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(49.09 KB 971x546 Dmx4MA0UYAER5Ea.jpg)
Non-Whites are the real NPC's Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 20:02:58 ID:cd2ce4 No. 22702
They are different. ALL non-whites with the save exception of a few anomalies. Maybe 1%. 2%. But the vast majority of them are like this. I don't know how to describe it. It is a difference not only in looks, but in behavior, and something else. It's like they are lacking something. I don't know exactly what it is, but I can best describe it as a state of being. All Non-whites. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians. Even Japanese in some respects. White people are on a different level, mentally and spiritually. That's as best as I can describe it. This level allows us access to additional faculties that other nonwhites cannot access. I don't think this is just IQ and smarts. It's something else. No, don't go telling me its IQ. There is something more to this. Something spiritual. Non Whites are the real NPC's. I feel an unease around them. I feel that something is off. You do too. And its for all nonwhites. Something is just off with them, something is off center, something is just NOT RIGHT. I don't know how to describe it. But it turns them into NPC-like characters in this clown world that we live in. Only Whites display certain characteristics like independent thought. I think this independent, critical thought is being suppressed by TPTB. But we have it. This critical thought manifests itself in what they describe as "Conservative", "Libertarian" or whatever else they want to label our ideals as. The ideals that are in these realms of thought are primarily "White People" ideals. I fully subscribe to the idea that all civilization has been built by Whites. NO ONE, EXCEPT WHITES have built civilization. And the funny thing is that nonwhites want to be around us. They follow Whites. Wherever we go, they want to go, too. I dont want to be around nonwhites. The only nonwhites I feel safe around are ones that have significant White admixture (some Latin, basically). All others I cannot stand, and want to get away from as soon as possible.
>>23280 Christianity got concocted by a bunch of kikes in order to subvert heathen Europe, ideally it should be completely abandoned. But this poison was designed to entrench deeply into one's psyche, making the process of removing it rather difficult. The whole "Jew" thing is retarded, redundant and harmful. We don't need those myths, we don't need those values, we don't need false gods or their "favors" . We are perfectly fine on our own, with the gifts the nature has bestowed on us. >They don't think logically, all the Jew has to do is point out a piece of scripture and their bend over backwards to their demands. Those people will believe anything, first Israel is for white people, then they "discover" how Jews are actually one of the tribes as well, but the good Jews who follow Torah, not those evil occult Jews of course, then you add a based nigger or two if he follows the scripture, and so on. This tactic is used to gradually kosherize beliefs which become too "problematic"
>>23040 >I know for the fact that the Jewish banking system landed our country to the state we are in along with Muslim and British invasion, we are in this ride together anon there are high IQ anons here who don't want to go anywhere and wants to fix this shithole, I can understand your tribal hate, but damn. It's easy to hate when Whites are clearly the minority on this planet and all is done to eradicate Whites, that we're told we're too numerous and we pollute, that abortion is cool, but then migrants are brought in because we don't make enough babies, when it's countries like China and India for example which are soiling the planet with air and water pollution and fucking like insects, demographics blowing through the roof.
>>23130 >Can you explain then why the Old Testament wasn't written in Indo-European languages? He can't. Too much anus bleeding if trying.
>>23157 >The Old Testament is the adventures of people with a lower moral standard than the Trailer Park Boy's. Raping and being general parasites in all the land they inhabit much like today. But OT also contains more elementary truths, rules of thumb and is much more patrician than the NT. But it's obviously very corrupt too.
Is(is) Ra El
You're asshole
>>23171 >So you see how this all lines up? Even so-called "Pagan" religions, essentially stemmed from the same bullcrap that the Edomites worshiped - false idols. The Edomites want paganism, they want idolatry. Christian churches are and have been filled with icons for eons. So much for idolatry! >Yahweh was all against that, Yahweh was Pro-Heritage, and did not want people giving away their energy to demonic entities, which is what Paganism is all about. Ancient White gods that were revered and useful before the Christian plague were enemies of the White people. How could I not see it before??? It makes so much sense! >>23172 >Tracing it back we find the Isrealites. A confederation of Iron Age SEMETIC speaking tribes who inhabited a part of Caanan (Caananites being semetic) during the tribal and monarchic periods. Don't you get it? They were Whites speaking in the tongue of thieves! >>23174 >Yes the Torah was written in Hebrew language, but the actual Hebrews did not write it WTF So Hebrews were white? No! As you barged in, HEBREWS ARE WHITE. Therefore the Hebrew WHO ARE WHITE!!!!1!! are not related to the white Hebrews who wrote the Torah. Elementary! >>23176 >Why do we have the English version of the Talmud? It's called a translation. Are you saying the Semitic Torah is a translation? >>23182 >You do know that the Tribes of Israel MIGRATED OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST, RIGHT? Where do you get that information from? From the Torah? [citation needed] >Well, God told them that they will Migrate NORTH WEST of