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(70.80 KB 1280x720 chimp with ak 47.jpg)
Who is supplying guns to africa? Anonymous 04/26/2021 (Mon) 22:45:23 No. 44303
While watching this video about the Niger ambush I wondered who the fuck gaves these mentally retarded niggers firearms in the first place? My first conclusion was that it was the jews. The social core of jewish ideology is the inverstion of the natural hierarchy. By giving niggers guns, that would allow them to rise up against their superiors thus giving them a degree of independence. Niggers are animals who aren't capable of thinking for themselves due to their mental retardation so why on earth do we have teams of green berets there to train them? I actually heard that back in the 1950s there were communist jews who supplied niggers with rifles.
>>44678 >if White people are so good, why are non-whites around the world? Simple; Niggers are around because when we could genocide them, we lacked the stomach to suffer the pain to do so. We pushed them away from our settlements like you push harmful vines away from your home. But we never ventured out into the forest to kill every last one of them, so they came back when we were weak. Despite what the jews like to say about genocide, it's actually an extremely hard thing to accomplish. It takes a lot to point a gun at a crying mother and child and shoot them. Especially if you're White and have empathy. Niggers can do this because they lack empathy because they are not fully human. Fortunately, they have always lacked the technology and organizational capabilities to commit mass genocide on anyone other than hunter-gatherers.
>>44687 >Niggers are the only noticeable non-whites
>>44531 I agree, which is White People need to form charities, churches again and community oriented activities like summer camps so White People can feel like they have a community again then have a trusted media source from there. White People do need to be active in grey areas and focused on monetary gain in mass. So right now anti-white journalist should be actively censored through gang stalking, harassment, rumor spreading, false accusations, mass lawsuits anything that stresses them out to quit all of this is grey area and Scientology used against jews successfully. Also White People need to start copying how Scientology defends itself and adopt the same attitude of kikes of infiltrating their groups. White People are the only group who can do that it scares the fuck out of jews which is why they don't tell you their jewish they fear you will do the same to them they do to ours and jews have no defense against their own poison because no one does it to them. A good example is the Hasidics in Israel subverting askenazis trying to make Judea. Not only that there is a lot of rich older jewish males with no heirs, start swindling their jewish elderly. The funny part is White People outnumber jews so getting inside their groups is devastating for them because once you get one then you can vet others then take over their operations and their is some huge amount of money to get of this. Most jews have little religious knowledge and the average red pill knows just as much about jewish culture to pretend to be them. There a Jewish professor talking about his fear of how any White Person can claim jewish and enough of them do that, jews will disappear because outside the culture they have no physical way of saying you are a kike or inbred because most of them are just inbreds.
>>44678 tl;dr Because they had racially homo genus societies , shitskins were not even a thought Europeans are the only racial group who had contact continuously with other racial groups and this is because we always had the civilization they would eventually here about. Ancient Europeans had the attitude of higher reasoning thinking the non-whites were just part of nature if you kill the browns why not kill all the seagulls too basically they always saw browns as not worth it even if annoying and it hurts us more to stop our progress to go to war to kill some brown tribes that "might" be a problem later because a lot of them died off anyway. The non-whites that weren't problems eventually got killed of by other browns or got absorbed by Europeans. We are just at the end game now of racial bargaining and White People are in the middle of it because we have been the master race keeping the browns from massacring each other but now we share neighborhoods, where we can't just stay out of the racial conflicts. Every single brown person thinks like this no matter how White Washed, they know the race is your team color so when shit happens they are mentally primed. Niggers up until a few hundred years ago were seen as just animals otherwise they would of killed them if they knew how they were going to be used later. Europeans started civilization, the oldest European civilizations is in North China, just it give you a idea on how much asians have always depended on Europeans when ever they lost contact entire asian civilizations disappears from war with no European peace leaders to step in.
>>44705 >>Niggers are the only noticeable non-whites huh? >>44707 Golden Dawn, Hezbullah, and the IRA are excellent examples of ground level organizing. Especially the IRA because they operated in a first world democracy and mastered existing and fighting within the confines of a democratic communist state like the UK. Antifa might also be an example, but considering that they are literally backed by the state, it's hard to say that anything could be learned and then applied to an actual dissident movement. Also, their behavior tends to make normal people hate them.
>>44742 Fun fact about the IRA: Many Provos were themselves, or very close to, a certain infamous community in the UK. You can probably guess who. Irish Travellers don't just live on campsites, and many are experts at makeshift campsites. The last four hundred years of Sectarian violence has basically bred them to be invisible to most modern states, giving rise to the phenomenon of "We actually have absolutely no fucking idea how many there are" So when the South Armagh Brigade needed to disappear quickly, they wouldn't go hiking into an urban area where the police would be watching. Instead they'd walk several miles, if not dozens of miles, into the countryside to their base, which would be any one of the many illegal campsites across Ireland. The British state is very well aware of this, but I doubt the American feds have even considered this as a possibility - remember, the last time America had to deal with nomads, they lost almost every battle and resorted to killing off their entire food supply and almost driving the bison to extinction. This is also why the state is so keen on making sure you can't live in a car or a tent for long.
>>44747 Also worth mentioning, blacks and Muslim militants would attempt to cut off power, food and other things from urban areas. Infact if they had the political backing to do so, they could do this right now in the CHINA - they could be doing it right now, infact, and the complete strangehold on media would make it impossible to know. So long as the men with the microphones ignore it, most people will do nothing and the police won't even know that people are starving to death.
>>44748 These filters are fucking retarded. This is why this place is such a fucking ghost town, the mods are retarded.
