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Druid/pol/ #0006 - Etheric Boogaloo Edition Anonymous 02/11/2020 (Tue) 23:58:44 ID:f5ae9c No. 22725
LOYAL LADS I bid you welcome in the manner we have become accustomed to our most portentous sextus thread! Our 16chan tenure is now well underway & the B.O.N.D, having comfortably ensconced itself here, into our own little groove is enjoying the privilege of being one of the most visited generals on 16/pol/. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank our based Mods & BOss for the favours and privileges they allow us (pinnin threads, BTFOing shills etc) Thanks lads. I would like to apologise for my somewhat remiss attendance in threads as of late. My new job is taking up a lot more of my free time so I currently dont have as much time to dedicate to keeping tabs on the threads as much as I used to. Hope you lads forgive me that - fella has to earn a crust when he has a family. I assure you all I remain 100% committed to the B.O.N.D, it's growth & it's Tenets. Also I want to thank all you lads here. The B.O.N.D would not exist without you. Us eclectic, disparate group of occult savvy nationalists have managed to come together, create something entirely new and each of us, with our own individual talents & areas of expertise have managed to create a machine that is greater than the sum of its parts. You should all be very proud. We have, already accomplished much this year and now have two fresh Rites under our belt - The First Rite of the Twelve 20/20 & Imbolc: The First Celebration of the Four. An accomplishment indeed and we now prepare for the next stage of our year long rite and ''The Second Rite of the Twelve 20/20" which falls upon us in 9 days. We must use this time to hash out our plans for this next rite. As I said, be proud lads - we have accomplished much. The B.O.N.D bonds us together as one cohesive unit Onto the Tarot. As is the New Way, I have drawn a single random card from the Major Arcana of the Rider-Waite deck and our sixth thread's representative draw is...........drumroll THE MAGICIAN (I) Drawn upright. Wew lads! We have not had an inverse draw this year - good portents abound! The Magician card depicts the adept who is standing in front of his altar with the tools that represent the four elements & cardinal points and also the four suits in the tarot. The infinity lemniscate - ∞ - appears above his head symbolizing the adept's boundless potential for cause & effect & magickal endeavor. When the Magician appears in a spread, He points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent's disposal to succeed. The message is to tap into one's full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need for transformation/transmutation. Upright card the Magician represents determination, resourcefullness, masculine power, dexterity & skill in ones chosen field. Reversed the card indicates deceit, a lack of energy, communication blockages, confusion & potential ill intent. The Magician's ruling element is Air & his heavenly body: Mercury wew - mercurial thread again lads... Thus these elements shall govern this thread. Announcement I'd like to add a new regular feature to the general. We are all fans of musicposting as offerings here and we recognize it's importance in many aspects, from harmonic frequency, layered meaning and audiable beauty. I would like to posit that Three tunes shall, from hereon, in be included in each B.O.N.D OP, each track representing an element of the Druidic Triad (A song to encompass/represent Bard, Ovate & Druid respectively) I shall pick the first three but after this I shall leave it to you lads for suggestions. https://youtu.be/-v2sOCK2lto (Bard) https://youtu.be/tjF57zEbxpI (Ovate) https://youtu.be/tjF57zEbxpI (Druid) I think that is a nice representation and offering in musical form. You lads pick the next Three. For 3 is (being that of the B.O.N.D) Our Sacred Number (along with 7 & 14.) Also we have a freeplay Thursday due in two days so if you wish to join in feel free to post your musical offerings. As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the reader's perusal & delectation >Second man BTFO'd in the fucking gale force winds that us bongs and eurofags have been enduring. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51459497 >Chinks literally welding people into their houses to try to contain Grandfather Nurgle's bestowed blessings https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/02/11/famed-dissident-china-welding-people-shut-in-their-homes-to-fight-coronavirus/ >Muzz occupying swedistan beats his own daughter to death with a kebab spit (oh the irony on this one....) https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/02/11/famed-dissident-china-welding-people-shut-in-their-homes-to-fight-coronavirus/ That is it for now lads. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, venerate the GAPS (Guardian Ancestor Patron Spirits) & suffer not the traitor or xenos. ALL HAIL THE NEW ORDER PARCHEDIG DERWYDDON YR HYNAFIAID AVE DRUIDICVS
(349.81 KB 800x1408 hermit.jpg)
>>24708 >>24710 OP/40k here lads. Sorry for lack of activity. Been rushed off my feet as of late but im monitoring the thread still & I'v got some IRL occult stuff in the works too. Job has had me really busy aye and its not forced me home due to the corona (yet - only 2 confirmed cases on the isle so far so its not too bad here) Panic buying is a bit nuts though. Supermarkets were empty today. Hope all you lads are ok anyway. I'll endeavor to get a new thread made the day after tomorrow sometime if that is ok with you lads. I'll make a bit of time to do a Tarot draw and get it written up for the evening hopefully. I'm still set for the Third Rite of the Twelve 20/20 too, don't worry. Made sure I had time off for that. If threads hits bump limit, mods usually pin it for us anyway. If you see it sinking just ask them in redtext & they will sticky us. Like I say, i'll try get the new thread made on Thursday but if someone else does want to make it this time, I'm fine with that. I dont have a monopoly on the OP's kek. Like I say I'm sorry iv been so remiss as of late. Not enough hours in the day lads smh. Some good IRL developments though. I'm working with a magickal partner on something. Will divulge next thread, all going well but it should be beneficial to the B.O.N.D Miss you lads tbh AVE DRUIDICVS LADS 20/20 Corona will not stop us, it will only make us stronger.
