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The Accelerationist Manifesto Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 12:47:18 No. 37745
Europe is the core of our existence. European civilization expands to America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Our civilization is under threat by low birthrates, ethnic replacement, societal dysfunction, degeneracy and ultimately, an international clique of Jews. Throughout our lands, white people are being raped and murdered by the invaders from third world countries. Our culture is being subverted into soulless cosmopolitanism and consumerism. Our values and identities are being corrupted into globalist ideas of equality that have no connection to our ancestral roots. Our history is being erased and replaced by cultural marxist fiction that teaches whites to hate their race. Every single achievement of our race is at stake, from the art of Ancient Greece that embodied noble values to spaceflight, all of our creations are at risk of falling into an eternal abyss occupied by sub-human mongrels. The crimes of the invaders are sick and debauched. The governments and their departments have deliberately enabled and protected these invaders as part of their agenda, they are enemies of nations that they supposedly represent. It is therefore the individual responsibility of every man of European heritage who is wise of the Jewish Question to take action against ZOG. There are no neutrals in this war, because simple inaction enables the corrupt system to exist which services their Agenda. Apathy towards the critical situation of white countries is a complete abandonment of all our history, culture and heritage. The planned genocide of all European people through ethnic replacement is in its latter stages. Do you die on your knees a slave or do you stand up and fight?
>>39239 Came here because 4chans /pol/ is so cucked it's ridiculous
>>39226 yes because real people post here sharing information and there is an organized effort to share knowledge and have fruitful discussion, where you leave knowing more. on 4chan you are used to cuck bait and short emotional bait insults wasting your time. you are no longer wasting your time because you are here now. If you hate reading long paragraphs, thats a sign of low IQ mate. You can go back to 4chan. On 4chan its not worth writing a lot because real threads get deleted immediately and you get banned. make your choice.
>>37752 Grade IV: ZOG subservients: • Antifa • BLM rioters • Communists and liberals • Cultural Marxists • Drug criminals • Freemasons • Gypsies • Invaders (non-whites) • Sexual degenerates (adulterers, explicit pornographers, feminists, homosexuals, race traitors, rapists, ect.) Would there be any rare exceptions among the "invader" class (non-Whites) that are knowledgeable and actively Pro White? Doesn't have to be inclusion in the movement, although I'd hope that could be the case, even if it's limited to the lowest ranking possible, or "the underground" as Turner called them. If that can't be arranged, at least just a political prisoner or safe passage out of the country?
>>39745 Yes, safe passage out of the country could be hypothetically arranged. But we can't put the liberation of our countries on hold because 1 or 2 might be sympathetic to NS.
>>39745 Think of it this way, anon. A (for instance) black will always be a black. It is in his dna. Some blacks, a very rare few, are both capable of deep thought and philosophy and also have determined that the proper course of action is to be pro-White. So that is all well and good. But this black will have children. Will his children be as conscientious as him? The natural impulse for all human beings is to be ethnocentric. I would wager that you are more ethnocentric than your parents due to less exposure to (((TV))) propaganda due to the (at first) less regulated discussions on the internet. So there is plenty of precedent for a non-racial black or even an anti-black black having very pro-black and anti-White children. What will you do about them? Sure, you could say "Oh come on, what's a few anti-White blacks?" And sure. But remember that we few pro-White Whites are considered by the regime to be the most dangerous threat to the power and privilege of the elites. So bear that in mind.
>>38422 We have to be realistic. Lemmings won't do shit. Even most of us here won't do shit. It's not like it's easy to grab your rifle and go on a mass shooting while you know you will be in jail for the rest of your life after it. I am not saying that nobody here has the potential to become a new Tarrant but everybody here who supports violence has to know what the consequences will be for him and that you have to sacrifice all you have right now.
>>37752 >>39835 I wasn't asking that the liberation be put on hold for those few that are pro NS. I was mostly interested in knowing what the sentiment was among the more "hard core" WN. I would just like to be part of the movement in any way that I could, seeing as the shithole I'm from isn't worth going back to. I'd rather be a 2nd class citizen here tbh.
