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(224.76 KB 1366x768 failure of democracy.jpg)
Depression in the modern world Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 17:24:11 ID:cab4ae No. 22852
I'm sure you've noticed depression and anxiety is very common. Is this a result of the ultra materialistic capitalist society we live in? I think a big part of it is the federal reserve and inflation devaluing the dollar. People are working harder for less. Combine that with mass immigration destroying White societies. I have "Depression" and I can't seem to ever shake it. Pills don't do shit. Drugs help for a while until they wear off. Thoughts?
I believe all of those are factors, that being said, life is a struggle, always has been and always will be. Once you learn to appreciate and accept struggle, everything lightens. I hate this world, but do I get depressed? Very rarely. It is a gift to be alive and I try to make the most of what I have. I am grateful to be here.
Individualism and the ideologies that perpetuate it, that's the essence of the Capitalists ideologies, even the internet and their social medias can do that too. You can count for the biological reasons, like the modern food, the food products and junk food...As well fluoride in water. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1gX4DMKqNg
>>22859 This. In my country we don't have fluoride in water, but we do have toothpaste with fluoride. I noticed a significant difference in a several days after I stopped using fluoride toothpaste. I'd imagine having it in water as well won't do any good. For the food, I've been working at swapping out everything that has additives in it. The theory is, our brain tells us what we need by giving us a "craving" for a specific taste. If you can find something natural that satisfies that craving, (fruit instead of candy, etc) you will probably feel better. At least that works for me. You need to give most of the natural stuff a shot first though, if you never eat it your brain doesn't know what to tell you. Craving for chips, fast food etc: Try unraffinated salt (some of that stuff with a bit of colour to it, red etc with crystals instead of pre-ground white salt with additives) Candy etc (sugar): Fruits, berries (could bake something yourself, preferably using natural sugar and no additives in the other ingreds) Less bread. 100% butter with that less bread instead of "healthy" "natural" "oils". Just use less of it. If whatever you're eating isn't edible without (atleast) several additives, it probably isn't worth eating. Sometimes there isn't a 100% perfect option, but take the best one. Forgive potential formatting, language etc.
>>22864 In India, MNC and Corporate have ingredients listed in water filters, Flouride is one of them, seems like a human harvesting farm.


no cookies?