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(69.19 KB 535x660 158051534933.gif)
Southern Chile Criollos are going to be just like the SouthAfrican Boër Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 05:23:06 ID:1e3695 No. 22892
In the south of Chile and in the West of Argentina there exist various groups of Indian supremacist, that are strongly anti-white racist. In 2013 some indians burned alive an old couple of german descendant criollos (Criollo=White Person), called Werner Luchsinger & Vivianne Mackay. They died. The Indian Supremacist are constantly harassing Criollos and attacking them. In October 18 of 2019 the Chilean left start protests along the Country, they riot, they attack the police, they destroy private and public property, typical left destruction. Now in March they will riot again but they will be extremely violent now, they have war armament and they refound the Communist Terrorist Group FPMR (Frente (((patriotico))) Manuel Rodriguez). And i have no doubt that their Indian Supremacists Faction will start killing Criollos Again...
Indian supremacists attacking Germnans in Chile. >wat? I think this is a bit different from Rhodesia or SA seeing how Boers created and are the reason those places were livable in the first place It's still bad though, fucking poos.
Wait I take that back after looking it up this is Rhodesia; So "Mestioves" are the majority and come from Indian and Spanish mongrel descent and "Crillos" are pure Spainards who in regular (((Marxist))) fashion are being targeted by the freeloading untermensch. This is fucked up, I don't like Spainards compartively and I only know how to order a tequila in Argentinan but this is a case of whites being attacked so I'll voulenteer if a Spanish Neo-Rhodesian front happens.
Any links regarding these attacks, whether in English or Spanish? >>22892 >fucking poos He means Indios, not Indians from India.
>>22900 Yeah I realized this after looking it up, it confuses me sometimes. Native-American makes more sense.
>>22901 >Native-American makes more sense It does not.
>>22905 My fellow Nigerian they are native to America are they not? What else should we call them Tree Niggers? Indians already exist, hows about squaws? Short and sweet.
>>22925 They not. They aren't the true native american. And i like the idea of calling the indians Tree Niggers
>>22982 >They aren't the true Native Americans My Negroid, Bongo o Bo, Wutang Slayer South Compton welfare Kang of Egyptian and possibily true Isreali descent. What? When I refer to "Native Americans" I talk of such tree negroids as the Apache the Incas and the Aztecs. That is what I mean, are they not "Native"?
>>22929 Yes, you're using the proper nomenclature. I don't know what the other nigger is talking about. You could also say aboriginals.
>>22929 kys pos
>>22935 Silence you piece of salami.
He might of replied, just under a different IP so ID. Dead thread is dead though.
>>22929 Actually the tree niggers that you found in the South in Chile(Araucania) are the Reches, Before them there were the Tehuelches.
>>24399 I was making refrence to treemen as a whole.
Indios in southern Chile are like 30k, max. You can and should take the land simply through migration.
>>24455 Those indios are savages. It's doesn't care if they're few, they will cause chaos anyway.
>>22929 No, they are not. They came from Asia. They are no more native to the Americas than Europeans are.


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