their location. >it was prophesied that they would eventually have a new home. This home was to be to the north, to the north west. Where did He say that? Aren't you making shit up? Also, WHEN did they move? It would be interesting to compare this to what archeology has already unearthed about the various European people since the neolithic. > Isa 49:12, Jer 3:18 Huh, so they went north-west but then returned to the Middle East and conquered Canaan but then were told they'd resettle in Europe? Or does that mean we Whites have to return to Palestine now? >>23184 >GENESIS = Genes Pretty non sequitur. The word gene was created on the basis of the ancient Greek word gonos. It is a modern and very specific definition, whereas Genesis is itself deriving from the same ancient root but has a meaning that's closely related to this root as it's about creation in general. >>23186 >The Torah was written by Edomites the modern day "Jews" as usual they were a minority and they wrote in the host language... So they wrote THEIR history and legends in the language of their host. Tell me why we should care about what the Torah says if it's Jewish history? >>23187 >The Torah was written in sixth century B.C at the latest. Europeans were already in full swing at that point and had inhabited those lands for a millenia. This doesn't make sense. Correct. Considering the Hiksos interlude, it's a given that this Palestinian area already was cosmopolitan, with all the miscegenation this implies. Even Egyptians, who fell like they were invaded by these Hiksos, were already mixed. >>23189 >The Torah was written by Jews, for Jews. What's so hard to understand? Confirmation the Torah is not for us (that includes the parts of the OT Christians rely on). >>23190 >What the fuck are you talking about? We're talking about the tribes of Israel going to Europe and colonizing it WHEN?? >>23194 >European civilization was already in full swing. Don't be mean and don't confuse him more with false tales of numerous Whites tribes coming from the land north of Caucasus (now totally overrun by colored races). You're so mean!!!!!
>>23186 >The Torah was written by Edomites the modern day "Jews" as usual they were a minority and they wrote in the host language Same mistake.>>23197 57ed33 is cd2ce4. Way to generate self support in a debate faggot! > Furthermore even Ireland in the past was called Hibernia, again after Eber and Hebrews. Etymological fail. >The great city of Carthage, literally means ‘New City’ in Hebrew. :) >>23198 Hey look he's not me! (pathetic) >>23199 >The Torah was written by White Adamites And this is when we start quoting all the best pieces we find in the OT about the patriarchs who were paragons of virtue. Let's get this shit started! (somehow, already did by >>23035) >>23203 >No, it comes from a Greek word which in turn comes from the name of the River Iberos in Iberia. Bu-but then they named the river after the Jews Hebrews because they bathed in it!!! >Carthage was shit, Romans did nothing wrong Hey! Why do you continue with this fact bashing? Romans were corrupt and had to be saved by Christ btw!!! >Oh and "Hibernia" means the "Land of Winter" in classical Latin and comes from the word "Hibernius". Which means "Winter". Wait. Could that explain the verb to hibernate? It all makes sense now! WE ARE REDISCOVERING OUR TRUE ROOTS!! >>23205 >This isn't a forum you fucking newfag. >almost zero picture in THREAD Fucking bastard system. >>23207 >"Iberia" translated means Hewbrew Land or Land of the Hebrews. Hebrew = Whites. translated? LOL >Semites are Whites Aaaaand we have a winner! (aka Jews stole ALL the Semitic lore and sheeit) >No, Abraham is a descendant of Adam, the first White man Provide your evidence then. (he's quoting madly from the Christian Identity Support Group Compendium) >>23208 As if Jews couldn't pay White architects... >>23209 >Ancient Israel flourished, because it was ruled by Whites. Ever heard of climate change? Same shit happened on the Sumer area and North Africa. A long time ago, these places were greener. >>23210 >>CI militias and communities are great but the beliefs are fucking garbage They are non relevant in term of numbers.
>>23211 >Non-Whites can form civilizations just not as good of ones. See thread title, literally. For Central America, consider the ancient presence of Whites and their legens of White gods. Also the Golden Horde, what is there to be impressed about aside from ancient gooks invading Europe with numbers (what a surprise)? >>23214 >>Everyone is descended from Adam according to the Christan Mythos >The Christian Mythos is Communism and Satanic. Hello I'm CHRISTIAN Identity. I'm Satanic. (oh sh1t edition) >>23214 >Hebrew language = White. Not sure how many times I have to say that. Repeat it again please. With sauce too. >>23219 >Defending the Bible Dear Christian, I... >>23224 >Carthage was White EVERYTHINGS WHITE!!! >>23224 >https://www.cbcg.org/booklets/america-britain/chapter-eight-israel-migrates-to-the-north-and-west.html >Cites a quasi CI website to prove CI claim. Logical. (read the website's About section) >>23225 >The Whites are not the "real" Jews. And there he goes full retard Just consider the shit the quotation marks imply here. >"Jews" are not the real Jews? FFS >>23233 >And Jews do have a slight reddish skintone look at Bernie for instance. Ashkenazi Jews are a recent group. Their ancient Middle Eastern ancestors were not so whitened. >>23259 >I told you very simply that The Edomites plagiarized White identity. Period. You admitted that Edomites only wrote the Talmud, not the Torah. So all the very disgusting Jewish behaviors found in the Torah are Aryan, by your own admission. This is so fucked up. >>23273 >I mean they do own numerous nations in the exact way described in their holy book. They never fathered them though. The part in Genesis is obviously related to lineage, not insidious Jewish takeover. Our Aryan nations are nothing Jewish.