(170.58 KB 584x794 Norf fc general gordon.jpg)
>>24730 >I don't imagine that 40k would be upset if a new thread was baked. So long as this one is archived and included in the obligatory archive post. I wouldn't mind at all lad. Feel bad I can't dedicate as much time to the B.O.N.D threads as I used to and I feel like i'm letting the side down a bit. I can prob do one for Thurs but as I said in the previous post, if someone else wants to bake, that is fine by me. It is as you say, it just has to include the topical newslinks, archives and be numbered correctly. I can always do the tarot and governing elements a few posts in. Up to you lads. I can do one on Thurs (have a few spare hours then - need it to do a proper Tarot draw too see) but if someone else wants to make the next thread, that would be fine with me. I think I'v made every one for the last 4yrs kek. Perhaps a change might shake things up a bit Up to you lads tbh.
>>24731 >>24733 >I'll endeavor to get a new thread made the day after tomorrow sometime if that is ok with you lads. Good lad. I'm more than happy to wait. >I dont have a monopoly on the OP's kek >I think I'v made every one for the last 4yrs kek kek,your breads are comfy though and it's a tradition now but I guess we need to train someone else too in the arcane matters of baking esoteric bread for when you're not available. > Panic buying is a bit nuts though. Supermarkets were empty today. Hope all you lads are ok anyway. Same up north lad. I'm getting eerie vibes too when I go out, like in the air, can't explain it. Things are weird atm and I'm worried about older family. >Feel bad I can't dedicate as much time to the B.O.N.D threads as I used to and I feel like i'm letting the side down a bit. Don't feel bad, things are ticking over nicely here. We all have lives to lead too. Most of us anyway. Some lads have started making off thread contacts too so the B.O.N.D grows stronger daily. Looking forward to your news tbh lad. Stay well.
>>24733 Aye 40Klad, Thank you so much for your diligent baking. After a new thread is baked, is it cool with you if I post a tarot reading as well (alongside yours of course)? I'm quite fond of doing readings.
>>24708 >Use https://cock.li/ Pretty sure you can even sign up using Tor too. Just don't use one of their meme addresses [email protected] is taken btw. >>24731 No worries lad take your time. If need be we could make a hasty fpt bunker thread. >Corona will make us stronger I do feel it lad, for everyone. I live in one of the most infected states, but most people are very optimistic and sense the media fear machine is blowing things way out of proportion. Sure, all the stores are out of paper products and bread, but those brave enough to walk about seem cheerful. All national sportsball has been canceled, public schools are closed, all bars are closed, even for Saint Patrick’s day(press S to spit). Aside from the restaurant employees getting laid off, things are getting better on the whole and people are getting mentally healthier because “bread and circuses” is collapsing. >>24735 >I'm getting eerie vibes too when I go out, I am too lad, but tenuous positive energy as though we’re entering uncharted territory with opportunity. Whether or not Corona-Chan was planned it’s beyond their control, (((their))) only option it to overplay their hand and tighten the noose faster than ever. Most people I talk to won’t stand for it. >>24687 >>24702 These should be the main subject of the next thread imo. We need to focus our collective intent ASAP while chaos has the momentum. Lastly, I’m now in The Phoenix Project, Asha Logos’ Riot.im server. It’s definitely different than an image board, the main discussion is too fast for effort posts, but side chats are developing. It’s not very comfy tbh. It seems like all the mods are women who are affable and mature, it also seems to be dominated by Christians and or zoomers. There are two pagans that I know of this far. There are a few projects on the drawing board; mostly pertaining to internet activity and content development. The only project which looked interesting is a group researching the Ora Linda Book to validate its authenticity. I submitted a proposal to mount an expedition to the 4000 year old Minoan copper mines in Michigan. Hopefully, it come to fruition as it BTFO all historical narratives about this continent with heaps of physical evidence.
