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(57.97 KB 878x654 newfags.png)
Q/PTDDTOT 663 Board owner 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:24:27 ID:2cdaf5 No. 4985
Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.
Edited last time by 663 on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:29:39.
>>24737 This is an image board designed to let you post images, even multipable at once. So why the fuck did you drop an imgur link?
The Work of a Nation. The Center of INTELLIGENCE. Epidemic INTELLIGENCE Service https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epidemic_Intelligence_Service
Non-kiked Hip Hop in 2020
(783.33 KB 1433x2877 20200320_135643.jpg)
(86.02 KB 1900x830 4273.png)
Crack Up Boom happening, jews pulled their last card. Prepare for Fiat money collapse!
>>19617 That's pretty rich seeing as how the KKK was a bunch of kikes and shabbos goyim covering up the rape and murder of White girls by other kikes by blaming everything on niggers. It's obvious as fuck if you think about it: >niggers were intimidated and segregated >kikes have to murder the hated goyim >White men in an ethnostate have no reason to cover their faces when enforcing justice unless kikes are hiding among them >rottenchilds owned both the South and the North and every klansman I ever heard of had shit jewdar >kikes focus news and history on shills and controlled op groups in a bid to control you no matter what
(385.34 KB 2896x2896 20200326_013734.jpg)
(7.24 MB 3740x1844 MarriageInIran.png)
I'm curious to what any anons who sees these videos think about this, particularly the first video (1)? Should arrange marriages be re-implemented if given the chance in your countries, in addition to state governed traditional marriage match making? In Iran, they have something similar ran by the Minister of Culture. Videos: (1) - Looking for love in Iran | Unreported World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vaafty1YK6M (2) - In Iran, love is rarely a many-splendoured thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1nDbnZ7sok Links: - ht tps://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-32833363 Again, I'm interested in opinions on (1) video. Some interesting scenes in are described here: Tebyan.net Office - internet matchmaking site ran by the Islamic Development Organization Scene between 2:05 – 3:18 minutes (People involved: Reza - the Iran male marriage seeker, Dr. Mohammed - state psychologist, Mr. Ali Jafari - Iranian to English translator, female English Western Reporter of Unreported World) >Dr. Mohammed – In emotional or romantic relationships, say in the US… 93% ultimately lead to divorce. On one side there is a ration decision. On the other side there is a decision based on love. [In Farsi] >Mr. Jarfari (translating the main message for the female English Western Reporter) - …loving at first look, her sight, is again emphasized: VERY dangerous. >Female Western Reporter (questions and disagreeing with the message) – So I… I met my partner at love at first sight, I’d say it was, and we’re together 10 years. So is it really that dangerous do you think? >Dr. Mohammed – 10 years? [In Farsi] >Mr. Jarfari – Yes, she’s saying it’s been 10 years [In Farsi] >Dr. Mohammed – Science is based on the majority not on exceptions. [In Farsi] University class, compulsory course on marriage. Scene between 7:26 – 8:30 minutes (People Involved: Ali Sabor – Professor in Islamic education, also a matchmaker, Mr. Jafari, female English Western Reporter, Saba – young Iranian university student (pay attention to her body language and behavior throughout the video) >Ali Sabor – Sexual desire must be controlled. The best way to fulfil your sexual needs is marriage >Female Reporter – Mr. Jafari steps in. He lived in the USA for years and has views on the situation there. >Mr. Jarfari – A typical girl in high school has at least 10 boyfriends. Then she goes to university and the same thing happens. All in all a girl has 20 boyfriends before she gets married >Saba(smiles and laughs while listening, eyes wonder around) >Ali Sabor – It’s contributing to the West’s decline. This is a fact.
>>25087 >minister of culture We have jews for that.
(47.63 KB 478x353 1322259941001_.jpg)
>>25014 This would hyper-inflate all currencies though. There wouldn't be alternatives. Are Jews mad?
>>24865 My favourite anti-Semitic hip hop album is ITAOTS by Neutral Milk Hotel.
>>25505 >You don't need a mask to commit a crime Okay buddy.
>>4985 I took a long break from this place starting in early January (before the virus had left China). It's incredible how quiet things have gotten here. Everyone is stuck inside but we aren't flocking to 16pol to discuss plans and theories? This is a BIG boogaloo. Much bigger than Virginia. I still haven't been able to purchase the AR15 I want, and now I'm kicking myself for putting my bonus into BTC at $9100 and not buying a few guns right then. One of my buddies texted me to say one of his neighbors was dragged away by homeland security. We can only speculate what the reason was, but it likely had to do with threats of violence. What do my fellow anons speculate is coming next? What are you doing to prepare? Is the virus a nothingburger? I know we already have a WuFlu thread. Let me know if you think we could use a happening speculation thread and I'll make an effortpost.
>>25281 >>25281 Gold>BTC (all online stock is near sold out and pre-orders are $1800/oz) in a crisis, though all the numbers are going to be affected by helicopter money. Virus is a danger, but the crisis will certainly be overblown and used for more power grabs both by state and ptb Wu-flu thread is just few posts from bump lock so would appreciate effort post, oldfag
>>25285 > Gold>BTC (in a crisis) No shit. Lessons were learned, no bully. >Effortpost Working on it, hopefully will drop later tonight. Godspeed ''brothers'.'
>>25286 Look forward to it, and welcome back
(14.82 KB 500x323 logo.png)
Soooooo it's not a jew board but >worse or better ???
>>25308 can't decipher your ESL to understand what you are saying
>>25285 BTC is maxed out and still too volatile. Gold has been hoarded, silver too to an almost identical level. Other semi-precious metals are worth looking into.
>>25322 Bot post, fren.
(480.28 KB 2896x2896 20200403_121033.jpg)
(44.40 KB 503x339 covid-checkbook.png)
>>25488 I see them totally ignoring any measures to protect themselves from the virus and it is going around that they believe they are immune to the disease because they are jigaboos. Guess they've been taught Africans are magic and the laws of nature don't apply to them.
>>25489 Based health officials were spreading meme about blacks being less susceptible
>>25491 >Based health officials were spreading meme about blacks being less susceptible In the 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic niggers were assumed to be immune because they were resistant to malaria. Nothing new under the sun.


no cookies?