>>39844 You bring up a very good point. I think the way I see it is, accept those non-Whites that want to be part of the resistance. In reality, this fight against the ZOG affects us all. The country I'm from, it's so oppressive and backwards that I'd rather live here, even with restrictions. What if those pro-White non Whites like me, see themselves living among the Whites, kind of like the Asians do. They keep to themselves and don't really cause any troubles. We can go back to having segregation rules, discrimination in renting/land ownership, citizenship etc.I am pro all those restriction and needless to say, restriction on dating White women, like how it used to be. I know you'd probably ask me, why not just leave while you can and try to make your country better? To that, I'd answer that I've grown up in the US and I have an "American" mindset that will really alinate me in my country of Origin, in which I don't feel that much of a connection over. Also, that country is very backwards and repressive of it's citizens, we basically have no rights there, especially someone like me that left over 15+ years ago as a kid. Cuba is that country. That beautiful island turned into a communist shithole. Look how beautiful it was prior to Fidel's take over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNixpGx4AV8&t=290s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqWWsvIkUU8&t=765s I highly doubt there will ever be a turn around. The people are very demoralized and more mongrel than ever. Race mixing is seen as normal there and I'm not sure how you can cure 50+ years of getting used to handouts and victim mentality. I'd rather take my chances here, and fight for what I believe to be righteous. Even if after the Right side is victorious, I have to be the first in line to renounce the American Citizenship and be kicked out (hopefully to somewhere better). Either way, I live in a big city, lots of Jews here and recently a lot of nogs have been showing up from shitcago and other areas. I'd like to move into a Whitier State, but I doubt i'll be able to before it all goes to shit. For the sake of humanity, I do hope that the 1488 message wins and lives on. That is why I'd like to contribute to the cause. I know it's also a racial revolution, but I think that there could be a place for those of us not fully White to contribute to that revolution.
(750.27 KB 738x736 1607516871606.png)
>>39929 >>39930 This will not be a popular opinion, certainly the kikes and shills that love d/c will surely speak out against it. As I'm not a burger, I can't really speak for them, but I do know US based third-position advocates that do not subscribe to much of the race angle. Yes, they despise the kikes and look down upon most niggers due to behaviors, but they do not see the US ever being free of other races. To put it bluntly, there are too many mongreled families already and they realize it will be hard enough to get a style of Americana Fascism accepted, that they will need to be at least accepting of other races presently in the US that are willing to join the cause. Without the kikes there will be no more manufactured push for further multiculturalism, no more anti-white affirmative action, nor nanny state gibs that keep people down in the gutter. No more peddling of rap music that glorifies thug culture. No more promoting degen and debauchery, nor the destruction of the nuclear family. The list goes on and on and on, I don't need to recite it all. If there is one thing that unites the goys, it's that the kikes hate us all nearly equally. Take care of the first problem, remove their wealth and power, and the rest will sort itself out rather neatly I suspect
>>39931 >do not subscribe to much of the race angle *Loving ones volk, should not mean blind hatred of others.
American Nazi Party Commander George Lincoln Rockwell (center) at a Nation of Islam (NOI) rally, Uline Arena, Washington, DC, June 25, 1961. During the collection, he shouted: “George Lincoln Rockwell gives $20!” (almost $135 in today's money). Malcolm X, noting the applause, asked him: "George Lincoln Rockwell, you got the biggest hand you ever got, didn’t you?” Elijah Muhammad, NOI founder, invited Rockwell to speak at their next Savior's Day Convention, which he did on Sunday, February 25, 1962, before 12,175 people in Chicago’s International Amphitheater. (Muhammad Speaks, April 1962, p. 3.) At the podium, in full Nazi regalia, Rockwell opined “that Elijah Muhammad is to the so-called Negro what Adolph Hitler is to the German people. He is the most powerful black man in the country. Heil Hitler!” (Black History and the Class Struggle, Spartacist League, August 1994, p. 37.)
George Lincoln Rockwell, “The Jew: Moment of Lies in the South,” The Rockwell Report, January 3, 1962. Misspellings are as in the original. >The full measure of the South’s mishandling of the Jew agitated Negro can be gaged [sic] from its reaction to the ONLY NEGRO LEADER in the whole situation—Elijah Muhammed. >Muhammed understands the vicious fraud of the Jewish exploitation of the Negro people and, fighting his way from the gutters as we did, he had [sic] demonstrated truly incredible leadership abilities. He has gathered millions of the dirty, immoral, drunken, filthy-mouthed, lazy and repulsive people sneeringly called “niggers” and inspired them to the point where they are clean, sober, honest, hard working, dignified, dedicated and admirable human beings in spite of their color even though they are not our biological equals. >. . . the Muslims are the KEY to solving the Negro problem, both in the North and the South. And this guy Malcolm X is no mealy-mouth pansy like so many of the disgusting “integrationist” leaders, both black and white. He is a MAN, whom it is impossible not to admire, even when he is blasting the White Race for its mishandling of the Black Man.