>>22824 >We are a movement based on reality and the natural law, not religious lies. <Imagine thinking there can be no religious truths and that National Socialism was totally secular.
Sorry, but I feel much the same about Western European Whites. You guys are gullible insectoids, your reasoning is wholly subservient to what you perceive as "morally correct"; you can be dissuaded from an obvious conclusion with as little as some bitch crying and calling you cruel, or some kids saying you're "cringe". And I've seen it working, I've seen "smart" White German or Anglo guys actually changing their opinion after getting socially lashed; it's not pretense, not cowardice and paying lip service, you can literally be reprogrammed, rationalizing "your" new "views". That's the essence of what you call civilization. Sans few exceptions like the rare misfits on these boards, you cannot think independently. You're self-domesticated. You stop at "repugnant" ideas, you can't be cynical just as you can't be resolutely idealistic; can't follow through. My own culture is very deficient in many respects, but we're so much freer and so much more serious internally. (I'm Russian). It feels empty talking with Eurocucks. I suppose their destroyed aristocratic elites, who actually built this wonder, were like my people, only more educated and intelligent. It's also plausible that you were much better before kikes learned to make use of your silly morality. Little of that is left.. >>22706 Correct.
>>23593 All religion is a lie, and all truths that might be taught in religion exist independant of religion. >>23588 Rome was fine until Christ came along; Christanity had nothing to do with it rise and even more to do with it's fall. See; Christcucks burning The Library of Alexandria. >uh they are christan so uh they are Romans!! Give me a break; I see no CIfaggot has provided any evidence contrary to the fact that Hebrews are kikes. Just repeating the same schizo lies.
>>23604 >All religion is a lie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAno >all truths that might be taught in religion exist independant of religion. Perhaps but that does not make a religion a lie when said religion repeats the truths through its teachings >Rome was fine until Christ came along Not really. It was already going down the drain.
>>23634 Yeah? Christanity didn't help did it? >inb4 Roman Catholic preserving tradditon Yeah after the Franks invaded and claimed to mantle of "Rome". All Religion is a lie; How can you say no to that. God doesn't exist, Religion claims he does and that it's teachings are right because of it. Therefore religion is a lie. And any "truth" it may contain is a partial one as it doesn't have the "proof". Making it more of a distraction from the truth.
>>23171 See this. It confirms everything you've said with Primary historical documents: https://mega.nz/folder/pLoESIJb#EKWvpr6Y9JSywa1L6ZH9iQ
>>23637 Catholicism isn't Christianity.
>>26313 Yeah and your sect of religion is the only "true one". My argument applies to all types of Christandom; Orthodox to Catholic to Protestant. They are all the same poison just different flavours and potency.
>>22702 >They are different. ALL non-whites with the save exception of a few anomalies. Maybe 1%. 2%. But the vast majority of them are like this. I don't know how to describe it. It is a difference not only in looks, but in behavior, and something else. It's like they are lacking something. I don't know exactly what it is, but I can best describe it as a state of being. If you breed animals or are a zookeeper you'll know what this is called. Specie's specific behavior. Different species behave differently, it is as simple as that. Domesticated breeds too. If we wee talking about any other organism than what is now called "man" the whole line that we are all one species wouldn't even be considered. Not only are the differences visible and skeletal but behaviorally people are very different.
>>22702 t. npc
>>22707 >There also is the fact that blacks straight up don't have as much empathy for other races like we do. Simple. Very simple. Whites ARE civilization. Civilization is order (and a fine amount of contained chaos). It's in our nature to try to control certain forces, handle them, guide them. When we see other humans, we feel like we could help them get better, we want to ORGANIZE all that surrounds us, even other races. It is hard for us to be selfish. Mind you, we were much more selfish in the past and it suited us well, but repeated guilt trips (hololololocoast, afro-colonialism, extermination of redskins, etc.) are used to make us weak. But we must not be weak and excuse ourselves for being killers as much as we are fantastic builders, literally the best out there. WE are civilization.
>>26372 You've offered nothing constructive and it seems like you were just here to obfuscate the truth. It's not working.
>>22706 True. Most whites are also npc’s (about 90%). That being said we are still better because of our nature and intelligence. A nigger is a violent beast with zero empathy.
>>22991 john mathew etc were all hewbrew names you stupid niggee
>>23343 nigger paganism came from white people.from their evriroment,from their history.to claim that christianity,which came from the middle east,from middle eastern envroments,peoplea and history is completely retarded.


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