>>44747 >This is also why the state is so keen on making sure you can't live in a car or a tent for long. We need Right Wing Camping Squads. We also need a parallel economy. Every little thing you can do helps. If you can sell your products or labour locally, do so. If you know someone who is pro-White, help him out if you can. Let it be known that this is a favour. He should pay you back in some way. This will build community and bonds of ethnic loyalty among ourselves. It's frankly astounding that White people aren't doing this already in America. >>44748 >blacks and Muslim militants would attempt to cut off power, food and other things from urban areas. Why? They live in the urban areas. >>44750 Agreed. These random all-caps red-texts make us appear retarded to outsiders and hinder conversation within our own community. What does "CHINA" mean?
>>44784 U*SA = CHINA g*overnment = CCP >Gookbot (aka boomerbot) filter See >>40931 thread
>>44790 >U*SA = CHINA >g*overnment = CCP wtf. This makes political conversation next to impossible. Mods are collaborating with ZOG.
>>44791 >.t absolute newfaggot >OMG I am an idiot, how can I ever out smart a word filter let alone a slant eyed gook? >G overnment >Gubbermint >Gov'ment The faggot that is spamming the board literally is using copy pasted text. And seemingly gets paid per post. The past two weeks have seen a huge drop in posts for him. Chang doesn't get paid for shitposting about the CCP
>>44797 Word-filtering common words like that on a board about politics is retarded. It's a literal bot, just delete it. >hurr we got own le bot Stop giving it attention.
>>44791 >>44798 Hand yourself newfag
>>44797 So just ban the copypastas. Or better yet, turn the copypasta itself into the olf "大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region..." pasta. I sometimes take breaks from 16chan so I appear to have missed the spam. But filtering basic words like U*SA is as annoying as when the turk mod on 8chan filtered "nigger" into "doubleredditor" It's annoying as fuck. Just let people speak.
>>44791 >Mods are collaborating with ZOG. Yes. Those sneaky kike jannies. Filtering boomer tier words like (e)lites and (g)lobalists to JEWS >>44004
>>44798 >It's a literal bot Actually its not, he likely doesn't speak English, and is working from a script of sorts, though the script does evolve over time (ie this year adding covid/vax shit and Biden replacing Trump) >just delete it. >hurr durr just allow the CCP to use board for propaganda This guy has been spamming this board (as well as couple other sites) for the past 2 years. Deleting thousands of it's posts had zero effect Range ban half of China, he moved to U.S. vpn's Ban a hundred or so common vpn's, he moved to tor. >Stop giving it attention. Also, tried that already. What has had an effect is filtering This was his last wall of text post >>44004, and has since gone back to the one liners Needless to say he didn't get paid for that one. (was also the last time he posted about the "e'lites") >>44806 There is literally hundreds of lines of pasta, and word filters (including both the original and replacement term) have a 32 character limit You can filter a word or two, not entire sentences. >It's annoying as fuck. Just let people speak. As he adapts, so will the filters. They are a nuance and they are hopefully temporary. You can self delete your posts on /pol/ and change your wording as needed
>>44811 If he's been doing it for 2 years, it could very well be a bot. Either that or just an absolutely autistic faggot. >>44809 >>44811 >>>44004 Oh those. Now I see. This sounds like some sort of patriotard Qoomer cuckservative. Either that or a bot designed as a parody of Qoomers.
>>44813 Rather than derail thread...>>44816
>>44784 Right wing camping squads already sort-of exist in the UK. Have you never seen pikeys vs gays, or pikeys vs blacks, or pikeys vs other pikeys? By the way, I know it may seem feddy, but if you're already of the mindset that everything around you is some post-apocalypse, then it isn't a stretch to simply start stealing everything. That's why Irish Travellers behave as they do - this is their post-apocalypse, they were the people displaced by the many attempts to wipe out the Wild Irish, the traditional shrieking horror that drove the Brits absolutely insane in their attempts to control it. Some are hostile to all buffers, some are hostile to anybody who isn't in their specific tribe and others are more like Brits with funny accents. Not all urban areas are held by loyal forces.
>>44818 To describe who the Wild Irish are and were - they were the semi-nomadic inhabitants of rural Ireland and are related to the Scottish Highlanders - traditional Gaels. Gaels didn't really do land ownership in the same way - some people would farm, but people who didn't need permanent housing didn't HAVE permanent housing - they'd camp out or live as what allegedly became Irish Travellers (Pikeys, knackers, tinkers) For that entire time, Wild Irish and similar groups have been an absolute pain in the arse for every g'overnment. This is because, when people are tied to a specific area, you can usually just go there and kill them. When this "specific area" is an entire mountain range dotted with small villages, your only option becomes to remove the supplies. How exactly can a state remove the supplies when there's a Walmart on every corner?
>>44818 >I know it may seem feddy, but if you're already of the mindset that everything around you is some post-apocalypse, then it isn't a stretch to simply start stealing everything. Yes, however it is important to keep any "theft" limited to specific targets. Jews, race traitors, etc. We must live by our convictions. If we do not, then we will become mere bandits. >>44823 One could argue that we sort of have this in certain states like West Virginia. But sadly, the ethnocentrism of White West Virginians pales in comparison with the Irish Travelers. In all seriousness, I often go on long walks pondering how exactly we could help imbue our people with more ethnocentrism. But short of magically gaining control of Facebook or "the collapse," it's a serious stumbling block. This is why there can be no political solution to the jewish problem. Even if they respected elections, we could never win this way because we have lost our ethnocentrism and getting it back is very difficult. All we can do is build up our own small bands of men one by one.
>>44837 Gypsies normally go for any "Buffers" but with differences depending on who. Poorer Brits are usually completely safe. Criminality is basically a given, overrall.
>>44860 If niggers had anything valuable, I'd say go after them. But wanton vandalism is a way of saying "piss off" in a language they understand. Obviously, I am only speaking in hypotheticals in the event of the US government making race war legal.


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