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(130.53 KB 800x532 BOND2.png)
(196.15 KB 1200x1976 XXI.jpg)
(1.14 MB 480x270 Saturn.gif)
(690.52 KB 192x192 saturn hexagram.gif)
Druid/pol/ #0004 - 2020 Portentous Numerals edition Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 01:38:18 ID:a7e7e5 No. 20824
LOYAL LADS I bid you all welcome in the manner which we have become acustomed, to our most portentous quartus 16ch thread. An auspicious thread awaits as we prepare for the 2020 ritual and the rites that it entails. So far the Lodge is yet to refine the details of the Working but that is what these threads are for and ideas have already been floated. All that remains is to distill this process and reach consensus on the best way to maximize the window of ritual opportunity that this unique time presents to us. As is the New Way, a card from the major arcana shall be drawn at random shall be drawn, and that card is ........(drumroll)......... THE WORLD (XXI) Drawn upright fucking wew I swear at times like this the Tarot almost frightens me. A great portentous card to draw at such a juncture. The World (XXI) is the 21st trump of the Tarot. It is the final card of the Major Arcana or tarot trump sequence. The scene depicts a naked woman hovering or dancing above the earth holding a staff in each hand, surrounded by a green wreath, being watched by various beasts. The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, or of an aeon, a pause in life before the next big cycle (beginning with the fool & ending with the World) It is an indicator of a major and inexorable change, of tectonic breadth. Upright the card is know to signify successful conclusions, possibilities, fulfillment & achievement of ones goals. Reversed Which thank fuck we didn't get is indicitive of delayed success, lack of completion, stagnation & failed plans The ruling element of The World is Earth and it's governing heavenly body Saturn wew....again - a carry over from last thread and the only slightly concerning aspect of the upcoming Rite, but I think we have to accept it is going to be there on this one and work with it regardless I feel this card is indeed auspicious, as to be drawn at this particular time. Our last thread was incrediby curious & yielded much fruit while it also bridged a literal decade and I believe we may perhaps be on the cusp of witness the birth of a new aeon (and perhaps, just perhaps we may be able to lend a hand in bringing it about), or at least assist with this endeavour in our own humble way, should we now capitalize on this window of opportunity. <The Roaring 20s! Let us strive for a new paradigm lads. You can feel it there, bubbling under the surface. It's been instrumental in the awakening of the last decade and the rampant accelerationism of the last several years too. It has been gestating under the surface & has, by those with the Will to do so, been nurtured into a specific Current - that of the ''ætherium electricæ" and the specific Currents remains OURS, forever bound to us and our folk alone. Not all battles are fought on the physical plane and each B.O.N.D brother can do his part. As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the reader's perusal & delectation With thanks to anon in the previous thread for saving me having to trawl theough breitbart - again. It gets so tiresome sometimes lads smh... https://www. bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51104687 >Iran: we honestly mistook this civilian airplane for a legitimate target despite the fact that it took from a civilian airport. >Ignore the blatant numerology 'plane number : day of destruction' https: //www. bbc.com/reel/video/p0808hpm/the-teenage-dutch-girls-who-seduced-and-killed-nazis >bitches look like Greta Funborg https ://www. telegraph.co.uk/women/life/watch-girl-cans-new-taboo-busting-advert-tampon-strings-breastfeeding/ >More womanegro love. (disgusting) https ://www. bbc.com/news/world-australia-51008051 >Nice dynamic map at the article's bottom. >Notice how on most of the chans there's no thread about those fires. https ://www. usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/01/06/australia-fires-how-climate-change-worsening-fires/2824201001/ >You mean planned drying of rivers, geoengineering that forces rains away from Australia and aerial chemical pollution? https://www.bitchute.com/video/t8XmlMpJSJ8/ >(^ grain of salt but some pieces of info are eye openers) https://globalnews.ca/news/6366259/what-causes-australia-wildfires/ The real news is the newly discovered window of astrological & numerological potential this year may bring. . Anyway, that is it for now lads, remember tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, honour the Druidic Ancestor Spirits & suffer not the traitor nor xenos. ALL HAIL THE NEW ORDER PARCHEDIG DERWYDDON YR HYNAFIAID AVE DRUIDICVS 2/20/20/20
>>21523 >Celtic occultism cannot give me that. I cannot read the words of a single druid in his own hand. Why the B.O.N.D. then? Try something else.
>>21549 It's a kind of smoke screen, red-herring, where the Jew turns the topic in such a way that although it serves his overall interest, you think he's actually defending something valuable, even in some altruistic fashion. So much that you could very well want to side with him on certain points, missing the entire strategy. Usually, it's more or less real or fake disagreements between Jews, halfway between rhetoric and entertainment.
>>21555 > 1917 That fresh one? What % of pozz?
