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(41.33 KB 550x390 French Revolution.jpg)
Three laws of Revolution Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 15:34:44 ID:38207f No. 25768
Revolution is Inevitable 1. Technological advancements and increasingly complex economic structures favour the Revolutionary insurgent. The vast majority of humans are lemmings. They adopt the belief systems and morality of the strong horse and their social peers. If the strong horse happens to be a degenerate and soulless democracy, then they will embrace it and accept that the morality that it imposes must be the supreme good. After all, if liberalism and anti-racism were not the supreme good, why would liberals and anti-racists be in power? This is obviously an incredibly naive and stupid conclusion. Yet it is the way that most people think. The good guys win every war, history is moving towards progress, etcetera. Only a small minority of men are capable of out of the box thinking. Only a minority of our race can question the sacred cows of society. All Revolutions originate from these men, not the great masses of unthinking peasants. This means that historically, whoever was in power generally had a pretty good clamp upon the peasants. War in the past was a contest of armies. And a small minority of thinkers could not hope to defeat an army unless they also possessed the resources to get one. Furthermore, historically it took an army to bring a state to its knees. The economy of Medieval Europe was agricultural based. To destroy the economy (aka ability to wage war) of an enemy, you would need to physically burn hundreds of thousands of acres of wheat or cut down hundreds of thousands of olive trees. And contrary to what you see in Hollywood, this is actually extremely difficult to do. Yet the increase in technology has not made men more equal but drastically increased the influence of Men who act. One man with a sword might kill a dozen men if they were unarmed or he was extremely skilled. But today, a single man with access to certain chemicals could kill hundreds or even thousands of others and live to strike again and again. Combine this change with a change in economic complexity and focus. No longer is the econmy tied to agriculture but industry and financial speculation. And this has focused the entire economy in just a few places. A single man with a grievance can potentially cause billions of dollars in economic damages. What about 10 men? What about 50? It may well be that it would only take about 50 men of reasonable intelligence to completely humble the most powerful empire on earth with nothing but weapons created from things you can buy at walmart and an agricultural store. Technological advances have favoured the Revolutionary insurgent. 2. Mature Regimes make Revolution inevitable. Many imagine the jews to be an omnipotent, unified enemy who do not suffer from factionalism or any other mortal problems which have afflicted ruling elites throughout history. Many imagine that ZOG is really a council of jews who meet every Tuesday in a big room where they all agree on what to do and their willing, eager underlings jump to impose their agenda upon the world. Such a System would be impossible to resist. However, this is not the way governments actually function. Instead, any mature regime inevitably develops parasitic elements which benefit from the power structure and thus, gain power themselves and use their influence within the System to obstruct reform. This is what doomed many monarchies of Europe. Often, the monarch understood very well that reform was necesarry and sought to reform the tax system or the social order. This is what Louis XVI of France attempted to do. Yet he was thwarted by the powerful cliques and factions of noblemen who benefitted from the status quo. It is the nobles who guaranteed the French Revolution by obstructing necesarry reforms. Today, the zionist government is riddled with redundent, parasitical bureaucracies who exist in large part simply to lobby the government for more resources. This is why change within a democracy is even less possible than within a dictatorship. Look at the US power structure and tell me that this is efficient. The older a regime, the more of these cancerous bureaucracies and factions will develop to drag it down and obstruct reform. Revolutions do not like Moderates 3. A Revolution, once begun, will inevitably move in a radical direction. When King Charles I was ousted from power in London at the beginning of the English Civil War, even the most radical of Parliamentarians did not envision replacing the monarchy with a theocratic republic. Yet the longer a civil conflict goes on, the more radical the combatants will become. This is both a result of violence radicalizing individuals but also a result of seperation from the other side. If shitlibs and cuckservatives would side with the zionist regime, then their poisonous influence no longer affects the dissidents and they will inevitably move in more pure directions.
(1.47 MB 1600x4604 123366.png)
>>26561 > the NWO wants you to start a violent revolution Take a load of this retard. Literally EVERYTHING in our society is aimed at the complete opposite, which is having a herd of obese, stupid, lazy, pacified sheeps that will never think high thoughts and will not even be physically able to rebel. Remember lads: all anons screeching about feds trying to entrap you or have you shoot up a place are in fact deradicalization shills or, even worse, boomer conservacuck MIGAtards that should kill themselves for the greater good. Also, adding pic related to remind you all that the most realistic scenario in a future of destabilization will not be of full scale war like it used to be until WW2, but a 4th generation warfare type of environment.
>>26652 Come back to N. I know there are some haters there, probably derad christkike shills, but I miss you man. You good.
>>33972 <all anons screeching about feds trying to entrap you or have you shoot up a place are in fact deradicalization shills or, even worse, boomer conservacuck MIGAtards feds DO entrap people and encourage terrorism. maganiggers love feds, too. they're a large chunk of the people dickriding cops. anyway, i agree pushing peaceful protest and chemically castrating the population are meant to dissuade effective (seeming to mean violent) protest against the state. they have no reason to listen if they face no consequences.
