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Druid/pol/ the B.O.N.D. bunker Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 20:17:30 ID:f7badb No. 29430
Greetings one and all the last druid/pol/ thread has gone far beyond its bump limit and sinks towards its natural end. The cycle continues with our June 20th rite due this Saturday. All anons are welcome to discuss British news and politics in this thread alongside our usual esoteric discussions. Hope you're all well lads.
>>34984 >I was wondering why you use an imageboard instead of a private board? I am opposed to hiding or obscuring data or discussions or otherwise limiting the discourse in any way, and furthermore as a being living-breathing light who lives out the phrase, "the truth shall set you free" I am also quite opposed to the notion of secrecy & concealment. I have seen first hand it's limitations and possibilities for exploitation and now in collective form, we, have born witness to this for over a decade now. Subsequently all is done in the open, Doing things in the open is absolutely critical, not only to spreading awareness of the culture but also in easing the access. By allowing open (source) access to all you create an environment in which, because any one can input to the discussion, and with the inherent (anonymous) culture, the arguments are weighed on their merits, validity, logic, etc. and not the persona of the poster or what kind of authority they may have. Further doing it in the open, in a place where there are no entry requirements allows for the easier integration of others who may be interested, casually seeking, or maybe even does not have a frame of reference of the culture. Without openness it severely limits the the possible outreach capabilities of the culture, for 2 primary reasons. One being that you must bring the culture to others, and unless you happen to find those interest parties among the masses you will be fighting (the current, largely unenlightened ego driven) society/culture, which is likely to reject out of hand your advances because they did not seek themselves or even a for one who is seeking, they may not know where to look to even attempt to join, and presupposing numerous choices of possible 'private forums' each with their own (elaborate) entry rituals, each will take an amount of effort, any only so much effort can be expended and amidst an ocean of (mis)information, what is behind harder effort walls to access (and that which is not leaked via piracy-esque). This also further complicates, limits, and otherwise stunts the growth and perfection of the community by restricting information flow. Truth analysis is done on with logic, critical comparison, and now as awakened anons, intuition too. Ego or identity plays little to no role what so ever, only the transcendentally objective usefulness of the content. So therefore the role of trusting that individual is an irreverent point and limiting input only hampers growth, both from a propagatory angle and from constructive one. And that's the short answer. Memes, information warfare, and more occult concepts of processing the collective mind are also at play here too.
>>35452 Do you mind posting his channel? >>37018 Ancient gods replaced each other when individuals of exceptional skill, wisdom, virtue etc. extinguished themselves enough to become representatives, or avatars of those Archetypes, giving a face and a name to them. By possessing some of their DNA as their descendants, and by having myths of such ancestors one can more easily strive to become as such, or better. This is why ancient Aryan religion was highly eugenic and in tune with teleological evolution, compared with dysgenic universalist religions. >>37019 Such extinguished white people interacting with the beastmen led to them being venerated as gods, at least for a certain period. Anyway, how are you lads doing? Haven't been around for months. A very turbulent year seems to be upon us. There is a myth in Germanic lore about a magical well that supposedly cleaned racial impurities if one bathed in it, do any of you have more information about it? t. EH Serblad
>>40017 Great to see you back here, Serb bro. >how are you lads doing? Haven't been around for months. Been alright lad. Could always be worse. The mindless, soul crushing day to day has had me back to my degeneracy. Wasting away my days for a meagre pittance of a wage, only to return home to CNN 24/7 being played on the family TVs has had me rather depressed tbh. Every day is a constant unending abstract kind of hell. Has twisted me, and leaves me with no relief but degeneracy to "relieve" stress. Of course, my degeneracy only "alleviates" in the very moment of it on a superficial level. On the whole it makes it all worse. I blame it all on various things in my circumstances. But I can't help but be disgusted with myself for even that. Is it not just weakness and cowardice to blame it on things like that? I am the one who chooses these actions, after all. Should be opportunity to struggle and grow stronger, but I allow it to defeat me... So easy to say, but so difficult to do. Realistically, if I truly had made the choice to, I could leave at any time. I could just walk out the door and never come back. I've been away awhile again, for this. My depressive degeneracy. I have been thinking about meaningful things though. This world is sickly, it is dying, rotting, and submerged in putrid substance. I do not truly need any of it to live, now do I? In the end, am I not the only thing binding me from manifesting my will? I need new circumstances. Where I can focus on my Beloved, and Amor. So that I can see Her face once again... >magic well I know nothing of it, but from your description, I would be none surprised at all to find it to be another variation of the Grail legend. t. Beastlad
>archetypes Dropped. The universe is utterly alive with spirits and beings both good and evil. The gods are real. People believed for thousands and thousands of years in these things, and had their lives profoundly influenced by them, and we're just supposed to think that they were all schizos who didn't mean what they said they believed?
