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Book thread - recommended reading and discussion Anonymous 01/01/2021 (Fri) 13:04:51 No. 38495
Happy new year. Throughout 2020 i spent most the lockdowns reading. I leant alot of stuff. Anyone have any recommendations for me to purchase? heres what i got so far
>>38495 Previous Thread >>>/library/597
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(3.35 MB 1218x6041 Prophecy 003.jpg)
(3.24 MB 1202x6138 Prophecy 004.jpg)
(635.86 KB 1441x1280 thumbnail_DSC_0236.jpg)
i bought this book a little while ago. it seemed quite rare so i photographed the whole thing and put it into images for everyone. >Prophecy? by Ron Gostick i bought alot of books since i made this thread. sorry i didnt add it to the other book thread originally. if theres any info you want to know, just ask
(434.74 KB 1512x2016 Roth1.jpg)
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(637.81 KB 1512x2016 Roth5.jpg)
>>45007 BookAnon, I picked this up from a used book store, and thought it might be something you would be interested in if you haven't read it already. It's a biography of the Rothschild line written in a narrative format. I'm planning on reading it soon, so if you want an opinion on it, I can give you one later.
>>45018 awesome find. yeah, that would be great. thats the sort of book that can help redpill normies
(181.29 KB 722x1280 thumbnail_DSC_0212.jpg)
(2.53 MB 1896x6936 cromwell full length.jpg)
>>45018 also, i got pic related a few weeks ago. it was originally a series of lectures given at edinburgh, scotland in the 1800s warning about international freemasonry and the jews destroying christian europe to replace it for their "naturalism" which explains the rise of paganlarpers etc. its root driving force is jews and freemasons subverting. its quite interesting because the catholic church and the popes were warning of these issues long before they happened. definitely worth a read. i uploaded it to archive if you want to look over it. loads of good books in my archive. im focusing on rare/forgotten books at the moment. some of the books were from people pre ww2 warning about who was running ww2 and how the commies were a jewish operation to kill christians. one guy was a soldier and a politician and got locked up by the government for raising the alarm. that particular book on the archive is called the nameless war. gives a good account of the stuff that happened in the centuries leading up to WW2 aswell. pic very much related https://archive.org/details/@thefashybookworm
(25.72 KB 250x375 ttd c.jpg)
>>45036 waste of time. so many better books that will be taken seriously by normies than that piece of shit novel lel
>>45043 It's not for normies. >waste of time It's unironically more productive than reading dozens of different books on the exact same subject (Jewish influence).
(156.39 KB 693x799 bind3.jpg)
(165.19 KB 720x1049 bind1.jpg)
(61.41 KB 725x390 bind2.jpg)
>>45033 The archive looks great. If I get into book binding, that's probably the first place I'll go for pdfs, picsrel.
>>45046 >It's not for normies. then its a waste of time >It's unironically more productive than reading dozens of different books on the exact same subject (Jewish influence). are you a retard? its fiction. its better to have centuries worth of non fiction literature through the ages raising the alarm that can be picked up by people who will read it and become aware.
>>45048 >The archive looks great. If I get into book binding, that's probably the first place I'll go for pdfs, picsrel. yeah, i really want a book press. my problem is i still dont really know what printer to get. i look at whats available from time to time but have no idea what is best/cost effective/model name and number. i dont want to drop a fortune on something useless. the book press is easy to get. its only £100-£200
>>45048 oh, also i found czur shine ultras for sale for about £120 which will auto correct the scans (put the page scans straight and flatten the text automatically). i might order one this week
>>45053 > £120 Completely worth it to order one, and if I find anything out about affordable printers I'll let you know.
>>45051 >then its a waste of time This thread is about recommending books to fellow anons, not normies. >its fiction. Fiction is used as a tool to showcase the future of our society and the White Nationalist "movement". It is much more relevant than any book about Jewish media control, something which every anon here is already aware of (and which is included in the Turner Diaries anyway).
>>45056 >This thread is about recommending books to fellow anons, not normies. yeah, its one of the most spammed books in RN reading lists >>45056 >Fiction is used as a tool to showcase the future of our society and the White Nationalist "movement". lol. do you think harry potter convinces trannies of the future? >It is much more relevant than any book about Jewish media control, something which every anon here is already aware of (and which is included in the Turner Diaries anyway). im not even sure what to say to you. unusual and rare books, more specifically books not really in the domain are more beneficial. anyone that came here, probably already spent years on 4ch watching that book get shilled. your free to your opinion, but its pretty much a worthless book in my opinion. glad you enjoy it and hold it in such high regard though
Does anybody know of any good books on the subject of psychological warfare, more specifically guerilla tactics and ways to demoralize people involved in conventional warfare?
