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(634.69 KB 760x1014 Screenshot_20200506-002347.png)
so fucking tired of people buying this globalist narrative Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 04:41:42 ID:e669ef No. 27661
social media is shit, it always has been but this pandemic had really confirmed it 10 times over. i honestly would stop using it if it wasnt for some random skank adding me every few months/years or so i can get laid. its filled with double standard hypocrit women, who whine bitch and complain aboug trump but litterally offer no points to their arguement. and then people just agreeing with them so they can get laid. nothing but people buying into what ever their gov. says on the news acting like they are "saving lives" by staying home. get the fuck out of here. the virus is just as virulent by people going to "essential" stores, yeah lets gather everyone in a fucking kikemart or home depot, that will be totally safe. if you dare to disagree with this totalitarian practice, you are pretty much labled a terrorist or riduculed with something like "but i wanna get MUH hair cut" fuck you. thats like the loyalists saying "nO TaXaTIoN wItH OUt rEPResENtaTiOn" back durring the american revolution. I cringe every single time i see these people repeating WHO, quoting what they think is fucking science, when its really propaganda pushed by the chinese government. oh and remember that globalist bullshit on social media, people calling out others for being "racist" against chinese, fuck that. these fucking chinks started a global pandemic and honestly, each and every one of them should get a bullet to the head. National #hugachinese yeah fucking right, come near me and i blow your little chicken dick off with my. 45. sorry for ranting but now its its just so apparent that this shit is complete mind control and i find myself hating all types of media on the internet.
>>27661 Welcome to the club
>>27661 The average white iq is 100, 50% has an iq lower than that. If your iq is above 120 it is like everyone else is a legit retard just like a 70iq person would seem a retard to a 100iq person. Most people are NPC sheep, and as much as we want to care for them they must be ruled like the children they are. Take the aristocrat pill and transcend into enlightenment. Universal suffrage was a mistake. Womens liberation from being our mothers and wives was a mistake. Equality is a joke where our entire society becomes a special olympics game where we celebrate the retards among us but it isnt funny if youre paying for it.
The point is to limit possible vectors of infection. Having a person enter fifteen stores a week and having them enter the grocery store while mantaining social distancing is very different. Wanting stores like barbershops or restaraunts to reopen just to feed your consumerist desires is NPC as fuck if anything, you want to CONSUMME so bad that you are willing to take the risk of catching and spreading a deadly pathogen. Harming not only you but your family and nation as a whole. We should be gassing bugmen though.
>>27944 Well said.
Deadly pathogen? Get the fuck out of here dude 80 percent of people who have caught it have recovered. The world can do a little good with herd immunity anyway- which is going to happen REGARDLESS. we did the social distancing to stop being hospitals being overloaded, and they are fine. You and i both know it is all just a political weapon at this point, politicians love the PR they are getting weather its negative or positive.
Also my "consumerist desires"? im an essential worker and i am out everyday on the train, at a huge store- the social distant thing doesnt apply to me because the government has deemed me expendable. I go to work and come home, much like what i would do normally. So fuck your NPC accusation, I hope you die from corona-virus now
>>28128 Same; and I bet your store has lines on the floor and one way isles to limit the risk of infection doesn't it? It's what I said, limiting the amount of possible vectors and making sure the few places that people NEED to go are safe as possible for both parties involved. Barbershops are not essential, grocery stores are. There is much less risk of infection if people are going to the gocery store every week or so, then people flooding cafes, barbershops and malls. All of which are non-essential. Some things are an unavoidable risk, like hospitals, but having one unavoidable risk and not fifteen avoidable ones ontop is always better then sixteen risks. There is no reason to open up the economy yet, all that does is open more infection areas. >80% Where are you getting this number? 1,560,000 cases have been confirmed out of that 300,000 have recovered. Making it it 20% of people that have recovered. That's barely any, especially considering that the virus is mutating faster then AIDs meaning these people can be reinfected as has already been shown. Couple that with the fact that we already have 92,333 deaths , and steadily rising , it's not looking to good. It's a problem, and if we don't want to look like Italy we have to start doing something, not more of nothing.
you guys have not realised yet that this whole corona thing is not about the pandemic but rather about the reorganization of the rich countries - poor countries system we have had since 1945. the men behind the curtains are trying to do it without bloodshed this time. did you know that eastern european countries registered 1 or 3% economic growth while the west is imploding. 2 or 3 years from now when the dust will have settled the rich - poor countries are going to be entirely different.
>>28233 First of all, it doesn't. I wont say where i work but let be just say this we sell garden gnomes and shit. most of the people there are not buying life saving supplies or doing repairs. >limiting the amount of vectors In tantamount to what? Until we get a vaccine? News flash we are not fucking getting one. There has never been a vaccine for any type of coronavirus, including sars, where the medically community initially was trying to do so. so are we really going to put up with this charade for ever? even if there is a vaccine, how the fuck are we going to get it to 8 billion people? especially when it mutates as you described. I made the number up. but you get what i mean, the fucking flu kills more people. Herd immunity will be the only way, and we are doing all of this reactionary bullshit for nothing. You see, I was never a conspiracy theorist until this. i WANT someone to change my mind. But our society is the equivalent of a burning airplane falling from 20000 feet- the oxygen masks are on but people are still going to die. Some may live but some will die. Thats just how it is and we all need to get the fuck over it. >look like italy yeah well thats because these guineas live on top each other and practically open mouth kiss the old. Not to mention national #hugachinese day.
>>28305 What do you mean "reorganizing" like separating the classes? I also have had a feeling that all this bullshit was a con for something else
FYI GLOWJOGGERS: Forced vaccinations is my red line. I'm well aware of the 1905 case law. try to enforce it and you'll end up staying crunchy in milk. THREAT MATRIX MY BIG HAIRY ASSHOLE


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