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(7.33 MB 272x480 pol goes skiing.webm)
WEBM/MP4 Thread Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 15:00:08 ID:49a53b No. 5104
Post /pol/-related webm and mp4 videos here.
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(55.11 KB 445x591 MOONWALKER.jpg)
>>16724 I like how they show how good they are at faking images and their perception. This is what nearly all war photos of (((them))) actually are. Often it's depicting fleeing Germans from east Germany, they stole, sold as kikes.
From afar you can't tell whether they are Germans or kikes, same with those piles of dead bodies.
(14.77 MB 264x180 Prodigy-ivaders-must-die.mp4)
data analysis of the jewish population of the 20th century
>>16724 I spent some time there when I went on a group trip through Berlin a few years ago. I consider it a prime example of the hideousness of Jewish architecture and their inability to create beauty
>>16931 Probably just a coincidence that the 6 million meme's began and continued during this inflationary period from 1900-'20. Can't believe you anti-semites are not aware how notoriously bad, joo's are with numbers
>>16937 >Can't believe you anti-semites are not aware how notoriously bad, joo's are with numbers But seriously, they really can’t count
>>16938 >be me >btfo Nice one Anon, I was sure I was being a smart ass, by poking at their preferred occupation in banking and/or accounting. While that info graphic looks familiar I can't say I recall actually reading those stories. cheers mate
>>16938 That first calculation of 16 million deaths is incorrect. Makes the rest of your infographic unreliable. Maybe check your own maths before trying to spread garbage.
>>17001 Good eye. Makes me wish there were more nonglowniggers like you here!
>>17001 >>17061 Hur dur 16 million is incorrect That is the point exactly All the totals claimed by jews are incorrect
>>17063 He means 400 x 400 x 400 isn't 16 million, genius. It's even more ridiculous.
>>17061 >>17001 READ THE RED TEXT The point is that the Rabbi is retarded
>>17069 >being this dumb Just stop while you're ahead guy
>>17078 Tell me why is the cartoon claiming 16million ?
>>17081 Read >>17066 you fucking donut, 400 pupils under 400 teachers in every single synagogue out of 400 is much more than 16 million. The 16 million figure is wrong and actually undersells how retarded jews are. Stop posting until you comprehend this, or just stop posting period.
>>17087 >The 16 million figure is wrong was the point of >>16938 >But seriously, they really can’t count Why is that beyond your understanding? All of the numbers are wrong >400 pupils under 400 teachers in every single synagogue out of 400 So the city of Betar had 64 MILLION jewish pupils? "Hadrian, who slew 80 thousand myriads" A myriad (from Ancient Greek μυριάς, myrias) = 10,000 https://www.livius.org/sources/content/rabbinical-literature/midrash-rabbah-lamentations-2.2.4/ 800 million dead? That number is double if not 5 times the world population https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population#History Published estimates for the 1st century ("AD 1") suggest an uncertainty of the order of 50% (estimates range between 150 and 330 million). >hurr durr 16 million is wrong
>>17098 Yes idiot, it should read "Total deaths: 64 million t. Rabbi Shlomo", what's so hard about this? Why are you linking wikipedia what the fuck
>>17098 Literally this >>17101 Not only do you have less mathematical capability than a fucking primary school student you also lack basic language comprehension.
(729.91 KB 1516x732 biden 6gorillion.png)
(1.11 MB 640x360 -A4VrEUyyI.mp4)
(5.46 MB 640x360 8nSlVi1REFo.mp4)


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