(345.75 KB 808x1126 Reds.PNG)
(421.98 KB 1024x1240 Reds 2.PNG)
>>40040 Enjoying the onset of the Age of lead I see. Well, buckle up lad, things are only to get worse. Much worse. Don't let that crush your spirit though, that's what this Struggle is for. Don't be too hard on yourself, sometimes it can be difficult to overcome one's circumstances. You need to find something that motivates you, and such things are becoming increasingly rare in our rotten societies. Not only that, but we are also having what was left of our freedoms taken away from us. Actual freedom, not "freedom" to consoom and coom after slaving away most of our time. You need to understand that most things going on around your were specifically designed to defeat you. To slowly drain you, crush you, disintegrate you. If there is nothing to hold onto, invent it! Create it. It should be your innate ability. This darkest age is simultaneously the greatest opportunity to refine your diamond vessel. I also let myself be carried a bit by the river of Styx, letting myself 'die' so that I can be reborn. > I could just walk out the door and never come back. Where would you go? >This world is sickly, it is dying, rotting, and submerged in putrid substance It's ever-encroaching. Putting it out of it's misery so that a new world can be born may be the only way, but I've been saying this for years. >I need new circumstances Try gradually creating them. One thing leads to another, find a different job, meet different people, move to a different area. Get out of your comfort zone. I know this is easier said than done however. > Grail legend. Well of Urd and Norns remind me of the Lady of the Lake a bit. >>40045 Archetypes are transcendent and impersonal. Gods are personalized manifestations of archetypes. "Schizos" (Not actual schizophrenics mind you) are most likely people who have certain mental faculties that the ancients had and which got gradually bred out of people either due to survival circumstances or systematically by the mundane powers.
>>36397 Have you checked out project algiz on bitchute, he's also a small pagan channel, he has some pretty interesting stuff worth cheaking out. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/WSo4mhvctViM/
>>40017 >>40040 Good to see you both again it seems I'm not the only one who's turned more inwards lately been doing a lot of physical and mental self improvement lately Be well my friends - fpt
(532.74 KB 570x988 theblacksun.png)
>>40156 It seems we are all doing that brother. +bump+
(3.83 MB 500x500 1612378780299.gif)
Greetings druids. Not posted before I tend to frequent 4chans /x/'s OMG general as I have an interest in ceremonial magick. I'm one of the tripfags there I know the one you refer to as "40k" irl. We both live in the same town on the IoW He apologises for his prolonged absence. I know him from a local bookshop we both frequent and we share similar beliefs. Hes a bit of a character and is well known (and liked) in the town. Some folk think hes a bit kooky but hes got a good nature and is a "people person" Anyway he wanted to send his regards and his absence was due to some family issues and some other shit. He had a brief split with his partner he was shagging this blonde hippy dippy chick for a while and his partner found out but they worked it out and are back together now. He also disappeared irl for 6months to an empty cottage in havenstreet (small village in the sticks) to perform a ritual from a book called "abramelin". No one saw him in this time. Even isolated himself from his kids and partner. I admired his dedication but thought leaving his family for over half a year was a bit much. Argued with him over that and nearly fell out with him but he wanted todo this ritual and nothing was gonna stop him. He tasked me and his partner with leaving food outside this cottage every week. Think he completed this abramelin ritual last nov/dec. He was adamant he had some kind of mystical experience and some revelation had been imparted to him. Something to do with his HGA. He was kind of "different" after he came out of that isolation too. Calmer and less hectic/talkative. I know his partner is a nurse too and the covid/lockdown shit fucked with his head a bit. He ended up getting arrested for lighting a fire in the woods. His household got searched and his 3rd Reich paraphernalia was found. Was in the local papers but I wont post link because I dont wanna dox him but it mentioned he was "clad in robes" and the paper called him a "nazi devil worshipper". That amused him greatly but also disturbed him as the article essentially doxed him. Hes had the police and also the mental health lot on his case (there was talk of sectioning him after the wood fire incident) He gave me this link to 16chan and for ages hes been asking me to let you all know he is ok and he is sorry for his prolonged absence. He also says he will return soon with fresh insights. Just been an incredibly fuck up year for everyone. The bookshop and spiritualist church we used to frequent are shut due to lockdown but I have a direct line to 40k via his phone. Apologies to intrude on your thread druids. Just wanted to let you know 40k is ok. He told me to say he misses you lads and I think he will be very proud that you all continued with the workings in his absence. He will return soon. I will text message him after iv sent this post to let him know I fulfilled the task he set me. Hes been on at me for ages to do this lol. That's all. Gonna message him now. Thanks for your time druids. Be well.
