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(112.76 KB 1000x541 new-germans-1.jpg)
Current day Germans are sheep! Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 05:23:50 No. 29589
Starting their very early education, Germans are indoctrinated and conditioned into self-hatred and guilt about events that happened 80 years ago. Every German who is younger than 50 has no self-esteem, personal pride or sense of belonging. Imagine what history class looks like in Germany! It's a never ending guild-fest. Germans are easy to manipulate and control. Anyone who's sense of guilt is that strong is susceptible to manipulations. If you ever talk to a German, consider their cult hatred upbringing before you make your final judgment.
(196.20 KB 1006x549 The future.png)
Its a selection process for us all. Don’t chuck the baby out with the bath water.
>>29589 Germanness is garbage. The wide range of it. Germans themselves are robotic shits. People who rub up to Germans and hope to be German are shit, hell, these kapos are even worse! The EU is shit, the disgusting scam designed to coerce everyone else to play along with German ways of handling all sorts of things. Anyone who has a serious hardon for that level of robotness and pushes it on others, under any scheme, is shit. Germany's not even a real country, it's commically overdrawn. And, to maybe even strech this a bit further, Germanness as a standard of whiteness is conniving shit too, and those that lash out at anyone with concern for their whiteness on the pretext that Germany had put whiteness to the bestest test ever after having supposedly defined themselves as the realest whites, those people are there at the bottom in this band of shit.
>>29780 t.jew
>>29780 Ask me how I know you're "heavily tanned".
>>29780 Shut up Kovner
>>29792 Because you're from some rundown backwater shithole that excells at nothing except producing freckled medical cases with a few other useless aesthetic quirks for child-pagents hand in hand with having gotten obsessive about conceiling admixture from Cork or Occitania or Wales or worse?
>>29790 >>29800 Hold on, let me see how I look in the mirror with a Tavor. ... Nope, just like some edgy futurism-cosplayer. I'm not even anticipating any little mountains of dead Palestinians, funny enough.
>>29807 triggered. >>29809 faggot.
>>29819 Grunt harder, you're failing even in your larping attempts.
(48.27 KB 1205x633 shill meme.png)
>>29809 Lemme guess, you're gonna post that list of "Germanic crimes against Europe™" next, the one that starts with the fall of Rome? Or maybe you're gonna post this image too? Gonna say that Hitler was a secret Rothchild spy who lost the war on purpose to "Ruin Nationalism For Everyone™"? I know your kind. Posters like you didn't even EXIST on /pol/ before the Reddit influx of 2014 and the JIDF shitposting brigade began roleplaying as "right-wingers" to appeal to the massive flood of clueless redditors. Even you yourself don't believe the lies you're esposing - why should anyone else? Fuck off.
>>31257 You are one sleazy creature. Nevermind merely being unable to comprehend the existance of things other than your own germany-worshipping phobias, you seem to have an attitude of "how dare anything but our Germany worshipping phobias exist?". Though it's understandable why you'd try that particular preemptive dismissal, that center type just might be close enough regularly enough on some of these boards and the Amren-type on the left likely is a bit too much to handle for you and a lot of your e-bros as well.
>>29603 That's seriously naive, in civilization, natural selection does not work anywhere close to that casually, does not work anywhere close to that broadly.
>>33346 Why not?
>>33345 >Nevermind merely being unable to comprehend the existance of things other than your own germany-worshipping phobias, you seem to have an attitude of "how dare anything but our Germany worshipping phobias exist?". Nice false dichotomy, faggot. Note the word he uses, "worshipping". This is exact kind of utter garbage strawman I've come to expect from these posters. All they do is spout utter lies in order for you to end up supporting their Talmudic commandments. I have no moral obligation to engage intellectually with them, and neither does anyone else.
>>33413 Fits well enough. They display endless belief in the effort of the "classic" Germans to save them. They assert the perfection of their idols. They talk of pure spiritual correctness that the dear Germans brought unto the world. They express convictions of a past age that they have a vivid picture of being better in every way. Typical enough of common religious everymen. Since you're so hungry for one, the false dichotomy here would have to be your standard issue one of the the repressed faggot who redeems himself from faggotry by using whoever to remind himself and his comrades not to be faggots, versus the fagging faggot who of course just has to be plainly a faggot by not obsessing over faggotry.
>>33415 Swing and a miss, pal.
>>33346 Imma hav 2 git n an ser 2 dis, cunt.
>>33345 What does it mean by this?


no cookies?