>>45356 This is the only one I can think of off the top of my head >Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare (Operaciones sicológicas en guerra de guerrillas) was a manual written by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for the Nicaraguan Contras, who were involved in a civil war with the Nicaraguan government. It was revealed by the Associated Press on October 15, 1984. The ninety-page book of instructions focused mainly on how "Armed Propaganda Teams" could build political support in Nicaragua for the Contra cause through deceit, intimidation, and violence.[1] The manual also discussed assassinations.[2] The International Court of Justice case Nicaragua v. United States found that the publication of this manual had "encouraged acts ... contrary to general principles of humanitarian law."[3] However, the CIA claimed that the purpose of the manual was to "moderate" the extreme violence already being used by the Contras.[4] >The manual was written in October 1983[5] by a CIA contract employee who used the alias John Kirkpatrick, who "was a U.S. Army counterinsurgency specialist, with experience in the Vietnam War-era Phoenix Program, working under contract to the CIA's International Activities Division." [5] Duane Clarridge, who oversaw the writing of the manual,[5] claimed in his 2009 book that John Kirkpatrick was brought in to prepare a course for the Contras on how to interact with the civilian population and outline the rule of engagement, and that he also produced a manual consisting of this curriculum material.[6] Kirkpatrick based his work off of existing US Army manuals, particularly 1968 Green Beret lesson plans used at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School,[7][5][8] the Green Berets' Lesson Plan 643, Armed Psyop: Implicit and Explicit Terror (April 1968),[5] and Field Manual 30–104, US Department of the Army (September 1967). Handbook on Aggressor Insurgent War. US Government Printing Office. ASIN B01FB7EDW2.[9] Collaborators on developing the manual included CIA Contra coordinator Ray Doty,[5] Nicaraguan Democratic Force director of communications Edgar Chamorro, Noel Ortiz, and Laura Ortiz.[10] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_Operations_in_Guerrilla_Warfare
>>45356 1 FM 31-21 GUERRILLA WARFARE AND SPECIAL FORCES OPERATIONS Dept of the Army 1961 2 GUERRILLA WARFARE TACTICS IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS A thesis presented to the Faculty of the US Army Command and General Staff College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE General Studies by PATRICK D. MARQUES, MAJ, USA B.A., Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1990 3 Guerrillas_in_the_Mist - Bob Newman - Paladin Press 1997 4 Guerrilla Warfare By Ernesto "Che" Guevara Written in 1961 5 *TC 31-93.3 Headquarters Department of the Army, 7 February 2003 THREAT FORCE PARAMILITARY AND NONMILITARY ORGANIZATIONS AND TACTICS
>>45361 >>45359 These are exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks
Let me know if this link still works. https://mega.nz/folder/TOhUUIYb#pMBLPqh5BCfpQxsJT69rEQ I think this one does. https://justpaste.it/8hoz6
(389.33 KB 220x165 9876546rty.gif)
SERIOUS WARNING DO NOT IGNORE I love reading too but please only open pdf files in virtual machine with network access disabled. It's called virtual-box and its very simple. It is also a good idea not to use the standard adobe pdf reader, use some less known in your VM as exploits are even less likely to work. If you choose to have windows virtual machine you can install sandboxie there as well. Warning is not just limited to PDF but is applicable ITT. Following files in general to watch out for. - PDFs - Anything designed to be opened in an MS Office or LibreOffice application - HTML - SVG - (misc untrusted files in general) In virtual-box you can also encrypt your virtual machine, a fantastic feature, no headache storage if might happen later. You can also save a snapshot of the virtual OS, and then revert to that snapshot after you're done reading for safety sake. Listen here retard, If you dont think it's a threat well, a free market called hansa not so long ago had some people arrested because glowniggers uploaded docx/word document/spreadsheet which was opened...
>>45878 I'm already under 24 hour surveillance. You can't get more soaked than completely soaked, so I don't sweat it.
(3.75 MB 4624x2608 DSC_0138.JPG)
(733.62 KB 1080x1914 DSC_0137.JPG)
(3.05 MB 4624x2608 DSC_0139.JPG)
>>45878 just buy hard copies of books. the more you hide, the bigger the balls grow on the weak anyway, finally got barbarian invasions of rome. turns out its been (((edited))) from the originals and information is missing. going to have to buy the original copies from when the author was alive. absolutely disgusted that Folio decided to edit stuff out to target the novice/newcomer. first time i noticed folio do this (from the small amount of them that i have). pretty annoyed. also got my first book from the loeb classical library. 548 books more to go.
>>45878 Couldnt you use Tails or just delete microshit word?
Currently reading 'We are Generation Identity'. Everyone who's interested into anti-Globohomo measures ought to read it.


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