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(1.25 MB 2772x1806 global-liberal-hegemony.jpg)
4th political theory Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 14:56:19 ID:ab9593 No. 20797
ITT we discuss about Alexander Dugin and his philosophy of Eurasianism. By the way, here are some following notes to take care of if we were to have some civilized debate: >It is forbidden to say that his philosophy is "Jewish" as the argument itself posseses no actual strenght and it relies heavily upon feelings and how every "unknown" ideology is automatically "Jewish".Use the actual flaws within the ideology itself to point out why the ideology itself is not good, rather than calling it Jewish. >And of course, it should be noted to in order further maximize the positive outcome of said discussion, we should also be aware of logical fallacies such as "Strawman arguments" and "Ad Hominem". Common mistakes are fine, but repeatedly using those said fallacies are counter productive. Now with that shit out of the way, let us dive into some basic introduction of said philosophy and philosopher itself, Alexander Dugin: >Eurasianism (Russian: евразийство, yevraziystvo) is a political movement in Russia, formerly within the primarily Russian émigré community, that posits that Russian civilisation does not belong in the "European" or "Asian" categories but instead to the geopolitical concept of Eurasia. >The ideology of the movement was partially incorporated into a new movement of the same name after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, influenced the political theorist Aleksandr Dugin to publish in 1997 a magnum opus by the name of Foundations of Geopolitics. He later founded the Eurasia Party on the Russian political scene. So this ideology advocates for an economic and cultural union between "Eurasianist" countries, all of them who do not belong in area of "Western Europe" that is Atlantic World Order, which I find it pretty neat. Essentially, what Dugin asserts is that the civilization of the sea is in constant conflict with civilization of a land, both of them being allegory for West and East.
>>21436 A group of people is a mob. >Russian Duma Russia is a presidential republic. Well, on paper. State doesn't falling on the earth from the sky. State is not something sent by god or created by nature. The state is an expression of the political will of the people living in it. If they don’t have this will, then the one who has it will treat them like slaves.
>>21443 >not created by nature I beg to differ if by "state" in the simpliest terms you mean an organizational body for the greater whole of society. I would say it naturally devolops as a product of human nature and the fact that our survival is intrinsically tied to our society. Like wolves, we simply have formed more complicated ones. But we should still follow the natural laws and apply it to our societys through National Socialism (fascism being the natural byproduct of the organization of man) like "The Strong Should Rule The Weak" less we lead society and our nation as a whole to death. A state that is not organic in nature leads it's people to it's doom.
>>21444 If so, then why didn't savages build any states, and their lands became property of those who did it? There is hundreds of thousands of tribes in history that was just evaporate without any trace. It sounds more like it's a mistake of the survivor.
>>21445 They did build "states" just degenerated and tribal. Like monkey clans, it's in their blood. They simply are not capable of forming high sociteys like we are. The natural law is still there and accesiable through reason. They just fail to uncover it since they aren't capable of higher reason. Nature demands you follow her orders or die, but if you listen? Truly beutifull things are created. Man knows no bounds when he builds a truly organic state based on the natural laws that govern us all. And not a tribal one based on "muh dick"!
>>21378 >>21385 >>21389 + Well well, not bad at all, at least some clarification came this way. Fine. You know we rarely get to hear anything coming from the mouth of ruskies, it's like there's always that invisible big wall. You hang on your VodKa network andother obscure e-places and you live in your big bubble but we never hear of your real problems. Several muricans believed in the 80s-90s that if the whole planet was some kind of powder keg, the initial spark would come from the European East. But it looks like times have affected you for the worse too. You have quite some numbers and the brown and yellows usually live far from your villages and towns even if they're part of the Federation, that's the gist of it as seen from here. But you really seem to be white niggers sometimes, uncivil, coarse, behaving like retards. Vulgarity and appetite for money are at an all time high. So is there any positive sign that something good is brewing in the Motherland. You seem to disagree about the more nationalistic side of your politics. How much anti-white are your laws for example? Any explicit reference (law number, article, plus a translation—even google will be fine) to look at? Any racial or political orientation map available? >russophobe "phobe" is a suffix for fear, it's used in the kikesphere for people who don't like faggots (homophobe) or transsexuals (transphobe) but we're not afraid of them. There's a prefix you may like, it's "miso" that stands for dislike/hate. Try to use it instead. >Rami Malek Please. He's obviously not totally White, there's some shit in his blood, literally. I've met once a girl who was half Irish half Ukrainian and she was so cute and hot, her face and body full of feminine features. Healthy and quite smart for a woman. You can have very good mixing like very bad ones. Besides sometimes genes go more like 75/25%, even sometimes like 99%-none. >Konev, cells More grassroot info on that pls? >Navalny Is a plant? Controlled opposition? >rosgvardia Is? >Well, if you scratch a russian a little bit you will find a tatar or a jew. Mentally you mean because biologically that's a stupid statement to make really. >Albanians and Bosnians aren't white. Just because they are in Europa does not make them white. Unfortunately true. >deviated septum = race mixing among white races Substantiate this with science pls. >Protecting my culture and not wanting to replace it with a mutt culture (like America) therby destroying it is not "clinging to the past". It was a colony. Colonies are fine, you can actually build and test new things there. >>21423 >pygmy Why do you use "studies" that show some European people sharing almost 25-50% of their DNA with those jungle nigglets? I suspect they don't test white people only but make random picks, disregarding recent immigration waves. >>21424 >You are obsessed with women who are as closely related to you because you are an inbred potato farmer, alcoholic piece of shit who lost his virginity to his own mother. lel that's nasty. >Bianca Fake tits, fake face, prolly fake bottom, more fake here and there. Can't anyone actually pick an unmodified woman?