>>21556 >Still wish Suffolk and Punished were here too. Have you checked /pnd/ to see if they're lurking there? They might have gone offgrid for some time and will return soon. send them loosh + invitation-thought
>>21619 >the pillars B & J are on the High Priestess card, they're not FM really, they are Edgy.
>>21621 >In what way? I don’t have a particular theory, I was just linking them etymologically. It was just interesting that 40k did a one card draw for me, a devotee of the CM, which related in such an obvious way.
>>21627 The story is actually tolerable, if slightly daft - two corporals have to take a message over no mans land into a separate trench system to call off an attack on a heavily fortified position - why not just use a bi-plane to drop the message out? That's what they did IRL instead of entrusting a vital order to two low ranking men who are most likely to fucking die on the way there anyway. Daft tbh but the pozz was no so much in the story but in the casting as every 20th soldier fighting on the western front in British uniform is black ffs. IRL there were VERY FEW black and mixed race soliders from port cities like liverpool, bristol, places like that (i'v seen the odd photo) but you could probably count the number on both hands in '17 - certainly not the 1 in 10 ratio the film seems to portray. Also portrays a Sikh officer on the western front - again wrong as no colonial troops served there - they were fighting the Turks in the middle east and sheeeeit. I think a few served as stretcher bearers but not officers. Not on the western front anyway. Fucking historical revisionism to fit current demographics at the expense of accuracy. It's so insidious. As if 99.9% of wogs are going to go and watch a WW1 film anyway ffs. Still, its ((Sam Mendez)) who directed the incredibly subversive American Beauty so what do you expect I suppose.... >>21628 Yeah I usually check any occult themed /pol/ threads and also the brit/pol/ there fuck me what an obnoxious circlejerk of tripfaggotry. Makes the defunct 8chan one seem tolerable in comparison but i'v had no luck as of yet. I'll keep checking, keep sending loosh and just have faith they will eventually stumble across us. Tis all we can do at present lad.
==DEAR ESTEEMED MODS= Please would it be possible to pin this thread for the evening, just until I can get a new one made tomorrow? I'm going out tonight see. Kind regards: OP
(56.33 KB 520x640 1476616250818.jpg)
Thank you based mods Appreciate the pin. Off out now lads. Not had time nor focus to do the tarot and stuff our threads require, as its been a bit of a hectic evening for me, so I will ensure a new thread is up sometime tomorrow. Our Mods have graciously pinned the thread so we won't get bumped off the board anyway. Have a good evening lads.
Merged List as of JAN 24 2020 [Note: adjusted per community deliberation] --Helpful Anthropology-- >The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Frazer http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=BB5683559C1ECBD51A4F0A0D613EBE6C >The Sacred And The Profane: The Nature Of Religion by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=3CF47842FD06FE2F7E74FBEF76785E06 >The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=84AB14E863667060F6E0384B708E4FDE --Magick Itself-- >Visual Magick: a manual of freestyle shamanism by Jan Fries http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=58508975BEA05645EE09477BDDDCE557 >Cauldron of the Gods: A Manual of Celtic Magick by Fries http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=A287C6C74F9F09FD25E443FED9847075 >Liber Kaos by Carroll http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=19796024D30A71A81A5B16373C47CD43 --Vedic-- >Four Vedas http://libgen.lc/item/index.php?md5=0E2784CDC7A41C4FC9216133C30B7E42 >Ramayana (three volumes): https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=D9E8B9BA21457A7C7AEC4F6420219397 https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=54A8585A5A44BDB4F94799A62858010C https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=F908378AC39CCE17BD021E2D36A441DE >Laws of Manu (Manu-smriti) http://libgen.lc/item/index.php?md5=4643068185498966D6E416140B8724B0 --Zoroastrian/Mazdayasna-- >Original Magic - Rituals and Initiations of the Persian Magi: https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=389D009F8618379020AE60A6E178FF5D >Inner Fire https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=B9275B5C901C97D04595A5707310B6B9 >Hymns Of Zoroaster https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=FD2491509C82880E3619AA42B44D6C09 --Lucid Dreams & Astral Projection-- >Lucid Dreams by Celia Green (original pre-LaBerge academic) http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=8CD9124BD75157CB943B20AB5BD36C27 >Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce (great techniques) http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=F4F6DE45252479AEBE137EF8BCA12C0C >Dreaming Yourself Awake by B. Alan Wallace (Tibet!) http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=A89D9A1A7D51D541236B2DDB327C943C --Levenda's Sinister Forces Trilogy-- >Book One: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=14F9590C75FE8E37ECD713BF454D29A4 >Book Two: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=0A9C28333CB74DF2EE0476BD4BCC8869 >Book Three: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=D7048B15DFC1C89962BCE1532616B3E0 --Colin Wilson's Occult Trilogy-- >The Occult http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=1A3FBB6CF60BE8EB00F817D3A7619A97 >Beyond The Occult http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=7E3F82E2A3B4C98A410A0C0BA09437D5 >Mysteries, An Investigation http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=1537244C988B06D32A9C1C00F7C080BE --Edred Thorsson-- >Futhark: A Handbook Of Rune Magic http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=34C56460D815C69295D072083833666D >Runelore: A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=25C9637A21AC8F0011DA44FDA8865F05 >Galdabrok: An Icelandic Grimoire http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=3A6FB075F5A5E3817001CA73BDEFEE8B >Icelandic Magic: Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimoires http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=6BBF7F9ADAE3E80FF4139061CC44E8A6 --Evropa-- >Mabinogion (Celtic): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=707F4C9D51B0C578182A1907B3DE472F >Kalevala (Finn): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=C722D432632871EF64644F7980BCFBAB >Poetic Edda (Norse): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=8C0B3233BFDAC66C107FF4B5433ED763 >Prose Edda: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=97752A6313141CC3DBE096425C120985 >Nibelungenlied (German): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=C794FD7CAFCCF3C581587111573A6456 >Greek Epics & Philosophy http://classics.mit.edu/Browse/index.html
