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(57.04 KB 650x561 martin-luther-king.jpg)
Trolling the left for black history month Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 00:40:35 ID:450535 No. 21302
Given how black history month is approaching I'm thinking we should MLK as a divide for the SJWs. MLK was a brilliant man who wanted everyone regardless of skin color and wealth to have equality not equity. We can make MLK memes with parts of his I have a dream speech where it cuts out with ... Da fuq? *Then insert unequal leftist view point image bellow this sentence* This is to draw attention to the bs they are spewing while alluding MLK's own words. What do you guys think? Bad meme warfare idea?
>>21315 Ok, thanks for your input
>>21312 >>21314 This stuff is exactly what we need right now. To cause more chaos and confusion behind enemy lines. They keep doing it to us to stop us from coordinating. We need to do it to them more.
>>21314 In fact spam this shit on 4chan not Twitter. That's where they're most likely to hit all the niggers and mutts lurking on /b/ and /pol/ and perhaps they'll spread it organically on "black twitter."
>>21322 That's pretty much the plan, it started on 4/pol and was gaining a lot of steam, then Burgers decided to kick off with Iran, plus the 2A/VA shit. Next week will be all Impeach shit, so will need put off and wait for a lull. Op's seem more impactful when things are quite and plebs are bored. Feel free to brainstorm more ideas, create more and or tweak approach in the meantime
>>21323 http://archive.md/EG4m2 Thread 1 archive https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/238117730/ Thread1 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/238166187/ Thread2 There was couple other threads but they were drowned with other happening's and slide threads
(61.08 KB 1034x744 OtherPlatforms.png)
(23.11 KB 324x672 OtherPlatforms2.png)
(84.40 KB 1000x561 OtherPlatforms3.png)
I've notice a lot of operations in the past only using through twatter. Why only use twatter? There are other platforms you know, including ph0ne apps as well. Pics related. Sources: >https://www.axios.com/social-media-platform-use-by-race-1520348162-f134bd21-5704-4746-bc42-57e9ec0d2e69.html >https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/02/03/social-media-preferences-vary-by-race-and-ethnicity/ >https://www.marketingcharts.com/digital/social-media-108184
TBO I dont use any of them except a bit of youtube, (for any fav's that dont yet use bitchite and only for viewing not for being social/political) most anon's don't use much social media. Second there are metrics that those graphs don't reflect, such as age and political engagement. There's a difference between some that logs in for work or cat pics, And someone that logs in for social crusading That said, those numbers are impressive enough that perhaps the other platforms should not be discounted Have to say I am surprised twitter is down at 30% though, perhaps all the centrists and rightwingers are over on facebook. In other news US Navy is now naming Aircraft Carriers after niggers http://archive.md/ZxoKb This guy already had his name on a destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Miller_(FF-1091) Commissioned: 30 June 1973 Decommissioned: 15 October 1991
(445.71 KB 2310x2170 Outjewing the jew.jpg)
>>21307 We are the jews now
(52.60 KB 589x500 76mrje1.jpg)
If enough Blacks wake up to the JQ we can get astroturf a Black Natsoc organization into existence and use it as a cover for our own activities.
(714.72 KB 1000x1000 SLAVERY_MERCHANT.png)
(636.97 KB 700x700 LANDLORDS.png)
(59.32 KB 539x385 1576529917756.jpg)
How about just spreading awareness of black history/struggles?
There are 2000000000 niggers in the world and only 10000000 Native Americans. I see no reason Native Americans should become extinct because niggers can't control their breeding. What about white people? Well white people in the Americas are currently suffering a population drop. I can go either way either stay in the Americas with the permission of the natives or move to Scotland and take up golf.
>>21417 >permission of the natives That's not how the world works, I doubt the Cheeroke asked the Shawnee before murdering them and taking their land or the Iroquious the Cheeroke during the Beaver Wars. "The strong must dominate and not mate with the weak, which would signify the sacrifice of its own higher nature. Only the born weakling can look upon this principle as cruel, and if he does so it is because he is of a feebler nature and narrower mind; for if such a law did not direct the process of evoultion then the higher devolpment of organic life would be inconseviable." - Adolf Hitler
>>21471 >permission of the natives They're probably even more useless on average than niggers. Actually I'd even bet money on that.
I want to expand on what I said in >>21306 I was born in Atlanta and have been raised in urban centers almost my whole life. As a result, I've met many black people and had the good fortune to establish positive relations when possible. I've worked at jobs and lived in hard neighborhoods where I was the only White face, despite this, these are the places and people I've been able to speak most freely about race and politics to. There have been conflicts, but overall, I survived. I've worked at places where I have been on the firing line for non-kosher speech and my black allies were the only ones who stood up for me, while the "Whites" sold me down the river. Black people have showed me exceptional kindness even in the face of me advocating White pride and sovereignty. For the most part they understand and are open minded. I feel safest to speak my mind in Black majorities, because as long as you are strong and charismatic, they will listen. Blacks will always test you, you have to always be ready to fight, but if you earn their respect, you have made a friend for life. Blacks respect hardness, never let them get off with disrespecting you or your race, throw hands if you must, but never submit, always be ready to fight, White Man, ALWAYS. Blacks don't trust the Replicuck party and are generally very open to the JQ. Where I work, I can speak freely, but only with my Black coworkers. You just have to be charismatic; that matters more to them than idealogy. Be hard, but cool, that is what they respect. I am basically an open "White Nationalist" at work, but get respect, offers to smoke weed (I don't smoke, though) and rides home. I trust my Blacks more than anyone else at work. Interracial cooperation is possible, you just have to be open, strong and honest. Be ready to have your character tested and fight when you have to. Blacks and mulattosare our guys, reach out to them. Listen and learn, brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad0lhSWhgp0
(22.03 KB 600x360 Negroidi.png)
(20.98 KB 160x160 fire_1f525.png)
>>21646 Only woke kike I've seen so far.
>>21535 In case JewTube blocked the video: https://youtu.be/tbhzcZoqDLs
(389.89 KB 500x484 church is lit af.png)
>>21302 I tell co-workers I celebrate Black Metal History Month because i don't want to engage in cultural appropriation. The looks on their faces as they try to process this are priceless.
>>21535 Doesn't make up for their effects on White society as a whole an their increasing violence across racial lines. The majority of interracial crimes are done by blacks on whites. The reason they pass over mostly niggeried White males is because they can be used to an extent and don't prose any effect. This Is were the term "wigger" comes in. A term invented by the Negro Community. I lived in a majority black neighborhood, at first it was hell. Fighting niggers and shit, and sure eventually you prove your strong enough to "earn the respect" of a few weakling niggers. But that's until you have something they want and doesn't apply to women or children or when they have numbers. Are you really going to sit back and let them do horrible nigger things to women and children and then your society because you aren't effected? Because let me tell you. You will one day be effected, and there will be nobody to help you. You can't hide from this racial struggle, don't make friends with blacks. They are to be talked down to, not respected. No truces, No compromise. The only good nigger is the one hanging from a tree.
>>22785 Haha, looking back, my rhetoric was a bit too soft. No, I agree with you. For the time being, I would prefer a less antagonistic relationship, though; that can at least lower the heat we have to take. My stance is one of practicality for now, but after that.....
>>21535 Surely, you realize that your experience is an extremely rare one?
>>21315 Id love to see fbi cia and nsa participate in violence and brutality campaings, sadly i wont see that ever happeni


no cookies?