>>21425 >krautese in pics Translashun pls?
>>21429 Nation meant people, in the past that certainly meant related by blood. Different tribes added together could make one big nation.
>>21433 >The next stage - the nation is a construct, according to one irishman. That fat lard who worked in the EU parliament and died a few years ago? What was his name again? People thought he was a Jew because of his looks but he actually wasn't. He had a name like an American actor or director iirc.
>>21438 >Yeah, it's called a cellphone, chucklehead. At least the kikes don't charge an arm and a leg for them, here. Let's talk about prices (honestly interested about networks and price comp. regarding Russia and N. America and rest of Europe).
>>21441 The Founding Fathers were racist and jew aware yet had not enough power to make a clear-cut constitution that said non whites and kikes OUT. Some have suggested that it's part of a grand plan to force whites to fight once and for all. Buh what? >George, on paper money Yes, because exchanging chickens is so much better to pay engineers who build rockets or go into advanced surgery.
(15.72 KB 173x255 US leadership.png)
>>21463 Anyone has a non-thumbnail version of this?
>>21463 Read The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk to learn about Edmund Burke and why the Founding Fathers were shitbag liberal progressives like their Masonic brothers in France, the Jacobins. http://libgen.lc/item/index.php?md5=EF2625E6BECD257B9E6ACFDA661BB929
(119.02 KB 696x464 NamazCurbanBairam2019Moscow.jpg)
>>21457 >brown and yellows usually live far from your villages picrelated You can google Курбан Байрам 2019 Москва if you want. >How much anti-white are your laws for example? Laws here only mean something if you are part of the system. Higher you are in the system more laws you can use for your benefit. But you cannot use laws against those who higher than you are or against those who convenient for those who higher than you are. 99% of white russians on this ladder are somewhere between dog shit and faggot-worms. Mostly as anti-white in use is st.148 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Insult of religious feelings, up to 1 year, 3 years if in group, and st.282 CC RF, arousal of hatred or enmity, up to 3 years, 5 years if in group. Since the definitions are extremely blurry, they can use it however they want. If you are white russian in russia here is real you option 1. You can work for some gov affiliated barin, half of the cases it`s Middle Asian mambet or mountain monkey. You will make something like 300$-350$ per month at best, It is not enough to live here, but exactly enough to survive. Do not forget to keep that smile at the edges of your mouth while you sucking your boss's dick. As soon as you take loan for a new pair of shoes you are fucked. The total amount of credit debt of Russians is approximately 16.2 trillion rubles. The average family sends almost a third of all earnings to repay loans. The retail loan portfolio in recent years has been growing at a very high rate - over 20%. Some banks have an increase of more than 50%. Real disposable incomes of the population do not grow. 2. You can start a business. Since those who can make their own money are the worst enemies of the state, at any cost you will be fucked by: 2a. FSB or MVD. If you will make big money, as soon as FSB or MVD officials saw your tax declaration they will take your business for themselves. Just like that. Shure you can find someone who affiliated with government a little higher than closest officer, but as soon as that guy become too greedy you will lose it anyway. 2b. Inspecting and Supervisory Authorities. If you will make ok money... Nah, forget it. You obviously don't make enough nether to pay for protection of that gov affiliated faggot, or all of the bribes. They gonna suck you dry. And you gonna owe them after. You are a smart guy, go find out some money. 2c. Your family. If you will make enough money to live. Your own wife will fuck you up as soon as she want. Leaving the family court, you will hold your torn out balls in your hands. She will get everything, even your hide. If she will born a baby YEAR AFTER you will pay alimony for that kid. No joking. 