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(60.81 KB 1920x1080 memethreadtitle.png)
(302.23 KB 1200x900 memethread-photo.jpg)
Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:41:15 No. 21367
MEMES & OC Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.
(225.50 KB 1210x1354 b83a1ffdac1ce6da.jpeg)
(320.84 KB 729x929 PSYOPS.png)
(291.39 KB 707x889 gotland_rape.png)
(151.40 KB 994x715 1581292352229.jpg)
>>28316 utopia pt IV - controlling the narrative
(853.35 KB 700x700 riots.png)
(2.51 MB 1080x1600 boomerwaffen-2020-colorized.png)
Boomerwaffen from St. Louis when their gated community was stormed by BLM commies
(33.58 KB 700x341 Ebr67UVXYAErGr0.jpeg.jpg)
(256.35 KB 940x705 EbppO-bXkAA_4X1.jpeg.jpg)
(594.23 KB 1440x1920 EbqFTe8XYAEEklT.jpeg.jpg)
(115.03 KB 1044x503 5763f403dd08954d438b4841.jpg)
>>29751 Remember This Couple? This is Them Now Feel Old Yet?
(298.74 KB 2000x2000 v1.png)
(87.53 KB 700x700 v1_700.png)
(298.74 KB 2000x2000 v1.png)
(87.59 KB 700x700 v1_700.png)
(139.41 KB 1000x1000 v1_1000.png)
Small mistake fixed.
(4.75 MB 1136x640 Humza Yousaf.mp4)
(409.27 KB 573x4484 Humza yousaf scotland white.png)
(5.95 MB 854x480 o18mzF01oeMk.mp4)
(270.67 KB 720x880 20200701_101620.jpg)
(269.73 KB 916x721 muh dick.jpg)
(147.39 KB 1241x1475 bwc meme 2.jpg)
(68.02 KB 640x761 bwc meme 1.jpg)
(125.00 KB 714x1024 Huny Buny.jpg)
(66.40 KB 768x1024 black femcel lusts after bwc.jpg)
Some cannon fodder from 4chins that was being posted in an OPs thread the Jannies keep nuking. Was lurking them and lulzing when "black anon" and the hapa spammer would shit the bed and spam porn till said thread was nuked.
(225.85 KB 523x911 OC karen hate.jpg)
(230.05 KB 1050x761 OC XENOCRACY.jpg)
(311.64 KB 681x535 OC boomerwaffen.jpg)
(934.28 KB 832x628 sbt.png)
>>29824 nice
when jews take over your country they sell your women as slaves also why women should not be allowed to vote https://invidio.us/watch?v=o081wqsny7w
(439.50 KB 1150x1172 memeball-coronavirus-hongkong-uk.png)
I know bongland is targeting Hong Kong because it is China's money launderette, but you have to be legitimately retarded to deploy mass immigration as a defense strategy. Now if they back out they've cucked to China's demands, and if they continue they're fucked by Chinese spies. Maybe I'm wrong, and their 'intelligence' service is really for attacking their nation rather than defending it. It certainly seems that way.
(23.80 KB 667x229 1223.png)
(29.81 MB 854x480 xNmGMyOpCfK6.mp4)
>>33380 Yes, the entire establishment in Britain needs to burn. All of them.
(1.90 MB 1200x1145 ClipboardImage.png)
(540.13 KB 640x851 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.11 MB 1440x1573 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.58 MB 3240x4320 1594184360172.jpg)
its time to retake Constantinople
(1.13 MB 832x1929 hagia sophia.png)
its time to retake Constantinople
(22.13 KB 490x288 luke22.36.jpg)
(792.50 KB 1280x720 good work epstein.mp4)


no cookies?