>>40848 Thanks Lad >"nazi devil worshipper" Hearty kek
>>40848 Wew lad. Much obliged for the update. I intuited that a woman was the cause of his absence, but hold him to no fault tbh. He drew the Tower card for himself not too long before he left iirc. It gladdens my heart to hear he’s well and been magically productive in his absence. Send him my love from across the pond.
Oh wow, that is ambitious. I hope he was able to complete the Abramelin operation. It sounds like he was successful enough to generate a large dose of karmic culmination. Hope he's back soon, and much the wiser for it. May he be blessed, may his family be blessed, may the other woman be blessed, and may the gutter trash (((reporters))) involved also be sufficiently blessed to personally discover even the slightest glimmer of the truth of what they saw.
>>40848 >He also disappeared irl for 6months to an empty cottage in havenstreet (small village in the sticks) to perform a ritual from a book called "abramelin". No one saw him in this time. Even isolated himself from his kids and partner. I admired his dedication but thought leaving his family for over half a year was a bit much. Argued with him over that and nearly fell out with him but he wanted todo this ritual and nothing was gonna stop him. He tasked me and his partner with leaving food outside this cottage every week. Think he completed this abramelin ritual last nov/dec. The Book of Abramelin can be found on any book site, or at least Amazon, and I'm sure Llewellyn as well. It's a known book in most esoteric circles, or at least those practicing Majick, at least in today's world. It is possible he had been computing this ritual as well for awhile. Remember, there was a very important/recent conjunction this last December. He was wise to take advantage of that. >He was adamant he had some kind of mystical experience and some revelation had been imparted to him. Something to do with his HGA. He was kind of "different" after he came out of that isolation too. Calmer and less hectic/talkative. You Brits are not alone in the Majick. I am literally half a planet away from you, as a 'Rocky Mountain' anon, and I can assure you he is not alone on his mystical experience. I am another anon like him that has probably been 'activated', or at least 'called' to reconnect with the Mysteries. I think there are many waking up to a deeper psychic 'life' than previously known. Even since the Dec Conjunction, I have personally delved deeper into the Occult science than I have done since the late 80's/early 90's. I think he did have a experience, and I hope it helped heal his Soul. >him but it mentioned he was "clad in robes" and the paper called him a "nazi devil worshipper" In my neck of the woods, that's a mild Saturday night. Be Blessed Brothers of Avalon. You are not alone.