3. Illegal activities & odd jobs. Choice of real man. At least, it`s not boring. Maybe you are not gonna get yourself killed. Don't get me wrong i'm not talkin about selling substances or iron, or do some shit to someone you don't know because you being paid to do so. All of this is completely legal as long as you work with police. Guys like SERB even take gov contracts on that. But it works only as long as they need you. Guys like E,N,O,T, can confirm. I'm talking about growing vegetables, repairing cars, sewing clothes and shit like that. Just remember: do not believe, do not afraid, do not beg. Do not pay taxes. Take cash only, bank will arrest your account just because it can do so, you will need a ton of papers to prove you are not sponsoring ISIS. Police already know about you anyway, all those guys whom you consider as your friends, your neighbor, your mother-in-law, all these people have already had fight in line to convey you, police can fuck you up as soon as they want. Never try to make a deal with them, its only make it worse. Be small, slick&slimy grow some thorns. They can gulp you if they want, make it unpleasant for them. None of this matter if you are Chechen, of course. Some of it do matter if you are Doggystanyan or Armenian. If you are Uzbek or Tajik then you are worse than Russian, but you will have all your fellow Uzbeks or Tajiks behind your back, you are gonna be ok. >uncivil, coarse, behaving like retards In primitive group you better be like that if you dont want you shit being pushed. >russophobe It's an old dog whistle for Russian MSM wage trolls Yes, Russian wage trolls, like Internet Research Agency, are structural part of Russian MSM. Also, as was discovered not long ago, most of these people are traps. For some reason. It looks like they're especially hire traps for that work. and for unpaid hysterical "patriots". On Russian boards it mostly used as ironic or self ironic. Even on censored shitholes like suckchan. >>Navalny >Is a plant? Controlled opposition? Steam boiler whistle. Letting off steam so it doesn't burst. >>rosgvardia >Is? Personal Putin`s army. At first it was mostly former prison wardens & prison guards from ФСИН. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Федеральна
>>21457 >>21504 >>rosgvardia >Is? Personal Putin`s army. At first it was mostly former prison wardens & prison guards from ФСИН. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Федеральная_служба_исполнения_наказаний https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Росгвардия Commander is Zolotov, Victor Vasilievich https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Золотов,_Виктор_Васильевич Former Head of the Security Service of the President of the Russian Federation - Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia. Basically, he was commander of Putin`s personal bodyguards. Approximately 430,000 soldiers and officers. Can give orders to the federal army military units. Can be used against the population, by law. https://archive.is/r46pD >>Well, if you scratch a russian a little bit you will find a tatar or a jew. >Mentally you mean because biologically that's a stupid statement to make really. It is a quote from one of the extremely slavyno- and russofilic Russian classics. Even if you do like those faggots they will make you say something like that. I use it because he whine lke jew about whole world hate him out of the blue.
>>21463 Paper money as in unbacke by anything like the USD today retard. And no Liberalism is the plauge that led to this, no amount of consiutionalism will save it. It didn't save "Free Speech" or even gun rights did it? Liberalism operates on the lie that everyone is equal thus equally should vote. Democracy is one of the worst plauges before Communism came along.
(432.10 KB 960x544 libertarianism_jews.png)
>>21505 >>21504 Блядь, этот хуеплёт всё ещё здесь срёт. >russofilic Russian classics Who are you lying to here, you leaky cockholes lover? What kind of classic, you sucker? This phrase is taken from Astolph de Custine's "Russia 1839", an absolutely russohaters work by frogman. The fact that it was then repeated after him by all sorts of Dostoevskys as a saying does not mean that they thought so. The Kazakhs have a proverb that is diametrically opposite to сustin's: "scratch a Tatar, you will find a Russian." >It's an old dog whistle The funny thing about this is that this moron is right. Many kremlebots use this term. However, this does not mean that such people do not exist and this ancap is the bearer of such morality. This problem is quite real and has been analyzed many times, including by a prominent mathematician who is familiar with Solzhenitsyn, for which he was called an antisemite. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Shafarevich https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Russian_sentiment After all, most of the distributors of russophobia are jews, so it is not surprising to observe such behavior from libertarian ancap. >suckchan, suckchan, suckchan You can remove the sucker from suckchan, but you can't remove suckchan from the sucker. So you spread all your stereotypes from the suckchans typharetnik as a fecal bacterium, a sucker.