George Lincoln Rockwell, “Black Muslims Hear U.S. Nazi,” The Rockwell Report, April 1, 1962. Misspellings are as in the original. On February 25, 1962, I stood up in full Nazi uniform before 12,500 Black Muslims and gave an all-out speech calling for the geographical separation of the races, with America’s “foreign aid” going to our own Negro people rather than to Red and “neutralist” nations which hate us, shoot up and imprison our citizens and spit in our faces. Again and again my speech was interrupted by applause and cheers from these thousands of Black men and women who, we are told in our Jew-ized press, are “hate” people, bent on murder and massacre. At the end, I gave a Nazi salute and shouted “Heil Hitler!”—and got first applause, and then some Boo’s. Then a rich, well-fed Negro with a Phi Bete key dangling from his gold watch got up and said he was from the NAACP. He raved and ranted at Elijah Muhammad for allowing me to speak. He got so worked up he began to scream unintelligibly, so that nobody could even understand a word he said! His face was PURPLE with HATE, all the while he was blasting the Muslims and the Nazis for being “hate people.” Following him, a man who said he was an Arab, but whom I suspect was a Jew, got up and told the WORST lies I have ever heard. He told that audience of Black Men that Africa had been full of goose-stepping Nazis before the War, and that these awful Nazis marched all over Africa torturing and murdering innocent Negroes! Some of the audience believed him and applauded these horrible lies. I wondered what Elijah Muhammad would say about all this. Every other leader in America had RUN A WAY from me when I stood up and told the simple TRUTH. Now they were calling this Black Leader a “Nazi” for letting me tell the SAME TRUTH HE IS PREACHING. What would he do? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stood up, and hush fell over the vast sea of people. Then this black leader showed why he is destined to lead the Black people out of bondage and into their OWN DIGNITY AND FREEDOM. “The German Nazis are not Hypocrites!,” he said, (he meant American Nazis) “-they tell you the truth! The White Man does not want to mix! And the Black Man want to be HIMSELF, not somebody else. HE does not want to MIX! Only the boot-licking so called ‘Negro’ comes to another race begging to ‘mix’! I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO ANY WHITE MAN WHO WANTS TO STAY WHITE!” “Why should you not applaud this White Man for telling you the same truths I tell you?” asked this courageous Black Leader—and he was swamped with ten thousand cheers. Here was the most smashing, dramatic possible refutation of the Jew lie that the Muslims and Nazis are “hate” groups; here was the leader who was supposed to want to kill all white men actually praising and “taking his hat off” to not only a white man but an ALL-OUT white man fighting for the survival and dignity of the White Race. In case this seems too much to believe, here are some clippings from the Muslim’s newspaper Muhammad Speaks [photographic reproduction of portion of article from April 1962 (Vol. 1, No. 6) issue of Muhammad Speaks follows this article]. (Please note that the Mr. Mackwell he refers to is the big NAACP leader in Chicago and the “German Nazis” he mentions is actually us—the American Nazi Party.)
>>39940 >>39932 Thank you. That gives me a bit of hope to eventually find some click I can join up with. I hope people realize that times have changed from when "The Turner Diaries" and "Hunter" were written. I do agree a lot of Hispanics and "others" need to be deported, especially the ones that don't fully speak English and or have criminal records or just shitty to society in general. The fight for our survival needs to be more important than petty in-fighting. It pains me to see it among natsoc circles, the Pagan vs the Christian arguments and who is "more pure" and Whittier than others etc.. Meanwhile the world keeps burning at the hand of the chosenites.
>>39932 You don't get American National Socialists, fascists yes, not National Socialists, not even Pierce as intelligent as he was, and especially not Mason and his Manson worshiping cult. As for your quote, there is nothing natural about living with people who are not your race, while there were small groups of non-whites in Germany, they accepted that if a white man needed a house or a job, he would lose his. These were mostly Turks. Do you think there is blind hatred in the hatred of Turks among Europeans? How many white Europeans enslaved, tortured, and murdered? How many Turkic genocides of white groups in Asia? Blind hatred refers to ignorance, which cannot be applied to anyone educated on the subject of history. Segregation and the desire to exist independently is also not hateful, nor is having standards. >>39941 Rockwell was an American, therefore he was never a National Socialist, and could never be. Pierce had the right mindset, because Americans were not Germans, it was not within their nature to be National Socialists in the sense that Germanic peoples were, but instead tried to make a homebrewed version of it, sadly the legacy of idiots like Rockwell and all of the controlled-opposition skinhead criminal types screwed him. >>39930 I don't agree with non-whites ever living with whites, integrate or not, it always resorts in failure and dilution. Asians can live perfectly fine by themselves. That does not however mean that whites and non-whites can't work together, because that is simply natural. Look at South Africa, not America, look at the AWB and their alliance with the IFP (Zulu party who wanted their historic tribal territory just as the AWB wanted to Boer territory from before the British colonization forced them into a single country), as well as other independent Bantustans with kings who wanted to work with the AWB for the sake of independence. It ultimately failed because of the Volksfront being compromised by freemasons and Jews, this sabotaged independence for all peoples involved. A threat that was taken lightly by these groups, but not by the SS. Work together, you have to in order to bring down larger prey, but that does not mean intermingle and cohabitate. Think about it in the way Germanic or Celtic tribes went to war. Tribes chose to fight together or not for a cause, then afterwards returned to their own territories. Ideally everyone will have their own territories, colonialism stems from greed more often than necessity, and just as often it leads to ruin.
