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(419.32 KB 3000x2004 1609973677948.jpg)
(189.28 KB 912x674 1609972995334.jpg)
Jan. 6, Capital Hill Anonymous 01/07/2021 (Thu) 00:42:59 No. 38903
From Jew York Times >A woman who was shot inside the Capitol building after it was overrun by a pro-Trump mob has died, Washington, D.C., police officials said on Wednesday. >The woman has not been identified and no information has been released about who may have shot her. Chief Robert J. Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department said earlier that she was a “civilian” and that his officers were leading the investigation. >The woman was pronounced dead at a local hospital, Dustin Sternbeck, a spokesman for the police department, said in an email. Mr. Sternbeck said he did not yet know who shot her or have any other details. >A video posted to Twitter earlier on Wednesday appeared to show a shooting in the Capitol. >The woman in the video seemed to climb onto a small ledge next to a doorway inside the building immediately before a single loud bang is heard. The woman, draped in a flag, fell to the ground at the top of a stairwell. A man with a helmet and a military-style rifle stood next to her after she fell, and shouts of “police” could be heard as a man in a suit approached the woman and crouched next to her. https://archive.fo/KHOOv
>>39557 Which broadcast is that?
>>39564 This one https://www.bitchute.com/video/1UiCIfUlSHW6/ The silver lining to all this mess is that though the jews have a very firm grip upon the minds of the lemmings, that grip is built entirely upon the moment. Even a minor interruption in the flow or propaganda would have disasterous consequences for the regime. And if that vacuum were to be filled by positive, White propaganda, then most of these holier than thou liberals who scream and rage at racists would quickly turn on their non-White neighbors and call just as strongly for their deaths. It sounds incredible, yet it is less incredible than millions of White people baying like mad dogs for our own racial destruction. That is the true power of the jews; Propaganda. The lemming phenomenon is a tried and true sociological fact of humanity. It's why advertisements work. If it was made fashionable to kill niggers, these soulless lemmings who spend hours virtue signaling how anti-White they are would then virtue signal how anti-black they are and always were.
>>39581 It's much more than propaganda. It is hard resource flows and controlling what behavior patterns direct those resources to individuals.
>>39583 >It is hard resource flows Are you talking about funding certain politicians? If so, this is not as powerful as propaganda. You can fund a politician you like but that is still a risk. What if he takes your money and runs? It's what jews would do. Nor would it be necessary since America is a "democracy." All you need to do to control a democracy is control the opinions of the voters. And that is done through media. In otherwords, liberals in their current state are not the result of George Soros giving them money. Liberals in their current state are the result of hundreds of hours of Disney films directed at children to give them a false sense of social norms. Stronkish womyn, multi-racialism, niggers everywhere, etc. It is the result of thousands of hours of false education pushing the narratives of feminism, White-guilt, and racism. He who controls the children controls the future. It is the result of thousands and thousands of hours on social media where you are assaulted by a constant barrage of anti-White propaganda, smiling non-White faces, preposterous lies about history, and algorithms promoting the most poisonous ideas to ever exist. This and much more creates a lemming electorate which will reliably vote for your favoured candidate even if you give them no money at all. Do you understand how much more powerful this network of control is? I'm not saying that they do not fund evil politicians. Obviously they do. But this influence is elementary compared to the power of mass media propaganda. In otherwords, jews do not seek to buy your loyalty. Bought loyalty is weak. They seek to brainwash children from birth to become psychotic, orc-like race warriors. Golem. This is a horrible reality, but it is still a tenuous hold. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1YoZKId0u8cW/
(48.72 KB 391x534 smssecure.jpg)
>>39581 Memetically, i acknowledge how 'its the joos' is much more bite-sized of a sound byte than 'it's greedy people of all races, sizes, and colors'. The symbolic jew is something distinct from flesh-and-bone racial yids. But can you personally provide high quality, objective evidence that racial jews are the controlling element in the system under discussion? That they are the exclusive directing force behind the scenes? That is your burden, your responsibility if you will, if you're making the claim, of racial global dominance by jews. Can you? I don't ask to be hard on you, I ask to light a fire under you. And because I want to know. Please reply.
