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The Accelerationist Manifesto Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 12:47:18 No. 37745
Europe is the core of our existence. European civilization expands to America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Our civilization is under threat by low birthrates, ethnic replacement, societal dysfunction, degeneracy and ultimately, an international clique of Jews. Throughout our lands, white people are being raped and murdered by the invaders from third world countries. Our culture is being subverted into soulless cosmopolitanism and consumerism. Our values and identities are being corrupted into globalist ideas of equality that have no connection to our ancestral roots. Our history is being erased and replaced by cultural marxist fiction that teaches whites to hate their race. Every single achievement of our race is at stake, from the art of Ancient Greece that embodied noble values to spaceflight, all of our creations are at risk of falling into an eternal abyss occupied by sub-human mongrels. The crimes of the invaders are sick and debauched. The governments and their departments have deliberately enabled and protected these invaders as part of their agenda, they are enemies of nations that they supposedly represent. It is therefore the individual responsibility of every man of European heritage who is wise of the Jewish Question to take action against ZOG. There are no neutrals in this war, because simple inaction enables the corrupt system to exist which services their Agenda. Apathy towards the critical situation of white countries is a complete abandonment of all our history, culture and heritage. The planned genocide of all European people through ethnic replacement is in its latter stages. Do you die on your knees a slave or do you stand up and fight?
>>37771 https://anonymousfiles.io/GviobIMi/ MP4 Video File (.mp4) 66.7 MB Length 00:16:55
>>37773 thanks bro
>>37774 No prob. As far as I know that is the highest quality available.
(13.58 MB 640x360 OKC-AConspiracy.mp4)
Not to shit on your parade but McVeigh was a patsy and the entire bombing was a false flag to push through the Omnibus Counter Terrorism Bill of 1995 written by Joe Biden. The ATF offices were empty the day of the attack and witnesses mentioned other bombs attached to columns inside the building before the attack.
>>37759 9 was always down lately, long before the crossposter here made the same thread.
>>36278 Keep on mind that antifa openly discusses how to incite riots and assassinate people and that Islamic extremists can openly discuss how to commit acts of terror, kill homosexials, and rape women. Both do so on mainstream social media and their groups are still up, not only are they still up, but they are easily visible to normal people on the internet. Its not like the administration don't know about them, they get reports and respond to them, they actively refuse to consider that there is anything wrong with this kind of content on their platforms. We've all seen it, too many times to deny this is real, and we can still see examples today. So, if talking about buying down buildings or killing people on the streets is ok for them, why shouldn't it be ok for anyone else? It's not too much of a stretch.
Just sharing my thoughts on this (sorry for the length): OP, you're dismissing the regular people far too easily ! Hearts and minds, man ! I remember how someone wondered about, when Covid started, how eager the regular people were to see it all fall apart, that this felt disturbing because he always thought of the normies as NPCs. Most people don't watch TV anymore either, proof that they're potentially centered against all this extreme nonsense. Yes, they won't start an open resistance because they benefit from the system, have their job etc. and won't throw all of that away for even greater insecurity of a guerrilla war. If you want people on your side you need to actually offer something: knowledge, training, resources, not just tell them: Well, you're on your own ! Good luck ! Even the goddamn terrorist organizations are organized to a degree (yes, they're sockpuppets, but still). Also they should serve as an example how to not do it: bluntly. If something is too complicated: think of a dumbed down example that represents the issue, try to find a solution. It's simple: Assholes decided to fuck shit up. Others let them because they benefit. This fucks up all the people who are affected by the decisions that the others make. The political circus is where it's at. Without their support the parasites couldn't achieve anything. It's not just a matter of the people there but a matter of character: If you're a nation traitor that sells out for personal benefit or not - and they don't test for character in the political circus (other then getting yes men and, when it comes to the political enemy, no men). Democracies around the world turn into globohomo MSM farms that sell out all cultural values and cut the freedoms of the people. The system itself is the flaw. Giving up power by saying someone is in charge for x amount of people, once voted for, instead of being able to vote for all laws, regulations, ideas yourself, instead of having a sockpuppet, surrounded by lobby groups, gather all the benefits while backstabbing your interests and sweet talking out of their ass how beautiful and well everything is going while everyone know the government is incompetent and tyrannic (if it feels like it or doesn't care). The entire problem with all of this is the lack of a Plan B - what do we do if this system fails. Because there is none, no stable point to fall back to, we're struggling, we don't know what's coming, some become preppers etc. - This is civilization ? The 1000s of years old civilization ? This is a joke ! So Plan B is for the taking. A stable Plan B society that offers what the globohomo Democracy lacks. Also something to note.