>>21644 Make a pastebin
>>21660 That would negate the purpose. It's intended to be posted once per thread toward the top. This should be the final version. It would be just another link and no one would see it and possibly realize they're interested in a given subject. One post per thread isn't going to kill you.
>>21613 I already wrote the name of the chan and the board. As for the Universalist spin, it can be identified as anything diverging the exclusively racialist religion endorsing (positive) free will and self-deification into some variation of "we are all just different versions of the same/one consciousness" monist shilling. The Talmudic element coming into play when they mention how other races should be integrated, just as lower castes. This is what destroyed the Indo-European society in the first place and is not much different from what the globalist/elite Jews believe. With themselves on top of course. It's not obvious, and I actually agree with that guy on a lot of subjects, but these deviations should be pointed out for the sake of avoiding them spiraling out into late stage manifestations like globohomo. >>21622 What makes you think that there couldn't be a multiplicity of such sources sharing the same 'container' that's the sum of every possibility? That container being incapable of consciousness or action itself. >As I asked, what problem would there be in this Source being neutral? Because it still implies everything being connected at the most fundamental level, which wile true in the world of phenomena, does not necessarily have to be true in the world of noumena. Since it transcends the need of an external source, unlike the material world. >We discuss about the existence of this True One source Did you ever consider a possibility that everything that could exist, has always existed (there is no prime cause) and that the Source is actually yourself? That you are simply moving through superimposition of possibilities collapsing them into reality, but also sharing it with other sources? >as it is the perfect sum That number being .... ? This answer is of fundamental importance >Eh? No. They are totally opposite. Define everything then. :>) You'd be surprised how many geniuses went to the brink of insanity with this one. People smarter than you and me combined. You do realize that differentiation is necessary for anything to exist in any meaningful way? >Honestly, your logic appears to be a considerable mess. You are supposed to provide a better alternative at this point >it is not concerned by such an issue Because it is not conscious, and cannot be by definition. Also, ascribing any quality to it that's separate from us (no matter how fragmented and "noisy" we might be) is not a very monist way of looking at things >Anything a demiurge would use to create Jews would be taken from a greater source of potentials True, us not necessarily being "one consciousness" with them >Besides, if this discussion cannot be settled one way or another in this thread, it should be pushed into its own thread @ >>>/culture/. The subject is too complex to elaborate on in the fullest, and it's a philosophical debate more than anything. It belongs on /pol/ because most people's beliefs (including political) derive from certain, more fundamental philosophical positions. Having a strongly rooted position helps counter subversion. Anyway, I'll post the Golden Thread in the new thread. >>21624 Brahmins confirmed to be KC tier
(11.17 KB 300x100 bannerdruid.png)
Afternoon lads, hope you are all well and in good spirits - just got back on the computer - kids have been hogging it most of the day smh. Had a good night last night but overindulged a bit (I mixed my grape & grain like a fucking retard) so ol' 40k is feeling a bit delicate at present, but once the headfog clears up and i'v eaten something and re-lined my stomach, i'll get to work on preparing our new thread. Should be up sometime this evening (UK time) Just have a few errands to run first but im on it lads. Also if anyone has any idead and wants to suggest this months theme (apart from the obvious Imbolc connection which will be auto-included) now is the time to let me know & I will incorporate it into the next thread. Help with the newslinks is always appreciated too tbh Mods, I very much appreciate your patience and your pinning of our thread. Like I say, i'll get the new one up later this evening. Just waiting for my thick head to clear up so I can perform the Tarot draw to the best of my ability. Also, I'v posted it in BO's meta too but at great effort & over 9000hrs in mspaint i;v knocked up a druid themed 300 by 100 pixel banner for the /pol/ board, should the BOss wish to use it. Ill do a few more with different fonts, graphics and moar overall effort in the next few days but I thought it would be nice to have a druid themed banner as 16chan is now the official home of the B.O.N.D I think it would be nice to see a few druid/B.O.N.D themed banners up on the site so if any of you lads want to make one, remember they have to be 300 by 100 pixels. Perhaps a based druid among us with shooping skillz can do us proud and knock something up that blows my humble effort out of the water. The banner submission thread is in the meta btw >>21666 (observed) I think the links you post are great lad. Keep posting them - its good to have them in the thread for the benefit of us and lurkers alike and the information contained within them is pertinent indeed. Portentous numerals indicate the Druids approve too. I'v taken a few .pngs pf these link lists as they are well put together and, as I said before - pertinent. Kudos lad. Appreciate the effort you are contributing to the Lodge tbh.