>>40052 You are quite right lad. I have grown to where I can practically see the "face" of the demiurge smirking at me in it all. >Where would you go? North West. Not an easy thing to do for me, but I could. If I don't just go, don't just follow my heart, there will always be a reason I can't, always something to trap and bind me. But in truth, I only bind myself. >putting it out of its misery I'd rather purge the world of the vile substance, slay the candalla for the animals they are. I seek the resurrection of Baldur, and the death of Jehova. The redemption of this plane. >Well of Urd That name is very familiar. Intuitively, I would say it is the Memory of the Blood. Minne. But I have not read of it. I am very much still ignorant. I have operated off of intuition, but I know it is not quite enough. I appreciate your words lad. I've done this too many times. I worry though. Lately I've felt like I'm floating through a dream, like I'm losing myself. Things are really ramping up. We are definitely nearing the end of the Manvatara, or so it seems. Or perhaps this is merely my sleep deprivation. Very well may be. Insomnia is not quite conducive to good health. >>40848 Thank you for the update. I am glad to hear that he is alright. I had a suspicion that woman was involved. I recall we had advised him against it. But, I am sure he has learned the lesson, and I am not in any place to know or to hold it against him. It is his path, after all. Though, I am quite relieved that things were not worse. Heil, brother.
(68.71 KB 900x600 Tibet.jpg)
>>40156 >>40833 Which one of you lads lives near Mt. St Helens? It seemed to me that it gives off a certain vibe (at least as much as I was able to discern by looking it up online), later I read a book written by some Scottish guy, he mentioned it as a potent geomagnetic region. It's one of areas worth looking into, finding various 'thin spots' around the world, places where the boundaries between the worlds are thinner than usual. Already visited a few, have more planned once it becomes viable. I think i'll pick up a book or two on dowsing, although I can sense such places anyway. Finding these sacred mountains, sites, cave complexes etc. is a much more worthy pursuit than ceremonial magic, but also a much more demanding one. You need substantially more time, resources, good physical condition/endurance, equipment and a lot of research. >>40848 I guess he didn't have a loicense for conducting the "nazi devil worshiping" rituals in the local parish kek. I'm glad he is fine, he seemed quite hyped about that girl friend of his before he stopped posting. Relay my greetings to him. >>40907 >I have grown to where I can practically see the "face" of the demiurge smirking at me in it all. Overcoming this current may seem impossible at times, but it's crucial. Being on the right 'wavelength' helps a lot. You can't get away from it's center of gravity physically before you do so mentally/spiritually. >But in truth, I only bind myself This is true, but beware of timing. Plan accordingly. >I would say it is the Memory of the Blood. Minne Correct, and it's something inherent to some of us, but I'm trying to have a greater understanding of it, and sources of mention are rare. >end of the Manvatara Our currents are occasionally breaking through, the end might not be the same for all. On which plane, I do not know... yet. Lately I have a feeling that the Secret Masters which Don Serrano mentioned are now willing to accept me among their ranks, rather than just guide me as until now.
>>40907 >I seek the resurrection of Baldur, and the death of Jehova. The redemption of this plane. Aye, don't we all... But one of the benefits of this age of iron and spiritual decay, is the potential for a clean and fresh revival of our psyches. The 'baggage' of the Abrahamic paradigm, at least in its doctrinal and religious forms, is being washed away by the tide of secular atheism. Of course, this situation is even worse than the previous, as a spiritually bankrupt atheist is even more docile and corrupt than an Abrahamic adherent. However, the potential now exists within certain folk, for a true reinvigoration of spirituality, something which is perhaps closer to a 'Source', if you like. It's a shame, as the people of Germany, Italy, and others, were on track to fulfilling this very situation, during the last century. The spiritual and ideological norms of European-Christendom, which had already decayed to such a vile denomination by the time of the 20th century, could no longer satisfy the European spirit, and the people of certain nations rallied around an entirely new mythos. Unfortunately, the "other side" did not sit idly by, and rallied its' servants to conclusively defeat these upstarts who dared challenge their international order. However, I view the outcome of the War as a mere 'hiatus' and 'delay', for the clear progression that had already been playing out for centuries. The same archetypal forces which clashed 80 years ago will inevitably do so again, in many ways, they already are. Admittedly, the playing field is infinitely different nowadays, with nuclear weapons, globalism, digitized society, and so on, how this will play out is unknowable, at least to myself. However, the specifics are irrelevant, the context is irrelevant, all that matters is the internal drive of oneself to pursue goodness no matter what.