>>39950 You have a shitskin talking shit about Pierce, and you Amerimuts let him. How exactly didn't he predict their current predicament? Aryan dissidents are still a small minority and face the same race problems, among them jannies. So which part is different? Did you actually read those books? How exactly is the Pagan (native European religion) vs Christian (first Jewish subjugation of Europeans) petty? You make this mistake because you're a mixed race rape-baby, your blood is diluted and you have no link to your ancestors. I might be an asshole, but at least I'm not a kike like you. Back to the ashtray.
>>38454 >https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/the-secret-life-of-timothy-mcveigh-by-the-corbett-report-mirror_PcKPnLJO2oyifGH.html So Timothy McVey was working for the military, caught on camera by a cameraman at a military base, after he was supposed to have not been in the military anymore? Strange. You underestimate (((their))) game, because you're not made for thinking, no offense. They do not think like ordinary people, they think in eras of hundreds of years, they do it for (((their))) own agenda and tribe, every day, every hour, every minute. What seems like 650 million dollars to you, is what exactly compared to their wealth? What is sacrificed and what is gained for them? McVey was a distant relative of another military psyop by the name of Israel Keyes. Crack unit guy drops out of military, kills and rapes women and men. One of his targets just happens to have been a former member of his old crack unit who was a potential whistleblower. Just happened to believe that he was "integrating" his victims into himself, and his family were pretty weird considering neighbors called the police multiple times citing chanting and people screaming like they were being ritually sacrificed. He was allegedly in black ops, the murder that got him caught was uncharacteristically stupid, since he used to fly over the country doing these things, then suddenly doesn't any more. Total psyop. McVey and Keyes were both part of this underground militant Christian militia that was controlled by the CIA, not unlike the group operating in the everglades which has connections to the the Hand of Death serial killers. Don't talk about things you do not know. People who underestimate the clandestine and esoteric nature behind the enemy will always lose.
(440.08 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38453 Look at Keyes' picture drawn in his own blood in his cell. The level of vileness in this world is so revolting.
(152.75 KB 600x600 jack-dorsey-cspan-org.jpg)
>>39957 What's the esoteric explanation for why Jack Dorsey wears a nose ring? Is the left nostril significant?
>>39962 Why is circumcision so essential to them, that recently they had to expose themselves by threatening both Iceland and Denmark after referendums in which the vast majority of either country voted to ban circumcision? Because you don't believe in magic or spirituality you can't understand why it's so important to them, but let me try to explain it to you. As you probably know, infant circumcision causes lifelong brain damage and changes the way that the brain reacts to external stimuli, don't believe me look it up. The traumatic ordeal isn't only physical for them though. I've researched "Satanic ritual abuse" as a phenomena, which is mostly Jewish, masonic, and government perpetrated. A common experience among those witnesses determined to not be fraudsters is that at some stage during their ordeal they had an out of body experience, also known as astral projection. In this state it was not uncommon for them to observe entities that were around them, sometimes attacking them or sometimes attached to certain members of the perpetrators. Circumcision is esoterically important to the Jew, because without circumcision the children are not connected to the spiritual force behind them from a very young age, this is significant in the way that it conforms them to their tribal culture. How sinister is it really, that they made it so that the majority of people in the US get circumcised, and also irreversibly brain damaged, just so that they can hide in plain site? Used to be you could know who a Jew is because he's circumcised. You can make all the jokes you want, but the Jews who have dominated and conquered you are spiritual, while you are an atheist or a retarded Christian, no wonder you're losing since you only perceive a single battlefield, whilst in reality they attack on multiple fronts.
>>39962 It means he's a fag
>>39962 Meant sight obviously.
(6.66 MB 1560x1959 jack.png)


no cookies?