>>24696 Overheard today on the radio (UK) "emergency laws will be passed giving police the power to arrest and isolate those suspected to have the virus". Was I hearing things? Can any other bong anons confirm?
>>24741 >[email protected] is taken btw. Kek >but most people are very optimistic and sense the media fear machine is blowing things way out of proportion. I still don't know what to think tbh but if the media are blowing it up the blowback is going to be nuclear lmao. Nobody trusts them already and it's not beyond them to hype this in order to make Trump and Boris look bad. Most other European leaders and Trudeau have done next to nothing (excepting Italy) until recently but haven't had even half as much stick. We'll know by May if this is all just bullshit or not. >>24755 Yeah that's right, it applies to those in quarantine areas. We don't have any quarantine areas as of yet. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/869827/Coronavirus_action_plan_-_a_guide_to_what_you_can_expect_across_the_UK.pdf In France the whole country is locked down. The borders are sealed and everyone is being told to stay indoors or be fined €135. This is hilarious. They've claimed thay can't do shit to stop immigration from outside, until now when they can not only do that but stop the populace from going outside too.
Dear esteemed Mods Please may we get the thread pinned? I shall endeavor to get the new one made for tomorrow sometime Thanks in advance - OP >>24738 Of course lad. Would be great to have multiple readings. The more Tarot the better I say. We can compare results. >>24741 >No worries lad take your time. If need be we could make a hasty fpt bunker thread. Cheers lad. Appreciate your understanding. Like I say, not enough hours in the day at the moment smh. New thread should be up tomorrow anyway. Also agree the corona shit is having a redpilling effect on normies. Loads of people I know think is man made and they are ALL raging against globalism. >"Why were the borders not closed?" ...is the question on everyones lips. >>24755 Not heard that myself lad but it wouldnt surprise me. Schools shut at the end of the week too which is a pain in the arse. Gonna have to find some childcare too. Fugg. Got a few MILF mates from the schoolrun who can probably help me out there though :^) >>24763 >They've claimed thay can't do shit to stop immigration from outside, until now when they can not only do that but stop the populace from going outside too. I suppose the upside is after the weather warms, those arguing against immigration will have much stronger legs to stand on and their arguments will be BTFO again and again. 2020 was already seeing a huge backlash against immigration and "refugees" - this will only solidify it imo.
>>24768 >FPT bunker Honestly 16 is slow enough that a bunker isn't necessary. Don't forget Thursday is the spring solstice lads I have my ritual ready
>>24731 take your time, lad. don't rush things just to get something up. >>24735 >>24741 >coronachan stuff the missus is right spooked over all of this shit. we have quit a bit of perishable, and non-perishable items stocked up. she can work from home, so she's good to go on that. the port, however, is still rockin, so I have to work. i'm not really concerned about it, as if I get it..that's my fate. I did use it as an excuse to buy another rifle. which of you lads can guess as to what it is.
>>24648 Kosovo is filled with Albanians whom have Turk blood. Western Europe is pretty fucked though I agee, especially France. Paris looks more like Mosul these days especially when you view the demographics. The UK has Boris but his "Brexit" hasn't gone through yet (has a year "adjusting") and two of the articles in that deal expressly ban "discrimanting on country of origin" when dealing with migrants so the number of third worlders into Britian won't change. Czechia is it's own thing; or should I say Bohemia now?? It's German in the areas of the Suden and their prime minister has NATO's cock in his mouth even going as far as to ask for MORE ground troops and interworking with NATO, maybe they are scared Germany is going to come knocking? That's why I say they are cucked. NATO penguins are dogs. Not to mention as you said the prostiution and slow sliding left culturally, don't even mention the descration of historical buildings to put up ATMs and Hotdog Stands. We are all pretty cucked though, I mean look who's talking a guy whom's nation is split into peices and prostituted to the west. Then to have our own leader turn his back on his people and the one thing he did right in his life. Disgracefull. >>24648 Adrenochrome? Does it give you hairy tits on your back? >>24656 We are all white but clearly different races and cultures from those races. Interbreeding would just result in the degeneration of one or both of the cultures and genetic make up of the people involved. Turning a German and a Russian into a half-German Russian or a half-Russian German leading to an obvious disconnect from the host culture especially when you get to American levels where you have some whom are a scattershot of white and some hardly white races. We should work together but live seperate, if France was invaded by anti-white commies tommorow I would strap my boots on and voulenter for the front but I wouldn't want my country to become France. I want it to stay Serbia or at least Slavic.