Very casual lurker since 8ch here, came to ask long, in depth questions about the fabric of reality, but as what happens a lot of the time, just laying it out in writing has made me accept the truth. It's gotten quite quiet around here but want to say I love you guys and appreciate your efforts, hope you are all well, hope to start working with you on creating a better future after most of my liberation of self is complete.
(100.88 KB 670x419 Army of Two.jpg)
>>41323 Greetings fren, long time lurker here as well. These lads are some of the most based and redpilled around. Posting times are slower when life gets busier IRL, but I've got a feeling things will be picking up around springtime. Glad to have you stick around fam...
>>40966 (observed) >Mt. St Helens Here lad. I’ve been to most of the mountains in Oregon and Washington; Mt Saint Helens definitely has a different energy. I believe Mt Shasta in Northern California is the next nearest node. >>41466 (observed) >>41323 Welcome lads. Ask any questions if you like.
>>41547 Amazing painting lad, did you draw it? Did you ever try dowsing?
Beastlad checking in. I don't typically phone post, so expect some spelling and grammar ical faggotry. Perhaps even reddit spacing. I'm going to probably spend some time away. Not sure if I'll come back. Probably will, since we're all here forever. I've been thinking about this for some time. I've been a gargantuan faggot, especially with my shit posting. Im a fool. I've been able to see it clearly for a while, and have wanted to make this post for a while, but never really did. I wrote of things that should not be written. Wrote of things I did not and do not understand as though I did. I know I was attempting to write from the heart, but the harm that can be, and likely has been done by it is well beyond my good intentions. I am a disgrace to my kind as a seeker of the dawn, and a failure as a man. I am weak, foolish, and blind. What little I have learned through experience has been very good to me, but it is not enough to be able to write of them as I have in good conscience. It takes a certain perspective to know what I am saying by these things, and the meaning between the lines. More so the causes for it. A poet like me, who is equally or more knowledge and perceptive would know. Would have been here. I know there are Masters watching me. Guiding me, and helping me. I have seen one, and seen their hands. I am such a fool. I was wrong. I know nothing. I can see it so very clearly. That although I thought I had made progress, and that I had gone far, I truthfully had not. I made some progress, but not as I had thought. And in my faggotry I have pushed them away. Again and again in circles always the same. They won't tolerate this forever. I would have abandoned me long ago. I can no longer remember Her face. And I am so weary. Sometimes I can still see the green stars. The silver-blue too. But it has been so long since I have seen them dance. Some part of me always felt compelled to write. Always a need to. But I don't know if I'll leave anymore lanterns on the rocks. I don't know that I'm in a position to. But I know that I am a massive faggot. I'll probably be back to spew shit again. Or if, perhaps I am commanded to do so by my Beloved, or a Master. Sieg Heil, Brothers! May We meet in the City of the Creasers, may We find the Oasis of Ice!
>>42807 Take care of yourself on the journey beastlad know your friends thoughts and prayers are with you we will keep the hearth until you return. Good luck this is not goodbye merely farewell we shall meet again.
the spring is returning, and as such, the owls are slowly returning from the other side of the creek. every time I physically see an owl, she either contacts me, or comes over within a couple of days. it is a strange phenomena to partake in. but this entire saga has been a strange saga, and I won't bore y'all with the long, and convoluted story. t. you know who >>42807 be easy, brother. see you again either here, or on the other side.
>>41991 No I haven’t tried dousing yet. Nor did I paint that. It was a Hyperborean portent I found on a road trip with a fren. A mural in a back ally we happened upon. >>43432 Glad you’re well lad. Lads, I know this personality has been a bit taboo for the lodge since 8chan because of schizolad. Upon seeing some awakened tweets of his, I’ve begun watching his videos and rather enjoy many of them. Their very informative, both on the occult and ancient history. He’s also clearly become sympathetic to the NSDAP and our history, and is overtly a race realist. I implore you lads with the time to check out his channel and see what interests you. Do take it with salt. He does ascribe to the theory that semites are Caucasians along with the Aryans; specifically the rift between the sons of Noah, Shem(semites) and Japheth(us).
Lads, I’m planning a Beltane ritual for a group. Besides the traditional dual bonfires and walking between them, what other specifics are involved?


no cookies?