>>21513 >Astolph de Custine's "Russia 1839" Oh, let me guess, encyclopediarussophobica. He did said something similar, but no, it's not him. The only quote from Astolph de Custine which is slightly similar is "But it is enough to scratch them a little - and you will see how their fur comes out and hikes up." Also there is a similar French proverb. The exact French proverb is "Grattez le russe et vous verrez le Tatare." "Scratch a Russian and you’ll find a Tatar." But it`s not from Astolph de Custine. >You can remove the sucker from suckchan, but you can't remove suckchan from the sucker. It's not gonna work on me, macaque`s puppet. I'm free and I`m never go back! Also, if you are dislike classical Russian literature here some modern Russian literature for you. "A conspiracy against Russia undoubtedly exists. The only problem is that all Russians are participating in it." Now, let's be serious here. Are you one of retarded Kurginyan`n bitches? I mean, who else will use encyclopediarussophobica voluntary.
(50.51 KB 500x416 грамм.jpg)
>>21525 >encyclopediarussophobica What a fuck is this? Are you talking about the encyclopedia Britannica or what the hell is going on in your head? >it's not him Who is it then? What is an unusual russian classic and why the authorship of this phrase is attributed to Joseph de Maistre, Napoleon I, Prince de Lin? Maybe because there was no russophile classic? And there was a banal popular judgment coming from the poles? All these polish lords, with their approach: gentry - sarmatians, slavs - cattle. No? And how about scratch a german and find a slav, haven't you heard? "The proto-Slavs were mainly a Nordic people, which was formed from a group of Nordic races that lived in the inner part of the Eastern European forest plain, along the upper and middle reaches of the Dnieper, and was strong enough to impose Slavic languages on the entire East of Europe for centuries. Starting from the VI century A.D., the Slavs spread to the West and southwest, and later also to the North... However, from the point of view of race,. also, using only bone remains from Slavic ordinary graves, it is impossible to distinguish with the Germans: the proto-Slavs, this upper layer of the then Nordic-Eastern Baltic, Nordic-Alpine, Nordic-Dinaric and Nordic-Sudeten peoples who adhered to a certain funeral rite, belonged, like the Germans and Scandinavians, to the Nordic race.” Hans F.K. Günther. Herkunft and Rassengeschichte der Germanen. München/Berlin, 1937. S. 397-400 >I'm free and I`m never go back! If you are truly free, and your mind is still plastic, then you will discard the stereotypes acquired there, until you do not stutter about your freedom. >if you are dislike classical You haven't proved the origin of the phrase from the russian classics and immediately slip modern. It's so funny. If I want russian criticism from a classic, I'll take Ilyin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Ilyin >Now, let's be serious here. Ancap alcoholic asks you to be serious. >Are you one of retarded Kurginyan`n bitches? What the fuck is this? Were you completely drunk when you asked that question? I hate communists, I consider Putin a chekist, you are stupid dolboeb, I would rather become a national anarchist than listen to the vomit of an asshole adoring kike Andropov. >I mean, who else will use encyclopediarussophobica >encyclopediarussophobica What is this shit? Are you interested in what I use? And when you realize what I'm using, you're going to insult me? I'll give you a chance. I use my brain, my own library, a couple of scientific sites, specialized blogs with literature, and sometimes a cyberleninka, because there are a lot of articles stored there now and they are free.
>>21506 >Paper money as in unbacke by anything like the USD today retard. fren When that quote was made the paper was backed, retard. The last form of backing (against gold) got axed in the 60s iirc.
>>21513 >Libertardians The only liberty that counts is for the Jews to manage the cattle the way they want.
>>21525 >"A conspiracy against Russia undoubtedly exists. The only problem is that all Russians are participating in it." /russia
I cannot understand the position of Russia toward the Globalist world. Putin follow the Eurasianism? Dugin speaks is an anti-jewish? So, basically the Eurasianism is a globalist ideology to take the western world and spread the communism, but communism itself are jewish, so anti-semitism of Dugin is false? Putin is a jew, communism and marxism are jewish.
>>22675 Any Eurasianists can give me a clearly answer. Dugin itself is anti-jewish toward the Western Capitalist World, but he clearly don't speak about the Judaism in the Communist Russia. So, the anti-semitism of Dugin is clearly false, because he wants the globalization of the communist Russia toward the Atlantic Ocean.
>>22676 But, now that i don't understand, it is a fight toward the "Eastern jews" and "Western Jews"? Or it is controlled opposition? What is the mission of Putin, since he is a jew?
>>22677 Basically, Putin just want to restore the Russian hegemony, using the conservatism and the orthodox church as a mask to to influence the Russian people, mixing the KGB and Eurasianism, and the Eurasianism are used as a globalist pretest and influential in some parts the Putin vision, but not entire.


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