>>24696 This is most certainly a bioweapon. Now, trying to institute overt, global, totalitarian rule might be too risky for them, as it was shown in history that such methods of control cannot last for very long, this is why they chose Huxley over Orwell in the developed world so far. And it worked very well! The only exception is that now they have robots. But they are not quite there yet. Global supply chains are getting severed, the only exception being the "black routes" that are exempt from standard procedures. They still need people to enforce the lockdown, a lot of them. If things get messy, people will stop caring about obeying any rules and a critical percentage of unlawful people will soon be reached (It's not that high anyway, all it takes is 10-20% of population to rebel in order to make the law enforcement completely break down). This is where the fun begins, worldwide. If they wanted to create controlled chaos, they would focus on certain regions, not let most of the world get infected. Unless they have a vaccine, but even then, having so many different nations living different lifestyles, in different climates get infected increases the risk of unpredictable mutations, no, it almost guarantees them. Unless this virus is entirely synthetic and controlled by wireless networks, but nanobots are science fiction (I hope). It's highly likely that something like this was planned, and that they will try to maximize the benefit from the situation (which includes getting rid of bad goyim), but plans don't always go as imagined :>) Now, to go back to more esoteric subjects, "herd immunity" works to a great part thanks to morphic resonance, if one immune system learns to fight the virus successfully, that knowledge becomes accessible to other immune systems in the ether/earth's frequency field. This is how certain animals which were separated by continents for millions of years seemingly acquired similar traits over the course of time. They won't be able to copy it entirely, but it will affect them, making the virus "weaker" in general. Mathematically speaking, it's about making as many attempts to overcome it as possible, increasing the probability a bit. Of course, this will kill a lot of people, but it's more a matter of chronological distribution than total numbers.
>>24687 To continue my previous post, there are several opportunities here that we may seize. Firstly, if the virus is not entirely synthetic and remotely (network) controlled, we may be able to focus our collective mental projection in the ether, attempting to modify it a bit in the frequency domain, which would then manifest in the physical domain. This includes certain 'unfortunate' mutations that would make it far more deadly (long term, not in a way that would stop it from spreading) for non whites (and especially those who have created it in the first place), and far more benign for white people. Let's call it karma :>) Secondly, fear is often used for deprogramming people, and a lot of people are quite scared right now. They are not experiencing any traumas (yet), but this whole situation is making their mental fortitude crack down quite a bit, especially for other-directed people that get affected by mass hysteria the most. I've seen people act more on their instinct now, and any talmudic delusions about egalitarianism get dispelled when it comes to survival. This is where people usually stick to their own. When you see a nervous white bus driver almost kick a shitskin out yelling "get out of my sight you nigger piece of shit" , you know that the situation is working favorably for us. Mark my words, if things get really ugly, you will see a lot of seemingly liberal and tolerant people go full 1488. >Much of the hell we are currently living within could be seen as the workings of nasty ass magicians weaving specific manifestations into the noosphere Don't think they won't be attempting to use this to their own ends as well. You make very good suggestions however, I've been sensing certain 'light' lately that couldn't reach me for a very long time. Hyperborean light ... It's still very dim and only appears occasionally, but it's a good sign. Resurrection...
Just got back from work and prepping lads. New thread will be up sometime this evening. Apologies for the delay. Will do the Tarot draw then start work after dinner.
Druids partying in my thread? It's more likely than you think... https://youtube.com/watch?v=mfI1S0PKJR8 It begins
https://youtube.com/watch?v=1T-sGC37XHE A friendly mesage to the borders
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ET1-6Bef9xU It been too long my friends raise a toast to the gods of our forefathers, to the turning of the ages, to the awakening of our people and our rise.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeCejY1U7ks :) a kind send off to globohomo and open borders
(5.68 MB 359x202 hill have eyes dance.gif)
https://youtu.be/Sw0_cMwljro Just baking new bread now lads. Will be up shortly
(22.73 KB 300x300 300px-Nurgle_hug.JPG)
>>24817 >>24817 >>24817 FRESH BREAD BAKED LADS >>24817 >>24817 >>24817


no cookies?