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(730.10 KB 410x311 el judio spanish jew isabel.gif)
(600.64 KB 750x1187 girl spanish called out jews.jpg)
(2.20 MB 1280x692 spain qt jews redpill.webm)
All Hail the Queen of /pol/ Anonymous 02/16/2021 (Tue) 19:04:17 No. 41133
Isabel Peralta, the new face of Spanish fascism >Her name is Isabel Medina Peralta, she is only 18 years old, she studies History and has become the new muse of the extreme right in Spain, a kind of fascist influencer. >Her speech last Saturday before more than 300 people at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid to pay tribute to the Blue Division, the Spaniards who fought under Adolf Hitler during World War II, has turned her, at least for a few hours, in a new sweetened face of Nazism. HEIL ISABEL https://nitter.net/isabelmperalta https://nitter.net/lamarea_com/status/1361292758418411520
>>43734 Franco was a pioneer exposing the jewish-masonic conspiracy against the West
>>42451 >>42658 kike shill extremely butthurt, lol
>>43734 >woman reading lmao shes just your typical francoist normie in spain
>>43870 >typical normies speak about jews and their evil genocide shit in public while paying homage to Hitler Absolutely seething mutt
>>43873 normies in spain get into francoism because yolo you fuckers forget that franco helped jews like a good samaritan when hitler had his autistic screeching
>>43874 .t joe tyroneshekelsteinchang gomez
>>43875 dear god the absolute state of anon
(78.44 KB 1024x791 oim8.jpg)
>>43876 You're just mad we have hot chicks on our team, stay butthurt forever anglomuttstein fag
>>43877 >hahaha look at this cherrypicked girl to make fascists pepees get hard and follow what she says hahaha we are not normies btw pathetic
(125.11 KB 392x590 soylefty.jpg)
>>43879 stop posting pics of yourself
>>43880 Keep producing those delicious zogleft incel tears lol
>>43881 like im making you produce with your very eyes right now? k
>>43882 Show me 1 pretty looking humanoid(non freaky looking incel) from your team
>>43883 team? what team?
(81.18 KB 694x1080 Feb 14.jpeg)
(47.20 KB 720x853 April 1.jpeg)
(103.33 KB 720x900 Spring.jpeg)
(117.64 KB 643x573 7423yewsdg04.jpg)
>>43877 don't bite the bait, obvious kike shill trying to divide whites
I watched a couple of documentaries about modern Spanish Fascism a while ago. Most of these people use Fascist symbols, Fascist language and praise Fascist icons (like Franco), but when they're actually asked about their political views it's pure civic nationalist talking points. >I don't have a problem with immigrants as long as they assimilate Even one of their main meeting spot was a bar owned by an Asian immigrant. Here's one of the documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqKSXPiGe7U It's basically the opposite of most other western nations, where people always use American, French, Italian, etc. flags and symbols, but then when you look a bit closer, there's a lot of crypto-racists and crypto-fascists. Spain is dealing with Catalonian seperatism right now, so they allow a certain degree of nationalism. It's basically the same thing the USA (specifically the CIA) does in Ukraine. And the same thing that the European Union does in Poland. It has it's advantages (an opportunity to spread a WN message), but these people more often than not let themselves be used to do the government's dirty work. As for women in right-wing movements, they always just repeat talking points that they've heard from men in the movement. The chance that they at some point will abandon "their" views is extremely high. A good lot of them will even go the Christian Picciolini route and give talks about how their overcame hate and so on. A lot of the talk in these movements is not about race, but about "communism", something which isn't a real threat anymore imo. These people are basically being used as a battering ram against the separatists (who tend to be socialists) and will be disposed of when they're no longer needed, much like the proud boys in the USA.
>>43961 >will abandon "their" views is extremely high you are assuming too much, Isabel admitted in her holohoax video that she is risking to spend 5 years in jail
>>43969 I'm talking in a general sense, yes. Most of the women in the WN, movement have eventually betrayed it. Most of the wives of the leaders have divorce raped their husbands, with a good deal of them going to the media and talking about how horrible it was to be married to a nazi. It is a statistical fact that women cave faster under pressure and if a girl ever goes to jail, the chances of them becoming a fed informant are extremely high.
(462.57 KB 931x787 9052803idqw.png)
(213.24 KB 752x960 1556560964466-3.jpeg)
>>43976 two women in here
>>43976 this post sounds misogynist to me
>>42409 Absolutely seething cope detected.
(100.73 KB 449x303 reeee.png)
>>44033 >reeeee


no cookies?