparent. If they make you believe being a MIGA supporter is the orignal sin what does that say about being a National Socialist? (which the majoity of Trump supporters aren't)


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