>>21672 I appreciate the hell out that support. I forgot the sheer volume of shit one must take for trying to be useful. I feel bad for you, you're trying to run a decentralized organization, all I'm trying to do is make information available, the shit you must take must be astronomical. But, as always, my motto is we do what we can
(53.04 KB 300x100 1579973122930.png)
>>21672 How's this? I'll make up a few more after a bit, have to go to grocers today.
(68.96 KB 300x100 1579974062337.png)
One more for now
(114.85 KB 1012x698 approve.jpg)
>>21676 >>21677 (portentous observation of sacred lucky sevens!) Good work lad, top job. Looking great! If you've not done so already, I'll post them in BO's banner thread in the meta. Hopefully we will see them up at some point.
>>21677 (edit)...You posted them in the meta already I see. Nice one lad.
>>21675 I wasn't giving you shit, it was a fucking suggestion so it could fit nicely in the new OP, but go off if you want faggot.
>>21687 Didn't mean to sound rustled. I was trying to explain my reasoning for not doing that. Forgive my bristly attitude.
>>21675 >we do what we can Good motto lad >I forgot the sheer volume of shit one must take for trying to be useful Often the case aye but in the B.O.N.D's case, the lads seem to have a good sense of camaraderie and we all pull together (and sometimes apart...) to create something greater than the sum of it's parts. Every Druid is an individual who can add his own particular area of knowledge & expertise to the collective. Every Druid is appreciated and has his place. Everyone has a niche to fill and it is up to the B.O.N.D brother to discover what that niche is. I enjoy making the OPs and I enjoy the content and chatting with all you lads. I don't see it as a chore but as a joy - this actually fills a small void in my being. That need to do........something. It's hard to articulate but i'm sure you know what I mean when I say that. Doing the OP's for the B.O.N.D gives me a sense of pride - not in any selfish, egotistical sense but more in the fact that a group of highly intelligent, disparate, esoterically oriented anons from differing continents & backgrounds, with differing schools of thought regarding the occult, have managed to find this obscure little general, converge into a tight knit group over a common cause, survive a digital apocalypse, create a sense of genuine brotherhood where each is recognizable by his prose and mannerisms (despite being anon) and through this, we are able to have a tangible effect on the physical, mental, causal and spiritual planes. It is the fact that we, the B.O.N.D are something truly unique. That, I think is the pride's source for me. Pride in my brother anons & what they are able to achieve when they come together. I just make the OP's & do the Tarot an stuff. I'm no more or less special than any other of you lads here. I just stick to what I'm adept at and play my part, same as all the other druidbro's. We are individuals yet we are united as one. Genuinely love you lads no homo >>21687 Chill lad. We are all on the same side here. New OP will be up soon. Anon could do both tbh - a pastebin for archiving purposes but, imo it is also nice to have the links in the thread too, for the benefit of lurkerbros and also those of us who might need quick & easy access to the information. New thread will be up soon anyway. Just working on it now.
>>21644 For a /pol/ thread, this list's content of racially aware material is close to zilch. This is borderline suckchan level reading.
(438.55 KB 734x1018 DruidFC.png)
>>21694 >>21694 >>21694 FRESH THREAD LADS >>21694 >>21694 >>21694 Please move to new thread now lads so mods can unpin this one
>>21000 I was browsing this thread in around 17th January when I came across this post by anon (mildly interesting) >>21000 and then their next post was fucking weird rant; something about infections having gone too far and burning bodies. I wanted to review it in light of the corona virus and the cremation of all the bodies which hadn’t been mentioned in the news at that time, did it get deleted? It looks like the post was deleted since I can’t find it. It just lodged in my mind and I couldn’t get it out.


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