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(57.97 KB 878x654 newfags.png)
Q/PTDDTOT 663 Board owner 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:24:27 ID:2cdaf5 No. 4985
Questions/Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

In an effort to minimize the amount of questions/one liner posts please post said content in this thread.
Edited last time by 663 on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 01:29:39.
>>16542 At last someone who knows how to deal this treats. God bless you.
>>11828 >fluoridation Being familiar with alcaline diets and fasting practices helps against the unavoidable reception of cr*p that almost every food has inside it... or that's at least how I felt about it.
>>16542 based and redpilled. people from many nations fought for the natsoc cause. Yeah, Im not gonna racemix but if we cant fight alongside the other races they are trying to homogenize us with we wont defeat the kikes. Everyone, be they black white asian or south american are in danger because of the kike master plan. Yes, whites are the biggest threat to the kikes, and yes, that is why they are trying to take us down. But that doesnt neccesarily mean that all of the others are our enemies. The primary goal must be kicking zogs teeth in, because until zog is done for our borders will continue to be flooded and our daughters will be brainwashed with miscegnation propaganda and our sons will be inundated with tranny propaganda.
(370.31 KB 1917x1161 3afcc3a6a78416b980890f0571d09d9a.jpg)
(571.35 KB 1600x1131 1378753471679.jpg)
(664.65 KB 1941x1636 1463857280811.png)
Can we please get these in a/the sticky? They have been /pol/ staples for years and it feels incomplete without them. Please & thanks mod-kun.
(1.50 MB 3584x3936 1388240180410.gif)
>>16795 Oh, one more. The gentleman's guide to forum spies.
Anons should I make a thread basically were we have taken down The Zionist Occupation Governments of the world and we have a one world government what would our new found "new world order" operate?what laws shall it have what polices shall it put in place?would the kikes be all dead or no?will all niggers spics gooks have their homelands respected or will they be turned into slaves Or will all none Whites be shot into outer space? Basically /pol/ sets up a world government https://archive.org/details/federcollectedwritings ^this explains how nazi Germany worked well it's A collection of writings by Feder but still it has the 25 points and a lot of other stuff it pretty much explains how the goverment operated in my view not interlay but still theirs lots of things to a government and Im not that good at making nice long explanations of stuff nor can I make good thread I just want to see if it would be all right with you guys before making such a thread I'd rather have someone else do it because i'll just fuck it up I know I already posted this on neinchan but I just want to see if anyone would want such a thread here too
Here's a list of high scores compiled by Wikipedia. Anyone else interested in this? >9/11 - 2,977 dead, 6,000+ wounded >Oklahoma City - 168 dead, 680+ wounded >Happy Land fire - 87 dead, 6 wounded >2017 Las Vegas shooting - 58 dead, 851 wounded >Orlando nightclub shooting - 49 dead, 53 wounded >Continental Airlines Flight 11 - 45 dead >United Airlines Flight 629 - 44 dead >Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 - 43 dead >Maury county jail fire - 42 dead, 30+ wounded >St. Elizabeth's hospital fire - 41 dead, 24 wounded >Heaven's Gate - 39 dead >Virginia Tech shooting - 32 dead, 23 wounded >UpStairs Lounge arson attack - 32 dead, 15 wounded >Sandy Hook school shooting - 27 dead, 2 wounded >Sutherland Springs church shooting - 26 dead, 20 wounded >Dorothy Mae Apartments fire - 25 dead, 31 wounded >Luby's shooting - 23 dead, 27 wounded >San Ysidro McDonald's massacre - 21 dead, 19 wounded >University of Texas tower shooting - 17 dead, 31 wounded >Stoneman Douglas High School shooting - 17 dead, 17 wounded >D.C. sniper attacks - 17 dead, 10 wounded >Ronald Gene Simmons - 16 dead, 4 wounded >West Fertilizer Company explosion - 15 dead, 160 - 200 wounded >2015 San Bernardino attack - 14 dead, 24 wounded >Edmond post office shooting - 14 dead, 6 wounded >Columbine High School massacre - 13 dead, 24 wounded
(447.95 KB 896x833 157541282110094273.gif)
>>16919 tf is this? If that's you, you should delete that, fast. It's already too late, but you can reduce the damage before it gets to be any worse.
Open question Why do you post on this /pol/? Which other ones do you post on? Is this your favorite?
>>16979 As opposed to which ones? Surely you mean others, besides 4cuck and 8kunt? While I browse other boards on occasion I rarely post on them. This board is comfy
>>16979 >Hello Mr. FBI/ADL/[insert 3 letters of your choosing] Sorry we can't tell you our secret >>16979 >Hello BO from dying board Based mods >>16979 >Greetings Anon What is it you're looking for? This particular /pol/ is populated by mostly fascists of many different stripes, with little input from shills, niggers, kikes, or fags. (for now)
(1.91 MB 2448x3264 IMG_20191204_174545236.jpg)
What's up guys reporting in from the Floridian waste land. Hmu if your brave enough to go to the streets.
>>17021 Don't post your face here you buffoon.
>>17021 Self dox
>>17036 >>17026 Maybe if more people did it instead of hiding in basements behind their keyboards, you would have less to fear from commie trash
>>16979 Because only this one is left and active. I know it's run by you FBI-kun but I am not American so I don't give a fuck.
>>17039 In a time when violence is STILL seen as fed/false flag/crisis actor bullshit even (especially) by Whites who use sites like this, what power does self doxxing and flashing the OK/666 hand sign hold?
(210.58 KB 1624x963 clit.jpg)
(557.79 KB 1650x2118 gorillaworfare.jpg)
(366.85 KB 459x596 Homemade molotov cocktails.jpg)
(590.73 KB 990x2325 MGIGguide.jpg)
(64.43 KB 1091x288 molotov.png)
(73.13 KB 454x718 tampon molotov.jpg)
(389.78 KB 800x1200 Thermiteguide.png)
(39.49 KB 1776x342 your molotov sucks bra.png)
>>17044 Lmao. Noice. But if anyone used that info before SHTF or the boogaloo or w/e they'd be seen as a counter productive jewish shill by at least what seems like 25% of the chans and who knows how many flyover state residing White normies. I'm not saying >>17021 should go minecraft, I don't even see violence as being needed right now as much as simply making the idea of fighting back appealing to White Americans is because I can say he isn't doing shit now but even if he turned into Tarrant/Bowers/Poway/Roof/McVeigh overnight and added a livestream link with his "IRL!" post, it wouldn't do much more good when so many White People think shit like that is playing directly into the jewish enemies plan.
>>17045 It could just be the chans making it seem like Whites hate violence against "others" but I live in the Midwest and there's plenty out here who have no thoughts on kikes other than that they're poor innocent victims with little to no power or wealth, at least when compared to Whites. They aren't half assed self hating antifa cucks, it's just what happens when White Americans don't/can't talk honestly about kikes in public and White kids grow up spending their downtime binging on hours of telavivsion while no one around has the brain or balls to point out the subliminal messages and propaganda.
Not to say there's even a need for Whites to do any Minecraft shit before the boogaloo/DOTR/race war. Maybe there is, maybe not.
>>10157 I'm also considering Austria and Ireland as part of the master race as they speak Germanic languages. The cluster I posted is perfect. Non-Asiatic and non-Negroid.
(340.26 KB 1111x963 DBZ Bro Fist.jpg)


no cookies?