>>33974 Feds entraps single specific individuals they receive tips about (from (((activists))) like ADL and SPLC, who doxx and harass dissidents) and that are individually targeted, controlled and finally entrapped. Feds do not go around chans "encouraging terrorism" because their goal is the exact opposite; these places are great for them to keep people hooked into shitposting and venting, so that they'll never become an irl problem for them. Wake the fuck up, the "glow" memes was pushed by these deradicalization agents in the first place to spread paranoia and suppress every possible irl action that could disrupt the status quo.
>>33975 ^ nailed it...
>>33975 the discussion was never about just "chans" lol. there are multiple cases of the FBI grooming arabs and whites into terrorists. furthermore, they WILL come down on a chan if you try to use it to organize insurrection. it's stupid to organize something like that over telecommunications at all.
>>33971 Dr Spengler put this antithesis between the 'prussian' and the 'englishman' perfectly in Prussianism and socialism. Unfortunately, the mass warfare period is mostly over and the anglo-saxon won out
>>33992 > they WILL come down on a chan if you try to use it to organize insurrection Bring me proofs of one (1) time such similar thing has ever happened. Then and only then the pervasive "it glows" meme could maybe have any sense whatsoever.
>>26555 Nice trips. This matter of "foreign internventionism" is very interesting to me right now particularly as we're also discussing the French Revolution model of social change. Louis XVI was executed mainly because his faction called on a foreign alliance to invade France to restore the legitimate monarch. Napoleon first appears as a historical figure at the siege of Toulon where British forces have landed and are assisting in the defense of the city by the Royalists. And most important of all, the Terror is ignited mainly by the fears of the most extreme Republicans, the Jacobins, that the foreign coalition is invading France from without at its borders but also within by crytpo royalists and bribed treasonous republicans. So if that psycho social model holds true for the American Republic, faced with foreign intervention, both by bribed officials and by insertion of foreign troops, we can expect a Reign of Terror where the most extreme patriots seize power then go about the necessary but necessarily messy and inaccurate business of purging the country of treasonous elements. The most dangerous place to be will be close to the seat of power. The dictator who will arise to impose these Draconian measures will be a surprise to most. He won't be the most heroic or the most strident or even the most noteworthy in any sense. He will be a silent, watchful, intensely suspicious (to a paranoid degree) cold blooded killer and he will be surrounded by cringing sycophants eager to assist him in his bloody business.
>>34023 >He will be a silent, watchful, intensely suspicious (to a paranoid degree) cold blooded killer and he will be surrounded by cringing sycophants eager to assist him in his bloody business. I already love him.
>>34022 <Then and only then Who are you to set the terms? There haven't been enough retards who tried to organize violent protest through a chan. Go ahead and be the first to try it if you're so confident. The closest so far is the pig farmer winning a hearing over swiftly-deleted manifestos with reasonably-timed alerts to authorities and pigchan was still buttfucked by the private sector anyway.
>>34022 If anything comes of NWI, it's because of face-to-face vetting and not because they're sharing delicate information over hostile channels.
It has been an interesting 17 years watching America slowly circle the toilet bowl. After the .dot come bubble crash in 2002-2003 I found a job in another country. Having been former military, moving around was easy. Good luck :)
>>34030 >There haven't been enough retards who tried to organize violent protest through a chan. Are you retarded? Of course no one is ever going to organize violent protests or terrorist attacks on a chan, that's why the stupid faggots screeching IT GLOOOOWWWWWSSS!!!!1111 at literally fucking everything are either retarded like you or deradicalization shills.
>>34034 Judging by the thread, you or some other autistic ESL spic torpedo brought up chans specifically.
(358.26 KB 1074x1478 Robespierre-006.jpg)
>>34039 No retard, the "it glows" derad shills are the ones trying to convince anonymous posters that there's people organizing terrorism on chans, and only retards can actually fall for it. You have literally zero arguments.
>>34045 You are a scatterbrained nigger. Nobody mentioned chans until you did, assuming you're the samefag as >>33975. You've been arguing a strawman this entire time, dumbass.
>>34030 >There haven't been enough retards who tried to organize violent protest through a chan. Literally no one ITT suggested that.
>>34062 Read what was being replied to. He was asking for an example and I said there isn't one because nobody has been retarded enough to try.
>>34047 This retard >>33974 implied it by literally saying >feds DO entrap people and encourage terrorism and I replied to him that they entrap targeted individuals irl, not random blokes on chans via encouragement of terrorism, something that no fed will ever realistically do as it would be completely opposing the goal of the organization he works for (feds DO NOT want white people to wake up from their zombiesque-cattle state of mind by encouraging white nationalism or terrorism). Then you jumped on my comments ignoring that I was replying to that specific issue first mentioned by this >>26561 schizo.
>>34072 You read into it too far. You are the only person who brought up imageboards.
>>34022 8chan
>>34119 this. there were a multitude of CTA posts on 8ch /pol/ following St. Brent's trick. Whether these posts were made in earnest by genuine Anons or by glowniggers is up in the air
(2.54 MB 1280x720 Oklahoma.png)
>>25768 >>26652 This. We are experiencing fourth generation warfare, and its our responsibility to abolish the Zionist Occupation Government. There is a manual on how to do exactly that here, that describes how ZOG agents work, OPSEC, war tactics and more.


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