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(13.94 KB 292x268 pope_of_the_whites.jpg)
Goyim Feed. Anonymous 05/23/2021 (Sun) 15:40:46 No. 45368
I have been on a strict carnivore diet for eight months now. It healed several medical problems I had, varying from painful and embarrassing to life threatening and serious. I consume only meat, eggs and filtered water now. Here is a quote from one of the major advocates of the diet, Dr. Stephen Baker: >As the media continued to struggle with the carnivore diet, many people tried to politicize it by claiming it was a diet of right-wing conservatives and neo-Nazis. Sometimes during interviews, I could sense the reporters trying to steer me into confirming their suspicions that I was involved in a right-wing conspiracy, like they thought I’d say that anyone who eats only meat must somehow harbor anti-gay, racist, or other bigoted tendencies. Kikes seem to want us to continue eating nigger animal food. Niggers can eat vegetables because they are crossed with six different species of monkey and small brained ape, whites have the digestive system of a true apex predator. I think white people need to eat meat, and are all held back by consuming nigger cattle feed. Terry A Davis was more right than he knew, and I believe his mental conditions likely would have cleared up if he had found this diet in time. Vegetables and grains are nigger cattle feed.
>>45645 No, you cannot in any way hide in urban New York for two weeks as an insurgent. That's just a fucking lie.
>>45645 This is an old strategy used by the PIRA, including in cities like Belfast. They didn't just rely on safehouses, they used vehicles to camp out in. A Ford Transit was as valuable as an Armalite to the Provos.
>>45646 >>45647 Some dried beef is worth its weight in gold, but this is something which is known to the state. If you buy 5kg of dried beef from some farmer, and the state find out, they're going to torture that poor fucker until they have your details.
>>45495 Bro gib recipe for good jerky blease. I tried making it once in oven, didn't work out very well.
>>45649 In my experience, you need this weird drying rig. I know a Saffer who does this. It appears to have some kind of light bulb in it. It's not something you heat - I believe it's some combination of salt, vinegar, spices and then slowly air drying it.
>>45649 Alright, I checked it up - it's cold-dried for a week. Cut up some beef into strips (Bil = Butt, Tong = Tongue, yes it means Ass-tongue) around an inch thick, soak them in vinegar for a day, salt them, spice them (whatever, this is up to you) and then hang them up somewhere cool with a little airflow for a week.
>>45649 since you've never had it - Jerky tastes like shit, it's sugary meat, it's gross. Biltong tastes like beef with whatever else you added.
>>45649 8+ hours at 190f, then if you like, you can saute in hot grease in a pan until you get a nice toasty glaze after about 8 hours, then put it back in the oven at 190f again to finish it off and get it really dry. >>45650 Anything that gets to around 190f will work, oven, dehydrator, whatever... a smoker is the absolute best, but you need a back yard to use one. Biltong that the Saffer makes is probably different in a few ways. I like it really dry and chewy, helps maintain my manly lantern jaw. >>45652 There are lots of recipes that use mostly brine instead of sugar, the amount of sugar you use is really low anyway and works out to like 1-2g or less per serving. Maple syrup or black-strap molasses taste better, gas station jerky is like you describe and usually uses (way too much) white sugar. This recipe uses 1/4 cup molasses for 5 lbs or beef and works out ok, I have never bothered fucking around with a freezer, might help you though: https://www.thespruceeats.com/classic-brined-beef-jerky-recipe-1805861 1/4 cup molasses is like 45-50g of sugar, and 5lb beef gets you about 2lb dry, or about 900g, 1/4 cup of the stuff shredded is like 1oz or so. If you do the math it is something like ~1-2g sugar per serving. It takes 20-30g sugar in a day to throw most people out of ketosis, so you would need to eat a whole pound of it or four whole cups shredded to really begin to worry... I like Worcestershire sauce, garlic, mustard and black pepper with maple syrup. I live in Canada and get cheap-ish maple syrup though. Black-strap molasses is tasty as well.