(6.50 MB 4500x4602 Media Jews.jpg)
(7.65 MB 480x360 Think about it.webm)
(117.73 KB 510x454 Hollywood-Jews.jpg)
(3.55 MB 3564x1848 hollywood jews.jpg)
>>39589 >can you personally provide high quality, objective evidence that racial jews are the controlling element in the system under discussion? >That is your burden, your responsibility if you will 1. You talk like a disingenuous faggot. You talk about lighting a fire under me while you don't even grasp basic, well known facts about the world. Even 4chan has threads almost every day which discuss in more or less satisfactory detail the fact of jewish control over mass media. A fact which even jews themselves admit to, right out in the open. 2. The fact of jewish control over the media is well known. Had you lurked more than a week, you'd already be drowning in information. People who refuse to do even the bare minimum of research deserve to be spat on and told to fuck off. Especially when you come here so full of yourself that despite not actually knowing anything on this subject, you have the gall, the Chutzpah to pretend that you are enlightening others. Go to Wikipedia right now and start looking up CNN, CBS, Disney, Google, etc. Look up (((who))) owns these corporations. Scroll down to their early life section or ctrl+f "Jew" That is the basic bitch research which anyone can do and you refused to. That is the most rudimentary research which someone in your claimed position has the burden of doing. In short, I do not believe that you are sincere. I think you're here to troll. This is akin to going onto a board for the discussion of gravity and asking someone to prove that an apple will fall to the earth is dropped, and then being so arrogant that you think you're lighting fires. I am a very patient man, but I have a sixth sense for disingenuous trolls and you check all the boxes of a disingenuous troll. You are so full of yourself that you can't even ask a question without stroking your own ego.
>>39591 Kill yourself immediately.
>>39591 Your own images are filled with jews and you responded to >>39139 as a troll does. You are a troll and should be banned for your disingenuous behavior.
(3.92 MB 640x360 prophecy.webm)
(2.36 MB 640x360 6 Gorillion Goy.webm)
(3.65 MB 504x304 conspiracy.webm)
(2.50 MB 450x360 mega_cunt.mp4)
>>39131 >Despite only being 2.5% of the US population, jews make up 56% of all CFR crimes. "But it not their fault anons, simple social economic inequalities have put them in these systems of power and influence" >The seeming fact that they are vastly over represented in media is something to consider though. >The seeming fact S e e m i n g l y y y y y y "Huh, not to sound antisemitic™, but there sure are an awful lot of Jewish® folks in media" > over represented in media >in banking >in politics >in influence peddling >in social engineering >in war profiteering >in the destruction of western civilization The list goes on and on and on >"But no its not the jews, its just evil rich (((white))) men that are to blame" >Prove to me that Jews have a fundamentally different psychic makeup than others Jews have ingrained in them from childhood, that they are the eternal victim, 'unjustly' persecuted since the beginning of time. They are also taught they are superior to everyone else in both reality and in Gods eyes. There is countless examples of jews, themselves, making these statements Of course this is going to have an effect on their psychic makeup.
>>39593 >Kill yourself immediately. That's so edgy I nicked myself on the period a little
>>39674 Eat shit, nigger.
(446.68 KB 828x696 1610411486144.jpg)
(237.77 KB 1125x1194 5MXyKY8.jpg)
>>39733 I've tried looking for that tweet, but I couldn't find it. I think someone made that as a troll.
Nothing says "peaceful transition of power" like 20,000 armedmercenaries with orders to kill. https://archive.fo/Xmesk
(413.02 KB 3000x2000 most votes ever.jpg)
(178.42 KB 1130x1280 IMG_20210113_153403_798.jpg)
(394.46 KB 596x542 1610589027074.png)
(731.03 KB 951x772 Capital.png)
>>39817 What/who is top right inauguration pic? Trump/Obama?
>>39817 The military including national guard is nonpartisan.
>>39821 >The military including national guard is nonpartisan. They are tools of the ZOG government and nothing more. They do what they are paid to do, they are mercenaries.
(2.03 MB 720x720 martiallawindc.mp4)
Martial law imminent. Checkpoints and military trucks spotted in DC. Cars are being stopped by soldiers.
>>39144 Where the fuck can you still get these shirts. I want one and I can't find them anywhere.
>>39832 Probably need to design one yourself and get it printed up, either online or at a local shop
>>39820 Ghaddafi I'll recognize that bizarre face anywhere. Probably the only person in the last 30 years who gave a shit about actually helping Africa. He did far more good for it than the shitlibs throwing money at it ever did.
>>39830 Surprise, surprise, surprise. Now, when are people going to wake the fuck up to the fact that the same ZOG entities are all in on it.


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