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(7.55 KB 258x195 download.png)
Need help Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 15:22:39 ID:565c6d No. 22920
Guys, I need to give a one minute speech on - Morals or money, which one is necessary to survive? for school. I want to take a maverick approach and go with money. Need solid points for money urgently.
Money is everything, this is a capitalist society
Money! Where does it come from? This may seem like a simple answer, but it's not. You see debt is money and money is debt. The Privately owned Federal Reserve loans the U.S goverment operating costs and in return the FEDs raise taxes to pay the intrest on that loan. Stop and think about that. The Federal Goverment has it's money in private hands who then loan it back to the Federal goverment and we foot the bill? How does this make sense? Why should non-producing entinties have so much control over the way an economy functions... well let me tell you about the Jews
In more complicated wording the U.S goverment "The Federal Goverment raises money for the goverment through the selling of goverment bonds and other securities through the (((Federal Reserve))) (Privately Owned) to private and foregin investors." Bonds are bassically a form of fixed loans. "By buying a bond you're giving the issuer a LOAN and they agree to pay you the face value (intrest) of the loan on the agreed date and pay you periodicatly through out the year (more intrest)."
Bassically all taxation is intrest slavery and money is worthless without debt and enslavement to back it up. >no I refuse to put it all in one post
>>22920 can't pay rent with morals can't eat scruples
>>22920 >Morals or money, which one is necessary to survive? Neither. Gas is necessary. *nypa saged
(527.65 KB 918x866 from degeneracy to reich.jpg)
(56.07 KB 720x624 1574118640946.jpg)
(271.33 KB 950x798 allstarts rap but jews.jpg)
>>22920 Money makes the world go 'round. Money can buy you anything you want. Drugs, underage girls, slaves, even organs. you cannot survive without money. But what is life without morals? Choose money and pay to have your competition murdered. Choose money and pay to have your sex slaves, harvest your liver from an unsuspecting "volunteer." Choose money and lose your humanity. Without morals you are nothing more than a shell to be filled with the fleeting excitement of making a purchase. BTW this question is phrased in a way to program you into thinking money is the choice, therefore you cannot have both morals and money. It is a communist seed. Do not let it grow.
>>22981 She's not a sex slave, she is a consenting adult who agreed to a buisness deal. I am not violating the NAP.
>>22984 Are you so green you do not understand the concept of purchasing a human from a different human? The sex slave is an object, nothing more. The business deal is with the other human, her former owner. I'm not talking about buying a hooker or a long term whore, I'm talking about an actual sex slave. They're mostly children and are only like $2-5 in the US
>>22986 Ah, in that case. She made a contract with the owner. I have simply bought the rights to it. Whether or not that contract came about due to a violation of the NAP is not my buisness. Therefore I am not violating the NAP. Welcome to Ancapistan.
Neither are necessary to survive. If you don't have money, you can steal, thus morals aren't necessary either.
Punch your teacher in the face
>>23276 based. false dichotomy combined with the loaded ambiguous term 'survive'
>>22921 >>22948 Stop living according to the Jewish system. Reject its values. I spit on your kike green paper


no cookies?