>>45653 That's more for jerky, which tastes like sewage. Don't make the man eat sewage. You should try: Covering the meat in salt for 3 hours, both sides, making sure it's allll covered in salt. You can mix in some spices here to really dig the flavour in marinading the meat all over with brown vinegar mixed with the Worcestershire sauce for another 1h 30 or so Then you clear out a wardrobe and hang the meat in it. A box works better, with a dowel and some paperclips. Just let it hang there, airdrying. A small USB fan nearby should give it circulation, just not on the meat itself to give it an even dry. Between the two, I found beef jerky to be too sweet whereas biltong really feels like you're eating meat. It's not as dry, either. Hard to describe, see if you can order some online to figure out the difference. Importantly, it is never cooked or heated - it is cured, raw meat. It's really good for chewing on.
>>45654 It IS for jerky, it says right on it. I guess, if you have a dainty little china chin, you would prefer the nigger variation.
>>45655 Trust me it's the opposite, my chin goes out to my nose and I can lift small objects with its muscle.
>>45656 If you can't bite off at least two of a niggers fingers in a fight at once, you aren't white in my book.
>>45657 I can do that with my front teeth, they're not that strong, roughly the strength of a thick carrot. I was talking about the bulb of my chin, not my jawline.
(51.08 KB 1280x852 shank_bones.jpg)
Started making bone broth this week, it's pretty good. Costs like $10 to fill a 4g stock pot.
>>45702 I'm investing into a makeshift Biltong rig. Dried soya is good but takes a lot of prep work to handle, since it's toxic in its uncooked form.
Based but remember fish, at least take omega 9 supplements.
>>45913 I'm eating a couple tins of Millionaire's brisling sardines, or kippered herring every week. Sometimes Gold Leaf mackerel, their smoked and peppered flavor is pretty nice. Millionaire's are almost as good as smoked salmon though, really delicious.
>>45913 When eating fish, remember smaller is better. The bigger the fish, the greater the heavy metal shit content in its meat because of the food chain upwards aggregation.
>>45370 >Meat was a rarity for most people in the past. thats bullshit and you know it. >What is hunting?
https://www.dana.org/article/consequences-of-the-inflamed-brain/ Here is an interesting article on how chronic inflammation effects the brain. Everyone consuming carbohydrates has some level of inflammation. The only way to completely eliminate it is to be in ketosis.
(20.43 KB 393x524 T.A.D..jpg)
>>45921 White people are white because they lived in northern regions through the last ice age. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Glacial_Period 75000 years of living in the most inhospitable place for a stupid nigger vegetable garden possible. DNA evidence shows that it was so brutal there were about 12 adult women for every man of reproductive age, the current theory is that this extreme evolutionary pressure caused us to develop in such a drastically different way from NIGGERS.
The alpha wolf in a pack, as well as the male lion in a pride, prefers and eats the liver first, the heart second, and takes the bones with the most marrow in them third. Meat goes to beta wolves and females. I just ate some grass fed beef liver and it was delicious. I'd been putting it off because I couldn't figure out how to cook liver before and fucked it up several times. The trick is to find which way the ventricles in it go first, then slice it crosswise and thin, then lightly saute it for just a few minutes (2-3 minutes, not more than 4), just enough to get it something like medium rare. The cheweyness that people don't like is the ventricles, so you cut it across the ventricles, sort of like how you have to cut brisket a certain way or you make a chewey mess of it. I will be trying kidney sometime soon, next time my butcher breaks down a calf, will report back with results. Might also try this biltong stuff with a heart in the meantime just to see how it compares to jerky. Those of you in places where meat is expensive, check the prices of offal, fresh grass fed beef liver is $5CAD a pound here, which is slightly cheaper than a 1lb pack of shitty supermarket 80/20 regular ground beef where I am. Shank bones are like $3-$4 a pound.
>>45999 Only Injun savages eat the heart and liver. Red meat is for the white man.
>>46000 t. domesticated golem
>>46000 The liver was actually kind of creamy and almost sweet, with lots of flavor. Steak is nice, but it's also pricey. I have to say that for the money, liver has it beat. Preferring steak is kind of recent as far as white people are concerned, a few centuries ago some types of offal would cost a little more money from the butcher than any cut of meat, even tenderloin, and sucking or scooping marrow out of bones was the normal thing to do. You still see some people in their 80's and 90's bite the ends off of chicken bones and suck on them, and oso buco is served with gremolata to go on toast with the marrow.


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