>>38422 Very true brother, i think it's also incredulous to discount or totally give up lemmings even though they're stupid, especially after they've had their entire election and their livelyhoods cheated by a coronahoax. The problem is we get fucking banned everywhere we go now because the jews know people are ripe for a mass awakening. I say people buy VOIP numbers and keep on preaching the truth in normalspace. Safe to say normies all have a very strong ember now, that must be used to spark the flames of truth.
>>37748 >for what reason would an agent want his own workplace destroyed? That would be suicidal and not in the interests of any federal agency or department of ZOG. The only place an agent would promote violence is one where they have no control of, thus creating a power vacuum where they can either seize power or install a puppet. You raise a good point. The Oklahoma city bombing killed around 160 people, most of which were federal agents. And it caused something like 650 million dollars of damages (probably around a billion in today's money) which government and insurance agencies bore the cost of, nevermind the tertiary economic damage. So the idea that the government wants more of these attacks is idiotic. The FBI employs around 35,000 people. If only 50 attacks on par with Oklahoma city took place in a year, then the FBI would be depleted by around 25% of their total force and be at least 50 billion dollars in the toilet. That's more than 5 times the annual budget of the FBI. And again, this ignores the tertiary effects of such a campaign of violence. The wider economic damage caused by 50 truck bombs would be immense. How far would the stock market fall? Who can say, but I'd bet money on a lot rather than a little. Business in major cities would slow to a crawl due to all the extra checkpoints and security theater that the overreacting elites would implement. This too would piss off people and encourage more attacks. And of course, this also ignores the cost of implementing those security features. How many more billions of dollars would be spent trying to secure their buildings rather than fighting their wars of aggression or funding NGOs in Pakistan? And how much more would this heighten the tension among the lemmings when you can't even buy a McDonalds burger in New York without going through a full body search? Such an eventuality would only be good for anyone trying to organize more resistance to ZOG.
>>38453 Did you not watch >>37778 ? Also, no FBI died. ((Officially)) most were DEA... >Of the dead, 108 worked for the Federal government: Drug Enforcement Administration (5); Secret Service (6); Department of Housing and Urban Development (35); Department of Agriculture (7); Customs Office (2); Department of Transportation/Federal Highway (11); General Services Administration (2); and the Social Security Administration (40).[101] Eight of the federal government victims were federal law enforcement agents. Of those law enforcement agents, four were members of the U.S. Secret Service, two were members of the U.S. Customs Service, one was a member of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and one was a member of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Six of the victims were U.S. military personnel; two members of the U.S. Army, two members of the U.S. Air Force, and two members of the U.S. Marine Corps.[100][102] The rest of the victims were civilians, including 19 children, of whom 15 were in the America's Kids Day Care Center. Given that we know know the FBI and CIA were in the Crack and Coke business in the 80's and 90's (before branching out to Afghani Heroin in the 2000's) I can imagine a scenario where they wouldn't give two shits about some DEA. Much the same way the AirForce might not give two shits about some Navy fags that were investigating a matter of a few trillion doll hairs that went missing from the Pentagon. And just like 9/11 ushered in the Patriot Act, the OKBOMB got some laws passed too >In response to the bombing, the U.S. Congress passed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which tightened the standards for habeas corpus in the United States.[16] It also passed legislation to increase the protection around federal buildings to deter future terrorist attacks. >50 billion dollars in the toilet These are they same people with black budgets and who 'misplace' trillions. Pretty they don't care about 50B budgets >How far would the stock market fall Only poor fags get hurt by stock crashes. These guys double up every time there is a financial crisis.
