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(9.10 KB 449x600 Anthony Warner.png)
Jewish liberalism is colonialism Anonymous 06/04/2021 (Fri) 16:22:35 No. 45793
One of the timeless tools of a colonial power is allying with a weak actor against a strong one, defeating and destroying the former stabilizing force or hegemon in the region, and then ruling over the weak and disorganized remains. You can find examples of this throughout history. From British colonial Africa to the attempt by the Persians to use destroy Greece using Sparta (which contrary to popular myth, was usually a Persian ally). This is what the jews have done with us. Jews sought to colonize Western society and identified White men as the foundation upon which that society is built. Everything they have done can be understood in the context of a colonial elite utilizing weaker groups against the foundational group so they can rule over and exploit our society. Feminism empowers women over men because women are much easier to control than men. You can go out into the wilderness if you like, but if your woman is not wholly trustworthy, she can castrate your son and deplete you of your wealth and labor at a whim. The state will always side with her because feminism is warfare against Whites. The same is true of faggots and freaks. The law favors them against White and normal people because the jews are employing a colonial practice against us. It is certainly not to benefit women or even faggots that these tactics are utilized. When the Romans used weaker German tribes to undermine the stronger ones, this did not benefit either party. It was not intended to help the weaker tribes but to weaken the Germans as a whole, rendering them vulnerable to conquest or exploitation. The West has been transformed into an economic colony of our own elites. Neo-colonialism isn't just big corporations exploiting Africa. Neo-colonialism is utilizing feminism to destroy the fabric of society everywhere, it's importing immigrants to create ethnic conflict and undermine the working man's ability to feed his family, and it's turning the first world itself into the colony.
(45.63 KB 905x310 nationalinterestexcerpt.png)
(243.33 KB 680x709 yes meme.png)
>>45795 Keith Woods being a legend, as always.
>>45796 >Keith Woods being a legend, as always.
(24.80 KB 259x400 This time the world.jpg)
>>45797 Your post is somewhat disingenuous. He obviously isn't saying that caring for your people is sociopathic. He is clearly saying that only caring about your people to the exclusion of all else is sociopathic. And we can debate whether this is even true, personally I don't care about niggers. But Woods comes at White nationalism from a more universalist and moralist perspective than I do. He is the kind of school of thought that values nationalism for all people, something which is far more palatable for uninitiated Whites than "Kill 'em all! Commit genocide on nigger children now!" No one denies this. And I myself do subscribe to a version of this universalism, but I interpret it in a different way. Also, Keith Woods has always spoken against "idiot nationalism" or state jingoism where Englishmen only care about Englishmen and to hell with the rest of the world. He has said on multiple occasions that the struggle our people face is a global one. Whether Frenchman or English or German or Pole, Nordic, Slavic, or Mediterranean, our race is threatened by the jew. In this context, only caring about your specific ethnic group is stupid and short sighted. We must either triumph together or perish one by one. In this way, Keith Woods is very similar to George L Rockwell, who championed a global struggle against the jew.
>>45797 https://8kun.top/pnd/res/237456.html This thread is a very good illustration of the problems that exist within our community.
>>45799 Our? >8kike >"pnd" >Notalljews etc (LOL) >cuck juxtaposting What we're witnessing here is a cucktard kid's first woke tier little essay post where he thinks out loud and thinks he has good ideas brought to you by GlowniggerSelloutBoardForRetardsThatNeverLearnTM, kiddo did for sure not have a reality check with ZOG, because ZOG only really fears violence and enough. Always do what the jews fear and hate, anger them, "radicalization"(awakening) is a big one, go foreign places and redpill as many people as possible, spread the word. Bans? Who cares, if you are good you are altering people's minds and getting them connected with the truth and their race, I'm not religious but that is a holy act, it transcends you. Besides that most of the time brevity is truly the soul of the wit, only as a person gain's experience does one truly appreciate it.
>>45800 I just looked at /pnd/ for the first time and man it is horrible.
>>45798 You got a lot of balls to say all that around here. I can't wait for the anons to debunk you on this one. I'll probably keep repeating this for the rest of my goddamn life I guess - Hitler, GLR and etc cared about non-white support because they wanted to look good. Plus, cannon fodder.
>>45805 You are a shill. You do this same tactic on /fascist/ too. There is literally nothing he said that is wrong.
>>45805 >I can't wait for the anons to debunk you on this one >the anons Your words mark you as an absolute outsider. >Hitler, GLR and etc cared about non-white support because they wanted to look good. Plus, cannon fodder. In what way did Hitler or GLR care about non-White support? >Muh look at this pic of an African in an Italian uniform! SO BASTE! That is not caring about non-White support. That is just using someone who wanted to fight to fight. We don't even know why he was in that uniform. Maybe he was drafted, maybe he was just interested in making some money. Was he a dedicated national socialist just because he was in a support crew for some German tank crew? I don't think he was. The support base for Hitler was the German People. He didn't need anything else because he wasn't pitching his worldview to anyone else. >Muh pic of Hitler and the Mufti That was nothing more than seeking to undermine British colonialism by causing an Islamic uprising. Something which failed because he didn't put much effort into it. Your claim is bizarre.
>>45858 What part of "cannon fodder" did you not get?
>>45860 Cannon fodder implies that the Germans sent human wave assaults of shitskins. In reality, almost none of the Wehrmacht were non-German. If anyone was used as cannon-fodder, it was the Romanians. But even so, they were only deployed to places deemed non-vital and the Germans bore the brunt of all casualties in all major engagements. But back to your point, no. Non-Whites were not used as cannon-fodder by the German army. They were a non-entity. And the only non-Whites in the "Axis" in any significant numbers were the Japanese. But they did this themselves wholly independent of the German command. Non-White support for the NSDAP was completely and wholly irrelevant to everyone.
>>45861 Infact it was the Allies who were famed for this - particularly China and the USSR.
>>45862 Indeed. Talking about WW2 is like untangling the Gordian Knot of lies. "accuse their enemies of what they themselves are guilty of"
(44.76 KB 704x704 skorzeny.jpg)
Cultivating vassal states is empire building 101. I'm not even going to bother explaining why the Waffen SS existed. You must be part nigger if you don't get it. Very silly argument. Look at Japan in WW2 for a (somewhat) successful example, or Italy for a somewhat unsuccessful example... To be fair though, Italy, like France, is infested with jews, jesuits and masons.
(52.14 KB 480x480 WME.gif)
>>45876 You are not nearly as smart as you believe you are.
(85.13 KB 886x720 Terry_A_Davis.jpg)
>>45889 I believe I was being a little smart, but I do not believe anyone is really very smart. All of our ideas are just bird ideas.
>>45901 No. You were not being smart. Your understanding of WW2 and geo-politics in general is so off the rack that it's difficult to even address it. Every single assumption you made is wrong. Even your perspective is wrong.
>>45923 I only made one post in this thread. You must be the schizo retard shitposter that thinks everyone arguing with him is the same person.


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