>>38425 We have to help our Folk as much as possible and tell them as much as they can handle without forcing narratives like our enemies.
>>38454 >Mcveigh was a patsy I am not going to waste any time watching your kike shit propaganda you repulsive traitor. You are a supporter of mass murder of American churchgoers who just wanted to be left alone. You slander the name and deeds of patriots. You are a defacto jew, a traitor, the enemy of mankind. McVeigh did absolutely nothing wrong. He struck back against tyranny and traitors.
(1.21 MB 864x480 bant.webm)
Do people actually post here? This looks like so much text compared to 4chan. Is 4chan filled with bots, cause it sure looks that way now.
>>39226 In order; Yes. That's because cuckchan is filled with bots and low IQ retards. Yes.
>>39228>>39228 Someone on 4chan said this is a honeypot, but it sure seems the opposite at first glance
>>39234 4chan has literal tranny mods. They have no right to claim that anything is a honeypot. But even if we take that accusation seriously, this is not a honeypot since no one here makes specific threats of violence (which is illegal as opposed to calls for revolution which are legal, see Brandenburg v Ohio) and no one here asks that you join up on Discord or some other site or organization where your identity can be verified.
(51.87 KB 448x539 4g54rfh.jpg)
>>39234 >(((Someone))) on 4chan
>>39239 Came here because 4chans /pol/ is so cucked it's ridiculous
>>39226 yes because real people post here sharing information and there is an organized effort to share knowledge and have fruitful discussion, where you leave knowing more. on 4chan you are used to cuck bait and short emotional bait insults wasting your time. you are no longer wasting your time because you are here now. If you hate reading long paragraphs, thats a sign of low IQ mate. You can go back to 4chan. On 4chan its not worth writing a lot because real threads get deleted immediately and you get banned. make your choice.
>>37752 Grade IV: ZOG subservients: • Antifa • BLM rioters • Communists and liberals • Cultural Marxists • Drug criminals • Freemasons • Gypsies • Invaders (non-whites) • Sexual degenerates (adulterers, explicit pornographers, feminists, homosexuals, race traitors, rapists, ect.) Would there be any rare exceptions among the "invader" class (non-Whites) that are knowledgeable and actively Pro White? Doesn't have to be inclusion in the movement, although I'd hope that could be the case, even if it's limited to the lowest ranking possible, or "the underground" as Turner called them. If that can't be arranged, at least just a political prisoner or safe passage out of the country?
>>39745 Yes, safe passage out of the country could be hypothetically arranged. But we can't put the liberation of our countries on hold because 1 or 2 might be sympathetic to NS.
>>39745 Think of it this way, anon. A (for instance) black will always be a black. It is in his dna. Some blacks, a very rare few, are both capable of deep thought and philosophy and also have determined that the proper course of action is to be pro-White. So that is all well and good. But this black will have children. Will his children be as conscientious as him? The natural impulse for all human beings is to be ethnocentric. I would wager that you are more ethnocentric than your parents due to less exposure to (((TV))) propaganda due to the (at first) less regulated discussions on the internet. So there is plenty of precedent for a non-racial black or even an anti-black black having very pro-black and anti-White children. What will you do about them? Sure, you could say "Oh come on, what's a few anti-White blacks?" And sure. But remember that we few pro-White Whites are considered by the regime to be the most dangerous threat to the power and privilege of the elites. So bear that in mind.
>>38422 We have to be realistic. Lemmings won't do shit. Even most of us here won't do shit. It's not like it's easy to grab your rifle and go on a mass shooting while you know you will be in jail for the rest of your life after it. I am not saying that nobody here has the potential to become a new Tarrant but everybody here who supports violence has to know what the consequences will be for him and that you have to sacrifice all you have right now.


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